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oh, i what challenges 0. i'm emily. when reminder about top stories this alum, a chinese and russian ladies have held a virtual summit sheet in pings, meeting with let me approve income for the time of rising tension with the west. rushes later says his nations ties with beijing stronger than ever. you can health officials say code 19 infections doubling every 2 days. your restrictions have come into effect after parliamentary approval. that's just fine. opposition from a prime minister barak johnson's own mccain and runs. foreign minister says you and cameras will be allowed to film at a sensitive side. the issue has been a sticking point during nuclear negotiations in vienna to revive the 2015 at landmark agreement. okay,
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let's get more on this story with to rake ralph haines and nuclear arms control specialist who's previously worked in senior positions at the i a he joins us from vienna to rec. what does this decision to allow cameras into the site main in a practical sense? well, in a practical sense, it means that the, i, e, again, will be able to monitor the production of centrifuge components. this is what the current facility does. and the reason for doing this is for the i a e, a, have a better handle on whether any centrifuge components might be taken away from garage to be assembled into centrifuges at some secret site. and those centrifuges are important because they could make nuclear weapons. well, the 3rd refugees are important because they enrich uranium to a level where it could be used for nuclear weapons. yes. okay. and how much of
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a breakthrough is, is this is talks continue to revive that agreement? well, iran was being created with a special meeting of the board of governors to be convened either this week or next week to censure iran for its lack of cooperation with a so in keeping with iran, the previous move just before such an event, you ality could take place, iran ended up making an agreement, a small concession to the i. e a. so this is part of best strategy of dragging things along. and then when that becomes really crucial to then make an agreement, given your experience said the, i want more needs to be done to make sure that this agreement is secure. well, i, it's not a party to the j. c. p. o, a. however, iran does have
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a safe subs agreement verification agreement, the a under its commitments to the nonproliferation treaty, and therefore, regardless of the state of the j. c. p. o, a iran does have an obligation to make available the 3 enrichment facilities that pass to at nathan's, and one at 4 though for regular inspections by the i a e a to ensure that any enrichment is as declared and all your nuclear material is made available through the year to verify that it is not being used for a nuclear weapon. while it will be interesting to see how the coming days and weeks unfold. thank you for your insights to rig ralph and nuclear arms control specialist. thank you. moving on now and the international committee of the red cross is warning of a major humanitarian crisis in somalia, which is again in the grip of drought. it's forcing families to leave their homes in search of water and grazing land for cattle, victoria gate,
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and be proposed waiting for water. severe drought in somalia central gal good at region means people are reliant on humanitarian aid to stay alive. the drought combined with recent fighting between the somali national army and armed fighters has been a disaster for this region. a 100000 people have had to leave their homes in gurule, a move to make shift camps on the outskirts of town, about on the market. europe, i'm 50 years old and i've seen many droughts, but this one is the worst. the fighting has also forced people to flee. these things have all come at once. intense shelling damage several buildings in girl, including its main hospital and other hospital was destroyed in a fire. tell call become volunteer for the hospital had a lot of patients admitted when the disaster happened and the entire hospital burned down. this morning. a number of people arrived yet thinking it still exists that they had not heard the news. people will suffer. a lot. humanitarian
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organizations are doing what they can, but demand grows along with the population of the camps for aid that's in limited supply income with all along the recent clashes that occurred and grew real, have had a big impact on people's lives. health facilities, including key referral, hospitals, had been destroyed or partially damaged. key water infrastructure has also been damaged. as a result displaced, people are desperately in need of water, food, shelter, and health services. agencies have scaled up efforts, but say more support is needed with their livelihoods destroyed. many of the displaced will continue to stay in the camps long after the drought and the fighting is over. victoria gate and b algae, 0. habitat destruction, climate change and growing pesticide use and threatening africa's bays. that's according to scientists in kenya, who say they're crucial role as pollinators. if at risk malcolm where but reports
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from miranda in kenya, the other caught a trees on james worries. farm we're under producing by about a fish. he says he didn't even know until he joined the research program here in kenya disorder. that's when he learned about pollination and about the crucial role of pollinating insects become more. there do move more like having a 100 kaos, but only one book. it can't handle all the skills. if you have countries, but without enough bullying it does. the flaws will be there. many multiple initial will take place, so your produce will be reduced. as part of the research project, james started keeping bees on his farm and then not visiting the cottage flowers, busy making honey. james cells expert say the pollination short food shows there's something wrong with keeping peace. can help
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scientists say that the pollination gap has been effectively closed and that the because the trees and now producing their maximum harvest, they're right next to the beehive. researches say that the bees themselves a facing some grave threats. the un program of spraying locust that is played east africa over the last 2 years, added to an already increasing use of chemical pesticides. farmers use them to help me growing populations, demands of food, be the rule, so threatened by destruction of their natural habitats to make way for farmland and growing cities. changing climate posies, new threats. the scientists working here at africa, leading insect research center say there's a lack of data compared to other continents. samples of pollen grains from be hives can help fill in some of the picture as can samples of food crops. in them they
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found pesticides that a band in other continents and signs of over use. they're also keeping and studying dozens of species of wild bees which play a greater role in pollination, but more vulnerable than the bees that a cap to make honey. they will let in scientists, michael lat, or says the destruction of bees caused by intensive agriculture in europe in the us . or it could be avoided in africa to that would be able to learn from the mistake that have been done before, and use more agro ecological approaches to sustain these ecosystem services. and to have a sustainable production and also a sustainable increase in production. and i think there, there are lots of solutions, many small hold farmers are already practicing them. james is one of them. the science he said, be keeping on a farm can offset the destruction of natural pollinators. protecting the rest of the ecosystem will take more. malcolm web al jazeera miranda can yeah.
