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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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ah, while the army is being sold, we listen, design is are making serious f rates generating t. m to stop the 10 with we meet with global use maintenance. and what about the stormy stand analogy? ah, well, number one, tennis tall novak chunk of it has been told to leave australia, but has a court hearing to appeal that decision scheduled to take place at the sound. ah, hello, i'm adrian finnegan. this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming out coping with cove it. this case is rise across the globe. government seek to find a balance between keeping economies open at ensuring public safety or
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russia. lead alliance says that it's sending peacekeepers to kazakhstan as protests that continue at a year on from the attack on america seat of power. the u. s. capital police chief testifies to the senate and pledge is to strengthen security. ah, a court is set to decide whether the world's number one tennis player could avoid deportation for australia. novak junk of h was taken from melbourne's airport to a government detention hotel in the city, pending his removal from australia because of a visa issue. his lawyers are appealing the decision at a court hearing has been scheduled to take place this off from mr. scott morrison says, the joke of each fail to provide proof for a medical exemption from cobit 19 vaccination. as per the rules, rules ah, rules, and there are no special cases. rules are rules,
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is what i said yesterday. that's the policy of the government. and has been governments strong border protection policies, and particularly in relation to the pandemic. that is ensure the destroyer has one of the lowest death rights from covet anywhere in the world. we one of the 1st countries to move on shutting ab was we were criticized at the time. but it was the right decision. and we have maintained those important border controls of the entire period of the pandemic life that was straight as sunshine coast. sarah clark is the joint of sat via skype. sarah, a fine mess. what's the latest? well, it certainly appears to be what looks like a botched bass reputation. we've got the hearing that's just about to get underway . as you mentioned, this is hearing in the federal court where dr. rich and his lawyers are challenging this revocation of he'd be on a rival. the tom are in a court in melbourne overnight. now, 8th, that injunction is successful,
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then he will get to stay. otherwise he will be deported and forced to leave a stranger. as soon as possible, the prime minister was trying to fit the be the doctor used to enter. it didn't allow the eviction for unvaccinated applicants and we had just yesterday. it's on wednesday. we had tenants, astrology, and the big twin government. a grant him approval to travel to australia with his medical exemption, and it was sent by 2 independent panels and within 24 hours, the federal government has come. india try and border forces had stopped his entry into a strong he's now in that quarantine hotel in melbourne. the prime minister says the board entry and the final side is with the commonwealth. he's rejected suggestions that been the prime minister that he's single dock because of the staff status. and i should know that there was widespread anger when the 10th authorities, tennis estrada and the victorian government did announce that he would be exempt. so medically given medical exemption to travel to compete in the strike,
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which starts in january. this of course being the whole city where it would melbourne faced acumen who locked downs, one of the most locked down globally. so the people they were angry and the prime minister has intervene today. and as a result, doctor, she's now in the hotel appointment hotel and a caring and just got underway with his lawyer seeking injunction to stop him being deported. and this has led to a war of words between a stranger and chunk of which is a nation, serbia hasn't been it certainly has. it already triggered his diplomatic route. as soon as it was revealed, the doctor which was being held at the port for several hours being questioned. and he documents being scrutinized by the boarder forces here in melbourne. the presidency rang docket that she spoke to offer offering, he's country support. he said basically, the serbia will fight for novak truth and justice. he also quoted the in accordance
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with international law, he'll be pursuing that avenue to make sure that this incident is resolved. he said he's described as strong as treatment of dr. richards miss treatment and harass but now scott morrison has defended his decision stating that every country and every traveler faces the same rules will be watching. now to see what the federal court decides with regard to destruction, to find out if dr. beach can come to australia and defend his conflict the strain open, which starts on january 17, sarah clark reporting live there from crispin. sarah. many thanks. and table benny shanahan is national. the australian. he says that a straight he has board of policies can create clashes between different levels of government. it's been typical of the kobe restrictions throughout australia because of the federal system. with heads, state governments, with different views to the federal government, different restrictions between states. and of course, this is also a federal election year when the handling of the covey response is going to be
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crucial to scott morrison. and what we've actually had is victorian state government and tennis trailer extremely came and knocked out the dock of it in the australian open. they accepted his recommendations and paperwork what federal border force has said. he did not present enough evidence that he was either exempt from vaccination or had been for medical grounds or he had been vaccinated. so we've actually got the federal government calling the shots on entry to australia. and of course, while you know, the prime is, this is not political, it will have a political impact, and i think it will be despite the disruption the strain open. i generally popular decision by the commonwealth government not to bend the rules for sportsmen.
