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tv   Al Jazeera Correspondent The Crying Forest  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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oh l g 0 ah, with oh, oh, $600.00 gmc here on al jazeera, come all santa maria with the headlines north korea has conducted another missile test its 7th this month. south korea's government says an intermediate range, ballistic missile was fired, leading president moon j in to personally preside over a meeting of the national security council. also, it appears to be the most powerful missile fired since you, as president joe biden took office a little over a year ago. his move from robert kelly, professor of political science and diplomacy at present national university. he told us pyongyang will only continue to show if it's military awesome,
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unless discussions, resume with south korea and the u. s. part of it is attention, i think, always, right. i mean, and, you know, north korea is sort of the, has fallen behind south korea by, you know, by several decades now. right. in terms of development, when people think about korean, the world today about south korea grants don't like that. and so one of the ways they sort of equal the tables, if you will, one of the ways to prove that they can, you know, match and go over our b or peer equals to the south is the missiles in the weapons tests, right? i'm nick at them on television, but i think the larger issue is that they don't think that they got a deal on the last couple years with jane as president south korean down from going to meet them. and nothing really came of that. the people a year, nothing has showed up. nothing showed up much in 2021. and so now it's back to test . i think the by people be willing to talk. i mean, i think the americans, i think was everybody realizes that if we don't talk to them or at least try to roll them into some kind of deal, they're just going to build and build and build redman. this problem is going to get worse and worse, right? i mean, i've been on programs. well here, you know,
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like, 10 years ago we had the same conversation, right? the problem is just sort of marching on. and either we find a way to sort of get the north koreans to read a deal and they can prove the very, very difficult, right under donald trump and a great opportunity. and i think the gentleman is wanting to know if they, if we can get into a deal with them then, then we just have no choice but to build, you know, sort of counter muscle of ation. right. and that's myself building nuclear, its own missile forest. right. and there's an increase in folks on the north koreans just aren't going to stop. and so look at the counter measures. the other headlines and one of the biggest stones to hit the east in the united states in decades is battering 10 states with heavy snow strong winds and bitterly cold temperatures. at least a $120000.00 homes are without electricity and more outages are expected. more from and b, c's, crisp alone, he is in boston. we have endured about 18 hours of heavy snow and heavy wind here in the city of boston. and thankfully, over the past hour or so, the snow has started to taper off
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a little. i know it probably does it look like it, but there were times today where the snow was falling at somewhere around, you know, about $5.00 to $10.00 centimeters per hour, which is it incredibly high clip. when you add that in to the winds, that were gusting at more than 80 kilometers per hour. it was a very, very nasty stored throughout the day here. thousands of rallied in canada's capital against corona virus restrictions demonstrated joined a convoy of truck is around parliament. in ottawa, it was organized to protest against rules which require drivers crossing into the us to be vaccinated, that it has since grown to include the others who just want all restrictions listed . if you have been prime minister abbey, am it is arrived in the u. e. for state visits, he's met the conference of abu dhabi in november al jazeera, revealed the u. e was providing ethiopia with extensive military support in its fight against to ground forces. the west african block, eco ost, his hel tilts with picking offences, military rulers,
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you and officials are expected to join those discussions on monday. this is happening a day out of the country was effect suspended by who us rebel soldiers seize power last week. am it growing public anger at the president's failure to stop violence by on groups? the u. k is preparing to send military forces to eastern europe as part of a nato deployment. prime minister bars. johnston says the number of british troops already in the region could double details, will be finalized. it talks in brussels next week and peruse governments as the oil spill triggered by this month's volcanic eruption near tongue or is twice as big as previously reported. environmental agency estimates nearly 12000 barrels of oil leaked into the pacific ocean. and with that, you're up to date with the headlines. we will have another update for you in about half an hour. that will be halfway through al jazeera correspondent. ah
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ah. with this, so call me i just had to go off when you build like with
