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tv   [untitled]    December 31, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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i will cover all of latin america for most of my career, but no country is alike, and it's my job to shed light on how and why lou mclaughlin, doha, the top story here on al jazeera and south africa says it will ease current of ours restrictions after infections dropped by almost 30 percent last week, the government believes it's past the peak of the almost from variant for me to mila has more from cape town. full indications, all that south africa has passed. the peak of its 4th wave, which appeared to have started toward the end of november early december. now they've seen a 50 percent decrease in infections, and that was the week leading up to christmas. and compared to the week before, that's a significant reduction in infections and the government is saying that they have
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the hospital capacity. hospital admissions are low, the number of deaths, so low, but people should continue to be in mind that the army called variance is highly infectious. u. k prime minister, bruce johnson, has cooled on those, celebrates in the new year to get tested for cobra. one team is on the chron spreads across the country. you know, people to be cautious and sensible. the u. s. state of colorado is battling some of the most destructive wildfires in its history. hundreds of homes have been destroyed and tens of thousands of people have been evacuated to towns near denver . a hardest hit. the u. s. and russian presidents have spoken for the 2nd time this month, and the bid to deescalate tensions of ukraine. joe biden repeated the threat of sanctions if moscow and bates, ukraine, vladimir putin responded that such move could lead to a complete breakdown of ties between the countries. more than $100.00 ranger
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refugees who spent almost a month to drift at sea in a damaged boat. and now in quarantine in indonesia, they will be moved into temporary housing. once health checks have been completed in asia, initially planned to turn the boat away, but allowed it to land after international prussia. the former president of south korea has been released from jail park. good, hey, has served almost 5 years of more than 20 year prison sentence for corruption and countries have started celebrating the new year in utah fashion. the fire was canceled in new zealand due to cave at 19, and a light show that was put on instead to welcome in 2022 celebrations around the world to being impacted of course, by the pandemic. what was 5 and a half 1000000 people have been killed since a virus was 1st reported in the chinese city of wu han, 2 years ago. your state headlines more news coming up here on out 0. how to be returned to al jazeera course. ah,
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the northwest of kenya is home to a tribe named a pocket of practised f t m for centuries as an arc to patch come here to me dumpty latch her son was devoted her life to ending if she am in her home county of west dakota ah, she is married with 2 young children in iowa until as 28. she is one of the few women of her agent, this county who hadn't been cut my notes at early another escape. what's happened is i, i witnessed a stage of the cut that her kids are not allowed to witness. as a young guy with an 11 years old. in this community emptiness performing 2 stages. this, what 1st teens, which is this a slate cut? yes, that is done in public with the prisoners of men and women,
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and our young girls and young boys. as su, yes, we see it yet. we see it by the yesterday. only like a slate cut. just immediately after the 1st day, the women are taken to and they got her taken to articulate this like a bush. so we sneaked in and what i just saw on the sickles seeds was shocking. my cousin was laying down there in a pool of blood. yes and women were pinning her down in her denito so i can't completely, you know, there's a one was like really butchering half like you know how you cut pieces of meat that was expecting. it's not to do thus just that. yeah. but she was really doing this, you know, when i yes with them if yes, until was claim me. but as claims were being covered by their women, air singing in, you know, that rank tool tool to cover has claims or she was helpless. what was left there was just like red flash. yes, i still can't believe this is some of the we are still debating about honestly.
