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[000:00:00;00] a informed opinion there was a need for avi olive federal government take action to really facilitate aid. right . in depth analysis of the data global headlines inside story on al jazeera ah. ready there will be consequences. i'll put those in both. those rules were broken. the u . k. prime minister apologize is after link to video shows his senior staff joking about holding a party during last year's lockdown. ah
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. hub civil avenue watching out. is there a life my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 30 minutes? india's defense chief and 12 others have been killed in a military helicopter crash social democrat. i left shul, says sworn in as germany's new chancellor, taking over from angular merkel in russia's president vladimir putin says, talks with joe by a positive but the u. s. leader again, walls of sanctions. if ukraine is attacked ah, bottom to the program, the u. k. prime minister, hers apologize to parliament after a leak to video, showed his senior staff joking about a party reportedly held during last year's locked down. at that time, london was under a top tier restriction with no social events allowed even within businesses. police are examining the video as part of
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a review of the reported violations. so let's take a look at the footage that sparked the controversy. i just seen what was interesting. there was a downstream person friday night. you recognize i went home old and all that. and with the condone was the all the season line. all right, this is recorded. inspection policy was a business means not associated well, one of the advisors seen in the video has resigned. forrester olson says he's furious, but was repeatedly or has repeatedly denied that any rules were broken and insist that he was told the event never happened. opposition? labor party lead a kiss. tom are accused the prime minister of taking the public for fools
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unquestioned johnson's leadership. well, let's get more on this monday. simmons who's following the story from london. a 4th and under it does seem that one of his advises has fallen on her sword. yes, that's exactly what happened. allegro stratton at. she was his, her former spokesman that spokesperson at the time of this whole affair in downing street. so there is a mission on her part of getting it wrong. she said, i am truly sorry and said that, in fact, i will regret the remarks for the rest of my days. now. 0, one gone, no burst. johnson says there could be discipline, action, disciplinary action against, or all of them are pending an inquiry, and his distancing himself effectively from what happened. he still denies that there was a party in downing street, even though there has been a lot of rumors circulating for
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a long time before this video. which opposition party members and leaders regard as being effectively the smoking gun. but whether or not or as johnson can successfully navigate his way out of this remains to be seen. he got a really hard time in the course of the house of commons, a really a bruised effectively by a particularly the leader of the main opposition party labor, kia starman who really drove the point that how could anybody really respect the leadership of a prime minister who stands over such a situation and denies it ever happened and then is proved wrong. now, of course, for us, johnson denies is completely and is said, he'll cooperates with a metropolitan paulson police inquiry into any alleged contravention of the coven restrictions in at the time. but boris johnson tried to defend himself by
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apologizing repeatedly. this is what he had to say. i can understand how infuriating it must be to think that the people who've been setting the rules have not been following the rules, mrs. beka because i was also curious to see that and this is because i apologize, i apologize unreservedly to the offense that it is caused up and down the country and i apologize for the impression that it gives but i repeat mister speaker that i have been repeatedly assured, since these allegations emerged, that there was no party. this virus isn't defeated. we're going to face other tests, where the british people might be off by their leaders to make further sacrifices for the greater good. how much the,
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the queen sat alone when she bought the passing of the man she'd been marked for 73 years. leadership sacrifice. that's what keeps leaders of moral authority to lead moral authority reference there to the situation with boris johnson now. and of course, there is this issue of a history of, of complete failures in certain parts of the government in its messaging, and also in actions of various members of the government during the pandemic. now, there is to be a news conference later on, and there is some suggestion that the plan b or an increase of the restrictions in the u. k. in england, should, i say, will actually take place in boris johnson could be leading that news conference. so an immediate test of his credibility. now there could be an announcement of further
