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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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for this disparity, the social and economic inequality that surround us, how much deeper and much more problematic than we thought i'd asked where the lessons learned from the global pandemic could lead to positive change because of the pool of the hill, which all hail the locked down expose of privilege and poverty during a crisis on a j 0 ah. of the caught back into immigration detention tennis. another joke of it fights to stay in australia following another visa cancellation. ah, i'm come all santa maria here in doha with the world news from al jazeera, the british prime minister's office has apologized to queen elizabeth for parties held in downing street on the eve of her husband's funeral. arise in new covey cases in india, was concerned. go about a religious gathering, involving hundreds of thousands of people and running out of time,
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argentine tries to strike a deal with international lenders ahead of march deadline will hear directly from the economy minister. ah, well, an australian court has ordered tennis, son of a joke of it's back in to detention from saturday after the government canceled his visa again and just read as out from the start of the straining open championship. this is the latest development and the dispute between the world tennis number one and the government of australia about his vaccine exemption to enter the country. australia is immigration minister revoked his visa on health grounds. the prime minister scott morrison. he's released a statement saying in part, i understand that following careful consideration, action has been taken by the minister to counsel mister joke of it visa held on health and good order grounds on the basis that it was in the public interest to do so. he added australians a bad many sacrifices during his pandemic,
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and they rightly expect the result of those sacrifices to be protected. here is more from sarah clark following developments in prison. this is yet another twist in his ongoing visa stars between no joke of ich and yesterday in government on friday at about 6 p. m. local time was certainly in melbourne. the federal government was certainly the immigration minister announced that he was going to revoke this visa jackowitz visa for a 2nd time. now should not the timing of this. we had the court ruling on monday that noted the court really on monday that i returned, i should say, the federal government's initial cancellation of the visa and on fraud i for days like that, we have the federal government, intervening again, and other minister alex hooked uses ministerial discretionary powers to intervene and he said he made this decision on the grounds of public health. he said that john, which opposed a risk to the australian community the government last week. and certainly the strength border forces noticed that he didn't meet the criteria for entry. and of
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course he'd been given the exemption to travel and playing the astray. and i've been by tennis australia in the victorian government and not long before. so it's another turn we do expect. another job which is team is legal team to appeal this decision yet again. and it's yet another twist. it's ongoing saga, just days before the australian open begins, us unfolds from david rowe. now he is at western sydney university and says it's been an extraordinarily sensitive issue with even debate within the government about who makes the ultimate court being complete confusion here as to who actually has jurisdiction. so scott morrison, the prime minister said, i'm only a few days ago that the decision was essentially in the hands of the victorian state government. now the last i heard, state governments don't control national borders, but it seems to be that was the arrangement the time. i'm within a day or so that has changed and so the federal government is kind of said,
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no, we control the board. and so there's been a real confusion. tennis australia is a sports organization. it doesn't control borders, but obviously it has considerable power because there are very many grand signs in 10 years. and australia is very key to keep hold of the one that it has over 4 grand slams. so it's been an extraordinary sensitive issue as essentially a political issue. you go the whole question of the position of sport in australian culture. that's obviously very powerful. but also you've got the questions, read christiy in terms of the treatment of citizens and to the news and the office . a few k prime minister bars johnson has apologized to the queen. after it emerged,
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a party was held on the eve of her husband's funeral to gatherings were reported. have taken place in downing street during a current of virus lockdown on april 16. it was only the next day. you might remember this shot here. the queen attending the socially distance funeral of prince philip on wednesday bars. johnson apologized for attending a separate drinks event. his name parker with mo, from london. the government's boist on some already very much in crisis mode. and now this which isn't going to do the prime minister any favors, i mean, picture the scene, it's april. the 16th 2020 talk 2021. it was warm evening. i know where i was that evening and inside the doors of number 10 downing street in the basement, we believe a come to report in the telegraph newspaper around 30 people had gathered for a double good by bash. there was drinking, there was dancing, and according to that telegraph report, at least one official was sent off to local supermarket on
