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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 28, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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[000:00:00;00] with mm hm. mm hm. this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm north taylor. this is down here in hughes. i live from london coming up. oh, russia says it's left with little room for optimism on ukraine. it still insists it
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doesn't want to go to war. ok if i so new military ruler vows to restore constitutional order, but only when certain conditions are met. on years whereas in its 1st female president, providence, within her party mean a rocky start perceived mara, castro on jonah all on the polish side of the border with belarus, where construction has begun on a wall to keep my grants and refugees. and i'm, he does them in dough with all your sports news. iran have become the 1st nation from the asian confederation to qualify for the 20. 22 will come in cost us better, more coming up later. this is our hm rushes as those little ground for optimism, not reading formal responses from the u. s. and nato,
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to its demands concerning ukraine. foreign miss love, ralph said the use document contained no positive response on the main issue. russia demanding nature rule out ukraine from ever becoming a member of the military lines. while a 2nd official warned a new nuclear power process with the u. s. was unavoidable, unless urgent measures were taken to ensure restraint. in the past few, as you, as president jo biden's, folks with ukraine's president followed him, is let ski on the phone a call. the white house described as a cheque in russian defense ministry released this video of su, 35 fighter jets landing. it's been a russian airfield. a military exercises have been taking place all week. now the former soviet republics border with nature members, poland, and lithuania and coast to its southern flank with ukraine. and fisher joins us live from washington, d. c. so we heard anything yet about that phone call with lensky. no official reader coming from the white house as yet,
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don't expect any great insights. we're going to get the usual things that they talked about, mutual security, the way forward, perhaps they will talk about possible financial support for ukraine was in the current state of limbo. but this is all just part of the build up that the u. s. c . all the books that they need to put in place and we'll see more of that in the coming days at their ongoing talks on capitol hill. national security advisor jim sullivan has been involved in briefing some of the senior republicans and democrats on capitol hill. so has antony blinking, who is the secretary of state, those confidential briefings are still ongoing. on monday, the qatar, amir will arrive, they will talk about afghanistan, which is important. but they'll also talk about the provision of natural gas to germany because the united states is already said the north stream to project will not happen if there is any russian invasion of ukraine. that, of course,
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would put germany at a huge disadvantage. it's the largest economy in europe. it would cause them severe hardship. they want to make sure that there is the possibility of alternative sources. and kat are, might be where that comes from. and then on the 7th of february, we have the german chancellor coming to washington, d. c. for a meeting, he will bring some information from the, the, the, the group that meets to discuss the issue in ukraine with russia included. but also he'll be looking for guarantees from joe biden, that there is a united action coming against russia if it crosses the border. and also that there are provisions in place to make sure that fuel supplies continue to europe with some of the wash weather of the winter still to come. so there's a lot of talk going on behind the scenes. joe biden clearly wants to send a message. look, if there is a problem here. if russia crosses the border, there will be sanctions. we will get the economy will target banking. and we could
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possibly even target vladimir putin himself. the best way to get through this is through negotiation and diplomatic means that there is a united front here. and also the americans are saying, look, diplomat diplomacy might even go as far as the summit meeting between joe biden and vladimir putin to sort things over ukraine as well. so that is still an avenue. so discussions with ukrainian president just giving them a heads up of where things are, where things are going and who joe biden sees things developing in the next few days or so. alan fish, thank you very much indeed. dosage. larry has been following developments from moscow with me hearing from the kremlin spokesperson dmitri pascall, who says that there isn't really much. i'm point of being optimistic at this stage given what the response has been. and dad's written response, which was hand delivered by the us ambassador to russia last night at the foreign
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ministry, has now in the hands of russian president vladimir putin, the kremlin confirmed that president putin is now studying what has been given to him, and he will decide how to proceed and what the next moves will be. meanwhile, we've been hearing from the russian foreign minister, sir gay lover, who spoke earlier on thursday, and he was also not very pleased. let's hear some of what he had to say. but global normal will proof. as for the main issue, there is no positive reaction in this document. i will remind you that the main issue is our film position about unacceptability of michael's folder proliferation to the east and place him of a salt equipment which can represent danger for the russian federation. closing. well, all sides have said that diplomacy is very much still a path that they want to pursue, given the differences they still have. it appears that the russians and the americans have come to some kind of an understanding about the secondary issues that there is room for negotiations there,
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but it appears the problem is in the main issue that russia has about nato's expansion. and that is something that cannot agree on what i believe me. it has been speaking to people in mario pole in southeastern ukraine. the hurdles of, i'm a lot of people, there is a feeling that, that the moment. oh, really, the whole thing is going between russia and the u. s. and ukraine wants to make sure that there remains a center of that conversation. and certainly note up as sort of byproduct of that. all. that is a sentiment we also heard among many people, they said at the end of the day, this is a fight that's got a crisis as going on between due to super powers to us and russia. it's about really expanding influence in this part of the world. and ukrainians want to make sure that they are not a consequence of that. but that the actually, the real threat they're living under is something that's going to be dealt with. while european nations are worried that the crisis could affect their gas supplies,