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ah, it was this dramatic expedient that made dotala refused to become a motivated how to set up her own charity to help m f. g m. we're heading to the village of sandwich with 160 girls are preparing for an alternative rite of passage to ceremony, which was so meet villas week was in 2014 as in the late of india. hello, the trip to sandwich from don't till of house takes 2 and a half hours through mountain passes and bumpy roads. and that was good for the welcome when we get there makes it worse it oh, in the pocket culture cutting traditionally involved
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a celebration in which the whole community takes part. oh, the girls are housing their dances for the alternative ceremony. is really nice. coming in, it was beautiful. i didn't expect to see that difficult for me to loved and thing and seeing. we want people to know that we level custom enough. they let me do a little bit early, but from the cut. yes. this is where they them for nothing, for any of the teacher left from the same community. the girls receive full day the lessons before their graduation. b. good. i got one another i work on and i never happened today. the nanny exactly what after i am involved and the health complications using models a dog. a. mcdonough? no no, no, no, no, no no. linda wood. i bet you were gonna go to let them one to become us. did
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you go? i know a good number about them in the me a new mother. i'm one bob, paul, when you know, but yeah, it doesn't look good. i would you must. you go to be when you have been cut, you put into seclusion for one month, whereby you thought out to become a good wife, how to treat your husband, how to cook. so we do the opposite. we bring the girls in here, we're teaching them lego. the children's rights, what we did them about a health implications of jam then. so it's basically sim, like same thing without the car to but and different teaching c m because the one this goes to be important people in the society. i'm at my big one. don't peel on her colleagues, have had to work hard to change the attitudes of parents in the pocket community. i cut girl can bring significant economic advantage to a poor family. a girl is married of a man brings dowdy into in term of couse. ender,
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i'll tell you that for this community, they played praises quite high, especially the girl is young and that most people tend to model that with us. the older men could they bring good number of calls as much as many authentic health because of poverty situation. there tending to cut their gulf when they're still young, then they married them when they get there is quick, quick, quick, quick, quick her. well, so much is on cut the girl worse. but i am cut girl. you can actually be given away at a throwaway press. yes. for girls, they might even give you away for free. because they just want to get rid of you because it, i bought a mores where the ration the girl from sing and dance to a song composed by local musician la kito. you have a personal reason for wanting to and of cio sla, linux. you've been jo casala,
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the music has done give, give me moderator, has done clement in dublin, mann and bug a starlight major style over. no one helped her. my meeting again that i got an umbrella illegal, but i want to know he will not load well. i've got him at the car. kissella patrone . he said you can visible the am dickie bermonte ne ligonier. but what was the name of your sister clemente in clementine? how old was she living? regarding a camera and the more more local moran look in it. and the picture oh, good with a credit. fcl has been illegal in kenya since 2001.
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but around here. well, the law have been largely and effective with this. i just $160.00 goes that goes around this village on the villages that around most of them, i still being cut. i mean, we have not been able to reach out to everybody is, is a big, big, big land. you know, it's a big county. i find out from taylor that one of her youngest has run away to be cut with friends. i know don't let's use but i wonder if the older generation her mother and grandmother supported her sister's decision, what she takes me to meet them. colina lannie was in a la keela, deb anisa and both galen fanny. thank you so much. people yell well, milan, lad dylan with the one litter one the now can good look back. good,
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bad at that. again, what were law legal vocal that they needed you? i'll go back when you go in and daniel middle nowhere and i'm with that. i've been with the bible with him at the by new granola element litigate, and we'll go on and when you're moving in and we wanted other more as well, you know, the for not live and literacy. police are looking for them. i will tell em. i see it will go, well i see a guy now a good. yeah. and yeah, it's not for me to look. so she was hoping in before it was really about so you are against that because of the law. but in your time, if jim was good, do you think that you live? we more that that will come with one lot. he had the well as yeah. what the
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yeah. go ahead and i can with you again when he come job. but the one i want you to know the meaning of the william on level to quote good, not a bill dinner about the doing that. and what i wanted to give you the, why will you need you ran, natalie? does a bit does all me that a good m dot randall and i look good to got it got muscle control, your mama meeting from de la grandmother meet me. appreciate why the key to ending f jamming with bucket is keeping girls in school. i found a lot about it that way. parents don't have to rely on a diary to help support them on their elders. educated girls can pay for their own cows. oh,
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today's i'll tend to right of passage is being housed in the market square. i'm some which i love. hundreds of people from many different villages have come to witness . so cation oh i i know, ah i . c find out that some of the girls made great cousin sacrifice to be here today.