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let's get some more analysis on this from met. neal who's a professor of anthropology at the iowa state university. he joins us live now from iowa. hello, matt. so you've been studying this very issue of insecticides and their impact on base. what did you discover? yeah, we've been looking at this issue in iowa where many of our crops use variety of insecticides, including some of the ones that are mentioned in kenya. and we're addressing this in a couple of ways, one, looking at how farmers could reduce the use of insecticides that they're using in their crops. but also asking how much exposure bees are experiencing in the crops in an adjacent habitat that's designed for it to conserve. and, and what we found is that there are bees that are at risk of exposure to these insecticides. they are showing up both in the crops, of course,
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in the adjacent habitat, but where farmers are using pest management strategies like integrated pest management. we're seeing a reduction in that exposure. and even the exposure that is there is below the concentrations that are anticipated to cause harm to the bees. so matt, why, of these tiny insects so important to our ecosystem? yeah, despite being small, they're incredibly valuable to crop production. but a 3rd of everything we eat is derived from insect pollinated crops, and farmers need those insects in order to set fruit and seed. and in order to provide this with those fruits and vegetables that we desire. as you heard in the report out of kenya, many b, wild native bees are in decline, and farmers having to use domesticated honey bees as a way to fill that pollination gap. this is a common practice in the united states where b keepers rent their hives to fruit and vegetable farmers, so that they have
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a source of pollination. and this is a, again, a common practice used throughout the united states. but even using honey bees is a challenge because all bees are at risk from 3 general sources of stress. pathogens like the role of my driver's is pesticide exposure and then just a lack of good quality for age. matt, we mentioned the decline in the the base. what can we do to reverse the situation? can it be fixed? yes, it can be fixed, it will take some effort, but there is a growing research showing that especially the last source of stress, the poor for it can be addressed through conservation, even in farmland, even adjacent farm land where pesticides are being used. one general principle for this conservation is to look towards native perennial,
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flowering plants that could be grown in a mixture that would provide a season long buffet of flowers for both native bees and domesticated managed honey be wow, that sounds like a great idea. thank you very much for your insights. matt o'neil, professor of into manji from iowa. thank. still ahead on al jazeera will have all the sport with peter. thank you very much. yes, to alive from arrow cup studio, hearing doha with the latest on the tournament. and one about 19 is on time break. score is announces his retirement due to a heart condition. we'll hear from sergio guido, on the end of these playing days at barcelona, ah, healing the debates, 90 percent of the world refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on across
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the world and amplified your voice. it's not really the future 8 now. it's not a lock, can get it back. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do and we have the tools to do to get the bill. pay for this going on now to sierra. ah, mother nature's gift of colorful landscapes. but strong infrastructure governance arising were investments are waiting to flourish. with even supplied by tradition. do where beautiful possibilities are offered. lou.
