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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, now j 0, where every oh, new the ukraine, russia crisis takes center stage at the un security council with a challenge to moscow to step back from the brink of war. the russian government can announce today with no qualification equivocation or deflection that russia will not invade you crate.
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ah, hello i, marianna mozy and london, your watching algae 0 also coming up on the program an avalanche of suffering in the brazilian city of metropolis. while the death toll continues to mount off to the latest landslide disaster and a hostile political landscape season, the french military mission, a molly, draw to a close. ah well, come to the program will. america's top diplomat is saying millions of people are facing a moment of peril as they wait for russia to invade ukraine. the or secretary of state antony blinkin made the comments at the un security council and repeated his governments assertion that moscow is looking to manufacture
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a pretext for war. u. s. president joe biden says he expects russian military action within the next several days. but russia has continued to reject accusations that it plans any sort of attack despite amassing more than a $150000.00 troops along its border. i have no doubt that the response to my remarks here today will be more dismissal from the russian government about the united states, stroking hysteria, or that it has no plans to invade ukraine. so let me make the symbol the russian government can announce today, with no qualification equivocation or deflection that russia will not invade ukraine, stated clearly stated plainly to the world and then demonstrate it by sending your troops, your tanks, your planes, back to their merits can hangers and sending your diplomats to the negotiating
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table in the coming days, the world will remember that commitment or the refusal to make it suitable, especially as speak. we got some that we will not present here basis accusations that russia allegedly was going to attack ukraine. i think we've had enough speculation on that, including the security council meeting on the 31st of january, convened by the united states. we have a long time ago clarified and explained everything. and the announced date of that so called envision is behind us. so therefore, my advice to you is not to present yourself in an awkward situation. i think that just christian salumi joins us live now from the united nations in new york and christian. the basis for this meeting was the minsk agreement, signed between russia and ukraine. 7 years ago, how does that relate to the current situation? yes,
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that agreement was signed between russia and ukraine to end the fighting in the don bass region. and while this was an annual meeting that was scheduled before this conflict arose, many today said that the minsk agreement actually should be the basis of resolving this conflict going forward. including not only russia on one side, but the west and ukraine on the other. the problem is that agreement was never fully implemented. the united nations speakers at the meeting said that the tensions now are at their highest point since then. and both sides bear some responsibility for its failed implementation. but again, at the meeting, what we heard is blame being level back and forth between the sides. we have the russian deputy foreign minister speaking survey versus and who said that it was lack of pressure from the west that resulted in ukraine not moving forward with its
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requirements. under the agreement cues, the united states is promoting hysteria and for what it described as defensive maneuvers on its own territory with its troops. and he also accused ukraine of genocide against russian separatists in the don bout region as well. i, ukraine, said russia needs to get out of its country. they want to have control of their borders before they go back to the midst agreement. but all of that, they said in the meeting, they were willing to talk about the basset or for ukraine, said they were ready to negotiate. ukraine remains committed to peaceful resolution of the russian ukrainian conflict. by political diplomatic means.
