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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm AST

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still determining its future sierra leone recovery, special coverage on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, your waterman is our life from headquarters in ohio, getting okay that coming up in the next 60 minutes, australia canceled novak joker, which is visa again, the unvaccinated tennis superstar will be detained and may face deportation. intensive care units across the u. s. filled to capacity after a wave of ami cronan infections pushes hospitals to a breaking point. the british prime minister wars johnson's office apologizes to queen elizabeth for partying the night before her husband's funeral and protest her is in tennessee. i defy covert 19 restrictions right now to voice their anger
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against the president and in sports, tennessee, as protests, against the referee of the africa, the nations has been rejected. organizers have dismissed the complaint about their game with molly, ending before 90 minutes, had been plate. ah, welcome to the news, our novak joke of h was 3 days away from trying to make tennis history in the australian open. but instead the tennis world number one will phase detention from saturday after the australian government canceled his visa again. joke of it has refused to be vaccinated against coven. 19 the australian government says he should not be in the country. on health grounds. sarah clark begins, are coverage from brisbane. with just a until yesterday,
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in open novak geography was in training to win his 21st major tournament. but hours after he was seen on court in the rod laver arena, the federal government cancelled his visa for 2nd time scuttling his attempt to defend his title. immigration minister alex hawk used his discretionary powers to make the decision in a statement. he said the ruling was made in the interest of public health and good order. the prime minister scott morrison stated australians had made many sacrifices during his pandemic, and they expect those sacrifices to be protected. a point he made when the federal government canceled brockovich is visa for the 1st time. last week. rules are rules as well. i said yesterday. that's the policy, the government and has been our government strong, border protection policies, and particularly in relation to the pandemic. there is unsure the destroyer has one of the lowest death rights from cove it anywhere in the world. on monday, a federal court, i've turned to governments visa cancellation only now to have it revoked once again
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. astrology has had some of the toughest border restrictions in place during the pandemic. with 90 percent of australians out population now vaccinated the a morrison government has been about border control. i'm done this, there's been this great tension around celebrities, not only in sport, no film stars and jimmy's doors numbers. i'm coming in to australia as a time when people were forbidden from a from australian citizen, permanent residence were allowed to visit sir, like their home country jock of it's his well known for his opposition to mandatory vaccinations and his in the past refused to reveal his status this week in a stipend, he confirmed he had tested positive for covered 19 last month and requested a medical exemption to play in the australian open. now could face
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a 3 year band from re entering australia. this monastery, a ruling could see jock of each to puerto before the australian open begins on monday. when he faces the 1st round of the torment, his legal team says it will appeal the decision that could take the matter back to the federal court. sarah, clock out a 0 ribbon australia on his native serbia found that the world number one are standing by him saying australia is treating him unfairly or was the visual are no longer with no look is going true the frustration of our entire nation here? no, it's not normal, means. so one comes from here or it's not desirable anywhere. even if he's on the top of the world, does not acceptable. if they had said from the beginning that only vaccinated people come participate, it wouldn't be correct. but as it is at one point, they telling one thing another time, they tell him something else. well, dark arts, which is an associate professor at the university of belgrade and serbia,
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he says the 10 star should have been vaccinated before traveling to australia. death, no doubt, that the joker superstar, not on the serbia, but he is now left for the month super play tennis played and he's the best and he's played in every nation. so be proud, proud of him, but i am maybe not even competent person to come in because there is a 2 sides need one serbian side which supports you entirely and he's big. and another side i am chief time boxing in the why i duplex in issue is because i take care of myself, but mostly i think people around me. so it's not the case about no joke. and it was, it was not clearly, rather he got qualities. and he, he's also not clear, basically he's q r codes on he's, he's documentation. so he knows perfectly that he's coming close to the,
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the enormous district regulations. so being fine or not, of jokers being 30 to one side. but being the dimensions in science. if you could assist us and someone who is very low, be the person, it's opposite side. so i do know joker. she's in greatly at this moment because if he's, if he's visa can, for the know the country or coming up from other countries can follow regulation. and if you understand in europe, in some european country, we just pop up and get your visa and it gets you the q a for 2 years. then other countries has to follow is in and find you its jeopardize . and as jock as legal troubles unfold, australia is battling a surge in corona virus infections. its most popular state of new south wales has reported a 3rd day of record number of deaths. hospitals are struggling with staff shortages
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and disrupted supply chains, leading to empty supermarket shelves. in europe, germany has reported its highest number of infections since the pandemic began more than 90000 new cases. the highly contagious on the con, variance now accounts for most of those infections, health officials or warning if cases continue to climb, they could swamp the health care system. and the panoramic is also pushing germany to the brink of an economic recession. europe's largest economy shrink at the end. the 2021 with output falling by up to one percent in the last financial quarter. another decline like that could force the country into a recession. over in the u. s, it's been reporting an average of 800000 new cases a day for the past week. hospitals are struggling with their highest ever numbers of cobra. 1900 patients. the centers for disease control says the death hole could be as high as $66000.00 in the next month. we have correspondence covering the wave
