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son oh, father, ah, a mutual loves of the ox. the stage is set to immortalized trading memories, or in a magical race against time. witness our time mission. on a jesse, you know, compelling journalism we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous . ambulances continued to arrive at the scene of the explosion in spy program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about living under fascism was light. how much money did you make for your rural and deliverance? unlike fab al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running o
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a. again of the top stories on the august, there were new our iraq supreme court has ratified the results from october's election. after rejecting an appeal by opposition parties, supporters if iranian bag groups protested against the decision, the 8th round of talks to revive the trans 15 nuclear deal with iran is underway in vienna. iran foreign minister says his top priority is an agreement to lift sanctions on oil sales. somalia prime minister has accused the president of attempting a qu, he's been suspended on allegations of corruption on his home has been surrounded by security forces. fighting between me and mars, military and ethnic her and armed groups continued on monday close to the tie
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border. thousands of refugees have already fled into thailand and more are expected after air strikes, fit villages in the area. tony chang reports the small arms and automatic gunfire. echo across the banks, the more river concerns me in a plume of dark smoke rising after not tillery strike, a few 100 meters away on the tie side, and make shift shelter for refugees who fled across the river. for the moment, they don't want to move too far away so they can monitor what's happening in their homes. they can also hear the ferocity of the fighting. so it's obviously, the marty situation is very bad. they're using helicopters to drop bombs and all had to run to survive the children and adults to get into the site. maybe it's not safe to go home because they are playing or hate shooting. we don't feel safe to go
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back. the board of police and thailand say the fighting, broke out at dawn as it has done to the last 2 days. now, the time military have returned fire on a number of occasions. just warning shots they say, some munitions have fallen on the ty side. this farmer, pointing out damage from shrapnel of the several motors fell in his fields. those wounded in the crossfire come across to thailand, treatment as have thousands of refugees, a number that's growing every day. in common in the last 2 or 3 days, there have been serious clashes with plains attacking villages. and there been several wounded people crossing over the border to get treatment. but thailand is not keen to encourage people to cross. this is one of the places where people have been coming across, but the tie army have put res was all across the top of the bank of the river. but for the moment they're pretty happy to stay over. they're ready to come across the border. the fighting gets any closer. children play on the river bank as the
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evening sets in. but the battles that a raging along the river between yemen military, unarmed career groups shows no sign of letting up or letting them return home. tony cheng al jazeera on the time in the border in germany and mark the end of an era this year with angular merkel stepping down as chancellor. after 16 years, her successor lost souls and his party have signaled the return of more left leaning politics across europe. but the regions other power centre from since hoping to keep the balance as it is don't hold reports from berlin and paris. ah, it was the end of an era in germany. and gala merkle, 16 years as conservative, champs that defined by economic strength, stability, and european leadership in her place came a shift in tone and direction. if not pace, a quiet man from the centre left can accomplish it civilly tape the guns from allah
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show him promises more merkel style stability, but with an accent on social justice. his offer of respect for the working class, one vote is back from the populist extremes. his vision to turn germany into a manufacturing power for the carbon neutral age. there is not just a change in style and communication, but this is going to be a domestic transformation. monumental task that they have set out for themselves. but in terms of foreign policy, it's not going to be simply an inward looking government. because the world situation doesn't allow for that for a country in the middle of europe with no country has more neighbors as in this. and so there's going to be a global agenda and there is more of a human rights based approach to foreign policy. so 2021 ends with change here in
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germany. the ascent of the social democrats signaling the possible revival of the left across europe. while in france 2022 brings in the election in which president emanuel micron is hoping things stay more or less the same. for him, at least a few months ago. the deal to be done, michael was going to face matthew le pen the far right candidate in the 2nd round. and he would say it was going to be the winner. as in 2017. now it's far more complicated because the far right is split between 2 candidates. and the 3rd candidate has emerged. the right wing, traditional right wing, valero, because, and so the game is far more open. that it seems that the axis of french politics has moved to the right dominated by issues like immigration and to succeed. my crone will have to move with it. but like previous power, couples with political differences. think coal meter, all she rec, schroeder,
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that's no reason to think sholtes and mccomb can't see eye to eye on europe and the world. joe, to hold al jazeera at paris. the jury and gallon maxwell sex trafficking trial has signaled it's not near a verdict. deliberations have extended into a 2nd week. the birth or social i pleaded not guilty to grooming teenagers for under age sex. she faces up to 70 years in prison. if she's found guilty, i speak to gabriel. he's on the who's following the trial for us out of new york. so deborah, what can we glean from the fact that this seems to be taking so long? well, it appears that the jury is taking this case very seriously and also taking the defense argument seriously as well. most legal analysts will tell you the longer a jury deliberates, the better it is for the defense. that's a general consensus. the bottom line is though, that nobody knows what is happening inside that jury deliberation room in this
