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the forest destruction r jessia correspondence we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call hand well, but you can use in current affairs that matter to years ah, chill to the core in the big apple we live in new york has a snow storm hits america's east coast. ah, logan, like adobe. you're watching out to see or alive from de also coming up, living with the threat of conflict, we talked to people, new grains border with russia, plagued by production problems and crashing. now the race is on to salvage and f $35.00 us fighter jet has gone down in the south china sea and getting sour
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overdue. the beget battle that's got people all steamed up in france. ah, millions of people on the u. s. east coast to woken up to a severe snowstorm system, which threatens to get worse through the day. new york and boston are expected to bear the brunt of the blizzard conditions. the governors of maryland, massachusetts, new jersey and new york state of declared an emergency wanting a power cuts. new york city's mer is telling people to stay indoors. roads to slippery out here today. and so be careful, department invitation to the best group of people out early with the best to be up the road to let the s and y do their job and they clean the street. so be careful, bundle up, good day to stay home. if you don't have to go out,
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gabriel is on the giants live from new york gave. has it shaping up show us where you are? well, it's cold and it's a lot of snow coming down. and we're in the heart of times square in new york city and i'll step out so you get a scene of how much snow is falling here. this is blizzard conditions in part of new york and part of the northeast of the united states. as you can see, there are lots of people that are out fighting or, or braving these elements if you will, to get a glimpse of this pretty rare scene. i mean, we get snow in new york in the northeast every winter, but this is particularly a big one. and so a lot of tourists that are in town, and there are some are coming out to sort of get a view of this in the, one of the most, i conic parts of new york city. this is here in new york. they're expecting, we're expecting about 15 to 30 centimeters of snow as the day progresses as we
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are in the really the eye of this blizzard like conditions here meteorologist are calling this one of the largest snow storms that we're expecting for many, many years. but it's not just here in new york, it's all over the north east of the united states. and there's about 70000000 people in the northeast that have received text message alerts that they are in the eye of this storm. it's expected at last throughout saturday. and were literally worried about potential storm surge in some parts of close to low lying areas. and as you heard there from the mayor of new york and it's governors and mayors all throughout multiple states in the northeast saying, stay off the roads if you can. because this, this potentially could be a very dangerous storm there already thousands of flight cancellations throughout
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the northeast of the united states. and it's having a domino effect throughout, throughout the airline system. but it's called the temperatures here right now in new york city are minus 9 degrees celsius and it's suspected to go down in temperatures a day goes on. a 30 centimeter dump of snow would be bad enough, gay, but then they'll be an issue with it might be more than that because if areas localized areas where it will start drifting and then after that they'll be a big thor. so they must be worried about say, public transport systems can't run because there must be a risk of flooding at some point when the temperatures begin to rise. yeah, that's right. the public transport is a problem just here in new york city. the metro, the subway i should say is still running as of now, but the mayor said they could potentially close that if need be. a lot of the
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public transport has been shut down. for example, rail lines, the amtrak between washington d. c. boston shut down the ferry system here in new york city, shut down. and what you were mentioning as a good point is because eventually all this snow is going to melt. and when it melts becomes water and water is flooding. and especially in low lying areas. but in the city and in low line areas, that is going to be a problem that flooding area, particularly in massachusetts on gary such as cape cod, those low lying areas, really worried about flooding there. and i'll leave you with this. they're talking about as much as 30 centimeters of snow in parts of new york, boston. they're talking about 60 centimeters of snow. that's 60 centimeters of snow or more. and that would make it. one of the biggest snow falls in nearly 45 years. let's see if that holds up, but boston is right in the middle of it. but here in new york,
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obviously you can see a lot of snow here as well. ok, gave anything, stay close, they will give it as under there. and the crew on the ground in time square in new york pursued diplomacy, but to prepare for conflict, that seems to be the approach. the u. s. is taking over ukraine. us president joe biden thing, he'll soon be moving a small number of us soldiers to native members in eastern europe. people near the border with russia say they've been living with the threat of invasion for years. his order. how to how bill i meet it's in the villages of eastern ukraine, that the impact of the conflict is felt the most. victoria is worried about the long term effect it could have on her chill, grim, real house is just on the line of contact. hearing gunshots and loud banks has become part of daily life. a difficult situation for a parent, especially when she says is little sign of any help coming love. so no household
