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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2022 12:00am-1:00am AST

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experience the unimaginable of the people who live it is a probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in. how quickly things contract award winning documentary use that old for perception, witness on a, just the euro. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, i know i'm north taylor, this is the al jazeera news. i live from london coming up. the u. s. president meets cut us emir at the white house, confirming the gulf nation will be given special status and designated a major non nato ally. the un security council, the u. s. and russia trade verbal blows as the military build up at ukraine's border. take center stage times of parties at the u. k. prime ministers residence
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during locked down an official investigation, finds failures of leadership and judgment and north career releases. photographs taken off and by its latest missile after a record setting, months of tests. and in sports, it's been confirmed. the allenby stadium will be used to host the africa cup of nations final, in cameroon, the venue is being reopened. just days after 8 people died in a crush outside the state. ah, use president joe biden has told cutters, emir shake to mean been her model funny, but he will soon designate cutter as a major non nato ally. leaders would be meeting that the white house to discuss a range of issues, including a possible row for the golf state in cushioning. the economic impact of a potential russia ukraine conflict could step in to supply gaster western europe.
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a fresh supplies a disrupted cutter is a good friend in reliable and capable partner. and i am notifying congress that i will designate, cut, our as a major non nato ally to reflect the importance importance of our relationship and it's long overdue. 2022 is a very important year at the market. a 50th anniversary of our to provide relationship between katara state of america is a very strong relationship. and we're very proud about it to our very probably what we have achieved. of course, this afternoon i'm going to be talking with the president about different topics, mainly about the security of our region. i think we demonstrated that how solid and how strong we can work together and go freight when what we did tons of fish doing just live from the white house, not an area range of issues on the table. but the us seeing cutter is
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a major regional and global partner. while the release of this strategic importance, particularly over the last few months when a lot of the problems of the u. s. has been facing the realize that cutoff has connections and links with people that might be able to help. if you think about a run, a cut out as one of the few gulf nations that has a relationship with iran, when it comes to discussing at the nuclear deal in yemen, they have connections there as well when it comes to dealing with the palestinians . the studies of course of nature that a lot of aid gets through there. and so when you see other issues, then joe biden has acknowledged that kata is an important player and saw that particularly just 6 months ago during the, the u. s. withdrawal from afghanistan, where the categories played a significant role in making sure that americans got out safely, even to the extent at one point of the category, ambassador walking american through at taliban lines to make sure that people go to the airport. and of course, that are lying on them now as well,
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that there is an issue in ukraine. joe biden realizes that if russian troops crossed the border, he will impose sanctions. the russians. me retaliate by turning off the gas to most of europe in the middle of a very cold winter. and so he needs alternative supplies and he's looking to the categories to help not. i don't think he expects the categories to provide you with all the gas it needs, but the, the might be able to develop some of the supplies from the existing customers if there's some sort of deal that that can come through that. so this designation of a non need to allies important to the kid tardies it shows host significantly have become in the region. the tardy officials have always said that they are safe, the secure and reliable partner in what is an unsafe and unreliable part of the world. but when it goes to congress, that means that it will get added benefits, no when it comes to various of trade in defense and also in mutual security cooperation. so this will be seen as a very big win for the categories. and certainly we'll,
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we'll enhanced their reputation in the region where they believe that they have become a very small nation, a significant global player. how difficult will it be to provide extra gas to the region given the kind of contracts that cat i've already has with other with other clients it will be difficult and no one suggesting that it won't because katara is almost operating at full capacity at the moment what they can do is approach some of the customers and ask if there is the possibility that they could develop some of their supplies to help europe. it still won't be enough to help germany. for example, if the gas was turned off, but it would certainly sure that there is a committed united front against the russians and would send a message saying you might be able to try and bully as. but we will find ways around that. it presents a united international front against the russians and sends a message to them that it, you know, that the, the west
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a particularly nieto is determined to, to make sure that russia will not cross the borders of ukraine. and fisher, thank you very much. and they are a senior political analyst now, and michelle joins asli vet from paris by skype and give you an idea, the significance of this kind of new designation for cartoon, and the kind of geopolitical ramifications of west we're going, it's important been as far as any alliance of course, is based 1st and foremost, an estimate trade and asserting this relationship is quite a symmetric superpower, is us more country in a very volatile region. so the fact that such a small country is able to acquire that sort of stuff is, is quite sort of not just a minute to, it's all, but what is quite amazing about it is the fact that it's almost come sort of 5 years and 5 millennia after you know,
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to south 2017, when the relationships between the 2 countries were at their worst president from the time. so over the past 5 years or the ship has really developed in such a breathtaking way. and especially over the last year, during the, by the ministration with copper play, a more important role in up can stand and in the gulf as recently in trying to bridge the differences with you on all of that. of course, you know, it has been quite important to upgrade that this for a small country in a region that's certainly a very important security testimony for the united states. it is part of a president barton's at them to rebuild america. alliances around the world. tell me on, i've got to stop, is there any kind of plan to come up with some sort of solution that gets around