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oh, i yeah. of many of your friends here back in was you today or no money i don't about is just you hear no one else from the village. so does it mean there would be cub politico the going with it? or you found here today? there nothing. and animal to me then you some years of the new here just along with that go and joins of ah, that another go who catches my eye and my meeting and he will leave a lasting impression on me. ah, the presence of dignity here is a testament to empty le success. it means to attend to fact of passage have the stamp of approval of important eldest into community. this is, but we don't want to be back. oh,
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blood said live. that is just the vast majority of pocket people, a christian, and the graduation ceremony ends with a blessing album. patents and elders stand behind the girls that belong to their villages. almost women. yes ma'am. yeah. okay ma'am? yeah. i mean good. you know, obama number one on a buddy q ah, it was wonderful and fetching to see all the community leader and the parent, especially the father standing behind the young girls symbolically. it was like saying, we have your back. we have your back with support you and we support a decision not to because there was a wonderful to see and just wonderful, wonderful. ah,
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i wanted to meet as early as i leave early elysa girl. i noticed dancing at the ceremony. she ran away from home after her father began beating her mother, believing she was responsible for ali, the refusal to be cut as why wouldn't odessa? you are now to get the way, i guess susan, i don't young non dangled up any. would you glue with our quick lube which kicks and giggles glow, maddening. to me! i'm going to win, leon all. good, only liver garage hughley. oh, dear, neo to the old look ebay a dozen when i get your anger de la mila. mila was a bubble, miserable, good. the medicaid at them when you know law goes, you'll go on and exit,
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and i'm one of them going along with the only one, like an anomaly. so your family have shunned you the fristoe way bottling only meet the burden honey. what do you say to young girls who are about to attend the alternative rite of passage? what do you say to them? any more? you know by then i look really one. i look at the dominant, lemony dealer. look at the uni again. i gave a deal with daniel boone on but you know, when we did the account was q one see a little less because i'm with the denny aly. and yet i ran again when a man not when you're going with them that will august. again, we're gonna are, they did excellent at all. thank you that that was me, the victim. and so what are you hopes and dreams for the future? but you know, i'm glowing on and like, you, don't, you double me at the end of the, not the one i'm and the one you genetic another, picking them glue them, as is low,
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would, ah, your does, your bene, jebel, groovy any school. or what is elissia graham? i mean, cost an annual cut. i am a milan. i look at your, your, some of the visa. i love one a morning which is in the lonely locker. fatima, non 1000000 de la jani. and a juliet, you non denila guardian. i megan was on the little dog and nobody now and anyway, i was able to log on and off. there's a tough question and i think you're very brave because i can't imagine given up. you know you leave your whole family behind you, siblings you father and mother. i don't know what i would have done glen yuki and then looking at alan. if he gets sick when the, the rudy was you deal bomba milligram. dear
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man. you know what i see you and i look at you. i see some one i can see a lot of sadness in your eye, but i can also see strength and determination. so i believe that one day you'll have your own family. one day you have your degree. i believe that you will achieve all the dreams. spending time with dante law has been an inspiration to me through how to resilience an example. she's inspired so many others like ellie. i'm sure in turn. that element do the same. yet i they leave kenya. my thoughts turned to my family in sweden. it's time to face my own troubles. ah yeah. good to do. back in stockholm. i
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meet up with my old childhood friend and fellow editor and sweden, bettina. i'm getting try lot with sexy at them again. neither of us know enough about why the cut is performed in our own culture. i'm gonna use it to some lady. yeah. like our parents generation, you know? yeah. again, the reason that doesn't talk, and i think is going to be interesting because they work with the subject. you know, let's go to mac hewitt, my editor nyesha our air trans, they support women in the dashboard and sweden. yet for us already, you nest on our la from inpatient about nearly 3 or your mum latifah front and inc. luster tilden in for the bullhorn don't ever muncie who,
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who's oss say it is so the in empathy, gosh, we fear in their bar, and that is lute or do hold up. probably, trina, we're a little prompting to all my life to me. but for your monday, i don't control the 100, i'm at control later. green known as i say, it must insulate it livid to handle your if you are the yen. at our horns protestant, he worth a car to leak or under our aimlessly mad men. the alley hopa, it is dropped, but over there. so the heart in 19 you're really bar alex on under sticker. the hot in hunting may drill you and at your the 30 say it a chance dampening face into body africa. let it 3 other fees version of it for folks, it rule out, the harder to actually i'm a little harder to africans. a problem. our last mc get a chance to them hot janice to order and mom for via the mirror. almira,