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a booze run. to keep the party going on. of course, only the day after the country and national morning flags across the land flying at half mast was the funeral of the duke of edinburgh, prince philip, and that iconic pitch of queen elizabeth, cutting a lonely figure. the pews of saint george's chapel is remembered by everybody in this country. i remind a symbol of perhaps the sacrifice that lots of people made during the pandemic. while there has been to apologies the 1st of from one of the officials whose leaving do it was, he said it was bad timing. he is now a deputy editor in chief of the son. a newspaper james slack is his name. and the 2nd coming from a number 10 spokes person, this apology, aimed at the palace to say, sorry for these parties happening at a time of national morning. no apology. personally though from boyce johnson anger,
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from opposition, m. p. 's who say that the bach essentially stops with bars johnson, and he should be the one bearing the brunt of all of this corona virus cases in germany, and search to another all time high with more than 90000 new infections on friday it is that highly contagious on the chrome very into accounting for nearly 3 quarters of new cases. despite the thor in case load though hospitalisation rights are much lower than previous waves. even so public health officials a warning of cases continue to climb like this. it could eventually swamp the health care system dominant cane with moral met from bill. and there's no question that the metrics administers who have been talking to the media today about the situation painting. a pretty bleak picture and those figures themselves are pretty bleak, 92000 up on 81000 or more than 10 percent. rise in the number of near infections in the course of one day. remembering that several days this week we've had record
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breaking figures and each day goes worse. and now we know that more than 70 percent of all the cases are only crohn cases. so it is definitely dominant in this country . some of the interesting things also was than celery things and things you could attach to this particular pandemic right now, is that testing is a bit of a problem. the authorities say there are plenty of p c, r tests that gold standard of testing. and yet, if you go around berlin and other cities, you'll see people queuing, round the corner of the big city blocks, try to get themselves tested. as i say, the officials say there are plenty of tests, and yet these very large cues. so no question about said serious problems in germany right now. it has to be said, the death rate at the moment is not particularly high compared to how it was a few months ago. but the number of new infections is skyrocketing upwards. and that has got people here very concerned in china, facing
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a test of the so called 0 covey policy ahead of the beijing winter olympics. in february, the nearby city of changes is under restrict locked down at 41 locally transmitted on the chrome cases reported on thursday. travel in and out of the area has been severely restricted. there are fears the outbreak could disrupt the winter games and also balloon a new year celebration next month. and now india, with a number of new infections, has risen to more than 260000 in the past 24 hours, driven by, you know, what on the kron at the hundreds of thousands of hindu pilgrims gather for a religious festival. and there are fears the gathering could be a so called super spreader events. this are bought from poverty with all the thousands of hindu devotees have thrown to the bank for the ganges for the end will dip in the week long pilgrimage has continued despite proven 19 cases surging throughout the country. for no good money. the holy water was brought an athlete on
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the practice social distancing, and batches of 50 people are allowed at a time. we also use drones to sanitize the police people across india, celebrating various festivals and tied to restrictions. the largest of these in west being goals the only vaccinated pilgrims are allowed. testing camps are open, even at public places and schools have closed. despite these measures, new cove in 1900 cases in the state of breaking all your records. hospital admissions in india, however, have remained relatively low in the country's largest cove. in 1900 facility in new delhi, most beds are empty and not many patients are on a ventilator. we have enough oxygen enough i q. we have enough medicine and we have all the infrastructure at the same time, you know, also drained our doctors, nurses and paramedics technician to how to deal with the increasing numbers. so this time we are better prepared than the 2nd we're. authorities expect the omicron
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fuel search to stream resources, but are taking steps to address the impact they are now. advisory asymptomatic. contacts have covered 900 patients to avoid testing and quarantine at home. what the advisory signifies is a low is a degree of pragmatism. and i understand this is a relatively short term thing. it's not that that it's giving up on testing. it's a short on thing for the simple reason that the number of off of is implemented contacts are so enormous that it's simply, it's simply restricted to highest groups. authorities will soon decide on extending the ban on the election valleys in the capitol, new delhi, when new cases speak to an all time hi. there will be another we can go for you. public health experts warn that on even restrictions good back file. if this is continue despite as a currently, even a small percentage of new hospital admissions good, overwhelmed health,