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keep noise i you're going to say, i don't know the same on may 24th 2011, 6 months after predicting his own death. the rain forest activists. josie cloudy, he barrow desilva and his wife maria were executed near their home and the brazilian amazon, their brutal murders, made headlines all over the world. inside this home or 2 coffins, one lies the body of mr. he beto, and next to it, his wife maria. this sign outside the family house says the forest is crying today . mm. i covered dozens of stories in the amazon reporting from across his beautiful often violent regions. but few stories had affected me like this one. i. 2 voices viciously silenced, to families destroying these deaths came down to what was in economic dispute
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between those who wanted to protect the rain forest. and those who stood to profit from hacking it down. what hope was there of saving the amazon? if this was the price you paid for defending it with so po airport, 6 weeks after the funerals. i am headed back to the amazon. i wanted to know more about the environmental, his lives, and their battle to save the rain forest. who had been behind the killings. why and what did the murder say about the whiter fight to protect the environment? recent years i've seen the brazilian government dramatically reduced the rate of
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amazon d 4 station. but the destruction continues with over 6000 square kilometers last, last year alone. if standing up to those interested and profiting from the forest destruction meant being executed, what hope was there for its future? my 1st stop was a family home in matter. bah! where the wake had been held in may a gritty amazon mining town might have been the nearest major city to the rural settlement. whereas those a claudio, known as zach claudio and mighty, i lived since their murders terrified relatives have been in hiding here. hi denise. oh to the with whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hang these to with stories,
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mr. lambert, who is having a lattice face tomorrow. with a financial keianna. gordon with chad. the new in my new queen named micah boy inside i me try to lease his 2 young daughters quotes along with daddy richie. mm hm. daughter to book a elena sale. no ms. mon, linking conflict on the market and then landlord, thank you. it was available as yap k a lot the nail and one with the went by to see the quality of the blue mound. american ad now from media northeast ang was an american nun who was murdered. not far from here in 2005. like say, cloud,
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you and maria, she dedicated her life to defending the amazon. and ultimately she died for it might even best die if i was in the cloud, jadem would divide those m i t and you missed that of the board said that the glad i q swale them on mine aly and yet a more to sort of issued gustavo, what did you say? i laugh i back out. mm ah, but she also wanted to show me a collection of newspapers, detailing years of threats against her brother and sister in law. i, law ma chelsea, ada analisia, and that is all now. kenya, cassandra? yes, sam. l d, i thought the 18th i'm watching the signing feed. you'll know he had sca sound yes again to play the more today. nathan is concerned. now we'll discuss that with you
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. she said no for faith or in the garden. i met the rest of j, claudius family among them, his mother i was battling to put on a brave face despite having been forced to abandon her home for fear all should be murdered. i should love you saw you do like a little girl, molesting chris, up the stairs with ha, people were learned that the most of going along the road, the whole book, they may, is a paper may end up being lied to causing the la my most like god send us. well they laugh. okay, so we're stuck with us on the little body along with those don't mind walking about any of your budget. my budget they'll make mazin female say no back, lot o'clock in melbourne. yeah, most of them if you, if it does seem like them, if it's good, now i'm not sure if i have auda my
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bills. i do need one. yes. you for a to 70 school with getting that video. so call and before vision it was yourself. oh my god, i'm a sod daddy who oh, she'll feed the next day i set off from my boss port towards a prior altitude in yet a settlement was a cloudy remedy. i had lived located around 55 kilometers down river from my to buy in the municipality of novi. p shauna. the settlement was created in $197.00 as part of a government land reform program. ah pieces of the 22000 hector settlement were set aside for impoverished brazilians who it was hoped could make a living from the forest by harvesting its nuts,
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rather than cutting it down. josie batista, a local human rights lawyer was a driving force behind the settlements creation and had been friends with se claudia medea since 1996 when he travelled to their home to discuss the plans. 15 years on we retraced his journey. a. 2 new radio with just decades ago, the river was flanked by virgin rain forest. but the arrival of lockers cattle ranchers and charcoal producers had seen much of it disappeared. zach cloudy and medea dedicated their lives to slowing, and that my spot rather than in
