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against all odds, his patience embraced the matrimonial remedy. but can wedlock lead to better well being on his board? the merest project witness on al jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. so no matter where you call home will, but you can use in current affairs that matter to you. i all eyes on beijing as the 2022 winter olympics officially, others. but as also scrutiny over china's corona virus response. and it's human rights record. ah, hello, i'm mary. i'm to mozy and you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program,
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presenting a united front chinese and russian leaders commit to a stronger strategic relationship in response to souring relations with the west. rescue is work around the clock to find a 5 year old boy who has fallen into a deep well in northern morocco. and i'm out of money in northern portable home to europe's largest lithium deposits. locals here whose families date back generation say a proposed lithium mine threatens their way of life. ah . hello, welcome to the program. china's president eugene bang opened the winter olympics and a spectacular ceremony in beijing. nearly 3000 athletes aren't strict bubble because of cov, at 19, no foreigners able to watch and compete. and there's a diplomatic boycott in protest to human rights abuses. despite all that, the athletes are ready to go for gold as david stokes now reports from you g all if
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you could, don't way for more. oh, after a trouble build up the 24th winter olympics have officially begun in beijing. the venue for fridays opening ceremony. was the birds mess stadium originally built for the summer olympics, back in 2008. it's the 1st city ever so spoke the winter and summer games. dear fellow olympian, your olympic stage is set you are for i fear after overcoming so many challenges. but now you are more with this come the moment you have been longing for like the tokyo olympics last year. coping 19 has given these games a different complexion that taking place inside a closed loop system, keeping competitors and staff away from the general public athletes must get tested for cupboard 19 daily. and there were no foreign fans with only
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a small handpick domestic audience allowed to attend. some of the world's best winter athletes are unable to compete after testing positive. this is not tougher than injury because you aren't putting yourself out. let's take the risk. it's just the risk is everywhere around us, and i really feel for those athletes, i can't, i can't even imagine how it must be to day 4 years of work and then at the last minute. so had that taken away by something that's out of your control. several world leaders have traveled to beijing for the games, but other nations including the u. s. britain and canada have declared a diplomatic boycott i with china's human rights record. specifically, its treatment of muslim wages, china to noise human rights abuses. the people's republic of china is perpetrating a campaign of gross human rights violations, including janet sought over the next 2 weeks as an urgent moral duty to shine a bright light on the many human rights violations being perpetrated by the host nation. beijing 2022 organizers say the games will be carbon neutral. oh,
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venues will be powered by renewable energy. and 5 of them have been repurposed from 2008, but with very little snow full. more than 200000000 liters of water have been used to generate fight powder for the alpine locations. let's not be name in artificial snow is used in a consistent way for decades. you oh, in a winter competitive sport. what is really important, like for any other activities that are we, we practice is to try to do it in the most efficient way. with the lead up to the olympics dominated by politics and carbon 19, most of the athletes will help the focus now shifted to the action. why? as nearly 3000 competitors from 91 nations for it to take home a gold medal. david stokes al jazeera or russian president vladimir putin was one of the few old ladies to attend the opening ceremony. earlier, he, hal talks with his chinese counterpart in their 1st face to face meeting since the
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start of the pandemic. and they presented a united front on foreign policy issues. katrina, you reports on this now from beijing wanting to latin intrusion and she didn't pay on what that shoulder to shoulder even don't charge you what they describe as an i'm a shakafur plant, the leaders of russia and china, and met ahead of the opening of the winter olympics in beijing, did you mean it's the 1st time president she has met a foreign counterpart in person since the beginning of the pandemic? for certain the true story or a spirit of friendship and the strategic partnership? her router, the unprecedented level, the bozo army is ad there. so she went to olympics 80 years ago, we promised to meet again. we have kept our promise, led me to the leaders, signed a joint statement, presenting a united front on a range of foreign policy issues. that they called for nato to end it expansion usage and for the military alliance to abandon it. the so called cold war approach to hear they also denounced the orca security alliance between the united states
