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broadcasting thumbnails have been august with happy al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. ah, south africa begins a week of mourning for archbishop desmond tutu who's died at the age of night. the war had seen him as a leader as somebody who has spoken for justice all over the world. ah, is his al jazeera live from doha. i'm fully back to bore. also coming up, australia's struggles to stay on top of record, go with 19 infections. nearly 1400 people were tested, negative,
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have now been told their results were wrong. somali is surprised and caused for the suspension of the prime minister in a growing dispute about elections and locked down school closures and the loss of one or more parents. we look at the emotional toll. the corona virus pandemic is having on children. imperial ah, south africa is beginning, 7 days of mourning for nobel peace prize, laurie a desmond to who's died at the age of 90. he rose to prominence in the 1980s as an opponent of a party during white minority war. a series of events are being planned to mark his passing, including a state funeral on january. the 1st gillian wolf reports from cape tom. as news broke of the death of their beloved bishop desmond tutu tributes poured in from
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across south africa and around the world. his legacy will be his love for or people. and i don't know whether have you come across his writings. he has always said that god is not god of christie's. god is god off or people. so his main legacy is his love for all god's people. and he believed that every one is created in the image and he used to it, it would. beautiful image of god. and i've carry that myself personally in my own ministry. yeah. he loved people. america's former president and 1st ever black leader, brock obama called to to a mentor, friend and moral compass. pope francis express in gratitude for his service to the gospel and queen elizabeth remembering his warmth and humour, the elders, a group co founded by desmond to to express their devastation. president, sir,
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over, i'm oppose. a calling the archbishop, a patriot, who gave meaning to the biblical saying that faith without works is dead to, to continuously challenge the status quo on issues like race, homosexuality, and religious doctrine. he also never stop fighting for the people of his country, which he dubbed the rainbow nation at the city's saint george's cathedral, known as the people's cathedral and powerful symbol of south african democracy. locals laid flowers as they bid farewell, friends, family, and faith leaders, a flock to his cape town, home to mourn the loss of their loved one. this has been a long journey and we have all being praying that he is makeup. takes him because he is given as 90 years of his life and he was at very frail in the end. and so we, as the family really made peace with the fact that we should let
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we cannot expect it man was given so much of his life to be there for his daughter. speaking of the hope she has for a future generation of leaders, the young people who are leading of the movement to save our planet in this country . the young people who are speaking out against economic injustice, the young people who are speaking out about access to education. i see i see those leaders as the country prepares to say good bye to this visionary leader and moral force. those closest to him will pay their respects in both the tribal casa and christian traditions. gillian wolf, i'll 0, cape town, south africa. okay, town city hall and table mountain has been laid up in purple to honor desmond total thou remain late until his funeral. purple is linked to the archbishop because he
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was the color of his clerical robes. condolence books have also been made available across the city so that everyone can share their tributes. in an address to the nation, south african president, cielo my pulse, i call to, to a man of extraordinary intellect and integrity. we have lost the person who carried the burden of leadership with compassion, with dignity, with humility, and with such good humour. we are comforted and the knowledge that he has left an indelible mark in the lives of millions of people who had the privilege and honor of knowing him. like many of his time, he was a witness to the gravest injustices and most intolerable cruelty that
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our country has ever witnessed. with the corona virus pandemic now, and a hospital in sydney, australia has once again apologize for errors with coven, 19 tests, and other 995 people have been told there. negative results were in fact wrong. that's on top of 400 wrongly detected cases on sunday. the most popular states new south wales has recorded its 1st death linked to the army chron. variant testing sites are overwhelmed. premier dominic parrothead has urged people who feel fine to avoid getting a covey 19 test. a catherine bennett is chair in epidemiology at the institute for health transformation at deacon university. she explains why australia is now struggling to manage the surgeon cases. well, we've actually really started to make the transition that makes the timing of the crime even worse than away because it's trying new. we couldn't keep the virus up.