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as because europe gets more than 40 percent of its natural gas from russia, about a 3rd of that passes through ukraine. european gas prices rose more than 30 percent early this month. as russia cut supplies to the west, causing shortages is threatening to cut supplies further if sanctions are imposed and not just gas, but oil and metals to some countries are more reliant than others. germany gets about half its supplies from russia, the check republican croatia, about 2 thirds in finland. almost all. dominic came reports from berlin. any cut to those supplies would also hurt russia. problem for the german government, as it has been full successive german governments stretching back decades now, is that in so far as rusher is concerned, the german government feels a historic sense of guilt for the actions of nazi germany during world war 2, where tens of millions of soviet citizens, which obviously includes russians, ukrainians, b, l, a. russians,
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and many other nations to who were part of the ussr. and as a consequence of that, when the german government wants to put pressure on the russian government, it will not be in the form of providing armaments to ukraine. what they will do they say, and increasingly so is they will act to impose sanctions. the german government has said it is prepared to take the consequences of refusing to switch on the north stream to gas pipeline. it's going to cost the german government a considerable amount of money. it could cost the european economy a considerable amount of money. but the view here is that if russian gas supply was switched off completely, that would also cost the russian economy. $200000000.00 a day is piped in terms of revenue through natural gas piped in to russia for what it pipes to europe will that would dry up very quickly. and so the view here is no amendments to ukraine,
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but crippling sanctions on moscow. whatever the price may be, whether the german economy suffers or not, that's what they're prepared to do, but they won't arm the ukrainians. i think ocean is a presser, and the department of government and public policy at the university of essex jones, his life and culture stand by skype. thanks very much for being with us. as russia, as medicare is not happy with the us, is response. i mean, while the are still, it's still saying that and dialogue is the way forward. where do you think this is heading? waltz 1st. thank you for having me. i think both russia and the united states know that there is no chance for ukraine to join the nato alliance with unanimous membership approval. and we know for quite some time, both france and germany have been reluctant and actually refused to allow ukraine to join us. even president biden more recently has discussed some of the issues he has with ukraine joining nato memberships. i think right now we're in
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a situation where russia is pushing to see how much it can get the united states to agree publicly to certain things. but i think everybody knows that new ukraine is less likely going to be joining nato anytime soon. i mean, we've had a little bit. so in the last couple of minutes, we had a couple lines coming out from there have been released by the ukraine present side of the conversation between biden, to zalinski and ukraine. president saying a disgust of the mission to promote efforts on de escalation and agreed on joint actions for the future. what kind of things do you think that might encompass joint actions for future? well, i think, you know, the united states can help your crane by giving it, you know, some training advice. coordination they've in the past have offered them to join, not nato, but to kind of have a alliance member, some type of an alliance with them in which they can provide them with a lot of resources,
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short of having them joint because of the officially joined than if any attacked occurs than ukraine would be able to invoke article 5, which the united states invoke after. for example, the attack on a $911.00 which nato members and came to it's 8 in a fonts done. so i think this is why the united states have been very reluctant. but i think president putin, i mean, one thing that's been interesting is, president putin has not been preparing his country for war. the state media is not preparing russia for war. so they seemed to be only bolstering this at the international and trying to push europe in the u. s. and less so it inside of russia, which again, makes it seem more that the president put in is trying to see how for he can push the west and the u. s. unless that he's going to attack, this does not mean that a war can happen, but it might be more due to a miscalculation them. really a grand strategy of invasion? yes, i mean, let me contact me cuz i mean on the, the build up has been built not only on the, on the russian side,
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but in the surrounding countries from western countries are getting more troops and equipment as own. give us some of some historic context. how dangerous is the situation? well, i mean, loss of historian speak about the fact that if united states and china had talked and did not have so many missed calculation was dutchman, we would not have had the korean war. and that's something we constantly look back to and think about and so, right now, russian movement about over a 130000 troops so far what it seems like they're moving bigger arsenals, not really what they would need to carry out the invasion right now. so they don't have evan called off their soldiers. they haven't done a medical field. and i think the united states and the u. k, in particular, are embroiled in domestic loose right now. and what we worry about, and when we talk about political science is like the diversionary theory or
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argument is in some sense you want to bolster foreign threat in order to alleviate some of the domestic pressure and issues. and so in times like these, all it takes is some things very small for a word to be stated. some have told us or his we found out that there is a president saddam hussein invaded kuwait, was because of a snap decision when he was a threatened or told that a, you know, there's hopes of trying to make sure that i'm selling of oil at a lower price in order to ensure that every woman in iraq would be a, you know, have to process to herself. so things like that can lead to spark. i mean, yes, he had been bolstering, but it was dot that triggered the attack suddenly. so that's what we were about, something like that, a statement, a miss statement, why somebody leading to either the russians to invade or someone on the,
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your crenan side on to take action and that we can't roll back. but and go from thank you very much, need for them to us. thank you. up in the out 0 and use our u. s. president joe biden pays tribute to retiring justice steven briar and promises his replacement will be the 1st black woman to sit on supreme court. and, sir, are you delaying with the gray rebels? absolute not. no. escape from party? 8 questions for british prime minister bars johnson on a trip to wales and ash party closes in on becoming the 1st local player to win the australian open. incentive we is. ah. picking a faces military leader says the nation will only return to civilian rule when the military considers the time is right. an arm groups operating in the north of the country are defeated a tenant colonel, for law. he dominga addressed the nation for the 1st time since the soldiers
