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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2022 7:00am-7:31am AST

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ah ah ah well number one, tennis tall nova joke of its just been told to leave astray leah, a bolster these application is to blame. ah, hello, i'm adrian fit again. this is al jazeera life bo also coming up. coping with cove, it is cases wise across the globe government seek to find a balance between keeping economies open, ensuring public safety. a russia lead alliance says that it's sending
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peacekeepers to kazakhstan as protests that continue at a year on from the attack on america seat of power. the u. s. capital police chief testifies to the senate and pledge is to strengthen security ah. the walls number one tennis players facing deportation from australia. novak joke of it was taken from melbourne's at port to a government detention hotel in the city, pending his removal from australia because of a visa issue. his lawyers are appealing, the decision prime minister scott morrison says the chalk of ich, failed to provide enough proof for a medical exemption from cobit 19 vaccination. as per the rules. rules ah, rules, and there are no special cases. rules are rules, is what i said yesterday. that's the policy the government, and has been governments strong, border protection policies,
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and particularly in relation to the pandemic. that is ensure the destroyer has one of the lowest death rights from cobit anywhere in the world. we one of the 1st countries to move on shutting abolitionists. we were criticized at the time, but it was the right decision, and we have maintained those important border controls, the entire period of the pain damage. sarah clark has more from australia is sunshine coast sidney. that extraordinary twist in the saga. we had the press conference was a joint press conference held by tennis strategy of the ceo of the strike opened. and victorian government on wednesday saying that he probably exemptions or medical exemption to travel to playing the strain open had been approved, approved by 2 independent panels a, his application was submitted blindly. so it's not to give preferential treatment to any of the high profile tennis plus in this torment it was granted along with a handful of other africans on the arrival last night. so wednesday evening,
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around 1130. the arrived at the plumber in melbourne and border official deemed the evidence that they were presented with wasn't enough to grant or prove him entry into a strategy. as a result, the prime minister has not confirmed on that the be the that the be the, had a big vote and canceled. and he does fight the quotation. now the prime minister noted in his press conference earlier. but the final decision does live with the commonwealth. in this case, it is running border forces under the last 24 hours and said that he must lay that we do know that his lawyer is seeking to lodge and injunction in the federal court . we get to receive confirmation of that but that my that the block stop, he's deportation. dennis shanahan is national editor of the astronomy and he says that australia board of policies can create clashes between different levels of government. it's being typical of the kobe restrictions throughout australia
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because of the federal system, with heads, state governments, with different views to the federal government, different restrictions between states. and of course, this is also a federal election year when the handling of the covey response is going to be crucial for scott morrison. and what we've actually head is victorian state government and tennis trailer extremely came and knocked out the dock of it in the australian open. they accepted his recommendations and paperwork, but federal border force has said he did not present enough evidence that he was either exempt from vaccination or had been for medical grounds or he had been vaccinated. so we've actually got the federal government calling the shots on entry to australia. and of course, while you know, the crime is this is not political. it will have a political impact,
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and i think it will be despite the disruption the strain open. i generally popular decision by the commonwealth government not to bend the rules for a sportsman. nations across the world are implementing strategies to deal with the on the chron variant, many as seeking to shy, find a fine balance between curbing and spread without imposing overly excessive restrictions. in the u. s. the white house is urging states to find ways to keep schools open despite record case numbers. the same time though, the president's top medical adviser has told people to continue taking precautions . the big caveat is we should not be complacent. since the increased transmit ability of varian may be of alma kron might be overwritten by the sheer volume of the number of cases that may be a reduced severity, but could still stress all hospital system. mexico is inching closer 230-0000
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deaths from coven 19, but the number of people in hospital is lower compared to previous waves. in italy, any one over the age of 50 is now being told to get vaccinated. employees in this age group had been previously able to enter the workplace using a negative test result. this will no longer be the case. meanwhile, france reported around 335000 new infections. another national record, the government is trying to push topher measures through parliament. but president of mateo micron is facing criticism. after issuing a deliberately provocative warning to unvaccinated people aren't as heroes. latasha butler reports from paris said lexia thought there was an uproar in france. his parliament is emmanuel macros, comments and strong language about on fractionated people became public, some opposition, m. p. 's booth, the health minister, while others described the french president's words as vulgar. before