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jefferson barbie him is the largest dealer of new delhi. will check the world whether next and then well freezing temperatures and frozen assets and urgent appeal to help struggling asked the man who assassinated us presidential candidate robert f. kennedy. milton 50 years ago denied parole by california's gun. ah hallo. we've got some significant snow fall in the forecast for japan as we go through the next couple of day saturday. looks like a pretty decent dice and make the most of it. it is going to be breezy, but there will be a lot of sunshine around. you see the tightly packed ice, abbas here, that stiff wind coming in across sea. i saved pad just bringing one or 2 showers as we go on into saturday. that winds just eating off for time. he comes on next. weather says miss next iris,
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snow pushing out of eastern china. ne charges just rolling across the korean peninsula through the saved pat and some very heavy snowfall. disruptive snow coming in across a good part of honju into okada. by the end of the week and the next week we could well see another meter of fresh snow coming in. it will cause widespread disruption . anyway, whether to into southern parts of china, farther north, it is generally try with crisp sunshine, may moderate sunshine and showers across se, asia as it should be heavy a shower is going to be across more than parts of borneo. southern areas of the philippines are the to lie. the 8 of the day shouts as usual into indonesia saying showers clearing away from the northeast of india, pushing over towards me. and martha started to quiet down, but a few showers damped will come will not do and cold once again. and forget to the north. ah, the from the al jazeera london
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pool car, santa t special guest in conversation. when you say a lie, a 1000000 times, it becomes a fact. you then can create whatever narrative you want on prompted uninterrupted. i realized i was working for something evil, you know, being a part of actually creating at maria wessa meet christopher wiley. the death of journalism is only the 1st signal for the death of democracy studio. be unscripted on al jazeera lou ah, on al jazeera, these all the top stories, australia's immigration minister as cancel, tennis, son of a joke of it's a visa to stays ahead of the australian open joke of which has been ordered back
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into detention as he fights deportation. the office of u. k prime minister bars johnson is apologized to the queen after it emerged, a party was held on the eve of her husband's funeral to gatherings were reported. have taken place in downing street during a korean of arse locked down on april 16, an indian daddy corona virus infections of now risen to more than 264000 in the last 24 hours driven by the armstrong variant. hundreds of thousands of hindu pilgrims, i gathering for religious festival in northern india. experts are wanting people not to be complacent about ami chron. earlier we spoke to les february dud, a professor of infectious disease epidemiology at wild cornell medicine and kata. he said, even though i'm a grown, appears less severe, it can still pose a serious health risk. even though it's a mind that are very and if there is risk for hospital i vision there is risk or death. death. and also there is risk for non corporate,
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which we still don't know really well, but we know it's there. so it is very risky, a way of thinking it's like, really thinking, let me break my back to make it stronger. that actually really does not war. because if i break my back, never actually come back again. i could be living with batman and damage for the rest of my life. we have a much better option, which is vaccination. it provides us the unity without having to go to work with that. it will take years for us to see the 1st floor of it, but we do have lessons from history during the spanish floor for the as an example, the civil diseases appeared for the in the, in the camps for after the spanish law. and after a few decades or all of them disappeared, it's widely believed that these diseases what actually caused by fluid spanish? no, it's more along the flu. so so anyway, so really definitely we have to be very cautious. we really don't know the non damn
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conflict consequences, but we know for sure that there are no consequences in the proportion of persons who gets called the e. u has condemned a cyber attack on ukraine's government, and it's called an emergency meeting to respond hackers, targeted websites for the ministry of foreign affairs and other agencies and does not get clear with bind it the foreign minister does. so it's been a long record of russian cyber attacks in the past, because there's reason tension as well after moscow sent troops close to the border with ukraine. for the 7 days are pretty, you know, it's worth the of the strongest condemnation, the cold this morning for an emergency meeting of the bachelor's political committee to see how we can react and provide technical assistance to grain in order to increase the resistance capacity for pace with this kind of attacks loss immobilized a member stage of the rapid response hybrid unit, which has the capacity to act quickly in response to this kind of attacks is me my
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russian foreign minister sack i love from says his country is prepared to respond. if western nations reject moscow's security proposals, he wants a detailed answer in writing to demands which include limits to the expansion of nato. there been several rounds of talks to ease the crisis in east and ukraine taking place just this week. but the most volatile is i forgot to, we have talked about the fact that such an approach is acceptable and we cannot approve of such were union electoral interpretation of security guarantees. so we expect a response from our colleagues in writing, just like we did because we have submitted our proposals in writing. and we will continue working to be prepared for any kind of developments. convinced that if there's google and if there's will compromise, one can always find mutual acceptable solutions. dosage of ours following the story . now from moscow. russia's patience with the actions of the west is done.
