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tv   101 East Inside Japans Sumo World  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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long got the was a little but you know, he was never worried. obviously it asked for help when he received the letter. i think his form was included with the pony barton bout yours live a wiley leanne. what tongue are remains in critical need of supplies of the aftermath of last week's volcanic eruption, and soon, army communications are now slowly being restored and stories of survival or emerging a couple. who on the beach side resort have spoken of their ordeal. they say that the tsunami warning siren didn't work. they went through the town yelling, and warning people to leave. one thing that i definitely thought on that day was awful. the world will come to an end. i've never seen sama like that. i'm the friday. the night that might, before those, the skies were different colors it was yellow, was ready, was orange in an arm as soon as something like that. and then i seen the black ash cash looked seems like it was following us on the car. ah,
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it is good to be with us. hello adrian for they get here. and so how the headlines and out 0 has been gun fire at several military camps in beacon of francis capital . why do go the defense minister denies that the army has taken over and detained the president. it sits you chill sure. there was an uprising in 6 locations, including the capitol. now everything is calm. those involved in the uprising are being investigated. the president wasn't arrested and he hasn't resigned. we know where he is and we are following the situation and getting details about how this happened. and those he led the uprising are detained. we're asking all civilians to stay calm and we will tell the public the reasons behind this uprising. everything is under control. we continue our mission to protect our country and its people are not. did sinead taliban officials are in norway for that 1st talks on the european soil, al jazeera has learned, they'll be pushed on promises to uphold human rights,
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in return for billions of dollars and frozen humanitarian aid. russia has rejected british accusations that is plotting to install a pro moscow leader in ukraine. the u. k says that russia is in contact with former ukranian politicians as part of a plan for an invasion. c, a u. s. officials are talking to kathy about potentially supplying europe with gas . if russia invades ukraine, katara is one of the world's biggest producers of liquefied natural gas, but mostly exports to asia, only supplying 5 percent of european gas authorities and libya have opened the 1st detention center for migrant women and children. it's an attempt to reform the system of protests against abuse in recent months. in hong kong, a pet hamster has tested positive for corona virus for the 1st time the road and has been given up by its owners. as authorities tried to stem a surgeon cases more than 2000 hamsters in hong kong, up in cold after a pet shop worker contracted cove at 19. and those are the headlights that he's
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continues here on al jazeera off to one. 0, one east. next. ah ah, in japan's ancient and revered traditions, they considered jimmy gone. i thought we'd just like aren't in there so yeah, we'll go with guys. more legacy. god. people do cable donated more. she's on a little boy who knows. the world of japanese sumo wrestling is off limits to most outsiders. one with scandals, a heaton, even when it's life and death alone with what i live up in colorado. i end
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up the more in my stomach one 0, one east goes inside the secret of world of japanese su mode. oh, oh. okay. in the south of japan, i is a unique state of the art gym. whoa, whoa. here children don't dream of being rock styles. football legend, their obsession is to become sumo champion. a at 8 years old. toki is the youngest of the team but he doesn't get any special treatment from the coaches. to day toki has to repeat this exercise 100 times
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you up with her mom then it's time for wrestling. oh, with of to yet another defeat against one of these calls might exhausted and pushed through his head. he breaks down to the horses, did it within a day, they went over to you. my horse in rome is augusta lancaster with the c panel. another day i had
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a blue dog with on searching. emma store this ne, during the demo stair. so you google those that are gonna be the 1st sumo fights the believe to have taken place around 1500 years ago to pop the discipline has its foundation in shintoism, the indigenous religion of japan pump. other things to a new kind of supporter. the discipline of sumo wrestling has experienced a fresh revival in recent years. they called sumo. joshua young girls who had sumo fans 50 year old merkel is one of them. when you are good, when you're done to death, an avid collector of sumo cards,
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she knows all the restless statistics by heart, which it is more than he could he or might the se dawson, hamilton, often it buried in her collection. she also had some re gems yoke, was eleanor capable of peggy there. so what i'd say was considered a guinea. i did that. it doesn't matter how got it. they thought kick with are beneath or how to hold the say you was there, her ged, obviously she macros passion for sumo started young from the age of 5. she hasn't missed a tournament. ah, every summer, the best sumo wrestlers on the scene, 2 of the major japanese city to day macro and her mother traveled 3 hours
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by train to osaka in the center of japan. even though it's a friendly competition, it's sold out. ah, the tournament begins with an opening ceremony. a bowl before every match, a series of rituals must be performed in one, whistler's hit the ground with his feet to ward off evil spirits. they are funny from a small villa i have there or cell for got it, kill me, i needs and it's got me that the of them is it,
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it court because even there to come on thought he says like, aren't in there. so it will cover guy in the corner more they jesse got this kid is the rules of the contest. a very simple make your opponent fool or push him out of the 4 and a half meter diameter ring because she attends every tournament. mako is well known here and can even go backstage an area normally forbidden to the public. this is where the sumo wrestlers warm up marco asked a couple of them about their weight guys on my payday because it doesn't give me to work. now can you do the same yonder? not a word
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to day. there is a special star marco wants to see having $145.00 tournaments. how cool is the most successful? sumo wrestler in history since 2007, he's been a yorker sooner. the highest rank in sumo, the york sooners are the only ones to where this wrote belt a sacred symbol of the shinto religion. i am thinking of it as it is only gonna be for okay for putting me that gave them a high number. i got them. ah, on the left is 1.92 meters tall and weighs a 154 kilograms. this afternoon he faces another yorker sooner.
