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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2021 4:30am-5:01am AST

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a danish community and who has taken sustainability to new heights just over there on the horizon is some so island where they are officially 100 percent renewable with the energy rate of change on al jazeera. ah hello, i'm emily ang window. how these, the top stories on al jazeera, britain's prime minister, has announced her return to totter corona virus restrictions to spence to stem the spread of the only con variant. far as johnson is urging people in england to work from home and his mandating coven 19 passes for entrance into public venice. the announcement comes hours after he was forced to apologize for video showing his staff, joking about holding a christmas party during last. he is locked down. i think the overwhelmingly, the,
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the public c o, the importance of the, the messages that they are getting by this medium. it is imperfect or we do what we can to explain. what we think is, is necessary. i know it's contentious. i know it's difficult and i know that sometimes the, the messages are confusing, or we do our absolute best to make it as, as clear as possible. and we do everything that we can do to protect public health . that's what we're, we're, we're driven by finland's prime minister, has apologized for going to a club. after one of her close contacts tested positive, recovered 19. santa marin went on a night out just hours after her foreign minister confirmed to positive test. marin says the text message advising her to isolate was sent to her work fine, which she had left at home became a fossil president, rocket, cowboy,
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a has dismissed a prime minister and government. it follows a wave of protest last month over rising in security in the country, and you government must be sworn in over the coming days. u. s. president says, sending troops to defend ukraine from russia is not on the cards. vladimir putin and joe biden spoke virtually on tuesday as concerns mount over moscow's trip build up on the border with ukraine. the highest ranking military official in india is among at least 13 killed in a helicopter crash. the aircraft came dan, in the southern state of tamil nadu, defense chief general at b pin were wet, his wife and 11 others were killed. and at least 23 people have been killed after gunman set fire to a bass in central nigeria. the bus was traveling to a village in kaduna state on monday, at least 7 people managed to escape those of the headlines. the news continues
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after al jazeera. well. the recent study shows with mental disease and death a talented
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me, ah, people leave their home and so many different reasons. some fleet, conflict and persecution, others take up adjudication and opportunities while others simply go in search of the attorney by me. oh no more than was born in morocco, but she lived in the netherlands for over 40 years. in that time she has been up successful business with around 500 employees. but also manages a number of social project aimed at helping disadvantage and people. and
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when emily settled ridiculous away, shifts in it that us was one of the fin. couldn't see any little loved them. shouldn't skin demand to concede, elizabeth glen medina? morsa the chauffeur la la. you are at. but nicholas claimed she had gotten him in inter, wasn't in a, in medical attack of finality. mac. it's kind of she lorenzia. no he does. he does it yet. i ethan, was she dearly zacalo, my dear. i am here to get skillen fecal glint mucus from physical well beds stuffs . lament miller. laura. hello jennifer season. it sounds good master, but mad bishop that if that will out a new britain, he sees man ha, a helene, a workers we had a did the cra, which i did with low tell him with. could she malpractice she not quite,
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as she many or either lawson now and will have her send to have her fill. i mailed in with cassandra ellis, in rock leander in rocky. and if another for, for some huffman ship, i do want to lead and she had to noon in use, it's anyhow jacked anyhow, jack. first she slew one with a justine from nadar fo, and management was it was it. so then assistant manager by whom to services knew exactly that only the elegant mina mission, missouri manager, her and told will today dar rockmart all student or pain a from a yes. lesser and have to know the courtesy by have all waft and to sasslof us. hey sir. angler, mother of fall under curtis who down and diana dor curtis and norm curtis and not a curtis. so daughter zebra grandpa, but vom taped in in ala our spectrum for its hallmark and so well. open snail up
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the very floor. oh, good management depot. oh god, but up near steve the fall that heavy carlia mckenna, an insistent fail respect for after dinner and the nasa sent to dinner and we will on the assistant in one of the alley and i attacked him, fear leaks out of sticking that natalie smacked me and know what i just assistant did. it was said yearly attack and fear deacon ma had other courses in missouri to, to had good ah name. mm mm. mm mm. mm mm mm. mm.
