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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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gates, how breakfast the pandemic and changing tastes are causing the great british curry crisis. the african union halted 35th ordinary session, the 1st with israel as an observer state, with several nations campaigning against israel status and pressing issues across the continent. there is much to disgust february on her jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm sorry, i'm noisy. welcome to the news, our life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. responding to russia, security demands over ukraine. the u. s. and nato deliver their proposals to moscow . a di, are you an assessment of the situation in afghanistan, a country where ki services are in, collapse, millions and living in fear. an assassination attempt and
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a military takeover. west african leaders call an emergency meeting over between of classes, latest coo and confirmation that you are supreme court. justice stephen breyer will retire, setting up a political showdown over who will replace him. and i am he to stay with him dough with his sports news? 7 times african charm, hymns, egypt to on their way to the african help of nations, quarter finals of the bahamas fella. holy is nerve the slot, whom the winning penalty take against either e post. ah hello and welcome to the news out. united states and nato have delivered written responses to moscow. security demands over ukraine. fears over a potential russian invasion of ukraine has prompted one of the biggest mobilizations of western forces in europe. russia has amassed a 100000 troops near the border. was you crying?
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and says it's ready to retaliate. if the west does not provide constructive on says you are such as a antony. lincoln's as the response was coordinated with key f and also european allies and made no concessions to the main demand that ukraine be bought from joining nato. our response to russia reflects what i said in keith, berlin, and geneva. last week. we're open to dialogue. we prefer diplomacy and we're prepared to move forward, where there is the possibility of communication cooperation. if russia escalates its progression towards ukraine, stops the inflammatory rhetoric and approaches, discussions about the future security in europe. in a spirit of reciprocity, our responses were fully coordinated with ukraine and our european allies and partners with whom we've been consulting continuously for weeks. we sought their input and incorporated into the file version delivered to moscow a da 0, his dosage, a bari is in the russian capital moscow and has more on this now well,
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and they will take some time to consider all options and we'd heard from the russian foreign minister, earlier when he was briefing the do more here, that is the legislative body about where things stand and according to surgery, laughter off of the russians are also prepared to respond in any way they can. and all options for them are on the table. and they were waiting for this response, which came by the u. s. ambassador to this country, john sullivan, who went in to the foreign ministry this evening. and he was in there for about 30 minutes. and then he left without addressing any of the questions from reporters outside the foreign ministry. but the russians are likely to study the response from the americans, which will not be made public at the request of the us government. the surgeon lover had said that last week at the meeting in geneva with us secretary of state entity, blink. and that's it was up to the americans whether not to make public their answers and it would be up to them to the side. and it appears as the u. s.
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secretary of state has said that they will now choose not to release the answers publicly because they believe they want to give diplomacy a chance. the russians have said that if they're not satisfied with the response, as they receive from the americans in nato, they will study their options and they will pursue whatever path is in their best interests. as get the view now from washington with rosalind jordan. they are such true, say, antony, blinkin cold. this is serious diplomatic. off as it was described, but without addressing russia's key demand. what does he hope to achieve? well, and when it comes to the things that russia is demanding, notably, not allowing ukraine or other eastern european countries join nato, as well as a calling into question. whether nato of forces should be deployed as far to the east, as they currently are deployed. of the a bind administration has said repeatedly,
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those are non starters. they're not going to change the posture of nato forces, including us troops of around the continent, and that it's up to individual countries to decide whether they're going to pursue membership in nato. that to the military alliance has an open door policy. so he's not, you know, ignoring it. the question mr. blankets, position is that the u. s. has repeatedly answer those questions now in terms of what antony lincoln was trying to do during his a press. a briefing on wednesday was to underscore that there are areas where the u . s. and other western countries are willing to engage with russia, where they believe that russia does have valid security concerns. and that by talking they can address those issues in a way that satisfies everyone sitting at the table. now, the secretary of state also said, now that of the several pages of
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a response to russia's demands have been delivered. that it's really now up to moscow to come back and to say what the americans, hope lust keep caitlin. keep talking. let's keep engaging and try to turn down the attention that has grown. ideally the u. s. would like to among other things. see the some 100000 us troops who have been moved to the border with ukraine on its eastern flank, returned to barracks. but clearly that is something that won't be happening right away. thanks very much holding jordan with the latest that from washington. so join me now is max bergman. a senior fellow at the center for american progress also served as a top adviser in the state department during the brack, a bomber administration working on ukrainian security assistant efforts, joins us now live from washington also. so how might the kremlin respond to washington's rejection of its core demands?