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of the current infection sweeping across europe and the u. s. kimberly how kit is standing by 1st in washington dc. first to get an update though from dominic cane over in a religion. so dominic, what are authority saying about all of this and how do they plan to fight the rising number of infections? well the 1st thing to say is that we've hands over the course of this week in several days. record breaking numbers of new infections today, 92000 and counting. yesterday it was 81000 and counting. so a 10 percent surgeon case is relative to the previous day, which itself was a previous record. and we know that more than 70 percent of all these infections are with the ami kron variants. so pretty clear that the medics and ministers are all particularly worried about this surgeon cases. the interesting thing is we haven't necessarily seen a surgeon you deaths yet, but that might well follow in the course of the next few weeks. one of the
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interesting aspects of what's happening in germany right now is although ministers say there are plenty of p c r tests, that's the gold standard of tests to prove whether you have the virus or not. they said there's no shortage of tests, and yet we see in cities around the country, people queuing up for a considerable period to get their tests. so the rich chicks that explains why there's this wave of infection. now one theory that's been put to ministers, certainly walls today in a news conference in berlin, was that maybe because people say only cronies, milder maybe they should allow people to get this version of the virus and that that might help them with a heard immunity. the health minister car lauterbach addressed this very topic, this is what he had to say on this learner for them. you don't understand. i want to get the idea that we in germany should accept a full blown epidemic. the number of victims that we then would have to mourn is uncertain, is certainly too high. and it would also not lead to protection against further
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variance afterwards. because we cannot deduce from the current infection and rather is unlikely vitamins eye. and so we have this situation where the mantra here in berlin is where mosques have suitable ventilation get the booster shot. and yet remember of course there are still many millions of adults who haven't even had a 1st vaccination. they are the ones principally who are filling up the hospital wards around this country and it has to be said. but looking at the continent as a whole further east you travel inside the european union, the uptake of vaccine is lower and the hospitalized hospitalization rate is higher and the only cron variant is making things worse. certainly, that is the view here in berlin. thank you so much. damina kane for that reporting from berlin. let's get the view from us now. i'm bringing our white house correspondent kimberly hawkins. so the u. s. reporting an average of 800000 new
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cases a day for the past week. kimberly, what does this mean for the state of hospitals? how are they coping and where the hot spots? well, in terms of how their coping, the u. s. president has deployed the military in terms of military doctors and nurses to help those hospitals that are most stress. there are about 6 states that seem to be the hot spots right now. but the military has been playing a major role in terms of the national guard. this is us sort of a force that is made up of professional soldiers, but also that they often do have other jobs as well. that has been taking a supporting role for some time. but in terms of how this is looking, moving forward, there does seem to be a glimmer of hope from public health officials. they believe that we may have seen of the united states, the peak of the army con infections after a week, as you mention of these peak record cases in daily infections. now in terms of
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managing this crisis, now, the president is still struggling with that and trying to get ahead of the narrative that his white house hasn't done enough to prepare for this arm across search. there's still a shortage master still shortage of tests. the white house has promised them, but still there is no way that the ordinary public has been able to get their hands of the tasks or the mass. and that's been a problem for this white house and other problem for this white house. as they push to get all americans vaccinated because they're about 80000000 still haven't even gotten a single shot. the white house suffered a bit of a blow on thursday when the supreme court ruled that is the white house mandate that companies of a 100 plus employees must be tested or be vaccinated on a regular basis in terms of that testing that was struck down by the white a rather the supreme court, that's a bit of a victory for conservatives who say that these mandates that have been pushed by the, by the administration or an infringement on civil liberties. so this is the problem
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for the white house trying to get ahead of these surgeon cases due to abra cron trying to get the country vaccinated at the same what we're seeing in the absence of kind of a coordinate. the federal response are local jurisdictions like washington, d. c. for example, putting in place their own requirements. the people show proof of vaccination to get into foreign restaurants, jim's and so on. so we really got a patchwork of regulations and that made it difficult for the public. that is generally confused about how things are moving forward. very quickly, we're going to watch the us president is expected to be before the cameras. in the coming hours, we're going to see if he has any response to the supreme court ruling and whether there are any updates on when the public can see the tests. and the math fluids right now in the united states are pretty hard to get. okay, you know, keep us across that story. thank you so much for the time being. kimberly hallett reporting from washington d. c. now, the philippines has extended measures in combating a covered 1900 surge until the end of january. the country is experiencing its
