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tv   [untitled]    December 17, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm AST

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here, i'm emily, i'm gonna reminder about top stories to you. as president joe biden has warned unvaccinated people faith to the illness. as the only con, barian spreads, health officials have recommended americans to defy the magenta vaccine instead of johnson and johnson because of where cases of the un human rights council is calling for the establishment of an international commission to monitor alleged abuses in ethiopia. it's receiving credible reports that all science in ethiopia complex committing to human rights violations, and beliefs in japan, investigating a fi at a psychiatric clinic suspect. it may have been started deliberately. 24 people were killed in the blinds. returning to our top story now on us health officials recommending the use of other vaccines over jane. jane took the senate j n. a i car is an infectious disease. physicians at sterling national university. he
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says the benefits of the change i vaccine outweigh that small risk against delta. it's even a single dose seems to be quite difficult if acacia sort of the 70 percent class ballpark with over 80 percent effectiveness against serious disease and hospitalization. that's pretty good. i do actually wonder though, if he did better off being a to dose vaccine for his prime immunization course, because they have shown that a booster will increase antibody levels and increases that protection against severe disease. now the j and j vaccine has the similar technology. this ad, no virus picked the vaccine to astrazeneca. and in australia where we have astrazeneca, we've had mix messaging and poor messaging which led to relatively poor uptake of the astrazeneca vaccine, especially amongst the younger people. and the everyone was focusing on the very,
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very rare risks of a rec, high, low risk of a very rare condition and the very low risk of death. rob been looking at the benefits of it. and i think it's really important that people understand that these are good vaccines. they do have serious side effects, but they're really rare and benefits outweigh the risks. u. k prime minister says he accepts full responsibility following a crashing and by election defeat the conservative party. last, the note shropshire is safe for the 1st time, and only 2 centuries. earlier this week, a 100 m pays from bars. johnson's own party voted against his plan for strict corona virus. virus measures and re, simmons reports from when 957 hellen morgan is now the m. p for centrist opposition party that smashed at 23000 majority for boris johnson's conservative party. the people have no straps,
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i have spoken on behalf of the british people, they said loudly and clearly phones, johnson, the parties either. johnson responded by saying he took full responsibility. i totally understand people's frustrations. i, i hear what the vouchers are saying in north rupture and no humidity. i got her accent over that verde the liberal democrat party with its battle ground headquarters in the grounds of a stately home brought in activists from all over the country a mile down. the road they quickly conquered the market town of wim. the conservative club a desolate place in defeat. talking to people here. and it's plain to see that this isn't just about public unease midway through a government term. it's about trust, political leadership, and one person. the prime minister dennis prince, voted liberal democrat, not because it might be better for his business. he had been outraged by
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a christmas party in downing street a year ago when his mother was seriously ill in a care home. not being able to visit her for a year and had a very detrimental effect on my mother's well being. and now we find that the people that were telling us to stay at home, social distancing is cetera, et cetera. when you find that they've been having parties at dining street and conservative h q, then that's pretty hard to take. this bi election was called after the m p. o and patterson broke rules on lobbying. he'd been paid by 2 private companies to try to influence government pulses. patterson, quit after bar, as johnson botched, an attempt to save him from a suspension from parliament. what's also weakened johnson's authority is a rebellion by a 100 conservative m. p. 's voting against the use of coven passes. john murray is a former conservative mer of when he says johnson is now a liability,
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basically hasn't got back in the party any more, really is an awful lot against him. he says one thing, one day, and those totally the opposite, the next day. the conservatives are likely to review the way they govern when parliament returns from the christmas recess in the new year. there's little political chair for boris johnson right now. andrew simmons al jazeera women structure, philippines is counting the cost of typhon ray, which has killed a least $12.00 people, and left a trail of destruction. 195 kilometer an hour winds down power lines and destroyed homes, forcing hundreds of thousands to seek safety. jamila ellen dougen has more from manila more than 24 hours since stifled ry 1st made landfall in the philippines, and many areas remain cut off. government leaders admit they are struggling to get an accurate picture of the typhoons impact the net. gross and sir ego provinces.