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deposed the civilian government in a qu, on monday, the amoeba was promoted in december by now deposed president aka boy, to the commander of a strategic military region during the crew cab. oh, he was detained and imprisoned. was whereabouts are unknown persons? nicholas hack is falling events for us in the capitol where i could do as i did the military leader clarify his intentions of the country. i mean, absolutely he. i mean, he literally put up this beating of a drum for, for putting the country on this pass on this war footing. he really tried to unite the country, saying that at stake here is the sovereignty of bertina, the rece called on all civilians to take up arms and unites in order to save that country. and he knowledge in his speech in many ways that currently burkina faso
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and the military do not have control of large swath of the border areas. those areas are in the hands of arm groups linked to al qaeda and iso. so it was interesting his, his wording compare his speech compared to president hawk marquetto. a critics felt that he was at times a week were very aloof with the security situation. here we had a big band take to the stage, put out strong words to try to unite the country. and he also tried to reassure the international community ahead of this meeting from the west. african body echo was the west african heads of state meeting and re coasts. i mean, he said that he would respect the rule of law and human rights. and that the constitution is temporarily suspended and you will come back once the sovereign sovereignty of the country is regained. we have to remember what, what led to this coo and the personal relationship that we had with hoc knock, cowboy, the last time he met with the president, in fact, he was promoted by
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a hot hot callaway to this, to this military commandment. he asked the president for russian fighters to come in and help in the fight against armed groups kept awake, dismissed that saying that that would be out of the question. that was the last time he had met cowboy before he arrested him. and now he's under house arrest somewhere here in the capital. since then, since this we've heard from those russian fighters in russian instructors that are active in molly and the central african republic. there is one of the russians for to said they're happy to help her kina faso the head of the wagner group that leads these russian fighters that are in the sal region, said was rejoiced by this group and said that they would be able to support burkina faso in this fight, so we might see that the country is new leadership move away from partnerships with france and move closer to russia. much to the ire of friends and the former
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colonial power and the west. make no mistake. it seems that in this a hell we're seeing a step, a step up of russian involvement in the region. and it seems to be a place where we're seeing, at 40 years after the end of the cold war, seeing countries, western countries battling a battling it out with the russians to gain influence and cotton. the middle of this, of course, are the people are breaking up awesome more than 2000000 people this voice, this place to 1000 people killed. and that's why this war footing that we're hearing from then you leader of burkina faso lauren nichols hack. thank you very much. indeed, the 1st female president of honduras has been sworn in at a ceremony in the capital tegucigalpa tomorrow. castro takes over from to time president on orlando hernandez. 62 year old faces high expectations to turn around to dispute and who will need the newly elected congress. yes,
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vice president coming harris and other world leaders. we're in, attendance on europe has more from to gucci and i storage moment for the country. historic opportunity that many see here who have been out on the street celebrating all morning integrity gaba. we see this is an opportunity for the country to turn a new page to be moving it in a new direction, especially after 12 years of single party rule 8 years under the leadership of the controversial president. when landlord, amanda is, who is administration has been marred by scandal political turmoil, the president, the outgoing president, own brother, a former president of the 100 congress serving a life sentence in the united states. people very much see this as a moment of hope for the country to maybe finally start to make good on promises. that pass administrations have failed to keep promises of reducing corruption, reducing the poverty rate, which stands at somewhere around 70 percent here in the country. and to finally,
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perhaps improve economic conditions to a point where people here in the country will not want to migrate in mass toward the united states. now we mentioned that there were about 80 different international delegations present at this observation. just the number of high profile guests really does reflect the importance of this day. people like vice president, common le harris of the united states, the vice president of argentina, and of taiwan, the king of spain, philip the 6 as well as other world leaders. former of brazilian president the group, so there are a lot of political interests at play here the united states. c potentially us are a restraint thing of the relationship with hunter is commonly harrassing, potentially a new partner. and you might of castro for bilateral. 1 relationship that can truly address the root causes of migration out of honduras is present. joe biden has confirmed his nominate. the 1st black woman to the supreme court of justice stephen
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bry announced he will step down this year. the 3 year old says he'll retire from america's highest court in the summer. assuming his successor has been appointed and confirmed. bry is one of 3 liberal justices in the conservative majority. court replacement will actually be named by february, choosing someone to sit in the supreme court. i believe is one of the most serious constitution responsible of your president, that our process is going to be rigorous. i will select the nominee worthy of justice, prayers, legacy excellence and distance. all i've been studying candidates, backgrounds and ridge. i've made no decision except one person i will nominate will be some of the extraordinary qualifications, character, experience and integrity. that personal be the 1st black woman ever nominated united states supreme court button 1st promised to know when to black women,
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when campaigning for president on what has corresponded. kimberly how kit has more . there are a couple of reasons, major reasons for why the u. s. president is making good on this campaign promise. first of all, black women had a lot to do with the reason that joe biden is sitting in the oval office. they overwhelmingly supported him in the 2020 u. s. election. this is a way of saying thank you for that, but add to that the african american community that overwhelmingly voted for joe biden in the presidential election. the last one has not been too happy about the fact that they've not seen the voting rights legislation. they were promised get through, and so this is another nod to that in trying to keep some of those promise. but there is another reason that there is a bit of urgency on the part of the democrats and trying to see that this nomination happens before november. and that has a lot to do with the upcoming congressional elections. there is fear because of