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highest infection rates in the pandemic began restrictions now include a ban on unvaccinated people using public transport in the capital. manila schools have also in order to suspend classes for a week. new cases had a record of more than 34000 on thursday. and cambodia is launching its 4th round of current virus vaccinations after recording its 1st on the call in case last month. the country has a high and i'll put a knock, elation rates with nearly 90 percent of the population having had at least one dose . cambodia is campaign, has largely been made possible by vaccine donations from china. meanwhile, china's government is ramping up checks for all inbound travelers ahead of the beijing winter olympics in 3 weeks. time. officials are concerned and outbreak of coven 19 in the nearby port city of chen gin could spread to the capital for credit reports from hong kong. rigorous checks underway in bay,
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jing officials taking no chances with just 3 weeks to go before china hosts the winter olympics locally transmitted cases of the army. chrome very into coded 19 have been detected in several provinces. but the focus of containment is the northern port city of kent gin, just 30 minutes by train from beijing, some of homes, you know, we have to fight the district into the individual areas for management and control and set up 66 i selling time for raw use of data, necessities like 5 to both and prepare food. so rest of him place order as they need this week. games organizes said there were no plans to lockdown beijing, but they've now announced more rigorous measures will be in place to contain the spread. in hong kong, more mandatory testing has been introduced after nurses tested positive in the district of chin. men and new measures include a band on international transit flights and to return to home learning for primary and kindergarten. kids. hong kong already has a complete flight ban from 8 countries dining restrictions and limits on numbers
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for gatherings. on friday, chief executive harry lamb announced a relief package for effective businesses, and that restrictions will be extended for another 2 weeks. that extension means that will be restrictions on dining and gathering during the chinese the holiday, which will put a damper on traditional celebration said to ring in the year of the tiger brit clinic. i'll just sarah hong kong once more had on the algebra and is our, including the calls at emergency meeting after targeted cyber attacks, ukrainian government websites, japan to assess security threats from north korea after launch the 3rd missile test this year. and for it, hosts camera room are looking like the teams to be that the africa combinations action from the tournaments a little later. ah ah, but 1st a,
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b u. k prime minister boris johnson's government is accused of holding more rule breaking parties. during corona virus locked down, the telegraph newspaper reported about 30 staff attended 2 separate events inside downing street. the prime minister's office and its private garden. and the events were held on the eve of the funeral for prince philip. the queen's husband was ringing the barker for an update. he's joining us in london. so i need just tell us a little bit more about what we're learning about these 2 gatherings in particular . yes, been a really rough ride for boys johnson and his government. so let's don't forget that only on wednesday he was forced to apologize to m p's and the nation for attending a drink party himself in the garden of number 10 downing street at the height of lockdown. ever since he's been keeping a low profile. and now this we have learned through that report of the telegraph newspaper that on april, the 16th behind the doors of number 10,
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downing street around 30 people heads a gathered for a double leaving do. there was dancing there was drinking in the basement of number 10. at least one official was handed to shoot case and told to head off to the supermarket to get more supplies. well, all of that was the day before the samba funeral of the duke of edinburgh, prince philip. the nation was in mourning flags were half marston. that was the events, of course, with an iconic picture of queen elizabeth sitting alone in the pews of the chapel. there in winds up because she could not be next to her family as a result of the government's covert restrictions. that image is very much sort of buns into the memory of people across the united kingdom. and there is a strong feeling that throughout all of this, officials in westminster and the prime minister himself have been following their own rules as a their own rules for themselves as opposed to the government guidelines that
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everyone else has been following. well, i've been to apologies the 1st from james slack. he was the one of the figures who's leaving do it actually was he's now deputy editor in chief for the son newspaper. he said, sorry for the timing of it all. and i have been all say been an apology through a downing street spokes person full buckingham palace as well saying that they deeply regret the timing of all of this boyish johnson. i have to say was no sat the event, but there's a strong feeling amongst opposition and peace that he should be the one to be apologizing in person. because the buck essentially his prime minister stops with him yet. if so, there must be a lot of questions being asked right now about the, the culture a downey street am. yeah. how is this likely to play out for the prime minister into should we accept expect an apology? a doubts? it's very much better that he may be given a little choice, given the mounting pressure that he's facing from within his own political party. i think very few people suspect that he could be willing to resign, for instance,
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without the results of the full investigation into not only the policy, the boss johnson was at in 2020, but other gatherings across the whole of why whole and offices and departments and various parts of, of westminster as well. nevertheless, a growing number of conservative em piece of tabled letters of no confidence in the prime minister. if 15 percent of conservative m p 's do that, then it could well trigger a leadership race. but the majority of tory and peace, conservative em peace acquired for the time being, waiting the results of this inquiry that's being spearheaded by a senior civil servant, the rural. so waiting to hear that constituents have to think about it all because of course, those are the votes. as the police conservative, i'm pays in the office in the 1st place. if they're not happy with bars, johnson that we may well see, pressure mounts on johnson to leave. whether he'll go of his own,