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basically. it's run out. it's come to an end. he said, that's all communications channel with the you are not closed, very strong words from the foreign minister. he also said that russia believes that nato and the u. s. will use will build up troops alongside its borders in the coming months and use the tensions with ukraine as an excuse to do so. the foreign minister said, that's really, they're just waiting for a response from nato about their proposal, and that they will not wait forever. the russians have made it very clear that they will decide when the time is right for them to take action, and that they will not indefinitely wait for a response. in the meantime, we've also heard from the spokesperson of president vladimir putting on thursday who also highlighted the fact that this week has really not been as successful one
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in terms of coming to any kind of a resolution about where to go forward. from this point, of course, the russian position is that the troops, they have alongside the border with ukraine carrying out to exercise as is well within their rights. and that they have reasons to believe that they need to be very much on top of their own security, and that they don't want nato to expand. and also artificially expand was the word that, that the foreign minister use in reference to not only ukraine joining the 30 member alliance, but also he said that the united states is enticing scandinavian countries to join nato. and that is something that russia will not tolerate. thousands of tunisians have turned out to rally against that president. security forces surrounded a central square in the capital tunas to try to contain the demonstrated president site, been under pressure in july after that the prime minister suspended parliament and the far reaching power. he says he did it to say this country and to fight to
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rupture the united states as condemned north korea's latest mis. i'll launch saying it posed a threat to the international community. and it was just hours after washington had in fact, call for new sanctions. chung defended the test as a legitimate right to self defense and warned of a stronger reaction if more sanctions are imposed at least a 100 people have been killed in as strikes in ethiopia to grow regions since the start of this month. the, you know, saying that the strikes were allegedly carried out by e t o. p. s. air force. federal troops have been fighting to ground rebels for more than a year. aid workers instead civilians continue to be killed by strikes intake, right? even though the prime minister be made called for national reconciliation to end the conflict for the dentist on the un secretary general says it's a race against time. with cold temperatures and frozen assets forming a lethal combination, antonio could tell us, reiteration the world is not doing enough to address the crisis there. i have talks
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between the un humanitarian chief and the u. s. secretary state is diplomatic. get it at james bass with more from new york. the u. n. is appealed for more than $5000000000.00 to prevent about $9000000.00 people from starving in afghanistan. the situation could get even worse if there is a complete collapse of the financial system in the country. and that's why the un secretary general antonio guitarist has asked his humanitarian chief martin griffith, along with the head of the international committee of the red cross pita mara, to reach out to the u. s. secretary of state antony blinking. they'll be meeting virtually in the coming hours to deal with what the secretary general calls a race against time. you have afghans on the verge of death and talk a concrete death on the ground because of anger because of diseases and because of lack of assistance. so it's absolutely essential to avoid the collapse of the
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economy and for that we need to inject liquidity, the economy. what does the us need to do? and what moral duty to this, does it have to prevent the breakdown of the financial system in afghanistan? and i think the west as an a very important role to play because a most of the financial system in the world operate in dollars. the, obviously, there is a meaningful volume of funds that are frozen in the united states and in the several other countries in the world. but the way to apply them in a way that is not diverted, but really serves the interest of the african people is something in which we are working guards to make sure that all the necessary guarantees are provided. thank you. one high level you and official has told me that they believe the u. s. is beginning to realize it must change its position and find a way to unlock some of the funds which are currently frozen. bought the americans
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remain adamant that none of the money must go to the government of afghanistan, which of course is now the taliban and tina trying to work out a deal with the international monetary fund to avoid economic collapse. the government has until march to restructure billions of dollars in debt loaned to it by the i m. f. back in 2018. teresa both spoke to the economy minister mountain goodman about the progress made in negotiations. the i didn't, tina struggling to stabilize the economy after years. the financial instability, poverty rates are over 40 percent and inflation close to 15. in 2018, the m f granted argentina and economic bailout to form a precedent feel monthly. it was the largest known in the funds history, $57000000.00 for more than a year. the government and the i m. f have been in tough talks, hoping to avoid a potential default of the loan algebra met with economy minister marking
