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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 11, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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insult. with exclusive interviews and even death, al jazeera has teens on the ground. there hasn't been a train running by for almost 2 decades to bring you more reward. we need documentaries and light knees. ah. the u. s. president urges americans and ukraine to leave. now joe biden says things could get crazy quickly as concerns grow moscow could invade. ah phillips who robin watching all of their life. my headquarters here in doha also coming up. i'm john hender in the u. s. border with canada, where the truckers blockade has really slowed down comma us inflation. it's a 40 year high seem prices jumped more than expected. raising phase of interest
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rates could also go up. was butcher was beaten, was beaten with the blood. jones, we speak to the award winning uganda and all the forced to flee his country after he criticized the president. ah, welcome to the program. the u. s. president is warning that things in ukraine could get crazy quickly. and his urging americans to get out russia has been sending troops to the ukrainian border raising fairs that it could invade. not joe biden said, if that happens, he won't send troops and to rescue americans who are fleeing high. did you, castro is live for us in washington, d. c, with the very latest. and heidi, the president, very clear on his instructions to nationals living in ukraine. that's right, president joe biden's message to those us citizens in ukraine is to get out. now he
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said there is no scenario in which he could order us troops to rescue stranded americans in the case of a russian invasion because it would be in his words, quote, world war americans and russians starting to shoot at each other. this as follows. after the us state department already ordered the evacuation of all non government workers from the embassy last month. and now the state department has also made it clear to remaining us citizens. that now is the time to depart ukraine on private or commercial means adding that in the event of a russian invasion, the u. s. would not be able to evacuate us citizens from anywhere in ukraine. that message, again reiterated by the u. s. president. you know, it's alone, but that's why what i've asked is american citizens should leave should leave. now we're dealing with one of the largest armies in the world. it's
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a very different situation and things could go crazy quickly. and the u. s. believes there are some 100000 russian troops now, a station near the border of ukraine, and that there could be, they will reach full capability to invade ukraine by february 15th, according to a military intelligence assessment. and the fear is that casualties could rise to as many 50000 civilians in the 1st few weeks of an invasion. jake has to do with an update thanks very much for joining us from washington dc. the president biden's warning comes as russian umbrella russian troops again joined military drills. nato estimates 30000 russian troops are taking part, the largest deployment to the soviet state since the cold war western powers further drills could be used as an opportunity to attack ukraine. so parson reports now from the bellow, russian capital of minsk, russia flexing its military muscle,
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just 50 kilometers from the bela roshan border with ukraine. 4 weeks troops have been arriving even from russia as far east than 1000 kilometers away. it is clear that is as far bigger than previous military exercises by russian officials have not disclosed. the number of soldiers involved. nato speaks of 30000. if you consider that an invasion of a large territory like ukraine is in, quote, his interest to has a chance to attack from the south from marine. ready ants and crimea forces from the east, from russian soil and from the north in a joint action of russia and it's ally bellows. so. ready militarily speaking, it couldn't be any better, but it's released by russian ministry of defense show dang to mesa launches. being used into drills and military jets in the ear. from the bellow russian border,
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which ukraine, it is less than a 2 hour drive to the capital key of was and lead us worry if this is a serious drill or a ploy for a real attack. for the next 10 days, the world's eyes will be on the largest russian contingent on baller. ocean foil indicates a possible 2nd front. for vladimir, put a new makes use of the isolated and international weak position of his prodigy, alexander lucas shanker. lucas shanker, came under, sanctioned from the west after you was accused of election fraud and a violent crack down on the opposition. while the bel originally has always dressed the independence of bellows and refrained from condoning, put in military actions in crimea and eastern ukraine. yes. now turn to the russian leader for health. good, good. it's the book, not me level those you for military forces have always left bellows after the end of an exercise. right now with a more participants from the rhetoric is aggressive. i think location because
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attitude is caused by his annoyance with the west. the fact doesn't recognize him as illegitimate leader. he believes russian trucks will eventually leave after that, we'll finish on february 20 until then. speculation about the real purpose of this show of force will likely continue steadfast and al jazeera in libby, as parliament has appointed a new prime minister, something sugar was picked to replace of the me, the baby who's refused to step down. not the baby says he'll only hand over power to an elected government. the challenge to live in unity government comes out of the baby, survived the fascination attempt in tripoli. now the you and says it will recognize the new prime minister. i were position that i stayed any very clearly yesterday remains unchanged, but where she's on the ground trying to gather more details and try to keep the process on trust. so if you still recognize, if your position remain sounds changed, you still recognize the interim prime minister as the prime minister?