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in the town of murray, bo hockey ball province. rescue operations are still underway. local government workers there say at least 20000 families have already been evacuated from their homes. and many more are in desperate need of rescue. evacuees can't stay in temporary shelters for too long because of cove at 19 restrictions. social distance thing impacts evacuation sites is difficult to implement. many see there are more worried about the long term impact of this devastation. millions of filipinos are already bearing the brunt of the economic recession. they fear the latest typhoon disaster could obliterate whatever livelihood they have left. the government has repositioned aids and military as 1st responders across the country. but many
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communities remain cut off that the officials and even aid groups are still struggling. how and where to send aid to those who need it. most type would ride, devastated huge parts of the desires and the men to now regions. these pictures show extensive damage of the international airport in sebu power and communication lines are down and some hospital are reported to be damaged. even for a country often hit by natural disasters. this damage is c, as in charlie dog and which is 0. manila, china is denouncing what it calls a deplorable us ban on imports because the mistreatment of the muslim wake and minority, the us senate unanimously voted to force goods manufacturers in the young region to prove forced labor hasn't been used in the ministry of foreign affairs in beijing
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says the us is making up excuses to control chinese import may vomiting, keep yandell, pasha county, you enter the us, the price is chinese enterprises and companies buy every means, such as severely violating the market principle and international trading roles as seriously harms the interests of chinese institutions and companies we deplore and firmly oppose that we use the u. s. to correct it's wrong doing and we will take all necessary measures to uphold the rights and interests of chinese institutions and companies. katrina you is in badging, where the government is rejecting those us concerns about workers in shin gym. china has responded angrily and indignantly to the u. s. ban on goods from sion jung. now, beijing has consistently denied that there are any false flavor or other forms of human rights abuses taking place in the western province. it's called these accusations groundless and says that it's a form of hysteria. now, according to beijing, all of its policies engine,
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john are designed to stamp out extremism and improve the lives of the week is, but of course, it's not just the us that disagrees with this is also a growing number of western countries, as well as human rights groups that have compared the treat middle described it as amounting to genocide. now in regards to this move, china says that the u. s. is stretching the concept of national security and using it to suppress chinese companies. it says that it's not only having chinese businesses, but it also underlines international trade rules in response to this, beijing has vowed to implement its or in measures to protect chinese companies. but we still don't have any details yet as to what those might be. 3 surrounding children remain critically injured. after a gust of wind blew away the bouncy castle they were playing on. 5 of their playmates were killed when they fell around 10 meters. as the inflatable was held
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into the air, the 11 year old for celebrating the last week of primary school for christmas holidays in tasmania. the tragedy which occurred yesterday is beyond comprehension . it's devastating, heartbreaking. it's just simply and comprehensible. what should have been a celebration to the end of the school year turned into an unfortunate tragedy for young children and he'll crush primary i've a night. there's been an enormous app pouring a grape, as well as support for those involved. your endeavors poured across his mind yes, across the country, and indeed across the world. the un children's organization says the economic crisis in lebanon is fueling and increase in child abuse. unicef and it's local pot is handled almost twice as many cases in the past year. at least a 1000000 lebanese children are at risk of violence. it says child labor has also increased more than one in 10 families ends at least one child out of work. and
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more than half a parent surveyed said that children had skipped meals in the past month because they couldn't afford to feed them. now jet, marla majid is the special representative of the un security secretary general rather on violence against children. she explains how violence against children can be prevented. the added value of the report is to give the snapshot about what's going currently, ily been on regarding child protection issues. and when i am speaking about child protection issues, it's about a lebanese children, but also order efficient children, and also the families who are living in difficult circumstances. i think what the report is highlighting also it's highlighted is a fact that utilize a financial crisis. the current financial crisis, political crisis, but also you monitor in crisis and if we add the social economic impact of depend a meek, i think it's highlight the increase of all forms of violence. again,
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children and coping mechanism to deal with all these issues regarding the exacerbation of inequality and increasing of overseas among the most vulnerable people. live by 9 as well as many other countries is, was have 85 mentioned on children's rights and have to guarantee the rights and we despise the fiscal constraints. they have to see a really tight protection and protection of the most vulnerable, including, i mean, really as a priority despite fiscal constrain, despite all this crisis. and here is the support of un, is really here to remind zat, but is also in a closed partnership with government. and we also key partners really to make it happen today because we need to react very, very quickly to protect children, to provide them with social protection, with psycho social support with education and also really making sure that it's
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really a joint implemented and really accessible to all children in the family without discrimination and showing that no one is left behind african later they're heading to turkey for talks on boosting trade. the jewelry symbol for saturdays summit on economic cooperation, president rep type one as already welcome foreign ministers, the talk some boosting bilateral. trade with $25000000000.00. the sale of more turkish weapons including drones, is expected to be on the negotiation table. chili's next president will be elected on sunday in once being billed as the most unpredictable void there in a long time. the runoff is between a far right, conservative and progressive social democrat, and the deciding factor may well be on how they plan to solve unprecedented levels of crime and social protests and latin america. it is a lucy newman has the latest from santiago after 2 years of constant protests that