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well, i think it remains to be seen. i think no one is very optimistic, that the diplomatic track will be picked up by russia. because i don't ultimately think that russia's issues are with nato military exercises or. ready with the posture of nato, i think the u. s. has done a very smart thing to say, like what russia, if your concerns are really are the security or security issues such as are military exercises or the various arms sales that we have done in our, in arms transfers to ukraine. we can talk about that because we have a long history of talking about that with the russians and the service since the cold war period of trying to create strategic stability. but i think at the heart of this, i think is about russia wanting to control ukraine in what the us is not going to do is to sort of make certain ridiculous se to ridiculous demands such as ensuring that that ukraine will never be part of nato
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frankly, rash already have sort of a detail about that because russia has occupied part of ukraine, and i don't think there's any possible way that ukraine becomes part of nato, as long as the russian forces are still on korean territory. so i think what we're really talking about is the russians looking for reasons to walk away from talks to justify potential invasion. and so that's why i think everyone in washington is very much on edge right now. but they could have already done that. they seem to want to continue with their diplomatic track for now it's not been exhausted. well, we'll see. i mean, i think there will continue to be talks, but i think it looks like russian forces are, are in continue to be bolstered. and i think in the next month we're coming weeks will be the kind of real danger zone for potential for potential military invasion . and i think the hope is that the russians take the take up the offer,
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put forward by secretary lincoln by the united states in my need him to engage in serious talks. i think that sparks that emerged in many ways are at the prompting of the last, not so much russia, russia put forth ridiculous demands. and i think what's interesting here is the russian put forth or demands publicly to the entire world. i think in hopes that they would be seen as, as in would be rejected. i think it's signal that the us is in the west are keeping the letter that we sent to russia private. because we want to engage in serious diplomacy, which can only be done behind closed doors, not through not, not in front of the cameras. how might a package of aggressive economic sanctions affect russian calculations and the possibility of president putin being personally targeted? but i think this has a real deterrent effect,
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if not it should because my guess is what one who has calculated is that the us response will not be that significant. but if it russia and ukraine, it will be hit by some sanctions. and then after a year or so, it goes by the sanctions will fade in effectiveness. and then, and then they'll be a reproach bond between the western russia and that russia will sort of have gotten away with it. but i didn't. what the binding administration has signaled instead of weak story after a week story about what it would do in response to russia invasion has ruthie sent a signal that this will be kept catastrophe for the kremlin, for the russian people, for russia, if it were to invade ukraine in the u. s. has demonstrated the tools that it has its disposal to cause, inflict serious damage on the russian economy. so this has to be taken very seriously. and my guess is, is it will be taken seriously. but i hear that the russians may have back
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themselves into a corner here, where they don't really know how to back down from, from this crisis. because the diplomacy that is offer is very practical. how forward, but it's not going to deliver that kind of absurd. maxwell is the maximum of demands of the russians up at for the next one. thank you very much. thank you. tens of thousands of crime in ta tars have fled since russia annex the peninsula. 80 years ago. and now many are afraid. the conflict between russia and ukraine would force them to move again. there is charles stratford reports from 7 ukraine. volunteers load cold give pension is struggling to stay warm, ukraine's brutal winter cold. the men of charters, turkish ethnic group, who have lived in crimea, the centuries. tens of thousands left when russian troops illegally annexed the peninsula in 2014,
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worried about increasing tension between ukraine and russia. was re especially worried about have women, children, and elderly. there is a war, because we have no way to take them. we try to provide for them and reassure them as much as we can and the men had delivered cold to 81 year old as ema, she, her family and an estimated $190000.00 soldiers were deported for crimea during stallings purges of his opponents. and 944. put in claims. i know. yeah, but i want to ask president, put in, why do you need to occupy this for land? how can you take over our land and tremendous like these shots that those are for the round 80 percent of this town have correctional views show. there is no open animosity between austin, but you can sense it. camilla is just a few kilometers across the water behind me. now, since russia illegally annexed the peninsular in 2014 is estimated that as many as
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140000 ukrainians have left. many of them ethnic crimean tosses. who say they fled persecution in their ancestral land. in the market, no one would talk to his own camera about their support for russia. but this lady said she felt great affiliation in the country, language and culture. if people chose climbing to because of russia. and let them be. the mosque was built in 2002 for the tartar community on side men gather for prez. hussain talk, lou says he will never except a russian rule in crimea. or do you see people treat steep the siege when russia annex crimea between 10 to 40000 tortoise fled because of political and religious pressure on the lack of freedom of speech. and then they left behind their homes and property. and i had to start life again from that summer, not only taught us, but all ukrainians live in perpetual uncertainty. those every one is talking about
