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all disaster, the story that needs to be told from the hall of the affected area to be there to tell the people story was very important at the time. ah, don't, roberson don't have the top stories on al jazeera sh. at least 4 people have been killed by an explosion. iraq's southern city of barcelona, the bloss happened to me or a hospital. several other people were injured. mom would otherwise have has more fun, doha, the bus or a girl province has just declared 3 days morning, up for the victims of the at the attack. i witnesses in the scene said that at a man just park it a motor bike or near to vehicles and left and then it ex, applauded in the 2 vehicles after the man left the scene and the smoke
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was coming out of the of the by of the motor bike and there 2 vehicles as it has been circulated on net at social media. chinese accused the u. s. a violating the olympic spirit after washington announced a diplomatic boycott of next year's beijing a winter games. the american government officials will not attend because of what they call human rights atrocities and genocide. germany is marking angler marco's last day as chancellor of schultz is said to replace her on wednesday. read the curtain done on her 16 year reign. it paves the way for a transformed political landscape with a new coalition government in place. new travel restrictions have come into effect and the u. k. as a result of the new coverage 19 variant, it will travelling to the country will need to show a negative test result within 48 hours before the flight. the u. k is already banned flights from several countries in southern africa. so that because
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presidents, again, criticized sweeping travel bands imposed in his country because of the alma khan variant. subtle ram, oppose are also accused western governments of failing to deliver promised, covered 19 vaccines for lease and the gambia afar tear gas to disperse opposition supporters. resident obama borrow was declared the winner of saturday's election with 53 percent of the vote protests was it say, or seen, or double shoot of one. the u. s. justice department is closed an investigation into a 1955 lynching of a black teenager without laying any charges. 14 year old emmett till was abducted tortured and killed after he was accused of whistling and a white woman. 2 men who confessed to the killing or acquitted by an all white jewelry. those the headlines, these comes up next on al jazeera after all just either correspond, ah,
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this is the road that links the 2 largest towns in kenya. ne province gary son would g holton, simple of both the lack of development and lack of interest shown by successive governments. ironically, this point for structures protected woodyear from much of the recent violence that was engulf goodies ah, in 1984, how about this area? had developed a reputation for insecurity. the district suffered from interclean violence, mainly over glazing lights, which up even by the standards of ne, produce extremely limited. the rains have been good this here, but in the 1980 successive drought had aggravated the problem, has had the inflow of weapons from neighboring somebody like the british before
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them. the canaan government chuckled to understand the complexities of clan politics. the answer to the escalating violence was to disarm the clans, a practical and sensible solution. but as with the most a kind getty, so 4 years aaliyah, the contempt in which administrators police and the army held somalis was to have fatal consequences. on friday, february 10th, 198 to full of police and military sweep of wood, g was ordered to collect old men from the de good, yet colon, whom the local administrators blamed for the violence. thousands were brought to the newly built, asked repertoire gullah 10 miles outside tom. it was the only fest area large enough to hold them for those who survived. it's a place they come back to with great reluctance use of abraham was that governments call to chain 19
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a to for caught up in the sweep. he was forced at gunpoint to lie face down on the scalding stones. the 1st person who made an attempt to flee from this place was a young man. i shall hear in this direction. i could raise my head and watch what was happening. and then as he was almost about to get out of the fence, then he was shot to down then the 80 member, the officers who were then doing the torturing. and the killing said that there that is going to be mit for the haine. the young man night just outside the fence, the hall. you are released because you are government official. what's the worst thing you? so here are the humiliation. the beating the and this sing and the denial of wall tar and a food and a shed. and then, in
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a collecting our own clothes, then putting then new to them, you know, on the back of nick had figured and setting them on fire was a scene that you know, in a normal person will schilling from dog lever kelly. i feel i am a kenyan the wherever kelly but tay fairness and justice per se. i don't believe it exists in king usa from boss like him or could prove though our government officials were released on the 2nd day before the act of torture progressed to mass murder, most of the detainees, however ordinary hardest and walk us from the top, the treatment they received while been grounded up one later they asked 3 rate among the was atrocities of the 20th century. mohammed casara was at his house with his family. when the soldiers came for him. go down to the tea there. it was.
