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tv   [untitled]    December 6, 2021 2:30pm-3:01pm AST

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he's getting the boosters over vaccine rolled up. we've got so 80 percent of those over 12 now having 2 jobs and we got a 3rd of the country with either a 3rd job or a booster. that's the reason we can go to this is ms christmas as a country with stronger confidence we can enjoy christmas in the way that love, what should we couldn't last year? ah, let's take a look at the headlines here now. jazeera now men miles to pose. they don't answer, she has been sentenced to 4 years in jail. she was charged with inciting dissent against the military and breaching crowd of iris rules. these are just 2 of 11 charges against her. florence louis has more from column for 1st verdicts in the about a dozen charges that she faces. remember, she was arrested, was detained on the 1st of february, which was the day of the coo and then she's on several trials. there some charges
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against her, which haven't even been brought to trial, but these are the very 1st verdicts and these readings had been deferred from a week ago. now we're hearing that she, if i, we've confirmed the source. i'm on the ground in myanmar that she's been sentenced to 2 years on the charge of incitement and spell as 2 years for breaking corona virus rules. now her other defendants on the deposed president when men and also another high ranking former official of the n l d government as national league for democracy on santucci s political party has also been found guilty and sentenced to prison. opposition candidates in the gambia are rejecting presidential election results. adam barrow secured a 2nd term with 53 percent of the vote. far ahead of his nearest rival, son o dot above a 16 year old palestinian boys been shot dead by the israeli army after driving his car into minutes re checkpoints. it happened in the occupied westbank, israeli army says 2 soldiers were injured in the car, running turkey in casa,
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say they'll cooperate further with each other, a number of issues including bringing stability to afghan. a stan covers foreign ministry and is turkey. county of l talks here in doha, the prime minister of the solomon islands has survived the no confidence vote in parliament, the opposition and accused his government of corruption and mismanagement off the last month. riots. a senior official from the united arab emirates has visited iran. first, such trips since relations with downgraded 5 years ago, the u. a. e national security advisor and is radian count to discuss the overcoming differences and increasing economic ties. bose, i a headlines. the news continues here, announces era off the inside story, so they stay with us. ah
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is a military solution in west africa the only way out on the groups that continue to wage war despite years of french military operations? has their mission failed, and hope and stability be achieved? this is in fine story. ah. hello and welcome to the program. i'm how am i hitting? there's anger against france in west africa and what protests to say is the flawed relationship between french armed forces and their african allies. 2 people were
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killed and others injured in the shower last month when protested. tried to block a military supply convoy of more than a 100 vehicles on its way to molly french. anthony, jerry and forces used force to break free from the hundreds of protest. hers processed, organizes complained that local troops are under equipped center, suffering. disproportionate losses compared to their french allies, infrequent attacks by arms, groups protest to say those groups are often linked to i saw and al qaeda can continue to operates. despite years of french military operations requires environmental portion. this is the 3rd road block. we've crossed the students look angry despite repeated request to calm down and disperse a bill of us. we wanted to leave the base in the morning. but we were held up by demonstrators who waiting. whereas on the road, we managed to push them back at 1st with the hope of maintaining order using grenades, defensive grenades, smoke,
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antique gas. we managed to advance little by little and before leaving for nisha, similar scenes in booking of fossil one. hundreds of protests trying to block the same convoy were met with tear gas and force since then protest as angered by the worsening violence plans. groups of demands of the resignation of president rog, cavalry is promised and what he calls the function within the military 3 soldiers were killed in the latest attack in burkina. faso late last month will begin our discussion in just a moment at 1st. let's see where things are happening. dozens of arms groups operates mostly in the boarder regence of the ser. hell that's between molly in the west, the share in the east and burkina faso to the south 100. so civilians have been killed there during the past year alone. in 2014 france reinforced its military
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presence in the region by launching operations back can. thousands of french troops were sent since army camps recess of around the sale. to combat arms groups linked to iso and al qaeda, they often attacked french convoys carrying it with cornices missions and supply runs as well as the local african forces which support frances campaign. the local forces have suffered most of their losses in those attacks. ah, well, this spring in our guests, jack, how long is the senior research fellow at the global policy institutes? and he joins us from san mateo in france and from casablanca. in morocco is adama k . he's a political, common faces specializing in the south. hell and west africa 1st though, let's talk to us or tim tory, he's a member of the coalition of the african patriots of ricky far so. and he joins us now on the line for me was good to go. good to have you with those asset t,