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potential role. as eva says, she isn't strong enough to visit family who still live in crimea, that she fears for both ukrainians and russians. if a solution to the crisis between the 2 countries isn't found. charles robert al jazeera mobile, alixia co, southern ukraine. watching that he is our life from london still had on the program . far from home and froze into the core. heavy snow makes life even more miserable for millions of display syrians, despite threats of detention and deportation. refugees continue risking everything to seek asylum in poland. and at fif is present sparks outrage with his latest comments about a wild come ah,
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life in afghan astonished become a frozen hell un secretary general has warned. antonio guitarist says the humanitarian crisis is left the country hanging by a thread with education and other social services. on the brink of collapse, while un special envoy to afghanistan says it appears that taliban is again, using fear to control the population. are diplomatic, added to james bay's house more now from the un this meeting called by the current president of the security council, norway, it's prime minister. the owners, ga store, is here in new york for the meeting, sharing the meeting. he told me that the world needed to pay more attention, perhaps, currently distracted by the news from russia and ukraine. because there is the real fear of a looming humanitarian crisis. the un secretary general says the countries hanging by a thread, he said daily life has become a frozen hell. he says over half of all afghans facing extreme levels of hunger, they say it's more than the humanitarian problem. the whole economy of afghanistan
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is collapsing. they need to get liquidity into the economy and there's pressure, i think behind the scenes on the americans to try and unsafe and freeze some of those funds. the taliban were recently or delegation of the tunnel by more recent recently and also low where they had discussions with the international community also with civil society representatives of the you and special representative in cobbled. deborah alon said that was good news, but she said there was some very worrying news as well. let me quote her, she says on the ground as compelling evidence of an emerging environment of intimidation and the deterioration of human rights. she says that the taliban may be thinking that they can control the population by fear rather than understanding and responding to its needs. she also said there are increased reports of killings and enforced detention and disappearances. and she says she was particularly concerned about recent disappearances of female activists. and she urged the
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taliban to take action. 20th now as christian gibson from the norwegian refugee council, he has just returned from 3 weeks and afghan asked on. so can i start by asking you what you saw on your recent trip and what people have told you? yes, i saw humanitarian situations, the dis getting more and more desperate. we have 1st, we just heard a bitterly cold winter. we have more than half the population starving, and we have an economy in free fall. so i visits camps for internally displaced people in different locations throughout afghanistan. and they told me that their surviving on small pieces of bread that one family father told me he had bought some wheat flour. he mixed with water. that was all his family got that day. and is that the stories were here again and again, i'm visited a camp there whether just told me that 2 children had just died or freezing to
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death the night before this situation. and at the same time unitarian organizations such as my own, that which i refer to counsel, we cannot scale up to meet the needs because we simply don't have funds available to do our work. we were hearing from you and such a general early iran and he expressed deep concern at reports of abductions of women activists has the i see, i see had discussions about come on a per jani, per wanna, abraham kell and ali as easy among others. so our focus is the humanitarian situation. right now, our focus is to save lives because lives at risk throughout afghanistan. the key prior to here is to get funds into the country because the winter is very harsh now
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as we just heard. so there economy needs to be back on track at both for the humanitarian assistance, but also for a normal afghans. so they can get their salaries paid so that they can get people into their shops and they can pay off their loans and pay their, their rents. these are the main concerns right now. do you think it's a critical moment because of the desperate humanitarian situation that in terms of ab communication and negotiations with the taliban, that that perhaps this is an opportunity to encourage other things at the same time in terms of education and rights for all so we are running an education programs in different provinces and afghanistan. and
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these are actually ongoing. these are one of the few activities that are still going on. this is very important. and for us it's, it's absolutely a condition that both girls and boys are tending these activities. and other than that, i would say it's very important to stress that for us the 8 is not conditional. it's based on humanitarian principles. that means that the ones that are in the most need that get their assistance 1st that that's our produce. and that's also what we are communicating to the properties. indeed, it is a desperate situation and there is a need for urgent action in the country. that's not so much conditional, but just encourage a concrete plan of action on education, employment, and human rights is what i meant. yes, as, as i said before, and i think it what we need,
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1st and foremost to save lives is to get their economy up and running. so apart from asking conditions from the, the de facto authorities, we also need to ask the international community to find practical solutions. because right now the sanctions means that there's almost no money getting into the country. so when it's then slash of the community to tell the international banks that these are the assurances you need so you can start transferring the humanitarian money. so we also need to get the afghan banks a national bank up and running because as it is now, there's simply too little money in circulation. so to cut their communities and the whole country is simply not functioning right now. so these are very important priorities that needs to be fixed right now. well, thank you very much. christian. yep. send for telling us more about your recent
