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tv   [untitled]    December 3, 2021 9:00pm-9:30pm AST

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school, the bottom line on al jazeera, we know what's happening in our region. we know, have them get to places that others and not a far as i said, i'm going the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference with this is al jazeera. ah hello, and welcome on peach adobe. you're watching the news. i live for my headquarters here, it dough, coming up in the next 60 minutes. we have reports of over kind of 38 countries in all 6 w h o regions. and we do see increasing trends in on the current in south africa, the ami chrome very into corona, virus fuels a 4th wave in south africa. the world health organization says the strain appears
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to be more infectious, but there is no need to panic. iran's chief negotiator tells al jazeera world powers must accept its proposal. joint talks in vienna if it wants to revive the nuclear deal, waiting in the cold for a journey across no man's land. we're eastern ukraine with a conflict with russia back separatists has taken a toll on the most vulnerable. it's so difficult, it's terrible if this happens to us at our age. and more desperate times a head for many refugees in greece stuck in the cold is the government restricts food and money. and i far as well with this board coming to you live from our fever, arab studio, and della bows. nation cats are have secured a spot in the quarter finals after beating. i'm on that and plenty more coming up later in or
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ah, several more countries to day are saying they have detected the ami chrome variant of corona virus in the last few hours. mexico and shanicea saying they have spotted the 1st cases of this new strain. but it's south africa, which is entering a 4th wave. griffin largely were told by ami kron that includes people who had already been infected from either mila begins. are coverage from johannesburg. experts in south africa say the surgeon cove at 19 infections is the highest as seen since the start of the pandemic. and they blame the latest and possibly most contagious variant. ami kron. they want as that the variance would generally be in want transmissible, but dare most of the time there would be less to date as we enter the 4th wave with
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a new variant. we can see confirmation of this one. while people from this and other countries in southern africa are facing international travel bands, lockdown restrictions in south africa at the lowest. the government is instead urging people to get vaccinated. so far, 42 percent of adults have received a job with hospital admissions, mainly dominated by those who are not vaccinated. and young people below the age of 40, most of whom are not vaccinated. at this stage, we can say that even in how do we japanese for 72 to 80 percent of their new daily infections. we have not yet reached attending stages in terms of our hospital capacity and the new hospital admissions. the government says it has enough resources to deal with the outbreak, even in one of the worst hit provinces, how ting?
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the latest statistics show daily infections are growing. and health workers are also concerned about the high number of children. and the 5 years old who's been hospitalized the phenomenon of young children age groups of. busy pregnant women having increased infection in the gated, we are hoping that in the coming weeks will be able to give reason for. busy why this particular. busy cohort of the patient is having increased infection, but officials hope that while the new variant appears highly transmissible, it can be managed. the government says it will continue door to door campaigns and community awareness programs to try to convince people to get the job. how the experts say the number of people dying from coven 19 has remained low because of vaccinations. and right now, one and 4 people tested for coven, 19 in south africa, a recording positive,
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and live now to for me to who joins us from job works from you. doug, how are the numbers starting up there? the latest information you have for us? well, as expected, the numbers continue to rise. we had about 11000 infections 24 hours ago. the latest statistics show us that that's gone up to $16055.00 new infections that's in the last 24 hours. and then i think what is of particularly interest for those watching these numbers in south africa is that the rate of positivity, those people going out and getting tested has now increased to 24 percent. so again, saying that one a one in every 4 people going out to get tested is testing positive. the, i think it's quite alarming for how the experts in south africa. this is exactly what they're trying to get a clearer picture of just how easily the disease spreads this particular variant. and how well the health facilities in south africa will manage. and her is this
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playing out across those key other southern african countries. ultimately, many of the much of the leadership in southern africa is angered by travel bands. one that has to be mentioned in terms of the reaction to need detection of this variant in botswana and south africa. the latest figures show there is arise in south africa. it's not quite clear yet how many of those people infected have the new variant. but scientists have said that's likely what is driving the surgeon numbers in south africa. so that's one i had about 19 infections authorities. they say that all the cases were mild, and some of the people who were infected have since recovered this little else coming out from other countries in southern africa. but in africa in west africa in particular, we do know that the army con, via into variant, has been detected in both nigeria and ghana. and as we've heard previously, that it's likely that this variance is present in many countries. and that goes