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and sorry, i understand that you're protesting the french presence in the saw how region just explained to us why. why are you protesting against frances military presence in burkina faso evolve, evolve. let me come back on the particularly in the us to be in the fire. this is a fact was that that fits in the. busy but if you're not, fossil is. busy just been that is that a. busy couple of the pallets that is many on the war series and this the iran, our company, many on how the home and their life. right. ever the,
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and i'm sorry to jump in. you talk about her life is hard. there is no foods, and there is a threat of violence. do you think the french military is, is helping at all for the young people. but also i decided lighter than she needed. because we knew many, many, many during the time the ottoman not to do with 13 and let the people to let this get chilly non and that is different. i mean, it's hard to put that the difference and so right, like the young people are not, not it before then it's if he has to initial,
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we're going to that population. if it is up to the 1st and set up any book it up. so we are not agree with that that's. that's why these guys with that, but that with the new a less it comes from the wall. why not many miles and go okay. okay, a 30 am tory, thank you so much for joining us on the program and it's good to hear from you in the region. why this is such a tense issue? let me bring in our guests in the studio. we've heard from the protest, her jack, her alone, that the they have a hard life in burkina faso and they don't feel that the soldiers are protecting the people who are struggling without food. so struggling with violence every day.
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instead, the french soldiers are protecting their own interests. i respond to that. you know, we know it's a feeling that simmering for quite a while. even in the valley where france was 1st seen as the savior. and i seen as it invaded because the local population reuters is or is spite of the strong military presence frost, with 5000 soldiers and actions against these group in the region. it hasn't stopped terrorist attacks we. so if need be lucky enough, i saw 57 people were killed just a couple of 50 free of damage shot down just a couple of days before the french troops were going through the country on their way to the show. so which, which they did it away, the demonstration had a decision to stop the convoy and his stood up. france is as been
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fighting this endless war without any apparent results. ad we know that the military school or the reeds every level of obtaining some results. but not enough because attacks of increased the last few years, the global war on terrorism as of succeeded. but we know so that in this part of the world, the solution to the problems will not be military. it would be political and social as we know that you can decide and the role of program sorted population, problem displacement at docs, disease. so frogs trying to have is seen in spite of that i think, well, he was fans trying to help if my point because you said you've got to yourself, the francis. there's that, you know,
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these things don't work. and yet they've been there for 8 years. who's trying fancy trying to help here at, at 1st the idea was to come to the rescue and they were asked for by the magic government of the time you bringing the ib k data. and it was to france, intervene as a result of the on demand. because if for debt, the judges group which had evaded she had taken control of the nor we're moving towards by michael dead. the argument for continued french presence and an increase in the french presented the area was the fear that there will be some kind of side eastern endure region like up get his son with, or the store or his group in the countries of science, which would, in turn, be dangerous for fraud, says received when you suddenly state to go over the iraq and syria led to
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terrorist attacks in france about the last shot you do come and go from there. so that was this fear, but up to now we haven't seen any attempts on european, all french, so emanating from groups present in the, in africa. so why is for all the files good, go to describe law now trying to find sort of should by good operating with the 5 countries of decide we know the more return ya each facility gather g 5, but the local army is not equipped. where do you know of and there are problems in my leave. me. ok. and let me just here yet it's, it's a, it's a very troubled campaign and it's
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a very long campaign. adama gay. you have been watching this region for a very long time. was had 8 years of a french military presence in your opinion, has operation. well, operations service operation bar can seem to be operation something else. this has been a failure. yes. sufficient. it is fate. and it is not surprising if you fancy, early experience, not just in africa, but even in europe or in asia, and also in africa, has paid it now in $195450.00 invo was a nanny see if you do by the phone and you've got national it lost the do. what was 1st one and 2nd one is did you know 5?