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is that correct? yes, the short answer is yes. well, the trainer has more from triply. in today's session in eastern levine, the city of to brook are the parliament said unit in miss lee approved fed. he pushed other as the new p. m. now 30 percent are seen by many here in western libya as, as live as western libya, a strong man. or he, when he was fort when he was the minister of interior, he took a strong stance against malicious. or that brought him into the sort of the limelight. he got general support from people, especially the international community. they thought that he could help us stabilize the police force. and the security apparatus, especially in western libya, are in terms of balance of power or the current prime minister abdul hamid baber has for the most part, been able, unable a, to extend his control in eastern libya, eastern libya as controlled by the warlord khalifa. hafta who in 2019 lost the
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military offensive to take the capital. he was unsuccessful. he returned back to western libya and has a huge a power base. there are fatty bushes, her and the and curly for after her of thought to come to an agreement. in fact, just a little while ago actually for after spokesman amazon. miss marty are said that they support be parliament's decision to name that he basha. as a new prime minister, will this be a smooth transition? while the hammer waiver says he's not handing over power to this new prime minister . so we're gonna have to wait and see what happens in the next days and months ahead. for days struck as calling themselves the freedom convoy has disrupted cargo traffic between the us and canada. having cut off most truck traffic, the largest land frontier in north america on thursday, they shut down another bridge. canadian prime and justin trudeau will hold
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a virtual meeting with opposition leaders to discuss ways out of the crisis. so 100 has the story from port huron in michigan. along the us canadian border, the truckers blockade is slowly taking its toll. this paddle border is moving faster than traffic and is rebels in 18 wheelers demanding an end to covered 19 restrictions continue using their freedom convoy to block the border on the canadian side, the pain is being felt on both sides. ford has stopped its auto assembly line in windsor, toyota. his close 3 plans across ontario and general motors is cutting shifts in michigan. and those closures threatened to reverberate throughout the auto supply chain. despite the added time and traffic, this truckers as the demonstrators have a point. everybody right? go whatever you want, you know, i want, i want a guy, i don't support him, you know, but i think it kind of sucks. you know all the traffic here, you know,
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on thursday the truckers opened another front blocking all lanes on manitoba as main crossing to north dakota. and with the ambassador bridge blocked from detroit to windsor traffic on the busiest land crossing in north america is shut down entirely from the u. s. to canada and all were closed in the other direction. trucks carrying everything from cattle to car parts, which under automakers just in time delivery system need to be delivered within 48 hours to keep assembly lines rolling. had been diverted to the crossing between port here on michigan in the canadian city of sarnia. at the blue water bridge, these trucks are getting across to canada, but wait times have been up to 3 hours in traffic crawlers. and that's likely to continue was long as the truckers blockade goes on and politicians seem unwilling to crack down. we canadian prime minister justin trudeau in canada will follow the science. not only are canadians tired and demick of the challenges faces.
