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tv   Witness Ringside  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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record levels of unemployment and extreme inequality close to we can go to the post february on, on, just eop ah, her, i'm fully back table in doha, with the headlines on al jazeera, the u. s. as a leader of ice, all has been killed in our special forces operation in north western syria. he was one of 13 people who died in the raid in italy, province. kimberly hawkins. as a details, this horrible terrorist leader is no more in an address to the nation from the roosevelt room of the white house. u. s. president joe biden spoke about the operation. he ordered that killed the ice. a leader abu ibrahim al, has she, me,
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al, karachi, and i directed the department of defense to take every precaution possible to minimize civilian casualties. knowing that this terrorist had chosen serrano self was families including children. we made a choice to pursue a special forces raid at a much greater risk than our to our own people, rather than targeting him with an air strike. as us special forces moved in the ice, a leader reportedly detonated an explosive and a final act of desperate cowardice. he chose to blow himself up, taking several members of his family with him. the mission happened thursday in northwestern, syria in it live province. residence on the ground said at least 13 people, including children, were killed in the operation. the pentagon said there were no true casualties. with the credit or more might in his vice president and national security advisors over saw the mission from the situation room of the white house. it was the biggest us
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rated, syria says the 2019 operation that killed the ice. a leader abu bakar albert daddy . this operation was literally months in the planning the u. s. targeted the ice, a leader for threats he allegedly posed to us interests and crimes committed in iraq in 2014, including the enslavement of edi women. the raid comes a week after the defense secretary ordered the u. s. military to do more to protect civilians in combat operations often largely forgotten in the west postilion may be the only silver lining of this is it has brought back media's attention to the conflict and syria seems from their perspective that no one really cares. so a one advantage in a sense is that this is now go to your back into, into the news. despite efforts to limit casualties. some members of congress are
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now calling for an investigation into the civilian deaths to ensure that every reasonable step was akin to protect innocent lives. kimberly helped get al jazeera, the white house, another news turkeys president has offered to mediate between ukraine and russia. russia tay berto on his way in care for talks with ukraine's present voting me zalinski, who welcome the offer. the signed a series of economic deals including one to produce turkish shrines in ukrainian factories, china's leader, she ging being will meet russian president vladimir 14 in beijing ahead of the opening ceremony of the winter olympics on friday. it'll be, she's 1st in person talks where the world leader, since the pandemic began, they're expected to announce a common position on security concerns. west african regional brock echo os has decided not to impose sanctions on borkin or fossils military leaders. but it wants to regime to set a firm date for elections. heads of state met in ghana to discuss recent calls in
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the region. an oil facility has exploded off the coast of nigeria. the 10 cool members are missing. environmental impact is not yet known. in the u. k, for senior aides to prime minister boys johnson have resigned. they include his chief of staff, private secretary, and director of communications. all 3 have been implicated in the government's response to lockdown parties. us present, joe biden has outlined his plans to tackle rising cases of gun crime. it comes after 2 police officers were killed in new york by an address officers at the cities police department, promising to provide them with training and funding. and the share price of facebook's parent company has fallen 25 percent wiping nearly $200000000.00 off the firms value matter reported weaker than expected profits after losing a 1000000 daily uses. coming up next on al jazeera, it's witness fare with us. ah
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her. 2 8 a be heading to the rings in them. it has an opportunity tonight to make his way into the final. so he's going to be looking to really go into the reading a to charge dog dog or some instructions for the structure. junior, he's about to with kenny simmons junior with
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has a handheld exams held on the $1.00 to 5 pm is what it's called. now, this kid is up and tell me a top of the street here for chicago, south side. oh say a lot of brass, the finest. 12 year old boxer in america there. yeah. and that city butler junior destiny butler, judy luther king, champion junior golden gloves. he's a 6th grader who lives in floss floyd fraser, south side with coach frank smith and the gladiators boxing club. he's only 12 years old. you may wanna remember the name destiny. butler ferry porterfield says destiny butler junior, someone you should know my hopes and goals. busy is hopefully being lampey said 17 . he wayne isn't there, become a professional by
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a 13 year old from boxing since the age of 6. and he already holds title belt in gold. what is it about this sport that you love? so like, you can hear people when you can get in touch before destiny buffer trying to remember the name i don't know side about destiny was already boxed like any game. destiny was the male destiny with the nation. so it was came to me was linkedin profile, and they were on the top and a day he
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he hasn't had an easy with this particular neighborhood. you was able to see at least once to twice more guns. you were subject see cranky, doping every day. you struggle with been times when you now we have lights, we have games sometimes we have not got the right but your best buy it has come from our chip back. that would have to come over the data might be difficult to see when i step on. i think my re performs boone right. now you can do
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drilling. if you with me. i know you can't get in trouble. if you with me, this is what you do with that's why keep them up on to me. look, i did you want to write? are you going on? we're going to get anybody because i working on 1212? yes, sir. let me think mills, i usually he's either going to look up to his father or he's gonna look now on his file. if he has the father has done his job. he's going to look out tool. if he has father who hasn't lived now that he's going to look for role model. so it, as i works,