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nations across the world are implementing strategies to deal with the on the chronic variance of the corona virus. many a seeking to find a fine balance between curbing it spread without imposing overly excessive restrictions. in the us, the white house is urging states to find ways to keep schools open despite record case numbers. at the same time, the president's top medical adviser has told people to continue taking precautions . the big caveat is we should not be complacent. since the increase transmit civility, ovarian may be of alma crohn might be overwritten by the sheer volume of the number of cases that may be reduced severity, but could still stress our hospital system. mexico was inching closer 230-0000 deaths from code 19, but the number of people in hospital that is lower compared to previous waves in
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italy, anyone over the age of 50 is now being told to get vaccinated. employees in this age group had previously been able to enter the workplace using just a negative test result, but this will no longer be the case. meanwhile, france reported around 335000 view infections. another national record. the government is trying to push tougher measures through parliament despite soaring infections. some experts feel we may now be at a turning point in the panoramic. it appears that while the car is more contagious, it causes less severe illness and the previous delta variant. many believe that 2022 could see the end of the acute phase of the pandemic. but as long as the miss jona holly explains, vaccines will need to be distributed more equitably around the world to achieve that. over the next 3 months, the omicron variant is expected to account for 3000000000 infections worldwide. that's as many as during the entire demick so far. and yet,
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there is optimism that this may be the beginning of the end. i think the vaccines and drugs and now available can reduce kind of a button by of 95 percent. so there is no longer top 10 house problem. i think it's going to be very difficult to actually get to under control in terms of controlling cases. so we're talking about controlling severe disease, which i think mortality massively. so was that still will be cases unfortunate. they, they will be much less of a rival, south africa where micron was supposed detected is now providing intriguing clues about what may happen next. infection numbers, they're dropping fast in a population that sir, chief high levels of natural immunity. down more than 50 percent from their peak restrictions are being lifted. and a number of international studies support claims that alma cronies, less dangerous, confining itself more to the nasal and upper respiratory passages than the lungs.
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the infection numbers are enormous and yet undeniably the public health consequences are less severe. so have we genuinely reached a turning point? well, plenty of scientists seem to think so. and even the world health organization says that 2022 could bring an end to the acute phase of the pandemic. but the world health organization cautions that's possible only if the vaccines and treatments available in the rich world are made equally available to all a goal. the world is some way from achieving and even then scientific views are divided the contrary and actually shows us that this bias is very flexible. on the contrary, it is so different to the other readings that we've seen, then actually able to enter itself in incomplete different ways from the waves. previous range used to enter and what we realize is that the base for the application of this fire is quite large. and a lot of transmission is allowed to continue. the course of the panoramic is going
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to be very, very unpredictable. high transmission rates raise other concerns to the debilitating effects of long covey, the continued risk to the vulnerable and the unvaccinated. increasingly, the policy thinking seems to be shifting away from long term control measures towards the view that the vast majority of us may be able to live alongside the virus. eventually posing as much risk to public health as the flu. jonah whole al jazeera lumber, lawrence guston as professor of medicine at georgetown university. he says it's essential to get people vaccinated in order to avoid further locked downs and restrictions. it's very likely that we're seeing a, a, a major surgery. some would call it a wild fire of only crime it's, it's the most contagious pathogen on the planet. and it's may be among the most
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infectious ever in the history of the earth. and so there's going to be rapid spread. there's going to be a lot of cases i'm and r n game. our goal is to try to live with this fires and we do that by preventing people from are becoming ill, hospitalized and dying. and the best way in that is through vaccinations, you know, locked downs and school closures are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. at least i think they should be well, i have no objection to them for now as a temporary emergency measure. but i would be really dismayed if we went well into 2021 and we started seeing countries just locking down closing schools. that's not the way to live with covered 19. the best way to do it is to vaccinate, get enough, antiviral medication and other therapeutics,
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and just keep people out of the hospital because we're not going to prevent coverage from spreading. we've got to stop counting cases and start preventing hospitalizations. a russian lad alliance of former soviet state says that it will send peacekeepers to kazakhstan of the countries president appealed for help to quell protests. public buildings have been torched and at least 8 security officers have been killed in days of unrest. the violence was initially sparked over a dramatic rise and the price of fuel or zeros rosalyn jordan as the latest. what started as protests against rising fuel prices has turned into 4 days of anti government demonstrations across how's act on the attacks on government forces and property. and the takeover of all monte airport have triggered a state of emergency peacekeeping troops from russia and other former soviet countries are now on their way to help president hudson jo martel, kind of defeat what he calls enemies of the state director for the routine union.
