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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2022 10:00am-10:31am AST

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aah! al jazeera with o . d u. s. is sending additional troops to eastern europe as fierce grow russia could invade ukraine. moscow calls the deployment destructive. ah, you're watching al jazeera life from a headquarters in del hi. i'm debbie navigator. also coming up. reopening their borders new zealand loosened some of the world's toughest crew, covered 19 restrictions, opposition. politicians put on trial and universities closed nicaragua and
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president, daniel ortega, expands his crack down on descendants. ah, china, well comes the world to the winter olympics amid mountain corona, virus cases and diplomatic boycotts. ah, hello russia as condemning the u. s. decision to send more troops to eastern europe as the turkish president had stick, you have to try to ease tensions over moscow's military. build up the border with ukraine. u. s. is announced. 2000 soldiers will head to poland and germany, while a 1000 already in europe will be re deployed to romania. us on nato already have tens of thousands in europe. our white house correspondent kimberly hawk. it begins our coverage after ramping up the possibility for week of
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a russian evasion of ukraine. the white house on wednesday downgraded that threat from president vladimir putin saying an evasion is no longer imminent. i use that once, i think others have used that once, and then we stopped using it because i think it's sent and a message that we weren't intending to send, which was that we knew that president putin had made a decision. still, the united states is sending more troops to eastern europe, with some of the forces will be re position to romania. others will be coming from the united states to poland and germany. it's a response to president putin who has position tens of thousands of troops inside russia near ukraine's border. it's important that we send a strong signal to mister putin and frankly, to the world that nato matters to the united states. it made it matters to our allies and we have iron clad article 5 commitments attack on one as an attacker on all the roughly $3000.00 troops will bulls through the nato presence in europe. and
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or in addition to the $8500.00 us troops put on stand by last month, by you as president joe biden. the united states maintains diplomacy is the best path to resolving security disagreements. russia, what's assurances nato will halt expansion into former soviet republics like ukraine, but the west won't provide that guarantee. instead, biden's promised severe consequences. if hooton's invades he has shown no signs of being interested or willing to deescalate the attentions. the u. s. forces will reinforce nato, the eastern flag, working with host countries, as nato has not yet activated its response force to counter what it refers to as rush and aggression. i think there's an argument aspect to what they're doing, which is to put something on the table that can be taken away a chit, if you will,
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in exchange for russian non aggression against you. great. despite no no rush and threat and no signs of an eminent invasion of ukraine, the pentagon says the movement of troops could begin soon, and there could be the possibility of even more true movements in the future. kimberly hell can al jazeera washington, while ukraine's government says about 1450000 people are still internally displaced after fleeing conflict and eastern ukraine. and there are now fears of a potential humanitarian crisis. let's discuss this with yan eglin. he's a secretary general at the norwegian refugee council. he's joining us from kiev itself by skype. thanks for your time with us on al jazeera. so your organization is warning that renewed conflict and ukraine with trigger massive displacement. so how would you describe the scale of the refugee crisis in the events of escalating hostilities in ukraine?