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trips, the country and, and the desperate situation there. and the challenges facing people and other stories of following kurdish lead for saying they've taken full control of the prison facility. they've been besieged by iceland, northeast and syria. fighting broke out the jail in the city of half the car on thursday. when i saw mounted a bit to free thousands of it's fighters in almost a week of fighting over control of the facility, about 200 inmates and 27 kurdish fighters were killed, spokesman for the syrian democratic forces says that ice will fight as of surrendered, ending the situation now unicef also voice concern about a $150.00 children and mine is detained at the jail. st had reports of fatalities, man, a tearing groups, cool for immediate access to be granted to the area. meanwhile, nearly 3000000 people displaced, northwest in syria. our risk of exposure is that camps a batter by freezing whether heavy snow is destroy tense and preventing crucial
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humanitarian 8 deliveries. the united nations is appealed for help. as i beg, has more a city of tense. this is life for around 250000 syrians force from their homes by the civil war. and now after 10 years of continued conflict, snow and rain is their latest enemy. her is her. so a lot of the very cold weather, the massive volume snow and the bad condition of the camp have led to the tents, damages every way. we also allah and we urge those who are willing to help do the best for us. we don't have firewood and there is no heating. we burned some shoes and clothes just to offer some heat to the children and thought. traveling to the area was already difficult. the snow has made it near impossible. agencies are struggling to get access tent have collapsed under the weight of the snow. the few that do have shovels do what they can. the rest are left to move snow with the
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hands in freezing temperature. on the whole camp does not have bread, we call upon the humanitarian organization and all the authorities concerned to urgently help the camp and its residence. the un says more needs to be done, but for the people here they need help. now, we won't put up with that with them. the whole camp is in real danger and we don't know what to do. we have spent the last 70 years intense and displace caps. they can't find us a flat. the camp, inadequate. at the best of times. the snow is only adding to the misery he's people face. i said bake jazeera the military current became faso is due to be discussed at an emergency meeting of west african leaders on friday. the un and us are demanding the immediate release of the post president rock for a coolie to say they seize power because of the government failure to stop attack my arm groups linked to al qaeda and iso nicholas hack is falling development for
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us from luck. a do incentives this report. there is kind of this unusual, a recall in the city i've been here before. usually at this time of the hour, the streets would be bustling with activity. i want to show you right behind me. i'm just going to step away from there, shot further in the distance is actually the presidential palace no longer in the hands of the president and security guards, but now it's burkina faso special forces that they've set up a checkpoint that we can't go any further. now that's no longer at the center of power for this country. the decision making now is happening in downtown. why do go in one of those camps where the new strong men of the country, the tenant colonel finally amoeba? earlier today met with members of a hawk cowboy. the idea here is to try to put in place as quickly as possible before friday's meeting of the west african heads of state, some sort of national unity government to show that they have some sort of
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legitimacy here since the coo earlier this week. well, medical workers in sierra leone saying they're now better equipped should there be another outbreak of ebola blood clotting virus killed 4000 people there. 8 years ago. many others died as well, a neighboring countries as an interest reports. now it bothers survivors, and doctors say they've learned lessons from that disaster. mama most that i can't remember the last time the association for border survivors of which is secretary carried out a campaign to educate the public about the virus funding has dried up and just looking after themselves and their families is quite a struggle. but this is not the only problem survivors like home at phase sigma. the only able us of, i was, i mean, some of them the be living with them because of the support you know, ability rise money bomb. well, you know, that will also apply bernardez know supply,
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so they look at them new cut and if really more than 26000 people were infected by abolla after the 1st case was reported in west africa in 2014 and more than 11000 people died in 3, west african countries, many of the 4000 people who died of borlin saroyan are buried here. it is on the vidas remains of right. but because of past experiences in dealing with the disease, experts say medics are better equipped and prepared for any outbreak. at a military facility in freetown is sarah leon's, foster bowler response center, hundreds of people were treated here. but in the absence of new cases, the center now handles other infectious diseases including covered 19 colonel stevens. the valley commander of the country's army medical corps was part of the bowler response team eighty's ago. when on our to those not to walk in,
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if we don't know what walks. and then i think when a mix up was issued done before. however, i don't think we're out of the woods during happened to make big investments were made in facilities and equipment to fight the virus. but officials say most can't be used now. so all those in floss, loc johnny saw, sees the equipment detail he did, and then where naughty was, will plug into all those facilities during the covey the 19 pandemic. despite that, he says the experience gained during a bullet potomac has helped with the covet 19 response. so vulnerable group, but mohammed remains concerned. many saldonya's still wouldn't know how to protect themselves from the bowler that he fears and outbreak now could cause as much damage as in 2014 or even more. ahmed edris al jazeera waterloo steadily on.