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back again to south africa transparency in terms of the work sciences have done a working on this particular very and saying that it's been, it's been found in south africa and trying to create a global response around what happens next for me to thank you so much for me to deliver our correspondent in johannesburg. well, the army, cranberry and has also been detected in mexico and to nicea and 6 cases have been found in the us state of nebraska. however, the world health organization says it's still the delta variance is driving the number of cases globally. he has reports of overcoming 38 countries in all 6 w h o regions. and we do see increasing trending on the con in south africa. so there is a suggestion that there is increased transmit civility. what we need to understand is if it's more or less transmissible compared to delta, that delta vary is still dominant worldwide. that's important to keep in mind. so we need to see how owner con, compares with kilten when they're both circulating in the population at the same
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time. well, as we've been hearing here on the news or in the u. s 6 new cases of omicron had been identified in nebraska, the government is imposing tighter travel restrictions and scaling up vaccinations ahead of the full winter season. less than 2 thirds of eligible americans are fully vaccinated. and the cdc, the center for disease control, says the u. s. death toll could exceed 800000 people by christmas live out to the white house, my colleague that, kimberly falcon. kimberly is mr. biden, heading into a very tough couple of what 23 months you, i mean he's got to get people to get boosters in a country where what is like vaccination rates, only running at 60 percent anyway. yeah, this is a, not only a health challenge for this president, but also a political challenge because given the fact that many people elected joe biden, because they were frustrated with the previous president's handling of the pandemic, what we've seen is with each month, the frustration of many americans is growing,
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they're still feeling that they're not seeing the kinds of improvements they hope for. and his poll numbers are starting to fall and happen falling for a while. and so as a result, this is a president trying to get ahead of that narrative. a he unveiled on thursday, his plan, his winter strategy, if that he calls it in order to try and see that these numbers don't continue to rise in terms of infections. but already we're seeing that is the case, something like 94000 new cases being reported every day. and well, the number of deaths are down. the number of infections is up. so this is a president trying to get ahead of that. we've been talking about the travel restrictions, but we should point out that they are only for international travelers into the united states now having to test negative for corporate di team within 24 hours previously it was 72, but there aren't any restrictions other than wearing a mask on an airplane when you're traveling domestically. and so the question was
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for the president, as he spoke in the east room in the last couple of hours, you know, would you consider putting in place some restrictions or heightened restrictions for domestic travel? the president says he believes what he has is sufficient, and here's the reason he's saying that he knows that millions of americans see these implementations of math mandates, or vaccine mandates as an infringement on their civil liberties. we've already seen the biden administration, losing court cases with their push to get people vaccinated through their employers mandating that or the federal government and well, the department of justice is challenging these cases. the is it, it really has an uphill battle because it's not just in the courts. we're also seeing in congress where there is resistance by millions of americans, mostly conservatives who believe that they have a right to decide whether or not they should be vaccinated. so this is the challenge for this president. still he is trying to get the education across. there
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are public education campaigns. the goal for this white house to get at least a 100000000 americans boosted, but he's got a long way to go. okay, kimberly many thanks. kimberly, how can i talking to was live there as over from outside the white house. okay, so that's the picture in the united states and in southern africa to europe. now, the european countries continuing to be the epi center of the pandemic. germany is battling a 4th wave. it's imposing major restrictions, including banning unvaccinated people from several areas of public places. he gets some, anyone who's too hesitant should realize what the situation is. more than one percent of germans currently acutely infected. the air force is currently transferring many patients per week across a republic. i for one, i'm very concerned about these images. well from berlin, dominic cane now explaining why some germans are hesitant to get vaccinated. the south east in state of saxony and east germans state in the old east germany the
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did the day our as angle america would refer to it because she is also a former east german. in that state, you have the lowest uptake of the vaccine and the worst cove it stats at the same time. now one particularly interesting. other aspect of that particular state is that is the state which has the highest vote share for the extreme right wing party . the alternative for germany that matters because the alternative for germany party in its leaders have always said they believed that vaccine uptake was a matter of personal choice. and they have never called for and are not calling for a mandatory vaccine requirement. so there are some political scientists in germany . his theory is that the further a person is in the political spectrum to the right or indeed to the left. because there is some evidence from a state near. now that borders saxony, which has earned extreme left government,