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roll out of the use of face masks and also a mandatory vaccine pass system limited. it has to be said, but that is a controversial area which has been avoided in the past. and furthermore, there will be a whole series of regulations on working from home, whether that will be the full situation is, remains to be seen, but definitely bras, johnson that having to handle this situation. now, if he does this, he has to turn a corner. when really, this seems to be the most damaging political situation he's faced so far in downing street for the update. thanks so much. andrew simmons, their 4th in london. now the highest ranking, military official in india has been killed in a helicopter crash. the russian maid helicopter came down short of its destination, which was a military training college in the state of tom, a law to the defense chief general of been, rub up, his wife and 11 others were killed. one person survived on his being treated in
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a military hospital. it's not known why the helicopter crashed. an investigation is now underway. elizabeth brandon has more from the capital, new delhi. the indian air force confirmed the news of the death twisting with deep regret. it has been ascertained that general ben rollin mrs. medulla cut out, and 11 persons on board died and what they call the unfortunate accident. they were 14 people on board. the military helicopter 13, including beth and roberts wife, died, and one person is being treated and hospital. now the administrator of the district of middle good us and louder, where the crash took place has said that the identity of the body will have to be confirmed to dna testing because of the severe burns that they suffered. now this was a helicopter that was carrying robert and other senior officials from an air force base in su loued and nodded to a distance not so far away to the defense of college in wellington,
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for them to attend an event they. this is a very mountainous region with a loss of forest. now we can see from the pictures of the aftermath of the crash, the wreckage of the helicopter is completely inflamed. 63 year old. and that involves as the 1st person in india to hold the position of the chief of defense staff, he was the chief of the army staff. this was a newly created position. he assumed it in january 2020. and it was created to integrate the 3 armed forces in india, that is the army, the navy, and the air force. and he was the highest ranking cents official in india, communist and the name of the morte has cheered a meeting of his cabinet and defense minister raj. nothing is expected to address parliament about the crash on thursday morning. he was expected to do it late on wednesday. afternoon, but he instead went to the dallas residence and although an inquiry has been
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ordered by the indian air force, there already a lot of questions about how a helicopter carrying india's top defense official could have crashed. cho button says, sending us troops to defend ukraine from russia is not on the cards, but am at putin and joe biden spoke virtually on tuesday about russia's troop build up on the board with ukraine. that us won't. moscow would face severe sanctions if it invades russia. denies it, has any such plans, o biden? said the discussions between american and russian officials or ongoing deposited j dot bar or div diabetic god, god, that we hope. by friday, we're going to be able to, we're having readings at a higher level, not just with us, but more of our major day to ally and russia to discuss the future of russia is
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concerned relative to dado writ large. and whether or not we can work out heavy accommodation as it relates to read down the temperature along the front. kimberly hell catches been our life a washington dc in kimberly e. one might perhaps perceive that to be positive news coming from the president after that mammoth to our conversation with president putin and certainly shows a pathway forward. and that is what everyone was watching. the meeting between joe biden, vladimir putin, to see if there would be a pathway forward, or if there would be more escalation in terms of the potential confrontation. but what we know from the statements made by joe biden is he left the white house on his way to kansas city. missouri to town is infrastructure plan is in fact that he believes that this was a very direct conversation. that was very straightforward. one where he made clear that there would be severe consequences in the former financial sanctions if russia