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of his own admission or whether he'll be pushed, that's a different story altogether. but 1st, the inquiry, the results of it all eyes are on that in the coming days. all right, thank you so much new market reporting from london. now that you has condemned a coordinated cyber attack on ukraine's government and is called an emergency meeting to respond. hacker is targeted websites for the ministry of foreign affairs and other top government agencies. it's not clear yet who's behind it, but the foreign ministry says there's been a long record of russian cyber attacks in the past. there's been recent tension after moscow's troop build up on its border when ukraine a russia's foreign minister surg. elaborate says his country is prepared to respond that if western nations reject moscow's security proposals, he wants a detailed answer in writing to demands including limits on nato expansion in the region. several round the talks to is the crisis and eastern ukraine have been taking place. this week, but the most volatile is i look at the we have talked about the fact that such an
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approach is an acceptable and we cannot approve of such were union electoral interpretation of security guarantees. so we expect a response from our colleagues in writing, just like we did because we have submitted our proposals in writing and will continue working to be prepared for any kind of developments. get convinced that if there's google and if there's will compromise, one can always find mutual acceptable solutions to our center. barry has more from moscow. russia's patience with the actions of the west is done. basically. it's run out. it's come to an end. he said, that's all communications channel with the you are not closed, very strong words from the foreign minister. he also said that russia believes that nato and the us will use, will build up troops alongside its borders in the coming months and use the
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tensions with ukraine. as an excuse to do so, the foreign minister said, that's really, they're just waiting for a response from nato about their proposal, and that they will not wait forever. the russians have made it very clear that they will decide when the time is right for them to take action, and that they will not indefinitely wait for a response. in the meantime, we've also heard from the spokesperson of president vladimir putting on thursday who also highlighted the fact that this week has really not been as successful one in terms of coming to any kind of a resolution about where to go forward. from this point, of course, the russian position is that the troops, they have alongside the border with ukraine carrying out to exercise as is well within their rights. and that they have reasons to believe that they need to be very much on top of their own security, and that they don't want nato to expand. and also artificially expand was the word
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that the foreign minister use in reference to not only ukraine joining the 30 member alliance, but also he said that the united states is enticing scandinavian countries to join nato. and that is something that russia will not tolerate for us has condemned north korea latest miss. our last saying it posed a threat to the international community that happened just hours after washington called for a new sanctions. showing yang defended the test as a legitimate right to self defense and warned of a stronger reaction if more sanctions are imposed on japan's government has ordered an investigation into the security threats. these tests may pose to ation on shipping equipment. north korea's ongoing military activity, including repeated ballistic missile launch, a threat to the peace and safety of japan. and the region in our serious concern for all of the international community. so that 2 more ballistic missiles on friday
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. the 3rd since the beginning of the new year, all of which violates un security council resolutions. according to north korean state media, the previous test including hypersonic missiles, they were rolled out and fired from mountain tunnels, or in one case a submarine to demonstrate their growing capabilities of the 7 tests have taken place since president biden took office on north korea has refused to respond to his administration diplomatic efforts. let's talk to through me terry. she's the director of the center for korean history and public policy at the wilson center. she's joining us from new york, thanks for being with us on al jazeera. so how significant are these 2 tests? what is significant in the sense that they are continuing to modernize upgrade and expand their nuclear weapons program? and you know, kim tillman has announced last year that that's what they're going to do. they have but on this very ambitious military modernization plan and are continuing to
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upgrade and expand their program as we saw with the now 3rd, 3rd hypersonic missile tests these to these missiles, if they're equipped with nuclear warheads can, which sort within a minute. i'm so this is pretty significant. there is not much that the united states can do to stop north korea from continuing on their missile and nuclear program. i p. p on sanctions in it and treasury has some more sanctions on north korea and i was just returning the timing of this comes after the u. s. as you're saying imposed new sanctions on certain north korean officials. so what do we make of the timing of these 2 tests? well, i think it's not related to sanctions. they were going to do this anyway. the, these 2 tests follow what we've seen in the fall of last year. they've been testing new, a variety of different missiles, right? new summary line to police in missile new train mounted willis, the missile,
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and had reciting missiles. so they have a broader strategic objective here, which is to diversify missile arsenal in her survive realty of the missile forces and deep feet missile defenses. so they are on this trajectory of continue to expand their program. and then of course, there are some internal reasons as well. they want to show strength and defiance to united states international community. because we are going through our lot of internal stresses to the regime. they are the 1st country to cruise the border with china and in january of 2020 of because of the covey concerns. and they're completely closed. also, they are suffering economically, right. food shortages, lavine to show, signify signals fake to the united states. here's the thing though, how will the united states deal deal with this? i mean, we just saw this round the sanctions north korea as saying a warning rather of stronger and more explicit action. and i'm coating here if washington maintains its confrontational stance. so where do things move forward
