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[000:00:00;00] ah, russia warns of appropriate measures if the west doesn't respond to its request for security guarantees. ah, hello, rob and what's y'alls is there like a headquarters here in the coming up in the next 30 minutes? the saudi coalition launched the series of strikes on yemen after the rebels. 5 missiles into the arab united arab emirates, britons prime ministers to states and peace as they wait for the findings of inquiry into possible locked down, violation and protest. strayer celebrates national day as a growing call for the public holiday to get
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a name change all be scrapped. ah, welcome to the russia says it's ready to take appropriate measures. if it doesn't get a constructive answer from the west on security demands. farm, it is like a love russell says that moscow doesn't want the e u. all the organisation of security and cooperation in europe involved in talks to ease tensions with ukraine. western powers are moving to shore up defenses against a possible russian invasion. now the u. s. is working with gas exporters to limit europe's dependence on russian gas cut as a mere we'll visit the white house on monday. the causes has prompted one of the biggest mobilizations of western forces in europe, of a shipment of american weapons and ammunition arriving here on tuesday. meanwhile, russia is holding a week of military drills near the border with ukraine, and it's an ex crimea,
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but says it has no plans to attack. das jabari has the latest moscow. the foreign minister was speaking to the lower house of parliament, known as the do my here on wednesday and t highlighted where things are at. and he said that the russian government will not accept any kind of delays by the government of the united states in getting a written response from them. they expect to have that response on the security guarantees that the russians wanted from the us about nato and its ambition to expand further. that is something that they cannot accept the russian for. mr. also said that kiev is being pushed to provoke moscow. and that is the cause of concern . we've also been hearing from the spokesperson of the kremlin dmitri past called, who said that the idea of sanctioning, the government here is, will not have any kind of a punishment effect. rather,
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it will be very destructive. the general sense here is that this kind of rhetoric coming from washington is not conducive to the dialogue that is taking place on a regular basis. now, there is a meeting due to begin in paris between what is known as the norman before and the formats. norman, the format that is the russians the ukrainians at france and germany. we expect the russian negotiator to speak to the media later on this afternoon to highlight what came out of that me take. the european nations are concerned about her tensions with russia. ukraine could affect the supplies of gas. europe gets more than 40 percent of its natural gas from russia. about a 3rd of the passes through ukraine. moscow has already reduced the amount flooding into europe, causing shortages, and pushing prices to record levels. russia is threatening to cut supplies further, assumptions are imposed and not just on gas, but also on oil and metals. some countries are more reliant than others. not
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germany gets more than harvest supplies from russia and the old stream to pipeline . it would increase that if the german government gives the project its final approval. connie remains is an oil and gas specialist on c o man, results, as she says, germany's new government to skeptical of moscow. what we seen so far is because of the cheer political sanctions also because reza wise, not just only in our storage, not just only in europe, but also in russia, were sort of made depleted after the harsh rent grove. last year there was less gas flowing. and so, but if the, if the russians really make good on their threat of sending even less gas, dad will send prices soaring. you know, europe gets gas a through l m g gets it from the, from the mediterranean. you'd also get it from norway. but russia is very important . and if there is indeed,
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there is more tension at that means prices are going to go up north steam to it's very important to germany. it's important to some other northern european countries as well. but the 88 is and put in is certainly a honing in on that. but you know, with the previous government, it was, it was, it was some, a no tough thing. now that we have to greens and the german government, who are much more skeptical, is especially d. m. foreign minister. and alina blair, burbock, much more skeptical of russia. it's not quite as sacrosanct in the german government, amy, more as it used to be. the saw the coalition fighting in yemen has laws to, as strikes in the capital sinner. now the targets included the military science as well as a national tv and radio. tell us after who the rebels who control the capitol far more missiles tools, upper topic in the united arab emirates on monday. theory says it's intercepted on
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destroying some numbers on the top possible from the capital center. the as how good quality and strikes have namely targeted a number of areas in santa, especially the, the radio and tv tower, which is situated in the north of the downtown of santa this, this tower was head according to the hose. sosa's. we have also went there, but the, this is, you saw a military site, we couldn't go inside this area. it's used to be for the tv and radio broadcast tower. that is, that was covering the local areas the but so far to these of lights have been launch has been launched. the, the, the have, the have transfer this kind of broadcast to the satellite channels. but now we will also the, the,