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3 hours later we arrived at one of a dozen small villages within the settlement was a cloudy, muddy i had lived in la z, claudio had tried to teach the settlements 500 or so families that it was possible to live from the forest without destroying it. but faced with financial hardship and little government support, many either sold their land or ranchers, or allowed the loggers to move in orange, you know, his balance. i gotta, but this is a lockout feelings and all she go moves, ogles, and that, that i was echoed stella. but as an inch cronan was whose amos i had noonish lacoff was finished. one job must be made as hernandez. the i don't want hospice was you french agency gauge, star one who went to be kept by the sea. what proportion kissing she was passion view went rather for his mother who's he was in the nation was
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a problem. i said keep can get old posey. so those mother you fuzzy in the sky, she'll ingram, i've been put on the hinge fuzzy always for the new school year. he was in time in wonder, not human. she got home my dad heroes. you fuzzier whom you all to me, but there will be a set up with you. we need the king ranch, and i just had a skill set for us. there has in the aftermath of the murders, news reports largely focused on se claudio's fight against the loggers. but in truth, this is just as much as story about his wife maria, who had fought side by side with her husband in the battle to save the forest law of a block in the north korea shack in the muddy bulky l. a. ga, the receiver. in the i was a blue, but i'm already
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a kill is ample g. get here to general g g g, l, a chance in luca, hicho. but he is sister lisa wanted to take me back to the settlement to have a look vehicle. deal out. she had lived there alongside se, claudio and maria, and worked as a primary school teacher, but with the killer still on the loose, it was a journey that left her and her children deeply apprehensive. i don't watch much then we pay more attention will not be able to handle my ski the stage a little back call. yeah. mm hm. but a lot of these calls are made more intimate book agent is fabulous. the mon you got bought ashley. this is cheryl with
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optician focusing on. they'll kill them. they'll get a status. i will must be lucky. me, fish at the bus. let them made the seen the kitchen. no savvy. why? so was it a that there is a me this vehicle here? it's really sad actually because she did, she's in her home literally, but you can't even show her face door neighbors because you're so scared anyway. just passed another motorcycle and some people on a motorcycle. she was covered her face with linda, full day news. it to see the cost with my name is
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vicky it. so they put a kick in my la akira me as i would jayla clock. i wouldn't leave it there like 6 weeks on from the murders z claudio mighty . his home seemed to have been frozen in time everywhere signs of life interrupted unfinished conversations. unfulfilled dreams out back was the centerpiece of the couple sustainable revolution. a green house where they dried amazon nuts before using them to make coils and soaps it could be sold out. a project was a direct challenge to those who believed the only way to profit from the rain forest was by destroying l as ample. just the stance of any badge that involvement switched, and then we'll say v vi, the float ash the say a good at g lymph. this is like their laboratory. all of these nuts come from the amazon. and this is why it was so important for them to
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keep the forest preserved, because the only way for them to do their job was by keeping the forest standing. ah, my dear, you a call a bus for martha hayley badge back in. i suppose thomas caulsey humid yesterday. so i just had it. and i put it at the f one at the beach. got a peach oak, i'd be lucky. oh, oh oh oh, good. today much of the settlements native forest has been decimated, packed down by loggers and ranchers. but z claudio, and mighty, as land is still covered by thick jungle. lisa led me into the forest to show me their pride, their joy, and their inspiration, a towering brazil. net tree knowing portuguese is a castaneda,
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they called it her majesty e m guy lou damage. i like it. i got a food garden so i can read over with content decades, of course i get it up too, but i know where the so busy, busy. hello, proposal to 2 days. yep. i just paid it here. so not that i'll a key or mini. okay. saying fuzzy. suckle said illness. coffee. okay. well, i just, i kinda, he's, you know, is east and i thought, oh, i see
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a key for some cash. stella a so so the thought. my z austell gower. my is the function that i end up reading. elton a king. bed a magician. 3rd, you know, elko siegel. this our man is nose man to just this is kathy, emily bradley phone is couldn't find move within days of the murders, a team of environmental protection officers and police operatives were deployed into the settlement as part of a government crackdown. 12 illegal sawmills were closed. ah, now the environmental protection forces known here as the bomber have moved to another part of the amazon to attack the latest devastation hotspot.