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a debate on the government's proposed vaccine pulse was abruptly suspended, the loan going up is all as you please. we asked with the presence of the prime minister because the words of the president of the republic or unworthy, irresponsible, contemptuous unapproved, very premeditated. it was, this is the reality of the situation. one contacts i left it, i saw it was the liberal arts of good in the parisian newspaper. mackerel said that on fax, native people were irresponsible as for the unvaccinated. i really want to piss them off. he said, we have to tell them, you will no longer be able to go to the restaurant. you will no longer be able to go for coffee. you will no longer be able to go to the theater. you will no longer be able to go to the cinema france as recorded record numbers of new coded infections in recent days. fueled by the delta un omicron variance, dr. se most covert patients in intensive care, i'm vaccinated. the french government says vaccination is the best way out of the
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pandemic. although 90 percent of the population are immunized, the government's targeting those yet to receive a job. 3 months before the french presidential election might call risks, alienating some voters bought to support to say he's taking a calculated risk rating on the majority of french people agreeing with him because they fed off of restrictions and more to see an end to the covey crisis. but he said, traditionally french voters don't like aggressiveness, intellectual campaigns, a bubble from a sitting president. so micron took a race, but it was an assumed risk because this interview was re read and approved by the laissez. it was a gap for an error of communication. it was intentional, he sent a message to the campaign will happen with a certain rhythm and tone for the micro has yet to declare his candidacy for the presidential race. but he is widely expected to run his victory in 2017 was partly due to the image he projected as
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a straight talker who didn't shy away from controversy and was afraid to break with tradition. but whether it will be a winning formula this time around is uncertain. natasha butler al jazeera paris will despite soaring infection rate, some experts feel we may now be at a turning point in the pandemic. it appears that while only crohn is more contagious, it causes less severe illness than the previous delta variant. many believe that 2022 could see the end of the acute phase of the pandemic boss. as shown, a whole explains vaccines will need to be distributed more equitably around the world to achieve that over the next 3 months, the omicron variant is expected to account for $3000000000.00 infections worldwide . that's as many as during the entire demik so far. and yet, there is optimism that this may be the beginning of the end. i think the vaccines and drugs are now available can reduce kind of a button by
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a 95 percent so that it's no longer top 10 house problem. i think it's going to be very difficult to actually get to under control in terms of controlling cases that we're talking about controlling severe disease. and which i think mortality massively so was that still will be cases unfortunate. they, they will be much less of a rival, south africa, where on the ground was supposed to take the these. now providing intriguing clues about what may happen next. infection numbers, they're dropping fast in a population. that's a cheap, high levels of natural immunity. down more than 50 percent from their peak restrictions are being lifted and a number of international studies support claims that alma cronies, less dangerous, confining itself more to the nasal and upper respiratory passages than the lungs. the infection numbers are enormous and yet undeniably the public health consequences are less severe. so have we genuinely reached a turning point?
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well, plenty of scientists seem to think so. and even the world health organization says that 2022 could bring an end to the acute phase of the pandemic. but the world health nation cautions that's possible only if the vaccines and treatments available in the rich world are made equally available to all a goal. the world is some way from achieving and even then scientific views are divided the country and actually shows us that this bias is by flexibility. on the contrary, it is so different to the other readings that we've seen, then actually able to enter and sell in incomplete different ways from the waves. previous range used to enter and what we realize is that the space for the application of this virus is quite large. and as long as transmission is allowed to continue, the course of the panoramic is going to be very, very unpredictable. hi, transmission rates, raise other concerns to the debilitating effects of long coven,
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the continued risk to the vulnerable and the unvaccinated. increasingly though, policy thinking seems to be shifting away from long term control measures towards the view that the vast majority of us may be able to live alongside the virus. eventually posing as much risk to public health as the flute. jonah hold al jazeera london, a russian lead alliance of former soviet state says that it will send peacekeepers to context on after the countries president appealed for help to quell protests. public buildings have been torched, at least 8 security officers have been killed in days of unrest. the violence was initially sparked over a sharp rise and the price of fuel osland. jordan has the latest. there is now a state of emergency across, has extern after 4 days as violent protests 1st over the cost of you. then over the leadership of president house in jo martin gaia,
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who has fired his cabinet and named a new acting prime minister that you took i of is urging demonstrators to cool off cordelia. i am bash altura pod, i thought dear compatriots urge you once again to see reason not to react to provocations from inside and outside. outside to the euphoria of riley's and permissive nurse calls to attack office spaces of civilian military authorities are absolutely illegal because this is the crime followed by a punishment. has act. citizens took to the streets on sunday to denounce the government's decision to raise the cause of liquefied natural gas used in cars from $0.11 per liter to $0.28 per liter. in a country where the monthly minimum wage is less than a $100.00 demonstrator say it, he can't afford it. the protests have grown both in size and in purpose, namely a public cold work held ability at the united nations and appeal for comb.