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the issue the, there's no money being supplied and going to stop falling into greater problems with hunger and, and poverty over time. and meanwhile, no money has been on frozen. is there anything on that level that can be discussed and, and pulled out of the back? absolutely, and i think i agree with you, it's a total disaster. and i think that the national community has specified to that. and i think what they're seeing at the airport in couple could be applied it to the way to move forward. because if you remember on the several months ago, studies the american certainly, and the taliban. i've got to run into a major disagreement over how to run the airport that ends even to get any 8 or to get any people or the company was a major challenge. but through dialogue, through diplomacy, through various leverage, protection on the part of cut out,
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including money. as i thought they were able then to, along with the torque to manage parts of the airport in cardboard, and our international assistance and allow international travel and so on. so forth to reconnect if you were at the taliban and kind of center of the world. in fact, just the recent delegation here in europe from i guess that would have made it without that's what's happening with airport. so i think we've seen a pilot of that sort of arrangement whereby more understanding what the final but the conditions, the minimum conditions that the community expects from the new regime in afghanistan in order for some of that 8 or some of that money owed the gun to start to feel back to the country. it's urgent that this happens quickly. i'm the source of bilateral meetings that were seen today between the cut, the really there and the american president. of course, the way to watch that now can they have a lot of issues to discuss, but it was interesting that the emir in that brief side to address the medium,
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did she mention the palestinian, the palestinians. what would you make of that tickets? refreshing, refreshing. the sense that we've heard recently from one leader who said that they said that they brought up the question about a sound burst, but in fact, for do it has become a forgotten issue. even though it continues to be occupied, depressed, and is ready to start to mr. continue to proliferate and occupied palestine. and none of the readers are really bringing up a lobbying for it. and like, you know, several decades ago when much of the board was united. so to see the leader of a small country like arthur who's been trying to help occupied but especially to gaza, bring up the subject is of course important. and i tell you why also to important because we've seen that before with various and my compress that sometimes when to hear the perspective of another leader from another region, it took a break,
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some of complicity around them from their own national security council from their own you know, washington elite ecosystem. so to have that kind of perspective, been at least again, yes, it's more country, but it doesn't have big gears and long arm. and it does have its, its finger on the pulse and the region. and it doesn't understand that palestine is, remains central for regional security. some of the leaders might be more than satisfied to turn their back to it. but everyone of the sense that the, in the world in the mostly more, in fact, international in the past, that remains a hot issue that needs to be resolved in order for security in the region to start taking a different path forward to bring it up is important not only for the palestinians, it's important for there's no security now in the shower. thank you very much. indeed. members of the united nations security council had been sitting for the 1st time to discuss the issue of the russian trip build up on ukraine's border. deep
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division of who's to blame and whether the meeting should even take place automatic at at a james bay's report, some un headquarters in new york. the security council heard 2 very different arguments about the situation in eastern europe. the u. s, which called this meeting says the russian military build up around ukraine is the largest mobilization of troops in europe. in decades, rushes aggression to day, not only threaten ukraine. it also threatens europe. it threatens the international order, this body is charged with upholding. we continue to hope russia chooses the path of diplomacy over the path of conflict in ukraine. but we cannot just wait and see. but russia's ambassador vaseline, the benzine says, all his countries troops around russian soil, they're not close to the ukrainian border. and there's absolutely no proof of
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a threat from them. he says the us and nato were whipping up tensions as though they want to be a war outside the council chamber. i pushed him further on this. are there any circumstances in which russian troops would cross the border into ukraine? can you be clear for it? i am. i am not the person to decide whatever happens, but we never. i said it in my statement that no russian petition or even their public figure ever said that we are planning to take your great what a clear answer. it seemed. but then he added this with not exclude provocations from uh, from ukraine inside the separatist. republics, they say they have information that such provocations may happen. russia had tried to prevent this meeting by calling a procedural vote at the start. 9 countries supported the u. s. but russia was joined by china and objecting to the session. and 3 other security council members,
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gabon, kenya, and india, abstained. the meeting went ahead, bought the procedural vote. and the comments of many of the non western members of the council should be noted. the u. s. is aim here was to galvanize international opinion against what it says is the russian threat. but to achieve a broad international consensus, it still has more work to do. james bay's al jazeera, the united nations, as concerned that a russian invasion of ukraine could compromise, europe's gas supplies, and the u. s. as we've had is looking to counter for help to try to plug the gap and he can suffers as the sharing a chair in energy and jeer politics at the center for strategic and international studies. he joins his life in washington, d. c. thanks very much for being with us sir. how are important apart? could cat a player nessa in trenton shore up supplies of gas or is one of the largest l n g suppliers in the world? so if we have a disruption of russian gas to europe,
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what europe is going to be looking to is any supplier around the world who can either produce more, not many can or more likely divert supplies that are currently going elsewhere to europe. and if you looking at that part of the equation, the 2 largest sources of supply in the world that could help europe or the united states and cut their so if you're trying to build up europe's defenses, you really have to be talking to cut her. how critical is the timing though? if gas apply to europe is sir to be protected by finding other sources? it is a timing is an important matter. timing is a really important matter in a number of ways. number one, we use a lot of gas in the world during the winter, and so the demand goes down with every day that passes. a crisis in february is very different than a crisis in march or april. and that also is reflected in how cut ourselves gas to the world. it sends a lot of gas to asia still today. but it sends
