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who lives witness award winning documentaries on a, just the euro. we understand the differences am similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what winter been using kind of for that matter to you, ah, to leaders divided by mutual distrust, biden and putin prepare for a virtual summit as both blame each other for potential conflict in ukraine. ah, lauren taylor, this is al jazeera alive from london. also coming up is your peers minute she claims to key towns from to ryan rebels. pushing them farther from the capital b in mars, deposed liter has her sentence harvey. but until she, she still faces 2 years detention after what's called
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a sham trial and more options hamper the search for survivors. after indonesia is largest, volcano kills 120 people. ah, no concerns of a new conflict in ukraine could come to a head on tuesday with a virtual summit between a u. s. and russian leaders dro biden's, promising at what a spokesman called enduring and meaningful costs. if the build up a russian troops east of ukraine's border results in an invasion, something his intelligence experts say could happen in just weeks is an opportunity for the president to underscore, of course u. s. concerns with russian military activities on the border with ukraine and reform, reaffirmed the united states support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the ukraine. it's also an opportunity to discuss a range of topics in the u. s. and russia relationship including strategic
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stability, cyber and regional issues. uh, but you can certainly expect that ah, the are our concerns about the military activities on the border will be a prominent part of the discussion. vladimir putin is denied that an invasion is planned, blaming nato, for the need to position his military as a boa against its expansion eastwards. he is likely to demand security guarantees from biden on 2 men lost, met face to face in geneva in june. when the disgust improving it diplomatic relations, but pushing the spokesmen admits relations is still pull her merger look good to them. we would need to discuss the agreements made in geneva and have a brief look at those implemented and ones which require further attention. of course, the bilateral relations will be discussed, which is still in the mental state cleaning, and ukraine's not all the european migrant crisis blamed on russia's ally banners. cyber attacks on companies and government agencies in the u. s. and the ever present issue of the 2 nations nuclear arsenals may also be on the agenda. was good
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. our white house correspondent, kimberly hallett. as secondary, what seems to be a lot on that could be on the agenda. what, what can we expect from this meeting tomorrow? we've got a sense of it from a senior administration official. the held a call with report is to kind of outline the goals and intents of the white house going into this call. and the main objective of this is that the united states wants to send a clear message that it is not seeking conflict. at the same time, should russia invade ukraine? the united states is prepared to impose what it calls meaningful consequences for harmful actions. in other words, what we expect that those actions up on the part of the united states could be a unit of actions would be financial sanctions. that would be so punishing would seek to isolate russia from the global financial system. now having said that, the united states is hoping to push the russian side to ward diplomatic
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talks along the minsk agreement. we should also point out that the united states is prepared to support discussions between nato and russia that would allow for the addressing of concerns on both sides. but the bottom line is, is that the united states is gravely concerned about u. s. intelligence reports that indicate that there is a build up of military by russia along the ukraine border. and even as russia has dismissed this, this fear mongering, the united states is intent on trying to push forward to try and resolve this concern through diplomatic channels. and it can be will come back in a 2nd, but also to the white house press briefing. that was the confirmation of a u. s. diplomatic boy. quarter of next his winter olympics in china, the measure will not affect u. s. athletes competing at the games in beijing, it's in process because china's human rights record, which one has already said it will retaliate. doorway scenario so. sure, you know,
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yeah, i mean the winter olympics are held once every 4 years as a rare opportunity for athletes. the protectiveness of the beijing winter olympics will be athletes from various countries, not individual politicians. those politicians who clamor for a boycott for political self interest are just showing off and like things up, nobody cares whether they come or not. and they will have no influence on beijing success in hosting the winter olympics. many were sick of me. how did the white house press secretary justify this move? yeah, well this is something that's been called for by not only humans rights, human rights activists and even members of congress. but there's been great concern around the world about some of the human rights practices or lack thereof in china . and so this was an opportunity to kind of send a statement, so there has been a real pressure on the by to ministration to do a full boy caught of beijing 2022. and then what we've learned from the white house
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press secretary is the white house will allow us athletes to go and to participate starting in february, but they will have in place a diplomatic boycott. what does that mean? that means that no u. s. government officials will be present or any other sort of formal dignitaries . it's designed to put in place and send a very strong message to the chinese government. that it does not tolerate some of the practices that have been seen, particularly when it comes to chinese muslims. known as wiggers, now we should point out, we seen this type of boycott odd. actually it was a full boycott back in 1980. interestingly, when it involves russia, this is not going to be as punishing as that. instead it will be the diplomatic boycott that will allow the united states athletes to participate and the white house press secretary says that those athletes will have the white house's full support. kimberly, how can thank you very much indeed. well ahead of us,
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sir. meeting was joe biden. vladimir putin has been in india for meeting with prime minister nor andrew moody. i country signed a set of trade deals, including one that was he in the produce more than 600000 kalashnikov assault rifles. as of burnham has more from new delhi, this is in the annual summit between the leaders of the 2 countries, but as the 1st time in the 21 years that the summit has been taking place. that the defense and foreign ministers of both countries also met and what came out of those meetings is a number of defense deals with the most significant one being india, buying $700000000.00 with advanced assault rifles from kalashnikov with very importantly for india, a technology transfer being part of that agreement with the assault rifles actually being made in the indian state of the privilege. now the 2 sides also discussed the delivery of the russian s $400.00 missile defense system. they agreed 3 years ago.