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the saudi lit quality 0 strikes have continued over the night of tuesday and continued until the early hours of wednesday. and the u. k. and internal report into a large gatherings held by the government during the height of the lockdown is due to be really soon. it could be crucial for prime minister boris johnson hall will face m. p. 's and around and i was time will, under the metropolitan police, is also investigating whether any criminal offenses were committed more than a dozen gatherings as such has taken place, including a birthday party full prime minister johnson. that's cause i have to pull been corresponding to that dining streets in london. so pull a report, pending a police investigation on getting an a prime minister who have yet more difficult questions to answer within the next few hours, we presume within the next hour actually. so how yes, i mean we're standing here and down the street from the prime minister. you to depart this address any 2nd. now, the header was a parliament for his weekly session of prime minister questions where he'll face
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opposition and peace. and the opposition leader who will be very keen to quiz him intensely and intensely about exactly what su grace, internal investigation into events here and down the street in 2020 will reveal. now there is no official word that the report of sue gray has actually been handed over formally to downing street. yet we understand that it will be given to danny street. first. there's also a very complex kind of ballet about how it will be released and how much of it will be released into the public domain opposition. m p 's extremely keen to have advanced site of it so that they can digest it and decide exactly what they're at take on it. how they should approach questioning the prime minister about this. so initial expectations that there would be a statement after finances. questions by boris johnson looked to be dashed, but the that there is still a strong possibility that the report will be released later on this afternoon. and the course johnson will have to make a statement about the events. a reminder, throughout the years, events during lockdown of 2020,
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where here at downing street while the rest of the country was undergoing strict curve. it. corona virus restrictions people here. danny st apparently were engaged in parties birthday gatherings leaving parties that kind of thing in contravention of the rules. of course, we'll go live to parliament when that happens. within the hour poll brendan era correspondence will be following events. forestry poll, thanks very much. now stroller is observing its national day with celebrations and protests since the date when the 1st british ships sailed in to present a sydney in 1788, an arrival that marks the start of colonization. now rallies have been taking place against the oppression of the indigenous people. so o'clock has mo, from brisbin, ah, celebrations began at 1st light with his trailing flag raised alongside indigenous dances at a traditional smoking ceremony. january 26 is the country's official national di
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marking the arrival of the 1st fleet of ships from britain in sidney cove, in 1788. effectively founding australia, despite all we have endured in the challenges that are still ahead. i'm just thankful to be in a straight him and to live in australia with my family. this land we call home. but while some celebrated others chose to protest, demonstrations were held in most major city. the protest is called january 26, invasion de dice, 8 marks the start of colonization and the genocide of aboriginal australians and people from the top right audience. and they want events to focus on what they say are injustices faced by the nation's 1st people. charlie does not represent the data morning for aboriginal label, and i think we're celebrating january melissa court. it's more and more responsible for the way we say that people are long straight. i wasn't
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fully celebrated on january 26 until it became official in 1994, but many what this day changed or scrapped entirely to make way for come immigration. the recognizes indigenous australians and a history of dispossession. indigenous laid it. so it's important to address the inequality faced by the aboriginal communities. for centuries. we do have to change attitudes about how 1st notion stable. i traded in the function. we have to reduce the i and ration right. nations, people, there are way too many less getting testing in our country in all of the, in the poverty and disadvantage is still quite large between aboriginal and non aboriginal style. and so mccarthy says, astrology and i should be an event that allows the country to reunite a view that supported by an increasing number of people in a struggle sir class,
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i'll just 0 prison australia and india is also celebrating its republic day with a large scale military parade, thousands of people turned out for the ceremony despite it being scale bank because of the pandemic. the event marks the anniversary of the creation of the countries constitution back in 1950. well still had here on out, was there a buckets on trying to control surging corona virus infections with smart locked downs, little 14 face problems enforcing the measured that the 1st country to adopt the world's biggest currency as legal tender. now b m s l. salvatore to drug bitcoin, they stories after the break. ah, ah, look forward to burritos, guys. with sponsored my cattle airways. here we go with your weather report for