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are furniture all this time. the government hasn't provided anything and won't do anything right now. either any of nobody has told us anything going on, what will happen, and what should we do for most people here shrugged off the idea of an imminent invasion, saying they have been living with a threat for more than 8 years now. a few 100 kilometer south in multiple life goes on. the port city has seen fierce battles between pro russian separatist and de ukrainian army, the mural of little molina, who lost all of her family and her left arm in a rocket. that, that a reminder of the suffering the city has been through a few days ago, parliament passed the bill that allows civilians to carry weapons in case of invasion. but sales aren't going up yet. new finding q and marketing, there's no panic in 20132014. we were selling a lot of automatic firearms,
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but at the moment there's no such demand. and it hasn't been an increase in demand for ammunition. buffering people here are resilient and many say they are ready to face any danger. the villagers near the front line and now part of the military zone residents are allowed to return here because it's actually fairly safe at the moment. but we've been driving around and we could barely find anyone. this woman is one of the few people we came across, switching between russian and ukrainian. she tells us life is good. they have water, electricity in a shop. and she has made her own plans, in case of war. move out of nice. oh, good, dorman. yep, of. we've built an underground shelter in our own backyard. we'll go there. we don't want to leave. this is our hedge fiddler stool. president viola,
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demo zalinski called on people to remain calm and he's blaming. foreign media was spreading panic. ukrainians have learned to rely on themselves carry on with their lives. while it's kidding, through the fog of information. when that bill hamid elder 0 in eastern ukraine and people have been commemorating ukrainian cadets who died as they tried to stop russian soldiers advancing on kyo. in 1918, hundreds of ukrainian soldiers, including students from a military college held back thousands of red army troops over the course of 4 days . they hailed as heroes and a symbol of ukrainian resistance. ruling parties in italy of asked the current president sergio matter ela to carry on for a 2nd term. politicians spent the past week voting to find an alternative, but they failed. the 80 year old mister mat udella has previously said he does not wish to continue in the role. not in bama is baba is monitoring events in italy out
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of london. it does appear that there's a strong consensus now on saturday that there should be an approach made to ask sergio mater l as he's a 2 years old to stay on for another 7 year term as president. now this comes after a whole week of voting to try to pick a new head of states, which is really go no way. so there are reports in italy that actually the prime minister. mario, dr. g. how's aust? sergio mater ela to stay on. that's off to all of those coalition parties in government, basically realized that they were getting nowhere fast with all the other options. and so really trying to urge matter rather to stay in his position. but he's previously made it very clear that he is not interested in doing so. what i was mentioning voting that sexually involving just over a 1000 parliamentarians and regional represent representatives from across italy
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whose job is to pick the new president. it is a largely ceremonial role, but it is seen as a very important one as well. and during his term, sergio matter, rella has actually seen 5 different governments come and go in italy as well as the coverage in 1900 crisis, which of course isn't over yet, which devastated his country. so a lot of people are saying, well, he has actually got the experience needed. u. s. navy is racing to salvage an advanced fighter jet from the bottom of the south china sea. the across highly classified technology on board would be a qu for china. if it found the croft 1st, we're talking about an f $35.00. c crashed on monday as it tried to land on board an aircraft carrier. it's the 3rd time and $35.00 has had to be retrieved from the ocean. in november, a british f $35.00 b, the short take hoffen vertical landing bush and crashed at that last power,
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taking off from a carrier in the mediterranean. and in 2019 a japanese f. 35, a. the conventional take off and landing motion crashed over the pacific. the pilot was killed was only debra. left to be recovered. lawrence cord is a retired us navy captain, and former assistant secretary of defense. he says the jet was rushed into production before it was ready. he had put all our eggs in this one basket. we stop producing the f 15, the f 16. and we wanted to have one plane for all of the services. and when it ran into problems, we had no alternatives. so we kept building them and worked the problems out as we went along. but unfortunately, some of the ones that got into the fleet or with the other countries, they say they had these up problems, they went ahead and moved into production. and because they're selling it all around the world, it became very profitable. busy for