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and the walls went out, vaccination rates were high enough and they were rates were hitting 90 percent for back to the now 6 in an older population that we would then be ordered. some of the state 30 were doing that states that already had delta still circulating, were planning to get back to 0 and had hospitalizations but manageable levels, mainly, and vaccinated people in victoria more than 90 percent awfully vaccinated nazi you still, but other states were starting to then have their plans in place to open up and on the chrome really shifted everything for the world. it has that vaccine escape quality. that means that the way we put into vaccination might still protect people from going to hospital. but it means you're just dealing with much larger numbers of infection in the community. not only do you have that have that risk, that you will say, even re cases. they will appear and be in hospital. but also people are going into hospital for other reasons, taking of ours with them and it's making our hospital system very,
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very complicated at the moment. as i tried many stuff, we've really pushed testing numbers up while some days was well over 150000 and tests and you just can't keep that volume of tests up. and kate, the turnaround time, short in terms of getting those results back. so it's not to load the system. and on top of that, some of the states that were trying to protect their own board is because i didn't have on the chrome circulating at that stage. they were asking that every traveler in today's days should have the artist before they leave. and so that was adding somewhere between 2540 percent. more people into the cues for p c r testing. so she volume of infection in the community. uh huh. travel requirement in the us, hundreds of slides have been cancelled for the 3rd day in a row airline say they don't have enough staff to get pains off the ground escalate . 19 infection sage, due to the highly transmissible on the con, variant in your doctors, reported an increase in the number of children meeting. hospital treatment. half of
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the admissions are younger than 5 who are too young to be vaccinations. my cana has moved from new york. there's been a role on effect as fried, so canceled people book on another one, then those flights get cancelled. or we're talking about a massive amount of lights just to stay alone. some 700 flights within the u. s. were cancelled as many as 1400 were delayed for a lengthy period of time. so the problem is in effect, compounding at these figures have remained pretty constant over the past 3 days. airlines attempting to fool the gaps as it were, getting more pilots getting more staff. and of course, the airline industry as well, getting people to process a passengers through airports. but as they do so, as they fool the holes, more people contract the virus, particularly versions of the new variant. so it is an ongoing situation. well,
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the only cranberry very and continues to drive the vast majority of infections. and if we just take a look at new york state, for example, in the course of the past 24 hours have been over 47500 new cases recorded. the vast majority of the army kron variant. this is, in fact, a pandemic record. and what is significant about this figure is that we are talking about a state in which more than 80 percent of people have at least one vaccine shot. a many of them have had to have double shots plus the booster shot. so this just indicates how good ami kron is at getting through even to vaccinated people. somali as president has called for the prime minister to be suspended, seeing he plans so open a corruption investigation against them. the 2 leaders have been accusing each other of holding up ongoing parliamentary elections. the pool were supposed to be completed by last friday, but so far only $24.00 m. p. 's have been elected out of the 275 seats being
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contested. obese mail summertime is a professor at the university of minnesota. he says somali as president doesn't to have the mandate to fire. the prime minister. the prime minister has to be set by the parliament to the country, and that part is not no longer exist. it's tenure laps. that's why you have 2425 people in the lower house who have been elected and 54 senators who are already been elected. so the previous parliament could have sacked, the prime minister is no longer there. so the president doesn't have the authority nor the institutional means to be able. ready to effectuate what his claim, what the president has done is to dragons feet over the last year and have in order for the selections to take place legitimately across the country. he has appointed a prime minister. he thought he could man and all. over the last year or so, the new prime minister have decided to do some things in ways that that was
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unconstitutional. so we have to figure, we don't have the constitutional mandate. we're playing the country. i mean people as a political football, no to follow process is kind of take place. luckily because the international community, which has also funnel is the one that has been supporting on financing this process . so what made legitimately out of this is that since the upper house, the senate has been completely elected and that the 54 senators represent the different sort of states in the country. they are the only legitimate authority to guide this process. so it could be up to the chair or the court order, the chair of the senate to be able to act on the patient. so that's responsibility and save the country from could y'all to causes that may unfortunately lead just civil war? if these 2 individuals don't call back still ahead on al jazeera, we look at the political instability that's leaving millions in east africa display
