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a benchmark money to the outside world and tending his family's lands remote paula to printing the quote, it's brought to my mind. i truly started going this hector megan me music man, my son, bob boy, on al jazeera. ah, i regret to say that this is the new normal in europe. nato is considering forming new battle gross in eastern europe saying, and hasn't seen evidence of a russian withdrawal from the border with ukraine. but moscow insist a partial drawn down is continuing and has released footage of its forces on the move. ah, i'm fully back. the boy you're watching al jazeera ly from dover, also ahead. flash floods and lance lies in brazil,
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kill at least 30 people north of rio de janeiro and hundreds of palestinians bid farewell to a teenager, killed by israeli forces in the occupied west back. ah, thank you for joining us. the secretary general of nato says the alliance is not convinced russia is de escalating what he calls europe small, serious crisis. in decades. major defense ministers have been meeting in brussels to discuss the growing military stand off over fears of a russian invasion of ukraine. in stoughton brooks, his nato is not looking into increasing its forces in eastern europe by creating new battle groups in the region. he's accusing moscow of creating a new norm war and are threatening european sovereignty with military force. moscow has made it clear that it is prepared to contest the fundamental principles that
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have underpinned our security for decades. and to do so by using force. i regret to say that this is the new normal in europe. therefore, to day ministers decided to develop options for further string from naples to turns on the phones including to consider establishing new nathan buffer, europe's in central, eastern and south eastern europe. and moscow insists it has reduced its true presence near ukraine while continuing to deny it has any plans to invade its neighbour. let's go live to nice banker who is in brussels for us at nato headquarters falling that nato defense ministers meeting. tell us 1st about this, these battle grove said to nato secretary general has said the alliances, considering ascending to eastern europe. really. yeah, well, this is
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a response to, of course, the largest build up of forces in eastern europe since the cold war. and as a result of that, a sultan burg said that the alliance needs to reconfigure to face these new challenges in the years to come. and sir, talk about setting up a new battle group in romania. they're already around for battle groups, sir. in the baltic states in sonya latvia, lithuania and in poland as well. around 7000 troops, u. s. troops and nato troops. in in poland, around 1200. in estonia, in latvia, each and latvia each and all. so around $1500.00 and and left you amy. i gather that there are around $900.00 troops already in romania, but the plan would essentially mean ramping up that number to something much more significant, possibly in their thousands and would be potentially france that has over all military control over those troops. stilton berg was very blunt, or in his final press conference of the day, he said that you are p insecurity was in crisis. and these were the new challenges
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that the alliance had to face. and so what happens next? now it doesn't seem like the tension is easing at the nato secretary general. they're saying that nato is still open to dialogue, so it looks like there is still, you know, some sort of diplomacy possibly likely to happen. yeah, that zip matic door isn't closed and there is a framework for potential dialogue with russia. the nato, russia alliance and nato, as reiterated repeatedly over the course of the day that it is extended, an invitation to moscow to come and sit around the table and work this out a essentially. but that hasn't been responded to our by moscow. oh, so far i'm, i'm, it is a huge challenge for the alliance going for this to work when it comes to working out how far to go. if you go too far, than it runs the risk of the lines being drawn into a conflict in ukraine in a country that it has no treaty to protect and do too little,
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that it runs the risk of for a providing room for vladimir putin to maneuver and that i could create a domino effect across sir, eastern europe, with more more troops from the alliance, and from russia being stationed in that part of the world. which of course, is a very dangerous situation for the whole of europe to be in may. thank you for that . need back her life. i sat in brussels. i meanwhile ukraine has been holding a day of national unity present very me zalinski chose to market on wednesday after report that a russian invasion was eminent. it was observed across the country, including in border areas near russia. char stratford has more from car keith city in east and ukraine. ah, upon us, young brother's fate shall yet smile our enemies will perish like you. in the morning, some words of the ukrainian national anthem o koya was national dress of the ceremony in
