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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2022 3:00am-3:31am AST

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are the only witnesses who can help bring about justice al jazeera fullness human rights campaign is in maybe investigation right? since the 2011 recognition libya unspeakable crime on al jazeera, ah, a flare up in fi sing between ukrainian am rushing back forces in east in ukraine. an attack on a kindergarten becomes a front line in a battle for the troops. the cray rush across is the center stage of the you when moskos denial of any plant invade is challenged by the u. s. russian government coming out today with no poll equivocate reflection that russia will not in the ah,
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and our money inside this is out, is there a lifetime from doe halls coming up? for almost announce is the total withdrawal of his troops from molly, ending a 9 year mission. the dutch prime minister apologizes to indonesia, off investigation details the stomach case of extreme violence. i colonial forces. ah. the u. s. is continuing to warner that russia is on the verge of invading ukraine, dismissing moscow's claims that some of its troops are pulling back. the u. s. says the kremlin is looking for an excuse to go to war and east in ukraine. there's been a spike in fighting between government forces and russian back separatists under. simmons begins al coverage from key f like another emphasis
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at least $500.00 explosions recorded in less than 24 hours along the front lines of the don bass region of eastern ukraine. the size of the craters are an indicator of the heavy weaponry being used in breach of a limited ceasefire, meant to be in place, rushing back separatists from a self declared republic of law, hampton, accused ukrainian forces of starting the fighting of the look really the situation on a contact line has been exacerbated dramatically him, the enemy is trying to provoke active combat. actually, ukraine's side continues to violate his obligation to observe the ceasefire. not so say the ukrainian forces accusing the separatists of being responsible for all the attacks. dozens of them, they say a kindergarten was hit, and this was published on the military website. there were no casualties, but the same pitcher was being used by russian media outlets using a different name for the village that was on their side of the front line. ukraine
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says it's a deliberate ploy by russia. it's fake news. and her, the problem there to russian audience are very susceptible to this type or for of this information. enter also there this in terrorist republics, they are try to arm to escalate to the level that they did this level. because in this situation they feel that they, they could then they are one more time rapier in a rush than newsletters and in russian media field. international investigations into who was responsible for the attacks are underway. those days attacks may have been intense, but no more so than countless other days in this 8 year old conflict. it's the timing of what happened in the dis, information afterwards. that has some western powers thinking, this could be the start of something much bigger. in brussels, the us defense secretary lloyd aust in said the situation and don't boss will be
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watched closely. and the president himself reiterated his warning that russia may cause an incident as a foreigner for an invasion here reasonably that they are gay, full flag operations. every indication we had, with the parlance in easton, ukraine has undoubtedly worsened and already had situation here. under simmons al jazeera keith out there is charles traffic is in the ukrainian government held port city of mattie pole and has spoken to people living in the dumbass region . we been traveling in some of the air is along the 420 kilometer contact line to day on stopping off on the way in the town of abdi of koreatown often described as a flash point, very close to the separatist controlled. don't ask airport. we spoke to residents
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in abdi if they indeed said that they had heard shelling in the morning. shelling that they described had been a lot heavier than in recent weeks. they said that they were unsure as to whether the shelling was incoming or outgoing. no reports of any casualties though. interestingly, also we passed on the way to mariel, pull around 25 kilometers north of here, a convoy of ukrainian military vehicles, towing large pieces of artillery lodge guns, taking them south. we cannot in any way verify where that artillery was being taken to. of course, these developments developments that ukrainian government are describing today as being an escalation by the russian back separatists common to particularly warring time when we've heard increasingly bellicose language by the leader of the self declared in its people's republic. dennis bushland accusing the ukrainians of
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planning what he described as a military solution to this crisis. something of course, of ukrainian government storm slee denies. and of course, without any real political solution to any real positive sign that is come from ongoing diplomatic efforts to in this crisis a day like today in this region of east in ukraine is very concerning. indeed, america's top diplomat has a keys. moscow of looking to manufacture pretax for war, antony blank and was speaking at a un security council meeting to discuss a crisis on the board at. russia has continued to deny it plans to attack others. there is crystal delay made reports were un secretary of state antony blank and made a last minute detour to the united nations on his way to europe. to address the security council. again warning that russia was poised to attack ukraine. some have called into question or information. recalling previous instances were intelligence