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so they are also of course, tired of the restriction higher. the higher the lock in that is understandable. but you know what helps lift restrictions, you know, it helps move beyond to walk down the vaccinations with some canadian provinces, including alberta and saskatchewan, has eas covered rules in quebec. and prince edward island announce plans to do the se, but with plans for a freedom convoy in the us, the truckers protest show no sign of vending. john hinder and al jazeera on the us border with canada. and the us inflation has hit its highest level in 40 years. the consumer price index rose by 7.5 percent over the past year. and as you call sol, the biggest jump up to 27 percent. and president biden says, full kind of show inflation will ease by the end of the year. i'm going to work like i don't want to bring gas prices down, which i'm going to work in to make sure that we keep strengthening, supplied,
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changed, and bring the cost of energy. and everything else is good to come to america. down by helping the port 247 by changing a whole range of things that you know. what's happened with coven coban has cost significant increase in prices in the supply chain. total group of his professor of economics, of massachusetts institute of technology, he says, the bible ministration isn't entirely responsible for the sharp rise and inflation . i think i day can take some blame. in particular, as i said, friday stimulus was big. although at the time many experts including myself thought it was right sized. so ah, i'm, and i think they could take a little bit of blame because i think they could have moved a little more aggressively to try to make cheap tasks available for individuals to get folks back to work. but i think overall, it's not about them. look, most of this is about the longer effects of coping which predated iden, which are terrible new s, because the decisions present trump made. ah,
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and really most of the effect is not, you know, on the, on the edge. some decisions by may could have been made better, but really, inflation be almost close to what it is now, even if he had done anything he did, i think it's in the near term. it's launching hands the federal reserve. but i think really, by the end of the year, it's more in the hands of how the supply chain bottlenecks resolve. and part of that is going to be, can we get all of america to behave responsibly and get back in mask up so that we can finally crush this virus and get, get everyone back to work, get teachers back to work it shocker workers back to work and that really is about social attitudes, ensure that the division in this country that opened up under president trump, i just traveled to south america, which has a higher vaccination rate in north america. everyone's always massed yet to show vaccine car to get in a grocery store. there's no political divisions driving it. we need to get to that kind of attitude while still had hail now deserve the phase chief of the metropolitan police steps down with a series of damaging controversies. also earthquakes,
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a super typhoon on the crew of ours pandemic were the hall to the philippine islands. as it re opens to tourists ah look forward to burly to skies the winter sponsored my cattle. it weighs a brief, but significant amount of snow has been falling in tokyo. but given the daytime temperatures on the rise again, it won't last in the ground, isn't that cold either. and for a change, a good part of the major power japan major rollins is so free of stone showers. there is snow elsewhere there. surprising this some just gathering and central part of china and moving up towards beijing, not beijing is not a particularly snowy places. you know, for the winter olympics. all that stuff has been generated artificially. but his real smell coming not so much on saturday, where it gets colder,
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but possibly on sunday, light, snow falling all day, not significant, but enough to give you gray skies. and the assistant snow for the south causes rain and its rain once again concentrate around bornea central. the sudden past the philippines and maybe java. this orange here is off shore. but it hint to this being a very wet, potentially wet area. as for india, look south for the showers and was for lanka. these last few in the northeast are on their way out in the central and northern plain of india. suffers again from that stillness. it's not cold, but morning fall can be persistent and smoke. most certainly is a culture in new delhi is not good, although briefly on saturday with winds picky up during the day. it will improve out the weather. sponsored by katara, always legal. good. it is the number that's in the class a
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. 8 short documentary from around the world about those who won't give up their fight for justice out, is there a select justice lou? the book back you want to on there with me? the whole rom, the reminder of our top stories. us president, is warning that things in ukraine could go crazy quickly. these edging americans to leave now as concerns grow that moscow could invade the country. and this comes on russia, batteries begin, 10 days of joy, military drills, the border,
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western countries of war and russia. economic and political consequences should have ramp of military aggression towards the v. as parliament was appointed, a new prime minister said the sugar has been picked to replace up the need. the baby is refused to step down to beta says he'll only hand over power to an elected governor. the reuters news agency says the us plans to help the you a replenish it's missile defense interceptors of space of attacks by who the rebels the iran align group has waived a string of attacks on the u. a in recent weeks. many have missed the targets, but one rocket sack kill 3 civilians last month. the head of the us central command told reuters the u. s. will do everything it can to assist the u. a in defending itself. indonesia has ordered 40 to find 2 jets from france as it looks to replace its aging fleet. paris has been trying to expand its ties in the india pacific.