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a park in the eastern city hall. if the gathering was held to mark what the ukranian president volume is zalinski called a day of unity. the flag was raised from half mast soldiers stood to attention after the national anthem, a singer try to rouse the crowd with a popular song about maryland peace. ah, but only a few people came to watch. after posing for photographs to quiet, began to leave in jail for the unity of our country. they want to be united. we want to be very united near by outside the tent, where for years people have signed up for the army and donated money. opposed to of the russian president and his barouche and ally, and fellow neighbor of ukraine. the city is calm, performa, so it's quiet as usual,
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is just the normal routine day people working children at school. i don't know what will be will be. i am not worried. there is no point in where we met on a day when you as intelligent services predict, say, possible rush, you mean version hold you cry, show of unity here. eastern city, of course, give once a small group of people. and their message is that ukraine remains unified. against what they and the government and their western backers say, is russian aggression. charles stratford al jazeera, called kit, while despite russia indicating some of it, soldiers are returning to their base is defense. analysts say those troops are still near the border with ukraine, russian media, se military exercise is being held in russian annex crimea, region have concluded, and those involved in the drills are heading back to their home base. true from the 33rd and 42nd and a 150 of motorized rifle divisions are involved in the drop down. but the permanent basis for 2 out of 3 of those military units are still in close proximity to the
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ukranian border. some unless say, that contradicts russia statement says troops are really pulling back. when i li i spoke to mark cali, ot who's especially some russian politics and security affairs. he says, rushes military movements in the last 2 days have been minimal. one division, the 42nd is moving away from crimea. so from ukraine, the rest essentially were talking about shuffling around within the same area. the point is that putting wanted to make a symbolic move to suggest that there is hope in diplomacy. but on the other hand, he still wants to have his full forces available to back up his point that if diplomacy fails, he still has the option of escalating. we have to realize diplomacy is always a long process. you know, we think of the great arms control treaties of the past 2 years to negotiate. so we're not gonna get there quickly. but on the other hand, certainly for promoteco site, they have been passing some symbols, some signs that they're willing to talk to days ago, putin has
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a very highly through choreograph meeting with his foreign minister. who's you know, he was asked, is it worth continuing to conformance to say yes and couldn't been continue? so i mean, they're very much trying to suggest that they're still happy to keep the negotiations going. but on the other end, they feel that it was only the military force and got the west to the negotiating table, which is why they're not going to de escalate until they feel they have some kind of a deal within reach. in other world news, flooding and heavy rains have killed at least 38 people in brazil. vehicles and houses were swept away in the city of metropolis, north of rio de janeiro. after a month's rain fell within hours. katy lopez, hurry, ann has more the force and magnitude of this rainfall was unexpected. within hours streets across the brazilian city, a federal police were submerged. nearby families are stunned as floods and mudslides get closer to their homes.
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the current so strong a push vehicles along streets like toys, even a boss is aimlessly dragged away, nearly covered in water. families are now dealing with a devastating aftermath, including hearing about neighbors who didn't survive at message mortgage. don't know. it's very sad to see people asking for help and not being able to do anything . it's a feeling of desperation, a loss. our city is gone, our neighborhood is gone. this desperately tries to hold on. the local fire department says more than $250.00 millimeters of rain fell within 6 hours. that's more than a monthly average. for the entire month of february,
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the region is still recovering from the damage of last year's heavy rains were more than $500.00 people were killed. this year again, authorities fear the death toll will likely was. recovery efforts are underway, president higher voice will nato who's visiting russia has called on the local government to deliver immediate support to what will likely be a long term operation. patio office of a young al jazeera still ahead on al jazeera to suicide bombers strike in somalia. capital, at least 9 people are dead, and austria is mandatory vaccination law is put in doubt after the government announces the relaxation of most of eyes restrictions. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies. the winter sponsored my cattle airways.