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i joined the bama chief markle. the dow, as he headed into a remote region of the amazon, called the middle with the sprawling patchwork of conservation units in indigenous reserves. the middle land is now a major target for loggers and cattle ranchers looking for new land to expand their empower with . we flew into a remote jungle sawmill, that the dallas team had closed his weeks earlier. he wanted to show me exactly the
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kind of devastation that say claudia and maria had been fighting but he was taking no chances. he carried an assault rifle to ward off any threat from the regent's gunman and warned me that we would be watched a little symbol. the luther fil is to be most simple luther political movement. this is a cast in year 3, naturally a symbol of the amazon. it's illegal to cut it anywhere. and this was really a symbol for z, claudio, media, se claudia used to say that when he used to see a tree like this cut is like seeing a dead body his, you know, a kid. unless momentum in the front theater, that the hell a bustle allowing the closure, my the and what i will he should work. keith at 400 much less somebody to help me. i just finance this little guy lounge is a cloud. you my,
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the more of all the for as a sonata q, someone get a kilogram. mize is a lot of the key thing. different sort of friday, there's differences a flight i so for the water, so no sugar test, you view open, you can call them. and if any of the reason i suggest home is p c, suzie said you will displace was closed down just within the last couple months. but because it's so remote and it's hard for a bama to patrol this area. the wood cutters most likely will be back. and i think places like this exist all over the amazon. as more and more logger set their sights on the settlements for us hoping to make huge profits on trees. they bought for next to nothing. they claudio and media became increasingly vocal. they wrote the letter after letter to authorities and passed information to officers such as beat out. but by speaking out, they put themselves on
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a collision course with those who stood the profit from the force destruction. in this notoriously lawless corner of brazil, with some of the highest homicide rates in the country, they immediately became targets. was that club, you have them on the ask them properly, katie, into saga here on monday to go with you via the what causes the date is the last month i'm, if my, his young kid not be shawna, which my did you has ever jamal, but i can also give you more of a 1000 thoughts as my did either to not be shown the present or for so my thought was do you my bed aid basis job course. awesome. you follow brain the chevy side by board? by that you didn't find that was a book, it was a movie on october 31st, 2004 mighty wrote this letter to brazil's environment minister medina silva, a world renowned rain forest defender in the letter she wrote. we would like to
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inform you that we are being threatened with death because we do not agree with what is happening. nature's enemies are working night and day. just 2 weeks later, maria sent a 2nd letter warning that more loggers were arriving. we can no longer stay here risking our lives. we have tried to confront the loggers, but we have no strength left. but the couple did, in fact, down the threats and the ongoing destruction only made them more determined. they began inviting journalists to the settlement to witness the destruction and to transmit their message to the world. the fleet keep, keep it up in the middle. thank you. pretty good. thank you. they also purchase a camera to document the settlements problems themselves. and oh my goodness, it all seem to come and she thought you were going to need his book in his room
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locker. wonderful. he'll give me any buffering you got a guy had yeah. did you catch the all bad ad will dow, what money to that la thought de la la la, i go along is no one then in my maiden, say k. okay, so how about a possible human being, a da 0 god and of i best on them, your voice, it will most die in the pos could able gained a budget, the vida yackino. you'll his, you still don't ever see that you want a nova mill? ve then in late 2010 with word about the couples battle spreading and death threats, mounting. se claudia was invited to speak at an international environmental conference. it would give him his greatest platform to date. oh, with only problem made to be somebody will be in by blackboard for lack of evidence
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in plain talk was anything jazz's. zach claudio's message was direct. you want me with you. 6 months later z claudio and maria set off from home on their motorbike. his prediction came true. ah, the throne of ours has been indiscriminately selecting its victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain, a disproportionately high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skinned . the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that is