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a heads up enough to either that am but another from security of an is my favorite are you has your can give you espn area and accept them in from sydney it's, i me for it that the modem cut button. no buffy, sa, i the in computer. so whenever you see the enough magic conflicts, so when my or bash it about a fall under man matessa. something that happened. i haven't stayed in heart and i'll tell ya. related and being obey sam, stating the nail will put a inch and must able to put 8050 in his favor as i have any doubt saying he wanted to warner. and don is okay. ill accept multiplication and i have ignored bait hot mess. has my lackey, the nice them for the data fact can be much fellowship at the kita at
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630 barclay pick up where he ma kenyon meg and the evidence that he had data. so give me a film, you know, my goodness, she but the trout career melinda mcnish out of contract. the thing you meant to be doing it a motion for me today and the american olives in normal talk and hate the few fat. i don't talk to minute and clowns who asked to talk to me on the on the chrome hoffman and the telephone digital friend. and we've been all over the day and costume for another year. and now you're sort of banking and that is out of the body. and
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adam thought, addition i then i know why that i would love all the days of your dimension and just wanted to rest mark sean combs and shivers o'clock out here. just wanted to ask vincy devices with her to come. erica fitz middle car, vigilant nick about with, with over almo activation. and i used to open up the slide more and i said it could. you must says if she says mr. moore dear, we met a cream and they had a cam can. can you know, she would be about a moody and so i'm so dumb, cosmetic tension. what do you see? what get
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a fear and then you home or i can even the studio hadn't been in huddled confederacy on regular med miles leasehold excellent than normal deity. that's um i had the de hopkins throughout the valley to have the lobe must also success micah, and on in the actual ability. yeah. the cali mother respectful that this was from a full yeah. structure. so like and my must a huffman left, it's andy wax. should i can send you her some new her must foundation, but said that it meant some special center. elizabeth, she said, will lead lima eyes in she did or so will look. hello michelle. i listen plus i
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feel bad enough. her little or will it? where did india lumina? his mouth hate? he came down and you can. it's lucas. and why now more live massages about the out about the program it. so the reseller not there for a hedge. i'm dick who say i didn't miss sydney. why not biskin, elmore? a dma deal is like one more time. a friend on the shade that the air or sir trauma manisha. sure that the a blazing at the shane delta dental for rough mice. and maria theresa, this is her right. is a 100 kinda. oh awesome. the sister is no hail a virus or bombed through a bout top med sir. allah, all our dish, and kinda location whiskey can customer, will i live you. andy hus. mohammed d. death, allen? i will. no, i came. whiskey le malibu's? woollen whiskey. mccarthy. william whisky will langdon, dean,
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eli homesafe. a nearby foster conduct that called 3 are about a month and a courtesy, but liquor here like the sir, we come next, the closet, our foster barrack, same nurse partner nix luasa and was gonna turn your machine now. but la la sticker layer has been on the plan. it will have her. melissa does not be rama mas jani, go there to re attorney or not, not model or the new the vehicle. so there are more on the software and the car. so how it went from one on the thought, all the it is a one to lose my trip at home to those home plotkin. an ale we fro. mom because at nissan of elk says,
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oh lindsey, it'll soften elsie. yeah. hale toss it. it fits in. well look, emailed the bit, sofa parssi, and for all the bins in harness in data deeds for a new central stealth header can have all men hailed with ivory. cake, a labor not to profit the men, steve, what had deemed to violate demands d for hard at mo, hooked mark, him hard. earl the name, so successful market? well, they've all in submission. you cyber, where they can in the and the could consider them on the la namisha my company, martin come by. the name of iran, not that far will business will, will dollars where, where you could, my can have bits of sips. man, the lesson plan with that ah retina. mournton is an inspiration to many in the netherlands. she has been
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recognized as both a successful business leader and as someone who gifts back to the community has and we really have talked of, hey, etc, left to her. we her come a maria mata was lima, ye holy it. her yolanda in a can some no good. and a human atlanta ah, i'm out of it's, i'm you to. so the says, so, but there is indian businesswoman indian hold on that can embed out to initial but it is a did a had at a blad, might fall under batch of butts out in india is amanda. i'm so dumb, but and not always sharika took about allah, paul would ease some deal. i'm so dumb. that's the loan for her. can no coverage can cushion brouge in any a woman, alicia, but decor. zip is
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a headache or like in li the whole be accept or oxford omen. we sent mcneish but vision martin, nancy nam blendy. what had the him absent m f m, and fish boats, and we send a will from and fain. hm. so spoke to we, sim, danny, and a demon andy. what had that in hamis sneak damon slide the lady. what's going? andy in zion of ziff and f. m. and fame. jenny dotala missiles or tomorrow. very last should you sit in up and said this console land or an alice blocked it's mer schuster go met her and more look at him and normally the old adornment medic, i with the low bizarre didn't want. lucky sir. medicare beatrice smith at least sir marita was this, may i have it nisa out of here kadijah a chief new contents of benny on both outer near plucked. it's my will to her. oh
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well come back here, prince block. it's my motto. they man delilah, come out home dish militia degree. so in fact he had was a bit of held over anna or send him so we've had the blood head who i had done a nissan rogue do deal holland? the undergrad you were hit and what i do like about nath, go get home. i'm not, you're a wooden sullen now. when it was woman, it was when she landed in can them home on the raise us is in the page or i'm sure ain't for sure. cody air for hannah view me and then it became cool. now can, has the enemy wanted them in new media? got it public out a norm from her because you factor yuk sheesh. eh, shas o ha ha ha, a way to go mitchell, that's a mentor. shine border, you'll blay, from her for how did you know posey d for how fac, and that is for how over caught and doors yetter and it's like