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ukraine, one species, security and stability. not only for itself, but also for the entire europe. at the same time, i reiterate that in the event of russia opting for escalation, ukraine will defend itself. and us secretary of state anthony blank and was not initially expected to be at this meeting. but d toward to new york on his way to munich for the security conference, they are as a signal of intense diplomacy. lincoln said that the accusations by russia of genocide are an example of exactly the kind of false pretext for war that they expected russia to deliver at something that russia has done in the past as an excuse to invade. he said that for those who
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question the united states credibility here that there came to the united nations not to start a war, but to prevent one. and he called on foreign minister survey live rob of russia to meet with him in europe, to find him a go shaded solution to the problem. but clearly from this meeting, there is still a lot of distance that has to be made up between the 2 sides. all right, thank you very much. from the united nations christian salumi. all now the russian government is expelled. one of america's most senior diplomats in moscow, russia says deputy chief of mission at bought coleman was told to leave because the us recently expelled a russian diplomats. now gorman was 2nd only to the american ambassador. us state department has called the move an unprovoked and escal latoria step, well that, that speak now to the dosage of baris joins us live now from the russian capital mosque and doors. as you saying, this is the 2nd highest ranking american official based at the u. s embassy there
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in moscow. does this increase tensions? not much more? well, it certainly does, but we have server. that's bars foreman who has already, by the way, left russia. he was told last week that his diplomatic credit ations were not going to be renewed. and that he was no longer allowed to stay in the country, even though the american said that his 3 year residency visa had not expired. it apparently, the foreign ministry has says that the deputy a to the u. s. ambassador is no longer going to be allowed to stay in this country, and he is the latest diplomat to be the casualty of what the foreign ministry here is calling this visa wars between tara washington and moscow. because this has been going on since late 2016 and the russians have said that they have had since
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october of last year, over 200 diplomats expelled from their embassy, washington. and this is just a reciprocal move on their part. the foreign ministry spokesman said earlier tonight that this is as, as direct result of what the americans have done to russian diplomats in washington . and of course the american sept responded by saying this is just not something they were expecting. the u. s. government to set that since 2017. their mission in moscow at the embassy, u. s. embassy has gone from having $1200.00 employees down to about $120.00, which is why they are no longer as of this year issuing any non diplomatic visa. so this just another example of the deteriorating relations between the 2 countries and of course, was the foreign ministry here says it's not at the doing of the russians. this is what the american government wants. and it's really not looking out for russia's best interests. what else is russia been saying? well,
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they've been talking about this so called an official response to the americans. ab, about the security guarantees that they ask for. in december, the american ambassador to rush i hand delivered the response from the u. s. government on january 26th to the foreign ministry here. and now today on thursday, the russian foreign ministry sent their official 11 page response to the u. s. government. and this response, which i have here, that has a lot of a specific points that the russian foreign minister survey lover of was discussing with the president vladimir putin on monday. where he said that their response was officially ready. and they were going to send that off, and in it, i think russia makes it very clear that the u. s. has not taken any of it. and it didn't security demands that they were looking for seriously. their russians have said, if the united states is not willing to cooperate or agree with the russians about their security concerns, that russia will be forced to respond,
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including by military technical means. and this of course, means that they will be free to do as they see fit in terms of ensuring their own security. the russians also have said that they want the u. s. forces, and i'm it military hardware to leave as central and eastern europe as well. as baltic countries and that they want specific proposals from us and nato about expanding further eastwards which is something of concern. but they have given an olive branch the u. s. government by saying that they want to have an integrated approach towards strategic security, as well as inviting us to jointly develop a new security equation. but it seems for now that the russians are not impressed by what the americans have come back with and for their part, they're not going to be very concerned about this situation. getting any better in time soon. all right, thank you very much from moscow. dasa jabari. meanwhile, nato as
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a key is russia as misleading the world of rights. claims that since shapes have withdrawn from ukraine's borders alliance as the russian military is actually adding forces in the region. it back reports now from nato headquarters in brussels . nato is on edge defense ministers from the alliance is 30 member states have been 2nd guessing. russia's next move for weeks rejecting moscow's claims. it was cutting truitt numbers around ukraine. nato intelligence suggests the opposite. we see them flying more combat and support aircraft. we see them sharpening their readiness in the block c. we even see them starting up their blood supply suppliers. you know, i was a soldier myself mother long ago and i know 1st hand that you don't do these sort of things for no reason. in response, the alliance is chosen to stand firm, discussing the possibility of bolstering nato troop numbers in eastern europe,
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and maintaining dialogue with ukraine about one day joining the alliance. we have not seen any sign of withdrawal or the escalation. russia has yet again demonstrated its this through god for the principles underpinning european security and its ability and willingness to threaten the use of force in pursuit of its objectives. unfortunately, i am afraid that this is the new normal which we need to be prepared for. despite the possibility of a nato troop build up in the coming months, the lions insist that diplomacy is at the heart of any hopes of a resolution to this stand off. and the organization is a defensive alliance and no threat to moscow. russia disagrees also in brussels. the european commission chief has been briefing e u. leaders on the crisis insisting all diplomatic avenues must be explored.