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seen united kingdom fail, it citizens britain's true colors. part one on al jazeera with a coming of age story in the community, fighting to preserve its heritage in an ever changing world thing on an ancient ritual to future generations. in an award winning documentary, i'll just say we're world follows a group of young men on their right to pass the challenge in the remote forest of
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ivory coast. the sacred woods on al jazeera lou pot, 2 of al jazeera correspondent, is coming up at 1st. we'll check the headlines. north korea has conducted its 7th missile test this month. softer is government says an intermediate range, ballistic missile was launched. it appears to be the most powerful miss all fired. since you, as president joe biden took office, one of the biggest storms to hit the east in united states in decades is battering 10 states, at least 820000 homes without electricity and more outages are expected. his embassies, crisp, alone in boston. we have endured about 18 hours of heavy snow
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and heavy wind here in the city of boston. and thankfully, over the past hour or so, the snow has started to taper off a little. i know it probably doesn't look like it. but there were times today where the snow was falling at somewhere around, you know, about $5.00 to $10.00 centimeters per hour, which is an incredibly high clip. when you add that in to the winds, that were gusting at more than 80 kilometers per hour. it was a very, very nasty storm throughout the day here. thousands of rallied in canada's capital against corona virus restrictions demonstrated, joined a convoy of truck drivers around parliament in ottawa there against the rules which required quite them to be vaccinated before entering the united states. israel's president isaac hertzog, is on a visit to the united arab emirates, the 1st fine israeli president to the gulf state and follows a visit by prime minister natalie bennet last month. the trip for the step in the
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normalization of relations between the 2 countries. a year and a half after they signed a diplomatic accord, ethiopians prime minister abbey, and is also in the u. e. and sales hopes. without up his account, prince. in november, al jazeera, revealed the u. e was providing ethiopia with extensive military support and its fight against to grind forces the west african block eco us as hell talks of bikini, fos, those military rulers, you and officials, are expected to join those discussions. on monday, the riddle soldiers seized power last week and peruse governments as the oil spill triggered by this month's volcanic eruption. the toner is twice as big as previously reported. the environmental agency estimates nearly 12000 barrels of oil leak into the pacific ocean. okay, so part 2 of al jazeera correspondence coming up to him, vanelle will take you to the next few hours of news on al jazeera. i'll see you again tomorrow or 300 hours gm's. ah,
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b one, b b a r i late 2010 to threats against se claudio and maria had reached fever pitch. relatives pleaded with them to flee the settlement. liberty at the assist you the mice. that was inactive as you read those and you and some of the morning father that came my venal at the crack of dawn on may 24th, 2011 is a cloudy, empty i left home on a motorbike and took the road to my boss. i don't want for fear of inject back cheap to control a company in lamar. you my new favorite cable to move some wonderful all country clean. this is your plan. we will proceed. your luxury shawna had approval to g o t quite in that maria,
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elephant aquarium. we see the meal here challenger for hebrew cheese. so they're nice but you stay with them for my cell, which is who did the dish punch in die for any for denise about that issue. said i, i'm on way of you miss, i'll get it back. my bad mail, you know me to but i mean for the me, oh no my own will say by doing the same with merger doors. really eager. member d 0 the the more those noise it was on a visitor who was awfully bill up there. i live with the left a supply, so i'm wanting to do with a dollars. like i
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the know my, i every game we do are all until i was a great a for a simple me for them. momentous scare,
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fish godaddy up toward the pen capacity. you'll let me see to jump. i'd add all bill up there. some can see cheer, fortelli is now gilmore, mental illness, cheer miser, came back alone quarter since there is salinda gold, your payment is seen or made my pocket to me. they sure dean says i bill crazy and most of us all g to the bowl and what dancer did you foresee, subbing what of all new star the orgy auto skin that i can i mean up with as
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a father, i want to say it was sales had done more since i saw g. you bought the answer g, g r o g, u margaret g. b psyche. what that answer your french does it? she has forgot. dish for her to the bud. see bud? sheila ford specializes, but you some miles mom was anybody. i know you won't be great for mediating he akin. nicholas who has orders masika really fast and furious in america. ms. hernandez, which was the same as place if i lose, which was capital, was young, coach, quincy, and as lean, but as a specifies for on past them. your kabir sir, ah, the noise via con, to say,