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too often end in violence, especially on fridays, got little cd is closing. what is arguably santiago's oldest and most famous sandwiches, hurry her here everything has been vandalized. he took out the furniture and destroyed it. same thing with the pizzeria, the pharmacy that was here. on the 2 of the 18 business zoned, his block have survived. he complained that thousands of jobs have been lost since chile social uprising began, and a public order has been abandoned. on this friday, protesters are already gathering nearby these riot police are expected to soon move in to crush a demonstration that's just about 50 meters from here. they believe that it will soon get violent and destructive. and although it's usually only a very small group that take part in acts of vandalism, many chilion say that these kind of protests have gone too far and they blame the chaos that they believe is taking place in this country on the left. why left and
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center left wing politicians condemned police abuse, neglect, and to show support victims more so called revolutionary violence by protest, hers lacking that, but it assume their interpretation was wrong with your cheerleaders not want to revolution. he did until he wants reforms, change improvements, but done with moderation in peace and tranquillity. many are also afraid of the current upheaval in south central chile, where armed indigenous my poacher groups who are claiming ancestral lands are carrying out constant attacks. all this explains why extreme conservative call sampling your cast until a few months ago, considered an outsider is being seen as a savior by chileans who yearn for law and order. oh yeah. oh, the terrorists, some consider men extremist, but to persecute terrorism is not extreme. no,
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where is the violence worse than in low income neighborhoods? what organized crime and drug trafficking have taken over, especially since the pandemic community or that haven't been on 26 year old mustang castiel gives us a short tour of ludmilla, where ordinary citizens are too afraid to go out at night. and they are lucky during the day looks more normal, but at night this is a no man's land. every day people are selling drugs on every corner or waiting to mug at home. the knock was set a fire works to cover the noise of the gunfire or to announced arrival of drugs one or possibly if the leader monica by stands. mother says that those who sleep downstairs are less likely to receive stray bullet. but that it's more dangerous for her daughter who sleeps upstairs. at the 60 children have died from stray bullets in the last 3 years. i as left when canada w bought each what he do about it, the little girl martha demo will be ruthless with drug traffickers will strengthen arms control laws and redistribute police to where they're most deviate when
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they're not where there's more money. whether with a harder or softer touch, evelyn sandy's elections will be expected to make chileans feel more safe. again. we see a newman al jazeera santiago stay with us on al jazeera oh, your sport is coming out with jim. yes, i've got plans on the way, including the latest a kyra dramas and gulf think the sporting wild. where live from on our cup studio in durham. ah.
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a whole lou with.
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thanks for your company. well, live from our our cup studio. ha ha on devon ash a cave in 90 and it continues to affect sport. well, why? we're bringing all the latest in just a moment. also coming up with one of our kind of 1000 greatest footballing exports on i fans for the game and for women and i, mom and australia tightened the screws on england during the day. 2 of the 2nd test, we start with the latest wave of cove at 19 hitting sport all over the world. these are pictures from the at h l game between the material canadians against the philadelphia flyers in canada. it had to be played in an empty arena after a request from the quebec public health officials to slide to spread the virus, even with no home crowd. it was the canadians who won the game 32 in a shootout with that goes hand a caden, primary saving every shootout attempts, english premier lee clubs. we'll meet on monday to discuss the escalating covered
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crisis among teams. after 9 matches for caught off in a week, liverpool manager, yahoo club doesn't see the benefit of stopping the league though. 3 of his players, virgil vandyke, for beano and curtis jones, missed the 31 when ive been newcastle after testing positive clock says it's uncertain how things will go from here. it's wireless, it's know around us so long that it's not really likely that it will stay at 3 very close though. the boys so and have a lot of spare time time to go, where robo could pick it though, all of them are fully vaccinated. most 2 of them over to has already the booster. i'm and it still can happen. that's just how it is, but we have a really, really good chance to the boys get through it now without proper symptoms. so father don't have any symptoms over more surprised than us. they had it, but that's what you have to accept and that's what we do. a reminder of the 5
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premier league watch is not being played this weekend. manchester city a do to play newcastle on sunday, but city coach pat waudale had to cancel his pre match press conference after inconclusive covered test. in other football news, into milan, i have reached an agreement to terminate the contract of midfield. a christian ericsson, by mutual consent, the danish international isn't allowed to play in the italian me since being fitted with a defibrillator after suffering a cardiac arrest at denmark's opening gave the european championship. he received life saving treatment on the pitch and hasn't played since that much and g. oh no games here at the fif, our cup as we wait for saturday is fine. oh, between algerian tunisia, we've had the chance to speak with not in a deem who left afghanistan as a child, refugee for going on to a top level football career. as him has been a style strike of a doctor,
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denmark since 2009. and last year she won the french title with paris salma. she's now playing for louisville in the u. s. while she proposed to go on to a medical career, nadine told reese that seeing women's that will develop in afghanistan had been a great joy. but that the taliban takeover may stop future generations of girls doing the same. yes, it was. you know, a mission to watch, you know, the right step on the right direction. i was say, because for me again, i don't understand why school to something that is all out. i embody the everything that the taliban know women to, to sample. and again, i don't think i'm a bad person, so i don't understand why do they want people to be like me? so we can having like a, you know, a female football team. my sis, the youngest, especially young. i was the keeper for the advocate team. couple of games i, i thought was like a huge step because then that's how you're going to inspire the coming generation.