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a lot more gas to asia during the winter months as we come off of january and february, that supply to asia goes down, which means cut there has more gas to send to europe even today. cutler is certainly sending all the about half as much gas to europe as it did say a year ago. so there is more flexibility as we go towards spring. i mean, this was not a talk who is about a, how damaging it would be for europe if, if the gas supply were turned off or reduced by russia. but how much of a problem would it be for russian tentative revenue loss if it did reduce its, its output? russia makes most of its money selling oil rather than natural gas. so in very pure dollar terms, it could probably withstand a short term hit in the money that it earns from selling gas to europe. but obviously, the reputational damage would be enormous, and russia's ability to retain its role in the european market in the media and longer term would be compromised. rush, i was always claimed to be
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a reliable supplier, one that never played politics. a lot of people in europe, of course, would contest that statement, but this would be one would be enormous and that would reverberate for years in its dealings with the european market. it is about how this will affect nordstrom to, i mean, it's not functioning yet, but what's your pre prediction on where that will go? yeah, nordstrom to is in today's market. more of a lever that the united states and maybe germany might use. it's quite clear that if there is an incursion or a conflict that escalates in ukraine, the united states would like to and germany might make nordstrom to part of the conversation, essentially not allowing russia to use nor to trim to. that's a possibility. germany has mostly shown a slowness in approving the project. that's essentially the default position right now. no one expects the pipeline to really operate until much later in the year. so
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there is a sense of dragging their feet for germany busy with this project. in part, to maintain the optionality of hitting this pipeline. once this pipeline starts operating, it's very difficult to shut off because no one wants to shut off gas to their own economy. but at the same time, what the last 67 months have shown us with very high energy prices in europe, in part because of how russia has sold its gas into the continent, is that russia has market power in europe. whether or not nordstrom to is completed and flows or not. and nicholas f us. thank you very much indeed. tefilo today. thank you. thank you. so the come on the knees are united arab emirates, target spaces in yemen after who the rebels carry out drone and missile attacks on abu dhabi lou around between artists and the streaming service. spotify grows over its support for an anti vaccine
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podcast host. as hort or william come back for the sofa who's getting used to overcoming norms. and he's here with that story. ah and the u. k. a preliminary report has been released into claims that government parties and gatherings were held during strict karone of irish luck towns. the findings condemned the events and call for change of behavior at the heart of british government, but refer to incidence which remain subject to police investigation in the report, little detail was given but to grace as there were failures of leadership and judgment by different parts of number 10 and the cabinet office at different times, the senior civil servant also says that given that the government was asking citizens to accept far reaching restrictions on their lives, some of the behavior was difficult to justify. and that some staff wanted to raise concerns about behavior they witnessed at work,
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but at times felt unable to do so. as she says, there's significant learning to be drawn from these events, which does not need to wait for the police investigations to be concluded. or as johnson has responded with an apology and a promise to reshuffle, staffing if barker has been falling events in london. a failure of leadership behind the famous black door, sue grey's crunch findings more biting than expected. the report talks of high standards not being met by those setting, the rules of excessive alcohol consumption in the workplace and gatherings without clear, authorization or oversight. some behavior, she said, was difficult to justify, against the backdrop of the pandemic. ah, were nothing of early critical of johnson himself. it's perhaps not the big take down. his rivals hopeful, a contrite prime minister, appearing in front of parliament, promising to overhaul downing street and clean up our government. but no talk of stepping down. i'm sorry for the things we simply didn't get right. and also sorry
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for the way that this matter has been handled. i get it and i will fix it to the people of this country. i know what the issue is. yes. it's whether this government can be trusted to deliver and i said to speak, i guess we can be thought to grey, have been planning to release a full report until london's metropolitan police stepped in, calling for her to pare down her findings while they carry out their own criminal investigation into 12 gatherings, including an alleged party in johnson's flat for johnson's opponents. it isn't just about what's in the su gray report, but what's not in it. for his fears, his critics, they will have to wait for the results of the police investigation to find out more about the most serious offences that could cause the most harm to johnson's
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political career. the results of that investigation could be many, many months away. even now he is hiding behind a police investigation into criminality to his home. but his office, the british public on fools. they never believed a word of it. they think the promise to should do the decent thing and reside yet the pro is not just the opposition that's been ramping up. pressure on johnson, some of his own. m. p. 's have been quietly plotting against him. thank you. other familiar faces determined to hold his actions to account what the gray report does show is that number 10 downing street was not observed. think the regulations they had imposed on members of the public. so either my right on befriended, not read the rules or didn't understand what they meant and others around him. well, they didn't think the rules apply to number 10, which was it monday. so a flurry of announcements by number 10 on the economy breaks it and ukraine. this
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is a government, eager to steer attention away from recent scandals. but when it comes to party gate, there are still more truths to uncover heads, including the prime ministers may yet role, if enough members of his own party decide it's time for him to go. need barker al jazeera, westminster, po van joins me now. is a johnson has said, be meeting his mpg said this evening. how's that going pretty well by all accounts, although it was a closed door meeting, so generalists had to wait in the corridor outside that committee room at. but the reports from inside were the johnson used his christmas, and his teflon prime minister appears to be able to persuade his party. and they are the people that really matter in all of this to stay on his side because it's not the general public in the u. k, that's going to be able to depose this prime minister. the major threat came from his own back bench, m p 's, his members of the conservative party and parliament. if $54.00 of them had decided that he was no longer fit to be prime minister. and they had written letters