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that the further that one is to the extremes. politically, the more likely one is to reject a mainstream media and reject mainstream medicine. and that therefore means rejecting the idea of a wearing masks be having the vaccine. and c, submitting oneself to accepting a mandatory vaccine requirement. and it does stand out that in that state of saxony, you have the lowest uptake, the worst statistics in terms of cove. it and the highest support for the extreme right wing party, the f d. malaysia has detected its 1st case of ami crohn. it was found in a fully vaccinated visitor arriving from south africa via singapore. earlier this week, malaysia and singapore opened their land border. one of the wells busiest 4 vaccinated travellers, malaise is also barred travellers from 8 african countries because of concerns over the variant. south korea is making it mandatory to show of vaccine pants for more public spaces, including cafes and restaurants. the past has already been in use,
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but until now, only for high risk venue such as jim's south korea is ramping up, restrictions oft confirming 5 cases of the army kron variant last, more still to come for you here on the news are including will the resignation for senior minister help he'll lebanon's rift with saudi arabia and in sport christiano, rinaldo, which is $800.00 career goals during manchester. united, come back when over us. ah, lebanon's information minister has resigned in an attempt to resolve a dispute with saudi arabia and other gulf states. his george could dar heat, he called the war in yemen, a saudi aggression triggering a diplomatic crisis. re add band all lebanese imports and re called it's hum. bassinger is in a harder reports now from beirut. it's an announcement that's supposed to help open
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the door for negotiations with saudi arabia and other gulf arab states shall be done. one of them's was he lebanon's information minister george credit, his comments calling the war and yemen. a saudi aggression triggered the worst deterioration in relations in years for weeks credit he rejected calls to resign. he now explains why he changed his mind. rice, if i don't see him, i do have a french president. manual mccall is heading to saudi arabia on an official visit. what i understood from the prime minister who i met 3 days ago, is it france wants to use my resignation to help open dialogue with saudi arabia. french president manuel macross has been urging gulf states not to isolate lebanon . it's believed he wants to use the resignation as a bargaining chip to convince saudi arabia and other states to restore economic and diplomatic ties with lebanon. the government invaded track now it's basically a corporation where the french and the iranians called the shots. and it seems that
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for the government in order to be able to, to succeed, to, in order to be able to ensure the implementation of the reforms that are being asked for by the international community. there must be some sort of in involvement of gulf money. there is no guarantee the resignation will be enough for saudi arabia, which has said, it won't engage with a government controlled by the iranian backed, has below. but it could help. and the political crisis in lebanon is backed by, has been law, which along with its allies, paralyzed the cabinet for weeks. they want the lead judge investigating the 2020 explosion api reports taught at the tar, removes, for what they allege is political bias efforts. to limit his jurisdiction in the case, are now under way prime minister, and as you may after, who took office in september, promised to repair ties with arab gulf states. but it has been a difficult balancing act with political power in lebanon in the hands of has bala
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. and there was a problem that faced him mainly on the system and lebanon, and the political system. second, what have taken place between lebanon and the gulf and disputed offer, especially, we need the best scenarios in order to be a healy on, on, on the healing rack. a saudi ban on all imports from lebanon is adding pressure to an economy already in free fall. a gesture of good will may reverse such measures that repairing a relationship with a traditional ally is part of a larger geopolitical struggle with iran than a for their else is. eda made it ukraine's defense minister, says rushes planning a large scale escalation along their shared border. he said 94000 russian soldiers a mobilizing and moscow will probably make a move in january. the kremlin has repeatedly dismiss suggestions is preparing for an attack. russia denies supporting set protest and eastern ukraine in
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a conflict as killed thousands of people since 2014. russia is trying to pull things upside down, insisting that it is a victim and it requires some security guarantees. like, but for the last, at least 7 years. and if we take into con, georgia, the aggression against georgia, it's even more, it's russia who has been aggressive, is russia, who has been pushing boundaries. and it's russia who was violating international law. so i reject this idea that we have to guarantee anything to russia. i insist that it's russia who has to guarantee that it will not continue its aggression against any country. well the conflicts in easton, ukraine is making it difficult for people to get medical care and to see their families trips that used to take less than an hour. can now take a day. the checkpoints are limited and crossing frustrating the slow. charles stratford reports now from no veterans trotsky in eastern ukraine. they stand in