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ultimately did not bear out. but let me be clear. i am here to day, not to start a war, but to prevent one rushes deputy foreign minister, sir, gave her shannon called the accusations baseless, insisting that weapons supplied to ukraine by the west, or the real threat that the bully the castell, is that as you get the fact is that the russian forces were on the russian territory and remain on russian territory. and the day before yesterday, some of the units off of their exercises were returning to the home basis. still many countries express concern as the number of russian troops on the border appears to be increasing. and while russia presented its own evidence of alleged ukrainian war crimes against separatists, the u. s. and others dismissed the claims as a false pretext to invade. these are fake and irresponsible obligations by russia aimed at hiding is responsibility for the occupation of the ukrainian territories
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and subsequent human rights violations there. excellencies ukraine remains committed to peaceful resolution. the one thing security council members appeared to agree on as that the 2015 minsk agreement, which was signed to en conflict in eastern ukraine, be the basis of diffusing tensions. but as thursday's meeting made clear, russia and ukraine have very different views on how that deal should be implemented . kristin, selena al jazeera, the united nations. meanwhile, russia has sent a formal response to the us saying it's open to discussions on european security, and it won't have using what it called military technical means. if a path remains open for ukraine to join nato alliance is closely watching russia's trip activity and discussing basin defenses in eastern europe. me back reports from nature headquarters and bustles. nato is on edge defense ministers from the
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alliances. 30 member states have been 2nd guessing. russia's next move for weeks, rejecting moscow's claims. it was cutting truit numbers around ukraine. nato intelligence suggests the opposite. we see them flying more combat and support aircraft. we see them sharpening their readiness in the black sea. we even see them starting up their blood supply suppliers. you know, i was a soldier myself mother long ago, and i know 1st hand you don't do these sort of things. for no reason. in response, the alliance is chosen to stand firm, discussing the possibility of bolstering nato troop numbers in eastern europe, and maintaining dialogue with ukraine about one day joining the alliance. we have not seen any sign of withdrawal or de escalation. russia has yet again demonstrated its this through god for the principles underpinning
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european security and its ability and willingness to threaten the use of force in pursuit of its objectives. unfortunately, i am afraid that this is the new normal which we need to be prepared for. despite the possibility of a nato troop build up in the coming months, the alliance insist that diplomacy is at the heart of any hopes of a resolution to this stand off. and that the organisation is a defense if alliance and no threat to moscow. russia disagrees. also in brussels, the european commission chief has been briefing e u. leaders on the crisis. insisting all diplomatic avenues must be explored thomas, he has not yet spoken his last word. that is good and we have still hope that peace will prevail. and i commend the efforts of many e. u. leaders who have engaged with most parties seeking to find
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a diplomatic solution. new satellite images show russian military forces deployed along ukraine's bordering crimea, bela bruce and western russia over the past few days. oh no, no, i thought you know, while joint military drills continue in belarus, are russian grad rocket launchers, longstanding arms packs between western powers of russia have underpinned european security for decades. but given the largest build up of forces in eastern europe since the cold war, there are fears these agreements could rapidly unravel. that is the new normal. the alliance says europe now faces a relationship with russia, characterized by deepening distrust, nave barker, al jazeera, brussels, french soldiers that ending their 9 year mission and molly against viruses, linked to al qaeda, and i so president emanuel macro as accusing molly's military leaders, a forcing a withdraw acid bag reports from neighboring synagogue. france says it's
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military withdrawal is not a failure, rossimer nature, but after 9 years of being in molly at their fight against groups linked to alk either an i. so it's now set to change as conditions for the french are no longer cordial. france as magick will become the heart for the fight against terrorism, but it still gives me detail no. we cannot stay engaged militarily next to authorities who do not share our strategy, nor our objective. that's the situation we are confronted by. and molly, today, the, when the french ambassador was expelled from molly, demonstrated, celebrated in the capital bummer hall. the molly experience is an experience that is open you mac, opening up a new era in west africa, because now it's possible to oppose to what the former colonial massive do we and it's also possible to adopt a new strategy that is not