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with britain and australia on the team. and the formation of further blocks in the asia pacific. but also the statement comes as both russia and china experience souring ties with the u. s. 2 and it's western european allies. but the door is allies, while also at all it's from what they see that the west is not speaking with one voice, and i'm has some odd division. so this benefit spoke, russia and china. the visit comes as tensions escalate over the presence of more than $100000.00 russian soldiers on its border with ukraine. washington, his threatening to impose tough sanctions on moscow. should its forces invade. they ging says russia security concerns are legitimate. the intentionally here here is to send a very clear message to the west that russia has options that russia china relationship is a possible alternative for moscow that it is not going to be backed into
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a corner. the leaders are expected to find 15 agreements on issues ranging from trade to technology during today's visit to winter will russia will increase gas applies to china. it has announced a 30 year contract for a new pipeline between the 2 nations. china already received gas through what's name to the power of siberia pipeline that began pumping supplies in 2019 economic support from china could undermine any western effort to punish any possible russian incursion into brain. but analysts say an even bigger concern, is it possible deepening a military cooperation between moscow and they do? she didn't being has often spoken of his deep friendship with vladimir putin who was the 1st major leader to confirm his attendance at the dating winter olympics. the u. s u k, canada and australia have not sent officials to the vet in protest against china as human rights record. katrina, you al jazeera, they drank ya, chose wang as
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a senior china as such of human rights watch and says diplomatic boycotts of the olympics are a 1st step. but governments need to do more to address china's human rights violations. the diplomatic boycott is the 1st step and there are more actions should be taken by various governments. the u. s. government has already passed to reger forced labor prevention act, which any effect bands or in ports originated from sheen. john, that's a consequential ad to because they are large things made a change out, you know, half of the words caught and i made it and she and john. so i think other governments, the u. k. government, you know, austria, governments are sure to take similar actions to, you know, address the sears humorous violations, internal. the chinese government is using the gain to legitimize its policies, including terrible human rights violations, to heal case, to the world. and you know, we deliver the 2008 summer olympic games. the same city is deliver the when tony
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games is the 1st time ever in history that to, to olympic games happening. why city, we try to show how capable we are. and this is a completely a political thing and you know, and for the i o c to say, you know, this is not political. it's, you know, completely force ah, rescue as a inching closer to reaching a young boy trapped in a well in northern morocco. 5 year old fell into the 32 neat a deep hole outside his home on choose day. such crews are using 5 bull nose as to dig vertically. operation has been hampered by concerns about ground stability. hundreds of people have gathered at the scene, hoping to see the boy safely recovered towards jason b has more. a camera is lowered down this well and shows 5 year old ray,
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an alive but unable to move. he's been trapped since tuesday rescue teams, giving him food and water, 3 pipes. what are some up of what landlord on the on our bottle, i managed to communicate with the child and asked if he could hear me. there was a response. i waited for a minute and saw that he began using the oxygen oxy. him. the accident happened in the northern moroccan village of a grand rescue team say they can't widen the well to reach him as it's too dangerous. so they using diggers to strip away the earth to the side of it. it's an agonizing wait for his family. nobody aliya barrow hamilton on on. when he disappeared, i prayed to god and i begged him to get him out of that well alive and safe. i pray to god to ease my pain and he is in that whole of dost, via the rescue has gripped the nation and beyond. hashtags save ran has been trending on social media across north africa, where they love it. it's the 4th day that rayon has been under ground. we're asking
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the authorities to bring him out. he's been down there too long rescue team say that close to rescuing ran. a police helicopter is on stand by to take him to hospital victoria gate, and be al jazeera al the european union as blacklisted molly's transitional premier, certain members of the military gentle, which took over and last year's qu 5 individuals are hit with travel bands and asset freezes, but not le cooley to himself. a senior quatre multiple sanctions are imposed last month by west africa regional organization eco ass, after the military gentle delayed elections due this month until 2025. now a flare up of violence in north western ethiopia is displays thousands of sudanese and south sudanese refugees. and the united nations refugee agency says that it's in a race against time to bring in food and medical care. the violence is focused in the benny chandel groomers region, which is home to 70000 sudanese and south sydney's refugees,