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indian pakistan, coldest on iraq, latin america and, and we do not e, i, miracle cousins could have on their guardian than he was brought up and normally taboo subject you seeing in the camera the kind of t multiple grand off her at the, on the school not leave it there. the hadn't uplifted there. okay, marla, we can shut the door. the honey. okay. mom. the had a of the month was men. nancy? nick i yeah i, i have been it that the did with that. a good live over the head, or one thing that went on god in that dormer did. it did door little was a name, a problem that, that i've been into the office door mom visit the brought on them and mont viagra. up. newton. i'm on a 2nd, ma'am. they mc jemirah and sore, far download on 400000000 owner fleet caught up venus ma got yeah,
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and on decimal for funding in on them. so i thought that in order to be, are there still a men there or see it is got off he's, he's got consequences or they're dead for this. come stop. but so on the hey, it con scorpion on day or brought on the upper classes. so viani the can't just go to the other, exit the so many sales got the not a product of the or they dug on their what 40 or she'll get osha many wrong go to be brought up there to to call didn't have was it the hard into the stood out that at 7, but although i've always known i've not been cut, i've never asked my mother why. if she, i'm is not a subject to discuss. but today we're going to talk about it. it took a lot of convincing to persuade my mother to take part in this film. my father and
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sister refused due to the table that's run the subject. there's a personal question i need to off my mother, so that makes me comfortable. for this month i did. so i start with the easier one after the small leash mother had a daughter named michelle michelle. michelle is in wishing, i wish not wish there had been i would at yan in the kind of middle wishing to laugh and left a dean when she did a lot of like a lot of thought about. been on muffled. fishy. like enough, danny. but bad. i would rather like him to with my buyer mom and i'm ok with that. i'm ok with that then we can run the danny and i'm wishing owner and the i'm sure what it, what on that i'd have to find a middle
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. i thought it was an open mind texting me. i'm hungry. look for a lot of stuff. get the lunch of that. yep. exactly. mm hm. mm hm. so i thought that the focus i will, yeah. a lot. hm. and it hadn't been out to harder for us out then i'll get the fuck and i will let you know me with that we are the only mosquito. hell, how do you come on as i love it? thank you. i and our friend and i had made the landlord new new england for aga method evicted for me, and out of the i me, i'm do how guilty and on there so far and democracy for youth. i'm talking about the id a 5th off of route, and landon mom, fish my 50 other. but come america la la salita will a man will it in ok to mother?
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i did not on the matter that handler danny to lady will i the id, danny, to george's wedge id yan. and to matt, i'm to famous. are they gonna lead out on mom? man mom muscle when she buffy tab. ah, she is such a relief after speaking with my mother. i know now that she did not endure the worst form of f g m and i feel proud of my parents decision to end the practice. which meant that i did not endured. and in turn, neither when my daughter ah, this journey is immense, my b, f, g m will end one day. change will come, but it must come from with, from zillow. so understand that the richness and uniqueness of culture does not
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depend on traditions harmful to women. ah, running is one of the most accessible sports in the world. al jazeera correspondent tandy richardson takes us on his personal journey of discovery. when you find yourself out in the middle of now and the run is hurting, why should not just stop exploring the growing popularity and science? he pushes the limit from kenya to the antarctic. in search of answers to why we run al jazeera correspondence. ah
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ah, well to a world of comfort and sunny sex without you business class, which way your privacy is paramount and your experience can sit back, relax in your own private space and let us take care of everything. catera always the air line you can rely on ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello, no great change in the weather across much to south america. more heavy downpours across the amazon base and particularly into those flood hit parts of eastern brazil friday going on in to saturday. pretty much
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a repeat performance and show is making the way towards the river plate for saturday, but to these will clear through where the where brightness coming in showers to making the way towards the eastern side of the caribbean at the moment. but for the most part is fine and drive isn't gorgeous, sunshine anywhere from around saint lucia, you could catch a shower to maybe a shower to coming in to where trinidad and tobago, but nothing much to speak of. china shouts, running across the caribbean. southern jamaica could catch a shower along with honduras, and also some showers making their way toward sir nicaragua. and we got chance of some sherry, rain or snow useful snow coming into colorado over the next couple of days. cost you my back to thursday 10 celsius in denver. we are around 4 degrees celsius for friday, so it is cooling off. we've had those brisk winds, hopefully they'll ease off. we importantly, we will see some snows we nice and precipitation, some snow coming in over the next couple days as fridays, pitcher, heavy rain down towards a desert, southwest, arizona, and also into new mexico. the snow sweeps remind us neither talk temperature the
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same day here with heavy rain, but east blue weather sponsored by cats are always you want to help save the world ah, sneeze into your elbow. a . this is al jazeera ah 11 o'clock. this isn't use our life window are coming up for the next 60 minutes. new year's celebrations begin in the shadow of having 19 australia honors its front line workers with firework services. the omicron delta veterans drive a dramatic increase in the numbers of infections across the world, but a drop in south africa sees restrictions e.


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