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it was a $5400000000.00 contract to purchase the system. and india is very much going ahead. would that it's received the 1st part of the system, despite warnings from the us, that it could face sanctions for going ahead with the deal. well, this is what the russian foreign minister sig, a level had to say about it. we weakness them. so they both do like the states to undermine the school duration or to making g a, b, that miracle norbish. before will there miracle vision will follow this region should be, should be a job there though injured from so leo feminine explained that the southern culture then they will decide and whose weapons to barnum, who is going to be a buckner of india in this, on the other areas, while the defense deals were the easy part of the summit, the india,
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russia relationship has come on the some strained recently. and that is because of india's growing relationship with the us and rushes close relationship with china. these dynamics have loomed large over the india, russia relationship with ah, if europe has claimed war key victories in its battle against rebels from to cry, the fighting is concentrated horror and the far regions to grow and forces had until recently, been advancing on the capital on the a to highway. now the government says it taken back. the strategically important times are dessie and composure. william davidson is a senior. if you're, if you're on this for the international cross, this group, he believes this could be a pivotal period for the hopes of the ground forces. the key thing to look for now, i think is what is the ability of the tick forces to maintain
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positions in har region? i think they would be very difficult position if they were forced to withdraw back to take right entirely. if the great force is able to maintain position, then har region where they beat on this offensive since july, and we will have to see if in the future they able to regain some offensive capacity. they say this is tactical. they say they need some time to reorganize, re strategize and recover the other very significant thing here is the intensified drones capacity of the federal government and drones provided by china, by 30, by iran, facilitated by the united arab emirates. this is really hits the grad supply lines and meant that they had to give up on those offensive ambition. a court and me and my has given the countries deposed civilian leader on santucci a 4 year prison sentence later reduced to 2 with a partial pardon. she's already spent a great deal of her life in detention for her efforts to bring democracy to the
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country. her election 6 years ago was seen as the dawn of a peaceful future. but her refusal to condemn the militaries, ethnic cleansing of ringer muslims and to doubts a fresh term one a little over a year ago ended in february's qu, she's been tet detained ever since. while more than a 1000 people have been killed. last verdict on charges of inciting descent and breaking corona virus rules is just one of a dozen cases. the military has since brought against her and has runs 3 reports. she could face sentences lasting decades more ah, once leader of myanmar, now a prisoner of its military government and leaders of the junior on santucci together with ousted precedent with linda, found guilty of incitement and breaking corona virus rules. they denied all charges, which many believe are trumped up on the ginger says sooty has been given. do legal process is the 1st verdict of 11 charges sushi faces including corruption and
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electoral fraud con delita min online definitely wants to look her up because the military, who does extremely afraid of the popularity she commands. but i think the jailing on songs which she for the rest of her life is not going to stop the resistance. we seeing a huge resistance from young people who refuse to, to stop fighting against this illegal military winter condemnation of the verdict has been swift. a spokesman for group, coordinating opposition to the printer, says the military rulers have betrayed the people of me and not. so it is the least functions, all our holes in our dreams and our region for the democratic union of all. so this is mark into it as, as it was a law. the un human rights chief michel bachelor,
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has criticized the conviction as politically motivated describing it as an attempt to remove all opposition. sushi faces voted on another case against her as early as next week. she could be sentenced to more than a 100 years in prison if found guilty of all charges. florence louis al jazeera security forces in their sudanese capital cartoon. the fire tear gas at protested denouncing a move by the prime minister to sign a deal with a military. ah, demonstrators say of dela hm doc has betrayed them by agreeing to a government dominated by generals. they won't allies have formerly de around bashing removed from power and armed groups disbanded amber morgan is in cartoon. the main reason why processes are out on the streets, yet again is the fact that prime minister, the lamb looks fine to deal with the military. now they want to see the minute to
