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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm AST

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for this former warlord, liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes. and for his country the native says it sending reinforcements to eastern europe over a possible russian invasion of the kremlin accuses the west of hysteria. ah, logan peter, w t. also coming up here on al jazeera, an attempted coup does appear to be on the way of booking a fast. so soldiers have detained the precedent. china and $39.00 fighter jets close to taiwan as space and the biggest such operation since october. and
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former catholic pope acknowledging he gave testimony for child abuse inquiry. ah okay, let's get going. beginning with the growing crisis between russia and ukraine, native today saying is going to put his forces on standby and it is reinforcing deployments. a foreign ministers meeting in brussels, say they're ready to impose never before seen sanctions. if russia attacks ukraine . moscow has accused nature of ramping up tensions, and says western countries are telling lies about the situation on the border. the u. k. prime minister bar is johnson wanting a rushed invasion, could be the next chance. yeah. the e u as also placed $1300000000.00 in assistance for kiev. i am announcing
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a new financial assistance package to the country. made both of emergency loans and grams. first of all, the commission proposes a new emergency macro financial assistance package of 1200000000 euros. this package will help you clean now. to address its financing needs due to the conflict. it's ashley butler joins us from paris. natasha, what's the latest on that? e, you'd meeting there for you foreign minister, the meeting in brussels, us diplomatic efforts, step up to try and diffuse the courses and ukraine. now what we know is that not as if we heard you just heard that from the commissioner announcing this 12b dollar package for emergency financial assistance to ukraine. that is one thing that has happened today. but the foreign minister is also expected at the end of their
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meeting to issue a star warning to russia. they should moscow invade ukraine. they will be the consequences in the form of sanctions package. now we don't know exactly what will be and not functions package were unlikely to get any details a bit later. but we are expecting that to you. foreign ministers will at least be united on that. being a punitive measure that would be leveled against moscow, should it attack ukraine and nate? so it would appear changing its posture ever so slightly as a reaction to what might or might not happen on that border with ukraine. yes, her western powers are, are worry that said russia, he is going to attack ukraine and they are responding accordingly with these diplomatic efforts. nearly 2 weeks of talks, but also in other ways. and what we have is a nato,
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at the head of nato. the secretary generally and so tim burks saying that the alliance is going to be reinforcing its deployments in eastern countries. so and nato members are in the east. so for example, a poland will have a more troops on the ground nato saying it's also going to be sending more ships, more fighter jets, all seen as trying to build are a form of a deterrent. if you like to any possible, a rush, an attack. natasha. thank you very much. natasha bottle dijani's life from paris. daughter jabari says nato's announcement has brought a furious response in moscow. they're saying that the actually, the actions of nato are increasing tensions and they believe that key of building up their troops alongside the border in the eastern part of ukraine with russia is going to be causing a lot of concern for this country. the kremlin is also saying at the risk of
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a key f starting a military conflict in the eastern ukraine is higher than ever before. and that the attentions are soaring off the back of the actions of nato and the united states. and that their information is creating hysteria. this is the word we've heard over and over again by the russian government being used to describe the situation that is now a created in terms of how the western and nato, the countries are seeing the situation alongside at the borders of russia and ukraine. the russians are saying that the western information is quote laced with lies and that this is all part of an attempt to try and a false flag. it's sort of false flag operation alongside that border. and that's the tensions are on the rise because the ukraine is building up their troops near the contact line between russia and ukraine in the eastern part of the ukraine. this is something that we've heard over and over again. there is still, of course, a lot of concern here, and the russians for their part are not standing by watching events unfold in
