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tv   [untitled]    December 10, 2021 9:30am-10:00am AST

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changing rims, their crafts, how play a white to roll impressions because they can cover the long distance in a matter of minutes, especially in mountainous terrain. the long turkey sultan caused ah, and money inside unto he a top stories on al jazeera, emergency services, and mexico say at least 53 people have been killed in a trunk crush in the southern state of chiapas, the ortiz, but most of the victims were migrants from central america they 22 people have been killed in the latest wave of violence in northern cameroon. is from to thousands of people to flee to neighboring chart residence in cu, sorry say that witness. some of the was fighting between fishing and hunting communities of access to water finance that has left several injured and forced
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more than 30000 people from their homes. talks have resumed in vienna to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal. the by the administration is warned of new sanctions. if diplomacy fails, the us envoy for rom says washington is ready to hold direct discussions with her on over its nuclear activity. we are prepared to meet with them face to face. we think it's far superior to indirect negotiations and we're dealing with something this complex with so much so much mistrust with so much potential for misunderstanding. so we've said we'll meet at any time in any place. they are the ones who are not prepared to do it for their own reasons. we think it's a mistake here as president, giovanni has held a phone call with his ukranian counterparts in the show support the build up of russian troops along the border. wall street denies is preparing to invade its neighbour, russia and ukraine accuse each other failing to engage in the peace process. the garage was government has said its breaking its long standing diplomatic ties with
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taiwan. government sudden the statement, it recognizes the communist party, the one china policy. taiwan is express pain and regret the decision. only 14 countries in the world recognize taiwan as a country. and some countries expound their boost to campaigns. the world health organization has said it's not necessary for everyone to get one a w h o says only people with compromise, demean systems should be targeted for the job. it says the priority is to get everyone in the world vaccinated. australia has outlined a plane to make current of ours vaccines, compulsory, it's applies to people 14 and above. those who refuse to get the job will be fined about $4000.00. culture is one of the lowest vaccination rates in western europe. there is the headlines coming up next. alex's era, me
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ah, people leave their homeland so many different reasons. some fleet, conflict, and persecution. others pick up educational opportunities while others simply go in search of the attorney by me no more than was born in morocco. but she's lived in the netherlands for over 40 years and that she has the up successful business with around 500 employees. but also manages a number of social projects aimed at helping disadvantage and people deserve and succeed. ah
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wonder from your most recent murray. there was, there was a few that hamilton model one willis ah, $71.00. when nora canyon 2nd could not be sadie is founder and the marina goosey can biddle his salad. you hold us for supper, could he? resistance? said delete, craziness, same zip codes can gain her cabin air and show for the. and now if he does show for selma or the key, a quote, that's when nancy and oral power could mom,
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mom were to put out for the another little baskin cyber ill headed head ah, and a glistened miss a man. so she asked me all canal in mud one deadly mariners lincoln: yes sir. can vacuum she's for sarah. was you familiar when i put in the bed splits can though haven't vis you sir. helen, in shin san matthew madame and taking his stuff here with me. does he, how big i left her then, and am to put in another phone miss salty theat. so i had to, i made would have to do the been this week and then me and in so the, a horn on ation. it sat by see that i had schooner and caesar were de leon, and god bless her. and wendy would be a new 6 sir heidi seen out of 18. hm. sort of big body new york. see it. when emily settled ridiculous away, shifts in it that us most one of the phoenix couldn't see any little loved them.