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so half way on the record cover cases, dr. demand for ritual rides to hospital parts of india struggling under the pandemic. that way. once booming industry faces couple forties demons, fishermen sang the ongoing war makes it too dangerous to go out to sea. and in topsy, danielle middle age have fights back from to sat down to reach the semi finals and the australian, you know, ah, there it snowed so much 2 days ago in greece and turkey, it's still on the ground. the still cloud circulating around the low isn't far away, but he's drifting away for the rest of europe. looked the north linux, stormy weather, the middle. it's still underneath his area and he saw clinic weather which and generally speaking, still foggy, including places that change. admittedly,
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that's the picture and take it on tuesday off. so that fell on monday in athens says you can see pretty bad scene, but it's improved now. the sunny's i tempted to slowly rising but not much is still wearable way below where it should be in the balkans and then the snow coming to replace what has been gray, foggy weather for a good part of germany. austria and better route, for example, but it stays cold and that cold spreads eastwards, not as a rule cold, a snowy cold, in this case, proper when to see them to the risen in london and paris, cuz the winds picked up and churned up the weather. they're not bad to be honest, dan, in spain and portugal where sun is predominant in give it like to snow for 3 days, a hint of sunshine, no more than that at about one degrees. so this is proper continuous wintery weather. the code is leaked further south as you know, through good part of egypt and libya, and enhanced the ha mattson blowing dust everywhere. ah,
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this story of zimbabwe, in her words, history is always told from the perspective of the great man, whether it's david livingston, robot, mal gandy. my responsibility is to tell, is involved when story in a way that it hasn't really been told before. the ordinary everyday life or is involved with is the people i'm writing about patina, kappa, out of darkness. my zimbabwe on al jazeera got on one of the fastest growing nations in the world. news wanted needed to oakland and development school international shipping company to become a key, middle east and trade and wanting skillfully my 3 key areas of develop who filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future,
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won the cost cutters gateway to whoa trade. lou ah ah, ah, welcome back. look at the main stories now. united states and nato delivered written responses to russia, security demands of the ukraine sector. you say, anthony lincoln says the response made no concessions to the main demand that ukraine be bought from joining nato. moscow says it's ready to retaliate. if the west is not provide constructive on says, life in afghanistan has become a frozen hel, according to the un secretary general. attorney. good terrace is one. the humanitarian crisis left the country hanging by a thread with education of
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a social services and collapse. kurdish that forces say they've taken full control of a prison facility that have been besieged by iceland, northeast, and syria. fighting broke out at the jail in the city of ha sikka on thursday. about $200.00 inmates and $27.00 kurdish fighters were killed. u. s. supreme court justice stephen breyer will retire at the end of his current tom. briar is one of 3 remaining liberal justices in the conservative majority court. he's 83 years old. his retirement will give president joe biden, his 1st chance to nominate a new liberal judge to the country's highest judicial body. while i'm fisher joins us live now from washington and allan talk us through the significance of this and the reaction that while everyone's getting very excited about in washington as washington does. but the one guy who isn't confirming that this is happening is actually justice stephen breyer. though the white house was asked about at the see any announcement has got to come from
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a supreme court just as some were expecting it to happen. at some point on thursday, and certainly what we got from the leader of the democrats in the senate. chuck schumer is an acknowledgment that he was going to move very quickly on the appointment as stephen breyer was appointed by bill clinton. as you see, he votes are almost exclusively with the liberal majority. there was a concern about brear seat suddenly disappearing because if you move towards the mid term elections and the republicans when control of the senate, even if joe biden work to get a pick for the supreme court, it's unlikely it would get through even 2 years from a presidential election, mitch mcconnell said he simply wouldn't bring it up for a vote. so that would mean that the, the majority on the supreme court would stay a conservative majority and quite a big one at that. now joe biden would like to get
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a supreme court nominee. he would like to be able to push that through. and what they don't want to happen is what happened with ruth bader ginsburg, of course, who died? well, she was still a supreme court justice at barack obama should have been allowed to, to make that switch to the appointment just it was taken over by donald trump. he put another conservative on the court and that gave the, the court a big conservative majority. so how quickly can this get done? well, in the past, the nomination and confirmation not process normally takes somewhere in the region of 2 or 3 months. but of course, if you remember the person that replaced with bader ginsburg, amy courtney, but that was all done in 6 weeks because we were very close to a presidential election. fact, the democrats say that shouldn't happened in such a short time skill, but it still got pushed through. so we're looking again at a short time scale here. the name that will be picked as likely to be an african