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it will be absolute, catastrophic. i have traveled up and down the conflict line, the front line for 3 days a along the line on both sides. there are 2000000 people, a within 20 kilometers on either sides among them. one 3rd or are elderly in many of the displaced that we are serving are the majority and billy. and so i have this image of freezing miserable poor pension is sitting and watching this military political game that you just reported on in moscow and made and scan brushes, and washington and understanding nothing of it because they've had conflict now for 8. yes, they're exhausted that tired, they freeze. they want peace. yeah, and as they're saying, i mean there have been years off uh,
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off armed conflict in that particular area where humanitarian needs are already immense. so how much worse would they get? hundreds of thousands would be displaced in an instant. mean the potential is, is that these 2000000 people will want to be in cross taiyah. remember it's, it's really bad on this side of the front of the front line which is sat ukraine, hadn't, it's the, it's even worse in nuance and don't that's on the, on the side which are now on, in the say, a non governmental and controlled areas. many of them are pension in mind, though the wives i met in a, in a, in a small village just along the front line. 57 people holding out in bummed out of buildings from the previous war. we just provided them electricity off deck. yes, of trying to to repair all of this,
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are they going to flee and they are in the seventy's and eighty's. some have cancer that one had cancer because he was working in the journal accident. yes. a back. you cannot have a wall among hundreds of thousands of freezing pension. s, what sorts of preparations? mystery on i gland, our organizations like yourselves than a region refugee council putting in place right now in the event of an escalation. well, i mean we, we, we cannot see the senseless war happening really conflict discussing contingency plans and would search start pro medice where we would use all of the resources we have in in stock. i saw a colleagues now in santa it said that room door next day yesterday from many organized sessions. and they are currently always c, e have at $1300.00 of service here that, that there is a lot of ice on, on,
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on the simmering flick, that wouldn't be a search of humanitarian needs. what we would be overwhelmed with be overwhelmed. we need to avoid this will not prepare for it. you must also be watching very closely if and how european countries the surrounding countries are preparing for a possible refugee crisis. yeah, i mean, already hundreds of thousands of people. it did it go to that borders and very many left after the war in 2014, poland took a lot of refugees from ukraine. paradoxically. now they're not taking anyone from elsewhere, but they did take from ukraine a it would be a u. p. n. a catastrophe, but 1st and foremost, it is for those 2000000 people on the frontline already a, again,
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these families have not been able to some of them to cross to see their children or the parents that grandparents for to yes. had there are 7 crossing points, or if bomb re add to the yesterday, had had crossing sent them at the moment, only foot. these have been invited society suffering societies already. they, we, we need to fix this conflict that is there now not to add to it. okay, we thank you so much on agrent for speaking to us from kiev. thank you. now at least 12 people, including 7 children are reported to have been killed in a u. s. lead operation in northern syria. and al qaeda affiliated fighter is believed to have been the target in the town of ox made us in italy, province. the pentagon confirmed us special forces conducted a counter terrorism mission and the rebel controlled area, and there were no american casualties. people say they heard shelling and gunfire, and homes were damaged. the united arab emirates says it's destroyed 3 drones that
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enter it. it's aerospace on wednesday, yemen who the rebels carried out several attacks against the gulf nation in the past weeks. but they didn't take responsibility for wednesday's drone launch, an iraqi army group called away. and we asked why that huck said it was behind the attack. meanwhile, so the lead coalition forces launch air strikes in retaliation against the host. these in set up, the law is the editor of arab digests. he says the recent attacks on upper darby are undermining the moratti's sense of security. escalation is working, i think very work for the u. e, because this is a country that prides itself in a neighbor that's very volatile of being a sea of stability that has lots and lots of tourists that has foreign businesses a flourishing there. some of these kinds of attacks are incredibly disturbing for
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them are on this group, this militia group that has claimed credit. i mean they're tied very closely to his blog, which of course is like very close to ron. so this ups the ante because the monday attacker who these took credit for and in the previous attacks going back a couple of weeks, the ones in which there were a victim in that attack to be killed and several wounded duties took. again, we're prepared to stand up on those attacks. now this attack, that would be 7 claim. i would think that from the m a radi perspective, they must be feeling a bit of a cancer because they're who said they'll hit them. now this group has an attempt to hit them and of course, i think that there is a link to, to the chase the peer way because talks are going on right now in vienna. and this will be
