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tv   Witness Ashes To Ashes  Al Jazeera  February 13, 2022 2:30am-3:01am AST

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or fly, whether she holds an american passport. due citizenship is not allowed in china and ship american when i'm in the u. s. and i am chinese, and i'm in china. and i have been very outspoken about my gratitude to both the u. s. and china for making me the person who i am into not senses have deleted tens of thousands of posts related to the winter olympics, and over hundreds of others for causing trouble. tony's media has since been flooded with comments supporting you saying more tolerant a failure and her background on that as china continues to push, it seems to succeed. it's unlikely that any of its olympians will be free from politics or the president for any time. katrina, you al jazeera meeting. ah, what you deserve me said robin in doha, reminder of our top stories. the white house says a phone call between the us and russia. leaders to discuss tensions with ukraine
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did not result in any fundamental change. moscow has been sending troops to ukraine's border racing fears of an invasion. the kremlin said the phone call was businesslike, but criticize the war hysteria in the west. ukrainian present. vladimir zalinski says he's analyzed the intelligence information of a possible invasion. it's our borders, it's our territory. you, you know, i have to speak with our people like our unit for, you know, like, like a president and said, people throughs and the truth that we have different information. and now, the best friend for an image that hispanic in our country. and all this information details only for bernie, doesn't help us. canadian, please have begun dispersing trucks blocking traffic over a vital bridge to the us. now they've been demonstrating against a coven 19 vaccine mandate. hundreds of people are protested in austria's capital
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against mandatory cove at 19 vaccinations since the vendor unvaccinated people have only been allowed to leave their homes for central purposes. the restrictions are being slightly relaxed, but next month police will begin carrying out random checks and people who break the rules. risk prosecution. sterling cause president has declared that health and electricity workers provide essential services. which means is a legal for them to strike the public health care workers walked out earlier this week to demand higher pay and better working conditions. under the essential services act. people could face up to 5 years in jail or have the assets confiscated for refusing to work. you follow those stories on our website to al jazeera dot com is updated throughout the day. i'll be back with more news and just a de hafta. next it's witness ashes to ashes. americans are increasingly saying authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps
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along the way where the chain of command, if you like, tried it, covered or what's your take on why they've gotten this so wrong. that to me is political malpractice, the bottom line on us politics and policies and the impact on the world on al jazeera who here's my favorite of all the whole j o b, want to know the his last brave and he's just so fantastic with his man we are like very light vill oh look at my yoga look. now there's
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a boy there. you know where he, if you take him out of the box, he run around all over the floor and talk. and you can ask him saying things in here for you. i got to live in here to be afraid. he gave you. not a reason. i like it because i never had toys when i was born. a little boy in me just love the movie in the characters there. so fantastic. you know, i'm gonna give them to my key is when i'm gone with ah
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ah ah deos. a story. i don't know of ways to save any of the fat. it feels a story i'm telling a story about my life in the store takes refused to do. i got 8 done on the take 50. i'm fully these pictures are here in the of never face live ah, nova journey than i had to tell you. what my wife get telling me, oh you can do it. you got tell and whatever. you can do this and you get what you
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know wise can set him down a bang. you know what is true? what has are true out of how we live, how we survive in the south? ah ah, when a patient walks into my room, they expect to have a seat. and for me to talk with him about the history about their journey. i take that information and i use it to help them heal. i need to look at history and sometimes patients come to tell you hard stuff, but i can't discarding because i needed all the help that patients to live. i'm a physician, but i'm also an artist. i see myself
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a little bit of both when ford is, are honest to both from the south and i had opportunity to go to one his, our shoals. and there he was. he's had a lot of health problems, hypertension, diabetes, prolong, over 40 years of stress. and i think that stress in appears which you ability to sleep. so have an hours of sleep. you get a night very fo, 3 or force hours mom. and as with the medicine, me without the medicine, what you get with that promotion, i get nothing and it's been going on for how long? well, for youth, when ever you do well pitches. he gets it. you have to go to the doctor and she has to talk to him and he has a double up on that medicine in order to get some rest for use. post traumatic stress disorder ear. so he traumatized that you again and make you re live,
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which we had gone through. exactly. and the thing is that some time acknowledge in the history does that help? some people to heal may have to have approval in that meal on their own. frankenberg is a different counter art. that feeling is mark, i'm is not heal. do with me, please ah, year blackfoot hope and my are now not much. says everything is done from the page . there's not much hope in active, shoot them. so i thank you and my man, i go back one, i was glad to to you. i can remember guy gave me a good memory william on plantation and that was the early
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sixty's. i don't take long for you to realize that something is wrong with taking garden every day on day. you start out on your roles, the j. c. you spend all day and you never get to the in the year. at the time out 14, i ran away from not home, but i ran away from the country. so i was doing everything at all possible if you live a different type of life. natural sick. this, you know i'm working gigi. this man, i go through the night 3 or 45 o'clock in the morning when she okay, she was, she's down there like bullet the trauma that he's in the trouble. you have to go to sleep in the rest. i've seen it increased as you get older the
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dramatic stuff less when we have a problem. but know that it wasn't really need to get done. sometime he wakes up completely up carlin, whoever deals this run and then we call him by name. he'll be saying stop if i don't take my medicine and i can sleep with passing the i'm going through. if i'm dreaming, i may, i may punch pet. let me go back to this garden. i'm kerry by john civil rights movement. and 40 years old. when you are part of the moon, me, you make a name for yourself and all of white people know you and they are waiting to get their hands on.