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hello there. we've got high pressure keeping it settled across much of northern china if got low pressure kicking it unsettled for japan. here's our low. we're going to see this system here just dragging in a fair but a snow. lots of wintry weather coming into that western side of her honshu around 40 centimeters of snow coming in here as we go on through the next couple of days. so that will cause some disruption. we push on it to friday. yep. more the same, not quite as widespread, but it is still there. nevertheless, it's not quite to whether across the korean peninsula temp, just picking up in salt around 5 celsius and the dry weather. they're continuing for beijing not to drive for central and southern parts of china. we some snow coming into we're central areas of china further south. we're heavy down post coming in here over the next couple of days. and we see some heavy downpours into parts of malaysia house of indonesia, fight. and roy across the philippines over the next day or so, but you can see across much of southeast asia,
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similar distribution of showers to what we have seen recently in some way to whether also pushy in a cross. so the malay peninsula across a nickel barrel is and the adamant artist it will stay disturbed here. much of india stays dry and fine over the next couple of days and started to warm up particularly to the west. oh, with sponsored by casara ways, frank assessments for china will benefit from the 0 call it strategy. if the rest, the world cannot get to get informed opinions at all costs focused on needs. and on fridays from that statement, critical debate, why group would claims that need to constitutes an interest angel threat to russia, but it's precisely his actions that created this insecurity in the region. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou.
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ah, they're watching al jazeera live from doha. reminder of our top stories. the secretary general of nato says the alliance is not convince russian forces or withdrawing from the border with ukraine. defense ministers have been meeting in brussels and they agreed to discuss the creation of new battle ground groups in eastern europe. moscow insist, however, it's reduce its true presence. its ways these pictures had face show military equipment on the move in crimea. russia antics of each and in 2014 and ukraine has been holding a day of national unity present voting. these events he chose to market on wednesday after a force at a russian invasion was imminent. in the world news,
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a funeral has been held for a palestinian teenager who was shot by israeli forces in the occupied west. spank antonio ne had been gucci was killed during confrontation between protesters and he's ready soldiers in the town of nabby sally, on to say, death comes days after another teenager was killed by his really gunfire near the town of jeanine and a brain has more from cafe in, in the occupied west bank where the funeral was held another day, another funeral and another young man loses his life in the occupied west bank. by the way, the 4th is higher. this time you had better own who has been killed in confrontations with these really forces. on tuesday, he's been a man who was arrested by the way, the forces before he was injured also multiple times. and it's only been a few weeks since he was outside his resale. now he's being taken to his family to bid him to find it for well. and if harmony says while they almost have gotten used
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to him being in jail and behind bard, this is too much for them to handle. young has the valued side and he had to buy it out of me. i'm crying for anyhow and for my son to because i can't protect him and even on all our children's lives are under threats. you can't protect them from the occupation. overall, there has been an in police in violence and people fear this escalation that there's a shamrock neighborhood in occupy these jerusalem that the situation is going to be heading towards an escalation sort of common mckuddle rooms. hub b wasn't abuse, really were behaving as if they owned the land as if we have no right to it. they want us out. well, we'll keep fighting even if one of us is killed every day because it at least 3 people have been killed in shelling by government forces in northwestern syria. a town was sheldon, it lived the last remaining province found by rebels. government forces have
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increased the tax on italy been recent weeks on tuesday, a bomb and a capital damascus killed one soldier in somalia, at least 9 people are reported to have been killed in the capital mortgage showing shooting to suicide bomber and a police officer. the internal security minister says out about 5 is a talk to elise stations in the early hours of wednesday morning. malcolm will be monitoring developments from nairobi, neighboring kenya, for the group out, bob is said it came responsibility for attacking several government target throughout the capital market. issue, we've heard that police stations insecurity. checkpoints have been attacked to police folks in birth, birth and setting one incident. the vehicle packed with explosives was driven into a police station. local resident described the explosion of like an earthquake in another location. police said that the attack because then stole a police vehicle, police pursued them, local resident said the gun battles that went on for about half an hour after the