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a very unsettling one of the big issues for the gulf states in particular. the saudis and morality is the ballistic missile capabilities that the iranians have. they want that to be in the way that's hammered out that joe biden is really quite anxious to get back into. it looks like they're not going to get it boxed on, says for if it's over a have been killed in attacks on 2 army bases in the southwest. a separatist group in palestine has claimed responsibility. the military says 15 of the attackers have also died. the province in decades of fighting between separatists on government forces, new zealand as easing strict border controls imposed nearly 2 years ago in response to the pandemic. in the initial stage of her phased reopening, vaccinated, new zealanders and australia will be the allowed home without having to quarantine from the end of this month. when, hey, has this report for almost 2 years? new zealand has been largely shut off from the rest of the world. tight border
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restrictions have seen it control the spread of coven 19 better than most countries, with only 53 deaths from the virus. and now with the army kron variant, already circulating here. the government feels the time is right to open up. there was life before and now life with covered bed. that also means there will be life after coveted a life where we have adapted where we have some no melody bag from the end of february, fully vaccinated. new zealanders will be able to return from australia without having to quarantine soon after it will be extended to new zealand is in other countries. and to all visitors by october, to to this decision was the vaccination rate, which is recovered from a very slow start. more than 93 percent of the eligible population is now fully vaccinated and the minimum time between the 2nd and 3rd doses has been shortened to 3 months. the government was also coming under increasing pressure politically,
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economically and legally to open the border. thousands of diesel and is, are stuck overseas unable to return home because there aren't enough quarantine or m i q hotel rooms and some a taking the government to court. it's easy to hear the word in my queue and immediately associate it with headache. there is no question that for new zealand, it is being one of the hardest parts of the painting, mach. but the reason that it is right up there is one of the toughest things we have experienced is in pad. because large scale loss of life is not at this stage, quarantine will be replaced by home isolation for 10 days, which is expected to be shortened to 7, possibly fewer in the months ahead. wayne hey, al jazeera towed on new zealand still had on al jazeera, the un calls for help, as it reveals millions of people are at risk of starvation in ethiopia. the son of
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the late president ferdinand marcos is accused of writing a wave of misinformation in his bed for the top job in the philippines. ah now the established pattern of weather over the last several weeks. it seems as the storms come through here, no one's gotten down to the nor see dive down through eastern yet where they disappear as a flurry of snow then reappears developing storm system in east in that well the system continues. now neither this one nor that will be as strong as the last couple, at least. but they're still notable in between the 2, it's been fairly fine, whether it's nice and warm in portugal and in spain, that will change a little bit and not a lot, not a lot. where attempts is it, for example, the bridge also dropped back by and maybe 10 degrees in places and slow shall become obvious on the higher ground. at least the worst of it's going to be in
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northern parts of norway, which is to be expected. the winds are nothing like a strong now on to the low coast of the low countries rate. on its way down through europe will be just that rain for the time being that she turned to snow on the alps and his the leaking away of the heat. a little bit from spain, but it's very sunny in italy, vulcans down through grease by time. get to friday cuz that storm system has rolled on and is producing snow in turkey. rain for cyprus and rain down the 11 time coast as well. with quite a storm system evident to the eastern side of libya, and egypt, in fact, sandstorms quite likely. ah. the frank assessments for china beds well banner said from the 0 call it strategy. if the rest, the world cannot get to get informed opinions at all costs luckiest on needs, i'm not protest from that statement. critical debate. why group would claims that
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need to constitutes an interesting chill threat to russia, but it's precisely his actions best rated this insecurity in the region. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou. ah, hello again. the top stories on al jazeera, the sour, russia is condemning a u. s. decision to send more troops to eastern europe. that comes with turkey's president has to kia, to try to ease tensions over moscow's military, build up with the border with ukraine. the united arab emirates, as it's intercepted 3 drones that entered its air space on wednesday. this comes days after the gulf nation block to missile attack carried out by yemen,
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spooky rebels. new zealand is announced, the phased reopening of its borders. it's been largely closed for almost 2 years under some of the world's toughest corona virus restrictions. the u. n says more than 4000000 people in parts of ethiopia are facing critical shortages of water. after the last 3 rainy seasons failed, hundreds of thousands of children are already severely malnourished in those areas . malcolm lab reports to nearly 2 years. the rainy seasons have failed in the lowland regions of eastern ethiopia. the un says more than 4000000 people are facing critical water shortages. in recent months, livestock, they depend on to survive, have been dying in their tens of thousands access for journalists, n e t, a period restricted the u. n. release this video from the somali region. hundreds of thousands of people are depending on health and nutrition support from the u.