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from here on not a good space, i'm afraid because i'm concerned that after beaching olympics in february and after presidential election in march and particularly if a conservative opposition candidate comes in south korea into career relations are going to already worsen and they have a lot of other weapons they have not tested. so they could then really ramp up tension spike testing into content to produce of muscle housing 16 for example. and in terms of u. s. s. response, you know, this is the 3rd decade of dealing with north korea. we've tried almost everything including sitting down with kim, telling them 3 times of, you know, present from dinner. so we don't have a whole lot of other options except to continue essentially as shown up. 2 to fences and we continue to work with our allies, south korea and japan in terms of the tories and containment. but you know, this is not an ideal solution, but there are, this is
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a problem from how when it comes to north korea, we don't have an ideal solution when it comes to north korea, i'm afraid. ok, we'll have to leave it there. we thank you so much so me, terry, for speaking to us from new york still had on the al jazeera news, our molly's leaders who took power in a qu, asked the public to protest against regional sanctions. was be to argentina's economy minister ahead of the deadline. to strike a deal with international lenders coming up in sport, a frustrating day for goal, shy synagogue africa, combinations action is coming up a little later in the news out with with hello there. we got a real wintry mix in the weather across the middle east, over the next couple of days. rain, sleet,
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and snow for many of us. so we got lots of clouds showing up on the satellite pitcher spilling out to turkey, rolling across the levant, and easing towards s, syria and iraq. so significant snowfall coming in here i was the high ground was that you see some heavy rain to, to western parts of iran. follow that line of right across us here kata. we will see some rainfall as we go through saturday and on into sunday. so that's something to mark you caught that where to weather, just straddling a saudi arabia, running all the way across into the red sea is still there as we go on through sunday. some heavy rain also pushing into the you a could cause some localized flooding cause and that system makes his way all the way up to was afghanistan still cold enough further north, across iran, iraq pushing up towards turkey. the levant seems a nice there for damascus. and for jerusalem, so certainly feeling a bit like winter cold enough to across northern parts of africa. we want a 2 showers in play here, showers to just around the gulf of guinea, southern part of the guinea coast. some that wet weather may will even affect the
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football. in cameroon, we will see some heavy rain coming through here. march of southern africa, seeing some lively showers. i was in a couple of days. ah, the living in a war zone is a risk not worth taking for most but for a 10 year old boy, there is nowhere else to go. in the absence of his parents, his grandmother dedicates herself to his upbringing. never knowing whether the next explosion will echo one step closer to the place they call home the distant barking of dogs. a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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ah, ah ah, ah ah, hello again. the top stories from the al jazeera news, our australia's immigration minister has canceled tennis star. novak junker, which is these are just days ahead of the australian open drug of which has been ordered back into detention as he fights deportation. you have condemned
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a cyber attack on ukraine's government and i'm calling for an emergency meeting on how to respond websites of several departments. we're head, including the foreign affairs and education ministry in the us. intensive care units are close to capacity because of a rising number of corona, virus infections, and over in germany, cases have served to another old time. hi. in india, the number of new infections has risen to more than 260000 in the past 24 hours. and that's largely driven by the ami kron variance. but those numbers haven't deterred hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from gathering for religious festivals. there are fears the gathering could be a so called super spreader events. have name at all reports from new jelly. the thousands of hindu devotees have thrown to the bank of the ganges for the end will dip into the weeklong pilgrimage has continued despite, with 900 cases surging throughout the country. for no good money. the holy water
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was brought an upgrade on the practice social distancing, and batches of only 50 people are allowed at a time. we also use drones to sanitize the place people across india celebrate and various festival mac type restrictions. the largest of these in west being goals are only vaccinated. pilgrims are allowed, testing camps are open, even as public cases and schools have closed. despite these measures, new cove in 1900 cases in the state of breaking all your records. hospital admissions in india. however, have remained relatively low in the country's largest cove in 1900 facility in new delhi, most beds are empty and not many patients are on a ventilator. we have enough oxygen, we have enough, we have enough medicine, and we have all the infrastructure. it became time, you also trained our doctors, nurses and paramedics technician to how to deal with the increasing numbers. so
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this time we are better prepared than the 2nd we're. authorities expect the omicron fuel search to stream resources, but are taking steps to address the impact they are now advisory asymptomatic contacts of coven, 19 patients to avoid testing and quarantine at home. what the advisory signifies. is there is a degree of pragmatism and i understand this is a relatively short term thing. it's not that it's giving up on testing. it's a short drawn thing for the simple reason that the number off off of is incremented context, so known was that it's simply, it's simply restricted. the dual highest groups authorities will soon decide on extending the ban on the election values in the capital, new delhi. when you cases speak to an old time, hi, there will be another we can go few public health experts warned that on even restrictions good back file, if case has continued despite the currently,