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attack, forgotten. now this all comes at the same time as the model is very drawn out. much delayed in direct election process is going on right now. there's a whole series of meeting going on behind closed doors in which clan representative a trying to agree on who they will select to be members of parliament. later this month, members of parliament to do to elect tamale as next president election was meant to happen over a year ago. the delays, of course, tensions which run into violence on several occasions in the group ship. bob said it's against the whole election process and is disrupted it or attempted to disrupt it violently. on several occasions, rebels from ethiopia is to gray region are being accused of killing civilians and raping dozens of women in the neighboring. i'm her region last year and i missed international reports as a rebel group committed atrocities in the tons of china and cobble nearly half the
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victims of sexual violence in china. say they were gang raped some as young as 14 years old. the sexual violence was followed by beatings, death, threats, and ethnic slurs, people in cowboy se teepees at teepee left rebels went after unarmed civilians in an apparent revenge killing spree donatello. rivera is a senior crisis adviser at amnesty international. she describes how survivors had to walk for several days to get treatment. the medical facilities that existed in the regions or were not very sophisticated, but even both medical facilities were due to the medical personnel sled. given the abuses that were being committed by the grand forces and so the survivors were left with no option but to walk. busy for days and days, days until they could reach areas where the, where function medical facilities. now for survivors of great,
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that's particularly problematic because the host re cared that should be administered within the 1st 72 hours or within the 1st 5 days. depending on the type of care and you know, not none of the victims, none of the survivors had access to that. the same is true in kabul with some of the survivors of the killings were left for dead and who were injured. they also had to for days until they could reach areas where the, where functioning medical facility studies areas the where outside the folder of the fighters. i mean, i think is important to stress that these are not situations of civilians being caught in the cross fire. this, these are not collateral damage cases. these are cases of civilians,
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men and women who were deliberately targeted. her former soldier whose deserted man, mars army, has told al jazeera of the rural tactics. he says, are being committed by a feared regiment since last year. school, the army has faced allegations of abuse and doing torture and massacres, all of which it denies. tony chang spoke to the ex soldier who is in hiding near the ty, myanmar border. rebel fighters approached a convoy of burning vehicles on christmas eve. it was the scene of a massacre. they say, well than 30 men, women and children executed. their bodies burned up to you. they say it was mere mars army. specifically, the much feared 66 light infantry mia mars military leadership have denied involvement than that. but those tactics a well known to captain me and tow, whose name we've changed for security reasons. he served in the 66 light infantry
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until november when he deserted. now he's in hiding. he says he and his soldiers were taught to believe that any one who stood up to them was the enemy, or with angrily, diana, the army seized the ethnic groups like terrorists now where they tell the soldiers that all the ethnic groups are terrace. that's why they fight against them. they want to control everything. despite decades of oppressive rule, members of mere mars army or tappman doors, they're often called inside the country were held in high regard. their role as guardians of a divided nation often superseded reports of atrocities against ethnic minorities, including the ringer. last year's military coup changed all that the stature and the reputation of the tap that i have taken a massive hit. ah, the people of myanmar white wade, frankly, heath and are view them as terrorist. at one stage it was thought that the trickle
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of defect is coming from over there. in myanmar might turn into a flood that didn't happen, the army closed ranks. and since then, it's been very hard to know what's going on in military minds. hi, on the misty hill side, along this home, your mom border. we got a rare insight into the concerns had been listed soldiers. as we filmed at border outpost, several soldiers employed close approached us friendly. they chanted openly in english and ty, with a word about the fierce fighting going on between mama's army and its people, is talking like a dog. and i say she is we worried about that? but in this region, like in the site, we don't have any go going about another adding a group here, but the you were the birth fighting inside miramar as well. yeah. a little bit. oh captain. yeah. tow can be more open about his concerns.