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brussels. they've said that they will continue to move their military hardware and troops to their borders wherever they see fit. and they're also going to have military drills with bella bruce in the north to bacchanal asana, where an attempt to qu, is underway, reports from the capital worker to go. so the president has been detained at a military base, and soldiers have taken control of the main tv channel that follows a day of unrest and overnight gum far near the president's residence and re wilkins has more from the capital. while google the, just a waiting game at the moment or the know the military taking over the phone call. we were expecting to, to come on the national television around 1 pm gmc, today, that's fine. is that off and still no announcements from the leaders of the 2,
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which is why we are expecting the equally to have any kind of for the public from the, from the existing government. so at this stage, we believe that he's military council council on which is where the needs and he started yesterday. a logic is the largest military camp in the capital, like he's alleged to be fine hearing some conflicting reports which confirmed at this stage. he may be made last night a vehicle which i believe could belong to venture was found in the vicinity of the presidential palace this morning, holding the windows on the, on the passenger seat as well. as i said, we could not know when the president himself was travelling,
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and my call was staying with that story. louise central is a research fellow at the university of portsmouth in the u. k. she explained to me earlier, what's behind this latest escalation in bacchanal? facile, the music is not a surprise and the account is that it has become, is not as far as either that has been happening monday only due to the lack of resources or appointments that have been given in fighting being fortunately, i can, you know, sorry, i don't have soldiers killed really resonated among the nation and among animals. and the meeting was about that about creating the soldiers to be treated better, even for equipment. it seems that negotiations are broken down and that, that it becomes and it isn't clear what's gonna happen next. and me how these 2 are to help the situation situation. we have to remember that the
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last time happened in 2016 and there was huge resistance to, to that. could that estimate that that's been failed. the situation is very different. now people are very angry at the government for not responding well, the run enough to the situation. so you, you do have a multiple relation, people who are desperate for some big measures in recent months and weeks. they have been rumors of course, that have been children will be arrested very poor communication governments on the country. the government has shut down internet several times. and so this is creating a lot of women. and then for support in the military i to some degree, once again it's very difficult to understand who the players are and what all the lines within the army or between the fee has lost strikes in yemen after
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intercepting ballistic missiles fired by who's the rebels. it's the 2nd recent attack targeting ever debbie last week 3 people were and who's the drone strike and who's the spokesman is wanting a further attacks on the way i go. i tell them, with a lot in response to the belligerent escalation by saudi arabia and the u. s. e. and there are crimes against our blocked people. the missiles and drone units of our armed forces carried out to successful large military operations. shopping at our armed forces, stress, its full preparedness to widen the scope of its operation in the coming period of time. and to meet escalations with further escalations, our armed forces renew, its warning to the foreign companies. investors within the u. e to leave as the u. e is declared an unsafe country and the target of our future operations, so long as its belligerents and siege against him and is not halted. toby own sold,
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that is a principal analysts of the middle east and north africa are at the political risk consultancy, various maple croft. he says, these effects shift the security risk in the region is a difficult dilemma facing the mirror. your thought is now increasingly under threat, somebody who sees, but at the same time we've seen over the last 4 or 5 years, we've had a pretty extensive military campaign in yemen and rather than reduced to missile threats to the jesus, he states overseen. that is an increase in that threat. so for the marathon is, you know, if, if they good under rule of trying to target the, the huge is more aggressively in yemen. but of course, risk still contentions further and triggering a downward spiral. but equally, if they kind of sit back and just try and defend passively against this threat, that's also something that's very difficult to do with the attacks this morning. the, our defense is worked as they should in terms of targeting to ballistic missiles.
