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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 2, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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lose the. ready ready ready this is al jazeera ah oliver, i'm the clock. this isn't use our life from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. you as president joe biden approves the deployments of thousands of troops to eastern europe as tensions mounts on the ukrainian border. gunman attack a camp for internally displaced in eastern democratic republic of congo. kelly, at least 72 people. the european union is accused a green washing for labeling some investments in gas and nuclear energy as
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sustainable austria says it will challenge the action in court and disappearing 3 times faster than forest san. well, wetlands day, we look at why few migratory birds are traveling to india during winter. i'm sorry to highest the latest sports. we build up to the africa cup of nations, semi final between booking of fafsa and cynical, and brazil show why they're one of the favorites to win the world cup in cats are with yet another qualifying when ah, all right, so we begin this news now with a growing military stand off, sparked by the crisis on ukraine's board with russia. a u. s. president joe biden is ordering the pentagon to deploy additional troops to eastern europe. a 2000 american soldiers will head to poland and germany. and 1000 will be re positioned
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to romania, the u. s. a. nate who already have tens of thousands of troops, of course, in europe. russia's president vladimir putin. he says, the west is trying to lure him into a war with ukraine and insist that moscow's concerns about nature's expansion is, would have been ignored. russia has a mass, tens of thousands of soldiers on its border with ukraine. u. k prime minister boris johnson has said, any invasion would be a disastrous mess. calculation is due to hold a phone cool with putin. later on when we focused on the evolving situation in europe and russia are actually moving through. are you on kirby and bella luce? a secretary said, united states stands shouldered shoulder with our nato allies. the current situation demands that we reinforce the deterrent and defensive posture on nato's eastern flank. president biden has been clear that the united states will respond to the growing threat to europe's security and stability. our commitment to nato
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article 5 and collective defense remains iron clad. as part of this commitment and to be prepared for a range of contingencies, the united states will soon move additional forces to romania, poland, and germany. i want to be very clear about something. these are not permanent moves, they are, moves designed to respond to the current security environment. moreover, these forces are not going to fight in ukraine. they're going to insure the robust defense of our nato allies. now let me lay this out for you. in a series of 3 steps, 1st, 1000 soldiers that are currently based in germany, where we position to romania in the coming days. and this is us, a striker squadron, a mounted cavalry unit that's designed to deploy in short order, and to move quickly once in place. and they will augment the sum of $900.00
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us forces that are currently in romania. and this force is designed to deter aggression and enhance our defensive capabilities in frontline allied states. and we expect them as i said, to move and coming days. secretary austin discussed this repositioning to romania just last week in his conversation with the romanian minister defense. and again, i want to stress that this move is coming at the express invitation of the romanian government. additionally, we will confront french president microns announcement that france intends to deploy forces to romania under nato command, which secretary austin discussed with the french defense minister florence parley. just last week. the united states will continue to consult and coordinate with france and all our allies to ensure that we compliment each other in our respect of deployments. and of course, we're going to continue to work through nato to make appropriate defensive and non
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escalate tory force posture alignments. second, we are moving an additional force of about approximately 2000 troops from the united states to europe in the next few days. the 82nd airborne division is deploying components of an infantry brigade, combat team, and key enablers to poland. and the 18th airborne corps is moving a joint task force capable headquarters to germany. of both of them, as you know, are based in fort bragg, north carolina. collectively, this force is trained and equipped for a variety of missions to deter aggression and to reassure and to defend our allies . not surprisingly, we worked very closely with our polish and german allies to set the stage for these movements, and we absolutely appreciate their support. again, these are not permanent moves, they respond to current conditions. we will adjust our posture as those conditions
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evolve. 3rd, and finally, all of these forces are separate. and in addition to the 8500 personnel in the united states, on heightened alert posture that i announced last week, those 8500 are not currently being deployed, but remain ready to move if called for the nato response force or as needed for other contingencies. as directed by the secretary or i president button, we continue to review our force posture and the situation in europe and we will make adjustments as the situation warrants. i also want to take this opportunity to correct some misconceptions around last week's announcement. nato as an organization does not have veto power over you us troops, deployments and media reports to the contrary. represent a miss characterization of that. nothing precludes the united states for making its own decisions on forced in force movements, including those forces that are being placed on heightened readiness. that said,
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any movement of us forces involves consultation with the host nation as we have done with romania and poland and germany prior to today's announcements. and we're mindful of the competing needs of operational security and our obligation to be transparent and will provide you additional information on these and other movements as available and as appropriate. as we have long said, we are continuously reviewing our posture. so there may soon be additional posture decisions to announce, including movements that are part of ongoing military exercises. this is not the sum total of the deterrence actions we will take, or those to reassure our allies. i think it won't surprise you. we take a theater wide approach to deterrence and defense, and we welcome the additional announcements. by spain, denmark, the u. k. in the netherlands of their consideration to deploy additional forces to reinforce nato's eastern flank. united states has robust capabilities distributed across europe, including in the baltic region, and we will continue to assess needs in that area and cooperation with the relevant