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demanding that the should be a leadership contest. then he was under severe threat of being deposed. but at this meeting tonight i hear that he compared himself to a fellow always in the good and p. paul, he promised to republish the gray report in full when it finally emerges. he also said he'd bring back linton crosby, a well respected strategist, who did a lot of good work for the boris johnston campaign in the early days. and those kind of items are those kind of fig leaves, if you like, for the olive branches to the party seem to have gone down well because the feedback from m p into been positive. that said he is maybe out of immediate danger, but not off the hook because don't forget the police investigation continues. the police say they have some 500 pages of evidence and some 300 photographs crucially . and although the police commander said that it may be as much as a year before they get around to finishing their inquiry, imagine $300.00 photographs of parties down the street coming out eventually that could still have the potential to make her a real mess of the of the prime minister's chances and in the short term,
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how much damage to the international reputation between the understand that he was supposed to be talking to president putin on the phone and had that call had to be delayed because he's having to deal with the whole and parties scandal in, in the common. that's right. i mean from what depends on your perspective. his eyes say look, people who are criticizing him over this party gaze of miss the bigger picture. the bigger picture is ukraine. the bigger picture is the cost of living crisis here in the u. k. but his critics say, look, because of this, this is a distracted prime minister who's unable to engage in the important diplomacy that's necessary at this crucial time for the in, in the incident on the international stage. yes, he supposed to be a going well, he is going to key f tomorrow to meet with ukrainian president zelinski. he was supposed to have a conversation on the telephone with the russian president, boris a, sorry, a vladimir putin this afternoon. that had to be postponed, canceled effectively, they couldn't find a mutually agreeable time for it to happen. and that is kind of thrown off the carefully choreographed preamble to the,
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to the meeting and in care of. so it's certainly going to impact on international diplomacy. and on the chances of success, ah, but other world leaders are perhaps too diplomatic to tell you what they really think about boris johnson. the man. bear in mind. he's still in power. depo written . thank you very much, need now yet man's 7 year war has seen further escalation with who the rebels announcing they've attacked the united arab emirates with drones and missiles the u . e. z as it intercepted, one ballistic missile early on monday. and 30 minutes later destroyed a missile launcher in who she controlled jeff province. manila time report the target was clear, united arab emirates, striking back against host the missile bases. and the man is the latest retaliation officer debris from i hope the missile attack earlier on monday landed in a remote part of bobby marble. i doesn't know how not critical installations and
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abu dhabi were targeted by a number of ballistic missiles. also, the image of dubai was targeted by number of drones. the operation by the grace of god hid its targets with high precision mirth or visual se, airports operating as normal. and the healthy did not have an impacts. ah, but the strike coincide with these really presidents at 1st visit to above. and at a time of increase the fighting between the hoses and the saudi quality in yemen. we reiterate that the enemy state, the united arab emirates, will remain an unsafe country so long as they continue with the belligerents against our beloved human people. and this month, how they don't strike on the 8th capital killed 3 people. on sunday, the us state department edged america to reconsider any travel to the united emeralds siding threats of missile attacks. the situation is becoming more
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dangerous because the nature of weaponry, this being used in these attacks is becoming more deadly. and that's all the more reason why one hopes that the parties will be able to find some way to resolve this contract this conflict. but diplomacy has yet to solve this original conflict that has been going on for years and created the walls, words to human italian crisis. mom a lot, bob al jazeera, some are watching on 0 from london still to come. european complicity and the di, conditions and dangers faced by libyan migraines is in the spotlight. more athletes, a star test posted for code 19 on arrival in china, where the winter picks are just 3 days away. canada closing in on their 1st? well couple parents since 1986. ah,
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let's go with your weather report for europe and africa for the 1st february. hello everyone. we've got a developing disturbance in the area to see that's going to sling wet weather into greece, western southern areas of turkey, and it's stumble. you're also going to see some weather as a result of this, of the central europe right now in some snow is cutting across as we head toward switzerland, germany, austria, the czech republic rate, around that l. pine region. we'll see some drifting snow, so snow blown by the winds. speaking of the winds for the south of france, marcell looking at gus of about 85 kilometers per hour and stay with the theme of those winds. we've had some pretty powerful winds across the netherlands. red weather alerts in play amsterdam could see winds exceeding a 100 kilometers per hour. now for iberia temperatures coming down across southern
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sections of space is almost record breaking and now you're below average as we start the month of february. at what weather is around for northern sections of algeria to nicea rate in to the northwest of libya on tuesday. and it's not a question if we'll see flooding, but just where and how march across namibia and south africa. these are remnants of what was tropical cyclone ana, and we are keeping tabs on another tropical storm to move in to madagascar later in the week. ah, there was a time when the utter tangleridge of clothes were enough to sustain life in the northern cal. hi desert. oh ye ran, let us change. we'd wanna tween men in different languages as if these wild animals and men made a constant fight to sublime crispin, it puts one on just
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gotten one of the fastest growing nations in the world news. ronnie, cato needed to oakland and development, international shipping company to become a p middle east and trade and money skilfully mcdonald, 3 key areas of develop, filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future. ronnie, cato cutters, gateway to whoa trade, lou. ah, or might of the top stories are not 0?