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n's agency for children. the u. n says around 200000 children, a mouse nourished, and the numbers are growing fast. of mobile clinics like this one, people can get some help, other victim in rich therapeutic feeding paste can help to bring children back from the brink. most of the people here depend on hurting livestock to survive. they have to walk further every month to find water. the pools where the animals drink her a fraction of their usual size. getting out what's left of the water isn't easy, but it keeps 30 camels alive. do you any mobile clinics or helping some? but it says it needs about 30000000 dollars to reach all the people who are in need this part of this, that's a key that we ship to minimize. i'm this is that it, that's more children. and it's a critical integrated package of life. so with sanitation,
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promotion treatment, we'll focus motivation and treatment of common images and including finishing as more animals die and crops fail, the number of people in need just goes up. the u. n says, in 2 months from now, nearly 7000000 people will need help. malcolm web al jazeera, the trolls of 2 high profile opposition figures are due to start nicaragua. there are among dozens of the president's political opponents accused of violating the constitution. many were hoping to run against daniel ortega in november as presidential race, but they were imprisoned ahead of the votes and parliaments as are bound for private universities. on 6, a groups or latin america editor lucio newman reports. their new images of what's happening inside man, i was she what the prison. it's were more than 40 government opponents had been tried behind closed doors for alleged conspiracy, terrorism,
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and much more human rights center, director of human newness, calls it a judicial farce. or they've not been able to prove any crime against this. people who have been practically kidnapped and kept in prison, violating the law and denying them due process, there is no presumption of innocence. the lawyers have had no access to them until the day of the trial. this is a model of an isolation cell when nunez says the accuse suffer from cruel and acumen treatment, including torture, would be presidential candidate felix my dad. the other faces up to 24 years in prison for leading an opposition coalition that demanded free and transparent elections. last year, his wife, who says she and their daughter were forced to flee, nicaragua, believes a guilty verdict is a foregone conclusion. i feel might be facing who i think the hardest part is having to console. now, 8 year old daughter and knowing that he might be arrested,
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felix sent her a tight message saying he loved her and would always be thinking of her. but it's difficult. hammer, president ortega began arresting his staunchest opponents, including 7 presumptive presidential candidates, 6 months before november's elections. ah, he ran and won a 4th consecutive term virtually unopposed. but the elections were widely dismissed as a sham for members of godless fernando cham laurel's family. i now been tried and offering her, we are facing a great injustice based on political vengeance. not just my sister christiana, but my brother, pedro, why king and 2 cousins. all of the prisoners are innocent and are being tried for participating in civic protests because they represent the desire of nicaraguans to hold free elections. vehicle deangela former ortega allied good. m a. d. a deus and emblematic gribble commander during the 1970s sandinista revolution is also being tried this week on charges of treason. as is 24 year old, listed
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a lemon. a student leader who helped organize mass protests against ortega in 2018 or take a has ignored widespread international appeals to release the opposition prisoners preferring it seems to make an example of those whom he accuses the trying to overthrow his government. but by tightening control and encouraging more nicaraguans to join the 10s of thousands of already fled the country, the trials could end up making the country's political crisis. even worse. seeing human al jazeera, the u. s. says mysterious and sudden, brain injuries suffered by diplomat stationed overseas were probably caused by pulsed electromagnetic devices. and intelligence panel has been investigating the cause of the symptoms known as havana syndrome. around $200.00 us on canadian diplomats have complained since 2016 of an array of psycho social illnesses including vertigo. this philippines election commissioner set inside whether to bar
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frontrunner for dinner, marco's junior, from may's presidential election. the son of the controversial former leader forwarded on markers as popular among many voters, but he's been accused of spreading misinformation. jemila alan token reports from manila, they really the 22 year rule of president ferdinand marcus is seen today as a brutal and divisive period in philippine history. a people power revolution forced him out of office and into exile in 1986. but decades later, his son, ferdinand mark was junior and also known as the bong wong. my is a front runner. this year's presidential election. my intention to run, it may seem surprising to many, but the political resurgence of the marcus's didn't happen in an instant. oh, experts see the martha says have spent years using social media to rewrite history