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a strategy prepared. adopted by from the operation which initially began in molly has expanded throughout the saw his region with french troops based in different countries. european nations have joined operations and there's also a $15000.00 strong un peacekeeping force in the country. a series of crews in mali . burkina, faso, guinea and an attempted cue in guinea by so as change the dynamics in the region. front is uneasy with molly's military joint, his relationship with russia. while he says, the russian soldiers in the country as part of a bilateral agreement. this growing anti french sentiment among protesters in west africa we came out today to say was set up with the french army. they should stop playing with africa. we cannot suffer under the sun while their children comfortable over there. they have everything they want. however, they still come here and exploit l resort. so lubbock, deb,
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i'm not going to be going to do. we know they are our enemies. we ask them to open their vehicles so that we have an idea of the content. they refused. we know what is inside suspect items. they should apologize. change countries and go far from us . amongst that could be political implications to frances true, pre deployment. west african leaders are aware of growing anti french feelings. and they also concerned about the crews in the region, not wanting themselves to lose favor amongst their populations less their faith also ends up in a qu, the withdraw from mali. a monster major strategic shift by france. and the 9 year mission that successive french presidents had argued was crucial for regional and european security. it now has to redo plates troops to other west african countries to protect its interest, while keeping those nations on site. i said big, i'll just there are the car fill ahead on out there. the latest illegal,
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baffled by donald trump and his children testify on the about their business practices. and why a centuries old most indeed admin cast me or me remains out found. ah, ah, look forward to burritos guys. with the sponsored my cousin airways, they are still some snow showers showing themselves on shoe and accardo during friday. beyond that, the weather is fairly fine, not particularly cold, but this is this standardized as being look a lot. well, it certainly is rather wet for huge by the southern channels and snow mixed in as a northern flank baby in hand. the whole thing is going slowly southwards and then extending eastwards, which means that southern japan will get a mixture of rain and snow bus. how we get to the end of saturday,
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but look at what's happening. that normally breeze coming down towards hong kong at 17 degrees on saturday, right down to 11. by the time we get to sunday or monday, it's well below where it should be by days. well below where it should be by night, which is on average, 15 degrees is a really comfortable with the remember seeing this in the last few weeks, even few months in hong kong, south that to live quite than of late in the philippines. there is rain significantly coming on that line that is in china, down through me and mom and dad to was call them from singapore and su mattress is a wet area. once again, sort of ways. he may be some parts of body on the far side of the philippines. now it's quite wet. as for india law, she quite picture the northern plain, of course, warming up. it's still pretty misty and murky. very few shouts for lanka or towel nodded. oh, the weather sponsored by cataract ways. their forefathers for the soviets 25 years after
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independence. they too must become men defenders of lithuania, preparing for the possibility of war. waiting for invasion, a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah ah! watching out, as a reminder, our top story is this: our ukraine and russian back separatists have accused each other of shuttling positions in the eastern dumbass region. please, 500 explosions happened, recorded in less than 24 hours along the front lines. america's top diplomat has
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a keys moscow looking to manufacture a pretext for war asleep. lincoln was speaking at a un security council missing on the ukraine crisis. russia has continued to deny any plan to attack fransen. its european allies have announced the withdrawal of troops from molly up to fighting armed groups there for nearly 10 years. they will continue what they call a joint action against terrorism in the hell region. in african union, leaders are missing in brussels for today. summit. europe wants to promote its global investment plans in africa as chinese trade, that grows, issues around the supply of coven, 19 vaccines, and security are also on the agenda. now. can web reports from directly african leaders meeting their european colleagues in brussels in belgium? the u is africa's largest trading partner, according to un data,
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but africa's trade with china is growing. there is a con, some if you will, if you will, not just you, but i think of it in, in, in the us and others that african countries are drifting slowly towards the, towards the east or but the growling crit here in kenya's capital, nairobi, china's growing presence can't be missed in the 1900. 19 this main road through the city was built by a german company, a new highways now being built in its place by chinese contractors funded by a chinese loan. it was more than a century ago that european powers scrambled to colonized most of africa here in kenya, british colonialist bill. this is an administrative center. in 9 teams. the seen, the things have changed. it's now an art gallery, and it was off by the new chinese bill highway. and china. is it one of the world