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but we've seen with different types of attacks, whether we're sort of swarms of drones or christmas aisles or different types of missiles working together. it's very difficult to defend against these types of weapons, once they're in the air, for the immorality or it is that means that in terms of finding a solution, it's going to have to be something that goes beyond just a sort of purely defensive military posture. it will have to involve no diplomacy efforts to increase the resilience of critical civilian and an energy infrastructure in the country. so it's, it's a really complex task facing the, the morality authorities in terms of meeting this threat. still to come here on al jazeera, a deepening political crisis in hong jurisdictions of the governing policies, where in writing, presidents of congress also had mt supermarket shelves in the united states
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to play ah, with hey there, thank you for joining in that way. we go with here whether update for asia, we're going to begin in the northwest of india. this is our satellite, see some of that cloud in fog popping up in new delhi, your temperatures while below where they be for this time, the year. but if activity some shower activity around that time and the do, but the bulk of it will pull out toward the bait, then goal may clip the mar with some showers as well, but nothing major. we do have our usual plentiful storms across se, asia, but i want to get your rate to the philippines where there is a disturbing swirling around. and it's just within rain all around from sebu rate into devout. and in fact, for the devout region, we do have a severe flight advisory in play, and this is being amplified by the ne monsoon. so with the northeast spawn soon
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pepin up again. it's given us some showers for coastal vietnam on tuesday. now for central and eastern portions of china, we've got a slug of rain and snow working its way across the yangtze river valley northwind is pressing down that temperature in shanghai at 8 degrees. and it's going to stay that way for the next few days. batch of rain just off the coast of japan on tuesday. press place where that goes on wednesday. likely to strike tokyo with some showers. but the bigger story is that c effects no engine turning on again. so it's a more so for the hills over honju see later the wilder water and we listen, design is are making furious efforts in order to distract the trend. we need to store time the differences and similarities of
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cultures across the wow. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. oh, the ah, welcome back. 1415 gmc, precisely these all your top stories. nathan has put its forces on standby and sent reinforcements to eastern europe. extensions grow between ukraine and russia. you foreign ministers of promised a 1300000000 dollar loan to help keep a military coups underway and became a fast so security source is to the president has been detained at the military base. soldiers have taken control of the country's main tv station. the u. e has
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intercepted ballistic missiles by rebels that's retaliated by launching as strikes in yemen, who the spokesman is directing further attacks on the way. taiwan says china flu, 39 warplanes close to his air space and what's being described as the largest operation of its kind. in 3 months, the taiwanese air force is you'd radio warnings and activated air defense missile systems. there's been no immediate comment from china, which considers the island a break away province. katrina, you know, from beijing this was the largest incursion by china's military closed to taiwan. this year, the sunday exercise involved $39.00 chinese war planes which flew close to the ty when he controlled protest islands. now, china's foreign ministry would not elaborate on the reasons behind this exercise, but it follows just one day after a huge show of military force by the u. s. and japan in the philippines. see now
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this exercise, this joint military exercise included to us aircraft carriers. and the u. s. navy said that this exercise was designed to preserve a free and open indoor pacific. now china considers taiwan a rogue chinese province that will inevitably be reunited with the mainland, and beijing has not ruled out using force in order to achieve this. in recent months, it's increased the number of military exercises taking place close to taiwan and the highest number of incursions in recorded and took place in october, which included $56.00 chinese war planes which flew close to taiwan on the same day . now, begging does the denies that these exercises are designed to intimidate the ty when he's government. but analysts say that that's exactly what they're meant to do. we have, can, taliban says it's taken a step towards international recognition. after the 1st day of talks in norway,
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the taliban met civil society groups on sunday and allowed you to meet us and your officials, diplomats are asking them to uphold basic freedoms in return for humanitarian aid. security forces in sudan, 5 t, a gas on monday at thousands of people protesting against military rule becomes as medics working with protest organize the safety 70 demonstrators were killed since the military coup in october. he but morgan reports from cotton. it's been 3 months since the military took over power in sudan dissolving a 2 year transitional government. and since then, the protest against that take over has been ongoing. people have been taken to the streets, nearly daily to boys their anger, against the military takeover and against the army being in control and being involved into dance politics. they have been demanding that the military handled power to civilian government and return to their barracks. now, since that take over sudan,
