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0 has teams on the ground to where you are award winning documentaries and lives on air. don't lie, lou. ah, ah, ah. hello, are you watching out 0? i'm emily anglin, a reminder about up stories this our south african nobel peace prize when jasmine to to has died at the age of 19 he was appointed the 1st black archbishop of cape town and became known for his vocal opposition to the country's apartheid system. the saudi led coalition in yemenis accusing to who the rebels are using santa a port to launch ballistic missiles. coalition spokesman turkey alimony key says
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the kingdom has been targeted by hundreds of themselves. human rights groups are accusing me and most military of commuting a massacre. the charred remains of 38 people have been found in the k estate. the say the children charity says 2 of its stuff. i'm missing in the area. that's returned to our top story now and we're joined by professor for read a sack who was a friend of archbishop 22 and a board member of africa for palestine. thanks for being on the news. our professor was sorry about your loss. how do you hope desmond ease remember it? o, throughout the world, undoubtedly he will be remembered as a beast, make her and a reconciled. but above all, desmond was a, a bachelor, struggle,
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a combatant in, in the will to hate a more just society. and of course his rung for he started again south african update, but did him and to, to was a to internationalists and taking on board the struggles of women in different parts of the world. and the struggle of sexual minorities. and for us in the palestine solidarity movement above all, or it's unflinching support for the struggle against israeli update. a desmond tutu had always described them, miss lawson's his early days, or when it says the can bishop of trenice, where as a b, the conditions under which palestinians barely survived. it's not only comparable
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to updates on ethical, refused to eat, but life in the shadow. all the, the, it's really occupational what he described as political zionism, was it truly anti christian existence and far worse than what we as black people i've encountered and update. so we never illuminati like to, to dies there always from your station for his memory. and we guess, i mean, often the dominant tend east that he was at a consign about us in south africa. he was a fighter, a fight against a patent, a fighter against occupation if i could, against all forms in john of injustices as it unfolded in front of him. for example, the will of women inside the church. and disney lots of tighter for women's rights inside the church, a desmond tutu was i think the 4 people living with h i v and aids and full access to treatment for such people. and
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he went out on a limb. i mean, he strongly lead there who did not just as the tables of the power, but never abdicated to his own commitment to the margins professor wanted a battle, sorry to interrupt. i just wanna trying to get to as many different topics as possible. he always had an incredible live. can you tell the little bit deeper into his efforts for the palestinian people? he mentioned there that he was. that was a cause very close to his heart. why was that? well, this is too, too, as he's been on several visits to palestine by the way. and he was also a leader inside south africa, the logic, the faith movement that of course, embraces muslims and jews and other religious traditions. but in
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israel and he made this very, very clear and i'm not kind of reading things into the story of this legend. different to, to made it clear. and that what he saw there, and he was very explicit about that. and it strongly resonated with him as a black person living and update. and this ranges from issue such as the pass laws, the evidence separation of people from people on the basis of the ethnic backgrounds, even if it is define ah, in terms of religion or religious background. but worse, i mean for desmond tutu, would be ideal. click to punishment, for example, that we're living expediency in south africa. the idea of routine, or demolishing people's homes as punishment. only monitoring the other drugs as a form of collective punishment. and the fact that torture was,
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is ratified in the legal system. or, i mean, these were something that trinity experience and update and, and i've been with him and we've spoken about this at length. and this was in his unflinching support old. so for the boycott divestment and sanctions movement against israeli apostage. so in many ways it was the south african this that he thought he flicked been, but it was also part of bees, a universality that he bought it in less than it took nice to be a different occasions of this, o. b o, a more high 5 version of what we had lived and marketing. and so it was very, very explicit in all of that. i think it makes him a bit of a curiosity because he served on the board of the hollow cast memorial in
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a k r. and of course, if you look at a, an easy math that he's been slung as people who poses the oppression of the palestinian, we would have laughed to have specified him as an anti c might well but protector. we have to move on bentley, i'm sorry to interrupt. we have to move on, but we appreciate your time and your passion and obviously thank you for helping us to remember such a great man, professor for aid as sac a friend of archbishop to say thank you. moving on now and is part of our end of year series, looking at a recent events and the year ahead in different regions of the world. how do, sir? is it malcolm web? takes a look back at what happened in sedan, somalia, an ethiopian in 2021. protest is on the streets of su, don's capital cartoon in the morning and the military rule lane. and we have demands that include any military rule and