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yes, president joe biden has told cut us emir shaped. i mean in her model funny, we will soon designate, cut her as a major non nato ally. leaders have been meeting at the white house to discuss a range of issues including a possible role for the golf state in cushioning, the economic impact of potential russia, ukraine. conflict members of the security council have been sitting for the 1st time to discuss the issue of a russian trip build up on ukraine's border. united states continues to refuse russia, pushing ever closer to war. claims that russia is repeatedly denying. u. k prime minister has been grilled by parliament of the release of a preliminary report into claims of parties held at the heart of the u. k. government, during strict corrosion of ours locked downs, or as johnson apologized and promised to reshuffle staff. amnesty international is calling for an end to a deal between the you in libya and which migrants desperate to reach europe a turned back and held in what's been described as hellish conditions. the
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corporation dates from 2016 and includes e u funding and assistance for the libyan coast guard. the rights organization says over the past 5 years, more than 82000 people have been returned to libya to face quote, arbitrary detention torture, crew and inhuman detention conditions, rape and sexual violence. extortion, forced labor and unlawful killings, or highest number of intersections was in 2021. when libya coast guards with european support captured more than $32000.00 refugees and migrants at c and returned them to libya. the un says there are more than 12000 people being held in 27 official prisons and detention facilities, many of whom were rescued at sea, but thousands more held in eagerly in secret facilities. all those run by groups where conditions are inhumane for material, but it is a researcher of migration to an asylum at amnesty internationally joined us. live
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from brussels. tell us that more about the kind of conditions that you found in some of these or that you discovered in some retention center route evening. there tuition in libya has been appalling refrigerator magnets for a number of years detention centers where people are taken after being intercepted at see europe south are notorious for the treatment of people. people who are not totally arbitrarily detained for a prolonged period of time in the appalling conditions, but they're also exposed to torture and other treatment, sexual violence, forced labor, and even killings. and even outside of detention centers, the situation for a producer, my answer remains incredibly dangerous. and this is why you would ups actions to support believe young course got in the past 5 years range the to the level of complicity in these abuses. and they are being commissioner's said been coast
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guards contribute to, to saving lives. and that they said very firm messages to, to be that they should close the migrant detention centers. what else? see what you want from them other than those kind of statement. whereas you say statement a statement we have seen from europe for metering, but people are very concrete actions being taken to enable dan postcard to intercept more and more people. we have seen me tele, would you mind me giving them a new speedboats and you will be and search rest, your region, the coordination center and so on and so forth. on the other side, when it comes to the protection of the rights of f, which is a migrant, it's only words that have no actions. we need now utopian governments really to change approach suspends any forms of cooperation, dropping people in a situation of danger and do more to address that you might tell me. so what,
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what is your concern is your concern that this deal will, will continue in, in the current form and that should have been changes. yes, absolutely. did situation over if would you, the migrant continues to be dramatic. and at the same time, we see europe, young governments continuing to foster more and more cooperation weekly, now planning to give them 3 more votes. apparently they have just given them a new coding issue center and we fear that the agreements current in place may be renewed in particular, by the end of the agreements between italy and libya. will expire by will automatically renew under its terms. unless you tell you we denounce and this is what we want from them. how much i mean, politically, are you pushing against the kind of rather a closed door now given it's within europe. the tendency has been to try and, you know, build was if you think about someone like, you know,
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better recent poland there seems to be more emphasis on keeping refugees and migrants out rather than the opposite. or how difficult is it going to be for you to argue the case that, that the deal with libya is, is, is not one that they should continue with. certainly this is a difficult political time in the sense that more and more government fabbing factor started rating even more often than the rights of people pushing people back and closing these like the one that would leave you at the same time. and we know that many people support for better policies. we know that many people are in favor, for example, more say for legal pathways for f, which is a migrant. so that's people who are desperate to seek as i county, where they can reduce their lives. in fact offers them their portability to travel regularly rather than forcing them to travel on in the central med natasha business . thank you very much indeed. federal inter,