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a welcome to al jazeera, special coverage of the fee for our cup, the tournament doubling up as a it's a warm up event for the casa woke up next. yes. hello, i see the service we're building out to the aircraft semi final switch begin in just a few hours time. and there's plenty of other sports these for you, including one of our jan tina and the premier leagues of greatest goals for as announces his retirement. sergio aguiro waves goodbye due to a heart condition and the n b in the a's m b p. jonathan's, he's a compo, becomes at the laces high profile player to enter cove at 19 protocols. where we start with a potentially huge route that is brewing in world football. european clubs are threatening not to release players for the africa cup of nations that would include
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top premier league stars like egypt mohammed, seller, and algiers of re had a marez cup of nations is the premier event in african football and said to kick off in january in cameroon, it's already been delayed by year because of corona virus, but there's growing concern about the omicron variance. the european club association has been lobbying for the postponement of the tournament, and it is now written to africa's governing body cath, informing them that they have no intention to release players for the tournament for more on there. so let's bring in african football journalist gary al smith in obasi in ghana. gary, always nice talking to you. first of all, is this a thread? what exactly is the ca say? well, like you said, the ac hobby lobby in for about 2 months now. i found in the alarm that the african was not going to be safe for a place, you know, new to what do you see has been poor handling of covered cases during the
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international break. our we had the world cup qualifier and so on. said i'm on the, i seen that the ones guarantees that african countries any need come war less clear the relief early. so those are just 2 of the things that essentially the i see the also seen that, i mean basically the world is really fall on the corn. and so the need to protect their welfare of the players. and as a result, be asking people or they are rather telling people that the will not be able to leave the african players for hugely important couple of issues that start in january looks like a big 1st week in the job, lynn for samuel it. so the new head of the cameroon federation, anything from him yet or from cathy for that matter. no, and that is simply because the easy in route to far the road to car through
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fi bar because essentially it's a fever. my dad, you know, i, me a decision like this, if it happens all hugely infringe on the 1st well known rules of allowing players to leave for national team duty, especially when the fall within international told them in these. and so they wrote to people not covered, so as it is now, it's feedback would lead to respond to this letter and meaning that some will edge will not need to flex his muscles yet. and can also do need to flex the muscles yet . however, absolutely too many cup officials who are incense at this because any have actually called it outright lies and a grand agenda to, you know, get african countries been painted at the source of chrome. what, what will the reaction of african football fans be to this news? african football, fanciful, a european football will be thrilled that you know,
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the affair appears will not be leaving for african, but many african football fans will love the countries to have the players. and so their opinion is clear, but i think that many will not be happy if you are player bessie, as do not come to come a rule for the african or i carol smith, we're going to leave it there for now. thank you. as always for your time, much appreciate it. now to al jazeera, exclusive interview with johnny and francine, the president of footballs will governing body fee for carter will be hosting the world cup this time next year. but if he forgets its way and could be one of the last to be held every 4 years in contina is lobbying for it to be held every 2 years instead. and has already won the support of the african federations. he told al jazeera, the current system was out dated when it was decided 100 years ago, that the world cup should take place every 40 years. this was decided in time when it took you 3 months to travel from europe to south america. as well as the side of
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the time where 40 countries in the world were playing football in europe and in south america. and the rest of the world didn't play for today. it takes a few hours to travel from europe to south america. and you have over 200 countries who play football. so football being the global sports football, bringing chances to everyone. my colleague for a smell, supposed to defend it, to be other battles who play. so will top rank team belgium. he said, holding the 2 maybe 2 years would make them less special. but that he didn't expect anyone to listen to the players or fee for are talking about holding the world cub every 2 years instead of 4. what do you think about that and do you think it's gonna take away anything from it? i think who am i to, to say something about that, but then you see the,
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the year and the seasons are getting door to the full, you know, or to put another competition or in, in for 2 years. it's maybe it takes a little bit of spark or away from it, but i think it's, it's very special to do it every 4 years. because if you, when it's, it's something, it's something that doesn't happen a lot. i think we're going to talk about when, when it's official and again a no one else to play us. so we just have to follow, follow, follow him and it will tell you what to do with this. uh, fortunate as the way it is. ah. right now talking about the think the arab cup with the semi finals take place later on wednesday, host cutter or inaction. in the 2nd game of the day, the agent champions are up against the african champions, algeria, in their 1st ever competitive meeting cutter of one,
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all of the full matches they played in the arrow cup. so fine, today's a 5, no thrashing of the united arab emirates in the quarter finals. as for the algerians, they have st. a 2nd string 18. so this tournament lay by coach, magic bulgaria. but nevertheless, they have been impressive winning 3 and drawing one so far a beat morocco and penalties to make it into the last 4. we are champions of asia. gosh, i want, i want to thing that with the sheriff and i'll get he has a champion of africa because they really the jennifer as well. so it's gonna be a football game with to, with teams with the same objective. ok. and everyone with our own circumstances and for us it will not change the result from to moral our perspective about our preparation, that with it for the last 34 years in one game. but it's important and game and we will like to it. but he got an is we're going to put all our efforts and that