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some of the sort of plummeting poll numbers for joe biden right now, that they may not control congress after the congressional elections in november. and as a result, they want to see this done swiftly. your state department is aging it citizens to reconsider any travel plans they might have to the united arab emirates, rosalind jordan joined his life in washington dc. it's been just why the warning from the u. s. government well, this is a revision of a warning that already had been in existence for the united arab emirates. it's a travel, a level for don't travel. and that's because of the ongoing cove at pandemic. the of release was updated on thursday because of the recent of missile attacks launched off from who the territory in yemen, against targets in the u way e. this is a not unexpected. the u. s. issues are the sorts of wild travel warnings to its citizens for countries all around the world all the time because it feels that it
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has a primordial duty to keep americans out of harm's way. in fact, just in the past week, the us updated it's travel warnings for both the ukraine and russia. not just because of the cobit outbreaks in those countries, but because of the ongoing attentioned and the possible look threat of war, of the possible invasion of russian troops inside ukraine and how it is effected, if in any way the u. s. u. a. even ations. well, it shouldn't have any real impact on the relationship between the 2 countries. earlier in the week after a both of these a who the attacks on to us on targets inside the u. e. the u. s. was a very quick to say that it was a continuing its strong defense relationship with the, the morality of military providing training and material to help them intercept any possible attacks from who the territory. but of course,
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the bigger thing that the u. s. government is concerned about is the fact that the civil war in yemen has not been resolved. and it is trying to push for a quick resolution of that war while also are reminding its allies own notably the saudis, who have been leading the pushback as it were, to refrain from doing anything that would harm yamini civilians. person, jordan, thank you very much. doubt has been cast on where the poland new border will, will do much to stop people crossing from batteries. it started construction on a huge structure promised after a migrant crosses on the european union's eastern flank last year. but the people meant to be deterred by it, say they have little choice but to try anyway. journal reports from couldn't it say in eastern poland? ah, once complete in the summer poland wall will be a 186 kilometers long. almost half the length of the borderline with better risk. will it stop almost daily,
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attempt by refugees and migrants to make the illegal crossing? probably not according to a kurdish immigration lawyer who spoke to al jazeera, especially if, as he is widely alleged, they continue to get help from bella. russian border guards. actually acting all is not, is not useful. they know that the guns can find another way and they may be, as you know, i told this guy, this helps them to cross the border. and of course they find another place rug has put us in touch with nisa occurred this refugee who with his family, including young children, is among hundreds living in a warehouse on the better side. i asked nisa if he was aware that poland is building a wall to keep people like him out there last year because what can we do? we have to wait. we can go back to our country when not part of the political
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problem between bella roost and poland. we just want to cross the border and get to safety in the european union. it's a familiar story told by desperate people fleeing circumstances they can no longer tolerate. they may be among them purely economic migrants as well. but poland makes little distinction, putting hundreds into asylum detention camps and simply pushing others back. the crisis that flared last autumn is now much reduced. thousands were allegedly loose to the bachelor's border on the false promise of an easy crossing. it was both a cynical attempt by bella ruth, to destabilize parts of the e. u and also a political opportunity for the polish government. poland wall being built at vast expense and partly through forests that are a unesco protected world heritage site is a pretty extraordinary answer to what is now a fairly minimal problem. is it worth it to stop small numbers of people trying to
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cross the border from bella? luce? well, it is. if you are a right wing populous government, this of the whole state run t. v. news bulletins report. the broadly popular claim that poland is doing a bit to protect the external borders of the e. u. from uncontrolled migration, public opposition to the government's policies does exist. we just would like to let people know that maybe not everyone in paula is against you. the people coming here from other parts of the world and we are here for them. but their voices barely heard. jonah hall al jazeera in eastern podium, u. k prime minister bars johnson is confirmed. he intends to release in full a highly anticipated report into parties at his residence during lockdown. top civil servant su gray has been investigating social gatherings at number 10, downing street,
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allegedly in breach of creative virus restrictions. time. police also conducting their own inquiry into potential breaches. johnson has been under pressure to release grades, report in its entirety, want something he says you'll do when he receives it. possibly this week. you delaying the grade book? absolutely not, but you'll just have to, i'm afraid. you've got to let the independent inquiries go on when, when do you think it will be published? i wish i, i can't really say anymore. when i said yesterday by that really publish it in full of course. so loud is era, record record inflation with fear is worse to come. soaring crosses, leave turks struggling to make ends meet and australia get their horrifying campaign back on track is coming up is
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ah hello there. it's a mixed weather outlook as we end the week across europe. now, much of the focus this week has been to that southeast corner. we've had a severe snowstorm, drop, lots of snow across greece and turkey, in particular, for example, and athens, what it's cleared up on friday, we are going to see more wet and windy weather effect. southern parts of greece over the weekend, but much of the action on friday is going to be in that northwest corner. we've got where the fronts pulling in from the atlantic, bringing wet and windy weather to northern areas of england. and scotland is gonna turn very wintry as well across scandinavia, with some strong winds blowing that snow across into the baltic states by the time we get into saturday. a lot about wind is going to clear some of the fog and cloud across the low lying countries, but it will remain other rainy here. it dries up, however, across southern parts of england. and if we haven't looked at the 3 day for london, well, the temperature is going to pick up on saturday. it's going to feel