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return back to their barracks. one thing that we've heard from protest is here, including on the stand behind me is that they believe the military should remain away from the politics. and that's something that they've been repeatedly reiterating in their demands. they say that the military cannot be trusted to lead to dance, transition to democracy, especially after the military takeover on october 25th. they say they want a civilian government, despite the fact that the general abdel for the album han has promised that prime minister hum doke will be free to choose. his own cabinets made up of technocrats civilians not affiliated to any political parties that hasn't appease the protested here. many of them say that for them, the fact that prime minister hm looks fine to deal with the military is a betrayal. and he has given legitimacy to that take over that happened on october 25th. so they do not recognize all of them, and they want a new civilian government that will ensure sedan transition to democracy is complete. up until the point hum, doke, signed that deal with the army. he was a symbol of civilian rule. he has spoken to several media outlets and has held
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several forums and met with resistance committees. the committees that have been mobilizing for protests over the past couple of weeks saying that the main reason he signed the deal was to stop the bloodshed. at least 43 people have been killed in protest against the military since the takeover. i'm more than 200 have been entered, but for protesters, the fact that he signed that deal is not as it is giving legitimacy to that take over and does not regard to for that. i'll for the bit that that's of the protest. as they say, they will be no accountability, especially because the 14 points in the agreement that he signed with the military has been very vague about accountability. only saying that a committee will be set up. the prime minister in the solomon islands is accusing your position of attempting a clue after surviving a confidence vote in parliament. it came to 12 days after a violent demonstrations and looting in the capital honey, our troops from australia fee gene using and, and papua new guinea, helping to keep the peace under chappelle reports. we know the people who plan this
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mrs. big amana se so cavalry holds the majority of seats and the solomon islands parliament. but i didn't stop the nations opposition leader lodging. a motion of no confidence in the prime minister's leadership. a stronger united fair just and prosperous. solomon islands cannot be built on deception. insincerity. paranoid state capture and foreign interests you want to in a 90 minute, often emotional speech. the prime minister denied all allegations of corruption and lack of accountability. he says the motion was made against the backdrop of an illegal attempted cou. i did not allow myself to succumb to the dictates of hooligans and lawless order thing to participate in congress intervention forces were on the ground. mrs. figured room held return
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normalcy in our ha, ah, but his government has been at the center of recent civil unrest. led mainly by the people from the militia province, less than 2 weeks ago. the capital honey aro, was devastated by riots and looting. government buildings were burned to the ground, and 3 people died. the chinatown district was the focus of much of the protests with demonstrators angry about the government's decision to dump diplomatic ties with taiwan in favor of china. that unrest triggered a campaign by the opposition to force the prime minister to stand down, which failed. analysts say these are long running tensions between them, a late province and the central government, and they're unlikely to be resolved any time soon. they've got public resentment about proceed corruption and government questions around public financial management. none of these issues will be resolved even by the government successfully. defeating this motion of my confidence, all simply by changing late is ease and complex structural problems. solomon
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islands, the prime minister may have survived this boat, but a curfew remains in place. and more than 200 peacekeepers have been deployed across honey era. to avoid a repeat of the recent riots. enter chappelle al jazeera. still to come on out as in cat on turkey, t knob to provide what they will be a lifeline to afghanistan when millions of people are relying on age. ambition is the world most polluted city and alignment countries on is becoming more reliant. comb ah with hello, thank you for joining in most of our storm energy around that central mediterranean is pivoting further toward the east and same goes for that shield of snow through the balkan. so sophia bulgaria could pick up about 5 plus centimeters. the worst of