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a civilian government with competent capabilities. that's why we're out on the straits. the transitional government was formed after protests and did the 30 year rule of omar alba here in april 2019. ah, but in october to don's army, overthrew that transitional government, dashing demonstrators, hopes of democracy only so much and you should treat them both changing of god is very important. symbolic but the hard grasp of building a democratic cultural audience security for these that do not believe in unity. not having a judiciary that can do it without any. yes. not having a legislator free press. i think that is a very low sure. in the conflict in neighboring ethiopia, who sides have been accused of mass rapes and killings of civilians. both government troops and rebels have make gains in recent month and then lost them
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again. the war started as a result of mistrust and unfortunately war actually worse than start mistrust and it creates its own grievances. but just like it started, i think even today, regardless of the shift in power balance in the butterfield from time to time, the conflict remains an effective tell met, which necessitates a political solution. unfortunately, both sides seem to be focused on the righteousness of their clothes until we shift from this mentality, countries likely to remain in war. neighboring somali has been inching towards in direct elections that have been repeatedly delayed, which led to violence in the capital market issue in february. selection of representatives by elders is due to happen in the coming weeks. but armed opposition groups in mogadishu say the whole process is already rigged. if the manipulation bad has happened to date continues during the process than i think you
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have a very significant risk of conflict already. val position has been quite opposed to what happened and they've demanded some sort of recheck on this process, but it doesn't seem like that's been heated. and so if it does continued this way, then i think where we're at a very risky situation. the conflict between somalia is western backed government and the armed group alabama has dragged on. some analysts say the entire region is caught in a bigger geopolitical shift. the horn of africa is in, in crisis. and the middle east and gulf countries seem to have gone to an improvised reactive way of engaging with the crises in the horn. and in all of this, we really don't see the kind of influence from the european union, the u. k. or the united states that we, we have seen in the past few decades in this part of the world. they just don't
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seem to be the primary international actors any more across the region promises if democracy has been delayed, millions of people remain displaced by conflicts. malcolm web al jazeera had been emotional scenes in northern iraq after the bodies of 16 migrants were turned from friends. family members gathered at the airport to receive their remains. the victims drowned in the english channel last month trying to reach britian. mahmud, after a while head is in baghdad and he's been speaking to the relatives of the victim. each one of them has their own as to is they have the women and children among them . they have the, a 24 year old at woman that was at she'd bland to travel to the u. k. to meet her fiance that they also include children, a family husband, wife and 2 children. do her wanted to seek asylum in any are the victims of
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families. it say that at the migrants left iraq or northern iraq because of the lack of jobs because of economic decline and because of instability in some areas in northern iraq, they're also victims. families have been speaking blaming the french authorities for not doing enough to rescue the victims or to respond to their distress. calls levy is high council of state has criticized the electoral commission for canceling presidential and parliamentary elections. a cold off at the 24th of december vows, citing a lack of preparedness and disagreements. malik trainer has more from tripoli. the 1st round of a presidential election was supposed to take place 2 days ago, but they've been postponed now. the elections commission has suggested that the
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point take place on january 24th and just under a month were really it's libya's legislative houses that have to agree on a new date to hold the elections. now according to a previous agreement, there's 2 legislative houses in libya. there's the parliament in eastern libya, and there is the high council state here in western would be the parliament is holding a session tomorrow. we'll discuss the challenges and issues. why the, why the elections commission wasn't able to implement the vote? the high council state had a session today here in tripoli, or where the speaker outlined a few of the issues. why are these vote didn't happen one? he said there was no constitutional framework for the vote to take place, or the said there was no agreement on the rules and regulations between the legislative houses. a 3rd, he accused the elections commission of not being neutral. of course the election commission had him l z a at denials allegations a but moving whole moving forward or the speaker hug misty had the following to say
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we're not and we will met any step taken by the parliament without consultation with the high council of state will failed, whether it's related to the roadmap for the adoption of laws or any attempt to change the executive authority. so we've reached out our hands to build consensus. the libyans are sick and tired of the parliament of the high council of state. there's a huge appetite, a to, to vote and to up to vote in a who they want the who they want to lead them. so what we're seeing now is many calling for parliamentary elections to take place are followed by a constitutional referendum. and then they say they can vote for president a who they believe will move the country forward. we're gonna have to wait and see for the weeks and months ahead. a how the situation developed here in louisville. the pakistan government is spending $14000000000.00 a year on projects to help adapt to climate change, but many in rural areas. so the money is not driving to them and they're struggling