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as a coach. i want to bring that up. as a father. i want to see him tomorrow is been times where i've had with him and patted him and patted him. and he was ready to quit that made him keyboard. the better try to get me tomorrow to me, told of her. and i know if i can break,
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nobody else will break. our goal is to make them every day. yet natural talent. you just made some bad decisions which sometimes you can't get out of i was may it hurt
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of sick? she had to do that. i made all the sacrifices for this family and you want to do some damn stuff like that. i gave you my last name. so he cut his ear. he could to him. huh. oh. as a deal, as a deal, i was good for real ill. he may work now. i know you me, morgan out. i don't know. what about us? it is a matter not a an automatic did major. he want to be like his big brother, man. he won't be like you man. and you want to hang with a, you put, you show the do
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a good example. he won't, he won't the fame. he want to frame this, like you own it, the fame and glory, right? a on, can you see my mom? and she finished it right here. for saying, right, he how you doing? are you doing good. yeah. like make a muscle so i can see the work. now let me see who there's not think it's bigger than yours. i mean to lie you been doing? yeah. we miss you tremendously. you know then don't you yeah, i feel like alone, darker like a low a low you spoke a low you spoke more from a no he never thought i was going to be
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a jew. i never thought won't be a jew. so that's, that's the main thing. you know, he paid a no, he thought i was won't be so well. father, i'm a box caribbean it is yes ma'am. now they've charged him with 3 burglaries. how to cook county and then we're staring down 1234. 5 burglaries at lake county residential burglary is what we call an illinois a class one felony class one felony. you're not eligible for probation. it's a minimum of 4 years in prison, a maximum of 15 years in prison. but the kicker is if you are eligible for something called boot camp, it's called the impact incarceration program. the 6 month program. it's in the
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department of corrections. you go to a camp, has a military like, ah, training, good mentors. it's a really good program that's actually i found that be very, very successful for a lot of my guys. he could be out a boot camp by september back training, back with your foot to his throat, the keep them out of trouble. and i don't see why he couldn't, he'll be ready for the olympic trials in making united states loop yet. ah oh ah
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. 6 6 6 ah, it won't allow us to, but it for us to lose, allows to lose gracious by the extra peace of mind, maybe a
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time to be a father. it was a long time to be to coach. it was time to be a father protected
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we'll try to get to boot camp. man, you know probation money. you know, to get that. that will have on the keep 100 with you not getting no probation man, you get in a big boy. this big you have to get in a big window in all my life. you know, a big boy, man, you know, had to do not a day. so you, as a young man, you gotta suffer, asked, listen, good, i'm telling you, go to steve graduate yet in a gym. but that's your natural god given talent. and it was all the, you know, scholarship now you want to get in the gym as crazy, but now you got about it. i am not saying you can't make you came to the ne, nate been joined when he got the joint. he made it to the epics that notice in the design, they asked me 5000 did bad 1000 desson is
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they got us, they move oh, what, what do you had a show for like me when i was, i'm sorry, jose monte sale. don't i go home, add up house, add money. i had gars with data show for the closet that you, that you got to close it. oh, boy, jim shoes on it. you can get no money for the day. you got bo robertson, lake county descended. a man, i mean it's, as i told you in life, you to do is in a car in his new shoot. what i tell you always you my go grab a gun and shoot them yourself. good. you did to. how can you not listen to me? i didn't been i hadn't been rich. i've been broke. i've been paul, i've been through it all. can't nat shot it gang? bang, i'd indeed all it. can you not listen to on the oh model. ah
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i didn't made the living thing. car like a big baby i since then they had the national pow in october, a one that i want to you as a nation's for like i
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wanted to do something bigger go to the next level. a couple of people contacting me, fill me in to talk to me and stuff because a sing as an amateur seen. i was good studies. china convinced me attire pro, sometimes just gimme down and listen to him. give me some ideas of what a lot with are
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your what your part a are there is way all the readings on. every dollar is my responsibility to train. you train you. i will spend a 120 days you want to reach out and sign. you have a very good morning and decide what you're going to do this for yourself and your family. you have to say, oh,
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well, what are the everybody doing? oh, good, good. you ready for the next transition? everyone it is now officially and then i talked to gary shaw yesterday. you know, the best thing that they say it really was what a nice young man you what how your, your dad they left you our mom. i was, you know, how you and your dad, you know, worked together and came up through the ranks together and it just been very honorable and nice. so they were all his mom, mom, mom, mom is anchor. they probably know me if i'm out in a cell and, and how it is the mom is a for. so if that makes sense, the contract is 5 years. and if he becomes world champion during that time is extended automatically for another 2 years
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with bill. i'm to the here man. i'm george steinbrenner with. that's why i love shoes. i
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don't well, this is one of many checks that i have to deliver to you. okay. it's good to have you on our team is good for you to be brought up family. a that said the guys now finishing the pros, a c will california in the ring, ah, a boot camp. but at that he found out that all the box was pulled here 2016 liberty.