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asia right here, right now. good to see you. every one. so that batch of what, whether that was over the philippines moving off toward the west will trace out where that goes in one second. we do have heavy falls across lose on island that's caused by the northeast spawn to me. okay, here we go. a few days out, this is saturday. we'll see that disturbance move across the south china sea with a steady stream of driving rain for taiwan on saturday, back to the here and now we're going to go to central china on thursdays and showers in snow work and across the in the river valley temperature. is below average and we, hon could susan snow there and shanghai high 7 degrees. other place we're going to see some snow as western areas of honshu and hawkeye dough. and these winds at times will be coming at a pretty good clip of about 80 kilometers per hours. so we do have concern over visibility with that snow falling. and for se, asia sunny spells to be expected for band car coach. he may city call them poor and singapore, but thunderstorms for jakarta runs as they have been gall. it's looking like this,
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some shower activity toward the bottom end of india. and if we go towards the top end of india, it's all about those. low temperature is a cold stop. fall he conditions as while foggy and smoggy for new delhi on thursday with a high 16 degrees. thanks for watching the weather. sponsored by katara ways coming of age story in the community, fighting to preserve its heritage in an ever changing world. thing on an ancient ritual to future generations. in an award winning documentary alger say we're well followed, a group of young men on their right to pass the challenge in the remote forest ivory coast the sacred wood on out era.
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ah ah, if you'll just enter with me sell robin a reminder of all top stories. russia's foreign minister says appropriate measures will be taken if he was found to respond to security demands. moscow wants guarantees that ukraine will not join nato and that the military alliance will not expand it to former soviet republics. the u. s. has confirmed it and talks with gas exporters for alternative supplies to europe is concerned. russia could cut supplies in the event of a conflict with ukraine and u. k prime and support strength says awaiting the conclusion of inquiry into government events. how during locked down, report suggests the investigation by civil servant suit gray could be released later on wednesday. many and eastern ukraine had been living with conflict for years. an estimated 14000 people have died in the fighting between russian back
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separatists and ukrainian forces. and as the international standoff continues, prospects for peace in the region are looking even more fragile. or abdul, hamid reports now from a deep cup in the winter see the landscape, but the frontline of this conflict seems frozen in time. the ukrainian army is entrenched just a few kilometers north of done, yet the stronghold of rushing back separatist. the enemy is not far away. i found it all one phone with me. so as they can, they hear us too. ok. the army has moved into what is left of the industrial area on the outskirts of at the fca. the conflict also seems to be frozen in time. neither side making gains since the war broke out in 2014. few soldiers believed that the large scale russian invasion is imminent,
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even if they remain on alert. i shop a aqua sir said door to them. i think this was all a move to the stabilize the situation inside the country was been going on for 8 years now, but we trained, we have modern weapons and the hell from nato was arriving. but we feel the support and we are ready to fight. and just don't q gunshots from the other side in clear violation of deceased by agreement, which international monitors say is regularly breached by both sides. but even of the conflict has been at their state made for several years now. life has never really fully recovered in the towns and villages along the contact line. people here feeling that their lives have also been put on hold. somehow. the population of ad v fca is a 3rd smaller than before. the war started alena yohina,
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and yet in the us they love sky among the very few who never left their hometown. beneath the giggles in the tool of the conflict is apparent. their story was the reflection of the frontline in some way i am all in as ukrainian and then as i'm a close relative support to separatist im gonna stick after another sonya and they turned their back on us you. they have their own vision about what's happening and they say we are not sees some even call to me an enemy and the full meaning of the word and yelling i moved here from siberia when the soviet union still existed. sarah, yeah, my pleasure. my relatives are all, were russia, and when the war started, they told me i had to return with you, but i have my house and family here. many of them mine the military. so for them, i betrayed my legions to russia. people here have learned to live, to the rhythm of the front line, but the devastating effect of this long sluggish war will impact their lives. many
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say for several generations to come with at the law me the al jazeera at v fca in eastern ukraine. lloyd's prime minister has told out, there are the t doesn't think russian president vladimir putin will invade ukraine . he spoke to our diplomat again, james bass at the united nations in new york. it's in his head, and i cannot read his mind. but i choose to say no, because i think the options, other than military interventions should be available to modern europe. we have a toolbox in europe that should be able to deal with these kind of issues, provide security to countries next to other countries without using the military option, which i believe is not an answer to the challenge. as you know, there is so much speculation. now, will there be a full invasion? will he just take the dumbass? is he going to use as own profile cortez? is that going to be a puppet political figure? are they going to be renewed cyber attacks?