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the cold waiting for instructions from a ukrainian soldier. for this is one of only 2 places where people can cross the more than 400 kilometer front line in east and ukraine. because that's why i think we haven't been able to really come and see our relatives and friends, but more than 7 years, both sides make obstacles for us. i'm using my ukranian passport and they now say it's not enough for me to cross. i have to go online. i've been trying for 3 days. many of the elderly and infirm came to the cranium, government controlled side to collect their pensions. sure, only around a $100.00 a month. the 1st separatist checkpoint is around 3 kilometers down this road. now before the conflict started in 2014 the journey chime from the town of dun misc to here was around 30 minutes. but now because of the complexities of traveling across the separate is controlled region, many people decide to come via the russian border. and that can take more than
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a day. nikolai is a company, he's wife to separate his control. don't ask. he can't find a nearby hospital and the government controlled side can carry out the life saving operation. he says she needs user research for more than the quitters. i may 2 years old and live bruce so much. i hope my children and grandchildren can live a better life. i just hope doctors can save in my why you as they say, hope died last crystal. it's so difficult. it's terrible. this happens to us at our age the checkpoint is only open twice a week. red cross trucks pass carrying tons of aid for around 3000000 people, the u and expects to need humanitarian assistance next year. and that's on both
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sides of the front line. soldiers tell us the his shilling a few kilometers from here every night. see, spar monitors with the organization for security and cooperation in europe. say both sides regularly, brake cease, fire agreement. signed in 2015. mchale has just arrived from separate, is controlled on ask all my friends who wants to leave, and most of my family have left some to ukraine or russia, some to europe. many still there, miss what life was like before 2014. they wait for a seat on the bus to take them across. what's called no man's land fields. they never imagined they'd be afraid of before this complex started 7 and a half years ago. charles, drop it al jazeera mobile, trotsky, eastern ukraine. now the u. a has ordered $19000000000.00 worth of fighter jets from france as the french president and manuel macro is in the gulf. the deal is
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the biggest ever overseas sale of french war planes. it was signed as macro and abby's crime, prince held talks. it comes as an order by the way, for us by chance is delayed and it concerns about his relationship with china. micro will arrive in cafe to meet the me a shortly before heading, then to saudi arabia. austria has a new chancellor after the ruling conservatives were forced to quickly find a replacement following the shock resignation of sebastian cuts. the interior minister call ne alma takes over from a chancellor who left after less than 2 months in office. nana is a former soldier who has a tough stones against illegal migration. more than half the refugees living incomes on the greek mainland are in danger of going hungry after the authorities restricted aid john surplus reports now from one refugee camp near child kita. asylum seekers served lunch at its on a camp. 90 kilometers north of athens on today's menu. burgers with mashed potatoes
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or pasta with bologna sauce, there's a choice of salad, fresh, tomatoes or beat. some people take the food home, others just take the salads and throw the cooked meals away. but of anna a, mary, an afghan, who's lived this camp for 2 years explains why they don't want to take the food because they don't eat it. they don't want it because it is not eligible for most of them. i think it is getting repeated, especially for the children. such food waste seems incomprehensible. especially considering that of the 18000 refugees living in camps on the mainland. 60 percent are in danger of going hungry. that's because state aid is given only to those in the process of applying for asylum. and most camp presidents have already been accepted or rejected. they're now expected to fend for themselves or leave the country. but excluding these people from state aid, say, refugee charities, undermines what the government achieved by putting them in camps in the 1st place. few months ago when people working,
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but not the same. you saw them in the invoice and it was the same government above the squares and with zoning mckesson and i was the same government was asking them to lead because and then each of them ended on and many here say the government has just made the problem worse, governments have typically taken over tasks, aid groups developed in times of crisis. earlier this year, the government took over management of mainland camps from the united nations on october 1st, it further shrank the u. n. 's role, assuming responsibility for cash handouts. these transitions haven't always gone smoothly. the 40 percent of camp presidents eligible for cash hasn't received any for 2 months, starving a fledgling economy inside the camps and leading to hunger crisis. many like the immediate emily has been granted asylum, a living off savings. others rely on cash from relatives. this age group say is
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a manufactured crisis, resulting from greece's lack of integration policy for refugees. all of them are external or celia, they're resourceful. and they're not there. then they just need more real support. and the plan that we look at their needs from recession point the gratian and then that will just be for us. and not the burden. greece says it is merely implementing the law supporting those deemed in need of protection and asking every one else to go away. but they have nowhere to go. jobs are hopeless at the malika and it's all a refugee camps. still to come here on the news are for you, we'll tell you about china's high speed plans to build a rail network. all the way to singapore overworked, underpaid. the speak to sri lanka to say they're not getting enough for their artwork. and in the n b a, the memphis grizzlies were caught the biggest victory in the history.