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the weather i think will be over western areas of turkey gathering steam through the eastern med. we've got a fire hose of rain for on talia. so think we could pick up about 50 millimeters and those winds will crank up to 65 kilometers per hour. our next atlantic storm swoops in. look what it does toward hi barea. we've got a lot of rain and wind, so let's break it down. 6 meter high waves for that north coast of spain, about 40 millimeters over 12 hours. so the threat of flooding and those winds that he kilometers per hour. the center of the low. this storm, by the way, storm bear a barreling in to the republic of ireland, the united kingdom. and i think the worst of the winds will be for the republic of ireland. pretty close to about a 100 kilometers per hour. and we've got snow for northern areas of england, scotland, lower ground, 2 centimeters, but higher ground 10 centimeters rainy day in london with a high of 8 degrees. all of that energy over the mediterranean is whipping up the sand and does for the northeast of libya. the northwest of egypt, cairo's got
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a high of 20, that's it soon. ah! as a kingdom, i watched these scenes with horror as a cannon. sumani. i feared the buck lush ethnic somalis had long been the target of intimidation and persecution. in kenya, almost every woman was of it, no helmet, a down travels through his homeland to reveal of his people and family had been subjected to years of brutal discrimination. typical of the way. ready we are treated in a country were colo algae, 0 correspondence ah ah,
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for one of the top stories under 0, united states has announced a diplomatic boycott of next year's winter olympics in china. measure will not affect us athletes competing at the games in beijing. us as will warn russia, severe economic consequences if it invades ukraine. it seems to be the main subject in a virtual summit between president joe biden and vladimir putin. and a court in men ma has given the countries deposed civilian liter unsung sushi. a 4 year prison sentence later reduced to 2 with a partial pardon turkey and cut, i say they will cooperate, father to help bring stability to afghanistan. cut out has been the key to maintaining communication with the taliban, including work on cobbles at port for evacuations. and at 8 flights, the foreign minister says his country will continue providing a lifeline this on to the other one. so we discussed how we can coordinate our
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efforts to lend a helping hand to afghans on also how to cooperate about the situation in afghanistan with the international community. we examined the issue of cabal, airport guitar is closely following the developments with the interim government of afghanistan about the operation of the airport shimaya has been following the talks in doha. there are specific areas that people are interested in and that there will be a focus on primarily, obviously from talk. his perspective is the economy rate, the turkish currency has been dipping somewhat us and even stronger term over the past month. which value to the dollar using significantly and also and therefore target will be looking for. i did investments from us, which is one of the strongest investors in the turkish economy, regionally speaking, politically speaking, both countries at c, i to are you on several issues of kind of span. obviously that is one of the
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priorities for both the ha and anchor out there was a lot of well being talented about the idea that the 2 countries would help facilitate and operate on a long term basis. the main international airport in couple the how much because i airports while snow agreements has been finalized with regards to that's the real presence from both countries there as well. there was an assist any assistance from both for ministers, saying that the international community must not punish the african people and must start engaging with the interim government to release funds to be able to allow for people to avert any sorts of suffering the career of ours pandemic as cause millions more people to get malaria. the world health organization says around 241000000 people caught the illness worldwide in 202014 1000000 more than the year before. of those 627000 people died. an increase of nearly 70000. around
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2 thirds of the additional deaths, nearly $50000.00 people, were linked to disruptions and services blamed on the pandemic. was 90 percent of all cases and the old desk were in sub saharan africa. most of those were children on the 5 sure approved the 1st malaria vaccine in october, but it says it needs more funding to get that to the children who need it in while the new only tron variant of kevin 19 is spread to see more nations with cases detected in thailand, nepal and croatia. totland is heavily dependent on tourism is only just reopened it's borders for travel. scientists are working to establish if on the chrome spreads faster than previous parents, and whether it will be more resistant to vaccines. rescue searching for survivors from have all kinds of corruption in indonesia are being hampered by bad weather. and further clouds of hot ash so far 22 people are confirmed dead and 27 are missing. trillion wolf has more, ah,
