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tv   Witness Ringside  Al Jazeera  February 2, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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ah, al jazeera, ah, ah, ah, hello, i'm barbara sarah london. these are the top stories on al jazeera. the military standard for ukraine is escalating with the us president, pulling thousands of american troops to eastern europe. 2000 us soldiers will had to poland and germany in $1000.00 will be re positioned to romania, the us. and they already have tens of thousands of troops in europe. the pentagon says the moved fans a strong signal to russia, which continues to deny that it's planning and invasion. and that despite the presence of more than 100000 russian troops near the border with ukraine,
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the kremlin says the west is trying to law russia into a war, insisting its concerns about nathan's east ward expansion has been ignored. we do not know if russia has made a final decision to further invade ukraine, but it clearly has that capability. the department of defense will continue to support diplomatic efforts, led by the white house and the state department to press for resolution. we do not believe conflict is inevitable. the united states in lockstep with our allies in partners has offered russia a path to de escalate. but we will take all prudent measures to assure our own security and that of our allies, a white house corresponding kimberly house. it has more now from washington dc. certainly there is, are many that feel this is a provocative step on the part of the united states that insist that the best path for resolving security differences with russia when it comes to the west is through
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diplomacy. it seems very odd to be suddenly in advance of any sort of nato vote on this to put together a reactive collective force that the united states is putting together and positioning troops to defend nato allies. in fact, this is something that was brought up at the pentagon briefing and number reporter saying, is there new intelligence that would suggest that countries, nato allies, beyond ukraine, or in any way at risk of invasion? or is there new intelligence that would suggest that there is any imminent danger? and there was simply no answer to that, only that they were the united states is acting on the invitation of these host countries, namely germany, romania and poland. and also that one attack on one nato country is an attack on all. but again, there has been no attack. and so far, there is no need to invoke article 5 militia group armed with guns and machetes,
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has attacked the camp for internally displaced people in democratic republic of congo, killing at least 72 people find who has from the co operative for the development of the congo group known as could echo, are suspected of being responsible for the killings in eastern e to the province. many of the casualties of reported to be women and children. un peacekeepers exchange fire with the sealants. shortly after arriving on the scene and conducted joint operations with the congo lee's army into the early morning, pushing the seal is out of the area and securing the idp site to prevent further attacks. humanitarian partners are providing medical supplies. ca, besides, government says 11 people were killed in tuesday's attack on the presidential palace, which has been seen as an attempted coup. saint media says among the dead war, 4 of the packers and 2 members of the presidential guard president to morrow c.
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soco and below survived what he says was an attempt to kill him along with the prime minister and the cabinet. he believes the 5 hour attack was linked to drugs, trafficking rather than an attempt to overthrow him. and the australian navy is denying one of its warships transporting earthquake aid relief to toner, is responsible for the 1st ever covered cases on the south. pacific island toner is now in lockdown. after 5 positive tests were recorded for 2 dock workers and their families. the island was previously covered free. the australian warship eci may. yes, adelaide. dr. last week. bringing aid relief for last month's earthquake, despite more than 50 positive tests among its crew. he's at the top stories stay with us. witness is next and i'll have one is for you in half an hour. thanks for watching or by ah,
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hulu. 2 0 a, he's heading to the rank them has an opportunity tonight to make his way into the final. so he's going to be looking to really go into the wing and take charge or some instructions for instructions junior. he's about to with jenny sims junior, from a,
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in the corner with even with the $1.00 to 5 pm is what it's called right now. and this kid is up and call me at the top of the street here for chicago, south side. oh say a lot of brass, the finest. 12 year old boxer in america there. yesterday, butler junior destiny butler used to work at a champion junior golden gloves. he's a 6th grader who was a floss floyd fraser, south side with coach frank smith and the gladiators boxing club. he's only 12 years old. you may want to remember the name destiny butler ferry border field says destiny butler junior. if someone you should know my hopes and goals is hopefully being lampey said 17. anyone in the coming professional 513 year old from boxing
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since the age of 6. and he already holds job title belt is going to what is it about this sport video love. so i was like, you can hear people when you can get in trouble for any buffer trying to remember the name. i don't know either by destiny was already boxed like any game. destiny was the main destiny with the nation. so it was came to me was linkedin profile and they were on the top and a k b
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. he hasn't had it easy with this particular neighborhood. you've established the see at least once to twice more guns. you were subject c, cracky, no fee. every bit you struggle with been times when you have we have like we have games. i do sometimes we have oh no, i'm not. i'm not right. but you're as fighters come from or chip that i've had to come over there might be, let me call, just see when i step over,
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i think my right performs boone right. now you can do julie's if you with me. i know you can't get in trouble if you with me, this is what you're doing. the best wag keep them up on to me. look, did you want to write? are you going on? we're going to get anybody working 1212? yes sir. let me think mills, my usually he's either going to look up to his father or his own. look now on his for up. if he has the father has done his job. he's going to look up to if he has father who hasn't looked down on that, he's gonna look for role model. so webs as i works.