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allies. and of course, the full nato alliance. we stand united, we have said that repeatedly, we say it again today. these movements are unmistakable signals to the world that we stand ready to reassure our nato allies into turned and, and defend against any aggression. now as the secretary said, friday, we do not know if russia has made a final decision to further invade ukraine. but it clearly has that capability. the department of defense will continue to support diplomatic efforts led by the white house and the state department to press for resolution. we do not believe conflict is inevitable. united states in lockstep with our allies in partners has offered russia a path to deescalate. but we will take all prudent measures to assure our own security and that of our allies. a finally, just one note i. i note that in the past few hours,
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a proposal made by the united states leak to a european news outlet. we did not make this document public, but now that it is, it confirms to the entire world what we have always been saying. there is no daylight between our public statements and our private discussions. nato and his partners are unified in their resolve and open to constructive and serious diplomacy. the united states has gone the extra mile to find a diplomatic solution. and if russia actually want to negotiate a solution as a claims, it does. this document certainly makes clear that there is a path forward to do so. and will that will take questions starting with you leda? i don't think i did a couple of details on some of this. is it still $8500.00 total that are on demand to deploy orders or are there additional ones? and there's a brigade at fort carson that is all that already is scheduled to rotate into
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europe. are you including them? there's been some confusion. are you including batt person brigade in the prepared to deploy orders or b is? are they completely separate because they're already scheduled employment? and then i'm one other i have, are there are more of these troops that aren't going? are they under nato? or are these all unilateral us moves? thank him. let me see if i can remember all those. the troops that i'm talking about today will be going under us command. but as i said in the case of romania, we know the french are, are going to be preparing to deploy troops there. we will find ways to compliment that forced presence again in full consultation with romania. so i wouldn't describe these as unilateral moves. i mean, this is a bilateral arrangement between the united states and romania,
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but to your question, they will be going under u. s. command the 8500, but they still remain unprepared to deploy orders. as i said, when i talked about it last monday, the vast majority of them are designed for the nato response force. as i said, my opening statement that at force has not been activated so they aren't going anywhere. and the secretary has, as, as you might imagine, as we have worked towards these troop movements, that there have been additional forces put on, prepare to deploy orders or shorten tethers. i'm not prepared to go into great detail today about that, but yes, there have been additional ones. and as i said in my opening statement, you can expect that that, that, that could continue to happen going forward. we're in a constantly look at the conditions in the region and consult with allies and partners. and if we feel we need to make additional forces more ready, we'll do that. if we feel that we need to send more forces to certain eastern frank
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countries, we'll do that too in full consultation with nato and in full consultation with the specific allies and partners. and i think i missed one of your questions. lita? yeah, well i just want to, i'm going to have to it, i'm gonna have to take that one leader because i don't have the, the breakdown of, of, of, of every single unit in that in that original 8500 in front of me. so let me just take that rather than speculate and guess jen, john, do you have any evidence that pu plans to move beyond ukraine's borders? why are you bolstering these eastern flank allies? if you do not have evidence of that, because it's important that we send a strong signal to mister putin and frankly, to the world that nato matters to the united states. it made it matters to our allies and we have iron clad article 5 commitments an attack on one as an attack on all. and so we know that that did that. he also bristles
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at nato, about nato, and he is made no secret of that. we are making it clear that we're going to be prepared to defend our nato allies if it comes to that. hopefully it won't come to that. nobody wants to see, as i said, conflicts not inevitable. there's no reason for their, for their to be on conflict in ukraine or anywhere else on the european continent. and mister putin can go a long way to say to serving that end by taking seriously the proposals that we have put forward diplomatically and by di escalating through moving some of those troops away. but is there any evidence that he plans to the anything you're seeing that suggests those troops that are outside ukraine like carry on to poland. romania, what, what we, what we see, jen is clear evidence every day that he continues to destabilize the environment by adding more forces into the western part of his country and a rock along belarus. in addition to an additional naval activity in the
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mediterranean, in the north atlantic. so he clearly is providing himself many up options. lots more capabilities for exactly what purpose don't know right now. and because we don't know exactly what his purposes, we want to make sure we're ready on the nato front to defend our allies. barbara, i want to follow up on tim, turn. the question you said at the beginning, the current situation demands, we reinforce. so what specifically demands the reinforcement that you are laying out today. and the reason i asked this, this is bilateral is you said originally, ah, you spoke at length several days ago about the nato response force. they have not activated that you are moving ahead bilaterally. not under a nato umbrella. oh, anyhow. so what signal does that send that you're not waiting for, and nato vote. and what is the current situation that demands this reinforcement
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outside of russia, outside of ukraine? i don't think i heard a specific answer. i think the signal had sends that were, that were moving additional us forces into allied territory at the request and with the invitation of those countries is that we take our nato commitments very, very seriously. and i put that right in the opening statement, and as for i think your question is, or what, why now, why are you you're here? i don't understand. i don't, i'd like an explanation why you're doing this now. without the food at nato, which does not appear readily apparent, for them to activate the response force. what his would you to say? ok, the united states will act on a bilateral basis. you have the invitations, you could have waited for nato vote. you decided not to. so what is what is not?