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federal court house behind me in lower manhattan. only the jurors that are in that room. this is the 3rd full day of deliberation surgeries, do have rated in total. about 21 hours now at a very long time. and so on monday. busy they signaled to the judge did, they do need more time. they asked for transcripts of a couple different people that testified. they also asked the judge to further define what enticement means, in a legal term. several of the charges against elaine maxwell referred to enticement . and they also asked for some sticky notes of different colors, insinuating that they're really going through these charges and trying to hammer out some sort of conclusion here. the bottom line is, this is a difficult case. difficult charges as well, 6 different charges that the jury has to come to some consensus on. but the big one
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is this 6th one. that is a sex trafficking of minors which carries up to 40 years in prison, add it all up, and all 6 charges are up to 70 years in prison. but bottom line, though, is delaine maxwell is in a holding cell in this court house behind me. and she is waiting, just like every one else for the jury to reach some sort of verdict. thank you so much. gabriel is on the reporting from new york. south africa is observing a week of national mourning for anti apartheid icon in nobel peace prize. loria desmond to 2. people are paying tribute to the man who rose to prominence in 19 eighties as an opponents. if apartheid during white minority rule, he even won a nobel peace prize for his work. 22 was also the 1st black archbishop of cape town . this is the said moment, but it is also moment of celebration,
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celebrating life well lead alive. that is the so gigantic boy, just struggles. many evokes in the life of our country where i to bishop led many of our people, millions of people in his struggle against departed. and when a party was defeated, also led the process. so for reconciliation, prostitution is a multi $1000000000.00 industry in spain, as in many other countries, it was decriminalized there in 1995. but now the prime minister is pushing for stronger measures. official, the name reports from, from large on cara, close to the border with france. going to show you my stuff. a passion for poll dancing, seduced julia into joining the sex industry. i fell asleep when i do it. she earns
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her living as a dancer and prostitute at club paradise. it's near spain's border with france at its touted as the largest brothel in europe. the 33 year old romanian immigrant says she's proud of what she's been able to do with the money she makes. yet she asked to conceal her identity because she knows society may not share her mind set. she's also studying and planning for a life beyond prostitution. my life is my choice. i never do nothing that i won't don't want to do. they still gave me a home opportunity to pay my study to help my family and to have a good life. for me, this one gives me a lot, many things that the normal job and i was walking normal and i was every day and i didn't have only to pay rent and food and nothing else. so for meet the day i
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have a lot thinks. so i am proud prostitution was decriminalized in spain 26 years ago. law inforcement approach has been to punish the pimps, not the prostitutes. now, spain's prime minister is pushing to pass a law, which would penalize not only pimps, but any middle men who profit from prostitution. this would shut down brothels, since prostitutes pay to rent rooms i saw leprosy to see on would have been in the case of prosecution, the majority are undocumented migrants in spain. the government should ensure the rights of migrants here and everywhere in the world, but prostitution can be understood only us an issue of livelihood, which it is, but is also an institution of inequality and an institution of patriarchy. opponents of prostitution also point to the intersection with sex trafficking. last year, spanish police rescued, $160.00 victims,
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and $32.00 sex traffickers were convicted. however, those figures likely don't represent the full picture in a billions of dollars a year industry, the manager of club paradise says government regulation would combat exploitation and improve working conditions for women. he said it will era, but if this was regulated, it could be controlled. and the ladies who are working here would also have rights . and they should have the rights that any working person has video that would be something feasible and good for everyone really to have that security whilst working here. but if the proposed law banning prostitution passes next year, it could wipe out the livelihoods of thousands of women in the sex industry. whether it's the law getting older or wanting to start. a family, julia says for her, this life has always had an expiration date. natasha rename l 0 la john kara space plus flooding in northeastern brazil has led to the deaths of 18 people
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. rescued teens are trying to reach those who are trapped. the delusion came after 2 downs burst following weeks of heavy rain, swollen rivers flooded towns across the state of bahia, alessandro pity. as this report, some residents of ether, buena in ne brazil, resorted to piloting jet skis to help flood his family's reach safer grounds. others like this man huddled an inflatable mattress to reach his home. water flooded this and other towns across the state of by year after to dance collapse following weeks of heavy rains that had already displaced thousands and sunday afternoon. residents have ita buena surveyed the damage a point to a local de la toma. it's crazy by the bridge. it looks like the ocean. there are waves, almost 2 meters high. we feel sad, thinking about our families. our responsibilities are debt, but you can't play with gods. well,