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as a coach. i want to bring that up. as a father, i want to see him smack is been times where i've had him and patted him in band in him and he was ready to quit that made him keyboard is the best strategy. i've made him were to the gold up sometime and i know if i can break it,
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nobody else will break. our goal is to make another day. he at natural talent. you just made some bad decisions, which sometimes you can't get out of i
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was mad hurt of sick. she had to do that. i made all the sacrifices for his family and you want to do some damn stuff like that. i gave you my last so i could is if you could to him. huh. oh, as a deal as a deal, that was good for real me working out. i know you me morgan out every day. what about us? it us i'm not an automatic yet major. he want to be like his big brother, man. he won't be like you man. pain. you want to hang with you put he showed a do
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a good example. no. he won't. he won't to fame. he won't define this like you own the fame and glory. busy right, a on can you see my mom i she finished it right here for certain. right. he how you doing in doing good? yeah, let make a muscle so i can see the work. now let me see. who does not think is bigger than yours. i mean, to lie you been doing? yeah. we miss you tremendously. you know then don't you? yeah, i feel like alone, darker like a low a low. you spoke a low you spoke more from a no he he never thought i was gonna be
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a jew. i never thought i'm gonna be a jew, so that's, that's the main thing. you know, he pied annoyed thought i was won't be so well. father, my box caribbean ended this man. now they charged him with 3 burglaries. how to cook county and we're staring down 12345 burglaries, adelaide county, residential burglary, is what we call an illinois a class one felony class one felony. you're not eligible for probation. it's minimum of 4 years in prison, a maximum of 15 years in prison. but the kicker is, is you are eligible for something called boot camp. it's called the impact incarceration program,
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the 6 month program. it's in the department of corrections. you go to a camp as a military, like, ah, training, good mentors. it's a really good program that's actually i found that be very, very successful for a lot of my guys. he could be out a boot camp by september back training, back with your foot to his throat or the keep him out of trouble. and i don't see why he couldn't. he'll be ready for the olympic trials in making united states libya. oh, oh oh. 6 6 0 hm,
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it won't allow us to move for us to lose allow us to lose gracious extra piece of mind giving me
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a ah tend to be your father. it was more long term to be the coach. it was time to be a father and protector. this leant out to get you book out. man,
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you ain't no probation. mud unit begins that that will have only keep 100 with you now get no probation live you giving a big boy this big one. you have to get a no big from dawn. all my life, you know, a big boy, man, you know, had to do not a day. so you, as a young man, you got a sovereign ask, listen. because i'm not telling you. godspeed. graduate yet. you're gonna do. but that's your natural god. given talent, an albino scholarship. now you want to get in the gym as crazy, but now you got about it. i am not saying you can't make it. you can do. ne, ne minute joint. when he got the joint he made it to the hippies that members in the in the same day as my bad 1000 bad 1000 desson.
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is there gonna be more? oh what, what do you had a show for like me? when i was i had some doors. my new sale don't i joe hor add up. now add money. i got with data show for the closet that you there. you got to close it . cruise boost gym. shoes on it. you can get no money for day. you get full robberies in lake county, the senate. a man. i mean, as i told you in life, you to do is in a car in is do sure. what i tell you always you my go grab a gun and shoot them yourself. good. you did to how can you now listen to me? i hadn't been through. i'd have been rich. i've been broke. i've been paul, i've been through it all here. nat shot it, gang, bang out indeed arleta. how can you not listen to on the per roll? mom?