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diplomacy has not yet spoken its last word. that is good and we have still hope that peace will prevail. and i commend the efforts of many you leaders who have engaged with most parties seeking to find a diplomatic solution. new satellite images show russian military forces deployed along ukraine's border in crimea, bela bruce and western russia over the past few days was known. i thought, you know, while joint military drills continue in belarus, these are russian grad rocket launchers, longstanding arms packs between western powers of russia have underpinned european security for decades. but given the largest build up of forces in eastern europe since the cold war, there are fears these agreements could rapidly unravel. that is the new normal. the alliance says europe now faces a relationship with russia,
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characterized by deepening distrust. nave barker al jazeera brussels. yes. out there at life and london, much more still to bring you on the program. the you kicks off a summit with the african union. i've been to reset relations that can overcome anger over vaccines and climate change forced to light outside in the cold for hospital bed in hong kong was corona myers wave yet. ah. right on the heels. a storm dudley, a wind storm that knocked out in the united kingdom is storm units. that's only just for me. it's under this, this layer of cloud here. so at the moment it looks like nothing but it will not be nothing. it will be quite significant to night in the early hours of friday morning, as winds, as strong as may be a 160 kilometers per hour hit the ground in southern england then with across.
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eventually the storm is wound up by the end of the afternoon in the north sea, battering denmark and the low countries, the stove and alden flank significance. now i think fast moving with vicious storm this. now at the same time, the last one's already spread rain through central, you've been more or less dispersed. we've got some new snow in turkey. this is all friday. i thought you to saturday. the bottom end of this system is they're starting to spread showers of some sto, admittedly at height and rain through spain, a strong wind the v straw that through the rhone valley and generally speaking, wet weather through the alps with some snow here as well. north africa in contrast is quite quite an unsure breeze. yes. deliberate. a few showers in egypt and still the har mattson blows that sees no dusty wind, its strength, and a bit. and it will do for the next couple of days. ah,
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with julian the debate, they erased her, of like people from the american and global story was very powerful on an online ad your voice. the comment section is whitehead join our conversation. we had unprotected when everyone is protected. it is marked by the nurse on the sticker board. you just look at it in a very different way, said that perspective made and mid meeting you try that and they don't have any pollution. let me put it clear for you. this dream on al jazeera lou. ah, welcome back on main story. now, america's top diplomat is accused moscow of looking to manufacture
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a pretext for war as me blank and was speaking of a un security council meeting to discuss the security crisis on ukraine's board of russia rejects accusations that is planning any attack. meanwhile, nato is saying washer is adding troops to it's build up on ukraine's border. the alliance met 1st, 2nd day in brussels, stressing the need for diplomacy to resolve the crisis and ukraine and russian back separatism accused each other of shutting positions in the east. and don, boss region, although violations of sci fi there are common, these incidents appear to be an escalation officer is andrew simmons reports now from the craning capital key. evan, he explains why this recent shelling is significant. the russian separate is, 1st of all reported back to russia allegedly that there were attacks from the ukrainian side. now, the russian meteor immediately published
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a picture of one attack in kindergarten, which was according to the separatists attack mounted by the ukrainians. now when the ukrainians spoke, they blamed it on the russian separatists and said that these, this picture, in actual fact was taken on the ukrainian side. and it had been separate to suit attack this ukrainian kindergarten. now, there's an investigation going on. now into who did wat but the has to be said that there were no serious injuries amongst civilians. are 2 soldiers, however, in the ukrainian side, but were taken to the hospital with injuries over a 100 people have been swept to their death in the latest landslide. disaster and brazil, a months worth of rain fell in one day in patropolis known as brazil's imperial city, resulting mudslides of buried huns flooded streets and washed away cars. on again,