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when decker, those are real terrorist, we know very well, but they are currently rampaging in al much in other cities. they are seizing buildings and infrastructure. and most importantly, the i see the premises where small armies are located. household citizens took to the streets on sunday to denounce the government's decision to raise fuel prices. gas for cars went from $0.11 per liter to $0.28 per liter. in a country where the monthly minimum wage is less than a $100.00, demonstrators say they can't afford it. as the protests have grown in san so to have the demonstrators demands, they now include a more general call for government accountability. at the you, when an appeal for comb following with concern and monitoring the situation in kazakhstan, i think it's very important for all involved in the current events,
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to exercise restraint, refrain from violence and promote a dialogue and addressing all of the pertinent issues. while with the white house pushed back against a narrative being promoted by russia, there are some crazy russian claims about the us being behind this. so let me just use this opportunity to convey that is absolutely false. and clearly a part of the standard russian disinformation playbook. we've seen a lot of in past years, a former u. s. diplomat calls the political upheaval inevitable but this has been faster and for a long. busy time, the stupendous corruption of vanessa by a family. elizabeth corona's have caused a lot of concern in context on where despite tremendous oil, well, oh income inequality is really quite substantial. and a lot of people are living really close to the subsistence margin public option. we're over the cost of living now challenging the powers that be in context on
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rosalyn jordan, l g 0. washington. still ahead here on al jazeera, the ears foreign policy chief sense of warning as washer continues to mess troops on the board with ukraine. and we'll look at why child poverty rates in argentina, assuming ah hello dabble, i'm pleased to say the weather is quieting down at last across much of the middle east. that's very heavy rainfall. recently we've had some flooding, particularly across western areas of around this area. cloud is in the process of pulling away from the u. e. eastern areas over mon. still some wet weather heading across afghanistan, heading back into pakistan again where we have seen some fighting, but for much of the arabian peninsula. as you can see, it is lottie tri temperatures,
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a couple of degrees down on where they should be at this time of year, but not too bad. a brisk shamal way to breast northwest the wind easing off as we make our way towards the weekends and things will quiet down with some pleasant, hazy sunshine peasant sunshine to just around the levant, getting up into the mid to high tains. here we'll see some decent weather coming in . they said whether to across the good parts of egypt. little more clout. and we'd like to see, but it's just a lot dry there. awesome showers a little further west. they some went to whether they're coming into northern parts of morocco, northern algeria sliding down across such nicea, even northern parts of libya, could see some wet weather by friday, one or 2 showers just around the guinea coast. majority of showers, of course, across a tropical belt of africa, whether will be heavy at times big than pulse there for madagascar, i'd also mozambique ah, from the al jazeera london rural car center to special guests in compensation,
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this is the chance to start the revolution. unprompted, uninterrupted. we need to do away with the what? evil, because it stops conversation. where should we get? i land de botton meets? are you sure i can be? this is the beginning of friendship. this is the beginning of love, right? like getting somewhere we can really break through the barrier studio. be unscripted on al jazeera lu. ah. other again, this is al 0. let's remind you of the may new is this al, whoa, double one tennis stall. novak joke of it has been told to leave astray leah, but has a court hearing to appeal that decision. the government says he failed to provide
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enough proof for a medical exemption for cove at 19 vaccination. upon his arrival, the u. s. president's top medical adviser is urging people to continue taking precautions against the corona virus, and he found she warned against complacency. despite indications that the omicron very, it may not be as severe as previous ones. at a russian lead alliance says that it will send peacekeepers to kazakhstan after the president that asked for help to call protests. several security officers have been killed in full days of abreast which was sent off by a wise in the price of fuel. ah, thirsty marks the 1st anniversary of the insurgency that stormed the u. s. capital, and attempt to keep president donald trump in office. one of the place is breached by the writers was how speaker nancy pelosi is office. on wednesday, she took reporters on a tour of the site. i was more concerned about the trauma that they caused for the