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as well as more than half 1000000 internally displaced ethiopians. you and hcr says, fighting broke out in the town of tango between federal forces, an unidentified armed groups. on january 18th, a refugee camp was looted and burned. the 2nd facility to be destroyed since late december. more than $20000.00 people have been displaced in many of them have made their way on foot to areas near the regional capital or so. so the you and hcr said its ethiopia operation needed 335000000 dollars this year. but only 9 percent of that has been funded so far were earlier i spoke to you in refugee agency spokesman nevin stern of ich, who is in zagreb. and he explained the steps that are being taken to help of honorable the terms were looted and burned. and the some 22000 refugees who were also there were forced to flee yet again and now to find refuge
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in 3 different locations within the region now. and what we're trying now is to bring them to safety, to working with the government counterparts. this is the refugees and written the service of the deal here, as well as with other humanitarian partners in for us, bringing them to you know, save locations, but also to secure the emergency assistance that is really life saving in the situations and government cooperating with here because as you say, you have 20000 refugees, you've been forced to flee, though i know the figures are a little bit uncertain. but as you mentioned out of role, there was, you know, 70000 sidney's and south sydney's right here, but also some half a 1000000 internally displaced ethiopians. exactly. yes. and yes, we're working very closely with the government. the government wasn't very quick to
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identify a temporary site near another camp in the region of the kind of story exactly, to house those 20000 refugees from the 2 camps that have been abandoned. and thankfully, the government was very quick to, to, to establish actually that the temporary site where these people can find safety. can i ask if government is giving you access to try the, to grab? we haven't had, we are operating, integrate of. so we do have access to various locations that we're working there. obviously, which is known are the, the problems around the, the delivery of humanitarian assistance there, which is much needed to help. not only be,
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sometimes the trend refugees in the 2000 comes to right. but also to hundreds of thousands, actually millions of millions of internally displaced people who are also assisting there as we are assisting in other parts of the field including diminishing was region. and because it is such a desperate humanitarian situation in scientific grey, i know you said you're working with the government and giving you access, but is it enough to be able to meet the needs of people there who are reportedly suffering from hunger and starvation? it is well known that to be the assistant that is coming through is by far not sufficient to okay to for really very basic needs of the most vulnerable people there. and i said we're working on a daily basis, but the government's ensure that that,
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that this system comes in both with the central government, but also with the regional authority isn't too great. so is there a life? amanda? much more still had for you on the program will look at the remote region of colombia, where a tough or between rival groups have randall the damage election campaign. ah, well, there have been warnings for high river levels and still some latent flooding around new south wales and south strategies, even satellite picture, and the forecast sunshine, more predominant, unless you're in the fond old and tropics, queens and around the coast, new southwest, with the onshore breathings is dollars walls, it could be rain still falling in the north island of new zealand purse. the temperature is down to 30, that has dropped by a good 10 degrees. little real change to remain. they increase encroached to shout
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for west australia and some more land in queens. and the rain still falling in new zealand that this is the ne monsoon still it's blowing enough to give a few shouts of vietnam to increase the shout while we're down the east coast of the philippines. but not as bad as the last 2 days, to be honest, fairly cold. they're typically, but not extremely sorry enough to generate showers in the font all these of india and probably be in my and the, and my nickel islands. but really, if you're in lanka and a good part of india, it's a dry and sunny fairly warm picture. even in the north temperatures are increasing . but these opening closing grape. it starts morning fog and sometimes persistent foggy. i called to his dropped once again, some snow showers in the far north of india and pakistan, but not many. ah, one count him to call let the factions again in the flames stand off, fought well,
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they really bite your energy supplies at the crosshead. the filled the gap and the vote trade organization to force china against you with beijing winning count on the cost on al jazeera ah al jazeera, with blue ah ok, and back main stories. now, a spectacular ceremony has opened the beijing winter olympic games. nearly 3000
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athletes aren't strict bubble because of that pandemic, and no foreign is able to watch them compete. vladimir putin has become the 1st foreign leader to meet china's teaching thing in person. since the start of the pandemic has had, they shared an unshakable bond with west military concerns at the top of their agenda. and rescue workers are trying to save a young boy who fell into a study to me to deepen well in northern morocco. 5 year old fell into the hole on tuesday evening. sheens are being used in an attempt to take him to freedom. now the u. s. is saying the death of i sils leader is a significant blow to the group. i blew abraham alhashan elcuro. she is thought to have detonated a bomb during the u. s. military raid, killing himself and members of his own family, pending, and chiefs calling it a success against i sell. but as to them, because the ugly reports from hattie, just across the turkish order from where the rate happened. neighbors want to know how alco ratio was able to hide in plain sight. their rooms hide out of