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powers who are today buying for influence? i'm so african resorted. russia held at 1st summit for africa 3 years ago. president vladimir putin for mister aiden trade deals without the conditions, often demanded by the west. between meeting delegates were wooed with weapons at arms. fair rushes, military presence in africa, is growing as are its arms exposed to the continent to the you want the world to know it's still a major player. but economists say it's terms of trade with africa over on fair, profiting from cheap african raw materials while selling back services and manufactured goods. and one of my criticisms of african government is, i don't think they're very clever at negotiating a common position. and i think that's why quite often they suffer, particularly with china who wants to always negotiate one to one. the use promised a $170000000000.00 of investment,
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although it's not clear how it will be raised or spent. it's widely seen as an attempt to counter the chinese infrastructure, loans and projects which critic say tolerate corruption and lu, african governments into debt traps. part of the challenge for a long time has been the leadership, you know, the corruption, lack of integrity management over sauces and all those things of, you know, money comes into the country through age. that's why aid has not had significant impact in africa. the use now talking more about trade than aid and promising better terms. but malcolm web al jazeera nairobi can yeah, police and say dont have fire tear gas during the latest process condemning the military takeover in october. the demonstrators march in several areas of the cap. the cartoon ties with several fire at the airport. security forces are killed dozens of facilities in the unrest
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truckers protesting against cove at 19 restrictions in the canadian capital to a brace for a police crack down to end the nearly 3 week demonstration police officers have flooded into the city and begun arresting several protesters including a key organize that the so called freedom convoy alley on thursday prime minister justin trudeau defended his decision to invoke the emergency act, which gives more power to help clear the blockade. on monday, as we entered the 3rd week of illegal blockades and occupations, the federal government invoked the emergencies act. we did it to protect families and small businesses to protect jobs and the economy. we did it because the situation could not be dealt with under any other law in canada. mister speaker, we did it because that's what responsible leadership requires us to do for the good
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of all canadians, the illegal blockades and occupations have to stop and the borders have to remain open. a judge in new york has role that the former us president donald trump, must answer questions on the oath in the states civil investigation into his business practices. tromp and his 2 eldest children in vanka and donald trump junior, have been ordered to comply with subpoenas issued in december. the state of new york is investigating if tom inflated real estate values to obtain bank claims and reduce valleys to lower tax bills. wording is almost certain to be appealed. shebra tansy is the latest from washington d. c. this little status from the new york state journey attorney general's investigation into whether she should launch a civil lawsuit against donald trump for the allegation that we've heard before.
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actually about the trouble organisation would inflate the value of an asset like golf courses or skyscrapers when it suits it. for example, when it's trying to get a loan and it would deflate the value of those assets when it didn't see them to have have high, high value assets like what it's paying its taxes. so latisha, james is trying to decide whether to, to put through a civil, a civil lawsuit in this file. so she wants these depositions. she says, but that puts trump out, have 2 children into an interesting situation because they will be under oath. and either they answer the questions which case they may be open to charges of perjury or they invoke the 5th amendment would be right against self incrimination. it's protected in the constitution. but that also has potential drawbacks for trump. it a civil suit. unlike a criminal suit, if you do in the 5th amendment a jury, if this does come to trial, can infer, but you're not answering the questions because you may have done something wrong that's, that's different to a criminal. a criminal lawsuit in the u. s. thomas lawyers are saying, wait a 2nd,
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you're trying to get a deposition of the way man by the 5th, or he may actually speak, it want to bypass the laws of the criminal investigation that's also on the way. and that's, that's very sneaky. and at the very least, we should have a stay on the civil investigation while the criminal investigations on underway as well. but also one of his lawyer said, look, if trump were to invoke the 5th amendment, potentially hundreds of times as part of the civil law suit that everyone will know about it. it will be on the front page of every newspaper and that will make it very difficult, but try to get a fair trial if the criminal investigation reaches some sort of fruition every very difficult for jury selection. so that is a complicated case here, and we wouldn't really know whether this even happens or anything until we see what the judge the appeals judge says. if and when trump from does make an appeal, the dots prime minister has apologize to indonesia, said the systemic, and widespread, extreme violence used by the dutch army during indonesia war of independence. margaret said the government takes full responsibility for the war. crimes