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well, let's go, let's focus on our router. yes, let's focus on this particular conflicts. because when we need to bring the contents of cancer is trying to pretend as being able to go ahead and re weigh it and he's innovation. you got your take rhonda, you know, a 2011 a as in famous. and now he's trying to use a year with a real issue or because in order to start to present as a new career that he's in africa, can be at least i got liver human to do it for you. so the french ever be the problem that they seen as,
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depending day in just people are so a might be the earliest giving us also they are trying to broader a that is seen as a region that rich will not grow resources. ok. good. we discover and also with france as not be able to address a and the other challenges to monitor should. so be a problem in discrete and intellectual article, beauty, but france is there just in order to form some areas that order ordered issue under control. that's the problem, i think the angry and the all the also it is and it won't go up and it goes from ok. check her along. i saw you shaking your heads through
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much of a case analysis there. yeah. what, what, what, where do you think is the problem? because we hear the point of view. this is frances, there to reinforce it is old imperial or whatever. but is the problem, i put it to you, jack for a loan that the, the mission hasn't been clearly defined. and francis mission in the somehow region has been one of simply containing a problem where it is rather than trying to fix it. you know, i said inserted the solution. i don't want to go back to the failures of the french army over the centuries, but, but has been a failure. has this been a failure that has be the full like or was there was a rock enough get he still can city i know we know it's a failure. we know it doesn't work. so what can be dog?
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dep from a is now accused of being but neil, back to the excursion your power is accused of being deploy and also the western interest for the resources in that region may be thought may be the case, but there's not the just the west was in the us in that region, it was interesting that when he talked about money that no, but the problem with money is that the warm terrorism death as of the improved a lot of the population, especially in northern box of that region. and that is that the failure of the french army maybe in part, but it could be put down so to the failure of the government to produce public services in that part of the world at many into north of chad. feel that they are both protected by group all nationalities to our groups,
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which is which provided origin. so as at the same dot in you were just going to ask to see me going to a president and sugar bega. the prime minister, i've been making an attempt to discourse of our previous speaker saying that maybe russia would be better to head to fight. but sarah, maybe that's a bit of a mistake because of the group that my lease quarter is talking with as, as not been very successful. georgia, i realize it's frances during the program or so it's frances innovation attack to kind of feel which opened or can of worms into which that is a fact that's frosty is responsibility,
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but it was suck was these were supposed to do it was a already said to intervene, it was michael kept on the intervention now for us as decided to downgrade super ration in the region, bringing down from 50022500. as left maddie, maddie is not considering talking to russians, good luck to them, and to the and to do my young population for the backing of the russian. but that is saved on france is working with fruit fruit for other countries, which it origin think that the head of frost is needed. i don't think fraud is on a new project. there. francis caught in a trap door to get out of the situation with odyssey. ed, we know that this region is a part. okay. and it's the established group g distilleries. grouped even is distributed isaac, all the countries that return at trust is not
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a good place of this g, as many people say also showed this work and the previous or good even implants okay. at our mcgee, it's a d. how would you respond to that? because the vac no group and russia do you have they have been active in other countries in africa, and that's something which has arguably caused problems in some places. i'm thinking specifically of libya. do you think that that would be a helpful intervention in the south region? so inviting another, a foreign or army or, or foreign mercenaries from other countries? or is it simply time for the foreign countries to get aids of africa and for these nations to fix them, their problems themselves? that is the issue. actually, if you look at the history of interventions,
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they haven't been successful. the case in point could be a star where the soviet union, yuki, and recently the u. s. a. b use there. in the case of africa today. we know that if any in this i read it and he's going to be in. if it continues to be trying to using military life, even though it has to rely on a and b c from a framework that really this african problems will have to be fixed by itself under the african and the regional organizations, such as the economy, community and there are military friends work for b, a g to be handed the policies in order to address the