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young people who worked here. maybe we can repair the mirror and do all those things. they shouldn't down that. but this, all these things are put, you know, the curator a put whatever, prove it. this is the capital way. they have it and they shouldn't desecrated, but, but what's more important is the harm they did to people that kicked the young people were traumatized by fear of it all to them personally, but also to an assault on our democracy. john hadron has more now on how the capitol police have been re made to ensure that there's no repeat of last year. if the attack on the u. s. capital were to happen again today, thomas mangin says the newly revamped force could hold the mob at bay. we didn't have the people we, we didn't act on the intelligence and we just weren't prepared to weigh,
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we should have been and that, that's gonna change that has changed and, and the next time that we're tested, of, we will not be making those same mistakes. the inspector general for the fortunate protects the u. s. capital complex found that during the january 6th 2021 assault, one year ago, officers had ignored intelligence warnings that writers might attack the seat of government. and when they did, officers were out numbered outmaneuvered and ill equipped. and while i'm proud of our officers, events of january 6th did expose critical departmental failures and deficiencies with operational planning, intelligence, staffing, training, and equipment. i'm anchor in, outsider brought into overhauled the camp or to least told the senate rules committee. he's addressed 90 of a 103 recommendations made by the inspector general. though it could take 3 years to hire the $447.00 additional officers. it needs across the u. s. federal aid ins in nearly every state are continuing to track down the estimated 2500 rioters
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involved in the attacks. they're using 14000 hours of video from reporters surveillance cameras and police body cameras. so far more than $700.00 people have been charged. the justice department remains committed to holding all january 6 perpetrators at any level accountable under law retired general russell, honorary who led a house review of the failures of the police on january 6th, told us the force was simply unprepared. it was a total failure government. that being said, the law officers and the d. c. police saved out of democracy. but somehow, the trot defense department where he had ripped out the qualified people and put his all operators in there, found a way not to said the national guard when they could have been there early up.
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we've got to get government straight. president biden is expected to address the attack on it's anniversary. he will forcibly push back on the lie spread by the former president, an attempt to mislead the american people and his own supporters, as well as distract from his role and what happens like that turns the tables on the last president who sent the mob to capitol hill in his speech that perpetuated the lie that he not bitin actually won the 2020 election. john henderson al jazeera washington, the european union soc diplomats, as warned, russia would faced massive consequences for any military escalation in ukraine. joseph burrell has been visiting the front plans of ukraine's war with russian backed forces in the countries east. it seen as a show of solidarity with ukraine. russia has denied that it passed plans to invade its neighbour despite amassing tens of thousands of troops at the border. the conflict of both us. ah, he's on the verge of getting deeper. and then sions has been building up with
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respect to the b and b as a whole. russia has been massy. do you know? maybe you mana woodlands around canyon ball in the joint press conference with the german foreign minister, the u. s. secretary of state entity blinking condemned russia's behavior towards ukraine. both germany in the united states see russia's actions toward ukraine as an immediate and urgent challenge to peace and stability. in europe. we condemn russia's military build up on ukraine's borders, as well as moscow's increasingly our rhetoric. as a continues to push the false narrative that ukraine seeks to provoke a conflict with russia. that's a little bit like b fox saying it had no choice but to attack the hen house because somehow the hands presented a threat to germany's foreign minister has said that iran has squandered
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a lot of trust. and the time is running out to salvage in 2015 nuclear deal talks of resumed in vienna, between iran and we'll pass, restore such a barrier. there. there is a south korean delegation that's arrived in vienna led by the country's vice minister of foreign affairs. they are holding meetings with various parties, cor, south korea is very important in all of this because they are one of the countries that is holding on to anywhere between $7.00 and $9000000000.00 of iranian fund in their country. as a result of us sanctions, iran was one of the main suppliers to south korea when it comes to oil. as a result of us sanctions in 2018, as the south koreans hasn't been able to pay or on for the purchases they've made of iranian oil. amongst other things, this is why as the delegation is here, they're holding discussions with the americans. and this could be viewed as a positive step. we still don't know if they will meet with the iranians,