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don't vehicle us m. he joke of up a bear with me, a note, your daughter, santa fe design, the see them in, argue my power. all i do is maintain when image get more, no did boggle gladly that you of all in order to be used to crew would the coil ah oh, leave free o n g a thought fearless, music loud medea divert him key in there because jimmy knew ye of unless he died to
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them or e. o jimmy lee. it was special later joe stovall wonky. this lab went bad. isn't going to fall in a club when i bought them, believe orange overshown me in in was that glowed your car. you were key to look, i'm, is there a key, ill figure. marquee elizabeth, fear, key, or glitch. the key at you see your cup. i fit care, but other key in this viet on a hush that on or for b. e, you shall garden as opposed to sovereignty, party for core for the mighty. oh boy. hollow car gladly. how could i do the
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c kelly's bernard and you my back ye a poor kitchen winter saying my father is at the mansion if he bought application to your friend, boy fearless bag. i don't call the door said o clock. i don't. they're supposed to sound joke either. i'm been in a book then i. e. e. o. fic albert, a spot burned as available on the friday morning ban ways to polity with her. but at jamal a scene to la grange, you have more than the hey g e l is who don't go measure no more traditionally, for just long as in sandlewood 30, our police
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investigators and matter bah, were refusing to talk publicly about their search for the killers but josie, i goes to androgen. he chief forensics officer on the murder case agreed to talk me through what he believed happened that day. lou karl from july to shallow, full coverage of bristol lodge, a mushroom cousin. actually, people looking forward to the robert shipping guy, la, monica for. kimberly pittsville as your ocean. she was all that much catholic bristol and military of homage cost a little bit there with what we saw present. for example, groups. the help of celestial is for databases for school. abolish level the hotel . i'm only cleanup on infrastructure telling of who sick. so my them from creep include you for me and the whole building g, well, much follow him with a capital. but if they don't want to pay you,
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they gotta speak up with dish by putting me on, she's useless pick, i work with her clothes on the show right up front is up, which is a close, isn't your stick is going to have a more hole. fia individual, this one will be up a might eligible. so typically you'll need a 1000 or something to spend on each look up us each. we'll see you. i'll be able to give you the push was called physical problem for electrical cup off each. i'm going to put a good image piece that come up with that on multiple super speak to put fish on because it's been 40 days since the murders. and it's hard to tell what progress if any, has been made by police trying to track down the killers. but federal authorities
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tell me off the record, they might be closing in on some suspects and could be making arrest soon. but up until now, at least all police have to show for their efforts. are these 2 artists impressions of the suspected gunman or killings 8 claudio medea? they were apparently paid about $3000.00. well, police continued their manheim. i went to join environmental authorities on another mission into the jungle. their target was a region around south felix to sion goose, a major cattle ranching town and a place and not a mis with deforestation and violence in the region that we're going to is home to some of the largest herds of cattle anywhere in the amazon. as you can see, as we're driving to get there, there they are, it's rush hour. so taking these cattle to to a fire or by hello andrea. this me don't let me get in here where
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the rapid advance of cattle ranching into the amazon has helped brazil become the world's 2nd largest producer of beef and the top exporter brazilian beef. now stock shelves in europe. the middle east and russia. ah, but beef production is also the greatest driver of amazon rain, forest destruction. after loggers have removed the most valuable trees, the ranchers move in replacing the forest with pasture for cattle. large scale cattle ranching may of help bolster brazil's current economic boom, but it went against everything. se claudio immediate believed it ah,