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thus, after australia is decision last year to come to the french submarine deal in favor of a strategic alliance with the u. s. washington has separately approved the sale of all planes to indonesia as well, but that deal has not been finalized. zachary boozer is a southeast asia political expert and the professor at the national war college. he knows me now from alexandria in virginia. could have you with a sir on the program. so is this about america jostling the position in a new arms race, or is it about regaining influence in the region? ah, we don't know whether the u. s. deal is going to go through yet. if there is a good possibility we'll, indonesia is always trying to hedge, it's best they really of always work to diversify their source of armaments. or in the past, united states has been deemed fairly unreliable because of our restrictions on
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sales of weapons and even spare parts for weapons because of their human rights abuses. but i think indonesia would like to a consummate her major arms deal with united states to keep us engaged in regional security is a, becomes as, as regional countries like the philippines who've had to confront china on territorial issues. have now had to look to south career and india for warships and missiles a bit like what indonesia is doing is this is sort of a new tactic now to look further afield and to defend what you have because the enemy is, is just at the gate right, no, i mean, no one can you keep pace with china's rapid military modernization? so every country is kind of looking to see what they can do with, you know, very limited resources. american weapons are simply too expensive for many countries, and the process of acquiring them takes a very long time to work its way through the american bureaucracy in congress. so
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a lot of countries in southeast asia are looking to newer suppliers and international arms market. south korea, india, or, or even of russia, ukraine to arm themselves. how we saw the philip in, i'll go ahead, little replace and to let you finish that thought. ah, you know, the philippines recently purchased a anti ship cruise missiles from india. and you know, we, we see indonesia constantly kind of going around the world shopping for, for a bargain deals that they can get. well, when we see these countries, i'm with shopping baskets out. there are distinct divisions in the regional defense spending between those that do and do not feel threatened by china, for example, like thailand and single pole. so what's indonesia is gripe because it's already publicly or they don't seem to publicly admit 20 think re,
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indian you should kind of has there a head in the sand about the thread of china on the one hand they said since they don't have any claims to any of the features in the south china sea, they say a, we have no territorial dispute with china, but china's 9 dash line goes right through indonesia is exclusive economic zone from the island of nick tuna, which is a very profitable gas field. and in the past few months, we've seen the chinese, very aggressively in indonesian exclusive economic zone, doing seismic research. and you know, indonesia just for an archipelago of 17000. the islands has a very small navy, a very small coast guard, for, since they're founding in 1949, most of their security threats really emanated from within, they've been secessionist insurgencies. and so we see indonesia right now kind of
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rushing to build the upper modern naval fleet got and out to acquire error assets, to support that naval fleet. it's a huge country with a huge internal c, a people forget just how big indian nita is. it's, it's almost earth, 3500 miles from, from east to west. interesting time, certainly for the region which will keep an eye look very closely. zachary of is a thanks so much joining us from alexandria. thank you. thank you for having no you as a group state anthony, blinking is in australia to discuss growing china. russia ties at a court meeting of foreign ministers in melbourne. now the court, a u. s. lead block that includes australia, japan and india was set up to count a, china's growing influence in the region. lincoln met his australian counterpart, marie's pain in melbourne. the head of the talks. sarah clark, josephina from brisbin, so a very long, a gender. i'm sure it's
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a very busy agenda. they've, they've been some various bilateral independent, a picture of attendees in the last hour. so that coordinating is set to get underway. and the next couple of hours a central to the agenda will be china, russia, and of course, a regional security. and so of the inevitable that the lights of russia and ukraine will be discussed at this court meeting agenda. the central goal of these quad talks is to counter china's push into the region at with this group, we're looking to collaborate and push back on a set of mrs. was china's military expansion of the likes of the spirited area of the south china sea. and the goal of the quote group is to present alternative to what china is offering in this region. the americans, they blinking author refers to this quote initiative as being affirmative. so they're trying to offer a clean, a free democratic and open alliance for the region. now it's also expected to address the threat posed by the likes of russia and china. you might recall,