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that's how you going to kind of change the metallic varies and maybe the culture and the country. but unfortunately, as it is right now, i know a lot of the, the girls are spread every corner of the world. my, my, my father who was a general napkin military and the mom was inspected at the school. and then how about getting power kind of thing changed? my dad was killed unfortunately, because he was a general. and from that, we somehow arrived to denmark where we'll give him the 2nd chance and where my life started. as i know it today was the change was that and the repartee came that i was saying i was for my ashes, soul, women's football. i knew what was, but i've never thought that girls or allowed to play or play this. was there a glimmer of seeing them play his last month. you know, happy that there are a lot to play. even though it's not in the garrison. you're high, you know it's,
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it's sad that such a simple thing, a football is, it's just a game that you're not even allowed to play that in your own country. are they afraid that women and girls are going to be empowered or maybe some somehow feel they're equal? what they should be while they're scared? maybe i don't know. for now. we'll get sport. education won't even allow. for me, the 1st step is being able to go to school and then you know, that's something we have to change 1st and then the 4th is going to be the naturally 2nd step. i hope so. but i don't know. next is, well, probably the most compact in history. more like in the lympics. one of the reasons is kept house geographical size, but also the fact that any 8 stadiums, the lowest number for a woke up his come out. santa maria, back in the studio with avi cars are, is not a big place, top to bottom,
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give or take 195 kilometers with only a handful of cities outside of done ha. but that in theory will be a big advantage come world comp time. so let's go for a quick fly around the country. starting at the northern most venue. it's just outside the city of our core, our bait stadium. designed to look like a giant arabian 10th on november 18. it'll host the opening match of cut a 2022, making quite the statements for the 1st will come to be held in the our world. from there, it's 30 kilometers down the road. quite literally to the sale stadium. this is the biggest venue, the 80000 seater, which will host the final not complete just yet, but getting pretty close. now we're not actually into doha, propagate. the sale is still north of the capital, and similarly the had been ali stadium is as far west as you will go in this tournament. absolute city limits here, but still accessible by train and with a giant shopping mall right next door. now we start getting into the har, itself, this is education city stadium, within the confines of, as the name suggests,
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education city. this is where a lot of international universities have the satellite campuses holly for international stadium, the only existing stadium for this world cup. this was the main menu of the 2006 asian games, which was one of his 1st big international sporting events. it's since had a big upgrade then right over to the water's edge for easily the most unique venue we're up to 6. now this is stadium 974974 because that's kind of international calling code. but also because 974 shipping containers we used in its construction entirely temporary. it'll be dismantled. post world cup out the mamma stadium just recently opened. unlike our bait, it has the local touch alpha mom is actually designed to look like a traditional cathedral. that's the woven cap, warned by lot of men and boys in this region. and finally, our general stadium in the city of al walker. this is as far south as you'll go, but that still only around 20 kilometers from cbd. it's
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a unique design from the late iraqi architect. 0 her had eat. so from al job in the south to our bait in the north, there is only some 70 odd kilometers separating the 2 most remote venue. certainly a big change from the last 2 old cups held in russia and brazil. england's cricket has a face in the possibility of another heavy to faint in the 2nd ashes tests and adelaide australia while on top off to dates a modest lavishing got his century before being dismissed for a 103 steve smith is standing in as captain because pat cummins was a close contact to a covet 19 case. he scored a 93 and rickett keep a batsman alex kerry. once i got a half century australia declared and 473 from 9 at england, while they entered with a shaky 17 for to oversee. we came up to preach, strange circumstances, not been involved in the game called effect of the lightning. but you know, we got to turn up tamara and on the natural light, which i think you guys will be great as, as look the,
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the easiest and best on sort of to be about around the middle. is there a belief in the dresser room that you can salvage the situation in the stuff we don't believe or been already that soil sport for now after the break, we'll have another news updates. ah stories of determination. enjoy who to be luck. dow, in the kito, gena, do you have you make a good listening v, i don't get a short documentary by african filmmakers from molly, wanda,
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and cameron, desert libraries. the young cyclist and happiness africa direct on al jazeera a with a, from the al jazeera london, broke up into 2 people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitations.
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what is even more urgent need about the system innovation systems design and system transformation? part one of human rights activists, q me, ny, to and environmentally window nilly cheek. i lived as you have a fossil fuel arrow my entire life and i'm looking for a graceful transition out of it. studio b unscripted on out his era. ah, health officials in the us sideline, the johnson and johnson corona virus jab over the rare cases of blood clotting. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up, the un says all sides in ethiopia, guilty of committing to be human rights violations,
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and it coals for an end to the conflicts. 11 years since the arab spring to new orleans and back on the straits calling for great.


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