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it's not just us barb other nations. and i mentioned denmark, the u. k. france, i mean the other nations, other nato nations are likewise discussing in bio lateral ways with eastern flank nations. the addition of forces and capabilities to those nations. so it's not just the united states, it's other nato allies that are doing this. and you talk about this vote thing. let's be clear what, what i think you're getting at is the nato response force. that's a 40000 person, strong force that is designed for high readiness and, and that is a decision that the alliance and the only of the ions can make. we have a contribution to that. we have gotten those forces alerted to be ready to go if needed, and they still will be. we also can, if the president decides, as commander chief, to take some of those alert and alerted forces and move them, but in a bilateral arrangement as well, he, he can do that. as i said at the top, it's not like the alliance has a veto authority on any of those troops that were put on prepare to deploy. but as
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in terms of why now, here's just a couple of factors. he, mister putin continues to add forces, a combined arms offensive capabilities even over just the last 24 hours. he continues to add in western russia and in belarus. and again, as i said in the mediterranean and the north atlantic, he has shown no signs of being interested or willing to deescalate the attentions. and it's not just the united states that notice this, our nato allies have noticed this, and we have been in constant communication in consultation with them. and they have expressed their concerns that we have shared our perspectives on what we're seeing with them. they have shared their perspectives on what they're seeing with us. and as a result of these bilateral discussions, we are now prepared to make these moves. i say again, 2 things. these are temporary moose, not permanent deployments, not, you know, permanent basing and to, we're not rolling out the possibility that there will be more coming up in future days and weeks. so my last question,
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the bottom line here is you cannot the united states, the pentagon, a white house, you right now could not rule out the possibility that prudent could make a move outside of ukraine into an east european country. that's a friendly with nato friendly with the u. s. and ally, you can't rule out that he's going to make an additional move beyond ukraine. we're at ruling any the in or out with this announcement barb. this isn't about making this. i don't, this isn't about an intel assessment about what mister putin will or won't do. as i said, again in my opening statement, we still don't believe he's made a decision to further invade ukraine. and if he does further invade ukraine, obviously there's going to be consequences for that. but he has many options and capabilities available to him as to how he might do that. and we simply don't know . we want to make sure that he knows any move on nato is going, is going to be resisted and it's going to be,
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it's going to trickle trigger article 5, and we're going to be committed to the defense of our allies. and that's what this is all about. yeah, david or no for inviting preview this last week. he said he recently forces in the near term. he also said lot um is do you consider with revealing logged in? how does one value out of one value truth, infantry troops stop. the kind of force that you've been describing. first of russia has been mashing western russian. we think that these orders that the secretaries giving today are very much in keeping with the president's comments. and to your other question, i remind again that we hold the option open of
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additional forced movements if that's desired and needed m a. so the steps i'm talking about today a could very well be preliminary steps to future ones that we might take. and your other question about, you know, is that enough? again, i think it's worth reminding that romania as a sovereign state has their own military and a very capable one at that. and it's not just the united states sending a striker squadron, as i mentioned early the, the french are, are going to be sending additional troops. i'll let them speak to what they're going to do and on what timeline and, and, and how much. and as i also said in my opening statement, other countries are likewise moving forward to provide a bowstring capabilities to nato allies on the eastern flight with get in position and do your infantry cartoon from fort bragg to jump in. i'm not going to talk about the, the specifics of their movement but,
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but as i said in my opening statement, we expect them to start moving and coming days. i don't have a more specific timeline for you in terms of exact departure date and exact arrival. obviously it'll be, it'll be obvious when they get there, and certainly we'll try to keep you informed all the way court. i just want to think you've, you've made it clear several times that these trips won't be brought into ukraine and they won't be in combat. but can you rule out that any these truth specifically from, from 82nd airborne might be brought into ukraine in the coming days to help with a non cotton evacuation? is that possible that they could be used for that? as i think you heard the secretary a say on friday, our troops are multi mission capable and they will be prepared for a range of contingencies. and i won't go any further than that. it's not one reason that it's 82nd specifically was identified as one of the units to go for it early. is that because of that capability? because they, they are, as, you know, already a ready force. they are already at
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a heightened state of alert that's, that's, that's the, the risen diatra for that for that, for that force. and they are multi mission capable. they can do a lot of things. it's a very versatile force and, and i think their versatility in their ability to, to move quickly and, and to conduct a range of missions across a range of contingencies which is well proven at that's the reason why the secretary has ordered them to go. okay, let me get to, i promise, i'll get everybody but i haven't done other than lead and, and anybody on the phone and i need to do that. so we now and thank you. and i would like to know how many. and so now you're going to send to port on because you said 2000 from the us to gemini and bonham. so how many people, how many nissan years? we were you having but on already know majority of the 2000 that'll be moving from