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decided to invade ukraine. now, another point that the u. s. president made is that he said that there would be defensive capabilities. in addition, that would be supplied to ukraine. in other words, bolstering its ability to defend itself. but when asked directly by reporters whether or not he would send u. s. military troops, the president stopped short saying that is not on the table now. as you heard there, the u. s. president sees diplomacy not coming to blows as the way to move forward, and there is a tight time table in terms of getting that started. we also know that from the national security advisor james sullivan, that it is the view of the united states that the a russian leader has not yet decided whether or not to invade. even as u. s. intelligence indicates that there are plans in the works for a potential invasion by russia you frame as early as next year at one final know what we should point out. another point,
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the you as stressed in those discussions that took place on tuesday, is the fact that, well, russia was able to annex crimea in 2014. the united states has cautioned russia that if it were to invade ukraine, the punishments and consequences would go much further. than in 2014 can. how can that force i with it, they buy from washington dc function rushes. the president vladimir putin said anna that he hopes that the us on the crumbling can continue talking by the smith, as well. from oscar. vladimir putin described long and detailed talks. he said we're constructive and subjective. and he said the most important thing is that we can continue us dialogue. so it generally positive tone coming from the russian president who's been pushing his office in the coming, pushing for these talks of many weeks now. but he did still say that he believes nato is pursuing a clearly confrontational policy towards russia. he said,
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and book asked about if russia was planning to invade you crazy, cold, such a, just such a suggestion. provocative receipt, but it will literally be your new political. russia pursues peaceful foreign policy, but it has the right to insure it security in the mid to long term, as they have said already. and we are discussing this with all our partners, including my dial up partner yesterday, president biden. we can only be concerned about the perspective of ukraine's possible admission to nato, because this will undoubtedly be followed by the deployment there of appropriate military contention basis and weapons that threaten us. there is the normandy grouping. this is made up of france, germany, russia, and ukraine, and it was set up to try and bring an end to the fighting. it has fail so far to do that, but russia is now saying there's no reason why the us shouldn't join this group. and that seems to come off the back of
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a suggestion by the us secretary state antony lincoln last week. but washington try is offering it services to try and facilitate toward facilitate talks to end the fighting. we should also say that ukraine's foreign minister at the end of these talks between brought biden and putin. he described them a serving the per purpose of the terrans. and de escalation, while still here on out there a cause in malaysia palsy corruption conviction of the former lead and g resolved, but says he can stay out with jail for now. and why a large coal fired power plant to know the balls is being linked to the towns rise in deaths and departures. ah hello, good to see. here's your weather report for the middle east. we do have some activity
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move in across northern areas of syria. iraq into western portions of iran, but by and large things looking good. plenty of sun in the mix here. same goes for pakistan. that's where the south and the north karachi $29.00 degrees at low hor, $22.00. so the mornings and the nights a bit fresh here, off to turkey and the situation here fairly calm after that act of weather rolled across the van, still a few scattered showers hanging about. but as the day progresses on thursday, you will see an improvement in conditions central africa. right now we got to talk temperatures because these hope well above average, juba at 40 bungie 35 degrees. i think it may set a new december record temperature that will come in the days ahead. so the average 30 to the record $36.00 saturday. we've got you in for 37. so potentially record breaking stuff further towards his south right now. and we do have some disturbed weather southern angola toward the northeast northwest of namibia. but really this
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eastern portion of south africa still that wet weather and we may power up some thunderstorms. so we look at the forecasts for johannesburg. the risk is there for the next few days and some breezy conditions as well. that sure up they will see again, so ah, ah, mother nature's gift of cold full landscapes. but strong infrastructure governance . arising where investments are waiting to flourish. were creepy, even supplied by tradition noon where beautiful fossil fuel are offered.