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following with concern and monitoring the situation in kazakhstan, i think it's very important for all involved in these current events to exercise restraint, refrain from violence and promote a dialogue in addressing all the pertinent issues. while at the white house pushed back against a narrative being pushed by russia, there are some crazy rushing claims about the us being behind this. so let me just use this opportunity to convey that is absolutely false. and clearly a part of the standard russian disinformation playbook. we've seen a lot of in past years. oh former he was diplomat, holds the political upheaval inevitable. but this has been festering for a long time. the stupendous corruption of the nozzle by a family elizabeth coronas, have caused a lot of concern in context on where despite tremendous oil, well, income inequality is really quite substantial. a lot of people are living really
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close to the subsistence margin. a public uproar over the cost of living now challenging the powers that be in context on rosalind jordan, l g 0, washington. so to come here on al jazeera, the ears foreign policy chief sense of warning was russia continues to mass troops on the border with ukraine. and why this soon as he and politicians worsting health is having ripple effects right across the country. ah, ah, look forward to burly to scully's, the with sponsored by cuts on it weighs how i was able i'm pleased to say the weather is quite thin. down at last across much of the middle east as a very heavy rainfall. recently, we've had some flooding, particularly across western areas of around this area. cloud is in the process of pulling away from the u. e. eastern areas over mon,
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still some wet weather heading across afghanistan, heading back into pakistan again where we have seen some fighting, but for much of the arabian peninsula. as you can see, it is largely dry temperatures a couple of degrees down on where they should be at this time of year, but not too bad. a brisk shamal when a bris north wesley wind easing off as we make our way towards the weekends or things will quiet down with some pleasant, hazy sunshine, present sunshine to just around alabama. getting up into the mid to high teens. here we'll see some decent weather coming in. decent weather to across a good part of egypt. little more cloud. we'd like to see better issues. they largely dry their awesome showers a little further west though some weather weather coming into northern parson morocco, northern algeria, sliding down across such nicea, even northern parts of libya, could see some wet weather by friday, one or 2 showers just around the guinea coast. majority of showers, a course across a tropical belt of africa, whether will be heavy at times. big samples, surf, madagascar,
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and also mozambique. oh, with sponsored by casara, always healing the debates, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from of common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on services across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future rates now. this is not our responsibility. please give a lot concrete responsibly feedback. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do and we have the tools to do to get back, we must build all these papers. this screen on al jazeera lou. ah,
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again, this is al jazeera. let's remind you of the main news. the sound of a joke of it is facing deportation from australia. the government says he failed to provide enough proof for a medical exemption from cove at 19 vaccination. upon his arrival, he was to to play in the australian open. the u. s. president's top medical adviser was urging people to continue taking precautions against corona virus. as the found chief warned against complacency, despite indications that the all the con variant may not be as severe as previous ones. a russian lead alliance says that it will send peacekeepers to kazakhstan. of the president asked for help to qual, protests, central security officers had been killed in 4 days upon the rest, which was sent off by a rise in the price of fuel. ah, on the eve of the 1st anniversary of the u. s. capital attack, the new head of the capitol hill, police force was told congress that his team is dramatically improved and ready to
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protect them. thomas manga was a retired police chief in maryland. when the assault occurred. i was hired to read fashion, that apartment. so it could with the stand that he future attacks. i'll do as john hendrick reports for washington. if the attack on the u. s. capital were to happen again today, thomas mangin says the newly revamped force could hold the mob at bay. we didn't have the people we, we didn't act on the intelligence and we just weren't prepared to way we should have been. and that that's gonna change that has changed and, and the next time that we're tested, of, we will not be making those same mistakes. the inspector general for the fortunate protects the u. s. capital complex found that during the january 6th, 2021 assault, one year ago, officers had ignored intelligence warnings that writers might attack the seat of government. and when they did offices were numbered outmaneuvered and ill equipped