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only other as long as the political and development current g from within these countries are addressed you with before i give you the benefit from the reach of the countries in africa, countries, in the case of france, i believe a france is taking too much, it can trying to control or african nation and that one doesn't have to come up with in the order of one. i do believe we need to have a class with a, a it will continue on and on and on like it is done in other 40 and the on the line there. and it will be a real quick. that means you put the financial means that we have
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with well, if you need the clause not done with the rest of the work is trying to come and do a legal b a think or be able to support a done example. if i could just very quickly set these problems, lead an african solution. but some of these institutions within the populations in the countries i'm thinking of echo was they regarded with suspicion by populations in the countries because they're seen as old president clubs that are too slow to act and to slow to criticize leaders. so where does the solution come from? you are to rush. i am a product of good, really, you know, because my said, i bow a really good boots and the real product is
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a corporate program of legitimacy. ok if a fencing a but okay, realizing that to do that and the problem is the time to place an order to stick on it and they make sure that the population that are against us realize that we are we are and that's what it booted up also with angie mr. mark, cover it with the leadership of british or it was the other for it. okay. good. because it was it okay. we are almost out of time. i a final question to you jacqueline, before we wrap up this discussion in one minute, if you can, is it time for france to get out of africa? i. i think that the countries are where francis prism said the g 5 and now the
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g 4 was trying to stay didn't need the french help, didn't need the funding. didn't need me to 5 judges, grow froth cabinet. just get out just like that. if they could do the bulls, because disfigure of these intervention breaks, more problems than solutions and satisfaction. and we know that the situation relies that it draws would like africa, countries to be able to control, to govern their country demote tricks, me g g, g m s c. but when you see molly as a to cause in the last 2 years in august 2020 was 21 will be a demo. we did beat them a bunch of connections in february next year as dip promise. we don't know the political and it couldn't be environment is so unstable that
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just there's nothing to gain shorter. ready submissions, we'd have to come as we would agree from african population that the government that's providing ok. i want to ration if i q because when the final 10 seconds a one word answer from you adama gate, if it time for funds to leave africa. asked mister lease and discourse for a gentleman, just just a list of his favorite who were in military buttons need to understand the african programs and schools. and now we are absolutely out of time. a gentlemen. thank you so much for this lively discussion. i do appreciate it. thank you to jack hello and adama gay, and thank you for watching. remember, you can see the program again any time by visiting our website at al jazeera dot
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com. and for further discussion just heads our facebook page. that is facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. and you can join the conversation on twitter. our handle is at a j a and say story. and i'm at how little he seemed for me and the whole team here in doha. it's bye for night. talk to al, just 0. we are. how would you describe taliban relationship with the us? we listen, copied my tedious nato for coffee. 19 has been terrible demonstration of the failure to view much so that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera ah al jazeera. with,
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for the 1st time since the lead up to the 2nd world war, the nobel peace prize has been awarded to journalists, maria arrests and dmitri morocco for to receive the 2021 prize for their courageous contributions to freedom of expression in the philippines and russia in an exclusive interview life from all slow, we'll talk to this used laurie, it's about the challenges and dangers of doing their job and the significance and protecting democracy. the nobel interview only on a just 0 is done with
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ah, protest this out on the streets in sudan capital to voice opposition to the prime minister's decision. the sign a deal with the military. ah . on have them secret, this is edge, is it a lie from the house coming up? man mazda opposed leda on saying she, she has been sentenced to 4 years in prison. began being president, support to celebrate an election victory. but 3 opposition candidates have rejected the result.


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