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. monitoring online means like this. new zealand prime minister has sinned, our turn freezing bumble marcus, junior or of the american basketball superstar michael jordan, receiving a box of bread from the late president, have dominated, online chat groups. it's even said that the marcus's will give away tons of gold bars and other treasure. if bonbon becomes president treasure, that fact checkers and journalists say does not exist. but the story has already spread widely on social media, even after twitter announced last week that it has suspended hundreds of pearl markers accounts. i think it's also important to consider the desperation of many oracle epistles. oh, and that aspiration, economic and social their needs, are the pandemic has exacerbated that. and this is just the market of exploiting
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that desperation making filipinos believe that there is a quick way out of poverty. al jazeera requested an interview with mr. mark, as his campaign team, there was no response. that marcus camp has repeatedly denied owning social media. cial farms. we know that social media is very low, very viability philippines once a shining star on democracy in asia is now build a box lighting country. the philippines is the biggest, the facebook user in southeast asia, and the 6 in the world's researchers say, the higher populations exposure to social media, the higher it's vulnerability to dis, information. this information they say has the power to obliterate the ability of people to distinguish what is real and what is not jamal alan goggan al jazeera manila. the chinese president, she's in pings as his country will do its best to deliver
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a safe and splendid winter olympics. the international olympic committee has been meeting in beijing ahead of the opening ceremony on friday. the committee president thomas fox says everything is in place for an outstanding games. but officials are facing mountain corona, virus cases inside and outside the olympic bubble on diplomatic boycotts on concerns over china's human rights record persist. katrina, you reports from beijing. ah theme song welcoming the world to watch the 2022 winter games while the olympic torch makes its way through bay. jake. china has promised to deliver a safe and splendid global event which our but it, shaving this, is it going to be easily mo, from a nation wide outbreak of curve 19 record cases abroad? a testing it's 0 tolerance. pandemic strategy. participants are greeted with help. is it has met, suits and must undergo
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a rigorous testing rating before and during the event for it's found to be positive, are immediately quarantined and could miss out on competing. there's been a lot of acids that are testing positive right now. and it's scary because you put in for years since the last games you know, johnny put in 20 or years to get years and for all of that to go to waste in the last week last couple days it would be a tragedy. and so that's always kind of on your mind and it is stressful tickets won't be sold to the chinese public. instead, spectators will be hand picked by authorities. this will be the 2nd olympics to take place during the grown of iris pandemic. witnesses here a much stricter than during the tokyo games. participants are sealed off in a closed loop system. the road lane just below me, is restricted to gains vehicles only, and local residents have been warned to stay away, even in the event of a crash or break down. the heavy handed measures has led to an olympic atmosphere
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unlike any other. but if a bay jig, the message is clear, there's not going to be the great crap crouch, you're not going to have the tourism boast. ah, that would have accompanied something like this. and so for beijing, what they want to show the world is that they're able to carry on regardless of how difficult situations become. difficulties also include crit, ism of china's human rights record, and diplomatic boycotts by the united states, canada, britain, and australia. chinese officials have dismissed this as political grandstanding, but analysts say china's president is eager to avoid further embarrassment during the event. if he does not get at the game happenings as expected, then it will be quite a bit of a slap in the face is not ah, a faint cold punch in any sentence. but he will be very embarrassing for she. jim
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pre chinese rights activists living in the capitol say they've been visited by authorities and want to stay silent during the olympics. within the bubble, the i always see says, athletes are free to express their views outside of formal events or ceremonies. but organizers say, those who break chinese laws with behavior or speech that is against the olympic spirit will face certain punishment. katrina, you al jazeera, they ging, ah, hello again. the top stories on al jazeera, russia condemning a u. s. decision to send more troops through eastern europe that kansas turkey's president had to care to help try to is tensions over moscow's military build up of the border with ukraine. and now there are concerns renewed military conflict, recruiter, humanitarian katasha.


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