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even if more pleasant age of new hospital admission could over when perhaps jefferson bobby mcmahon, algebra, new delhi, thousands of anti government protest ers, have gathered in the tin museum capitol security forces around a central square in tunas to contain the demonstrators. they're accusing president crisis. i years of staging a coo, he's been under pressure since july after he saw the prime minister suspended parliament and seized far reaching power is sayed says he did it to save his country and to fight corruption for more on the story or there is a elisa of oakland, she's joining us live from the capital tuna said i suppose it's significant to say that today's also the 11th anniversary of the tin is in revolution. but tell us what you are seeing where you are and what the protest her is. have been saying well, live protest as have come out today because as he said, today's, the traditional celebration is the, the revolution and kind of science had changed the date or the public hall to
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december 17th. so just by coming out to die, it's a big demonstration that people are disobeying his decrees. but over the past month, see i things have been getting a lot worse in tunisia. we've seen that are increasing amount to a rest, particularly the disappearance. all of the m p and full, but justice minister noticing the heidi. but today what we've been saying is it was a slave stop, but police were pushing back, protest is blocking them from getting to the central avenue. and then at things it became sort of more intense as protest is pushed through and went run back streets . we've seen quite significant characters. so you know, the political scene being arrested, such as the full when the 2 of the a, the, it to nisha bar association who is beaten and tracked away. apparently, young people have been arrested to its police checkpoints around the avenue that
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has been use of war to cannon and basing and tin gas a so one gentleness to incident coughing and on the ground. and she's really, you know, it was really suffering with the take ass. so the, the violence against protest as is really stat talk on the anger has stepped up. and let's say, here's the thing. there are covered restrictions currently in place in, in, certainly in tunis work where you are. so is that impacting the number of people coming out or, or not? it is 70 who has had a impact. so covered numbers. the only con variant all to each on the, the out vanessa farrah really, you are used to be as such. but you are position politicians are accusing kai, signs of using, conveyed as a, as an excuse to block demonstrations. he used to presidential decrease banning demonstrations and public events. so it is partially,
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i think there is sent me ongoing about the panoramic. but certainly there's also a lot of anger and people, suspecting that county side is using it is, i mean the controlling the population and control new people who are trying to. all right, thank you so much of each of oakland for that update from tunis. the u. n a saying at least a 108 people have been killed, an air strikes and if you p s t gray region, since the start of this month, it says the earth strikes are carried by if yoke has air force. federal troops have been fighting to grind rebels for more than a year or a worker. as i said, civilians continue to be killed by strikes and t grind despite prime minister a b a from i'm calling for national reconciliation to end the conflict. hundreds of people in mali have come out and protest against sanctions imposed by the west african block echo us, the military, which took power in a qu last year asked the public to demonstrate calling the regional sanctions
6:40 pm
extreme. i was took the steps in response to the military, delaying elections. nicholas hock is joining us from the car in neighboring synagogue. i know you're keeping an eye as on the situation in molly. so what are you hearing about today's turnout and, and how large are the, is the protest? well, the crowds have swelled from hundreds of people, a couple of hours to tens of thousands across the country because we're seeing protests not just in the capital obama co, but also in timber to in, bu grenier, where people are using the vbms to try to make as much noise as possible and to try to get the attention of the international community. they're out in an act of defiance and show support to the government of transition led by military gentle either i see me going tough faced with international sanctions and increasingly isolated just on sunday. the west african body eco wants to put in heavy sanctions against the country and the government of transition. the borders of air and land
6:41 pm
borders are closed. so is the freezing of transactions between molly and neighboring country. now this is the land lock country. so just in a matter of just a few days, the price of rights has $25.00 killers of rights has gone up by a dollar in a country where most people live on less than $2.00 a day. and then add to that the question of paying people salaries, if they don't have access to the funds controlled by the central bank. so those are issues that has made a lot of people angry. and the protest started with a moment of prayer. and by my code moment of prayer for peace, this piece that is become so elusive. despite the presence of $14000.00 un peacekeepers, costing a $1000000000.00 a year and $5000.00 french soldiers. well, more than a 1000000 people have been displaced. thousands of people have been killed because because of attacks launch bar groups are getting grounds and for a see me go. it's the answer to this elusive piece. the piece of bringing back the
6:42 pm
piece is to delay elections by a further 5 years is to bring in russian fighters. there are about $500.00 russian fighters that are on the ground associated to the private security company. wagner's group, much to the honor of those that are the traditional allies of molly, know to be the, the former colonial or france, and also other european actors. there are 10 european countries that sent their military under the to cooper force to help molly with down the attacks from arm groups already sweden has announced that it will take away their forces out of the country. here's the thing. nicholas the n u has also said that it will fall in line with echo sanctions on molly's so are we expecting sanctions from the you and also what are the consequences that the youth sanctions would have on the country?