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scouring through the rubble plowing through volcanic debris that has now begun to harden the hope that these rescue workers might find survivors is diminishing by the hour. even for the lifeless bodies recovered beneath the rubble, a sense of relief among emergency crews and delivered to me. thank god, we found the bodies of these victims and retrieve them. answers for loved ones in this moment are better than new years. those who survived are still coming to terms with their ordeal. law. it at 1st thought i thought it was a bomb explosion, and all of the sudden it was scenario erupting and spooling volcanic ashes. suddenly it was all dark like it was going to destroy the earth. suddenly my children were scattered around. my husband was not found, and i was waiting for him. and then we fled to the evacuation camp. job as large as volcano unleashed a thunderous plume of ash high into the sky on saturday,
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raining down on thousands of panic, people below and swallowing up entire communities in its path. one mounts the mirrors, spewed more ash on monday, forcing rescue teams to retreat in their search for survivors. waterways around the volcano, polluted with ash, now appearing as streams of dark sludge and with more rain on the forecast, there is a chance a new river of hot lava could spew, further affecting rescue operations. images from above show the scale of the devastation down below. desperate people savaging all they can from their wrecked homes. in the legion of, please have advised locals not to travel within range of mirrors. crater, many of the survivors in hospital have severe, burns, some with up to 80 percent of their bodies. most people are complaining about having difficulty breathing and feeling dizzy. some of them have medical history
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like have potential with not enough space to truth, the injured families pack mixture filters as a wait to hear from relatives. while the volcanoes observatory officials are searching for any sign of new activity and sending out warnings as american us asking about the status of munch emerald still at level 2, which means that at this level, the people needs to be more vigilant because the potential threat is still there when they go by that, but many people still wonder why they weren't warned early enough. the for saturday is devastation. join wolf, al jazeera, growing energy crisis in katy astonishingly former soviet republic to become increasingly reliant on ko it's decision that's made the capitol, the world's most polluted city at a time when most of the planet is attempting to cut down on fossil fuels. and bas robbie has more from bishopric or tough choices being faced by its residence. from
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a vantage point overlooking bish heck, it's easy to see why curtis don's capital is routinely ranked as the most polluted city in the world. air quality can be so poor. buildings don't disappear into the horizon, they disappear into a cloud of smoke chimney stacks at an aging power plant. the main culprits dystopian giants dominating the skyline over a modernizing city. all year round pumping smoke into the air and industrial waste into a nearby landfill. the carbon footprint of the cities combined heat and power plant is enormous. but it's still not enough. near the power plant, people are forced to burn cold to heat their homes in winter. you get to go all the way with we don't use much electricity. we fire the pit and because we light fires and others do the same, the air goes bad. if you wake up in the morning, everything is black around there. sing on tv every day, to save electricity,
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use less and get other light bulbs. we don't use electricity, so if we're not going to burn coal, what are we meant to do? it burns dirty and all over the world, there are calls to reduce its use. but in kurdistan, coal is king cheap, available, and essential to the power grid. built by the soviets, this coal burning power plant has been the main source of generating heat and electricity. ferguson's capital, bish tech, since the 1960 the countries power infrastructure is almost entirely soviet era with little to no investment in clean energy. this facility was abandoned after the fall of the ussr and never came on line. the current government plans to open it after retrofitting for natural gas, but the plan too expensive, is now on hold. and as long as call remains a quicker fix, the possibility of more pollution hangs in the air. it gives you more duct than by if they would stop burning of call. and if the power plant was also working,
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it would be good. pollution as harmful for kids. on the other hand, it would be good if the power plant was working while it's not working yet i am not afraid, but me be in the future. i will give the demand for more power will mean burning record amounts of coal and coming years, more air pollution, almost inevitable, leaving residents with little choice, but to write it out, said was ravi alta 0 risque. ah, top stories on our desert, the united states is announced a diplomatic boycott of next year's winter olympics in china. the measure will not affect u. s. athletes competing at the beijing games. it's in protest against china's human rights record. and china has already said it will retaliate doorway scenarios who? sure. you know. yeah, i mean the winter olympics are held once every 4 years.


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