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i stay in jail for a year with no charges left and so i took a roll of toilet paper, stuck in in a jar, fled jail. and when they share came back, he came back in. he was gone through staying with me, the cheek, me 2 or 3 times. and about the 3rd time he kicked me out of the sad. i wouldn't let him kick me in. war ran his legs and i threw him to the ground. and he went for his gun, i took it away from him and he's begging me not to shoot him. so i said, well, i'm not going to shoot you, but i'm will lock you up. so i'll lock them in and say an athlete. went to his house of civil rights workers. i bought the woman answer the door. i told her will it happen? she went to the next room and call a police next thing and no error,
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white man incurred with georgia, standing out in the yard early in the trunk of the gore. about a 30 minute ride and julie opened up the trunk. i saw the rope hanging from a tree looses, appraised a zan like to hang people when they put robo ram, our feet pulled me up in a tree. here comes endeavor to shave the lock in his ear and he's got a knife. and he come up and he grabbed my primary paws and he took his laughing, stuck me. they was gone a chance to rate me and then hang me, burned me. i was 19 years ago and they, i am bleed like a pig thinking up in a tree. ready to be slowed like a hawk. and then another white man grab is off and told him don't do that to we got better things we can do with it. i took my shirt
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roll up between my lay like day. wow, good job. oh, you squeeze man, me to give us a massive ah ah my mother's tell me, she said you cannot internalize to pain if you internalize at pain it just chips away at you. this country, no one really generally talk about the people who lynched. sometimes they were many people, they put them in the water, but wait, sort of bam would never see him again. sometime it would take to bite as economy as
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sale to pieces, some kind of would take to bought out the lift and bring it up. so the families were not happy, those ones that were recorded. what about the ones that we got recorded? it was close to 3 to 4000 people who were niched, and a lot of these people never got a fin. it was often too dangerous for the families to retrieve those bodies. and some time there was no bodies to retreat. is not just black history. this is american history. ah, you don't survive only, gee, you leach, you deep. i just happen to be one man. that was say,
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i have heard me, i have chipped me for leon may be what i could of them. yes, it hailed me back because this room and no one wants to talk about the 1st time i saw you, i was trying to medically speaking. i was trying to figure out why does he have these on his he over chang marks. well one more than the other. why this a lot less? cost dressed, my punch in pain. oh, i didn't learn a bounce around my neck, so we're working on the highways and byways and when you hear them more, i mean you hear manny. well don't you know that's the main
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we're again on a chevy. mm. wow. i like the quite irritable that made me cry. oh, the beautiful morning that long johnson ok good. then i can walk in a ga which a day you've been leaning as me. i'm for li, live again. don't you see i almost, i'm a strong george. her 0 that right he, i'm give enough. well, to put it in a do that. oh, you pick i'm little, you know, with we used to for water in there with a bigger hip to that. oh really? yeah. on the brain way more put a break in. did you that?