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i didn't made the only thing i like to make baby since then they had the national pow, not tobar. i one that i want to you as a national feel like i
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wanted to do something bigger go to the next level. a couple of people contacting me, they fill me in to talk to me and stuff because they see me as an amateur is seen. i was good studies, china convinced me it's her pro sometimes does jimmy down in to listen to him. give me some ideas of what a
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a what is your part a where is laying all their readings on? every dollar is my responsibility to train you. it's right and you, i will a day you want to reach now inside. you have a very good morning and decide that you're going to do this for yourself and your family. you have to say, oh,
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i was everybody doing that? i'm doing good, good. you ready? for the next transition everyone it is now recently i've been i talked to gary shaw yesterday. you know, the best thing that they say it really was what a nice young man you how you're your dad. they've left you out of how you and your dad. you know, work together and came up through the ranks together and just been very honorable and nice. so they were all his mom, mom, mom, mom is anchor. they probably know me if i'm out in a cell and, and how it is the mom is a who. so that makes sense. the contract is 5 years. and if he becomes world champion during that time is extended automatically or another
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2 years with bill i'm to the here man. i'm george steinbrenner with. that's why i love shoes. i
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don't want is just one of many checks that i have to deliver to you. okay, it's good to have you on our team is good for you to be barbara emily. a that said the guys now finishing the pros. a c will california in the ring a a book job. but at that, he found out that all the box was pulled here. 2016,
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a little bit. that's on a really startled i. you can hear me hear you. you hear me. i know we've got a lot of you on your mark yet. said they pulled me to the hardest net they boot camp gun. oh interesting call motivation word go non stop from 530 to 330 with
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even just trying to give me say i put it felt like i had some to achieve. so they knew what to take away from i was thursday to go home. i'm thinking like i got this off. the infinite terminated. no. oh, that was a whole plane. get most up, butler, you got to live every day. this program like you mean? yes sir. you have to sound off every day. like, you mean? yes sir. convinced me you have that desire. just like a week, this program and then your work, me and all the rest of the staff,
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investing all brick and interest in our hard effort into your work is you're going to give us the end result we want. yes, you understand me? yes, i do . this and they kick me off when i was that close 10 days it's a national politics to the global pandemic. and everything in between. it did not respect poor people and your are plenty promise to ensure the faith v. a woman. what happened the, just the 5th fullback let people actually have more. why is the u. k, so hostile to try and see if the mysteries all of it join me?
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if i take on the live with men or the misconceptions and debate the contradiction, carmen get up front on al jazeera stories of life, and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the world that celebrate the human spirit against the odds with al jazeera, select change makers. the latest news been extremely harsh provision for 10 years they was the victims of and i guess most people got to chatting with detailed covering warnings that a large part of a fight falling on deaf here from around the world on the house people,
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years of living on the street actually accelerates the aging process. oh, hello and are for sharing london with the top stories on al jazeera, the military standoff over ukraine is escalating with the us, deploying 3000 more american troops to europe in response to the build up of russian troops on the ukrainian border. 2000 us soldiers will had to poland and germany in $1000.00 will be re positioned to romania. the pentagon says the move sandra, strong signal to russia, which continues to deny that its planning and invasion. russia denounced the move as destructive, more than 100000 russian troops are stationed ukraine's border. we do not know if
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russia has made a final decision to further and they'd ukraine. but it clearly has that capability . the department of defense will continue to support diplomatic efforts, led by the white house and the state department to press for resolution. we do not believe conflict is inevitable. the united states in lockstep with our allies in partners, has offered russia a path to de escalate. but we will take all prudent measures to assure our own security and that of our allies. a militia group armed with guns and shatters as a pack, a camp for internally displaced people in democratic republic of congo, killing at least 72, many of the casualties of reported to be women and children. 5 years from the co perceived for the development of the congo known as co deco are suspected of being responsible for the killings in eastern e to reprogram. gimme be sounds,
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government says 11 people were killed in tuesday's attack on the presidential palace, which was seen as an attempted coup. among the dead were 4 civilians, several attackers and members of the presidential guard president to madison by law survived. he says was an attempt to kill him along with the prime minister and cabinet. he believes the 5 hour attack was linked to drug trafficking rather than an attempt to overthrow him. and the australian navy is denying one of its war ships transporting earthquake aid relief. the toner is responsible for the 1st ever a coven cases on the south pacific island. kong i is now in lockdown after 5 positive tests. 1 were recorded for to dock workers and their families. so the top stories are more, more on all of them on the algebra news. i'm going to have that for you in just under half an hour coming up next. so witness continues. thanks for watching. ah.