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she didn't schematic and see the liz burkland madina morsa. the chauffeur la la you are at. but nicholas claimed she had gotten him in inter, wasn't in a, in medical attack and finality mac. it's kind of she lorenzia now. he does. he does it yet. i ethan, was she dearly zacalo my dear, i am here to get skillen futile to live here to get from vehicle when bed shows lamb meant miller. laura. hello, jennifer susan, excel. good master. but mad bishop, that if that will out a new britain, he sees man, ha, ha, ha ha, under us. that would cause we had to. yeah. with the did the cra, which i did with low tell him with, could she malpractice she not quite as she many, he didn't lesson now and we'll have her send to have her, i mailed in with cassandra
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ellis, in rock, leander, iraq the. and if another for, for some of the ship, i do want to lead and she had the news, it's anyhow jacked anyhow. j effect, she slew one with a justine from that afo. mannesmann was it, was it some them assistant manager by whom to services knew exactly that. only a dealer can come in now mission. ezra manager her and told me today dar rockmart, all student opened a from a yes. lesser and have to know the courtesy by have all waft and to slap for us. have sir. ankle, mother. oh, fall under curtis who down and dana gall, curtis and norm curtis and not recruiters. so dr. zebra grandpa big bomb taste in there, in allah aspect and for its hallmark as well. opa snail of the very floor. oh, good management depot. oh god, but up new city fall that happy carlia mckenna,
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an insistent fail respect for after dinner. and the nasa sent to didn't i'm the one on the assistant in one of the alley and i attacked him fear leaks out of sticking that natalie smacked me and know what i just assistant did. it was a duty i attack and fear deacon ma had other quarters in missouri who had been n ah name ah ah, ah. ready i must, i'm edward samuel's' about saying, zebra. oh man,
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what up sir? men. mules. i'm seeing alice holder, the whole world. deborah hm. so surveyed, al, if it were they were facing that shot a 1000000 deal. it where now li i says to ha and you are the better get ye, leanna, men, the horseman man, man must hold in thick, windy, rushing. ah, for ideally, must group film some. sandy must be a modified and a must do your security and it must rica mctavish. wilma died. one big must some die with them for suddenly has a 20 it would look like this. you has a happy forget this left. i know they must be hit a heads up enough of either at the end, but another from security of an is much of a hazard. can give new f neha an ac sediment from send me it's i me
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for it that the modem cut button. no. buffy select either in the computer. so whenever you see the enough magic conflicts, so when my are bash etiquette fall under it. yeah, no, no, he man, you know, we're miss heathclay from saying let's half a 1000000 revenue based on the state in continental, yahoo collated and being a patient saving kona nibble, put a in shy and law so shameful to put eighty's except in his favor. as i have bout ain't gambling, kowana towanna and vanished. okay. eric. so michael button and i have ignored bait for hot meds have malarkey beneath them another for the data fact could be much so she added our kita 6 style back lea a would take up when he mom, damien,
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know meg and nana evans video data. so when yeah, lemme mia finan. yeah. no, ma canet, she bet betrothed semi korea a normal you know, ma couldn't issue out of her conduct the daughter thing. mm. you may to who to manhattan been doing it of most and for me to have and that mackie and all this in arm of the talk and hate. it does not feel fair are don don talked to mit and clunk . this is an epo after talk aussie to new school caught on boston, but i'll know if he actually to chrome kaufman, and the bottle itself to, to still friend into the school. we've been all over to hyphen take that and costume for another. for the mags and now we're just sort of bacon. yeah. i'm that is out of the water and the adam thought or had the issue that i don't, i'm not a mentor. if i find that i
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would love from florida from of our society over to our book, hold on a little bit. dasia helped yeomans or little after some of the irish marks or chart goals and our servers o'clock our just for us to ask a v c device, omaha to come. erica fitz middle car. vigilant, unique about with, with overall almost aggravation. and i don't mind that the organ or the slide more i said it could, you must from says if she misses a more dear man could not be her can can, can you know, she would be about a moody of amsterdam car is my pension. what do you see, what get a fear and then you home or i can even the studio hadn't been in huddled confederacy on regular med miles leasehold
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excellent than normal deity that's um i had that i had came to for throughout the day i have the lobe much success to micah and on in that actual ability. yeah. i have the cali mother spect for that this was cited from a full yeah. structure. so like and then in my must a huffman elliptical my math and he said i can send you her some new her must foundation, but said lit, meant from the stash of santa elizabeth sunset will lead lima ivy. she did or so will look. hello michelle. i listen plus i feel bad enough. her little lead. where did india lumina? his mouth hate? he came to look in this little one now more lead massages about the out about the
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program it so that the sila, my daughter, a hedge. i'm dick, who said, isn't miss sydney? why not biskin al more. a dma deal is like one more time. a friend on the shame that the year or sir trauma manisha sure dot the are blazing at the shane delta dental for rough mice. and maria theresa, this is her raw, is a 100 kings. oh, awesome sister, no hale, a virus, or bombed through a bout top, met sir, allah, all our dish and kindred location whiskey can customer with our lab. you and discuss mohammed da. death, allen? i will. no, i came. whisky mal bullies, woollen whiskey, mccarthy, william whisky will langdon, dean early homesafe. a new account. foster contract that called 3 are about a month and
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a courtesy. but liquor here like the sir come next. a classmate at foster barrack, a nurse for admin. nick's luasa and was gonna turn your machine ah, bard la la sticker li has in on the plan. it will hinder meliss puzzle. not be rama mas jani go with her or not normal with the new the vehicle. so we're a little more on the slough here. and the car, so how it went from one on the thought. all the others are swamped. least monica with holland to deals. one plot and ale we fro mom because of the song. ok says oh said they've been seattle so for healthy. yeah. hale air force it it fits in.