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but for this exhibition match neither of the 2 champions. what was really hard to avoid injury there around 600 professional wrestlers in japan most are based in we all got couldn't the so mo, district in the heart of tokyo with its huge stadium dedicated to the main tournament of the season. they lived together 24 hours a day ensued most stable. winter this close. oh is almost impossible. but weeping bran official permissions to film at no router. oh, it's 6 30 am and the wrestlers are already training. so. oh, the to me to to giant is the master of the stable an anomaly in the history of sumo
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. he's the 1st stable master from europe, a former bulgarian, he became a japanese national and a great sumo champion. his japanese name koto osh you cut to norie with the training has been the same for century. the same exercises the same routines and above all the same suffering. these young wrestlers are between 17 and 23 years old. to join the
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stables, they must be in good physical condition, be at least a 174 cent. he's tall and way at least 75 kilograms. oh you is the oldest member of the team. a year and a half ago he gave up everything to become a sumo wrestler. possibly with other ones. right. gotta. yeah. i mean there are no more come in, you better go, you might get a new though. some coach mackenzie by oh, oh, i was sure. i can get with this. will you put us affordable for you on
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a human scope that he's hosting with us at the one you me. okay. we call you switch to a moment. dish i. e o t i t o at the end of each training session. they must sing the anthem. oh, oh, a after 2 and a half hours, a training with no break, the sumo wrestlers must clean the house from floor to ceiling. the rules inside are
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based on authority, hierarchy, and respect for elders. apprentices must carry out all of the chores upstairs. others are all kitchen duty. every day, the restless prepare a gigantic meal, a column re face that takes hours to make life. all come with all of the magic recipe of sumo is called chunk on our bed. it's a high calorie stew with a few vegetables and a lot of protein. meat, eggs, and fat. a lot of fat on the menu of body board jarman, political bull payable to the political build. you quite
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a bit of lou cody, mother me nice. ah, it's 11 o'clock time for a feast. these sumo wrestlers consume around $10000.00 calories a day, 5 times more than the average man joined the marine corps. recruit wood with all of them. losing the weight gain is not without risk. diabetes, high cholesterol and cardiovascular problems, have shortened the average life expectancy of sumo wrestlers to 655, nearly 20 years. less than other japanese men. clinical asi, deep on a particular show. gibbon needle teachable will get tired of whatever all this will do it. there are about 40 sumo stables in tokyo,
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in this 113 young men live together. it's very crowded with 0 privacy. a large part of the afternoon is reserved for a nap. 2 and a half hours of sleep to recover from training and to store the fat from lunch mar, color, that's good at them. and it's among those can as any other bugging wellness. the last ones to have joined the stables, sleep in the dining room. they arrive 3 months ago, most won't last year. the afternoon program is the same as the morning training house work and a meal. then bed at 10 p. m. it's a tough, isolated,
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almost monastic lifestyle. ah, yet children from across japan strive to join this to my stable children like sure, i had a math at 13 years old, cheerfully is a 173 thing to be his tall and weighs a 124 kilograms. he's been practicing sumo since he was 9 and has many trophies that he might be a wrestling prodigy. but when faced with a mathematical equation, he struggles. fortunately, his classmates, helping with a case of warming up
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i called mar, begin with the could you see future? can we buy something every day off to school? sure. scale goes to profit by san jose. jose, what would be better if i was in the market? oh, i gotta say good, but oh, i didn't get overstate in a few days, chose game will compete at a national tournament in tokyo against the country's best high school students.