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lou ah, welcome back to watching all desert with me to hell robin. a reminder of all top stories. the u. k. prime minister has apologized after leak to video, showed senior officials joking about christmas party during coven 19 locked downs bars. johnson has repeatedly denied any rules, were broken. the senior adviser has not resigned. india's defense chief general, rather than 12 other officials, have been killed in a helicopter crash that came down in need to get a district in southern html, lardy state, one person, a savant and j bought and says, sending us troops to defend ukraine from russia is not on the cards, vladimir putin and bog spoke virtually on cheese days, concerns mounting rushes, truth build up with
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a border with ukraine. now saudi arabia's crown prince. mom had been sil, bond is a dough hall to meet the amir of cancer as part of a regional tool. now this visit comes ahead of the annual gulf lee to summit in rehab this month. it's his 1st to cut off and saudi arabia and 3 other arab nations imposed a blockade on the country in 2017, which ended early this year. let's cross over to our course, but the hash alba, who's in doha and following events, and how she more than just a goodwill visit really it's about resubmitting, the ties and the trust lost over the blockade of cancer, which was resolved early this year at the la summit during the 41st gcc meeting. well, so hes, this is quite significant in the sense that he how this sounded. grandparents were hm had been sell man here in doha. it is quite significant because many looking forward to see both countries moving forward. and this explains why, by the way, talks are underway,
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as we speak between the america to me. mm hm. anthony. and this are different brands, bahamas been so mad and they are expected to talk about a wide range of issues, investment, diplomacy, or security, and all those issues of common interests for both countries. it is quite significant is because you have the saudi crown prince here in doha and in 2017 people said, remember the, the gcc crisis which was widely seen as the worst diplomatic crisis in the region. now both countries are seeing with turn the chapter of that moment and we look forward to build strong relations. now we have to wait and see what happens in the upcoming or a months and whether both countries would be able to consolidate the gains that they have made since earlier this year's when. but this year, when both leaders met in saudi arabia and he said, what will happen to the bass is
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a turn chapter. and we'll look forward to see what happens in the future. now, earlier today, here in doha, businessman from saudi arabia at i met with the aim to further strengthen her investments in both countries. and they're saying that we are likely to see delegations, to continue talks in the near future about every single aspect of mutual interest between the 2 countries. i have to say that people that we've been talking to say is quite an important moment. still looking forward to see that translated in reality, of course will continue to keep the watch what comes out of that meeting, as well rather force in doha ela shall says in sworn in his germany's new chancellor. the social democrat replaces angle americans who left office up to 16 years. witnesses of the new 3 way coalition government have also been appointed because alicia has to step up efforts against climate change. and the pandemic
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fashion has an update bell in the merkel era has really now come to an end. we saw her leaving her office the chance li, emotional moment, i would think so after 16 years, she hasn't really set what she's going to do, but she will take some rest. and now all eyes of course are on all of shows and his team, they have a nose, a very ambitious governments coalition plan, built of 3 parties, an unlikely coalition at star. because it's the liberals for social democrats and the greens, but in managed to sorted out and present the $177.00 page blad modernising germany . transitioning to when you book emma to your social justice aspect, the minimum wage will be up to 12 year old. an hour and then international shows. society wants to strengthen europe, so there's no time for a honeymoon. the government will have to go to work immediately. at least 23 people have been killed after government set fire to
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a bus in central nigeria. now the bus was traveling to a village called sub on the ne, in kaduna state. on monday, the 7 people managed to escape and seek medical attention. we talked like advisor says it's coded 19 vaccine is able to, in its own words, neutralize the, i'm a chrome, very tough to 3 doses. now the pharmaceutical giant says 2 days is still off a protection against severe illness, but the booster remains the best course of action. pfizer has started to develop a chrome specific vaccine which should be available next year. kevin 19 cases in south korea have surpassed 7000 to one days. the 1st time. prime minister came, a bull killed says he's concerned about the increasing number of critically ill patients. he says the amazon variant is contributing to the rise and infections. home treatment for patients is being considered to reduce pressure on hospitals.