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a lockheed and you have people working on it at all 50 states of the united states . and when people like adam smith, who's a chairman of the house armed services committee, said buying these things now is like pouring money down a rat hole. they still go ahead and this is a result of what happens when you get it out into service when you haven't worked out all of the problem, even though it does have these problems that had the most sophisticated electronics . i mean, the chinese are not that concerned about getting the engine, but it's the electronics that are on the plane that we can use to track other planes to lock on to targets. when you're, when you're flying to negate the radars of other play. i mean that the technology very good. it's just a question of working that out as well as the mechanical problems together. still to come on this program. a clue in between a process, sees the country kicks house of the west african regional block,
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a co workers. and will tell you why sizes of truck drivers of strategies surely ah ah, look forward to skies with sponsored point cuts off at ways. hello, there will start in south asian. there's lots of fine and dry conditions to be found here, stretching across pakistan, lots of sunshine as well as northern areas of india and on to bangladesh, nepal and further afield. but it's further south with thing, a string of showers, pull into southern areas of india and northern areas of sri lanka. by the time we get in to monday, it will shimmy down south and will be southern areas of sri lanka that see the wet weather. there's still a lot of warmth to be found along that west coast, the temperature in mom, bye and go a sitting in the early thirty's. now for new delhi,
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we're going to see the temperature pick up into the early twenty's over the next 2 days. it's going to remain while the sunny here, but the wet weather arrives on thursday. now was a move to east asia. china escaped the route of the wet weather on sunday that skirting out further east. it is going to turn west. however, on monday in the south wintery weather shimming across central parts, we could see more snow falling in. whoo hm. but shanghai escaped that wet weather. it's looking lot of clear across the korean peninsula on sunday. but look at that wintery mix coming into play on monday. if we look at the 3 day, we'll have snow insole on tuesday, that should weather update. oh, the weather, sponsored by cataract ways. lu, europe's grand capitals are littered with monuments loading their imperial paws and their museums filled with artifact spoils of war and occupation uprooted from their
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places of origin. people in power explores the heated debate, her own right from ownership admits activists taking matters into their own and out of africa on a jessie una. ah ah, 1616 gm to your watching al jazeera live from to ha welcome. if just joining us, your top stories around 5000 flights of been counseled in the us today as the east coast prepares for a huge snowstorm. the bad weather is projected to move through the northeast this weekend with new york and boston expected to be the hottest affected us president joe biden says he'll send troops to eastern europe soon should bolster nato.
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foresee some intentions open ukraine, top defense officials urging russia to deescalate and ruling parties in italy have asked the current president sergio montela to carry on for a 2nd term. politicians have spent the past week voting to find an alternative, but they failed. the west african grouping echo was suspended. burkina faso was membership off to the military coup, but it stopped short of imposing new sanctions. nick hawk reports now from the capital city. walk a duke. abdur rahman, not his real name, is getting ready to fight burkina. faso is icily affiliate in the countries north. he's not a soldier, but a civilian is returned to the capital to gather weapons and equipment for the hundreds of volunteer fighters. he commands, he says, muslims in the north are being butchered. burkina faso, security forces are too scared to deal with a threat, leaving it to volunteers, to fight and die on the front line. we are very frustrated with book in this
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uneasily. the armed grooves are better equipped than us. they even attack us with rockets. but the amine never comes up to help us me while the military is busy by ticking over to capital instead of protecting us along the bodies lamp gentle leader. but only dummy bout is expanding on a strategy devised by the president. he toppled on monday and that's equipping civilians to fight armed groups after 2 weeks of training provided by the army, villagers are supplied with basic weapons and ammunitions. that's because a kind of an iso affiliated groups have shifted their focus from attacks on security forces to villagers. and that's forcing millions to flee their homes, leaving large swath of land in the hands of arm groups on the outskirts of the capital neighborhoods. already crushed by poverty or taking those displaced by the fighting children have no access to schools or medical facilities. they receive no help from the government or aid agencies. both those,