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thank you. thank you. ok. nathan miniature june turns announced that the tenant colonel polo. he demi bow as true as transitional president and says it will restore parts of the country's constitution announcement comes just over a week after the removal of president hawk away from power earlier on monday. the african union suspended book, and if there's participation in block activities, the comic community of west african states is also suspended the country and warned if possible, sanctions, the head of an echo was delegation, says campbell, who is in good spirits, while under house arrest. after a meeting between the president and representatives from the west african block and the un molly is expelling the french ambassador over hostile comments made about the country's transitional government. the municipal aging tensions between the west african states and its european partners over military cooperation and elections. last week, the french pharmacist said molly's routing gentle was quote, out of control. the french defense ministries also said troops would not stay in
12:39 am
molly. if the price for 2 high north korea has released photos, as proof that it conducted its most powerful missile test in 4 years, straightest in a flurry of missile testing activity as ownership our report. the latest images released by north korea are striking on sunday, a test fired and intermediate range, ballistic missile. the horse on 12, that is nuclear capable. it reached a height of 2000 kilometers, taking pictures of the korean peninsula along the way. but it has arranged 4500 kilometers far enough to reach the u. s. territory of guam. but it's not the most powerful ballistic missile and kim jong owns arsenal. in 2017 or 3 attested the pos song 14 and 15. the latter of which could in theory, reach the continental united states. and in 2020 it showed often even larger icbm, which hasn't been tested yet. long career spend a lot of time and investment in the past 2 or 3 years. certainly during cove,
12:40 am
it in developing some of its missile capabilities and that, that is a line very closely with a 5 year weapons planned. north career announced at the beginning of 2021. with the aim to develop capabilities that will enable the north korea to fight a modern, a modern conflict. the u. s. wants direct talks with north korea. we've offered this over and over to, to the do p r k, and they've not accepted it. so the question is, what's can germans game plan aren't actually really putting for much right now? right? i mean, they have to actually show up in order to strike a deal with the buying on. so i'm actually getting a credit surprise with the pace of the test because my sense of the buying people are willing to talk. if the north koreans shop it was north korea 7th missile test . in january, a new record itself imposed moratorium on missile tests appears. well, and truly at an end and her chappelle al jazeera australia will become the 1st
12:41 am
country in europe to impose a mandate. the code 19 vaccination is when it comes into force on friday. it has one of the lowest vaccination rates in europe that been mass demonstrations against the legislation. those you don't have an exemption and refuse to get vaccinated face a $670.00 fine. that button has more from vienna. as the 1st country in europe, austria taking a far reaching measure to boost its destination campaign, mandatory vaccinations for adults who are fit enough to take the chap is a country virtual decision which will be widely watched here in europe, where a magical ethical debate on the topic it's ongoing with 75 percent off as one of the lowest vaccination rates here in europe and the government hope and says that vaccinations will be the key to open up society and put an end to continuous locked down. so people can go back to normal life as soon as possible. but critics say
12:42 am
mandatory vaccinations are only 2 more decisions in society and won't work for the 1st time. and 2 and a half months unfair, unaided, people can go back to the street. they were not allowed to leave their houses before unless they had the sanction business, but even today they can go into shops or restaurants. the government in australia has partially lifted the lock down because despite a spike and infections hospitalizations remain low. the last weekend was also again, demonstrations here in seattle ganske over restrictions and similar protests we've seen across the western part of europe. and now with this mandatory vaccination, there are concerns that these protests will only grow bigger. they're just 3 days to go now before the start of the winter olympics and the chinese capital beijing athletes arriving at the olympic village on district co. 19 protocols, team members, coaches, support, staff, and media are in limpid bubble to keep them separate from the public and will be
12:43 am
tested daily. 37 new cases were reported among the delegations in the past 24 hours . bring the total to at least $176.00 with some athletes ready for us to pull out the tree to you has more from beijing, chinese authorities have pledged to deliver a safe and secure wind games, but they're struggling to contain the mounting case numbers of covered 1900 within the bubble. so according to official information about 7000 people have arrived in china, head of the games been already 176 people at least have tested positive. now, officials here trying to calm many concerns, saying that there is no outbreak within the bubble, per se, and the catching most of these infections at the airport. now there is a very rigorous system in place to try to keep tabs of people who do have covered 19, not only 2 people have to register the temperature every day for 14 days leading up to their flight to china. they have to test at the airport,
12:44 am
and then every day they are in beijing, they have to start the day with another curve at 19 tests. what that's done, it's created a very tense environment within the bubble athletes and the support teams of terrified of catching coven 19. because if you do test positive, you will immediately be separated in quarantined. and you will only be allowed to return to normal routine once your test negative twice. so there is a very big chance of completely missing out on your competition. and that means 4 years of preparations would go to waste. but unfortunately, already a lividity in snowboarder, swedish skia, and a russian by athlete have been among those who have tested positive at least 19 people have been killed after flooding and landslides in southern brazil. around half a 1000000 people have been forced from their homes across south. paolo state authorities of announced more than 2 and a half 1000000 dollars in emergency aged to help people rebuild stephanie deckers. more you can just about make out the road. parts