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good news, it caught up. let's click alleged kuala, who is he and i wonder with us, landed all over the landing all over and down. oh, dear, good, a commercially dingey, how a will re or up on a crate or dog a. so copy glue or the alarm, or was there a letter for her morning t while no longer i will turn it illegally? in her call with the other girl, directly from mr. annette, who he who handled the g. a for a wheel ocala. it looked up to me too much other than michelle holland. madonna's movies, or bell, or a bell lily on her gen. i own i am a are the winner macy that would sit up for cut them
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a every in case sharon. yeah. unless up in so do, do might have key a gordie allison go it is in would kill a kidney. well, is there a girl? is there wiggle cookie. that the r o e b u r. casala the colorado. it is a mil in for you and your mom can 15 may oh with terrible ill will again my can with other household i will go ahead. we will finance committee if or does he get to see a daughter throughout it? yeah. cuz so some of them to him. okay. monica. wow. so gary ela said dasa or so had him the key. how bully?
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oh oh. oh, the only one. remember that one mother ira lelona giving shining the grill of feeling. oh, muslin. as fearing her. my says with it and so it was earn emery of america and so lovely. ah, neither my layla show well, that's an unheard of thousands was tortured and killed yet would years my solution allowed for complete media blackout . when details did finally come out, a month later, the government made the blond assertion that $57.00 men had been killed during an
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operation to disarm the clans. no one can put an exact number on the dead. certainly hundreds died, possibly more than a 1000. but the army was brutally efficient at this. passing the bodies only a handful of portals made out of wood year silent testimony to the atrocities committed the police and government officials will still more talk to get answers to what's happened in ne province both then. and now i have to go to the capital naval me. residents of my problem is still refer to it as going to kinda night will be the melting pot, where every one of kenneth 42 tribes, rub, shoulders in what is meant to be equality promoting. the idea of unity has been one of the primary goals of kenya's. leaders says independence. the parliament cut is the motional moto, uncut freaks of the 1st president. i'm said jamal kinyata,
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hud omby, a swahili word meaning altogether. but the capital statues tell a different story. they pay homage to the big men who have held absolute power since independence kenyata, whose son, who is now president and more, who oversaw the consolidation of the one parties state in the 2 decades following kinyata duff in 1978 more without any attempt at subtlety mid the tribal room go or club, the symbol of easel for it. it was more who was president when my home was bond in 1980. but for people from carissa, it's jiji kerry yuki, moist, outspoken minister for internal security, who is seen as particularly responsible at responsibility. he still denies listening money. she might be will be queued equivalent
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that you ask yourself. are you jen when you would trust in the people not to count the government to nato, to come up? there was collective punishment. there was a dripping of women near which it collective punishment if killing of women, children, grouping women, you know, bonding houses. what time i see a trend, grow bloomington, mine like you you have never been on this to themselves. to ask them few questions, asked themselves. few questions, though, do put women and children in one corner so that you can deal with it. but the buddy truly lay on the cup. all did innocent people. how do you do it? you have to find a way of floating them out. but i did. oh, are they going to allow you to goofy? because i did come at night. he to morrow. but people
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a q these to computer them to whatever you keep wouldn't busing. they miss, what do you people, disease your community? you need to tell them that with 1980 your visits and to get issa and the, the newspaper, the mainly, the daily mission of the 11th off november 1980 quoted you are saying as i was on the aircraft. yes. i sold some houses were bun yes. and but our forces must be commended for showing. there was trade because their forces anthem was that the fire was beaten by, but it is a deal of the water acting out with other deals. what ductator diffuse, bye, bye, bye birdie. known to conventional fight. i was a victim of the goddess almost. yes. and i remember that night not seeing an abundance but soldiers. government soldiers putting our house
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my home on fire and killing on may miss. you're kidding. port on many people many. and if people died, oh, look at where they were in san angelo said mowdy with a night login to feed, even people short, many people died. but when you asked, can you account for the full we know east that the bodies were dropped in the town anyway? i was, i was in our down north. tricky to for me. are you saying no one died in google with a number of people from north? if you go to the purchase of, oh, i'm one was wanted to magick can you can ask him exactly what happened on that fateful night. speaking to him, hearing what he had to say, his continued defence up to, to day. i think his just continuing on with the government cover up. and i don't believe much of what he said. i don't want to mix these attitudes,