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a little bit warmer. and as we go into sunday, we will see some sunshine breaking through. now further south of this, it's looking a lot finer and dryer across much of the mediterranean, with lots of sunshine coming through for portugal and for spain. but it's going to turn west across southern areas of greece by saturday. that should weather update. ah, the february on, i'll just, you know, china host the winter olympics, but will diplomatic boycott and the corona vibrate, overshadow the event rigorous debate them unflinching questions up front cuts through the headlights to challenge conventional wisdom, al jazeera keeps you up to date of mation tackle the over cranberry, amid continued vaccine inequality. 11 east investigates how breakfast the pandemic and changing pace are causing the great british curry crisis. the african union
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hope it's 33 with ordinary session. the 1st with israel as an observer state, with several nations campaigning against israel status and person issues across the continent. there is much disgust. february on a jazeera india, a conspiracy theory claims muslim men are treating him the women into marriage. and converting one at one aisd investigates repeated mouth one out as you move ah, remember top stories you and i was 0. ukrainian and american presidents have held a long phone call to discuss deescalate intentions with russia. a lot of major
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lensky says he and joe biden agreed on joint actions for the future and discuss the possibilities of financial support for kenneth foster as new military leaders. as the country will return to constitutional order, when the conditions are right, colonel hello demi bow has addressed the nation for the 1st time since seizing power in a cruise. on monday, a few mar, castro has been sworn in as the 1st female president of jurors as a ceremony in the capital. 62 year old faces in any test with an in party dispute, ever who leads to newly elected congress? shopping in turkey. com look forward to lower prices anytime soon. the central bank is forecasting a 23 percent inflation rate this year with us know before it peaks at an estimated 55 percent in the coming months. you know, consumer reports from assemble. high inflation is a major talking point for all turks. the lira has lost nearly half of its value
12:35 am
within the past year. as the central bank may steep cuts to interest rates and that also the policy calls prices to sor, including for energy and foods such as the ingredients for a turkish breakfast. to make one key low of this culture cheese, you need 11 liters of ra milk. the price of milk doubled with the increase on electricity, natural gas prices, arising or regular customers cut their consumption nearly 40 percent kirk is inflation rate rocketed to 36 percent in december after a series of interest rate cuts demanded by president treasure type drum. it's the highest inflation rate since the election 20 years ago. marcia, we used to buy in kilos last year now and grams for more than half of our retirement salaries are being spent on gas electricity phone bills. on the 1st day, high prices are likely to remain
12:36 am
a focus of stock market attention. the central bank is desperate, the seeking to rebuild foreign reserves, which fell more than 60 percent from mid december to just $7500000000.00. here is a further inflation rises in the coming month terrified turkey minutes take the latest increase to the minimum wage, and the pensions are not enough to make the central bank forecast the inflation rate of 23 percent. this here, some analysts thing that's optimistic and expect wars to come and we manage somehow we buy the cheapest things, but it's very difficult for larger families to manage. i don't know how things will work. responding to the economic challenges, government leaders in on cur, have implemented a series of measures during the past month to persuade savers, banks, and companies to hold more lira,
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rather than foreign currency. those measures studies to lira for now, but many fear the hopes of lower inflation have already left the station and they will soon be paying an even bigger price for turkey is financial turmoil. so you know, because solo else is there a stumble. most families in the united states will have to survive on less money this year, as because the u. s. senate hasn't renewed the monthly child tax credits. cash payments were part of president jo, biden's trillion dollar current of ours relief package and widely praised 1st sharply reducing child poverty. christian salumi reports 5 month old garrett was born in the middle of a pandemic. while his mom, maureen gardner was unemployed, she says keeping up with his growing needs can be a challenge, but she has reason not to worry. it's hold a lifesaver, thanks to an unexpected economic lifeline from an experimental program called the bridge project, which is giving her $1000.00
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a month. this is the only income that i receive. i receive no public assistance. i do receive food stamps, so i'm able to feed myself. but other than that, you know, i kind of rely on this money to pay my cell phone bill. keep the internet on by close. he's a growing baby and he's like growing really fast in new york city, wanting or children under the age of 3 live in poverty. the program is helping $100.00 families whose average yearly income is $14500.00. well below the federal poverty line. the foundation behind the project argues the financial support to the families will yield long term benefits for the children. we really wanted it to be done so that we could study this over time and really understand what the effect of this money is. on everything from mental health to food security to housing security to really importantly how the baby is developing and reaching their
12:39 am
milestones. it's a concept known as guaranteed minimum income advocate say cash with no strings attached is the best way to help families out of a cycle. of poverty and experiments like the one here in new york are happening all across the country to prove it. but what would be a change of social policy here in the united states is actually quite common in europe and canada. last july, millions of american families got an unexpected cash infusion from the government in the form of the child tax credit and to help with expenses like child care during the pandemic, the congress has yet to reauthorize it this year. if you look at how the money was spent, a large majority of it went to up to middle and upper middle class people. and from that vantage point, it's not a very efficient policy. it's like you shouldn't have to give a lot of money to richer people to help poor people still advocate say there's growing evidence, families put the money to good use gardeners payments are guaranteed for 3 years.