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but 1st up on wednesday, carlos carol, shes egypt take on to nicea in the opening semi final. the gibbons won the most recent game between these 2 sides, 31 back in 2018. that was for qualifying for the africa cup of nations. that takes us to joanna gosh, rob's car correspondence covering that 1st semi final for us at stadium $97.00 for joe to you of the power houses of african football. going head to head tonight. what can we expect? ah, we can certainly expect rocha semi final here as a 9. 7 for loads of fans coming in already, but it's to nicea versus egypt game. now both these teams know each other very well . they've played many times. it's nicea having more winds over their opponents than egypt. both teams of one the our pop ones before to missy. it back in 1963 when the toner was 1st health. so that will be hoping to end 58 years and waiting for
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another hour outside. so now to visit, hang through the quotes of finals where the fight the when i'm on it to one, they've also got the top score for this tournament in safety. just theory, who's got 4 goals so far and full of their players have played or do continue to play in egypt too late so they shouldn't or their opponents. a very well known to me is a big team on the world football stage they paid in. well, cut finals 5 times in the past, but they are under cheapest when it comes to waiting titles, the only of the title on the arab cup title that i mentioned in $63.00 was the african couple nations title and 2014. we look at their pregnancy, egypt, well they had a much tougher route through from the pool to finals. they had to come back from going down against children to beat $31.00 in extra time. i've also got a few injuries among that squads and there without some that top european, so like mm hm. it's sela. he wasn't really to having set all of that sale on beach
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and in this sort of excitement, thanks for $10.00. and only can see didn't see that here. now in that case here, now that we reach the final 4 and we are very pleased to be part of this, the important game. and i'm sure that the quality of players so be cheaper than the quality of players of tunisia. they will present a very good the football show, which is the most important thing for the fans, for football. awe, 40000 pounds expected. he kick off in an hour between tennessee, ernie james. and we expect to really get mad joe, thank you. one of origin. tina's greatest football is of the modern age. sergio guido, as announces retirement of being diagnosed with heart condition, aguiro school 260 goals in
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a decade at manchester city. full moving to barcelona at the start of this season. but the 33 year old was taken to hospital in october, after experiencing chest pains and breathing difficulties during a match. he announced his decision at a press conference up an old camp on wednesday. and when a man or the medical guy, i was in good hands of the medical staff that have them hardy men done their best and they tell me what it are. they kind of the word that the best thing would to be stop playing. you won't let tamala that you're not here the other. so 10 days ago i made that decision at 4 stop playing football. top level american sports are once again being hit by covert 19, including the nfl which reported $28.00 more positive cases on tuesday. they include o'dell beckham junior, who's one of 9 eli rams players to go on the coven 19 list. the cleveland browns are also dealing with a major outbreak with 11 players now out of action. combined with the 37 positive
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tests report on monday. it is the worst to day outbreak in the nfl. since the pandemic started, you had to take it seriously cuz you want to be available. i'm just kind of like any other injury that you, you would get at this point. i mean, you wanna try to do whatever you can to be available for the team. and that if that means having to car distance yourself in the locker room or distance yourself, when you're back home with your family, are you to try to do that? and we understand it's, it's kind of became part of the world. it's something that you can't really control and all that all the time on. but do the best you can to kind of help yourself and help the guy next to you to not to be available for your team and such as the nfl the n b a is also struggling, believes more valuable player, yana. since it's a compo, as entered cove at 19 protocols and will miss at least one again, he shot the latest n b, a star to be placed in protocols. half the chicago bulls, 20 men roster are out of action, and the brooklyn nets are missing. 7 players including their star man,
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james hardon. steph curry, meanwhile, is broken the all time. m b, i record the 3 pointers. bursts was the moment he did it in the golden state, warriors win over the new york knicks. a that was a 3.3 number 2974 for carry. taking in pass ray allen whose record sued for 10 years and reggie miller back inferred oath. man with a to congratulate him. there's ah, especially for sure. and i appreciate her for the rest my life in terms of what amused committee 2 pairs re a reggie and guys i'm the to coming in to the game. so nothing special. so that's all for now. a reminder about top sports story,
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european club. so threatening not to say in place, the african cup of nations, because of coven 19 fields, will be back in the field phone for most schools. at $1545.00 gmc it was supposed to be a refugee, but south korea's brothers home was allegedly the scene of torture, rape, and even murder $1.00 0, $1.00 east investigating the crimes. and those set to be behind them on al jazeera . with, [000:00:00;00]
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section on the 16 nations going head to head in thanks, porpoise bill, stadiums for 20. 22 will keep you across the action as council for repairs for the regions biggest ever sporting events that be for our cup on al jazeera ah. ready he's been a breakthrough at the iran talks in vienna with james to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement. ah, hello, i'm emily. ang, when this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up. let me persian and she jin ping, hold virtual talks. while western nations pressure moscow for it's true build up on ukraine's buddha,
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germany's new chancellor of sholtes says that he's government for he plan including


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