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fort bragg. we'll be going to poland the, the 18th airborne corps, as i said in my opening statement, that's going to germany, that they are going to form a joint task force headquarters. and that's usually the, depending on the, the need and the task at hand. several 100 people. so the majority of the 2000 that i mentioned that, that comprise the 82nd airborne brigade combat team. they that, that let that leading element they'll be, they'll be going to poland m kelly from news nation. hi, john, thanks for taking my question. i know you said we will adjust this past year as conditions evolve. i was curious because we're seeing no ordinary ukrainians, teachers, moms, dad, dentist, learning to use guns to defend themselves. there are calls in washington for the pentagon to support them,
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or any of these troops going to help them and how will the presidents order change the mission of the florida national guard troops currently in ukraine? as i said at the, at the top, kelly, that the president's been clear and, and i think we've made it eminently clear in my opening statement, the districts will not be going to ukraine for, to participate in the, in the, in the defense of ukraine for president has been very clear about that. these forces are going to, to reassure and to bolster capabilities inside nato's eastern flank. and as for the florida national guard and trainers, they are still in ukraine. there's been no decision to to change their status. they are still there of providing advice and assist ukrainian armed forces. and if and when there's a, a need to make a different decision about their presence or the secretary will absolutely do that in consultation with the european command commander general walters. but no decision has been made yet. tony confess, you. hey, john, when you said it will,
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it'll be obvious that the 80, the 2nd airborne arrives i want to piggyback and david martin's question is a likely they're going to parachute in as a symbolic drop to send a message to booting? yeah, i again, i don't, i'm not going to talk about the, their, their travel there and how they're gonna arrive. i don't anticipate it will be a tactical operation in that regard. though tony a little at a david, i said, i don't expect there's going to be some sort of tactical operation, but i don't have additional information today about that. and quite frankly, i'm not sure that that's all that relevant and they're going and they're going to bolster a our capabilities in nato. and that's the most important part here with david, i didn't say no. i said, i don't expect that though. they'll be some sort of tactical operation here. oh man,
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these truth is it general walters, this is that living his role for he already has a split role is a says, a supreme allied commander in europe. ultimately, he will be the top of the chain of command for them while they're in europe. i don't have no, i have more additional information about the c 2 arrangement right now, but we can get that. let me go back to frontier, talk up. and then her carla bab, hey, thanks for doing the kids. i'm on. i hadn't didn't me myself and meet myself. oh, can you talk about whatever, whatever additional airlift capacity might be needed to shift the troops and what role and mobility command would play in this? i don't have specifics on the air lift here or tara, obviously this is
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a reasonable amount of forces that will, that air mobility command will be able to transport. i don't, i don't foresee there a need for some sort of surge of air left activity to get to get these folks over there. go ahead. that is the scene at the pentagon, that press actually john kirby confirming further troop deployment to europe and within europe, a 1000 repositioning to romania to will meant at some 900 us troops already in romania france, he said also intends to deploy troops. romania at 2000 troops from the united states will go to europe from the 82nd airborne division. he said, ok, let's that go straight to our white house correspondent. not kimberly how could and kimberly miss kirby also emphasizing us forces at will not fight in ukraine will ensure the robust defense of our allies, said mr. kirby. i think it was important to know some of the critical questions that came rated the outset of that q and
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a period immediately following the pentagon 1st person statements. and it indicates a couple of things. number one, the, the war fatigue that exists in the united states. the questions that we're hearing from reporters are very different than we would have heard 20 years ago. there was no challenging 20 years ago of the narrative. now you're hearing reporter saying why now what seems to be triggering this deployment of troops. what intelligence is there that would suggest that these eastern slang nato partners are at risk in some way? and there didn't seem to be a good answer to that question. and so that's why you heard a number of reporters taking another pass at it, trying to get some clarification on it and successfully. what we heard from the pentagon, there was this sort of stock answer that was in his initial statement. and that was
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that the united states is watching the movements of russia very carefully. and they don't like what they see. they're acting on the invitation of the nato countries, and that they will not be in any way activated inside of ukraine. but instead, we'll be working at a, sort of with the host nations where they will be positioned. we should point out in germany. there already is a very large presence of us forces at base is there. i and there is already a nato base where these troops will now be going in the cases of poland as well as romania. so what we should note and all of this is the questions are critical. and another question that was brought up is, why are you jumping the gun as so to speak, with respect to the fact that nato has not exactly had a vote yet with risk regard to this, activating the nato response force and yet you're already moving these troops