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l t r e to say they evacuated thousands of residents from 67 towns still under flash, floods, warnings, while rescuers on being these were trying to reach trap. families springing basic supplies are much very said to see our town like this. it's very said, i never seen anything like this in my life. but yes, governor re castro said some 400000 people have been affected by the flooding. you'll have to visit with those viewers. this, i've received a lot of videos of people putting themselves at risk, trying to save vulnerable people, the elderly children, throwing themselves into the water up to their necks, using floats. this strength, this unity for life will help us rebuild the unprecedented rains 6 times greater than the historic average have continued unabated since mid november. more than 4000 people are now homeless, while i least 18 of died since the start of an emergency that could continue for
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weeks. allison and the under the, you know, an extreme cold warning has been issued for much of western canada. a number of cities are reporting record, low temperatures of the coldest, plummeting to minus 50 degrees celsius. weather officials expect the extreme conditions to last for several days. the captain of a ship that spilled a 1000 tons of oil off the coast of marisa last year has been handed a 20 month jail sentence. the captain had pleaded guilty and admitted to drinking during an on board party. the ship had a coral reef and right of ground in an area known to host rare and endangered wildlife. the accident was the worst environmental disaster in the history of maricia. now bitcoin is giving a former alimony implants, in texas and new industry crypto miners are pouring in from all over the world and offering millions for a spot there. philip l reports from rockville rockdale, texas is coining it in bit coining it in. just listen to this. it is the sound of
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making money, the us now the destination for bitcoin miners and rural texas, reaping it here. we're hiring 400 more people. like a fat, we can hire mind springing up everywhere. solving complex algorithms 247 to release bitcoin. it takes the equivalent of 30 years, average household energy to mine, a single one, but they made about $460.00 single mom in a month. right. winston is enormous, a 100 acres 800000 machines and growing. we provide the opportunity to freight long lasting jobs and create a new market for people that never thought they be working in this particular industry. the big question is, why rockdale? and here is your answer power loads of it be say, this place used to have the largest alum in your plant in the world, but that close down years ago, and it left behind all of this extra energy capacity. now this is perfect for
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bitcoin because it needs a huge amount of energy to my in on mass. on top of that power is relatively cheap here in texas. plus, there are a huge number of big coin miners who have been forced to find a new home recently. because china found crypto mining earlier this year, i immediately decided to go to other countries leaving thousands of bitcoin. companies like pooling to get out quickly. so they went west, they're building here because avenue directly market. you can consume also, or sell electricity as you want. jessica clacking to the great. so it's only so totally open free market. criptos like cotton. they have to politicians hep senator, ted cruz governor, greg abbott. can't get enough of it, but even they can't control the weather. massive storms in february let a huge outages, millions, wet weeks without power. the grid here is creaking already. that's a lot of heat that we have to of these buildings that these servers are located in
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. so there's a large air conditioning load that is also associated with the mining process. and it's getting busy at texas as big coining mining alone on cost to use twice the yearly power of the entire city of austin soon globally, crypto hunting using more energy than all of our gen, tina. we're at this point in life where there's a lot of criticism of i and if you think this isn't low entity, we're also the ones that are using power in the middle. the night. when people have turned their power off, the generators remain more proper will allow them to keep running. so that when you're home or your business or the hospital need the different power, it's already there, rockdale, this is a success story. even the med mining crypto at home as he takes beds on space. i had one last week. i've got a $100000000.00. guardian just come in and start and at that's our money to build with where industry left bitcoin to write the lonestar state. a big stop for crypto minus fed lavelle, alice era rockdale,
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texas. the sports those is up next on the al jazeera news, our more games are postponed in the english, primarily due to cover 19. and you will be here in just a moment with that story and more. ah
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ah ah ah, for the sports is with envy. thank you so much. sorry. will a record 103 premier league plies and staff of tested positive for carbon 19 in the past 7 days. 15 games have been to spend so far this month. liverpool manage at yoga club where he says coaches are doing all they can to protect the place. be
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bill not stop discussing, because if we don't discuss it, it just stays like this or maybe to plays anyway like this. but there's still, it's m, the players need help and help needs to come from, from other, from, from other areas. so that means in this case, now the cultures are the closest to the players and b, b have to deal with all these kind of things. while 3rd placed chelsea came from behind so beats are asked and that a 3 on on sunday their head coach, thomas people says he's having to take huge risks with his score saying some gifts someplace more minutes than he wanted you to ensure some numbers. because all positive cases and injuries, one of those was that man gull score rommel in a car cave. he's just recovered from corona virus village without their manager. steve jarrett of the he tested positive and then next game on tuesday, it's been called off because upon its leaves don't have enough players available wash. everybody thinks like, of course, when you read the met sheath and you read, read the names you. saint leger, everybody's, they're 18 guys, top squad,