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that's when they really started a job on your mark gets that they probably do the hardest that they will come down of interesting call motivation when you were go non stop 530 to 330.
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they were just trying to give me say, i'll click it felt like i had some to achieve. so they don't want to take away from i was thursday to go home. i'm thinking like i got this off. the phone terminated. no. i live there was a whole play in my old stuff. well, you have to live every day. this program like you mean? yes sir. you have to sound off every day. like, you mean? yeah. convinced me you happens are just like a week this program and then your work, me and all the rest of these dad,
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investing all brick and interest and effort into the you're worth it because you're going to give us the result we want. yes, you understand me? yes, i do this and he kick me off. when i was that close 10 days left. on the wood frequency shad trading exposed to this engine that was basically trading it could last $30000000.00 was a terrifying experience. how artificial intelligence has raised the stakes and risks on the money markets is markets go faster, faster, we're opening up the possibility for an instability. for no,
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no use with money box on al jazeera era is here to report on the people often ignored, but who must be heard? how many other channels can you say will take the time and put extensive thought into reporting from under reported areas. of course we cover major global events, but our passion lives and making sure that you're hearing the stories from people in places like how is fine with yemen region and so many other. we go to them, you make the effort, we care. we state stories of life and inspiration, a series of short documentaries from around the world that celebrate the human spirit against the odds with
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al jazeera, select change makers move hello again. i'm fully back to boeing. doha, with the headlines on al jazeera, you are stressing, joe biden says, the leader of i soul has been killed in a raid by special forces in syria. he was one of 13 people who died in italy, province biden says, a fight against i. so we'll continue. this operation is testament to america's reach and capability to take out terrorist rush, no matter where they try to hide anywhere in the world. i'm determined to protect the american people from terrorist rush, and i'll take to city decisive action to protect this country. and we'll continue
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working with our close our eyes and partners. the searing democratic forces directly security forces including the kurdish push mugger, and more than 80 members of a global coalition to keep pressure on ices to protect our home. turkey's present has offered to mediate between ukraine and russia. russia type 0 to one. as our taunts with ukraine present voted me as the landscape in key if the lensky has welcome the offer, the past find a series of economic dealers including one to produce turkish drones in ukrainian factories. china's leader sheeting being will meet russian president vladimir putin in beijing. ahead of the opening ceremony of the winter olympics on friday, they are expected to announce a common position on security concerns. west african regional glock eco life has decided not to impose sanctions on booking. fossils military leaders, but it wants to regime to set a firm date for elections. has of state met in ghana to discuss recent calls in the
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region. an oil facility has exploded off the coast of nigeria. the 10 crew members are missing. the environmental impact is not yet known. in the u. k, 4 senior aged to prime minister boys johnson have resigned. the include his chief of staff, private secretary, and director of communications. all 3 have been implicated in the government's response to lockdown parties. yes, reson joe biden has outlined his plans to tackle rising cases of gun crime. it comes after 2 police officers were killed in new york biden address offices at the city's police department, promising to provide them with training and funding. and the share price of facebook's parent company has fallen 25 percent wiping nearly $200000000.00 off the firms fire. you met a reported week of unexpected profits on wednesday after losing a 1000000 daily uses. world wide witness continues next on al jazeera 1st
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in prouder
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a with a body shop.