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because once again, the, the pentode spokesperson keeps saying that the united states is responding to russian aggression. but many could argue that by positioning these troops, this is an aggressive or at least provocative act on the part of the united states . acting in advance of any nato vote to trigger a reactive force would also be considered potentially, depending on what side of this conflict you're on. could also be seen as provocative or aggressive. and so. 6 it's very important to, to look at both sides of this perspective. and what's interesting, i think most of all is as someone who's covered conflict a in the united states for 20 years or more now is that reporters are asking these questions in a way we would not have seen 20 years ago. yeah. penny a question. what about the government level? will it be broad, congressional support for already there is
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we should point out that, particularly in the u. s. senate, there is a, this i should point out as bipartisan, whether it's democrats or republicans, there is a healthy majority. i would say in the u. s. senate, that is already drafting legislation to counter russian aggression. and there are good reasons why there you have to remember that there are people that are still angry about the meddling in the 2016 u. s. election. that many believe cost their party, the white house, and they're looking to settle scores with respect to that. but they also believe that there is ongoing monitoring of us systems, whether it be through back door espionage and cyber attacks at the attacks haven't stopped. and so did i, on capitol hill,
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there is grave concern that russia continues to metal in us affairs. and they are concerned about the, the activities that are taking place that were described by the spokesperson there at the pentagon. and so they are watching this carefully. but again, it comes down to the eminence of the threat at this particular moment. the threats from russia are nothing new over all. what these reporters are trying to 0 down on is what makes this particular activation of troops these 3000 that you as president joe biden has activated or, or, or at least, is now positioning as of the last couple of hours. what makes this imminent? now what is necessary now that wasn't needed, say, 2 weeks ago, and that question has not yet been answered. or kimberly thinks about the time being i can be how could the in washington dc. let's get the view from moscow dosage bar and starting by the in tulsa, early days yet. but any comments,
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any response, ah, yes, was actually just been hearing from the 1st deputy head of the foreign affairs committee here from the duma and the and p by the name of dmitri nova. cough he's reacted very quickly. is saying that this is an absolutely destructive step. an ad not only complicates the situation at the moment, but also makes things in ukraine very complicated. he also went on to say that these actions can also be qualified as an attempt to hack the fragile. 6 negotiation process that are ongoing about the security guarantees this countries looking for from the american sorta. it appears that the russians are already seen this as a very much step backwards and an attempt by the american government to really cut off or delay any kind of negotiations that they have ongoing with this country. there's a lot of talk about the diplomatic efforts that are underway over the past 3 weeks,
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but it appears this moved now will only make things much worse. we are waiting still for president vladimir putin to speak to his british counterpart or st. johnson later this evening. and we will get a briefing from the kremlin about how that call goes down. but of course, this will likely be at the very top of that conversation, the russian president has been very clear that the americans are using ukraine as a tool to put pressure and isolate russia. and that is something that country it was not accepting. they say they have very specific demands from nato and the u. s . and those demands have been basically ignored by the american government up to now and that the dialogue that is ongoing. there's very little in terms of a solution that the russian president can see a i way out of it, but he said we must still continue to try that diplomatic route after he met with hungarian prime minister later on earlier on tuesday. so we heard initial react,
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france, the, i do my official bets. we're going to hear from the a russian president later this evening when this phone call finishes with a bores johnson from brief us. and certainly dis, announcements will play very much at the forefront of that. i'm sure it will also the timing. thanks very much. still deborah in moscow and let's talk more about to batch upcoming phone call. re challenge. it's danny, by for us in london, a rory is dose was to saying a bridge prime minister scheduled to have this phone call with vladimir putin at some point in the coming hours. what just happened perhaps puts a somewhat different emphasis complexion on of what we'll talk about. well, i think it shows the diplomacy continues. it hasn't stopped. and even though we have these troop movements deployments, obviously the large number of russian soldiers poised on the gradient border. all of them essentially are diplomatic tools. they are threats that you can use
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warnings that you can use in order for the politicians to talk out what their goals and the aims really are. and that's what are a stones and let me putin are going to be doing when they speak later on. now, will this move the diplomatic needle in any particular direction? will it ease the situation we'll have to see, but the indications are from the russian side recently they don't whole british diplomacy in particularly high regard at the moment. and of course, bar as johnson is going through his domestic up heels at the moment, modern scandal either party gates, you can only imagine really how that's going down to the kremlin platinum in probably having a good old chuckle about his pretty counterparts. whoa, is at the moment and probably thinking that there's no way that he would ever get himself in such a pickle given his control over parliament's, over the judiciary,