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a man who explained the current situation. it is a historic negotiation and the will to, to a large extent determine the face that the m. f. will have in the next few years in a war that is full of problems in a word that is evolving and in which more collateral listen, needs to evolve. and they may also need to revolve why the negotiation so difficult . i mean, i didn't have to pay this year. $19000000000.00. i mean, what are the discrepancies was versus difficult because of the size of the loan? because of what happens before, you know, in 2018, there was a loan that many, many so as a political long as the support funds moving actually solution to a government so that the government could when the elections and that created a lot of anti ity. it created many problems on the economic pool and there was
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implemented in not work. there's big differences between members of the i m f of those will support what organ tina is proposing and, and those who don't. what is origin tina proposing. what we're proposing is, if you scope past that in our view, we'll have barzon tina not only to give continuity to the met, recovering the short term. but it will also help us to have a more dynamic market economy and economy that bills comp, dynamic competitive advantage is it has more a creation of value that a has more public infrastructure and has better capacity to invest in science. in technological developments, our view is that the kind of fiscal path that the i m f is proposing will bring travels. there are differences de m f once a faster boss of fisco. faster fiscal conciliation than what ours diaz proposing
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and we think that will affect the, the recovery in the short term, but also the capacity of the economy to grow in the medium a long term. i think if you are for an investor and you are outside of argentina and you look at the economy here and you say, it's a country that has had over 20 programs with the many of which have had failed. a country with capital controls with inflation. what would you say to them to say that this time is going to be different? so there is on the upside, the economy is growing. there are investment opportunities, investment as they said, we have drawn by 35 percent this year. and actually there is far in their investment today in important sectors of our economy, especially in sectors associated with, with natural resources and then get industrialized or in denise. now on the right us. no. i didn't. tina has a history of endless economic troubles that have often ended with payment crisis to
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the i m f. in march. argentine now we'll have to pay around $2900000000.00. that's why an agreement is crucial to prevent that country default once again. that is, i will, i'll defeat site if money, the governor of california avenue, some has denied parole for the man who assassinated us presidential candidate, robert f. kennedy said hon. so hon. a palestinian refugee is serving a life sentence for the 900. 68, giving bob reynolds reports from los angeles, the man convicted of killing robert f. kennedy. more than 50 years ago will remain behind bars. california governor gavin newsome rejected parole for sir, han b. sharice your hon, a palestinian immigrant found guilty of assassinating kennedy. in 1968 kennedy was a democratic u. s. senator and younger brother of the assassinated president john f. kennedy. he was running for the democratic party nomination for president and had just
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celebrated winning the crucial california primary at a rally at the ambassador hotel in los angeles. my thanks to all of you and i was on the chicago and let when as kennedy and his entourage made their way backstage in the kitchen area of the hotel, sir haunt, struck, fatally wounded kennedy with a bullet to the head. dozens of people witness the shooting. it was an act of violence that changed the course of american history. in august of last year, a california parole panel recommended that sir han who is now 77 years old. be released, saying he had expressed some remorse, but newsome has the final say on pearls. in a statement he called sir hans assassination of kennedy among the most notorious crimes in american history. he said sir han still poses a threat to the public. sir han initially said he was motivated to kill kennedy because of the senator support for israel. he never denied the crime but later
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claimed he remembered nothing from that night. although 2 of robert kennedy's children urged sir han's release, many kennedy family members said they were deeply relieved by the decision. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles, ah. up on the hour and these are the top stories. australia is immigration minister is cancelled tennis donovan. joke, a vicious visa just dies out from the striding open joke of it has been ordered back into detention as he fights his deportation or from sara clock in brisbin. it's taken 4 days now of alex hall who holds the discretionary powers as he immigration minister to revoke that visa a 2nd time. now i should state that these discretionary powers means he's quite a lot of power when it comes to he can, it can't. you'll base on the grounds.


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