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camilla politics has been in disarray. political parties are divided, some have shown support for the takeover saying that it was necessary while others have condemned that saying that the military has a stage, a coup and disrupted a democracy. democratic transition that was underway now protested are making their way to the presidential palace. now protested, are making their way once again to the presidential palace. the last time they tried that was a week ago and security forces use tear gas and live ammunition to stop them from reaching their destination. at least 7 protesters were killed in the previous protest to the presidential palace, but that has not deterred processed. it will continue to take to the street, at least 72 people have been killed. and 2nd, bruce asked them to take over 3 months ago, more than 2000 have been injured. but despite the use of force by security forces,
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which though you, when says has been excessive and brutal, people continue to void their anger against the takeover. they say that they will not stop until the military handle the power to complete civilian government and return to the barracks the un has been trying to mediate and bridge the gap between the political parties and protest this anthem military through an initiative that it says it's hopeful and sedans political crisis, but until then, protested state, they will continue to take the street to void their anger against the military, and continued demanding a complete civilian room cabinet in lebanon has met the 1st time in 3 months with this year's budget. the main item on the agenda, its suffering, its worst economic crisis ever talks with the international monetary fund are set to resume soon. has bhalla has refused to attend cabinet meeting since october last year of the investigation. the 2020 port blast in beirut, the boy cars effectively paralyzed the entire government, the killing sand julian
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r songs can challenge you, kate court decision to extradite him to the united states. the judge is ruled. he can appeal to the supreme court and his supporters were outside for the decision on monday. the us wants to try us on, on 18 charges, including espionage. it's related to wikileaks publication and classified military documents about the was enough canister on and iraq. the former roman catholic pope benedict has admitted giving a full statement to a child, sex abuse inquiry. he says he mistakenly told investigators in germany, he wasn't at a meeting in 1980. when he was then the archbishop of munich and inquiry found the benedict knew about peter fall priests, but failed to report their crimes. dominant canes in berlin explains the allegations against the former pope. the central fact that emerges from pages and pages and pages of evidence given by the former pope just less than 6
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weeks ago to this inquiry, is he says repeatedly that if he can't remember a meeting take taking place and it didn't take place well to day through a spokesman, he said, actually what he did was mislead the inquiry, not through bad faith, but by bad editing of this particular document. but what essentially happened here is the inquiry was investigating historical accusations of clerical sex abuse of children in the late 19 seventy's. and 19 eighties it had a remit for the last 75 years. but specifically that period late seventies, early eighties, and specifically in the archbishop rick of munich advising. that's where the former pope was archbishop, and he has now admitted that on one particular occasion, he was present when the case of a specific priest who would go on to be convicted of child sex abuse. he was
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present at the time. and the allegation is that he did not do enough to act against this specific priest. man. the former pope has said in his, in the, in the, in regional evidence. he said, well, if i didn't remember it, i wasn't there because i wasn't there. i couldn't have known what happened. well, now these specific investigators have said you were there. it follows therefore, that it is likely that you knew what happened. a political crisis is brewing in honduras after rival politicians elected to competing president of congress. is part of a dispute between party members of the president, alexia mara, castro. just days before her inauguration is alexi, o'brien ah, supporters of the liberty and re foundation party, celebrating in honduras capital didn't cigar at the swearing in of their new president of congress, louise redondo boulevard will hear from us now today,
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the deputies of the national congress of acted opportunity to protect an action that was intended to be consummated to day, to take control by the criminal structures that have governed this country. they intended to take control of this legislative power. moreover, that speakers nearby arrival congressional president was being confirmed. jorge to leaks oil. le maria, today, a majority of 80 out of a 128 members, elected a new board of directors. and we are respectful of the outcome, you know, line it's running in the competing ceremonies, deepen a split and the policy is c. m r a castro, who said to become honduran president on thursday. cal leaks is a member of her party party, supported by a dissident faction who disagreed with they promised to give the leadership of the new congress to louis redondo. he's a member of the 100 salvation party who held castro claim victory in november's