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over the police, and over the media in russia, a very different political system from the u. k. perspective, you have obviously collection of different values and interests that are at play here. on the, on the values ledger you have with a british trying to show that they are at a bowls. an important part of the free well is that they are foreign policy act, says that bricks it hasn't diminished britain. it's in hong fits ability to act interests you have well the u. k. is trying to bolster its relations with, with the united states has tried to bolster its relations with countries, opponents, ukraine, and the baltic states. and is trying to stand up for a young democracy against a big a neighbor, an autocratic neighbor. we can have, or johnson articulating some of some of these views. right now. we stand with the
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people of ukraine and we stand for the sovereign and territorial integrity of ukraine at a very difficult time because there are other voters, ukraine. everybody knows about 125000 russian troops matching the situation is, is very perilous. and the job of the u. k. is to lead the west in bringing together the most important countries in creating a package of economic sanctions that will deter president putin from what i believe would be a disastrous miscalculation. he had it from borrowed from the top of the u. k. is to lead the western world. now, there is also another lens that you can look at it through. that's the domestic political lens, of course, or something, as i mentioned, mod, and scandal at home. any kind of issue that he can lean into that might give a distraction to those domestic was he's got to do that. and of course a big crisis and ukraine is a good opportunity and
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a roaring thanks for that. for each officer in london. ah, are we turned out to the democratic republic of congo where government have killed at least $72.00 people? the attack happened at a camp for internally displaced people in the east, in the province of eternity. fighters from the co operative for the development of the congo known as could echo, are suspected of organizing. the rate on group has killed hundreds of people in the region enforced thousands from the haze new past 5 years. hassan can it is the director of the horn international institute for strategic studies based in nairobi . and he explains what's behind this longstanding conflict between lendue and hammer communities. it actually has the soda into the colonial history in which the assumption that the ma community was particularly hey, but now this letter on
6:40 pm
a ball to become an ethnic nationalist, religious come kind of out. we very extra me. so, you know, kind of approach on why the addition of what they want is not i think the extent of the kind of stomach that we need to do, especially as a result in part of the joint effort by the convalescent you're going to the troops to route out extra me elements and this is a few tuition that he's like you to escalate of fun, especially the snow white rhythm, coordinated or response that he's going to ensure the 7th grade. but essentially, it's an a nationalist that has also run into a religious come a more or less compared perhaps the most. what is the, i mean we only, you know, breaking and you've been with the region that has more than 120 groups of region where a government is blocking why the international community. he's absent and not mentioning,
6:41 pm
you know, the region. it's better remarks. but also very about and very densely populated. and so they, they, especially the idp, be totally disposed of basically a critical moment. probably some of them are going to be killed. others are going to davis division impact because access to this area is limited to hell, a lot of times a fund in between. and so a bit dire situation, i think close to attention of the community to try and perhaps more of a robot united nations response, especially when comes to piece nikki or the peacekeepers as well as you might have any the european commission is being accused of what's been described as green washing because of its proposals to classify gas, nuclear investments as sustainable. the commission argues that gas and nuclear power plants can bridge the energy gap, while coal fired electricity stations to shut down some countries. a investment
6:42 pm
should be directed towards cleaner and green energy, such as wind and solar power. austria says it will challenge the action in court, or germany has long had a strong pro death stance, but opposes nuclear. dominic cane has more on that perspective now from berlin. the issue here is that the commission has been trying to plot its way through to potentially very divergent roots that have being suggested to it. like a tug of war between on the one side, the member states of the you who think that nuclear power does have a place in the future of energy, energy generation. and then those who really don't. and those who say, well, actually there is a place for natural gas and it pitts to on the one side, the french government of president macklin, who says that there is this place for nuclear energy because it can be managed in small modular areas where the waste products can safely be stored and managed, and then the german side of things which and other member states who say natural
6:43 pm
gas is an answer. so in one sense, there is an argument that there is a little bit of what they want in this for everybody. and yet they are, i'm in the states such as the austrian sewer, so incense by this judgement. they say they're considering legal action because they don't believe nuclear power has a place. the interesting thing here in a sense of how can this be stopped if somebody wanted to, there are only 2 obvious routes. the 1st is if 20 members states out of the 27, e. u. member states were to flatly say no. the 2nd one would be if a majority of the european parliament were to say no, well, we know that the green party has considerable representation in the european parliament. so it is going to be worth watching, how things in brussels and strasburg develop. but that's the sort of political significance of, of it as it stands right now. well that's germany, france for it's part says nuclear energy is crucial to meeting climate targets.