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. fend, uncertain of their future. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies. the weather sponsored my cattle airways. hello, they will have a look at africa in a moment, but 1st to the middle east, and we see things turn rather unsettled this week. across some of those gulf states . you can see this band of cloud pushing across saudi arabia to edging into guitar . we are likely to see rain by the time we get to the weekend, but 1st, further north of visit is a much dryer picture than it has been recently. temperatures are slightly below the average as they are for places like q weight, riyadh and dough. we've got a shamar wind blowing down, and that's creating quite a lot of hazy sunshine, but the temperature will pick up despite the wet weather moving. and if we have a look at the 3 day for doha,
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we're going to have showers by thursday and we could see thunder re downpours by friday. and that wet weather continues to join up with showers across a sudan some briscoe winds as well blowing. and it is going to dry up, however, for the northwest corner of africa, places like morocco. we will see rebecca seeing some sunshine for the south of this, that is an exceptional heat for places like nigeria, a buddha. in particular. it's further south that we are seeing that wes, her weather, in particular massive storms moving through botswana pushing into south africa. but by the time we get to choose say, they've skirted off and there'll be sunshine in johannesburg that weather. oh, the weather sponsored by casara, always the listening post cuts through the noise. we're talking about competing narratives. we're seeing monday being used to perpetuate those competing narratives, separating spin from fuck all 3 versions of the story and then some elements of the
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truth. but the full story remains and complain on the parking the stories you're being told, it's not a science story at all. it's a story about politics, the listening post, your guide to the media on a just 0. ah ah. well remember, a recap of our top stories on how jesse or attributes are being paid to south africa. nobel peace prize, laurie desmond tutu, after he died at the age of 19, the un secretary general antonio, the terrorist is prime to 2 as a towering global figure for hospital in australia has once again apologize for errors with covered 1910 another $995.00 people have been told there negative
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results were in fact wrong bringing the total to $1400.00 and somalia is president, has ordered the prime minister suspension saying he plans to open a corruption investigation against them. the 2 leaders have been accusing each other of holding up ongoing parliamentary elections. while political instability and violence has displaced hundreds of thousands of people in east africa as part of our year end series, looking at the recent events and the year ahead in different regions of the world, al jazeera malcolm web takes a look at so don, somalia, and ethiopia, in 2021, i protest is on the streets of sue don's capital car team. we've been demanding an end to military rule lane and we have demands that include indie military rule and a civilian government with competent capabilities. that's why we are out on the streets. the transitional government was formed after protests and did the 30 year
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rule of omar albus year in april 2019. ah, but in october, so don's army overthrew that transitional government, dashing demonstrators, hopes of democracy only. so my to that is to undo, you should trigger of changing of god is very important. i did symbolic, but the hard grass or building a democratic cultural audience, secure or des, do not believe in unity. not having a dish that can do it without any. not having a legislator free brave. i think that is a very long short. in the conflict in neighboring ethiopia sides have been accused of mass rates and killings of civilians. both government troops and rebels have made gains in recent months and then lost them again. the war started as a result of mistrust and unfortunately war actually worse than start mistrust and it creates its own grievances. but just like it started, i think even today, it,
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regardless of the shift in power balance in the buses, sailed from time to time. the conflict we mentioned an effective step met, which necessitates a political solution. but unfortunately, both sides seem to be focused on the righteousness of the cause until we shift from this mentality, the country is likely to remain in war. neighboring somali has been inching towards in direct elections that have been repeatedly delayed, which led to violence in the capital market tissue in february. selection of representatives by elders is due to happen in the coming weeks. but armed opposition groups in mogadishu say the whole process is already rigged. if the manipulation bad has happened to date continues during the process than i think you have a very significant risk of conflict already. val position has been quite opposed to what's happened and they've demanded some sort of re check on this process,