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well look, emailed the bit so pushy and for all the bins in harsh in data. these flaming st. i'll stealth heather. carnival men have a birthday cake, a lay, but out of profit. the men steve, what had deems to violate the demands d for hard at mo, who mark them hard all the name. so successful market? well they've all in submission. you cyber, where they can in a and a good min. them on the la namisha mark ableman come come by the name of iran, not that far will business will, will do a lot of there where you could, my can have bits if to sips. man, the last man with that ah, retinal morton is an inspiration to many in the netherlands. she has been recognized as both a successful business leader and as someone who gifts back to the community
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has. and we really have talked of hey, etc, left to her to be her. come a maria, maria was lima, ye holy it. her yolanda in a can to no good and a human atlanta. ah, i'm out it's, i'm you to. so this is so, but it is indian businesswoman indian hold on that can embed out to initial but it is a did a had at a bull. i meant fall under batch, but out in india is amanda. i'm so dumb. but and not always sharika took about allah paul would eat some deal. i'm still dumb, but the loan for her can no coverage can cushion brouge in any a woman english, but dicker. zip is a headache? well, it can lead a whole, i be, accept or accept omen. we say mcneish,
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but vision modern mancy, none bloody. what had the him absent, m, f, m, and fish boats, and we send a will from and fain. hm. so both we sam sammy and a demon and you had that in hamis sneak damon slide the lady. what's going on? the in zion of ziff and f. m. and fame. jenny dotala missiles automatic very last. she didn't up and said this console land or an alice blocked it mer, schuster go to my her and more look at him and nomadic deal, or adornment medic, i would the low bizarre didn't want. lucky sir. medicare beatrice, me to please. sir melita was this, may i have it nisa out of here kadijah? it shook new content to benny. when bed out i may plucked, it's my will to her. oh, we'll come back here, prince locked his mom out so they man delilah,
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come out home. dish, militia needy, can we sent him for asked tea. it was a bit upheld. deborah anna, or send em so both had to bled head who i had done? miss butter? abdul. dear little under undergrad, you were hit. and what i do, like about nath go, i'll give you 2 of us hallmark. most drama alluded sullen now when it was woman, it was when she handled and kill him on the rays of his and the page will answer. ainsworth chicata year. what have you been in it? mechanical now can, has been any wisdom and no public house a norm from har mccarty. you factor jak sheesh and shows oh my yeah. oh way to go. mitchell. that's a mentor. shine border blay from her for how did you know posey d for how fact and that is for how over cost and doors yetter and jack a short ac. a daughter falls allows to her to elk gear. the daughter had bitten em
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in her victor bush and that the nother lots and shirley another. okay, you slam one other us business owner press one. otherwise one mother's mother scott positive. another house comes in the book is a very personal book. it's her story that there will be also stories from other perspectives from her family, from people around her. she is a remarkable woman. she has a lot of stories. she was not really easy for her parents and she had to overcome a lot of difficulties in her life. willow and it gets me in the hazard and near the end which rattle sanchez, heather at a hat or salon to sala. yeah. on a gloss manor de la rattle selected. oh, monica sick mit mit, mit mit. sec was cold, was dead. a has him was say, it was said he never, katie and dick and n sniffs exclaimed,
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ah, rama has also managed to balance running a large business with an equally busy family life. and joe's liberal bishop wouldn't come on, man sent him about dinner. and dear will it smith mar, one claim on ben santa. well, george, we're nevada. why? and you may mark and the urbane center julia, we're more up to find the uh, but out of by, oh, let me go and i mean you been muddle. one would live kabir to spot darcy center and the throbbing mom when the how often was digital runs, you and a gun boon. lo, mackenzie and bishop said, name was sad, the care for you t and a cosgra. yeoman. on the hard on the how to be because carson or debbie or
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a diversion was slim with him a kinky said nic and a weird nick and she knocked him. he said if he b a madman for a bull. oh no, you have not me. are you father, keep his his, let me. this is the leisure and elizabeth tenant. oh, we're on a towel nervous, maria. thou wouldn't. the lord told nella a little walk to her, though, which i would love to hear from you. and emily can, when 1st lament acora bet, slamming the fish liquor to move in mt. m, as i was in the fact that, uh huh. and i will get an emishak. i wish my jose did, but she can eliminate the telephone like i usually when i 1st met. well, let me see for how can convey by the fee and fill bids. michelle, um, what is lamb?