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and while i'm proud of our officers, the events of january 6th did expose critical departmental failures and deficiencies with operational planning, intelligence, staffing, training, and equipment. um, anger outsider brought in to overhaul the camp or to lease to the senate rules committee. he's addressed 90 of a 103 recommendations made by the inspector general. though it could take 3 years to hire the $447.00 additional officers. it needs across the u. s. federal agents in nearly every state are continuing to track down the estimated 2500 writers involved in the attacks. they're using 14000 hours of video from reporters surveillance cameras and police body cameras. so far more than $700.00 people have been charged. the justice department remains committed to holding all january 6 perpetrators at any level. accountable under law retired general russell, honor a who let
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a house review the failures of the police on january 6th told us the force was simply unprepared. it was a total failure government. that being said, the law officers and the d. c. police saved our democracy. but somehow, the trot defense department where he had ripped out the qualified people and put his all operators in their far away. not to said the national guard when they could have been there early up. we've got to get government straight. president biden is expected to address the attack on its anniversary. he will forcibly push back on the lie spread by the former president, an attempt to mislead the american people and his own supporters, as well as distract from his role and what happens like that turns the tables on the last president who sent the mob to capitol hill in his speech that perpetuated the lie that he not bitin actually won the 2020 election. john henderson al jazeera washington,
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the european union's top diplomatic won't. russia would face massive consequences for any military escalation in ukraine. joseph burrows been visiting the front vines of ukraine's war with russian backed forces in the countries east. it's seen as a show of solidarity with ukraine in the face of a possible confrontation. russia is denied that it has plans to invade its neighbor, despite amassing tens of thousands of troops of the border. the conflict of the bush. ah, he's on the verge of getting deeper. and then sions has been building up with respect to the, you know, being security as a whole. russia has been massy through, you know, lady when usual manner woodlands around to canyon bore them in a joint press conference with the german foreign minister, the u. s. secretary of state entity blink and condemned russia's behavior towards
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ukraine. both germany in the united states, c rushes actions toward ukraine. as an immediate and urgent challenge to peace and stability. in europe, we condemn russia's military build up on your friends orders, as well as moscow's increasingly arched rhetoric. as a continues to push the false narrative that ukraine seeks to provoke a conflict with russia. that's a little bit like b fox saying it had no choice, but to attack the henhouse because somehow the hands presented a threat to germany is foreign minister has said that iran has squandered a lot of trust and the time is running out to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal talks have resumed in vienna between iran and will palace al jazeera or such a body is there. there is a south korean delegation that's arrived in vienna led by the country's vice minister of foreign affairs. they are holding meetings with various parties. of course, south korea is very important in all of this because they are one of the countries
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that is, are holding on to anywhere between $7.00 and $9000000000.00 of iranian funds in their country. as a result of us sanctions, iran was one of those main suppliers to south korea over when it comes to oil. as a result of un sanctions in 2018 at the south, koreans hasn't been able to pay or on for the purchases. they've made of iranian oil. among other things, this is why as the delegation is here, they're holding discussions with the americans. and this could be viewed as a positive step. we still don't know if they will meet with the iranians, but as the 8th round of talks continue, there is a sense that all sides really want to achieve a result as quickly as possible. but the iranians have said that they are not going to sacrifice ad with the result window because of time they will stay here as long as needed. the americans from the state department and said that they are now talking about sanctions lifting and verification, which of course of course, is very important for the radiance in return they expect to run to return took full