12:45 am
of some palo state are under water after 2 days of torrential rains. rescuers now having to use boats to navigate above the roads. the rescue efforts continue through the night. thousands of people have been made homeless due to the flooding the o feler day. unfortunately, it's been raining since yesterday, and it's flooded over other parts of the river. it hadn't flooded here until now was started flooding. and it has just started to go down and she, they've also been landslides, causing a number of deaths as homes collapsed the earth giving way under the force of the reins. this government handout video shows the devastation from above. st. paul was governor, announced almost $3000000.00 in aid to help those affected period. okay. so i came here to see the current situation and the effects and intensity of the rainbow. food also unfortunately of the lance lives, victims,
12:46 am
and fatalities. but here in this region at g mail for his you, brazil is seen various incidents of severe flooding since the rainy season began in october. the rescue efforts now switching to a clean up effort. images like these a reminder of just how powerless we are in the face of nature. stephanie decker, al jazeera, the audio streaming platform. spotify has announced tipple ad advisory warnings to any podcast. discussing cove 19 and 4 is a decision by several high profile musicians to remove their music from the platform in protests against a podcast, who's been accused of spreading falsehoods about vaccines. jillian wolf has the story. signing with its highest paid podcast personality. spot of fi has chosen to keep joe rogan show on the platform as it attempts to tackle the growing backlash over his controversial views on cobra. 19. the company has announced plans to add an advisory to any podcast episode, discussing the pandemic,
12:47 am
directing listeners to the latest information from trusted sources in health and science. but despite an open letter penned by hundreds of health professionals calling on spotify to moderate misinformation, and a growing number of celebrities raising concern, including the duke and duchess of sussex, who have a 25000000 dollar content deal with the platform. some say it's an issue that isn't sold in silencing one voice. there's a misinformation challenge tied to joe rogan in particular, but there's also a broader mas information problem, i think, in this entire ecosystem. that is a lot more challenging simply because it is so decentralized and there isn't really one platform. there isn't really one player involved who can take the lead and moderating. it's very decentralized. you know, you basically could be playing effectively. lack of all the fall out began when rock star neil young accused rogan of spreading misinformation while offering
12:48 am
spotify an old maiden. remove his work or the comedians. the singer joanie mitchell soon followed, announcing her solidarity with young and while the streaming service says it has removed more than $20000.00 podcast episodes that cover cove. at 19 since the start of the pandemic, it fell short of ditching one of its biggest stars. after it's exclusive 2020 licensing deal that netted rogan, more than a $100000000.00. gillian wolf, al jazeera, audrey rogan, has now posted a video on social media apologizing for the controversy. thing he's open to doing things differently. do i get things wrong? absolutely. i get things wrong, but i try to correct them whenever i get something wrong, i try to correct it because i'm interested in telling the truth. i'm interested in finding out what the truth is. if there's anything that i've done that i could do
12:49 am
better is have more experts with differing opinions, right after i have the controversial ones, i would most certainly be open to doing that. and i would like to talk to some people that have different opinions on those podcasts in the future. new footage, released by the chinese space agency, is giving the world a red glimpse of mars is polar ice caps. china is john when one probe can be seen flying above the red planet, north pole. the permanent ice caps, the marsh and polls and made mostly of water. just like those on earth. down below, john, as you wrong mars rovers has now been exploring the surface of mars. the more than 9 months coming up with al jazeera fighting for an olympic place. i know what it takes to hit the mark in school defense think ah
12:50 am
with with mm. pool
12:51 am
ah ah ah thomas bolt now his andy thank you so much. lauren, while the confederation of african football has confirmed the limby stadium will be used to host the cup of nations. finally, cameroon. 8 people died during a crush at the venue last week. cameron's sports minister said stadium work as had been overwhelmed by a surge of people outside the ground before a match. the stadium will also stage the host nation's sunny fall against egypt. on thursday, increased security will be in place and no children under 11 are allowed to attend . the other last 4 games between became fast. so and cynical we've been talking
12:52 am
civil rights mohammed, so he's in camry. he says there are 2 stand out seems left in the tournaments permit has to be to paper. it's the host, cameron who are probably the most valid side in this trade. him in the play, the best there to strike 1st sample because it can be have 11 goals between the 2 of them that particular chasing that single term and go score record of 9 goes by on by 974. so they are very balanced in terms of re strikers experience defenders and rigorous mature. but seneca senegal are probably the best side on paper, not just in africa, but there probably be a top live top tension on paper in the world. you're less excited. my name is mila sir, who is now joining the teams interest. i got a good kind of the, they're very, very good on papers. the only issue it's gonna go is that it had some problems winning finals, and you just wonder if it can make it to another finals. will there be