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isolator abraham l craze. she in northwest syria, been down by the us special forces during the counterterrorism raid on thursday present. joe biden said, i'll cray sheep blew himself up to avoid capture 12 other people, including 6 children, were also killed. the iraqi national was accused of orchestrating isola sacks and syria and iraq. his neighbors in the town of fatima, i shocked that they lived next are notorious outlaw sasha. what do i do? apologize for the round one? i am. we went out and so thought helicopters flying low, we didn't know who the target was up. there was a one i had confided in special forces, landed on the building. they spent 2 hours there. we gathered with the children in one house. the children couldn't bear, although they were so afraid a lot in as little al christian, his predecessor, ever back girl. but daddy both chose to hide among families of internal displaced
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syrians in the navy. we were asleep when we heard the explosions. then they called everyone men and women and children to evacuate the building, shame they were destroy it. they tied us up and asked us a lot of questions. i told them, i don't know anyone from next door or not me. know what? i'll crashes landlord says he had no idea about his tenant. now he's trying to repair the damage to his property. on the ocoee for carolina, i've been utterly assess. human of let me tell you, i am from last minute. i'm not a stranger here. this person has been here for a year. he said he was an id. pamela, i wrote it in the house like regular people. how did, how could, i know, will verify his real identity. we don't take knowledge, tolerate that terrorism, we are harmed because of this man. and this freight of law and ty simms, remaining leaders, haven't commented on the raid which guilt their comp rate after the killing of to isolate or is why the united states over the last 3 years, many across the board,
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their fear, the girl will see that as a challenge and that would provoke more fear and hostility in the region and returns of people being force towards the border with turkey. soon i'm co solo al jazeera hot. i did vegas of crossing, fighting between rival rebel groups in columbia is affecting campaigning for next month. congressional elections for the 1st time voting include so called special electoral districts for peace. these were created under the 2016 p seal with the armed group fog. but as alexander m. b, as you reports from america, a renew turf war for control of cocaine trafficking and all the lucrative crimes is overshadowing the political campaign. farmer and congressional candidate to join us live the horror of columbia conflict. first hands a local victim leader. he's running for office for a special electoral district for peace created to give a voice to under represented people like him. but the return of violent
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confrontation between arm groups in that ok as made. campaigning, impossible, vision if you meant there were some we are just sitting still trying to work in the village, talking to friends, knocking on doors when possible. more than 60 people have been killed since the beginning of the year in a conflict between 11 rebels and dissidence groups of former 5 gravels. we had planned to follow giovanni, handing out flyers and visiting a perspective voter. but as we were leaving, he had a change of heart. but he said, yeah, when i was i, i don't think we should. it would be a nice thing for me to take you around town and be on the news telling people what my plan is. what i want to do if i win, but right now would put us at risk the little campaigning that is happening is limited to the main urban center. that's because all candidates are saying it's just too dangerous to travel to rural areas, even on main roads like this one. because the young groups are known to set up
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checkpoints at any time. the situation is also affecting regular candidates. older cassidy's was running for a traditional seat in the house of representatives has campaigned in at alca for years. and this momentum that we are putting our lives in the crossfire to campaign . and we accept silencing ourselves and confinement to try to sustain democracy. but in like a man, he says, the situation is as bad as at the height of the conflict. he's running most of his campaign on social media. you go. yeah, it was organizing a meeting in for tool is impossible. going to the town of like, you know, the where i was a teacher and getting 4050 people together. also impossible to look over the local human rights. officials says political and social leaders have become the main targets of the arm groups and pop in full full sooner on paper. everything is great . the government is fulfilling its obligation to the victims who can vote on these elections. but the reality on the ground is the opposite. on people can't exercise