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election casters called on her supporters to rally against the split throwing the dissidence out of her party. and brandon colleagues, a traitor, eden, or cetera. if we is honduran paypal continue to accept these practices, then what would be happening in the legislature would be to hand to control of a state power back to the dictatorship suit, cause chaos and congress on friday in cliques has chosen by the wiggles. he's being backed by members of the national party, which is laid on dearest for the past 12 years. the punchout saw the u. s. school for all sides to remain calm. it's now taught enlist against the division will make, can stories, presidency far more challenging? she won last november's election, promising to end the corruption and violence that hamper economic growth. more than half of endurance live below the poverty line,
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forcing many to leave the country in search of new opportunities abroad. castro's victory led to hopes of change in honduras is supposed to say that change is now in jeopardy. elixir brian al jazeera, the head of the world health organization says it's dangerous to assume the pandemic is ending. the w h chose as the way out of cope with 19 will come by vaccinating at least 70 percent of the population of every country. there are different scenarios for how the pandemic could play out and how the acute phase could end. but it's dangerous to assume that army kron will be the last variant or that we are in the end again. on the contrary, globally, the conditions are ideal for more variance to emerge. u. s. president jo biden's being blamed for empty shelves in u. s. supermarkets, winter weather,
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and the surgeon omicron cases as adding to the disruption. and she had returns. the reports from maryland, the pandemic has exposed problems with deregulation for truck drivers and how their pay has been cut. across the us, supermarkets are again experiencing supply shortages of such basic goods as milk, eggs, and other household items. a wave of on the chrome cases, global supply chain issues, labor shortages and extreme weather are being blamed for the lack of goods and other contributing factor. the trucking industry, some 70 percent of goods delivered in the u. s. r by rode the main lobbying group for the trucking company says it needs an extra 80000 new drivers to get goods where they need to be and help meet that amongst the drivers. people as young as 18 could soon be allowed to drive trucks into state after completing a federal apprenticeship program for decades ago. in 1980 deregulation turns much of the trucking industry into what we now call the gig economy drivers are not paid
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for the time on the job. but for miles travels, they basically give the company that you're going to deliver to pick up from. they give them 2 hours free, so companies don't pay for the upkeep of the trucks or invest in truck stops warehouses. a truck drives the allotted legal time and then stops wherever they are . you get after 56 o'clock specially here on the east coast 5 o'clock a your might be on the road somewhere trying to find the spot. if there is a shortage husband, steve declared in wages for truckers between 1977 and 987 truck compensation fell but i'm 35 percent the average truck. her salary is now around $50000.00 a year. but there is another stock. sophistic trucking has an overall job turnover rate of between 74 and 92 percent. that is between 7 and 9 out of 10 drivers leave their jobs. after a year, we reached out to the american truck association, but they declined to speak to us. but the u. s. census, in fact, shows
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a record number of qualified truck drivers in the us. that's why others say the problem lies elsewhere. there is no shortage of truck drivers in the united states, and in fact we have a surplus of drivers. we have millions of full in the us who trained to become a truck driver and then decided not to do the job. dr. michelle, he says the trucking industry has used the same tactics since deregulation in 1980, to insist on further deregulation so that it can have as many workers to choose from as possible. that way you can offer the least wages and benefits while maximizing its profits. simply lowering the driving age is, is not going to make things better, burns them out. most people won't last won't last 6 months. something we've heard throughout the supply chain crisis is that it's decades of deregulation that focused on corporate profits instead of building infrastructure like truck deputies . for example, i'm taking care of workers but got off. she amber times, the algae 0, maryland. the french fashion designer theory mobile has died of the age of 73,
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although he officially retired from the fashion industry in 2002, he did go on to collaborate with several high profile celebrities. he also continued to design frequencies in step down. i exactly half past the are, these are your top stories ne, to has put his forces on stand by and sent reinforcements to eastern europe as tensions grow between ukraine and russia. a foreign ministers, the promised a 1300000000 dollar loan to help kiev. i am announcing a new financial assistance package to the country made both of emergency loans and grams.


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