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american female joe biden made that pledge on the campaign trail. a lot of people think that helped to swing a lot of black votes behind him, and he will follow through on that pledge. there are 2 living candidates, someone who sits on the appeals court in washington, someone who sits on the appeals court in california. but you can imagine that they are very keen to get this done very quickly. the only thing that is the snag at the moment of course, is that stephen bryer hasn't said he is going. he will. he will almost certainly acknowledge that he wants to go so that there remains a strong, liberal voice on the supreme court. but for the moment, he stays a justice and will steer justice to the end of his term, then the battle to replace them or begin in earnest. thank you very much. and fisher washington. in a van there al jazeera reported on the case of one young kurdish 9, it's a vi freezing temperatures in the forest between poland and mattress. he was one of 1000 till arrived on board as a leaving they could find
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a better life that they met a tough response from polish authorities. our correspond jonah had returned to the border to find him and hear his story. lose you away in these woodson, you could be wandering for days, yet even deep winter doesn't discourage them. border god video is said to show some of the dozens of attempts still being made each day to cross from betel ross into poland and the european union. for the few that make it an unpleasant welcome awaits indefinite detention in crowded, militarized barracks with bod, windows and limited access to the outside world. less asylum seekers than prisoners and a breach of international law can pick a camp is like a prison and does not represent europe. most of the people here came from that countries because of the pain. they shouldn't be abused. the 2nd time,
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it's like torture. i felt like that was the voice of alarmed ahmed, hama, a kurdish refugee who had hoped to reach his mother living in the u. k. we 1st met her land, you know, polish hospital in december, in obvious distress, having been rescued in the forest and said he was taken away shortly afterwards by the border gods, despite pleased by human rights activist, monica, to full cosca, that he be given mental health support alarmed was detained his laptops across nearly a 2nd. me sunday in the middle. the me very upset to be in a place like that. she doesn't fully understand it. he knows that he cross the border illegally when he doesn't understand why he finds himself in conditions like that book on up to 1800 detained asylum seekers. in 8 camps of launched hunger strikes and sometimes violent protests over conditions. the polish government says
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this is why they're locked up in the 1st place. agencies call it a deliberate policy of deterrence. my name is allison and i was involved and he to ended up in detention and you know, even and then you know, when you get out, you can insure lawyer easily. you can, you know, if you have access to a, to a edition that can come in here and there's, nobody can come here and you don't know when you can well, and that's the borderline over there. through that gap in the forest, on the other side, better routes where several 100 people remain of the few 1000. that last year bella roost actively encouraged to break into opponent of the european union. it touched off for geo political and humanitarian crisis. that's no longer making headlines around the world, but is no less of an old deal for those still involved. they will surely now know
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that the promise both of easy entry into the you and that it would accept them. where lies jonah, hold al jazeera, near the poland, pedal rous border. the number of new cases of cousin 19 has started to drop in india with some states easing restrictions brought in to tackle a 3rd wave. but of the more than 285000 cases confirmed in the past day, almost half of from 3 states in the south of the country. one of those is carola, which is hit record numbers of natal has more now from you delhi she jasmine has had a busy few weeks. he's had hundreds of corbin 19 patients for free in the southern city. of course she, since the pandemic began demand for his services has increased since cases started rising a few weeks ago. and i got a little study. no, no wrinkles nor many covert visions,
12:41 am
and their families called me when they need any help, like digging them to hospital vaccination, getting food, et cetera. there are others who want you to help me do this. in many locals have a student to help me with the expenses. the southern state of carola has recorded its high a single day increase since march 2020. every 2nd person testing for the virus in its capital is positive. the government has imposed new restrictions. most cool classes are being held online. cinemas and jims have closed and public events have been banned. hospital admissions have gone up across the state and its debt door is one of the highest in india. to my dear. roneesh is mourning the loss of his father, who recently died from coven 19 despite being fully vaccinated. we are not on. we managed during the 1st wave, but the 2nd wave was difficult for poor people like us. now during the 3rd wave,
12:42 am
we have lost our father on my we don't know what to do. my mother is really upset because of covered protocols. we barely got a glimpse of him. he took his body full cremation. other states are seen new infections steadily decline in western india, marashi has reopened scores 2 weeks earlier than planned. new cases in its capital, mum, bye, have dropped to the lowest levels in weeks where i think is that the metropolis has already seen the peak and we are seeing a downward steady downward trend in most of the big cities. but what is still there? there's the big la cities and the villages, the cases have been really deported to be less. so what i'm expecting is that the might be india as a country might peak in the next one or 2 weeks. new delhi has imposed the highest number of restrictions but is expected to ease some soon. and later this week, authorities will decide whether to extend a ban on political rallies and public meetings as voters in several states. head
12:43 am
for the polls of nathan ultra zebra, new delhi albertsons, prince. andrew is seeking a jury trial to clear his name in the sexual assault complaint. he is fighting in new york. he is facing a civil case brought by virginia. jeffrey, who says she was sexually assaulted by prince andrew when she was 17. he denies all the allegations more. deborah alexander is following the story for us in new york and joins us now. so does this suggest that her preparations are underway for what could be a fierce battle, in course, in the u. s. well, it certainly could be this 11 page filing by prince andrew's lawyers here in federal court clearly stated that he wants to go to trial and take this further is doubling down if you will, on his long time denials of virginia phrase claims against him. this is