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but as the 8th round of talks continue, there is a sense that all sides really want to achieve a result as quickly as possible. but the iranians have said that they're not going to sacrifice the result because of time they will stay here as long as needed. the americans from the state department said that they are now talking about sanctions lifting and verification, which of course, of course, is very important for the iranians in return. they expect around to return to for compliance of the nuclear deal. since they started reducing their commitment in 2019 as a result of the americans leaving the deal. nearly $100.00 hostages, including women and children, have been rescued. northwest of nigeria, they were abducted by armed groups more than 2 months ago. they were taken from their homes and remote communities in the states as i'm tara. and so corso police said they were rescued in joint security operations targeting the camps of armed groups that have been active in the region. child poverty rates and argentina have
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sought in the past few years since, despite the government spending billions on the problem annually. south american countries struggling with a 50 percent inflation rate, and financial instability is theresa bo reports from point us hours. children having fun and singing at this daycare center. im when a site is most of the kids come here because their parents are working. minimum wage jobs such as urban recyclers or got the needles as they're known here in the past year. demand for these loping urban recycling jobs have been on the rice yamaha lindsey natalia satisfy has been working here for years. she says the waiting list is getting longer every day. and i left her last and don't really. we have families waiting to kindergarten. another class in the pandemic, devastated us. and the thing that is clear, hm. is he inequality that exists is suffering. we never got wife i computers or anything to help kids. i laugh. i mean, the daycare center opens at 5 pm daily,
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just when parents need to go out to work. that kids are given meals and they participate in activities that will help them in school. all right, so 100 children are brought here every day. they remain in this place until 11 o'clock in the evening. that's when their parents are able to come and pick them up . the fact that so many children whose parents are urban recyclers on the streets shows how difficult the situation is for many families in this country were child poverty rates are close to 65 percent bigger ponied us movement was born out of the economic crisis of 2001 in the past 2 decades, the movement has become more organized and is now a critical part of argentina's recycling efforts. media monserat is a mother struggling to make ends meet. she says it's the only job she has been able
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to find. it pays around a $150.00 a month on my, on my to live. we pay rent and we try to get our children what we can. everything worries me. i want to give them an education and food. i want them to move forward in life. the pandemic has exacerbated argentina's economic crisis. government handouts and assistance for the poor have increased. but people like it, a lot of those on sa says argentina needs to do much more. that can be nigel workman, argentina with seeing that different governments have assisted at least a 3rd of the population. but the situation does not improve. the problem is the labor sector is not getting better if i wasn't in a doesn't generate jobs than people's lives, won't get better and to improve the labor sector has to be a change in the productive structure. an increase in the countries g, d, p. in the past decades, argentina has been unable to improve the label market and generate descent jobs. and that's had a huge impact on children in the country whose parents are forced to work in the
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formal sector and on the streets base, i will, i just see that when the site is we're probably more video reports like brought along with the latest news sports analysis and comment of the website, take a look at al serra dot com it is good savvy with us. hello, adrian finnegan, here in doha, the headlines on al jazeera. well, number one, tennis stall, novak chocolate, has been told to leave a strayer, but has a court hearing to appeal this decision. the government says that he failed to provide enough proof for a medical exemption from cove at 19 vaccination. upon his arrival. he was to, to play in the australian open rules ah, rules and there are no special cases. rules are rules is what i said yesterday.


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