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harder to accept. now is that kenya is been tough, changed in 2007. the bloody violence following the contested election results graphically illustrated, the deep seated tribal laboratories in this country. when the dust had settled on a compromise, government of national unity was put in place. an attempt was made to finally confront the political violence of canal passed. integral to this process was the truth justice on reconciliation commission based on the south africa model for the victims of the shifter war on the massacres in garrison woodyear. it was the 1st official recognition of their suffering. mohammed l. me is now a politician. in 1984, he was one of those who came to the assistance of the men who has kept the must again, would do what i saw he was. and what has remained very distinctly in my mind to day
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is a pile of bodies, b to my right. and to make it people cutting a at another body to put on the pile. and believe in all these thunder, the problems of the past would finally be addressed was to be short lived in october, 2011. can em forces embedded somalia, provoking the bladder. backlash bows, shabby that guide obsolete had group that controlled much of the country. this was the 1st time kenya's troops had crossed its borders in anger. it was to be a costly adventure. and it's costly both not just in terms of the financial costs
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to this country, but also to the fact that tom, we had subsequently not being able to deal with the aftermath of the mission. because it was clear that once you went after terrance to groups like the ones in somalia, then no they would tend to attack of the country. and we have seen that town after that invasion the level of attack in, but you will an artist and brokerage in monday on widia county. and gary's that has been significant. how has that changed the economic and political environment in the country? there's generally being a growing and ease about so man is in the country and down there has in fact, been in puts of their country like nairobi dead. incidences of attacks against him on his back whenever an explosion, kelley, honestly, aud in town. anyway, i saw that these resentment, you know, of that, that they said the people were causing this, asked somalis,
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we have also been guilty of tribal prejudice during the colonial era. we saw selves as distinct from kenya. the other tribes unfold to be categorized as issue as indian, some at ups war club, an african and dubious privilege for which we paid higher taxes and go to live here in italy. the area of the capital then resolved for ations. like so many other somalis, this was the 1st place i arrived in nairobi when i came here to study. when the civil war started in somalia $99.00 to $1.00, italy was the natural refuge for many of the families fleeing the fighting awning itself. the nickname, little mogadishu, kenya also plays hostile a half a 1000000 more somalis at the dob refugee camp between goodies on the border with some money. this combined with the 2011 ambition and the memories of the shifter war mic for a lift linux. at best,
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we have seen us people of dubious loyalty. at was. i'll sham up. these mistrust was gruff, clearly straightened on the 18th of november, 2012. when i come to my touch, the minibus kenyans used daily, full transport, was blown up on the outskirts of his me. a young somali man was seized and bitten by the comb. within minutes there was running bottles between somalis an answer moneys the looting of shops, rape, and beatings. what a grim reminder of how little has changed my homeland. it took the police several hours to intervene by which time the damage had been done in march to the anger of the islam community. like the residents of gary's, how they suffer from both the violence and the failures of the kingdom. police, whose seat as a somali problem, what has there been no successes yet? why have you not
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a friend of any of the culprits or cutting all these killings and bombing sofa is because of the fact that the community does not open up and remember, is that people from one community, whether you are so molly, from k now. yes. so molly, from somalia, these are brevet people from one community. so you know, you know, the history of this origin that must cause cut it out like government security officials. now, when you look on that and the collective punishment that's been going on to, is this not a continuation of the policy of the past? you should ask yourself way to hang about all those months because you're talking about we have not had you condemning situations where individuals kill office or collecting revenue because everyone knew 30 officers had been killed in that region. there had been killed by the police that must come by the locals. we're not hearing you talking about police my seconds, but the locals. it's therefore ally,
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it's therefore exaggeration. it's therefore in descent to, to, to, to blame government for primitive actions carried by lockers in tile. i'm going to ship, i'm going to sell that, went on kill this policeman. use me. it's not the entire community, but it is the community i would say. so. and these people are coming from the community and that's what we're talking about. openness. nobody is even condemning the community college because information just did. no, no, no. it's important to be attentive. i said it is members of the society. i've an office of the for as an office of the service and i don't see some of the law. it is my responsibility to protect the people. and we've done it quite abundantly. the day after the riots in italy, violence would again often get his on the outskirts of the town cities,