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my visit had coincided with one of the town's most important events. daniel cattle show and auction you as a rock is beer. so, celebration of cowboy wife wilton, batista president the local ranchers association. and the events organizer was keen to paint a more flattering picture of the amazon farmers feel. feeling that was india because it's roger roger describe woke up. this was the door or something. give you a key, queer say intended, when i got this all even kicking stuff was in for the boys. yoga it fast. i like those things that i truly kind in a muslim standard. you are kind of get the human left answer to that either give them. but wilma is also eager to share some thoughts on the murder. as a claudio and media is a fan of us into my eyes. which thing for myself,
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selma's decade, garzo, the more dad you're the quicker sola i. we gotta can legally job the lad. 14 my toys. i equal member the least didn't feel good enough. i wasn't here. whenever the actual buffalo sitting with the profile, i got him on the origin wiki, but i forgot who i am. i am out of his well. alba, his unengaged, i got my oil. i was shocked to hear that a 73 year old nun who had been killed in her battle to protect the rain forest was now being accused of being in arms dealer. but environmental activists, federal government officials and journalists were clearly not welcome in this corner of brazil. the next morning we woke up at dawn fareed balmy's latest operation. they were accompanied by a dozen heavily armed policemen. almost almost so you can always give us some alexio's and lots of you. so let a photo they thought. so father plays
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a new job. he's a really powerful need. we were headed into one of the most remote corners of the amazon along roads. it don't officially exist. any brazilians call this region. their country's wild west. a land of adventurers were gunmen operate with almost total impunity. the bomb i had received a tip off that illegal loggers were at work in the rain forest. they hoped to catch them red handed before before it was a little this is louise with
9:49 am
with blankly. newbie. what was happening to both of us on a vocabulary gemalto sat there, see what a class on of what i'm, what are your businesses, you know, for august the whole of them are they go to school that they have one more than 4. but i think this is very much an active camp. it's terrible conditions, but these guys work here for 7 days a week, sometimes months at a time to cut the forest. but illegal logging was not the only crime being committed here. between 20052010, brazil's government free nearly 18000 modern day slaves. dirt poor migrant workers
9:50 am
often forced to clear the rain forest in order to pay off debts with their employers. we had just found 2 more. this man claimed he had not been paid in 7 years. this only a lot of a lot of you could, i bought a few. they say squadron. my did it a little money. gotta pay for that way. anything further ahead. another surprise, a growling bulldozer that the workers had been using to tear down the forest. they're trying to get it out of here. so can't do any more damage, but this is the main tool used by lovers to clear away passing in the forest. find yes, dine rose, and then they can send me in with chainsaws to cut everything else down. he prom officials seemed pleased with their find,
9:51 am
but in an area larger than the whole of western europe. these 2 men were a drop in the ocean stopping deforestation in the amazon is a herculean task from one back in mad about there was news. after weeks of silence, police had finally named 3 prime suspects. i believe that the usual was, it was long as you said, that was fall out of those. arkansas does get very much bad because i would use that to be something logging issue and i'm never going to think, wendy. why did you make that point? you said the last thing. what say that was that you brought up the loudest, or don't let me see, to rody brought me to quantify, kind of drill down. they get more data to product, they designers, home my learn to nobody, me bon jovi or say how to do that would be just young back to lobby. not samantha did. they were going to come off the meantime use of this. so for me now, i just want to go up with some possible as to what i need, but cloud,
9:52 am
elise was far from convinced that these were the only 3 men involved in the murder strictly esop, aren't the glass baker, a slap or a mice coy, sputtered gadget blinking the pistol laid. okie mac, say a me and that god they last sold about my change but in english 3 so but i didn't pick a size so math or bad them i sense that sounds like what they said that he some that we'd mowing if we either can william because it is at the office in several weeks. now my sales on with this a lot with i, this is a the
9:53 am
next day i drove back to the settlement to the home of the police, his prime suspect josie, hold regus would lived not far from say, cloudy. police it 100 again was an aspiring cattle rancher from the southeast of brazil would purchase 3 plots of land on the settlement in mid 2010 but buying or selling land on a government settlement created for the poor was illegal. and how did he gets his arrival, angered, say crowded and medea? it was a start of a bitter feud that pitted 2 opposing models have economic development against each other, preservation or destruction, with profit or long term sustainability. it was a clash of values, cultures and business models. and according to police, he was this clash that had ultimately led to the murders.