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keith has more now. ah astrid, a sudden and unexpected storm. the search for missing bodies. wow and whistle door, he said he was able to pull out his mother and one girl before the mud avalanche hid his bar once you've got your pl shayna where everything fell at once. i never thought i would see something like this. why, you know, do not so smart you the last a niece and her nieces, daughter, she still looking for both and has lost hope. wanted to throw you yesterday, a man was found alive in the debris. the firefighters pulled him out today in the morning and he was dead. i can't cope with this any more. fallacy. moiz says she's come to pick up clothes and food to take to the shelter where she is sleeping. but like many, she has not yet come to terms with her loss. because inter balmore, i cannot go back to my house because it's unsafe. i lost a needs in the mudslide,
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but many have lost so much more that the number of deaths has been growing by the hour after tuesday's unexpected brain fall. $230.00 millimeters of rain and 3 hours the same amount expected for the whole month. it submerged streets and destroyed houses and vehicles go down to me if i media 26 members of my family are alive by i have lost all my friends that were buried by them on this basis. patropolis is also known as the summer. get away from brazil's royalty when the largest south american country was an empire. the region suffered devastating floods and mud slides in 2011 that killed more than 900 people. 75 year old jet alj almeida says he survived the 1st tragedy. but his homeless again,
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i'm afraid good. nothing was done to prevent this from repeating itself. climate change and char graphy may explain part of the tragedy in federal police. but there is much more as says res cloud, riviera. poverty is also an issue. missouri is michelle considered, it's very difficult to take of houses being built regularly. if all roles are being complied with when there's no alternative to house the poor and needy, brazil's presence able sanara tweeted from russia. he said he'll visit that throb, bullies on friday. elections and brazil are due later this year, and recent polls show ball so narrow, trailing behind format present was in masula, thus silver. the devastation in bed properties is only expected to add to his wolves. monica and our give i'll jazeera also following the fire fighters in northern argentina. they are continuing to battle wildfires that have destroyed
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more than 5000 square kilometers of land. unprecedented drought as fuel blazes in the province of korea enters, causing heavy economic losses. their environmental damage. hundreds of residents have been forced to flee their homes along with herds of livestock, french soldiers, their ending, their 9 year mission, and molly against fighters lent al qaeda and i sell present emanuel macklin as accusing molly's military leaders of forcing the withdrawal and denies of french military operation has been a failure. as i beg reports now from neighbouring senegal. france says it's military withdrawal is not a failure law severely chuck, but after 9 years of being in molly, their fight against groups linked to al qaeda and i. so it's now set to change as conditions for the french are no longer cordial. francis major will become the hot for they fight against terrorism from baptist younger humidity, alma. look, we cannot stay engaged militarily next to authorities who do not share our strategy,
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nor our objectives. that's the situation we are confronted by. and molly today is, audrey. ah, when the french ambassador was expelled from mali, demonstrates his celebrated in the capital by marco. the my lee or experience is an experience that is open the mac, opening up a new era in west africa. because now it's possible to oppose to what the former colonial masters are doing. and it's also possible to adopt a new strategy that is not a strategy prepared or adopted by for us. the operation which initially began in mali has expanded throughout the sa, has region with french troops spaced in different countries. european nations have joined operations, and there's also a $15000.00 strong un peacekeeping force in the country. but a series of cues in molly burkina, faso, guinea, and an attempted coup in guinea paso as change the dynamics in the region. frances,
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uneasy with molly's military joint, his relationship with russia. molly says they are russian soldiers in the country as part of a bilateral agreement, this growing anti french sentiment among protesters in west africa. and we came out today to say with fed up with the french army, they should stop playing with africa. we cannot suffer under the sun while their children are comfortable over there. they have everything they want, however, they still come here and exploit our resources. so all is lubbock. boom dab, i'm not gonna be, i don't know. what do we know? they are our enemies. we ask them to open their vehicles so that we have an idea of the content. they refused. we know what is inside suspect items. they should apologize, change countries and go far for much a month. we're that could be political implications to france is true pre deployment. west african leaders are aware of growing anti french feelings. and they also concerned about the cues in the region,