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but it doesn't seem like that's been heated. and so if it does continue this way, then i think where we're at a very risky situation. the conflict between somalia is west and backed government and the armed group al shabanni has dragged on. some analysts say the entire region is caught in a bigger geopolitical shift. the horn of africa is in, in crisis. and the middle east and gulf countries seem to have gone to an improvised reactive way of engaging with the crises in the horn. and in all of this, we really don't see the kind of influence from the european union, the u. k. of the united states. that we, we have seen in the past few decades in this part of the world, they just don't seem to be the primary international actors anymore. across the region, promises of democracy has been delayed. millions of people remain displaced by
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conflicts. malcolm web al jazeera rescue teams or trying to reach people trapped in northern brazil. after 2 dams bursts causing major flooding. it followed heavy rains in bye. he est dozens of homes, roads and bridges have been damaged. officials say the state has received 5 times the average rainfall for december to peru now where at least 10000 children have lost one or both of their parents to corona virus leaving many poor families without their bread winner is being described as the hidden pandemic. marianna sanchez report, some lima when and when it's of i used lost her 34 year old husband to coven 19 last year. she had to move into a small room at her in loss with her 3 children and all her belongings. now she worked nearly 12 hours per day, 7 days a week, a 16 year old son looked after the smaller ones. you are,
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they gonna think of and i usually make $10.00 per day, but sometimes there is no work. and sometimes i only make $7.00 in a day gun hardly enough for food and medicine. she says their life turned upside down. like for most poor families who have lost their bread winner to the pandemic . more than 200000 peruvians have died of corona virus. b 2 has the highest per capita death rate in the world. official government figures put the number of children who have lost one or both parents to the deceased and about 10000. but the lancet medical journal says, one of every 100 miners has lost a care giver. a total of more than $99000.00 children affected locally and i have family are added to the shop they already have because of the confinement they like face to face glasses. they have stress and anxiety. it's a critical situation and one in april, the government rolled out a grant plan is nearly $50.00 for each child,
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but families have to apply online. and for many that has proven the coldest thought of young aberdeen for everything is virtual 1st, they told me the information was missing, then that it had already been paid. i feel like they're lying to me. but with every thought, the government says by june, only 3000 children were receiving the pension. children not only think the sadness of having lost the parent most are poor and it is unlikely they will receive psychological help to overcome what for many has been a traumatic experience. and when it says that eden suleima constantly cry, but i me of you them. we took on down, it's been so shocking, i never imagined losing my husband and especially shocking for my children. my daughter christ calling out for her dad, my little son cries in the sleep cove with analysts say it is still early to understand the scope of the problem and dawn, i know we are facing an incredible challenge that we do not seem prepared to assume . we are a country in morning, and we are talking about
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a whole generation marked by the loss of their parents. it's yet another great challenge paused by the coven, 19 pandemic, the united nations children's agency. unicef says that while the majority of children may not get physically ill from the disease, their lives will forever be affected by the un sanchez, i'll just, he died lima, b 2. officials in the philippines say it could be february before power is fully restored to areas devastated by typhoon ry. at least 378 people died when the powerful storm slammed into central and southern regions last week. at least 60 others are still missing. the united nation so fed is horrified by reports of mass killings in myanmar rights groups of accused the military of carrying out a massacre. after the charred remains of 38 people were found in chi estate, tony chang reports, trucks burn at the end of the dirt track in kaya state southern myanmar. after the
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fires have died down, or the video showed charred bodies in the record on every $38.00 people, a few including women and children, reportedly rounded up and executed around the village of mo, so held by the mere mom military. among those missing 2 workers from the charity save the children who had been distributing aid to internally displaced people in the area. they are burnt out vehicle confirmed to be amongst those destroyed a written statement from the charity said. save the children condemns this attack. as a breach of international humanitarian law, were horrified at the violence carried out against innocent civilians and our staff who had dedicated humanitarians supporting millions of children in need. across myanmar. further south, close to the board with thailand, attack helicopters and aircraft seen operating in areas where tens of thousands of civilians are trying to escape the fighting men. mars military seeming now to be in