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a whole 1st
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week in my life friday oh
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a. 6 body shop
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save you want to buy 370 hey guys. good evening. i just went over the rules with your opponents,
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so they have a pretty good understanding of what should happen tonight. what shouldn't happen tonight? you guys have an obligation to the promoter and the fans with that you are a
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prior madison square garden, ladies and gentlemen, big night fights. we've got a nice 6 rounder here to young charges, and this is the 1st meeting between kenneth, the boss, man sims. and you may
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you know it as coming oh, man has come at. oh. anyway . oh, blow that. oh, mom i got a cough who they're down there. huh. oh, there you go. you know, it was no no wrote a whatever you need. are they getting? yeah, we're also a good good. i think there's all right now the somebody else dog or somebody was literally right. there we go.
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we off the problem. very more boy. yes. earth ready here. really? yeah. he did tell little little bit. you know, you can be no 165. so, you know, i had the job that you love it, you can go through june, right? anything. so you gotta take, well, you know, i like when i was like, well i need to eat pizza pizza when you get a taste well state. i say it as i say, like i want to stay fresh.
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told with kramer shop a oh yeah,
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i just found out i will in the same box with my time and was all must be one more for what i just feel awkward about a week. okay you,
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i will get back in full years. come home and it's definitely, well man, you already knew we already knew where you're gonna get it is okay. are you gonna get back there? i just randomly or got i like for diana moy the head. i for a fast text messages. people tell him they told me
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how bad it was. another homicide over the weekend took the life of one of chicago's best boxers 25 year old ed brown, a relative which god, early saturday morning with more fuel rug left. and it relative to the leg managers today. they were heading home after working on to the nearby gym when someone pulled up next door and opened bonnie we've been together. has i was 8 or 9. i would call them a friend. i got my big brother. his clothes. george. i used to tell him go of our house to give you a lot of trouble. we call my mom his mom on my dad, his dad. ah
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ah. well ma'am, talk about being well champions when inside was together says you small i had to move was because you can't do it as of now. the megan do what we talked about
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a pro miss a miss in
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in voice, molly? like that i was doing a web dive we now go with ah
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so i see it in his eyes i see to wielding determination. he can taste the dog and taste it, the whole team can taste it a it has to be his dream.
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no, it can't be much. johnson, i'm with 100 percent marks in my get out to is is not even just want to get the people around me like the people around me is looking for me to make it out. you know, look for me the key box and look for meal, get all of us out, all of us out the situation and we're, you know, so they always tell me diesel is big and i me a with ah
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man ah
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who own. oh no, that's fine. i was we did a lot of work. went along.
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oh you do your dish falls. oh yeah. go on 6 months and i wish the best to have a family home. i think we reach into samples there. ah ah.
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a pretty much sheltered from everything and his mom pretty much i show to know he has a system that said around him for him not to feel like with tomorrow.
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getting with being like no i don't want him to be like me if he has a chow. i don't want my grandson to be like i wish all the one i know he's supposed be better than a who a ah.
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now you may be aware of the flooding recently in western australia. this is the picture in broom on sunday. and you can see from the satellite pictures a massive cloud that also brought rain right into the red heart of australia, produced once again, waterfalls and root. and dr. rubechek came wet river bed. smith was rivers once more. now the rain cease, be disappearing slowly from the center, but it's obviously draped. round all the outside of australia down to was brisbin were seen a drop in temperature. anything up to 10 degrees, quite constantly breeze that still give you middle twenty's. admittedly, that carries on through friday and saturday, taking most a shout away from the coast near britain. but staying on the coast,
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new south wales, to the west of that, it's been nice to warm again. perth is not quite reco values, but he's been pretty hot for cost that way as well. what we dropped down to 20, not even $23.00 by target to, to monday, with an on shore breeze that be a pleasant change. i'm sure. the central southern philippines will be pretty wet the next day or so. it has been wet in southern china, hong kong bit cold and you might like it. it's on this slow improve both temperature wise and carved cover. little left of the ne monsoon and most of southern india is dry. but the northern plane and northern pakistan will that sees significant wet weather. ah, our diets define who we are. but who are we? if we don't know what li take in a disturbing investigation into globalized food fraud, people in power reveals long hidden scandalous practices. the def,
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infiltrated international wholesale markets and supermarket chains, and asks, what's really on our plates. food in glorious food on. ouch is era. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm barbara sarah. this is the al jazeera news, our live from london. thank you for joining us. coming up in the next 60 minutes, these movements are unmistakable signals to the world that we stand ready to reassure our nato allies into turned and, and defend against any aggression. president biden approves the deployment of 3000 more us troops to europe, a move that russia has been now.


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