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zimbabwe has reported its highest number of daily cove 19 cases since the pandemic started. more than 4000 people tested positive and 5 deaths were reported. officials say most people are experiencing mild symptoms and are recovering at home . point, new guinea has carried out mass burials of k with 19 victims whose remains have been unclaimed for months. the government ordered a crisis funeral, after 300 bodies piled up, some of them have been in morgues since march up when you get these federal health system a struggle to cope with the current virus cases. now malaysia's former prime minister, the jeep reside, remains defiant after an appeals court upheld his guilty verdict. in a corruption case, he wanted the judge to throw out his 12 year prison centers and a $50000000.00 fine. the g pleaded not guilty to dozens of charges tied to his involvement in a multi $1000000000.00 state funds scheme. florence louis has the story from
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patricia you dismissed the guilty verdict against nadia. but as it stands before my malaysian prime minister, the sentenced to 12 years in prison and find at 50000000 dollars last year for illegally receiving $10000000.00 from a former unit of state investment plan one and b. like to see very disappointed in the judgement by appeal this morning. i asked my boys to file ill to the court has temporarily suspended the sentence, pending the appeal and logic remains free on bail. his supporters, dozens of whom had gathered outside court on wednesday, say he's being persecuted, felicity that he will. we feel extremely said that the appeals court has upheld the sentence. now jeep is
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a leader who sacrificed so much for the people and the country. the court rejected no jobs defense. he had acted in the national interest and said, evidence showed the former lead in you ought to have known the money in his accounts were from illegal proceeds. the court of appeal in a unanimous decision to uphold nudged conviction, said the case in which more than $10000000.00 was transferred to no jobs. personal bank accounts was a national embarrassment. this is the 1st to 5 trials involving one mtv, that not chip faces. u. s. a malaysian authority say at least 4 and a half $1000000000.00 was stolen from the state investment fund. it was anger about the one m d b corruption allegations that led to no chips coalition being voted out in 2018. that was the 1st time it lost power since malaysia gained independence in 1957. not ship has been trying to mount a political comeback since then. and his party returned to par last year. analysts
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say, while the conviction is a setback for nudging, it's too early to write him off to you and the 3 as long as the legal view of the legal process ongoing. you will try very, very hard to stand in the mass general election. i mean, possible get back to the office of a prime minister. polls are not due until 2023, but could be called as early as the middle of next year. florence louis al jazeera patricia malaysia explosion in central. molly has killed 7 human soldiers and left 3 critically ill. now the convoy hit an improvised explosive device between the towns of inside and savannah. it's in an area linked to on groups, including all kinder and the islamic state. police president, to survive to motion, to impeach him. congress rejected the requests to remove him for what's being described as moral incapacity. the left, his president tooth assumed office in july, accused of corruption by his political rivals,
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pro and anti government protest has gathered outside congress during the impeachment, both through his heart, 5 presidents. in the last 5 years. a report by a bozeman university has made a direct link between a coal fired power plant and the high level of cancer locals in the northwest town of becky, me say that town has emptied in the past decade. the not concerned about plans getting ahead to expand the plant laura burden manley reports. the town of the kenya sits in the shadow of bosnia herzegovina, has largest power plants considered europe, most polluting. it seemed blamed for many debts and math migration, and this is the culprit to large stretches of ash and coal deposits. i said i did yet, though i put a knotty osman ro here just as soon as a child is born. he gets bronchitis. asthma instead of the lungs naturally
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developing that. every day we bury someone. never before have more people die than now. this is hell. the kenya has been empties of his residence a decade ago. 5500 people live. tim, now they're down to a 1000. a recent health study his link tells the smoke and ash to high levels of lung cancer, asthma and chronic disease walking all supply failures, there is no clear border between virginia and the power plant. the impact of the plant lack and hash deposits account for 70 percent of that sir and chronic diseases. compared with 3 percent of the selena district, which we compared to to the tesla plant. it's one of 5. the provide the nation with 70 percent of its electricity. it's directed denies linked to high levels of cancer event that we minuscule recovery name up. there is not a single coal fired plant that has no impact on the environment. is what we as owners, are obliged to take a number of measures prescribed by law to reduce that impact according to these
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environmental and energy characteristics. these are production units that are equal to those built in the ema. and now the ground is being prepared for the plans to be expanded in a chinese back deal. this is despite china's pledge to stop building new coal plants, broad and the ease energy watchdog saying it's preaching you law and little aggravate air pollution. me mom assistant coin laundry, we have a system that serves to protect operators who do not meet their obligations regarding environmental protection. they hear when i talk about environmental protection, i'm talking about human lives, up to the few remaining residents, fear the new plant. what adds to their misery and the dr for power would drain the town of the last few people still left laura about a man the al jazeera. ah, your geologist, early cell robin doha,
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reminder of our top stories. the u. k. prime minister has apologized after a leaked video, showed senior officials joking about a christmas party during


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