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it is last training session before the competition is giving it his or as good to achieve success. so scale will have to sacrificing friends. having spare time and dating sumo apprentices live in a world without women to nights. a special night in tokyo, apprentice restless from the router stable, a going out. aged 182023. they've been given special permission to be out after 10 p. m. today's on along in mother. i'll call the study to come with go outside the stable professional sumo wrestlers where the traditional chemo and it
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attracts attention. yellow contadino. i am i just as good of him the console? good. my little don't it from other humans are nice to meet salvage. i'm, you know, heard was her, was uploaded them of the reasons i think on the, on this, you know, to night there at a karaoke night. the play list is full of romantic songs. ah, ah ha, we're company. she him. oh calories you fools, doctor. you are oh dick start with more muslim. a thought on bill. okay,
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hold on one more. um. so go to hong muscles. the higher the sumo world has long held traditions that exclude women in 2018 a scandal brought to light a mediaeval rule that is still followed to the letter by the federation, the mayor of a city nicky, auto collapse is in the middle of a speech on the door yelled, the ring where the fight take place. if no one helps he could die. a female medic rushes to give him cpr when 2 other women come to help, the referee ordered them all to leave the ring. in accordance with shinto religious tradition, entering the door, yo is forbidden to women. they considered impure because of their menstrual cycle.
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the mayor survived that the affair stood up a lot of controversy in japan. this woman wants a sumo federation to abandon this sexist tradition. she did, i was now staring at all scores on what they had she that tom a call knock. gala is the mayor of tucker resumed car 2 days after the incident. she hosted a sumo tournament in her town. she spoke from the foot of the podium. yeah, like he did. okay. b lou lou that yes he in japan sooner world punishment comes to anyone who tarnishes the image of the
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national sport. the yorker, sooner with this sacred built, are supposed to show exemplary behavior. but this grand champion, harem of fuji, went from the stages of demi god, to that of outcast in one false step. his career ended over a bar fight with another sumo wrestler at a karaoke club. oh, oh. 000000, go. one was the mon gully and wrestler was forced to retire. his career destroyed the biggest scandal of the decade, however, almost never came out. professor de la is a medical examiner. in 2007, the corpse of
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a young sumo wrestler arrived only the operating table. according to the sumo association to cash she sideshow had suffered heart failure during training. it was house on you guys on your machine, on, on mute, appleton, mont. terrific. what i'm thinking conroy i hemmed up the more in my stomach. the police had closed the case and returned the body to his family. but when to catch his parents noticed heavy bruising and what appeared to be burns on his body, they demanded an investigation. the professor conducted an autopsy and concluded that the 17 year old was beaten to death. murray, i boarded that i done to the summer is raqara anytime in the upcoming little she dowdy? no dial tone or guy, so can uncanny more so you can get him a got all she got the one on him affording it. i own i'm going over here to unit on the bus. and so the camera, i mean, you know, walking, bought an old book,
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hold on me, look, quote, to know, cuz it's not, it was his investigation revealed that because she was beaten with beer bottles or coroner cow no such in this. it totally kills. now are you must've called the one on external to one attack, isn't that a must a corner we are caught on or be it'll be the non loop poking data? jesus, pull you out a theme. us a seems another multiple commitment by warranty. ma sam shingle is raqara kohler. hi jacob, how are you, john? you get to steve us. oh, cool. i shall go. go, go down the road for almost there or tomorrow. the 3 wrestlers who beat to kashi were given suspended sentences. the stable trainer was sentenced to succeed in prison. ah, despite the series of scandals,
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the centuries old sport keeps attracting new recruits. pasha sky today is the big day. his tournament takes place in the park of a shinto shrine in tokyo, competing other based 13 to 15 year olds from across the country shore. scarce 1st opponent doesn't stand a chance in 3 seconds. he's knocked to the ground. fighting continues all day long injuries are common. it's during these tournaments that stable coaches pick their future students your savings to move foggy but in the fall,
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he's out with you regarding moultrie, ethan, for, for are you sure the candid or anything i did put a gun in shall come with despite this defeat show skate continues to believe in his destiny of joining a sumo. stable a world close to outside is of intense hardship and sacrifice scandals and secrets where wrestlers put it all on the line to reach japan's ultimate sporting glory. ah,
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a me al jazeera london, philip, how santa t special guest in conversation. when you say a lie, a 1000000 times, it becomes you then can create whatever narrative you want on prompted uninterrupted. you know, i realized i was working for something evil, you know, being a part of actually creating maria with the meat. christopher wiley, the death of journalism is only the 1st signal for the death of democracy studio. be unscripted on al jazeera holding the powerful to account was we examined the u. s. his role in the world on al jazeera, discover, a world of difference determination. i'm talking about with me,
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but we are moving freedom with chop soldiers and on the 16th people with corruption, with compassion, al jazeera world, a selection of the best films from across our network of channels. ah, soldiers in bikini foster stage and uprising against the government. the defense ministry says the situation is under control. ah, hello, i'm adrian for again. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up the 1st visit by a taliban delegation to europe and seizing power in afghanistan,
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al jazeera learns that negotiations will be about women's rights in return for aid . the u. k accuses russia of a plot to install a pro kremlin leader in ukraine. moscow says that's nonsense, a hunter ice will find.


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