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since february there's no happiness, he sings, my homeland is destroyed. now he's committed to fighting against the army a fight song. lyric says we will win tony ching al jazeera on the time. yeah. my board of european union's top cortez dismissed the case by poland and hungary, challenging a new funding law. the mechanism will allow the you to cut funds to members say to violate democratic rights and freedoms. the decision marks a milestone in the e is huge with poland and hungary, companies, governments on protecting human rights. austria is lifting most of its remaining corona virus restrictions. the government says cases are manageable enough to allow the road to be lifted by march 5th. it's putting down in a recent law to make vaccination, compulsory dominic cane has the details. the interesting thing is you have the number of new cases to day up on what it was the previous day and the number of new
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deaths also upon what it was. and yet, the view of the government, the federal government in vienna is that's when march comes along, it's time to relax the rules. so at the federal level across the country, the government saying that rather than having to show proof of vaccination or recovery status, it will be possible for people just to show they have a negative test, a recent negative test and to access all manner of different public services which are until now they haven't been able to do that. it is important to stress that each individual state will be able to implement the rules as they see fit. so for example, in the capital city, vienna, which is the state in, in austria, then the mayor of the owner said, well, we're good to relax things a lot slower than, than that. the federal level all makes it interesting here is that many in germany are looking on at what's happening in vienna and say, well, maybe we should be doing the same thing. indeed, the federal cabinet is meeting the prime ministers of the federal states right now
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to discuss similar sorts of ideas. this idea that at some point in march, it will be time to be able to follow the austrian example. what does make it interesting is there had been a groundswell of opinion holistically in austria amongst the pit, the big parties that is to have that mandatory vaccine requirement as there has been here in germany. but there are many prominent politicians now as saying, maybe we don't need to bring it in quite as quickly as it stands. in the 3rd week of march in austria, that requirement comes in. but there are many wondering now whether the police will enforce it. current virus pandemic now in a bind administration is looking for support in congress for an extra $30000000000.00 to fight their pandemic. it wants to increase vaccinations, treatment, and research, the delta and only con, variance and vaccine hesitancy of healed infections and best worldwide video shared on social media appears to show how overwhelmed hong kong hospitals are from
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surgeon cove. in 19 infections, patients can be seen in beds outside, reportedly because it's too crowded indoors on kong. leader carry land said earlier this week that hospitals and clinics were struggling to cope. the argentina is dealing with suddenly high annual inflation now running at 50 per cent. some analysts are forecasting it will climb even higher this year, despite promises by the government to control prices that a sub will report on one osiris on our people are trying to adapt it to a culinary hot spot in the central market of when a site is and people here pride themselves in cooking the best spanish or b as in the city. but with the countries inflation rate at 50 percent. but the seattle lydia ileal says she has to make a next re effort each month to keep the business going out of the not a sequel margin. tina is a disorganized country, but we learn to serve the situation. it's a constant challenge,
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the learning experience. our products are very good quality, i don't want to reduce our quality. so what i do is try to sell as much as i can. so again, in quantity and don't have to increase the price as much. the government has been trying to regulate the rising prices with controls and other economic measures, but it has not succeeded. inflation have been a problem for argentines per decade, and that's why he would implement strategies to protect their income in this market . for example, waters need once a month to agree on the price of certain cuts and they promote those prices in car voice like this $1.00. the problem we're told is that this among the price of fif went up around 70 percent. so now they have to change this cardboard once again. wholesale use hulu now, owns able to shop. since epidemic beef consumption has dropped significantly, and he's still trying to recover from the economic impact, why we're lagrano is the beef culture in argentina is huge with barbecues over weekend. what we see is people not eating as much b flat before,
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and they are eating pork and chicken instinct. ah, inflation for it is the government to guarantee that salaries and pensions increase to keep up with a constant rising prices. protest like this one show. it does not all is work on tuesday, thousands gathered in the center when aside is to demand more government assistance argentina and the international monetary fund, or in financial talks to negotiate more than 40000000000 in debt to target inflation. but economy say the fight to control racing prices, won't bc, baker, and argentina, there are several factors that have an impact on inflation. that's why it's so difficult to tackle, unless there is an integral plan that attacks all those causes of inflation. it's like a monster with a 1000 heads. argentines have gotten used to living with inflation, and many are found ways to survive, but it's a vicious cycle that has hurt the countries. chances of growth argentines have gotten used to living with inflation. and many have found ways to survive it,
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but it's a vicious cycle that has heard the countries chances of achieving long lasting economic growth there is. i will, i'll just cedar, one of hades, veteran indian singer and music composer by p. laurie has died of the age of 69. ah, he was one of the country's most influential music directors and brought disco to her to bollywood. his songs were hugely popular in the 19 eighties and nineties. ah ha, again, i am fully rateable with the headlines on al jazeera, the head of natal says the alliance is not.


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