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this place and there was hosting them share this only well, but to access this water, they have to pay almost a dollar for a couple of these jerrick ins. there's a sense for many here that the state has abandoned them and hope that perhaps their circumstances will change with this new leadership in charge of the country. oh, in his 1st address to the nation, gentle leader beat the drum of war, appearing more like a commander in chief than head of state, promising security and break from the past. he is also called on the support of the international community. but during an emergency meeting of the west african body echoes heads of state suspended, burkina faso as a member state, the region is marked by military takeovers and facing growing insecurity. this a hell for say to my guy, member of parliament for the country. so hell, region piece will come down with more weapons of but through dialogue. we know those that are taking us often. it's her sons or family members. there are local
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people influenced by outsiders. we have to engage into dialogue and alleviating poverty is a key factor here. levy for abdur rahman, the people of this a how have been forgotten left to fight in the shadow of war. they cannot win alone . nicholas hawk al jazeera walker. do argentina has reached a deal with the international monetary fund to restructure more than $44000000000.00 worth of debt. the presidents, as the agreement after a year of talks, will allow access to new funds. but critics want the government to suspend re payments saying it can't afford them. monica ya. nikia reports now from buenos iris argentina's present alberto for the man. this presented the agreement with the i m f as a life saver in yellow from a for a when we had a noose around our neck without the agreement, we had no horizon. no future fernandez, had inherited from his predecessor mouldy, so mighty. a 44500000000 dollar debt with the i m f. one that argentina could not
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repay, especially while facing of recession, spiraling inflation and coven 19 argentines took to the streets during the pandemic to show they weren't willing to make more sacrifices to pay their creditors. ah, the government's only option was to negotiate a new agreement with the i m f that would be politically acceptable in with us. he bowed and the body of mesas. we have endured months of very harsh negotiations to undo the harm inflicted on argentina. economy minister marchin grossman explained that the agreement would buy argentina more time to pay the debt without forcing it to make drastic public spending cuts the government, he said, would continue to invest in them for structure, science, and technology, paving the way for a better future. 69 year old betty petty's watched the news,
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but was unimpressed as long as she can remember, argentina has been moving from one economic crisis to another, struggling with high inflation and debt in those his he is on great be door. this agreement may represent a relief for the government, but it won't change a thing for argentines. prices have been a more tenure going up. the government will raise taxes to pay its costs, and inflation will continue to impoverish us is a vicious cycle that doesn't end. the markets reacted positively to the agreement, mainly because the lack of one would have led to a default. our aquila seed not credited anymore gumbo the agreement will lock produced major changes. it basically gives argentina some space to breathe. our problems will not be soft, but if we had no agreement, they would be significantly greater with the agreement. it's only the 1st step in yet another long process. it still has to be approved by the i m f board. and by argentina congress, monica not give all jazeera when
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a cited thousands of truck drivers are stranded on the border between chile and argentina as they wait to be tested for cope with 19. some i've been waiting for weeks, putting a strain on the goods they're carrying and on them hinsley a haughty ah, going nowhere fast. thousands of trucks are stranded in argentina. as the drivers wait to be tested for coven 19 to inter chile. and the weight is taking its toll. yes, it will say my like it though you. i've been here for 2 weeks. yeah. look when i've got a refrigeration unit, but not enough guests to run the fridge. many of these trucks are carrying refrigerated goods. with the engine having to stay running to keep the products from spoiling yourself, got killed from diesel is running out and they have equipment that cannot handle being on for a long time. the engines running all day and night and they starting to fail and fix the cargo. when we get to chile, we'll have to come back because of this. it's all stopped going in and going out
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there with, with no where to go. the drivers rely on sharing food to eat and use makeshift toilets and showers again divine ok. that is. and we go into the city by a few things and split them among ourselves for good people near by. give us a little bit of food, whatever they tend to do to help. even if it's a little right now we have a bathroom and a shower that they sent for us, but we have to pay for it. a similar problem has been a 2nd drivers on the northern border of chile, where they also face long queues. under johnson, this is becoming a real problem. the authorities are the presidents, have to take care of this row after row. these truck drivers are forced to wait in close quarters during a pandemic for a test they need to finish their job. leah harding al jazeera truck drivers in canada have been protesting in the capital city ottawa against a corona virus vaccine mandate. convoys have converged on the parliament. new rules
