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tv   AJ Selects Health  Al Jazeera  January 16, 2022 4:30am-4:55am AST

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to the job key, turn, power, magic saving lives, transporting the sick and elderly for medical health policy to risking its own. oh, now, which is 0. ah, hello again, adrian for the hearing. so how about the headlines on al jazeera, astronomy, as hipaa, pacific nation of toner. after an under c volcano erupted, there's no word though on casualties us phone lines are down, should now be alerts and advisors are in place for parts of japan and the western united states. what find tennis? work number one mobile joke of inches in court in australia's will appeal the decision to revoke his visa for a 2nd time. the hearing is taking place just a day before the australian open begins. shock of which was initially barred entry on arrival off questions about his cobit 19 vaccine exemption. sir clock has more
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on what the government's lawyers have been arguing. they stating that dr. bitch, his high profile status and his high profile views. i use anti vaccination kind of status, so he's often opposed mancy vaccination. they're saying that could fue, the anti vaccination sentiment. now joke, which is legal team is saying that they presented no evidence that warrants his deportation. and that jock of it is a public risk. they saying that the minister took in a legal and a rational approach and of sot, had no evidence that he is this public health risks in australia. beijing, as reported his 1st community case of the alma kron variant of cove at 19. the positive case is from the cities northwestern. heidi an district, the country is less than 3 weeks away now from staging the winter olympics, with a jing as one of the venues for the games. a prominent sudanese pro democracy group has conditionally accepted the u. n. 's offered a broker an end to the political deadlock. protesters have been marching against
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the military since of overthrew the civilian led government in october. members of the forces for freedom and change will meet you and officials on sunday to present that terms. another group, the sydney's professionals association, is rejected un mediation. hundreds of people in honduras are making their way to the border with guatemala, in the 1st major migrant caravan of the year. the group comprising mainly hon durant nicaraguans, is hoping to reach the us authorities in the state of texas. negotiating with a man who's taken people hostage is a synagogue police in cali vill which is a suburb of dallas. so that one person so far been released. it's believed that 3 more remain held hostage, the suspect entered the synagogue, the services were being live streams. and those are the headlines that he's continues to ha selects next.
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a level in san mateo. a issue with a black on yes,
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a look into it. my mother moved in. he said to me, i know i'm a little issue with me on
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my data. like you like a toyota under so that's a little more did i know it could, could i use a ah a even a lot, but they know how you are bladder upset behind to actual but he's a freshman my best i can handle that boys are friendly gordy 3 and been i'm
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a national guard to go to some on higher than i. so i sat but nevin, i think, i think already i've been, i've been, i've been organizing number one elements that are up there basis about when i hang up, when i, you, and make up, you know, that pushing these up and, and beth and up anything in that things he has had before you even looking at our logwood ibis, immuno blo be lead. it brought you some basis thing and we have a now will be separated by me, but i'm back with us as well. but me small with small in that i'm a light clinic here at r e. m is part of our system of white centers all over the country. we see between
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failed to certain 1000 patients a year. those are new patients patients. so i just, i been there regimen but more than that there's family wise that number for patients coming in for the follow up with oh. busy oh, oh, some guy look a aerial view of word people i on the head multiple people biannual. i know i'm within the hour a employ, elena completely, but the other been a i'm late i'm subbing for nina when i was doing the same one. it had been a lot i'm going out is i know. busy when
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you are a bit in my i re been dog, the virus these 1st at the sight of the bite and then it travels to your central. busy nervous system, once it reaches your brain, and that's when you have a symptoms. it's 100 percent. fetal. once you have the symptoms, and there's nothing you can do. but it's also 100 percent preventable. oh, oh. oh. oh, what, what was, whoa, whoa, whoa. i really not a nephew, i new mobile bundle and we sell and free. now the latina indian him and,
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and i know the numbers he live in the mother a bar that woman, i'm as a beetle and an indian magazine. and i know that you've been with helena, the gland put on the nodding, young. i am able my auntie not to be that was a happy man and violent when also when i alamahood lot. yeah. oh no luck. under that. no. as on the my lab is causing that, no one would glance said the beep in ocoee. keep at dewitt napa valley yamaha that got my li, you mark on mine. and um, while we're like go, i'm gonna ask you what i need to know what the point of the loan all
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b y at. no, i know, but i don't believe that long india can really highlight politically to my landline . yeah, i hadn't anybody, not on my side. no, i know now that i'm bumping now like i normally will play none. and i mean, well up, i mean, how far you love kids way be you know, with a little problem and i'm in between. i'm in my body coming on thursday. spit that me me. you don't want or need a lot of blood associated with it. you want a nice single layer,
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ideally of neuron. ah, people die the disease because there for one of the priorities of research is to bring this burden to the forefront and convince international leaders. but this is something that is manageable. vaccine on the global market for dogs. wholesale price is less than $0.25 us. do the comparison. the health economics are clear. vaccinate dogs, you'll relieve the burden of human rabies, vaccinate people. it's the incurable one. it'll be vaccinating people forever. me the there are based on the dependent. i don't
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i oh, close your eyes. ah, listen, ooh, i never thought i'd be singing in parliament with the boy. i never dreamt of it. when the words fail, music speaks to short films about how music and knocked down wall and inspire hope for a better life. ha selects on al jazeera. ah


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