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how does nato calibrate it's response to so many different possibilities at this stage? well, i, you know, i think nate, those voice has to be clear, our, our kind of collective defense, reassurances, concerns nato, nato members. but we cannot be indifferent if there is military force being used to cross borders against states in the, in europe, in 2022. that is unacceptable. so i am also very clear, you know, that if, if military means on the massive scale or military means that all is used to cross border and pressure all the countries, we should be really clear about that. it's not acceptable, it will have consequences. and that should be state to kelly. i have experience now that the united states talking to russia has been very inclusive with european partners. it's very united natal not very united, your atlantic voice on these key principles. but on that basis,
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i still believe that the political track provides us with opportunities to find solution reassurances. and that's also up to now press and put in to demonstrate that he can be at the table seeking solutions that can be constructive. not only for him, but also for his neighbors. and he can watch the full interview with the norwegian prime minister eunice gusta. on top 12 missouri at 430 gmc on saturday, january the 29th rallies being held and became offensive capital to show support for the soldiers behind a military coup. ah, hundreds of people celebrated industry to what good to go on tuesday. the military says it took power because of the government's failure to contain a tax on groups, the united nations and the us of holding for the immediate relief of deposed president rockmart. go to some amendment because more from the capital we're going to get there was
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a routing people were really excited and then on board with military and i think that it's still the feeling right now, but there's a lot of questions we haven't really heard from the military base monday, since they put out that that general statement on the broadcaster, i think people are wondering what next steps, who are they willing to work with? what are their plans? are they, you know, are they willing to work with civil society? which political groups are they going to work with? and then i think there are big questions as well. in terms of the security vacuum. you know, they think that they can secure the country better than the president was doing. but everyone is wondering how they're going to do that. some people are wondering if it's will create an opportunity to oppertunity for these arm groups to launch an attack to sort of say, you know, just because you're doing this doesn't mean you're more stable. so i think there's a lot of questions right now about how they're going to secure the country and who they're going to work with moving forward. cornwall is case is all going up in pakistan and that's prompted officials in the north western city of the shower to impose a so called
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a small clock town. people in neighborhoods all selectively restricted depending on test results. now last week, the country reported its highest number of daily infections since the pandemic began. malinda humble from bush hour. they showered at home good rented 2000000 people. it is also the 2nd hot spot after the city of garages, which i've seen over 40 per cent bond your deputy gets in. right now the positivity gauges in the video for shaw is hovering around 28 percent. that did of course an alarming trend. and although to your daughter dierdre den devin board lockdown and not me, but in order to congregate, it appeared that they are targeted are not able to enforce that. and i've gotten leading through a major crime, said with an exponential rise and a number of wonder differed. it gets in the fear that budget on his system may be obo read. well not maybe people are afraid of the government,
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but this time they're not too serious about imposing restrictions. secondly, the hyperinflation has also made our life miserable. and we either have to earn a living or die of hunger for where martha harsh hair wearing a mask is good for one's own safety. and it's not so expensive that no one can afford it. but here, most of the people are ignorant of the seriousness of corona virus. it said indeed are dangerous trend also, given the fact that the world health organization has worn, that they may be new reading and the people who are dig this seriously. however, what we have seen in the video for shaw is our doctor, lack of cooperation from the people at log and your daughter didn't know where to be seen when it comes to a heading and forth thing. go to strict regulations about 7000 residents at the center of a cove at 19 cluster. and hong kong had been ordered to stay home after the virus spread. so the building at least $200.00 people in the area of acquired chung, of tested positive will than 2 and half 1000 people were supposed to be released from