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ah hello there, here's your weather forecasts in a minute. 15 will begin in the middle east, where we've got cooler air filtering across northern areas of saudi through key weights. and also dough high, and then we've got this shamal. when that said north, when coming down from the rock, we could see gas in doha, on saturday, 50 kilometers per hour. that's enough to fall around sand and dust and impact the visibility off to pakistan. right now, not much to report plenty of sun karachi, a high 30 degrees, got some re moving across a central areas of afghanistan next to turkey. quite a bit of active weather going on toward the west, moving more inland as so this is hop over the g and just slamming into that west coast. it's going to play is we're on saturday with a high of 18 degrees central areas of africa right now. we've got our storms in and
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around can shasta also through gab on and camera room, and then we can trace lot of what weather for southern areas of an goal. that's where the ne of namibia, south west of botswana, and really now a huge swath of south africa. we're seeing this. so on saturday, i think both for johannesburg and cape town, we will get into the weather and we may even power up. some thunderstorms for places like durbin, for example, kit towns got a high of 22 on saturday. that's it. see again soon. ah, woods water will be part of the greatest global gathering in history, the expo 2022 by woods. why that will be there to showcase her investment opportunities, her unique culture and heritage, economic diversity, and pristine wildlife and natural resources. so look out what woods wanna add that expo 2022 by spectacle, where we will and leach our potential botswana,
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our pride, your destination. there is a lot more into al jazeera than t read with our website mobile app, social media, and podcast. al jazeera digital is the world award winning online content, and each week on portal will bring you the very best of it. they're trying to frighten the people to leave it to go somewhere else. but the truth is that it got nowhere else to go. so if you missed it online, catch up here with me. sandra gartman on al jazeera lou . ah,
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almost all posterior watching the news. i live from dough. i'm pizza, w. headlining story, south africa's health minister says the country has entered its 4th wave of corona, virus infections. fueled by the new army, kron variant, more than 11 and a half bows. infections being confirmed in one day. shanicea and mexico all the latest countries to announce the protected been buried almost 40 other countries and territories have reported omicron infections so far. it chief negotiator has told his channel that world powers can't reject draft proposals that submitted during talks in vienna. in an exclusive interview alley by getty county says, all nuclear related sanctions from the us should be removed immediately. the talks are aimed at bringing iran in the us back into the deal. now it is meant to limit iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief. that proposal tape by iran cannot be rejected at all because they are based on the provisions of the 2015
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nuclear agreement. and in principle, the countries which are still the participants of the j. c. p. o a, they do not want to ruin the nuclear document one condom, and the difference is that the previous founders stations is that there are foreign players and 4 in the region are seriously making efforts in order to disrupt the negotiating table. i believe that design is to dream a lot of attacking iran. and if they go onto this stream, they will never wake up from that dream. all the sanctions which have been imposed already imposed on the so called maximum pressure campaign of the united states. they should be removed immediate with the verifications and guarantees that are very serious issues and discussions which will, which have been outlined in the.


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