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compliance of the nuclear deal since they started reducing their commitment in 2019 as a result of the americans leaving the deal. the u. s. has imposed sanctions on bosnian serb leader miller. our daughter washington accuses him of corrupt activities. the threatened to destabilize the region of undermine a piece. of course, the lila smith luggage has war from barney, luca and boston. mueller da da. com, member of bosnia herzegovina presidency says that he doesn't know why he's being punished with these sanctions. and he also says that this will not stop him. i have to remind you that he has been already object of the functions from the united states of america and 2016. the reason for that back then was the fact that he didn't act in accordance with the day to be released at court. and this time, in an official public release, the united states explained that they introduced these sanctions because the
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mildred logic announced that he would return certain authorities from bosnia herzegovina to the public, a subscriber, or to be more specific from the state level to the entity level he said that he would form again the army of the public, a sort of scared that he would return the entire text system from the bosnian, her to the be not political because them scott. and that he would do the same with the judiciary system. the united states made to some other decisions concerning banning travelling to certain citizens of bosnia herzegovina. one of them is mylanta guiltier, who used to be the president of the high judiciary council in bosnia herzegovina. and right now he is one of the advisors to me. laura dowdy also up band from travelling to the united states is miss at cook each who is member of the state parliament. and the reason for these decisions was the fact that both to
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guilty and cook each were involved all also ina corruption. billy $100.00 hostages, including women and children, have been rescued in northwestern nigeria. they were abducted by armed groups more than 2 months ago. among the 97 freed hostages were 19 babies and more than a dozen children they were taken from their homes and remote communities from the states of son, father and sir koto. police say that they were rescued and joined security operations targeting the camps of armed groups that have been active in the region . more rockets have been fired at an iraqi military base hosting. you are soldiers . 5 rounds targeted the iron out assad, air base. no casualties were reported, but been several attempted to turn on us troops in iraq in recent days. it coincides with the 2nd anniversary of the killing of the top iranian general cuff from salami who was assassinated by the u. s. in fact, at a salt 2nd inch, and this is political establishment is on hunger strike, threatening to deepen a months long, political crisis,
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liberty and that behavior previously served as justice minister and his deputy chairman of one of the nation's biggest political parties. the unlocked movement after chappelle reports an arrest that's turned into a political crisis. to niece's former justice minister, nadine alba haiti is in hospital after being detained to last week. he's fighting for his life after refusing to eat or take his medicine for a week. oh no, no he his wife cider says she supports what he's doing and he's joining him in a back up. there was absolutely events is up. yes, hunger strike with him either we leave together and he goes home. oh, let them take us both in a coffin. his supporters say he's a victim of an abuse of the justice system that may have serious consequences. the a no, hey, it's a new said no deal to pity the life of mr. north dean, behavior, dish lawyer, deputy foreign minister of justice and the leader of a political party. those recognized the country that is in real danger by haiti was
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arrested on friday on what the government calls terror offenses accused of illegally handing out official falsified documents. the interior minister says he had to act to preserve national security along with, along with her, i think effect as linda. this is a matter of creating and delivering nationality, certificates, and passports in an illegal way to people whom i will not mention. but haiti is deputy chairman of another, the largest political party in the suspended parliament. it was dismissed in july by president chi saeed, who as since ruled by decree, while promising political reform, a short critic of the president and his power grab by haiti, has accused saeed of declaring himself, king. denisia was seen as a success story of the arab springs call for greater democracy, but human rights groups say the country is lurching back towards dictatorship and are chappelle al jazeera police in india have arrested 3 people accused of setting up a fake auction app which featured prominent muslim women falsely advertising them
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for sale. the bully by app featured photos of more than 100 muslim women alongside derogatory messages among those targeted where number of journalists and activists known for speaking on issues affecting indian muslims. ah, it's good to have you with us, adrian finnegan, here in doha, the headlines on al jazeera novak jock of inches facing deportation from australia . the government says that he failed to provide enough proof for a medical exemption from cobit 19 vaccination upon his arrival. but only a organizers of the australian open tournament and officials of victoria state said he had been approved for an exception. but australia's prime minister says that simply wasn't the case.


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