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elena ela, oakum florida is a hello nor zach for out. the bass and 1000 mazda, so the ultimate bussey and its full la on push asthma and saves all tide's a no, my best is on hold on ballasa fin additional medic and, and house in decide that i must have putting the said to the lady was taking people to cps this to must mark, look for my home a focus to have on must via and is it for russell out of his home today? so can have mac look that's from full slats, and hale more folks so much. and if you don't know, damon who lives in the house will never scott and listen to it in and again and then damon or her mother. when the home my my dear lou,
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who are you don't need me to call now can you for the couldn't you madness. motto: you should have fell as usual in the machine and if it was stuck in toma to bed now the old at the end of talk of took up the limpid him with him to learn that are both to be in sienna handed left: oh you're more into ne, a less aloe one. as of now, i had the d. n nish, initial nia. we're looking at them, jean mann, middle or being model. hold on being well a chemical could be dana, my lady about muslim in ira. ah, natalie no, i didn't. and i like to me, me are 2 very different women with contrasting backgrounds and journey is through
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life. but what they both have in common is the success, the each achieved, indifferent walks of life a very long way from there it up. origins in the middle east and north africa. ah, musician, performa, visionary teacher. ah, how's is there a world meets the man bringing traditional arabic sounds to a whole new audience and being a woman and being american, playing out it already is something new from boston to palestine. the land of his birth. he noticed the next generation of musical talent, simon shaheen, their musical journey on al jazeera
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media rhythms are found the mental cornerstone of our universal human rights. everyone has the right to freedom of information, feel expression, and freedom of opinion. this rights all from power to demand and access our rights in every domain of public and private life, from the right to participate fully and fully in decisions to the right to disc, work and housing, to the best possible standards, health status cation of quality. and to leave free of any form of discrimination found independent and diverse media. and also crucial to ensuring that government is transparent, accountable, and responsive to people's concerns. at times of crisis, such as the pep, demi, they are literally life saving. but this past 2 years have seen media reason and journalist all over the world. targeted by crag down and attacks. media organizations have been subject to undo restrictions and even close down based on
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vague and arbitrary laws and policies. many media workers have been subjected to harassment innovation. i would trade attention and violent attacks including killings because of the work they do to inform us all. frequently these crimes have not been adequately investigated facts, impunity not only has a chilling effect on journeys, it feels further crimes and this impact all of us in the print, the media of quality, of friendship, social harmony, sustainable development, justice and peace. we cannot combat and recover from the condemning we better systems unless we benefit from the clarity that sound generally from delivers. this is another piece by has been awarded to the filipina and russian journalists, maria theresa and the meeting would have tough. in recognition of these essential work, i talk to them and all of those work for field expression. standing up for human
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rights mean standing up for media for them now and in the future. ah, some fog, an miss to start the day around the golf. hello, everyone, good to see you. so that's gonna be the situation in q 8 and also doha on friday. and then for saudi arabia we're going to see more clouds float in. so for example, ria, we look at the next 3 days, i think it's going to be fairly overcast on friday. it temperature pretty well where it should be during the day, but look at night time, you should be 11 degrees, we get your pencil then for about 6 to 7 earth will chill in the air there. same goes for pakistan. that cooler air filtering in toward the hor, $22.00 degrees and i've gone it's don cobble coming in at 11 after turkey. we've got some storms happen over the aegean into western turkey pretty much stretching
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from its stumble rate into on talia. and it was just a few days ago, got some soaking rains in antalya. so more to come all about the heat for central africa jew, but $39.00 bungie $36.00. but if you go bit further towards his south, i've got to point this out. lusaka 36 degrees, that's a new record and you're going to lock your temperature in there for the next few days. the record is $34.00 and you should be at $28.00 degrees. and we do have a lot of active whether we got to talk about, especially for eastern portions of south africa. so sundry downpours in the cards for the next few days. that sure weather up the soon ah, if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in the center is, is the story of america what's working? and what's not? a lot of people were only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda if america can't handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts. we need to go back to
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school. the bottom line on al jazeera, ah . ready an over crowded truck transporting migrants crashes in mexico, killing at least 53 people at with ought to be traveling to the u. s. ah, i there can vanelle. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up the graduate ends, its diplomatic ties with taiwan, choosing.


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