6:43 pm
well currently the foreign ministers of the european union are meeting in breast in france to discuss those sanctions. as i mentioned, sweden has already mentioned that it will withdraw its troops part of the to cuba forces. of course, the e. u is not only a big finance or is of the un peacekeeping mission, but also it has its troops, germany, sweden, ukraine, france, great britain, or some of the countries that are involved in the peacekeeping operation. now the future of their presence in molly is put into question, and there might be more sanctions put in place. but what we're seeing here is in effect, a crisis of confidence in democratic institutions for the europeans. if there are no free and fair elections as soon as possible, if there is no return to democracy, then they cannot have their troops associated or on the ground involving the military and their transitional government. the idea here is that for them,
6:44 pm
there is democracy equates more corruption, less security, and that's what has happened in the past. they want to rebuild the democratic institutions and they're asking for 5 years to do so that's too long for the europeans. ok, thank you. so much nicholas hock, reporting from the car on the situation. and molly now dozens of journalists and activists in el salvador have reportedly been subject to phone hacked by the government. research from an internet wants to organ canada, says many of those targeted worked for the independent news side, l. farro. the outlet was reporting unsuspected deals between the government and street gangs. at the time of salvatore's government, reportedly use the is really pegasus spy program. but it denies the accusations a little later on. we offer like $269.00 days with full access to my phone, to the phones, microphone to the camera with full access to my calls, contacts messages, images, documents, to be honest. this is
6:45 pm
a little scary. and it's also hard to process to know that you've had a strange in your house on your privacy, on this line. argentina is trying to work out a deal with the international monetary fund in a bit to avoid economic co ops. the government has until march to restructure billions of dollars in debt loan to it by the i m. f in 2018. theresa bo spoke to its economy minister at martin goodman about progress made in the negotiations. the i didn't, tina is struggling to stabilize the economy after years of financial instability. poverty rates are over 40 percent and inflation close to 15. the in 2018. the m f granted argentina and economic bailout to form a precedent feel motley. it was the largest known in the funds history, $57000000.00 for more than a year. the government and the i m. f had been in tough talks, hoping to avoid
6:46 pm
a potential default of the loan. i'll just re met with economy minister might of been of man who explained the current situation. he's a historic negotiation and the will to, to a large extent determine the face that the i m f will have in the next few years in a war that is full of problems in a word that is evolving and in which more collapse releasing needs to evolve and m f also needs to revolve whitening oh station. so difficult. i mean, i didn't have to pay this year. $19000000000.00. i mean, what hurt that discrepancy was versus difficult because of the size of a loan? because of what happens before, you know, in 2018, there was a loan to many, many so as a political loan, as the support funds move to that one is the addition to government. so that the government could win the elections. and that created a lot of and it created many problems and the economic problem there was
6:47 pm
implemented in not work. there's big differences between members of the i m f of those who support what origin tina is proposing and, and those who don't what is origin? tina proposing what we're proposing is if you scope past that now where you will have urgent dina, not only to give continuity to the economic recovery in the short term. but it will also help us to have a more dynamic market economy and economy that bills comp dynamic, competitive advantage that has more a creation of value that a has more public infrastructure and has better capacity to invest in science. in technological developments, our view is that the kind of fiscal path that the i m f is proposing we're bring troubles. there are differences day m f once a faster bus of fiscal,
6:48 pm
faster fiscal conciliation. denver argentina's proposing and we think that will affect the, the recovering the short term, but also the capacity of the economy to grow in the medium long term. i think if you are for an investor and you are outside of argentina and you look at the economy here and you say, it's a country that has had over 20 programs with the many of which have had failed. a country with capital controls with inflation. what would you say to them to say that this time is going to be different? so there is on the upside, the economy is growing. there are investment opportunities, investment, as i said, we have grown by 35 percent this year. and actually there is foreign direct investment today in important sectors of our economy, especially in factors associated with, with natural resources and then get industrialize or in denise. now on the right path. no, i didn't. tina has
6:49 pm
a history of endless economic troubles that have often ended with payment crisis to the i m f. in march. argentine now we'll have to pay around $2900000000.00. that's why an agreement is crucial to prevent that country default once again. that is, i will just see the site if at least 9 people have been killed and several others injured in eastern india, after 12 coaches of a train g railed the train crossing. what's been gold. dozens of people are being treated in hospital of the the go. yeah. but if you're the rescue operation is almost complete. we are able to see track passengers into coaches. this situation is such that will not be able to pull them out without the help of cranes. the national disaster response force is working on it will take some time on the still ahead on the al jazeera and his, our, all the sports news and more reaction from australia where novak brokovich is once again facing the prospect of deportation.
