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tv   AJ Selects Health  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2022 9:30am-9:56am AST

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broadcasting have been august and i was born a happy al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year. running the clock in the wood top stores here on al jazeera and use zealand and australia have sent full surveillance flights to toner, to survey the damage caused by saturdays volcanic eruption. and sue nami latest report suggests that have been no mass casualties. that infrastructure is damaged and communications limited. the situation in toner is not stable yet. we have limited access to information and we don't have a direct communication to, to talk at the moment. but we receive information through the department of foreign
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affairs and trade. and according to what we have many more damages and notes. so know that that has been reported and we hope that you continue on to be that direction. china's economy grew faster than expected last year and expand that 8 point one percent, slightly ahead of forecasts, but almost grown up rates and a property slump. have slowed growth in the last 3 months. south chris military says north korea has 5 to projectiles, believe the ballistic missiles. they will launch from an area close to the capital . young young. it is the country's fault miss our launch since the start of this year. no joke of it is arrived to buy off to be ported from australia. young vaccinated tennis star had to leave the country house to court, upheld the cancellation of his visa on public health grounds. surveys president has denounced deportation as a foss. bangladesh is tightened, restrictions after covert 19 infections tripled in a week to almost 5000
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a day. and all gatherings abandon transport is running. at half capacity, mosques are required in public places. the case opposition leaders accused prominence. the birth johnson of breaking the law and says he must resign johnson. it's fighting for his political life as he faces a growing rebellion within his conservative party over government staff, events held during covert 900 locked downs. last week he apologized the parliament for attending what he called a work event. while tough frustrations were in force. for the police have arrested 2 teenagers in the city of manchester, in connection with a seizure to synagogue and texas on sunday. at british national was shot dead after taking 4 people hostage. us president joe biden has called incident night, tara is up to date with headlines when you come up here and out 0 of the a j. so oh,
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a national guard. they go to a minor higher than that. i so i sat for to navin, i think, i think already and been and i've been organizing on buffalo elements that are piece up there basis about when that i know you and made up your family that which is something that i found up anything in that things he has had before you a league, nothing about what i have is immune of will be, it bought some basis and we have a now will be separated by me. better on buffalo anymore. so somebody, me small with me small in the i am a light clinic here at r e m is part of a system of white sanders all over the country. we see between bailed the surgeon
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1000 patients a year there was i knew patients, patients. so i just typing their regimen, but more than that there's probably twice that number for patients coming in for an a follow up shot one 0. busy oh oh, some guy looked away along every meal. oh, you are worried people i am behead multiple people. diana go. i know i'm within the hour a employ, elena? completely. a i'm bade i'm subbing for nina with another do enough aim for me. is it been a lot coming out is done. busy when
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you are a bit in my i re been dog, the virus these 1st at the sight of the bite and then it traversed your central. busy nervous system, once it reaches your brain, and that's when you have a symptoms. it's 100 percent. fetal. once you have the symptoms, no, there's nothing you can do. but it's also 100 percent preventable. oh, oh. oh. oh, what, what? well, i really not nephew, i know mobile bundle. i think we sell and fee now the latina ending them and,
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and i know when i see them in the month i bought that $1.00, but i'm acevedo and an indian magazine and i and that it belonged with elena big lamp with i'm not in young. i am able my auntie not to be that doesn't happen. my now man. and behind him when i was a when i alamahood bought yo back or no luck under that. no. as on the main lobby, guessing no one would glance said the beep in ocoee deep at dewitt napa valley yamaha that got nearly new mark of mine. and um, while we're like, go imo arsole. oh no. miller. what? corner alone?
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all b. y at no mine but oh boy, in that long injection, nobody lined up perfectly dry landline. yeah. yeah. um anybody knuckle? michelle? no, i know not the company in natalie or they none. i mean what up with a lack of, i mean, how far you bought a car love ticket. so we're going out with a little problem and i'm in this when i'm in the coming on thursday. speak me me one or need a lot of blood associated with it. you want a nice single layer,
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ideally of neuron ah, keep inside a disease because they are, or one of the priorities of research is to bring this burden to the forefront and convince international leaders. but this is something that is manageable. vaccine on the global market for dogs. wholesale price is less than $0.25 us. do the comparison. health economics are clear. vaccinate dogs, you'll relieve the burden of human rabies, vaccinate people. it's the incurable when we vaccinating people forever. me ah and there are based on the neg dependent and you know,
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ah, [000:00:00;00] a medium of letting me think i know. okay, now when i'm hanging on the cabin nermine yet if i get a minute a bit,
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a b i oh, close your eyes. ah, listen, ooh, i never thought i'd be singing in parliament with the player. i never dreamt of it . when the words fail, music speaks to short films about how music and knocked down wool and inspire hope for a better life. ha, selects on al jazeera. we've


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