12:40 am
regardless, if i do start working regardless of how much i make, i will still be able to receive the $1000.00 to care for my child, giving her the time and security to better plan for their future. kristen salumi al jazeera new york. the death of the policy and teenager with cancer has raised questions about the lack of specialized hospital treatment in the occupied. westbank has been 6 years since the palestinian president promised hospital will be built there. the failure to improve health care coincides with a new palestinian po, shows 2 thirds of respondents think their solutions are corrupt. it abraham reports from ramallah. these are the last pictures, said he no at he sent his family before he died earlier this month. the 16 year old had leukemia but couldn't get treatment in any hospital. his family says the delay in getting urgent medical attention killed him. but mother along sylvia mullen, when sally went to the hospital, they refused to admit him saying the palestinian authority has not paid its debt.
12:41 am
but 3 other people have been admitted. i am sure they had better connections and managed to get themselves m article public hospitals do not provide cancer treatment. so the government transfers patients to private hospitals are abroad. sally know at he didn't get a transfer. in a news conference, the health ministry admitted medical workers fail to act in time and money in 2016 president obama r bath announced the building of a new cancer hospital to treat the growing number of patients. this is the land where the hospital was supposed to be built. but 6 years later, many activists have been asking was the hospital. and they're accusing palestinian officials of stealing them many dedicated to welding it. prime minister, how to stay. i said donations as only covered the small part of the over all budget a $160000000.00 and that the plans have been put on hold. for many have said
12:42 am
that this shows how little transparency there is in between the palestinians and the authority. a recent pull shows the 63 percent of palestinians think there is corruption in public institutions. but people are often too scared to report it. even though there is a system to protect whistleblowers model or thought off as she wasn't protected, she's been at home for the past 2 years after being fired from her job for reporting nepotism, an abuse of power at work. on an ann, i'm now being accused of slander and i'm fighting, it's in court. no one is hiring me because they think i'm a troublemaker, you sherman? no palestinians have seen the president's power, expand at the expense of the just letter and judiciary. the, the look, the east we have a weak rule of law. the president's office has been getting more authority. this has led to more decisions that benefits certain officials and powerful circles around the president. even when some corruption allegations are investigated. perfect, it is
12:43 am
a rarity held accountable critic see that without the political will to fight corruption efforts to combat the problem will remain limited need every him al jazeera, the occupied, westbank egyptian, the president of dell such a c. c has been meeting leaders in the united arab emirates, the talks with the crown prince and emerald. he military chiefs are aimed at showing up bilateral ties between the countries is also being seen as a show support from cairo alto. last week's attack on i would debate by humans whose he rebels, a drone and miss r strikes, killed. 3 civilians. in my way is facing a shortage of trained doctors and nurses who are heading abroad, where they can earn more money. now the government is seeking compensation from richer countries for recruiting in, baldwin, medical workers, her and matessa reports from the capital. hurry, collate. yoga is frustrated as she leaves the ball was
12:44 am
a largest public hospital. she says he's been sick for months and still doesn't know what's wrong with her. what i'm doing fine or do you live? i was told i can get blood test done because the labs are not working. and i have to go to a private laboratory, but they're too expensive, so i haven't got any help yet. public health work is here often complain about low wages than lack of personal protective equipment, shortages of drugs and medical equipment, as well as poor working conditions. some of the medical awards you can hear val tunis is missing for the presidents and isn't fair to patients, which is, which is looking to correct, ah, pissed miss patient. release you into this will lead to, to print out of businesses. so this is that are in that was be door led to now they are tired of good did been out in the the, the, the be a wish or so to leave and do what is going to happen tomorrow. a site is our hope and of assistance guns and the government health services board says last year,
12:45 am