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their rights with only running a political campaign in a conflict ribbon region like, had alca was never easy, but this time was supposed to be different. instead, threats in attacks or once again silencing dis, already marginalized voices. i listened to them beauty al jazeera, alca, our aid groups are setting up emergency shelters in madagascar as a tropical psych, an approach as less than 2 weeks after another stone killed, at least 58 people slike on it, but is there i is expected to force around a 150000 people from their homes. coastal areas of already been evacuated in schools were closed on friday. during the last on, dozens of people were killed by landslides and buildings collapsed or washed away for cost. to say this cycling could be much stronger. now portugal is set to decide whether to give the go ahead for europe's largest lithium mine. but local residents fear the mind could cause a lasting environmental damage. lithium is
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a chemical element in a metal, and it's a key ingredient in the battery is used to power electric vehicles. therefore, it plays a key role in reducing the use of fossil fuels and fighting climate change. the theme is mainly found in australia and south america. the extraction might look pretty, but it comes with its own environmental costs. main method involves pompey huge quantities of water to force salt water containing lithium to come to the surface where it dries out for extraction. it takes more than 2000000 liters of water to minus single ton of lithium. and this can cause localized shortages or even pollute the remaining water. alternatively, traditional mining methods can be used without means digging up and displacing thousands of tons of earth and rock often in remote in previously unspoiled areas. mass protest in serbia, let the government there to abandon plans through new lithium mine. just 2 weeks ago. mining companies are now being forced to look at new greener methods for
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extraction. adarine reports on this now from northern portugal. ida fernandez and her family have been stewards of this corner of northern portugal for 5 generations. a cattle farmer, she's convinced a proposed lithium mine, if approved would destroy her livelihood. wicker married spellings, most of the fields we rely on our end perimeter of the proposed mine. it is not green and is not sustainable. it is not going to benefit us. and it is going to destroy one more region, rich and water, and pure air and nature and bio diversity. the us food and agricultural organization has declared this area are also a globally important agricultural heritage site for the blend of grazing and sustainable farming. the wider area is also home to europe's largest lithium reserves, a metal key for producing electric car batteries. electric cars are crucial to phasing out fossil fuels and can help europe reach its goal of becoming carbon
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neutral by 2050. it's estimated the mind footprint would be $270.00 hector's, the size about $375.00 football fields. every year the mine would produce enough lithium for up to $600000.00 cars. and over 12 years that would result in a reduction of a 100000000 tons of c o. 2 from the atmosphere. climate change is a huge challenge and to do carbon as economy, we need to get him for our electric vehicles. that's, that has a cost and we want to minimize it by excluding the areas where social and environmental impact is considerable. if they need a little bit, pete is doesn't feel she's on the cusp of the environmental revolution. she points to where the mines perimeter would be, and you've been the worry about the destruction. it could cause any ruining our lives. we are here in a little corner of the world that they're going to damage opposition to the mine run strong signs against it. like this one are found across the community,
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that's despite the promise of jobs and a region people continues to leave behind in search of opportunities. we spoke to the company waiting for approval from the environmental agency. our plans will have 0 impact on the last styles or practices of farmers in the region. i think you know, millions of european town and city dwellers are really trying to appreciate the, the transformation. but electric mobility will make to the quality of lodged in the cities of europe. government officials point out the environmental and strategic benefit of mining lithium in europe. and if our objective is to be f, the final, as we can, then i would wait to started in those materials which are not source properly outside of europe. and then you have has the opportunity to do it in a sustainable way. my dea, low data isn't convinced she and fernandez show us where mining samples were
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excavated. laredo says she'll lose some of her land to the mine and that what remains will be contaminated in some not, we're not the ones polluting the environment lead, the ones polluting, pay the bill, not us. a sentiment shared by many who fear they'll pay the price for europe's green energy. adarine al jazeera and northern portugal. when everything we're covering right here, al jazeera dot com, of course you can watch it on live streaming there as well. ah, just a quick look at the main stories this our now to a spectacular ceremony is open the beijing winter olympic games. many, 3000 athletes aren't a strict bubble because of the pandemic. no foreign is able to wash and compete. in addition to tight cove and 19 controls, the games of fraud with political tensions over allegations of human rights abuses
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and boycotts. the diplomatic boycott is the 1st step and there are more actions should be taken by harris government. the us.


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