12:44 am
a civil case, as you mention, not a criminal case. so this potentially could go to trial. when would that be? it's anybody's guess at this point, but probably later in the year, not necessarily immediately. would prince andrew have to be present at this trial in new york? not necessarily again because it's just a civil and not criminal case. he would not necessarily physically need to be present, although this is all still details to be worked out in the future. could this is our chances does not go to trial. the answer to that is yes as well. it's not guaranteed at this point. there's certainly still a chance that this could be settled out of court. so that is also another possibility. moving forward in the 11 page filing by prince andrew's lawyers, he does admit that he did 1st meet prince did 1st meet jeffrey epstein in 1999. that's about a year before the allegations of sexual abuse against prince andrew came
12:45 am
r r. r of between 2002002. but beyond that, he denies being a co conspirator to a jeffrey epstein and he denies all the allegations of any sort of sexual abuse against virginia go free. virginia go free claims. she was sexually abused by prince andrew on 3 separate occasions once in london, once on jeffrey epstein, private island in the caribbean. and once here in new york, he denies all 3 of those. but clearly, prince andrew's options are dwindling. it's very clear he wants to entire case to go away. but it was just earlier this month, a couple weeks ago that his lawyers went in front of a judge here in new york city, laying out their case on why doesn't try entire civil case should be thrown out. it was on the entire day of his lawyers speaking to the judge and the judge ruled
12:46 am
infallibly that this case could go forward. and so now this is the response. now from prince andrew lawyers basically saying you can go forward, fine, let's go take it to trial. next step is anyone's guess, but clearly we are now moving much closer to potentially this going in front of a jury. thank you very much. gabrielle, as under new york, you with the news, our life from london. going to have all the latest sports news in a bit and egypt are on their way to the africa cup of nations, quartz of finals. be to have that story animal bag, a blue with
12:47 am
with me a whole lou ah ah
12:48 am
welcome back. used to be a booming industry producing some of yeoman's leading exports, but years of conflict of damage. the country's fishing sector. many fishermen saying it's too dangerous and expensive to continue going to see actually, lopez, how do i on reports from above, the view appears to show a city unaffected by humans who knew what aiden's coastline tells us. different story. one of fishermen struggling to make ends meet mohammed young is one of them. he remembers when thousands of fishing boats ventured on to the red sea coming back with tuna sardine monster. now there are few fishermen and fewer prospects. i'll divide more de la b r. at the price of thoughts and fisher materials have gone up the fighting and
12:49 am
insecure, it is really affecting us economic clinical life in general is more difficult to do much with the food who are suited seafood was among humans, topics, pools bird with years of fighting. it's poor and processing sites. i've been to throught fishermen had been killed and thousands more displaced like yeah, yeah. i mean, i know, you know, put that out. yeah. maybe i'll dais unpredictability. it all depends on supply and demand. sometimes we buy a good catch from the local fisherman and we make a profit. other days we lose money. moved to the m and 30000000 people in the form of humanitarian aid. boeing fish has become a luxury. many can't afford. prices have doubled in some areas, so more fishermen are sensing their catch abroad for higher profit. about 500000 people, work in the fishing industry before the war. now that employees listened with
12:50 am
limited fuel, many can't afford how you're petrol prices where they're both. others can get out of debt. i didn't last, i managed to say i didn't them got loma the reports of fishermen who are killed at sea aren't made of me, but we know some of them got shot because they got into restricted waters. said guy zones where fishing is off limits because of the conflict. but fishermen see the industry though damaged, is still a vital part of the community and their livelihoods. they hope in time, things didn't prove for them and their country has hello. this is leanne al jazeera pieces and out of the sport. thank you. marian will 7 times african champions. egypt are on their way to the quarter finals of the sea of africa, cup of nations after penalty. she's out of the ivory coast or the 120 minutes into
12:51 am
all the egypt. simms and i've orient, were inseparable. both teams had their chances but time and time again, either the woodwork or the opposition go cheaper food in a way and so penalty shoot up was needed egypt super. so mohammed fella steps. i'm not home the winning spot. k takes up for the pharaohs. is a meeting with the morocco fee for president johnny in santino has told european politicians that his plans for a world cup every 2 years could stop african migrants from dying at sea. in an address to the council of european francine as remarks to outrage from anti racism group, kick it out, who called them completely unacceptable. his would infancy no said because football is about what they were saying at the very beginning. about opportunities, about hope, about national teams, about the country, about the heart, about the joy, about the emotion. and we cannot say to the rest of the world. give us your money
12:52 am
if you have or happen to have a good player by coincidence. give us the player as well. but watch us on tv. we need to include them. we need to find ways to include the entire world to get hope to african so that they don't need to cross the terrain. and in order to find maybe a better life, but more probably death in the see event. no later, cities comments were misrepresented and taken out of context. in a tweet on fif is media accounts. he said, my more general message was that everyone in the decision making position has a responsibility to help improve the situation of people around the world. this was a general come in, which was not directly related to the possibility of playing a fee for woke up every 2 years. australia getting ready to take on vietnam and a must win, woke up qualifier in asia. the sa crews are currently 3rd in their qualifying group