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we had vladimir putin and she'd been paying in the last a week or so raised the soul can certainly boost its partnership by making a declaration of no limits strategic partnership pledging mutual protection of core interests. and of course, that refers to likes of ukraine and russian, of course, at china and taiwan. as i mentioned, it's inevitable that to blanket we'll be discussing the crime. russia issue on a very pat agenda for this quote meeting in melbourne. is it also inevitable, sarah, that china will react to this? i have always been very suspicious of any grouping that is seen as anti china. indeed, john has been a long time critic of this initiative. it's described as inflammatory and says, raises tensions in the region. of course, security analysts simply states that initiative like this. these countries cooperating together in this region will be seen as a negative for china because they simply tried to stifle china's military expansion
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in the area. we have seen china's increasing aggression towards the lack of japan and india. so the quote countries will also be looking to collaborate on a pushback on this matter. but it is a packed agenda significantly. it's also a face to face making, which is rage and appendix to the fact that it's going ahead is obviously a plus, but it is inevitable that we will see russia and ukraine being raised. and it will be interesting to see if we do get a joint statement on that matter because of course, india and russia have had long time or a long history nuts in the military space. they've been reluctant to certainly criticize ukraine, so we get this. people get a joint statement on russian crime, but we do expect the press conference this afternoon coming out of melbourne, and we'll continue to follow up for the moment. so o'clock in preston. thank you. now the head of london, metropolitan police stepped down, falling a series of scandals and questions over her judgment. precedent. dick says the cities man left her with no choice, after withdrawing his confidence pressure on her guard over an initial choice not
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to investigate lockdown parties at the prime minister's office, along with racism allegations and the murder of a woman. by a serving officer, though she was the 1st woman to leave the force following contact with a member of london today. it is quite clear that the man no longer has sufficient confidence in my leadership over the metropolitan police service. for me to continue. as commissioner, he has left me no choice, but to step aside. i say this with deep sadness and regret. last week i made clear to the miss holsome police commissioner. the scale of the change, i believe is urgent, required to rebuild the trust and confidence of londoners intimate and to reach help, the racism, sexism from a phobia, bullying,
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discrimination and massage any past. still exists. sydney's protest as it be marching to denounce october's military cue and political detentions the they've attempted to take new routes to get to the presidential palace that have been met with gas and security. forces around atp, loving, killed is demonstrated face to front, down on dissents. in the qu, they say they'll keep demanding democracy. at least 6 people have died in somalia, after a suicide bomber attacked a mini buzz carrying election officials in the capital market tissue. the armed group. i'm sure bob says it's behind the assault. the bombing hit a road near the presidential palace. there been several attacks in mogadishu recently as rival political factions struggle to hold elections. award winning author call as ng row carr busha has slighted uganda. on wednesday he said he was tortured while in custody for almost
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a month. but he also still plans to return to his country at some point. his claim of his treatment is the latest example of a deterioration in human rights. and you can the, over the past year i was arrested in december because of critical comments that he posted of the president on twitter. earlier he spent 120 about his ordeal in prison in december. no others by that which is in judge of the presidents. and his immediate was taken to the court of the if see where it was. it was beaten, was beaten with blood and buttons. it put them as a block flish from my thighs may. they may lift that down to you, or my body was full of them at the electrical isolation and
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all my legs are swollen. i am right now now seeing a flock chas. roberts, as they really did to me, i almost died. then they denied me medication to call my passport. they refused me from flying out to get a good medication from europe, from u. s. a n d. i decided to run out of the country and i believe that i'll be fine and i will have to return to my country. and this time around are not sneak into our country. our use. there is a few people in power. they can never stop me from staying in my own country. they can never make me up in my own country. have to go back to a gun and face them. this number isn't it, is do they are advantage is our they keep power. so they don't be any
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new is a if they are showing up sanctions against some of the size, they should not be voting even. and his son ah, what you will just bear with me. so rambling, doha reminder of all top news stories. the u. s. president has warning that things in ukraine could go crazy quickly. he's urging americans to leave now as concerns grow that moscow could invade the country. you know, it's a lot better. that's why would i be asked is american citizens should leave, should leave. now we're dealing with one of the largest armies in the world. it's a very different situation and things can go crazy quickly, though this comes as russia and the other is begin 10 days of joint military drills there you.


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