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no i'm rick at it. yeah. oh god, i didn't know that i bought a moon . are you? i get rid of for tomorrow. the 20 night trying to pull it all together. pain. nathaniel, you know, that painting idea with k k k. yeah. could you bring it to me in springfield? ah, i decided to have a few for the over 4000 african americans who had lynched in the united states to close that chapter and move forward. america has to do the same thing to help heal this coaching. mm. you get some pushback with people. why you understood it
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hasn't been steward enough people were saying, ah, that's so depressing. i say what you said just to present, try hang a from a tree. ah, what can i do? i can't bring them back, but i can give them a prayer. ah, ah,
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good evening, i'm dr. shirley jackson, whittaker. and the question we ask tonight is, why do we need to be here? we need to be here because our country needs to heal and some bad things happen in this country where americans tortured other americans due to the color of their skin that went on so long in america. what are you going to do about it? because i remember as a little girl, when we went to a funeral in law, there casket in the ground,
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the minister was se ashes to ashes. a lot of people never got there. so we look back in history. so this patient can live. we're looking back in history for this patient can dr. we look back in history so this patient can become very strong. but this patient can only live and get stronger if bill willing to look back. mm. so tonight we start. there's an african proverb. this is you speak my name and i will live for african. mm. so tonight we will speak some names. ah, my name is sierra. ah jim. ah, my name is mary turn. i was the 19 year old. pregnant wife,
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the wonderful haze turner. my name is lorna thomas and i'm representing on me when i confronted his murderous they left me and burned my body. i named kaya felony and i represent representing eugene. they ripped my unborn baby out of my belly. ensuring his death. along with my i'm jane's house and they told me i had a choice either i could die with my son. or i could watson dime live to tell the story. i had no talk. i had my wife no children looked after to live for now. as my son cried and
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begged and pleaded for his life, they bound his hands and feet and forced him into the river. and as i stood trembling with tears running down my face. watson, my son said to the bottom of the river, never to rise again. never to rise again. so in unison. wellborn you representing speak that name? ah ah ah ah ah, ah
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ah ah, it is. oh oh dan jan is
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matt beck. it is dragging me down. it would be that been 40 some years ago. and he went to day, now is dragon, me that chain graph generous lay of my bill, j ref. i run it for my life. every met somebody's after and i don't know what to do. oh, i'm mad about what happened. and it didn't seem like it was nobody there to say, hey, this is wrong, right. it hurts me to see him in that campaign
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for the pay. his dad didn't need to be raised. we commit to the ground, these bodies, and these soldiers. and let us ever remember and reflect upon the lives that have been nameless, an unknown for many years in ashes to ashes, dust, to dust. ah, a few is a healing for those that are like giving respect to those that have to i think they want it to be remember and to have the right of passage the right to move. ah
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ah i j v i don't i got a li, he'll take, i go to the grey wood where i get all the lead now. the whole and lay back. he was 0. strange was just me years ago, the austria only back generation, the message july changes. i can change this world on the way. i'm not a big enough man to do there, but i can put it in it. just
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keep going in go in, go. i wish you could see me now. i wish you to see the work that i'm doing now mom. i wish you to be with me and i hope you up there looking down looking down to doing this level work. i guess mama you wanted to reason that i keep doing yes you are
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ah, in iran the head of a mental health hospital experiment with a bonus, new treatment. the therapeutic power of love in the prescription room and again on his patient embrace the matrimonial remedy. can wedlock lead to banker wellbeing on his board? the marriage project witness on al jazeera ah a
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with a shot for. 8 herself ortiz, i'm, i'm with sure documentaries from around the world about those who will give up their fight for justice out. is there a select justice on counting because to europe is divided or the nuclear energy, but is a green enough that you when accuses north korea funding gets muscle program with stolen crypto currency. how can digital wallace be protected and african startups on the rise? what makes them right? counting the cost on al jazeera, what happens in new york has implications all around the world to make these stories resonate requires talking to everyday people, the mayor of the city,
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and now sending doing away with the curfew. that was supposed to get everybody off the street. it's international perspective with the human touch zooming way in, and then pulling back out again with their breakthrough between the usaa russia during a phone conversation president by walls vladimir putin, of severe costs. if he invades ukraine, ah, pugs robins watching all their life while headquarters here in doha, also coming up. police in canada, begin clearing a key bridge to the us. demonstrate as an angry about the cove at 19 vaccine mandates. civil a protest, the french capital police party against.


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