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a full offensive against armed ethnic groups. along the border with thailand, i expect that we're going to see more of these kinds of atrocities because the myanmar military ah, when it faces resistance ah, doesn't have any breaks it can, you know, operate it to kill anybody that it was because it will not be held accountable by military command, there is no breaks on the car here. and thousands more refugees have now fled into thailand in the past 2 days. this is a growing humanitarian crisis that thailand doesn't want. in the past, refugees had been pushed back into myanmar when ty authorities deemed the situation to be safe. that now looks like a policy that'll be difficult to justify. tourney chang al jazeera. these early government has approved a plan to double the number of jewish settlers in the occupied goal and height. the cabinet has endorsed a $300000000.00 plan for the settlement,
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israel annex the golan heights from syria in 1981. a move not recognized by most of the international community. in while a tense. com has returned to the occupied westbank town of burka violence has increased this interest, settler was shot dead by 2 palestinians earlier this month. harry foster reports another night of violence in what's become in recent days. the most frequent point of friction in the occupied west bank is ready. troop sealed off the village of berker villages through rocks and burnt tires. the military said shots were fired in the area. soldiers, 5 live ammunition rubber coated steel, bullets and tear gas into the crowd. by sunday, quiet had returned, but after day is that what people hear cool. unprecedented levels of attacks by israeli settlers. local activist honey describes how on thursday night settlers descended from the nearby illegal outpost of homage vandalizing
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a cemetery. before moving on to the village itself, homes with stones, with a lot going out, the dozens of settlers were attempting to get into houses. are cellar says this level of threat against the village is something new. i don't know danica russell. i've been sitting up till morning in case they come back and they're out of control . no government controls them, no army controls nor they attack you anywhere. earlier on thursday, thousands of settlers gathered in a mass rally at the entrance to homage to mark a week since the killing of yahoo demon man. he was shot as he left the post in attack attributed to the palestinian islamic jihad armed faction on sunday. soldiers continued to guard the entrance. israel was supposed to withdrawn from here in a 2005 disengagement plan, but a religious seminary has operated with military protection ever since. since the shooting settlers have repeatedly fought with soldiers as they tried to erect new
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structures, within whom esh they're calling to the outpost to be formalized once more. the military closures in recent days have happened when there been large numbers of settlers threatening the village. but villages we've spoken to say that the soldiers are here to ensure the safety of those settlers. when it comes to protecting burka from attack, they say they're on their own. the shooting 10 days ago has led to reprisal attacks across the west bank, but it's here in berker, where the threat has been most concentrated and most constant. the village remains on alert. hurry for sit al jazeera in the occupied westbank estrogen into our top story. 9, the deaths of archbishop desmond tutu south african writer, john allen truce, met the late archbishop during the apartheid era. he shared his memories without his ear on john allen. i met this one to 2 as a reporter. nearly 40 years ago. i went on later to become his chris secretary. and i've since written
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a bug raphielle his help him call rabble rouser for peace. what really drove him to public prominence was his absolutely uncompromising, angry outspokenness against apartheid at a time when most black. so africans, especially lexical africans, depended as the people he did for the jobs or what employers couldn't voice the feelings to, to voice the feelings for them. well, i do not know why in this country is great. he expressed people's anger the killing of school children. but at the same time, he did this in such a compassionate and powerful way that he, that he calmed very angry and contested. and over all the situation clearly unfinished business for him, it has been twofold. the one is the enormous disparities the,
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the obscene disparities in this country and wealth which hostile odd la on racial lines. i think the 2nd unfinished business would be the failure of whiteside african and all that many to actually take the hand that was offered by symbolically nelson mandela that also to, to ah, the headlines on al jazeera south africa is beginning 7 days of mourning for nobel peace prize laurie desmond total was died at the age of 90. a series of events have been planned to marcus passing, including a state funeral on january, the 1st 2 to rose to prominence in the 1980 s as an opponent of apartheid during white minority roll.


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