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not wanting themselves to lose favor amongst their populations. lest their fate also ends up in acute withdrawal from mali. a man from major strategic shift by france. it ends a 9 year mission that successive french presidents had argued was crucial for regional and european security. it now has to re deploy its troops to the west african countries to protect its interests, while keeping those nations on site. as i beg, i'll missouri decor. well, africa security problems are among the topics being discussed at summit in brussels . and the european union is hosting more than 40 african leaders. he was looking boosted influence on a continent where china and russia has invested massively. climate change is also on the agenda there. you wants to cause its emissions by 55 percent to the next 8 years. once it's green transition plan to include africa. many african leaders are anxious at the ease proposals will damage their economies. and there is also anger
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europe over the karone of ours. many people feel let down by western leaders in the whole rush for vaccines. she left millions in africa behind feminine miller reports now from janice back. the continent continues to be frustrated. we've heard from south african presidents, rama porter, who is attending that summit. he has said, you've called what's happened in comes off the delivery of vaccines to the african continent. he's called it vaccine party. he's also said that we're not in a position to take crumbs from the european table. and now it's time for us to be self sufficient. so india as well as of africa, i have been at the forefront of fighting for this patient waiver. it isn't happening. and now in countries like south africa with various partners, a trying to manufacture their own vaccines using publicly available information to basically recreate existing vaccines. very similar to the mcdonough one, we've had the launch of a number of companies in south africa in recent month. and while that's happened,
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it may still take some time before we see the actual production of vaccines by african companies in africa and distributed across the continent. so far, just 5 countries across africa have had about 50 percent, or at least more than 50 percent of their population vaccinated. we've heard from the africa cdc that there's very little information coming out of countries like a retreat where they don't even know if there's a vaccine rollout. but once these companies are up and running, one of the most recent average in, in cape town in south africa, they'll be looking to recreate a vaccine distributed in africa. but even then, they will only begin trials later this year. and will they look at the approval of the following year? so still a wait while many africans and a sort of sustainable rollout of vaccines. people in hong kong are describing long wait for spittle beds in cold and rainy weather health care system is buckling under the pressure of a major cove. it outbreak was since the pandemic began,
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but officials under pressure to push on with the 0 infection strategy. brit planet explains now from hong kong, dozens of patients, many of them elderly waiting outside in the cold and wet weather just to get a hospital bed inside, under its dynamic 0 infection strategy. hong kong requires any resident who tests positive to go to a hospital or a quarantine facility, even if they have mild or no symptoms. as a result, thousands of waiting to be admitted. hong kong government is looking at ways to quote the huge numbers, including the possibility of turning hotels, housing estates, and student dorms, into isolation, wards. adding to the concern is the sluggish vaccination rates among hong kong elderly, currently less than 30 percent, or if everyone in hong kong is willing to get fascinated, the situation will be better for you. it will cost a lot if hong kong wants to stamp out corona virus infections like in mainland
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china. i think the mainland code with control measures may not suit on cold, but the message from beijing is clear. get your house in order on probation, media, quoted chinese president. she's in pain as telling hong kong to take all necessary steps to contain the virus from yacoma chief executive carry lamb, thanks chief for his support. and thou, to unite hong kong to fight the virus. the hong kong government is facing criticism for seen like this old people waving out in the cold for a hospital bed. 2 years into the pandemic. many asking why more wasn't done to prepare for this day. brick cleansed al jazeera hong kong. ah. discreet look at main stories now into america's top. diplomatic says, millions of people are facing a moment of peril as they wait for russia to invade ukraine. you are secretary of
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state antony blank and made the comments at the un security council and repeated as governments assertion that moscow is now looking to manufacture


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