12:53 am
a sort of psychological or mental block that's going to stop? and we'll get again after that 1st week of football, which wasn't the best, is tournaments really kicked on that we're getting greek goals, good possession play. and i think the profile of the trying to make it's important for this, for the tournament to look good because you have players like side you on monday, the peer i'm really bumming more and more on africans upcoming. interested in this treatment. so i'm pretty happy that as of the 2nd round of the group stages, the level of play has really risen. ah, now canada has boosted that sensitive reaching the 2020 to woke up in katha on sunday. they seal. it's who knew when over the united states, the result means candidates. the standings in the qualifying group with all games to go there looking 3 funds to the 1st time in 1986. the us feel 2nd in the table is find that the saturday about pretty natalie danbury,
12:54 am
about 21 of the. 6 as you can tell when you think somebody in panama over birchum to the making the fun they beat you make a 3 to on sunday result, the puts them full in the english premier. lee team evanson of appointed franklin. i'm part of the new manager, the former chelsea boss assigned a 2 and a half year contract and it's in 5. robin a says earlier on this month, the club is just full points player of the relegation. we know where it is, cob, once debate we want to get. so what we know 1st and foremost from the challenges are in front of us right now in terms of lead position, or we have enough comp time next week. and so i want to get to work very quickly on that turn to, to deal with the shilton. and of course, in the back of our modern, always a long time version of the couple of cats. i was pushed to become a focal point for global sport. will peak late to this year when it hosts the football world cup right now the olympics for a fencing is taking center stage is lee harding,
12:55 am
reports this salute before the duel. these international athletes earned katara trying to gain points in a series that could take them to the olympics in britain, the all of our phone 1st them is not about the metal. it's about point 15 where you are. and so the higher the level you have, the more potent you get to talk to god alone. and this sport dates back to ancient egypt. but his vault with the invention of electricity and touch censored suits without the lights telling you which player got the point, it would be nearly impossible to follow from the stands. the thing about fencing is if you blank, you can miss it. it's one of the most complicated sports to understand and is one of the least watch events at the olympics. because scoring points comes down to a single point on a sort o. and it's all about the timing. so it's
12:56 am
a 20 for 2nd. i have to be faster than you are. and so it's all about speeding this weapon. for margaret goods, even 70 fincen has always been a passion. she used to compete for italy, but now represents the usa. after getting a college scholarship and an american passport, everybody ahead of me. oh, can i have points? i do, right. i saw that corbett here and there was a big starving. so, but, and we're getting their new spectators were allowed at this event in the governing body. has even tried to stop athletes screaming during the matches, as a way to help reduce the spread of coven 19. even with no audience, their love of the game keeps them focused. sometimes in life, you have to advance, you have to make an attack. you have to go and pursue some goals. sometimes you have to wait a lot of it or you have to just retreat. and so really fencing translates into day to day life. and it was for the really are trying to, you're going to think better and to think faster and sometimes in life,
12:57 am
winter lose. you have to get back out there in fight. again. we are hurting. i'll g 0 doha. bethany hamilton has made a winning returns the world serf league in hawaii, the 31 year old. he lost her arm and a shock it's i can see 1003 was competing on the talk. the 1st time is 2018. she was given a wild call spot after 7 time will champion stuffy gilmore, pull out a contract and covered 90 hamilton the next. i gone olympic champion a curious symbol. okay, that is hey, sport is looking for now. let's get back to lauren inland and he thank you very much indeed, and a quick reminder to catch up with all the sport and the news on our website address that is andrew 0 dot com. i said from me, nor antenna for snoozer. i'll be back in just a couple minutes with more of a snooze likes watching. ah,
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ah, palestine is once a very different place from today. that of palestine holsburn in the cost of cities became connected to the interior in an award winning film al jazeera well, his historians, an eyewitness accounts that portray early 20th century palestine as a thriving, vibrant nation. the region was open. investments were active in moving from one city to another. palestine 1920 on al jazeera ah award winning documentary from around the world
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on out to a 0. the world of high frequency share trading, exposed. i had this engine that was basically trading. i could, a last $30000000.00 was a terrifying experience. how artificial intelligence has raised the stakes and risks on the money market is market go faster, faster. we're opening up the possibility for an instability, for no, no use with money box on al jazeera with
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ah, the u. s. president meets cut us emir whitehouse, confirming the gulf nation will be given special status and designated a major non nato ally. ah, i'm your intent of this is, and is there a live from london also coming up at the un security council, the u. s. in russia trade verbal blows as the military build up at ukraine's border . take center stage claims of parties that the u. k. prime minister's residence during not.


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