12:53 am
. the top 2 teams in each you qualify automatically fall concert 2022. and even though the australians are only one point behind japan in 2nd place, they are running out of matches to make sure of the place at the world cup. we got to go from our own strengths. we know where, where they live. we want to be on the front foot, we want to be aggressive. we want to play forward or crating as many chances as we can ask as many questions at their defense as you can. and obviously want to score goes when the game is over to the most important thing. focus on the performance and then the result will come elsewhere. iran can make sure of the place in cutter with a wind over iraq, the iranians, the top of a qualifying group. and when will ensure that they take their place at the world cup. whereas the iraqis have to win all of their remaining games. and they will have to hope that the team's above them slip up as well. and south korea could clench their place at the woke up with
12:54 am
a win over lebanon. they would need some other results to go their way as well, though. meanwhile, the lebanese are still in with an outside chance of reaching the world cup for the 1st time in their history. on to the australian open tennis now where russian 2nd seed daniel medive has secured a place in the semi final but wasn't easy for the us open champion as he's canadian opponent felix. so j aaliyah seem took a to say it lead meditative rallied, saving match points, and eventually clenching a 5 said when, after 4 hours and 42 minutes ration remains on, calls to become the 1st man in the open era to win back to back majors off to winning a maiden slag was not playing my best and fedex was playing unbelievable. serving, unbelievable. she was, you know, he was all over me to be honest all over the place. i didn't really know what to do . so i was like, actually yeah, i don't know if people are going to like it, but i told myself ha, what,
12:55 am
no luck will do. oh and you know what came to my mind was that because he's one of the greatest champions or rough or roger to be honest, they weren't so many matchers like this. and i just thought, okay, i'm gonna make him ward made video will now meet stefano seats. he passed who raced into the semi finals earlier in the day. the greek beat italian janik center in straight fits to reach the last 4 in melbourne for the 3rd time. you'll be hoping it's 3rd time lucky as he chases he's 1st grand slam title. in the women's draw, american danielle collins has made it into the same ease for the 2nd time. the 27 c beat elisa courtenay, in straits at 7561 it some achievement for collins who had surgery last year to being diagnosed with endometriosis, which causes severe abdominal and back pain. feels incredible. i mean,
12:56 am
i think especially after i some of the how challenges that i've, i've had and to be able to get back to this level. and i feel that compete like the way i have been and, and being able to be as physical as i have been has been so rewarding up mixed for collins as the former french open winner egos, fee on tick. the polish 7 seed fought from a fits and the break down to be to sonia's car canopy. the match lost more than 3 hours, but she until it gets through to her thickened grand slam, semi final of to winning the french open. as a teenager in 2020 just 9 days before the beijing winter olympics and coven 19 has learned always team into chaos. that that's a delay their departure by 4 days off. the 2 members of this good taste deposits of including cross country skia, heidi wing a bronze medalist from 2014 the soft clear if she'll now miss the games. but beijing rules state that athletes must record their health status for at least 14
12:57 am
days before traveling to badging and provide to negative tastes within 96 hours of arriving in china. meanwhile in beijing, one of the official and big hotels is taking extra steps to reduce the spread of covered 19 by using room service. robots, food is packed inside the unit for the guest to collect before the robot makes it way down the corridor. presumably to connect its next door to the less than 2 weeks to go. now before the games begin. specs for the africa cup of nations quickly where we finally have results in wednesday's late match. equatorial guinea has beat molly 65 in the penalty shoot up. they'll now move on to the core to find where they play synagogue. and that's all the sports. me is it spectrum marry him in london. all right, peter, thanks very much for that wraps out than he is al, but i'll be back with a full bulletin and just a couple of minutes around up of the top stories coming up at 2200 g m t same it out as era.
12:58 am
ah ah and the latest news they live in, it's tripoli, ash kawisi and for 10 years they was the victims. pardon? i just forgot to monitor in crisis with detailed coverings warnings that oh my god, my practice. so in power live partial precisely polygon, gap here from around the world on house people, years of living on the street actually accelerates the aging,
12:59 am
brought them medication is the beacon that lights the future any society. but for those who live in abandon places getting an education takes inspiration and determination. natalia, head to live in the remote areas, don't have electricity, tv, or computers. too short films show how a love of learning finds away. a j select on al jazeera the corona virus has been indiscriminately selecting its victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain, a disproportionately high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins. the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom fail, it citizens,
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britain's true colors. part one on al jazeera ah, revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet. on al jazeera, ah, responding to russia, security demands over ukraine. u. s. and nato deliver their proposals to moscow. ah, hello i, mary, i'm to my z and london. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. a di, a you an assessment of the situation in afghanistan, country where key services of collapse and millions live in fear. you case prince andrew once a year.


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