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to survive a summer binge of age reports. millions of cattle migrate, been water dries up in southern pakistan, farmers anymore districts film and on their phones as the dry spells are becoming longer and the movements more frequent. it's a long off road track to get to their villages. with no government support, people in the going stand region are trying to adapt diplomatic changes around them . for generations, people and animals here have used the same water source. these ponds retain rain water from surrounding hills. now, some non government organizations are helping increase their water attention capacity. so when it rains, it lasts a few months. 48 reservoirs with some up to 18 feet deep, have helped more than 74000 people in this terrain. the earth trust says it's use corporate social responsibility funds from logical operations and there's no government assistance to provide water to villages. bonds like these have help
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people adapt to the changing climate. but they're still angry of the politicians who represent them saying they only come here for votes and basic services such as health, education and accessibility are still non existent activists. the big landowners are still underestimating the impact of climate change with killing the abductions common. here they say it's risky to raise their voice for basic rights is that is school when we need school, hospitals and roads, the most important necessity is water. and about a month this water will dry up and we'll have to travel far to get some children cry if the when we run out. and when pregnant women travel for water, many faint. and there's no nearby health facility in the lives become tougher here . as yearly rainfall has dwindled, a car says during the time of ancestors, water was plentiful, but now it runs out and many people are forced to migrate and then be delivered into you. you don't need to like 360, not even a road, but we are desperate for water for ourselves. and our jacqueline is minutes to say
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it's not possible to reach everyone is focused on is among the top 10 countries most vulnerable to climate change. focus on cash strapped government says it's a victim of climate injustice. we estimated between fixed and $14000000000.00 a year that we have to spend because a forced application. it's not a choice. we have to, we are forced to adapt to climate change. and these funds come come out of our priorities. i'll go felt out of education out of governance. so i think this is the area where the world needs to wake up because this injustice cannot continue with some help. people are adapting, harnessing solar energy has meant they've been reverse migration in some villages. having electricity is like a medical for there was the family. they can finally book after daylight hours for grades. and we have electricity now and the children can study. but we still have
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no water or gas, so we have to carry water on our heads. but despite all this, some of our villages have returned as there is electricity. here. small scalable projects can be adapted for large communities if there's political will and money. but focus on water challenges are complex, multifaceted and time is running out to address them from a majority. they are going to stand southern pakistan. your sports news is coming up after the break with gemma, including all the m. b, a highlights from the annual christmas day shed. jewel. ah ah,
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ah ah ah ah, it's time for he's jammah. thank you emily. 19 it continues to cause chaos in the english premier league with another game postponed leads against aston villa on tuesday. the latest to be caught off making it 14 payments. in england's top division in december, please don't have enough players available for the fixture due to positive cases. several primarily couple as a heading to next month, africa cup of nations,
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but now they wouldn't have to leave quite so early. it means the stars by egypt mohammed sila will be able to fit in a couple more games for liverpool before he departs. the torment starts on january 9th in cameron and clubs, as opposed to release players this coming monday, 14 days before it begins. the confederation of african football is agreed that players can stay at their club sides until january 3rd. england's misery and the ashes series against australia continued on day one of the 3rd test in melbourne. the, all these are dominated the start of the traditional boxing day tests to the m f. c . kept in, pack come in. this is miss each of the top 3 english batsmen, despite their skipper, j reaching 50 feet, england all out for just a $185.00. in reply, david warner hit associates of the c tables before he was dismiss late in the day is the australian closed on 61 for one month
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yes. remains a lot to to join a pretty, pretty small cloud. hopefully it's not a big business community cricket. so if i can be a role model, young, indigenous kids to want to play cricket that we've got to get a bit stronger and tougher with our dismissals. we know that we've spoken about that and that's just being honest with ourselves so. so we need to keep, keep doing that, we saw in that 2nd in, in adelaide that we body for a period of time and on each far away hits and look when it comes down to the 2nd ins again, here. this is after we're going to have to do in the abbey, i the annual a christmas day schedules for the return of the brooklyn. that soft of the spending their last 3 games because of cape 19. and they were amazed at the festive chair from the los angeles lakers. he slumped the 5th consecutive loss. james hart returned to actually without the christmas gift for the brooklyn. it would
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superstar james hardy returning after spending 2 weeks and cove at 19 health and safety protocols. the los angeles lakers struggled to contain harden the porch for hardon, and we're not even 3 minutes into the clerk. he finished with $36.00 plus 10 rebounds and 10 assist. as the nits opened up a 20 point lead hitting into the final quarter, ah, did. the lake is called the way back and no surprise who led the combat. he followed that with an assist the square, the game with 45 seconds remaining here, but that's where the scoring ended for the lakers. brooklyn closed out the contest by 7. obviously this new street is not something that man or was won, but nobody for sorry, for you knows. nauseous are for our record. nobody's not sure. sorry for guys alex, everybody nearby us garza top spot in the western conference was on the line when