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went in force a week ago, requiring old truckers across the border into the us to be backs and aged hotels and restaurants along thailand's east coast could lose what little business they have was. oil wash is up on beach. is there at least 60 tons of crude oil leak from a pipeline in the gulf of thailand on tuesday, 20 kilometers off the coast of re young province. the navy is helping with the clean up businesses in thailand are heavily reliant on tourism that have been severely impacted by covey 19 restrictions for 2 years. now. apple has come up with a personal safety guide for its latest gadget. this is it's, it's an air tag device. it can be used to locate lost items, but several women have now come forward to say they are being misused by stalkers, one woman discovered her movements were being tracked after finding the device in her cars, gas tank. it's paired with the telephone and the user of that telephone can get
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real time data on the air tax movements. i phones have a feature that can alert a user if an unknown air tag is detected. moving with them overtime. julie westby is chief executive at global cyber risk. she says apple should have released a detail, safety guide much sooner. they didn't want to come out with something that would scare people about the product. number 2 there, there were cases of misuse and that raised awareness. and the 3rd i think is that there's just been a huge leap in awareness about surveillance with a all the pegasus i'm in as oh, i see why where that has been sold and used by governments. now there's been a lot of recent government actions around the world and different countries against journalists and activists. is that all the now and more awareness of misinformation, disinformation, campaigns on social media. everybody is much more aware of privacy risks than they
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were a few months ago even. and so i think that that probably has propelled also apple wanting to be a good company to put out something to help with users protect their privacy and not have this device been misused. so it's a good thing to do. it may be a little late, but my guess is they didn't really see the need for it until the last several months. there is a convenience, but there's a risk factor and it's balancing that. and i don't think people have a good understanding yet of the balancing. so this, the guide is a good idea a, but people need to be much more aware and read the guide. and i think about the all the ways that this device could be used if in fact they want to try to use one of them now. so suit sites in france over the price of a beget the usually cost about a dollar at the bakery. but one french supermarket chains selling the bread for
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a fraction of the price natasha butler explains from paris the french baker's a baguette isn't just a loaf of bread. it's a work of art or both goose, hipaa. i you to drop by look bomb you. aluminum natasha, people think or bread is the same, but it needs a lot of care. the dough is alive. you have to feel whether it's good or not in your $35.00, your traditional bakery cell packets for around $1.00. so a decision by a major french supermarket chain to slash its packet price to $0.30, a scandalized autism or baker's like john felipe, your 3rd to replay. oh, they are disrupting prices in a compromising on the flower and quality like young is about passion. why it's not just about money. business with aunty retail in the class says the cut price by get aims to shield customers at a time of inflation and rising prices. but the move has caused something of an uproar in france, some fear, and erosion of french values, others,
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the demise of quality. the debate has even made its way into the french presidential campaign. let me get that out of santino. i looked through laclede left out in $0.30 for a big flower is $0.10, so prices are being destroyed. salvage again, destruction velo, the bagget price war has so and he stirred emotions, but there's also the question of taste every year in france, surprise is awarded for the best bagget in paris. the jury is made up of top bakers, but also members of the public because nearly everyone in france has an opinion about what makes a good bye get. so let's see if people can pick a 30 cent by get from a traditional one. she says, hello, hello yes is version to la. yes, that always gets a tradition. you know, when you go abroad you can try hard to find a french bag out, but it doesn't exist same time. so we get off, but i know the cookie, it has to be all crusty and very fluffy inside. the supermarket has called the
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bagget ro, ridiculous. it says the promotion poses little long term threat to bakers, as it will end in a few months. but the debate reveals that few things in sight. passions in france quite like this. natasha butler, al jazeera paris. ah . $1630.00 on the nose, g m t. you're watching al jazeera, i'm peach, adobe. your top stories around 5000 flights have been cancelled up and down the u. s. east coast as that part of america prepares for huge snow storm. the bad weather is projected to move through the northeast this weekend with the cities of new york and boston expected to be hardest hit. the new york mer is asking people to stay indoors. rose to slippery are here to day. and so be careful.


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