more than 2000 health professionals lifts and bobby to take jobs in the u. k. island, australia and the u. s. that's more than double the number of doctors. nurses and pharmacists who left in 2020 and $3.00 times the number of resignations in 2019 csm bobby's government says it costs $70000.00 a year to train just one doctor and it takes years before they qualify is developing countries. we are spending a lot of scarce resources. we could do scarcity sources in training our health workers in order to lose them to develop conscious in. so it is very ideal if such support could be contained in terms of monitor investment or material resources. the covet, 19th, endemic has made wealthy nations intensify recruitment and relax visa restrictions for health with us from poor nations. an average worker in the public said to take
12:46 am
some less than $200.00 a month in the u. k. for example, they can earn 10 times as much despite repeats of promises from the government to improve salaries, they remain low. the continued loss of trained health professionals is worsening. zimbabwe is already overstretched. public health system. and right now, they seemed to be little incentive to make staff stay harder. mythology, there had had 6 people are suing the operator of the fukushima nuclear plant in japan. they say they developed cancer in the years following the 2011 disaster. the energy company, known as tapco, is reviewing the details of the complaint to oregon because more luez representing the 6 cancer patients walk to fall their lawsuit at tokyo district court. they say tokyo electric power company holdings should pay more than $5000000.00 in compensation. after that clients were exposed to radiation. following the 2011 nuclear disaster in fukushima,
12:47 am
one of the 6 plaintiffs who doesn't want to be identified says cancer has ruined her life. poor girl, you got it differently, anybody's, everybody. i always wanted to be a career woman working hard in tokyo, but i was diagnosed with cancer and i still felt ill after i had surgery since then i'm in a situation where i have to prioritize my health over everything. you got it. march 2011, a magnitude 9 earthquake stroke japan's eastern coast. it triggered us unami that st. huge waves surging as far as tank element is inland. the fukushima nuclear power plant was also overwhelmed and see water flooded its react. his radiation leaked out, forcing more than a 150000 people to flee. the 6 people suing the operator, lived in fukushima in 2011 and later developed thyroid cancer. lawyers say cases at the disease in fuqua's shima or significantly higher than the national average. gord often gone through, you know, or thyroid games as a lab disease that only one and a 1000000 people get on average has
12:48 am
a number of children fukushima that aren't 30000. only one person would get it every few years. but after the nuclear disaster are 266, people have developed cancer in fukushima b a u m report last year, found the nuclear disaster had not increase the risk of cancer. and the authorities in fukushima say the high detection rate is due to over diagnosis. but louis se, fukushima as owners should be held accountable for radiation exposures unless they can prove otherwise. victoria gate and be al jazeera, a strong earthquake has been reported in target almost 2 weeks after an underwater volcano erupted and triggered us unami there. the magnitude 6.2 tremor struck 200 kilometers north west of the remote island of leaf hooker. but there was no tsunami wanting this time. there were no reports of damage, but communication is limited because the previous eruption severed an underwater
12:49 am
cable connecting toner to the world. at least 3 people were killed in the earlier disaster. thailand's navy says an oil spill caused by leak on an under see pipeline. we'll take another 5 days to clear. authorities are worried that beaches in ryan province in the gulf of thailand could become coated in oil. that he could also threaten a national park in nearby co summit island. but 50000 meters is estimated to spilled. and the navy says 5000 liters still remain on the ocean surface. especially from singapore adjoining the repair mission. large parts of the eastern mediterranean and middle east are going through unusually cold weather with rare snow falling on cities including athens, jerusalem, and assemble. in one lagoon used for fish farming in western greece. hundreds of thousands of c bream have died and they can't survive in temperatures below 4 degrees. work as at the farm say the weather came on too quickly to free the fish,
12:50 am
so they could get to warmer waters. of the wrong little arms every year we free them into the light leticia. unfortunately, we did not have the chance because the frost came so quickly the barrier molecule in all the years that i have been recording temperatures in the area. i never expected that we would have such low temperatures in the minuses. more to come on out 0, fans mach 2 years since the death of n b, a star, kobe bryant is daughter, and 7 others in a helicopter crash. ah,
12:51 am
[000:00:00;00] with a whole.