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a short ac. a daughter falls allows to harsh elk gear dose. you also have offered an out bucher in that to eat and give your bueller and hates you to record yet we la la casita had beaten them in heavy step bush and not the nuts and surely another look at you slam on others. business will not press one on that as will mother's mother that's composed if another else comes in the book is a very personal book. it's her story. but there will be also stories from other perspectives from her family, from people around her. she is a remarkable woman. she has a lot of stories. she was not really easy for her parents and she had to overcome a lot of difficulties in her life. willow and it gets men, the hazard and a nice yellowish rattle, sancha heather, and
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a hat or cellar to cellar electronic lust. hannah were de la rattle selected. oh, monica sick mit mit. mit mit sec was cold, was said, a has him was say it was said e number katie. and dick and n sniffs exclaimed mamma has also managed to balance running a large business with an equally busy family life. and joe's every bishop would then come on. man sent him about dinner. andy or will it smith mar one lane, one man center. well, george, we're neda, wendy, or may mat and the urbane center julia over nora to find the uh, but out of by, oh, let my dog. yeah. well,
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i know. i mean you been muddle one would live kabir to spot, thus our center and the throbbing mom when there. how often are you? and i can book, lo, mackenzie and bishop said, name was sad, the care for you see. and the cost screw, yeoman, $1.00, the hard on the how to be because carson or whatever, or a diversion muslim with him a kinky, said ne. and a weird to me, can she and them. he said if he b, i meant 4 o one avenue that not me. are you father? kia, his lily this an elizabeth elizabeth tenant up were on o at towel nurses. maria dow wouldn't. the lord told nella our little walk to her though, which i would love to hear from you. and emily can when 1st lament acora bet, slamming the fish liquor to move in mal measures in the sack. and
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i will get michigan. i wish my joes did, but she can eliminate the need for leg enough. christy matt let me see for how can convey be the thief and fill bit mission or um confirm your what is lamb elena oakum thought if a hello nor zach for out the bus and 1000 is moved us to the ultimate bussey and its full on bush asthma and saves all dates and know my best is on hold on balance to fin additional, derek and, and house and decide that i must have putting that in for the lady that was in peoples cps. this tune was mark, look for my home, a focus to have on muss, via, and he's in awful russell out of his home today. so can have mac, look that from full slats and have him focus so much. and if you don't
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know, damon who lives in the house will never scott and listen, hello, how tough it in and again and then damon or her mother. when hell to whom i knew who i don't need me to call. now can you phone with them do you minus motto: do home: she will have as usual in the machine and if it was stuck in toma to bend up the old at the end of tuck off of talk of a da limpid d l. him, him to learn that are both to be in sienna handler. i was actually in ne, unless i was because of now and had the, the new mission issue now will look in them and be in model hold on the will, it can be, can be dinner. my mostly mean out of i
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didn't amount to me to very different women with contrasting background and junior life. but when they both have in common is the success, the each achieved, indifferent talks of life and very long way from their origins in the middle east. and north africa, i a musician, a former visionary teacher. ah, does their world meet the man bringing traditional arabic sounds to a whole new audience, being
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a woman and being american playing it already is something new often to palestine. the land of these notes is the next generation of musical talent. simon, shaheen. musical, johnny on al jazeera. ah hey, there. good to see here. so other stories were following for the americas. it's going to be a full out snowstorm for the atlantic provinces in canada, mainland nova scotia, cape breton island, through newfoundland. i think in the zone will see anywhere from 15 to 30 centimeters of stone, especially
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a for cape breton island. now this energy all started toward the southeast of the us, things have cleared out few showers, coastal texas into louisiana. out let's go to the other coast. we've got some rain to talk about for los angeles and san diego may get a spirits of it too, for vegas at 14 degrees, snow through the rockies. and we've also got so coming at you through the cascades on thursday as well. now for canada, vancouver, it's got a high of 5 degrees. next stop are going to central america wall to wall sunshine. largely across the caribbean, few showers, coasts rica into panama, and for the top band of south america, we have seen some flooding toward the north west of bolivia impacting la pas. you're getting up to a high of 12 degrees on thursday. it's been a game changer for patagonia with his friends in through drop in temperatures and come a doretha davia. same for a bi jablonka as well. just a high of 20 degrees on thursday. we'll see those winds pick up across the river plate, reach him, and now you're up to date pussy again soon. ah
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. oh yes. unless fully cattle will host the middle east 1st. well come in preparation. the country is staging. a major tournament with 16 nations going head to head in thanks. porpoise built stadiums for 2022 will keep you across the action. as council prepares for the region's biggest ever sporting events. the fee for our cup on al jazeera loo ambitions, artistry, adventure, short documentary spy african filmmakers from beneath kenya and algeria. b, me, alan, minium village, throttle queens. this is when we get to let her head down and the cane
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africa direct on al jazeera, me morning al jazeera. as you know, i borrowed johnson titan's, england's covert restriction just alas, after apologizing for a video of his staff. joking about holding a christmas party during the last few lockdown. ah, hello, i'm emily. angry. this is al jazeera live from coming up. became president dismisses the prime minister and government after
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a wave of protests against the rising insecurity.


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