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save. you want to buy $379.00. with a guys. good evening. i just went over the rules with your opponents, so they have
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a pretty good understanding of what should happen tonight. what shouldn't happen tonight? you guys have an obligation to the promoter and the fans with your ah,
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prior the madison square garden, ladies and gentlemen, big night fights. we've got a nice 6 rounder here. 2 young charges and that is the 1st meeting between kenneth, the boss, man sims, andrew reese. may
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you know it as calm me. oh, man has come in. oh. anyway . oh, blow that. oh mama a boy got a cough. oh there down there. oh oh there you know, it was i wrote a whatever you need are they getting? yeah, we're also gallagher. 4 good, oh, i think there's all right. now do you somebody else dog or somebody like there are,
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there we go. we are they problem? very more boy. yes. her ready? they are really you only there till little little bit. you know, you can be no 165 and i the job that you love there been a go through your right now. so you gotta say, well, you know, i like when i was like, well i need to eat be some feeds. when you got to tell state, i say that as i say like i was in the state
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french told, we're pretty much a oh, it was done. in fact, yeah,
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i just found out i will in the same box with my time i was all must be one more what the ah, i just feel awkward a week. okay you i don't get back in 4 years the moment they
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certainly will. man. you already knew we already knew where you're going to get tired. it's okay. are you going to get back there? in i just randomly. oh god, i like for diana boy. the head i or fast text messages. people tell him
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they told me how bad it was. another homicide over the weekend took the life of one of chicago's best boxers, 25 years old, and brown and a been a relative which god, early saturday morning with our field and a relative look, got a leg manager say they were heading home after working on it in your mind, jim, when someone pulled up next to the next door and open one you've been together as i was 8 or 9. i will call them a friend. i got my brother. his clothes, george. i used to tell him, go of our house to keep a lot of trouble with become a mom, his mom, my dad, his dad ah
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ah. well ma'am talk about being well champions. when titles together says you small i had to move was because he can't do it as of now. megan, to do what we talked a with
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a with a with
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with bad boy, molly. like that i'm not doing a label for your diet. we now go with ah
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so i see it in his hands. i see to wheel in the termination he can taste the dog and take to the home team can take a it has to be his dream.
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no, it can't be monitoring johnson, but i'm with 100 percent markson is my get out ticket is is not that you just want to give the people around me like the people around me is looking for me to make it out. you know, look for me to keep boxing it, look familiar, get all of us out. all of us out the situation that we're, you know, so they always tell me the esl is bigger than me. a with ah
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man. ah,
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who all is fine. i wonder we did a lot of light went along.
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well, all you do your dish fall. oh yeah. well they got 6 months. you back i wish the best they have a family home. i think we reach into a samo there. oh ah.
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ah. pretty much sheltered from everything and his mom pretty much a shell to know why he has a system that said around him for him not to feel like with that tomorrow.
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junior city in being like no, i don't want him to be like me if he has a chow. i don't want my grandson to be like oh, with all the know he's supposed be better than me. i my name, who for a in iran, the head of a mental health hospital experiments with a bold,
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new treatment. the therapeutic power of love, the prescription romance against all odds, his patience embraced the matrimonial remedy. but can wedlock lead to better well being on his board? the marriage project witnessed on al jazeera news, news, news, news. well, possibly the most severe winter storm so far is going on at the moment in the u. s . this is all the coders gone right down to the golf course. this is friday. so
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guess hi, in houston of for new orleans of 9 there is won't clearly, and it's where the code comes to the warm. you get this particularly huge amount of snow. sometimes ice, you know, this is freezing, rain fries on contact. that's the dangerous to so snow 1st followed by really cold and snow falling in boston, eventually new york than it tails off the fair. the south, you always rain, of course, headed houses to be moving. see if you got right now, you'll get snow later. here. down in the southern states, these are maximum temperatures. so nashville to louisville, about minus one. but as you can see, no significance, no. his appalachians have finally got rid of it is just rain left behind dallas though as a high, a high on friday minus one. and it's down about miles 11 over night. obviously is well below where the average should suggested to be. and this is the picture on saturday. the sun gets to work and stuff to warm up a little bit. it is to code. obviously the next know, moving through the canadian prairies that co day when it leaks out cross the gulf
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of mexico. really peps up the shower, so look us some big thunderstorms of mexico. ah ah diets define who we are. but who are we? if we don't know what we're eating in a disturbing investigation into globalized food fraud, people and power reveals long hidden, scandalous practices. def, infiltrated international wholesale markets and supermarket chains and asks, what's really on our plate. food in glorious food on out. shes around the latest news, believe it's truly harsh, gravest on, for 10 years, they was the victims of an idea. most people got to be monetary in crisis with detailed coverage warnings that, oh, micron fraction going power large partial for fire with
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a polygon daft here from around the world on house people, years of living on the street actually accelerates the aging. brought them. ah, the leader of i so dies during a u. s. military re didn't syria, and what's being described as a significant blow to the article. ah, no, i'm fully vacaville. you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also ahead for senior aides to the british prime minister resign and made growing pression boys. johnson over a series of parties at breach gov at 19 mcdonalds not this is not because.


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