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and it's true. if you're, if you're, if you look in detail, you see that we are struggling and, and we're taking some, some huge risks. while over disruption has helped manchester city increase their lead at the top of the table following a 63 when i the lester, they are 6 points. i had of liverpool who were unable to play their game against leaves on sunday. shoot that outbreak in marcella be lc scored or we'd been talking to the all rights at gavin hamilton. he says, business considerations are playing a big role in the premier league. handling of the pandemic is not clear the play, the teams are being treated equally. some teams, so having the games called off of us having to play the games. others are having to play with we can back room stuff because their medical stuff has tested positive all the coaching stuff as opposed to just not just about the players. so it's not a level playing field and some clubs still that they are being treated unfairly. the logical thing to do would be to have a week or 2 week breaker to let the infections go through the squads and through
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the club training grounds. and then start again in 2 weeks time, but unfortunately, money to takes everything in the premier league the regains throughout the christmas period, have the place of fatigue, the contract people failed. so the show must go on. and that means that the unfortunate infections will carry on as well. and there isn't an obvious way out of this crisis at the moment. language football is unique in, in europe, and carried on playing through the christian faith. in fact, is the busiest period of the season. whereas in italy and spain and france, germany, they are on a break and their players are actually on holiday at the moment. so they will have to find some time in the schedules later in the season. and it means a very crowded fixed list in the 2nd half of the season to, to catch up australia to be heading towards a convincing series. when against england, the tourist suffering yet another passing collapse there on the brink of a 3rd strike defeats the sort of fine melbourne had to be delayed with england
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needing to be covey. 19 test due to an outbreak among support staff for wicked from jimmy anderson looked have got them back in again. it helped restrict the home team to 1st and he's lead of $82.00 australia all out for $267.00. but in the final, our australia boys took over and reduced into $31.00 for 4. o in these jo route side will resume day 3, trying by 51. ronnie's australia gone to when they will say overseas. and we knew that that last 12 hours was gonna be tough with it, with a new ball. but even even so, it's hard to lose for were cases really disappointing. now, so that the spell from stock and come means was with outstanding. but that's what you expect that that will class bonus that then if in test cricket for, for many, many years now the entire england scored under went further. covet, 19th,
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tested the cause of plain melbourne with those results yet to be released soothingly. support staff to the place family members or an isolation after testing positive and still to be decided how the matcher, if the match would proceed. if there was a positive case amongst the players playing groups, i mean they come in contact on the fails that what everyone is now on, on, on, on jaila, everyone is being extra cautious. and ultimately, it's a common sense and making sure that people are socially distant thing so that you know, if, if these ranches and test the convert into pc positive tests, we've already isolated those people. and it's about minimizing the risk of, of any further spread. the n h l is bringing in some pre measures to help avoid it further disruption up to 3 more games, a cold off due to car with 19 so called taxi sponsor being re introduced. these are made up of 6 reserve plants who travel practice with teams and can replace regulars who are ruled out due to current
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a virus. the regular season was due to resume today after the holiday break, but it's being pushed back to choose day to allow the league more time to analyze testing results. 67 games have been postponed so far this season. i think as players, the most frustrating part is seeing what other sports leads are doing. and it seems as if we're heading the opposite direction. was that, so it's you know, i think it's a little confusing for us. and the payoff chasing cleveland cavaliers thrust a corona virus to pay to toronto, raptors in the m b i. the canadian side had 10 players missing juice, the legs, health and safety protocols. the cavaliers took full advantage easing 2045 point when law last week, the embryo announced it had no funds to hold the season despite the worsening code . 19 situation. barrels of fact. okay, but as i suppose looking for natalie, thank you so much for that update. and thanks for watching the news. our on al
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jazeera, we hand you over to our team in london, barbara saras with you in just a moment. sure how much more of the day's news? bye bye for now. ah, mm. filling the debates, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from of common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future 8. now this is not a lock can get this completed. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do and we have the tools to do. to get back,
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we must build all the paper. the stream on al jazeera, coveted beyond wells taken without hesitation, fulton died for political power, defines our wild laws. lou babies were dying. i did it, nothing about it's neglected babies to deck people and power investigates, exposes, and questions to the use and abuse of power around the globe on al jazeera in just under a year's time kettles al bait stadium will house the opening match of the 2022 world cup, the official opening of the stadium came on day one of the arab cup, but many friends were already counting down to the big kickoff next, november, c, u. r. o, a 1022 as this tournament unfolds over the coming days, it will play a key role. organize is getting ready to host the middle east. biggest ever
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sporting event next year and for the castle national. same as they get used to playing in front of expected home crowds be hoping to convince both the fans and themselves. so they really all ready to take on the world. ah, talks resume in vienna to revive the ran nuclear deal negotiators are told. difficult decisions will will give you a hello barbara, sarah. this is al jazeera life and then also coming up a stand off outside iraq supreme court. really, in fact groups.


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