9:54 am
there was a hell did he had disappeared, but his wife denied that he had been behind the killings and claimed he had fled because local gunmen were planning to kill him to police, saw his disappearance as an admission of guilt. on my final night, the amazon is a cloudy comedy. his sisters invited me back to lays his home on the settlement, sending a defiant message to the killers. they would not be intimidated some day they would return for good. ah, if does id that's going to leave a flat? geico get legally my lia. as ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha! i busy a day afforded the keel ill,
9:55 am
ill theatre. my no cost to gain masha. no, me ash said booking the flowing can you mouth he see? oh my dear, did you see lasers into keel? vio bought, ordered the ceiling. now you can review. i can do the same. but i mean, voltage, a boy, this in mesmer anthony omega davis, and also be gained abroad mccain. toby, said, london, missouri, we seem to be met now the case, not about splitting, can either get that is it while out. but i li, but ask at the van me my milk, when we have a quad doors my favorable but the florida deadline, but us from the bulky kill covalent denies snap. i was leaving with mixed emotions. i had come to admire the courage and dignity of these 2 women. they had welcomed me into their lives at the most difficult of times
9:56 am
. but i also felt angry and sad. z, cloudy, and immediate, didn't deserve to die. their lives had been taken because they dared to oppose the illegal economic forces that are threatening the amazon perhaps here. money really does speak louder than life. oh, yes. oh. with us in death, zach. how do you and many became environmental martyrs. but with them gone, what would become of their families and the rain forest and the jungle settlement they so dearly loved hundreds of environmental activists in brazil, still face death threats. how many more lives will be lost?
9:57 am
will this be the last time i report an activist murdered in the amazon? sadly, i think i know the answer to that question. but i can't bear to say it out loud. ah ah,
9:58 am
hello, thank you for joining in. here's your world weather report, beginning in the middle east, we do have energy across the eastern mediterranean that will eventually slam into the la vance and move further east struck down somewhat weather insecure. wait, but that several days out. let's focus on the good south for now. here is sunday, plenty of sun, but we see that wind, northerly, wind out of iraq, that's going to drop temperature is a bit nama just 17 degrees on sunday. you'll feel those winds pick up just a bit off toward a pakistan, afghanistan and iran, fairly quiet here. in fact, she raz, at 16 degrees, that is, while above average. ok, let's get you to the east or med rate. now where that active weather is, this is throwing rain around the greek islands and southern turkey, but this time around. yes, it's rain so on, talia has a high of 13 degrees. central africa, fairly quiet. we'll talk about some high temperatures here. so ju, but $37.00 bungie, $35.00 and
9:59 am
a buddha at $36.00. but if we go towards southern africa, this is where we have the left over is the remnants of tropical cyclone ana, zip and across southern areas of angola, drop and down what, whether into northern namibia central areas. is walt, and for cape town, it's a mostly cloudy day, with a high of 28 degrees on sunday. thanks for joining in see later. ah! with 35th meeting of the african union will see heads of states discuss coven 19 in the conflict in ethiopia. with climate change, but kena faso and other west african, who's high on the agenda, can they deliver a unified response to the regions. mounting challenges, special coverage on al jazeera, the world of high frequency share trading, exposed to this engine that was basically trading. it could of last $30000000.00 was a terrifying experience, how artificial intelligence has raised the stakes,
10:00 am
and risks on the money market is market school browser fashion. we're opening up a possibility for an inch building for no, no use with money bought on al jazeera blue north korea launches its 7th missiles has this month, despite calls for com. ah . hi, there, i'm kimberly. this is al jazeera live from dar, also coming up buddy sunday. remember that northern ireland marks 50 years since british soldiers opened fire on civilians killing 14 people. portugal goes to the poles, voting about opening the snap election after the government collapsed in october.
10:01 am
and an environmental disaster twice as big as fed 12000 barrels of oil is leaking into the pacific ocean.


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