6:44 pm
natasha butler has more of that from paris. the fact that the european union has, i did nuclear power to its green list for investment to me. energy sector is a big win for, from because the french government have been lobbying hard and low for nuclear to be included. now from, from been a proponent of nuclear power. it derive 70 percent of its energy needs from nuclear . there are nearly 20 plugs in the country and the french present to my new micro wants to build many more. now, micro argues that nuclear is much cleaner than fossil fuels and can help your opinion become more self reliant when it comes to energy. for one analyst that i spoke to said in terms of energy sovereignty and the u, reaching its climate goals, nuclear power is not a long term solution. it takes from 10 to 15 years to nuclear plants. so in the long run, you can argue that nuclear can be useful to strengthen your independence here. but
6:45 pm
in the short term, what you need to do is rather invest in new in renewables and in energy efficiency . if you want to be independent and get rid of, for instance, the wish, i guess the inclusion of nuclear on the green list is certainly controversial. not all member states are on board austria luxemburg, and germany for example, say that nuclear is potentially an environmental hazard. as well as nuclear natural gas has also been included on the list backed by germany and all this is infuriating environmentalists who cues the european union of not living up to its climate promises. well, let's take this out and speak to andras, go tell who's a professor for public policy at the university of effort in germany, joins us live from then. now welcome to the program address. you get austria's point that this accusation, if green washing is fair enough, isn't it? because it's pretty evident the gas certainly is not green and nuclear certainly
6:46 pm
isn't environmentally friendly. well, absolutely. and, and i guess what you make of that is, that is the best decision or the question to propose a class compromise gets nuclear term, get your gas and go. and it's in the taxonomy as, as being sustainable. but indeed it's, you know, miles north justified gas normal here, gas. flo, how to play in the tradition, but classified as green, i guess certainly is the wrong move because essentially what should i ask? the cell has, what is the signal at the signal going out? now is to master's is more money into fossil fuels, pays off into fossil fuel filter because including gas, solomon may make it easier to find a gas process, and that may knock in best and expenses of green energy sources such as knolls. right. gus has
6:47 pm
a role in the transition. certainly the it's down the line that the big question comes, isn't it? the suggestion is that the, the book is using this classification as a means of reaching its talkative, becoming climate neutral by 2050. well, absolutely. i mean, the, the whole idea is that a me, which is supposed to leverage private sector money before the king energy transition. and you have to have higher said, you think or sustainable and would need the support for paying off going forward for anyone who invest money into this. but there's a contention. one is essentially to go green because you have to ask for the parents goals. but 2nd, aussie, a compelling to this. and when i, when you saw hope, external supplies of just motion, others to supply with fossil fuels, whether the president's proposal by the european commission, kate, us that target, that's really our, that's
6:48 pm
a question about nuclear. interesting. one is next lot of top level scientists that say that the transition and indeed existing in a renewable world will not be possible unless we have fairly wide scale nuclear energy. well, i guess that people get different. i mean, some companies like friends or belgium is very important and all sorts of energy and they're going to need is that no harm and it doesn't produce greenhouse gas emissions. that's why you can happening to it into the energy. and yes, it produces domestic. a mission for the trouble is that if you look at it the entire life cycle before the less for, for example, you need all of their plans back on here. which adds to the balance in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. plus the variable question,
6:49 pm
which is nuclear waste when you do with it. so well, there are fewer greenhouse gas emissions. there was a question when you're sustainable and many would say it is. and finally, i think the most important question really is do we have the time to build more nuclear power plant? so never it takes them 15 years to build such a thing. and we need to be carbonized within the next 2 years, which means a change. we need technology that's available that's available that quick, which means that nuclear is for most part, pretty out of the question. it just a great, a talk to a professor. appreciate that very much about that. thanks a lot. thank you. to let her own out zera washington's nfl football team as you like. so i will have a little bit of as well ah,
6:50 pm
for quite a few decades, garza has been dealing with political and economic turmoil. and its people struggle to access essential needs, like adequate quantities of potable water, a sufficient number of beds for pregnant mothers, and limited access to up to date information for students. and in the hasa, the ground water is not sufficient to meet the daily needs of all of its residents . this led to the development of the new water treatment facility and hun eunice slowing down further pollution. the extension of as shift as medical facilities was accomplished to provide expectant mothers with a safe and reliable opportunity to get the care they needed. the kuwait library at the university college of science and technology is not only a repository of knowledge, but an access point to the world beyond hulu
6:51 pm
. ah, we are going to be going to sports. it's funny bye. thanks a lot. nicole. the african combinations resumes on wednesday with senegal, aiming to reach their 2nd straight continental final as, as a combo quino fossa, in a semi's clinical, who've never won the title last to algeria in the 2019 final bought. they head into wednesday's game on beats. and in 11 straight matches in full sauce side, your money will lead the team who have full confidence, they say in their captain, included this was going to buffalo, seymour sadie out knows things that we don't, he somebody works a lot who makes us want to work he also gives us a taste of the high level because when we see him working,
6:52 pm