6:50 pm
ah with with
6:51 pm
ah ah ah, in time for the sports answers for, during the so much tennessee as protest against the referee at the africa, the nations has been rejected. the confederation of african football dismissed the complaint about their game with molly ending before 90 minutes was on camp. also confirm the result of wednesdays game as a one know when firm wally being reported that the referee had been suffering from heat stroke. one of the pre tournament favorites, santa goal continue to struggle in front of goal africa. top rang side were held to
6:52 pm
a goal is draw by guinea. it means they failed to score from open play in both of their games at the tournament. so far, senegal and getting now have 4 points in our own course to reach the last 16 house nation cameroon, have booked near a spot in the knock at rounds, they came from behind to secure a big win against ethiopia. in groups. a vincent of barker was the star of the show, the former porto strikers, going twice in the game camera and going on to seal it for one are looking to win the tournament for a 6th time arena paso also picked up a when they beat it. cape verde one know the result means both teams have 3 points after 2 games and group african football writer, my her miss i he is in cameron for the tournament. he says the host nation are strong containers contenders to win the title. one of the things you can always steal is the, you know, the spirits,
6:53 pm
the foods he has them. and although it may not have shown on television last nights here in cameroon, i could shield the excitement for the match. you know cobit protocols, i made it difficult for support to get into the state and, but i can tell you here every single 50 meters, 100 meters, there's a cache or a bar, you know, set up huge screens. everybody yesterday had on their camera and there has taxis, cigarette he, us everywhere. there was a kimberly and like, i think that kind of momentum, that kind of enthusiasm, really boy a national team. and we saw that i think, you know, cameron and especially i want to say quick word above and several books are who had to go lastly and it's not for some petition and only 2 matches. cameroon, are sort of spoiled for to it's kind of when it comes to records, i had several esl rosie mila patrick and boma. but this kinda has scored an unwilling goal, is because it says to me, and these are a great start at the ass on their hosting. so i think he's slowly trying to transform his legacy if he continues this. and if camera can go far and be one of
6:54 pm
those legends that you can add to the camera in the pantheon of african strikers. now that job i still have been to play at next week's australian open. his legal team have appealed against the decision to cancel his visa for a 2nd time with a new hearing now sent to take place on funday. earlier on friday and migration minister alex hall can use his personal power to revoke job which is visa player isn't vaccinated against kobe 19. but he had hoped to be given a medical exemption. john, which has been included in the draw for the 1st grand slam of the season, which is due to start on monday. i'm not gonna sit here and start kicking novak well, the done. it's of a say. yeah. like i said, the other day, it's just, it's not a good situation. just seems like it's dragged on for quite a long time now and not great for the, for the tennis. not great for this trillion open. not great for novak. yeah, and obviously a lot of people who criticize,
6:55 pm
obviously the government here as well. so it's not not being good job of which will go back into immigration detention at 21. gmc that's 8 am on saturday in melbourne, and i'll be allowed to go and meet with his legal team in the presence of australian border force officers is appeal hearing will take place at the federal court on sunday. that concludes in his favor, jock, which is australian open title defense could still begin. on monday. we've been speaking to 7 news, sports supporter andrew mccormick, about the blame game currently being played and australia. well, i think while the majority of people are gray, we know about job phases being canceled. it's certainly an element that this whole mess could have been avoided on all fronts. and it's not just know that the 2 types, some part of the blind ye,
6:56 pm
yes. fascinated by thought he was told and given information which is turned out to be false. in terms of the tennis trial, your and other officials, i have the drawing and i've been telling him that you know, d. c, a y that he could get an exemption from that nation and to enter the country and play or. ready for i record breaking 21st grand slam final and my history here in melbourne. that wasn't the case. and the guy, if you guys assurances that weren't the case you know, that job reach point of view. i mean. ringback type of why what i feel personally about the bath. nice nice you have to personally about and i think the why that it's been handled by all parties involved including just showing government and kind of strata has been quite symbolic, to be honest. and the fact that i didn't until 148 hours from the torment to get a decision on the beta. when he won, he's caught in the middle of the way back for 5 days. we had to drag through this
6:57 pm
whole waste weapon use on every single not around all services throughout the wait what any one will talk about. and quite frankly now people. ready are my stick of it, i want decision one while the other is know that flying or is you know? and how to re driver now sir alice, he has won the dac are rally for a 4th time. as a racer, the saudi arabian desert came to an end on friday. the 51 year old took the overall owners ahead of frances 9 time world raleigh champion, sebastian node. the when the mentality of the 2nd most successful driver in the history, i would dank ours car category. he's tied with finland's ari event, an n and behind 7 pet handsome tally of $820.00. okay, and that is all your sport for now. during back to you like is a lot for about up there. thanks for watching the news. our back in just a moment with the more of the days news. see in
6:58 pm
a minute. ah . a few asked to choose between your site and feeding your family. what do you do? yeah, i mean that happens because we don't keep ourselves healthy when your son could face the death from a dog bio. what do you do every new car, the cost of it? actually, can you afford them? films about inspiring solutions to global health challenges. e. j. select on al jazeera for did remediation. molina
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families to pain is unbearable for their relatives were killed last week. doing a military operation ordered by the venezuelan government, security forces accused him of being part of a colombian rebel group and said they died in combat. but neighbors and family members insist they were innocent, taken from their homes and executed under pressure venezuela's defense minister by the me to president said the armed forces were obliged to the friends that come through from your regular groups. but added that you right, needed to be respected and that the events at the border would be investigated. discover a world of difference, determination. i'm examining a doubt with me. we are moving freedom plan char soldiers among the 16 people with corruption and
7:00 pm
compassion. al jazeera, whoop, a selection of the best films from across our network of channels. ah, australia cancels novak joker, which is visa again, the unvaccinated tennis superstar will be detained and may face deportation. ah, you're watching all 0 life from a headquarters and so i'm getting obligated also a heads intensive care units across the u. s. filled to capacity after a wave of on the corner. infections pushes hospitals to a breaking point on protests or is in tennessee. i defy covered 19 restrictions to


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