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a 5 day lockdown on wednesday. but that's not being extended until friday. south koreans are being urged not to be alarmed by another record rise in those caves. infections the hot, the health ministry pop me recorded 30000 new cases compared to the 8000 on tuesday . doctors expect the more transmissible overcome variance will cause further increases. but say the health system is prepared to respond because of high vaccination rates and rapid testing. over in the netherlands, restaurants, theaters, museums, and cinemas are reopening despite a wave of infections blamed on the overcome buried prime minister margaret s. as the moved in response to what he called great tensions over lockdown, imposed on december, the 18th. the restriction sparked weeks of protest, cases have continued to rise with about $60000.00 being recorded each day with the world's highest mortality rate. peruvians have suffered more than most of the
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pandemic with oracle and causes a sharp increase in infections. children are being hard hit, but 5000000 children as youngest, 5 years older, now eligible to get back sedated. marianna sanchez reports from the capital lima. the 5 year old william particular doesn't like getting vaccinated, but his mother elizabeth couldn't be happier. he suffers from a rare decease. she says he sometimes runs from the house, putting his life in danger, but now he is protected. molly thought and now i'll be relaxed with the vaccine. i know that he will be protected because at some point to get infected, i won't be afraid that he could die by the government has launched a vaccination campaign for 5 to 11 year olds. the aim is to vaccinate 4300000 nationwide. the macro very and has health workers worried, especially here at the national institute of children's health. doctors here treat
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rare or grave medical conditions, omen ended up pretty made up. the covered cases have increased in 2 years. we've treated 5000 children with her spare tree conditions and 350 were covered this year alone. we already have 800 patients diagnosed and it's because of on the chrome. the health ministry says nearly $850.00 children have died after contracting koran virus since the pandemic began. in fact, the children occupy 2 thirds of all intensive care beds. the health minister says the number of children who test positive for coven 19 is likely to rise. this as health authorities warned their closely showing a red alert. as there are only a few. i see you bit left that children around the country. doctors and parents hope the vaccination campaign go swiftly, especially because schools are expected to reopen in march. for 2 years. most
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children have remained at home. leoni lopez says, his 7 year old boys, neuropathy, illness, worsened. whittaker, memory. phyllis, there is the need to walk and bulk the stress of not going out seeing friends or the countryside being in open space. israel has been very hard for them. experts say the lockdown has had a devastating psychological effect on kids. but loony says his son can make up for some of the last time and get some relief with the certainty though, that he is protected against the virus. medina, sanchez, i just see that lima be to. so the international military's on dawn's el salvador to stop using bitcoin as legal tender. it says the use of the cryptic currency poses risks to financial stability and consumers. el salvador presidents reported the adoption of bitcoin as currency back in september. john holman, has more from san salvador last september and some of the was a 1st country in the world to approve the use of bitcoin,
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the crypto currency as legal tender along with the currency that have been used for some time in the country, which is the us dollar, as you can see, one of the cash points behind me could chiva, which you can change bit coins into dollars. but this tuesday, the international monetary fund has said, has recommended that the contract you stop doing that, that they stop using bitcoin as one of the legal currencies in the country. the reason for that, they say that it could impact the financial system and institutions that it could also carry a risk for consumers in the country because big coin goes up. but it also goes down . this is a pretty volatile crypto currency. now that can be a problem for salvador, and that's because the country is quite in depth, and it's been looking for a loan from the, from the international monetary fund. and one of the things that the international monetary fund has been worried about, given that loan has been the use of bitcoin in the country. so now it seems,
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there's 2 ways that president naive bu kelly can go. he can even stop using it unlikely, possibly get that help from the international monetary fund, or he can double down on big coin, which is actually planning to do at the moment. he's planning a big coin city in which bitcoin is mind. he's also planning so called volcano bonds, which are about a volcano that can be mind. he's the energy can be used to my bitcoin, and he's aiming to sell those, those a link to help with bitcoin as well. so a sort of decision point is approaching for this country or salvador to really go with big coin these potentially lucrative bullets, but also volatile crypto currency or perhaps to go with the help from the international monetary fund. ah,


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