we realized that we don't do enough and that maybe we should start to work harder. gone ah well now into the world cup, qualifying action from south america where brazil have ended, paraguay hopes of reaching cat thought 2022. they scored 4 goals and bellow horizontal. and it was felipe continue who got to take the bunch. now it's definitely worth taking another look at the replay that there you go. real madrid, strike o road 3, go all say school. his 1st international goals to seal the when brazil have already qualified and on be in the 50 games. so fall. and as usual, looking like one of the favorites to win the world cup in december now, just seen are also already short of a place and now on beast. and in 29 games they rested in a message to his recent bout with coded 19, but they still be columbia. one mill with a goal from last, however of our see is columbia hope so. all the over off the know scoring and the
6:53 pm
last 7 quantifies and could do missed a chance to secure the ticket for katha a win against through would have done it, but they conceded a 2nd half equalizer, which means they had to settle for a point. but they still looking good fertile sematic place close to chile, the hopes of qualification aligned with a 3 to win over. believe you, alexis sanchez, school tuesday, goals and plans in a stadium that is more than 3 and a half 1000 meters above sea level. and uruguay boosted their chances after they thrash bought some slight slide venezuela for one, for window pace 3 stole the show with this grades assist you on that. now manchester united wing are his own loan. spanish side. i love as his united c may. it's been come on the also school and so did louis flores with a penalty. when put your why into the sematic places? well, here's a reminder. the top 4 qualify automatically with
6:54 pm
a 5th place team heading to a playoff. it's currently ecuador, and you're why he was set to join brazil and argentina with peru fighting of chile, columbia, and bolivia. there are 2 rounds of games left in march. all the world's best women ski jump will mister beijing olympics, off the failings, recover from craven 19 in time. murray to cramer tested positive for the virus over the weekend and can't travel to china. now the striving was due to compete on her 1st winter olympics, but the women's normal hell competition. in fact, today is one of the very 1st metal events at the games. kramer has 16 world cop events the season and leave this fundings. meanwhile, the olympic church really kicks off for the low profile start me on wednesday morning. the public were off not to watch. it's in person because a strict pandemic rules among the 135 torchbearer is in the morning relay with china is 1st full champion and when to sports a speed skater,
6:55 pm
who's now ac and format and a saw. yeah, me games will be beginning on friday. washington's nfl team has just announced its new name. we are. the committee will now be known as the washington commanders on, for a lengthy review on how to replace an original name seen as a racial slur against native americans o nfl stars, past and present have been paying tribute to legendary quarterback tom brady, who's retired from the game among them, another famous school to bike, peyton manning, you said it was an honor and a privilege to compete against brady. the 7th time superbowl champion announced on social media on tuesday that he'd ended his career after 22 seasons. he'd won 6 of those titles of the new england patriots before leaving the tampa bay buccaneers to the trophy in 2021. and if all right, so michael shaw see says brady leaves avoid in the nfl. that will be very hard to
6:56 pm
fill. when you start looking around who the best quarterback is right now, right now inside the nfl, you have to start checking. you know, is it aaron rogers or have aaron rogers who's, you know, likely back to back m b p winner or his skills on the decline as many people think the are and then you go to the guys like patch my own josh allen, sort of the next crop of great nfl quarterback. so is it aaron rogers? probably um, but the fact that we're even asking that question is harking back to an arrow where you know is kind of is brady or is manning the best right now? is it is a drew brees, you know, as are see a distant 3rd now of it. that is a fresh debate that we get to have because up until this moment it has been tom brady for quite some time. the former to france, when at egon panell is going to have a 2nd round of neurosurgery off the last month's training crush, the columbia and team in your rider. it's
6:57 pm
a station the laurie just the outside bogota, suffering injuries to his spine, leg and chest. doctors have decided he now needs another procedure on his spine and revealed that he nearly lost his life in the accident and at one stage there was a 95 percent chance he'd become power. friedrich the n b i is leading team. the phoenix songs have extended their winning streak to 11 games. the latest victory came against the brooklyn. that's 121. 21117 book a score. 35 points. enemy call bridge is out of the season. high of 27. is the song best thought to season in their franchise history? and just a week for his 50th birthday surf legend kelly slater has proven age is nothing bots and number the american reach the quote to finals of the billabong pro pipeline and hawaii. so it's a tame be famous bonzai pipeline with a 9 point right on his final run to no cow young rival. baron, mom. ya well,
6:58 pm
that's where you spoke now. maybe more later or yeah, we'll see you later. thanks very much. that's if these are, i'll be back, go to cover with with i mean all of latin america for most of my career, but no country is alike. and it's my job to shed light on how and why the corona virus has been indiscriminate in selecting its victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain, a disproportionately high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins.
6:59 pm
the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom fail, it citizens britain's true colors. part one on al jazeera with blue blue blue shilling, the debates they erase out of like people from the american and global story was very powerful on an online, at your voice. the comment section is right here. join our conversation. we had all
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active whenever the ram is protected, it does not apply. being matched on the sticker board. you just look at it in a very different way. so that perspective magnet and men meeting each other and they don't have any pollution. let me get it clear for you this dream analysis. ah, yes, president joe biden approves the deployments of thousands of troops to eastern europe has tensions mounts on ukraine. russian border. ah, dominic clog this is out there alive from de also coming up done man attack a cap for internally displaced people in eastern democratic republic of congo. kelly at least 72. molly defaults on multiple bond payment. it says regional sanctions.


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