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committed in the former colony next to where he gave me reports. news from indonesia, with these nomadic pictures about tomatoes, taking action against republicans for decades. the dutch government said the army had done nothing wrong as it attempted to regain control of their former colony during indonesia is 4 year long war of independence that started in 1945. but his study by dutch researches has concluded the army did commit war crimes against civilians, and that political and military lead is largely ignored the attacks. the dutch prime minister said the findings are harsh but unavoidable, and issued an apology for what he called a collective failure. did almost it online for the systematic and widespread, extreme violence from the dutch side in those years. and the consistent looking away, but frivolous cabinets to them i make today on behalf of the dutch government, a deep apologies to the people of indonesia, forthcoming reports of violence and massacres. have been around for
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a long time. but it wasn't until 2017 that the government commissioned an investigation. it's estimating more than a 100000 indonesians were killed, did extreme high belt, can afraid of his highness for him. this extreme violence took many forms such as torture, executions without trial beatings, right? theft detention, and the and human conditions, valid reprisals such as the shooting of civilians and messed attention calling for . but some in the netherlands think the country has nothing to apologize for. they say the report is biased built, but if normal in all law, violence is normal. when you're in war, there was a war going on. whatever people want to call it, be it police action or a warranty colonization over. it's all true or no, i can see it from both sides because i am 50 percent javanese was a and my family fought on both sides of this battle draco, it was very violent on all sides. the netherlands finally recognized in denise's
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independence in 1949, but more than 70 is owned. the country is still coming to terms with its colonial past. victoria gay to be al jazeera friday prayers remain out of bounds at a century old mosque in the indian administered kashmir. it was closed back in 2019, when the government in new delhi revoke the regents autonomy in authorities have long seen it as a place of anti government activities have named natasha story. this imposing structure holds especially place in the hearts of many cush metes for centuries. the grand mask has been a venue for prayers and an arena for political activism, but has largely remain closed for nearly 2 and a half years. he rose as you almost departed. you mind, i come every friday for prayers, but all in vain. the mosque remains closed. i feel sad and distressed. we believe operators will be answered if you break the jam,
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your must chip on fridays. i know it used to give me solace. push meters claimed in full by india and pakistan, but governed by the 2 nations and bots. indian administered kashmir has seen protests and violent uprisings against new del is rule for decades. the grand mosque has played a role in driving these in august 2019. the government revoke ish me special status and imposed a communications blackout. it also shut mosques in this muslim dominated region, while others have reopened, the gran most leader has been detained in his home, and the grounds have remained out of bound. so friday, pres, in the past, tens of thousands of muslims attended these which not to wear through 3rd, which are some elements. so want to disturb places like these and grid and impression internationally. i feel that muslims are being suppressed in india. i think security agencies took these precautions to prevent that. in the heart of the main city, sheena go. the mosque is a major meeting point for people who live here. so months would address cushman
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political struggles while authorities have closed it for extended periods in the past. it's closure now has raised concerns about religious freedom. rudo hollered through in these times, we are seeing unprecedented suppression pressure and tyranny across india, particularly in kashmir, where even religious gatherings are not allowed to lose. our gram mosque plays a central role. it's closure a new case in this claim of secularism and democracy. the government has also blamed the pandemic and says it will last local at or to use for secure to review, to reopen the mosque. but cushman use a skeptical and sand new delhi has made similar excuses in the past to crack down on their freedoms. park new mit they'll al jazeera new delhi. ah, this is our dessert. these, your top stories, ukraine and russian back separatists have accused each other of shelling positions
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in the eastern dumbass region. at least 500 explosions had been recorded in less than 24 hours along the front lines.


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