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ah ah, a pitcher is know how it was sports news. thank you. lauren. iran have become the 1st nation from the asian confederation to qualify for the world cup and cutter late of this year. that's apart from the host of course to qualify automatically. iran got the job done thanks to many tammy's $48.00 men had gone against the rock. it was the only goal of the game, and enough to send the radians to their food consecutive world cup. these were the scenes in the iranian capital, had on after that match jubilant fans gathered to celebrate their teams achievement . iran wal, no doubt be hoping to progress to the knockout stage of the world cup for the 1st time in their history. so here's how the group a table looks after that results and remember it's the top 2 who go through automatically. iran,
12:53 am
now 10 points clear of the u. e. inferred. so they all guaranteed their pace at carter 2022, south korea also looking strong. and 2nd, with 17 points. there are only 3 games left at to play. that's the story in group a over in group b. saudi arabia took a step closer towards booking their place at the woke up later this year. they defeated oman, one know in jetta farrar's, i'll break on scoring the games only go in the 48 minutes a saudis, a talk with the standings in their qualified group also in groupie 2nd place is currently occupied by japan. they also, when they qualify on thursday, the be china to know that ended chinese hopes of making it to the finals and cutter . as for the japanese, they are one point ahead of the australians in the standings. and speaking of the ours is they got their campaign back on track, actually a threat, vietnam fool know in
12:54 am
a group be match in melbourne to in the 3 game. winless run in the qualifies for the salaries, remain outside the top, 2 places in the group and the automatic qualifying booth that comes with that. so it saudi arabia who had top of the pot and groupie the 4 points clear for that when over the oman is. and you can see it's japan in that 2nd automatic spot with australia currently heading for a playoff in 3rd. there are 3 qualifies in the south american zone, taking place as well. brazil and argentina have already qualified, but they are still 2 places available as well as a playoff spot. now a win for ecuador over brazil would all, but send them to kathy, but they are currently one know down in tito while chili would move in to the automatic places if they can beat argentina later. uruguay will play paraguay with both of those seems still in the chance of making it to the world cup. you may need a relative facility of the dick. i'm yet cheap. we are in a difficult moment,
12:55 am
but the time has come to compete and do something that has never been done in qualifying grant, which is to win 3 games in a row to reach the world cup katasha, it is our responsibility that time has come to start making excuses in and meanwhile, the president of south america's football confederation says the idea of a world cup every 2 years is a no go on wednesday, fee for president gianni and francine again touted the idea of a biennial world cup in fatina caused controversy. when he suggested it would save african migrants from drowning in the mediterranean sea island above dog. wondering it's not a stance against infant tina. it's simply impossible to think of having a world cup every 2 years because our calendar does not allow us and it would kill copper america, which is a very important source of income for the member associations. will tennis number one ashley boss he has to do to the final over home grand slam. the australian open party took just over an hour to beat american madison cheese 6163,
12:56 am
as she continued her impressive run in melbourne. the reigning wimbledon champion, is yet a drop, a cit, when in sunday, final would make 40 the 1st local to win the australian open. since 1978, would you believe? honestly, it's just incredible of, i mean, i love this one. i love coming out here and playing in australia and as a noisy were exceptionally spoiled, the where grants are nice and we get to play at home. we had planned back yard and i'm just, i'm just happy that i had to play my best tennessee. i enjoyed, i've done well before, and now we have a chance to apply for a title. it's, it's unreal boards he will play danielle collins for that title. the american crushed 7 cd gosh, we all take less than a year to coming back from surgery for endometriosis collins winning 6461 to reach her 1st grand slam final. and we've had some incredible of that us over the years and our to play against the number one player in the world and in her home country . i think it's going to be really spectacular. i love, you know, the energy,
12:57 am
the fans bring, whether they're, you know, for me or for my opponent. i think we're just so grateful after everything with colvin to be able to have incredible energy and people here supporting. i'm excited that everybody's looking, florida. probably having a great match and, and battling away with ash of the 18 seasons in the nfl. the pittsburgh steelers quarterback ben roth. las burger has announced his retirement the to time super bowl champion, hosted a message on his twitter page saying the time has come in his career apa steelers. he logged more than 64000 passing yards and 418 passing touchdowns. it's been 2 years since basketball star coby bryan's and his 13 year old daughter gigi were killed in a helicopter crash. near los angeles fans had been paying tribute to the 5 time n b, a champion, his daughter and 7 others who died in the crash on the hillside where the
12:58 am
helicopter came down. one of them, dan medina, has made a bronze statue of the pe and hiked up the hill with the 73 kilogram sculpture. that's all the sports needs. lauren, it's back to you in london. it. thank you that said to have me for news. i am back in a memory another full run of today's news. thanks very much for watching. ah ah, with
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a 4 hour climber. for 4 minutes and practice but to exceed their dream of becoming afghanistan's 1st ever winter in the pm's, they will have to overcome many mountains, carving a path of hope and inspiration, where the light shines. witness on al jazeera. what we do in alden theera is fried to balance this story and leave the people who allow us into their lives, dignity and humanity. a coming of age, story in the community, fighting to preserve the heritage in an ever changing world. thing on an ancient ritual to future generations. in an award winning documentary, i'll just say we're world followed the group of young men on their right to passive challenge in the remote forest of ivory coast. the sacred woods
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on al jazeera, compelling journalism. we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous ambulances about the explosion inspire program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what the living under fascism was. light, how much money did you make for your role in deliverance? i made 5 al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. ah, russia says it's left with little room for optimism on ukraine, but still insist it doesn't want to go to war. ah,
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lauren taylor, this is down to 0 live from london, also coming up. but can offense, those new military router vows to restore constitutional order, but only when certain conditions are met on dearest,


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