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phoenix hosted golden state warriors had 7 players missing through covered 19 an injury that they had stiff. how high the sport the emb, the 8 all time leading 3 points you the had a game high. 33 points that gave the war is the lead. early in the 4th quarter, phoenix went down by 9 points in english. 15 game winning streak at home. day the milwaukee bucks. welcome back. their main man, genesis to compo from covered 19 protocols. he had 36 points, and 12 rebounds was as the m b, a champions, reli from 19 points down to beat the boston celtics job. i was really excited, excited to be around, my teammates are said to be on the fans says play game. ah, you're not, you're not nervous. another you know was obviously better, like kind of duster asked off quarter. krista more think dallas had more than half the original players missing through corona virus and injury,
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but they still managed to push the utah jazz. donovan mitchell tops scored with 33, helping home. so i had one by 4 points and all day. and kimber walker gave himself and the new york next, the perfect christmas present against atlanta. he posted his 1st triple double in almost 8 years in the 1st by next player on december 25th new york cruise into a 14 point victory. yes. it's kind of hard to put in the world to be honest. but it was, it was, it was special christmas day, the full van to worth al jazeera in the nfl green bay packers quarterback. aaron rogers is overtaken the franchise record for touchdowns. is that by club legend at brett farm, this was the moment of pack us history for rogers, his touchdown pos to find out on the zod at the 400 and 43rd of his career. just how to green day. it was 2422 in against the cleveland browns is not quite the same story for the arizona cardinals. a few weeks ago, they were tied with the packers but its 2216 to feet to the indianapolis house,
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with their fed loss and a right that no longer the top team in that position available for more later. thank you very much, jim. in spain, concern is growing over people moving away from small towns. it's led to a movement aimed at pressuring the government to offer better services in such areas. to attract families, natasha good name visited pratt to come to us in that catalonia region. oh, wanted people to relocate to the picturesque town of pratt da compton population, 183 traffic and pollution for mountain fresh air crowded classrooms for a school of 9 students. there is no hospital police or fire department and forget about a 5 g network. when virginia benham move responded to an advertisement to move here, she was lured by the job of managing this 9 room,
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hostile she had her 7 year old daughter. love arrived in january. i. rec, among lever. thank neil. as i lived in big city and foam is the 1st time but her. i'm very happy i may be because it was my to him. may i'm feeling good. hey, i don't know, but i hope it will be film and he asked, love can rome and play in the village without the safety concerns of a city, but she also has fewer playmates and a 30 minute drive to go swimming in the winter gant. my name is caitlin. hi kim. listen. i prefer to have more kids cuz then i have more friends present gap. asking huntington rams. according to government statistics, half of spain's municipalities are in danger of losing their population. these are primarily towns of less than 1000 people. however, data shows this issue is not just confined to rural areas. people are also moving
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out of provincial capitals and small to medium sized cities. to reverse the trend this year, the european union gave spain more than $11000000000.00 for a re population program. the goal is to provide small towns with more basic services, high speed, internet, and funding for housing and job creation. i keep us in their infancy. i get a good that i think it's going by that are so that i either rather hear you can have a childhood that you will remember all your life. the kids are on the street alone relate to people from all age. we have mountains and education is high quality luncheon a man isn't to them in more prevail, fenn. hm. who and her daughter are now part of the 1st population boom in pratt defroster since 2015, 13 people have moved here in the last year. the advertisement campaign seems to be working. natasha, her name l. 0 pratt to contact spain. and that's all for this news. alice de
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changed from anisa. ah and from the al jazeera london broadcast into 2 people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitations. this dick, it is a most consequential dictated menchie's doth plot to many companies that are doing bad things in the front in part 2 of human rights activists. q me 90 and environmental. if we known and the teeth, the systems are not working. but the longer that you fight them, the more that things change studio be unscripted on al jazeera online and i've
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always been fascinated by space. but the story, the space race isn't just about the men who wish their lives to travel and see i know. but the ones who held those lives in their hands, your grandfather and his colleagues worked on the space suits they, designing spaces of 11 was his try on all around. and the perfectly designed space to where his legacy putting man on the moon on al jazeera with
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a, a, a we have lost a great icon. a father tributes poor in for archbishop desmond to, to south africa is anti apartheid hero. and nobel laureate has died at the age of 90. ah, hello, i'm emily. ang, when this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up. the saudi led coalition defends air strikes on santa airport, saying that her thieves were using it to launch.


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