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soldiers from the cannon miniature was shot dead when they stopped their truck to change a tire. within hours, my hometown was once again on for it's no coincidence of the target of the military's vengeance was carissa central market. the same story collective punishment with the same results. 5 months later, the markets roof at the list is back on this is the entrance to the market. it's called the doc market. it's where falls on over the dental garza usually come to find their livelihood. the trainers have received no composition and the bitterness runs did. the market was completed but done and people are punished. even some of them were cute that they've lost all this has happened to you. do you still feel that you are canyon? i'm canyon. nobody can change me from the i'm korean,
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but i bet employed armed forces have created olette. not even. sorry, is nobody came in, i say, so what happened was when we're, you know, we're getting back to know how often flying of this woman, most of the things she had in the fire. and she saying, now she doesn't have any more. she was selling household items, i was told where she was, i'm in total, she lost about 800000, which is about $10000.00. now she says she slips hungry. most of the founder of the following day, the anger and frustration of the population towards the police and the military adopted. abdulla he bought a close friend of mine since childhood on a government official, tried to calm the protesters and will shortly when the military fired into the
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crowd. he was 33 years old. he leaves his mother already herself, a widow to look after his for often and our father. oh, what a good man. hey. i was asked to look, look, look, look when i shit that you can. i did the one with stella, scott, the mcmann would cover. believe melissa with the color initiate a couple minutes with little bottle off the battery. okay. now go ahead and schedule that that i finally found out about that for the not the flood. i saw that i funky thought i was standing out of duncan and couple hours also has a flat out. i shot local fulton martin. i remember my mind. i think you might get them but see this this, that oh good in law about a 1000 me mendoza. target lucas with mine, come up with ha,
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all done on my home. and so has some and how to mom i'm, i don't wanna check with you just typical calls to pick all the way. we're
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typically the way we are treated in a country we call our own 05 months later, i found myself reporting on the whisky dots, hockey, naomi, more lives torn apart by violence. as a canyon, i watched these scenes with horror. as a kenyan somali, i feared the buckling president will huddle kenyatta hussle to reassure us that the country is united and tolerant. national feller learn why the distinction between terrorism and his law. i hope this is true. i hope that some good can come from this terrible tragedy and we can finally move on from the mutual suspicion and mistress of the shifter warriors. i hope that
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50 years on the dream of independence confinement had given one mission where we all kingdom cities have always been in motion. they have to be, to evolve and adapt of all the sab cities, all the greatest work of all shooting times in the huge city. you kind of get this sense of how the world around you behaves in a way. you cannot see the naked eye. you can feel the hairs on the back of your neck standing up when you reach the top of that building and get that great view. metropolis on al jazeera, me
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ah, look forward to burritos guys, with sponsored by capital airways. hello, thank you for joining him. we're going to begin in the pacific, the u. s. states of hawaii where a state of emergency has been declared over catastrophic flooding. this is on the island of waikiki. we know a lot of moister here, up in the mountains. we've been dealing with blizzard conditions. we'll get across the pacific right now to western canada. so a swath of snow for vancouver island, the sunshine coast to lower mainland east of vancouver. abbott's for getting 8 centimeters of snow toward the east coal. they are really sinking into play here. we got some streamers. that's lake effect, snow across the great lakes, and this vigorous system for the avalon peninsula. st. john's could see when gets up to a 100 kilometers per hour for the u. s. gall states, the se, a few showers coastal texas louisiana right into the florida panhandle and off we
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go to central america right now. it's fairly calm, especially for the caribbean wall to wall sun for cuba. havana, 29 degrees for you. lot of storms, top end of south america, we've seen continuous rain for northwestern columbia. so flash flooding emitter. jean damaging about 70 homes, stormy zone of whether it's award i just said north of rio. but further toward the south patagonia commodore aretha davia go from 30 on tuesday. look at that down to 16 on wednesday that show up. they see you soon. for the weather sponsored by caraway's. ah, ambition, artistry adventure, short documentary by african filmmakers from beneath kenya and algeria, alameda village throttle with
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a handle and the cane africa direct on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello, i'm rob matheson, this is the news our life from dell ha, coming up the next 60 minutes. you as president joe biden and rushes vladimir putin prepare for a virtual summit, his tensions months over to potential conflict in easton ukraine. an explosion in iraq, southern city of basra kills at least 4 people. the governor calls it a terrorist attack. china accuses the u. s. a violating the.


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