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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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home, but news of the algae blue has effected seafood. trade is in the area. oh i kindergarten in the firing line, rushing back separatists and ukrainian forces, blame each other for a flare up in fighting at the un. russia denies it plans to invade ukraine, but the u. s. claims the kremlin looking for an excuse i am here to day, not to start a war, but to prevent like, ah, i know about this and this is all. does he rely from doha. also coming up,
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make shift medical care in hong kong. covered 19 patience of forced outdoors with hospitals close to capacity. i'm john hendern in minneapolis were the fate of for a police officer. kim potter is in the hands of a judge for the killing of dante wright ah. shutting in eastern ukraine has re ignited fears of an eminent invasion by russia. the u. s. is accusing the crumbling of looking for an excuse to justify going to war. andrew simmons begins out coverage from key f. this is linda simpson, at least 500 explosions recorded in less than 24 hours along the front lines of the don bass region of east of ukraine. the size of the craters are an indicator of the heavy weaponry being used in breach of
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a limited seats wire meant to be in place. rushing back separatist from a self declared republic of law. hampton accused ukrainian forces of starting the fighting after not merely the situation on a contact line has been exacerbated dramatically him. the enemy is trying to provoke active combat. actually, ukraine's side continues to violate his obligation to observe the ceasefire. not so say the ukrainian forces accusing the separatists of being responsible for all the attacks. dozens of them. they say a kindergarten was hit, and this was published on the military website. there were no casualties, but the same pitcher was being used by russian media outlets using a different name for the village that was on their side of the front line. ukraine says it's a deliberate ploy by russia. it's fake news and her, the problem there to russian audience are very susceptible to, to this type offer of this information. enter also dennis and terrorist republics.
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they are try to, to escalade the level dead in this level, because in this situation, they feel that they, they could, they are one more time rapier in a rush than newsletters and in russia, media field. international investigations into who was responsible for the attacks are underway. thursdays attacks may have been intense, but no more so than countless other days in this 8 year old conflict. it's the timing of what happened in the dis, information afterwards. that has some western powers thinking. this could be the start of something much bigger in brussels, the u. s. defense secretary lloyd austin, said the situation and don't boss will be watched closely. and the president himself reiterated his warning that russia may cause an incident as a full runner for an invasion. here reasonably that they are gay then a fault. why galbraith civilian every indication we have
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with a back we say the violence in easton ukraine has undoubtedly worsened and already had situation here. under simmons, al jazeera keith, call america next diplomatic move, as talks with trans atlantic leaders on friday about russia's to build up on the ukraine border, is coming after secretary of state antony blank, and delivered a warning about moscow's motives at a un security council meeting, krista salumi has more secretary of state antony blank and made a last minute detour to the united nations on his way to europe. to address the security council. again warning that russia was poised to attack ukraine. some have called into question or information. recalling previous instances where intelligence ultimately did not bear out. but let me be clear.
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i am here to day, not to start a war, but to prevent one. russia's deputy foreign minister, sir, gave, or shannon called the accusations baseless, insisting that weapons supplied to ukraine by the west, or the real threat globally. the coastal is that, as you get, the fact is that the russian forces were on the russian territory and remain on russian territory. and the day before yesterday, some of the units off of their exercises were returning to the home basis. still, many countries expressed concern as the number of russian troops on the border appears to be increasing. and while russia presented its own evidence of a lead ukrainian war crimes against separatists, the u. s. and others dismissed the claims as a false pretext to invade. these are weak and irresponsible allegations by russia aimed at hiding his responsibility for the occupation of the ukrainian territories and subsequent human race. while ations, their exxon sits ukraine, remains committed to peaceful resolution. the one thing security council members
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appeared to agree on as that the 2015 minsk agreement, which was signed to en conflict in eastern ukraine, be the basis of diffusing tensions. but as thursday's meeting made clear, russia and ukraine have very different views on how that deal should be implemented . kristin, selena al jazeera, the united nations on kong healthcare systems near to breaking point following a reco surgeon covered 90 cases, hospitals of reached 90 percent capacity and patients are being treated in makeshift open air spaces. the territory reported more than 6000 new cases on thursday to ease the strain, some patients are being discharged early. and authorities are looking to increase testing. nazi in hong kong year holy. some hong kong has already worked hard to increase its testing ability. at the end of the month, we should get to around 300000 latoya. we have limitation to our resources lee, we have expressed our needs and i trust the chinese government will directly
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respond to our needs. the thing. but clarence has more from hong kong. that certainly isn't getting any better. they've set up more tents here. there are barriers set off and a few he says as well to accommodate for the surge in patients. many of them elderly people lying outside the beds behind me and we've seen this for the 3rd day in a row. the hospital authority has apologized for this situation. however, it is happening again another record $6000.00 cases. so it has to be said, there is a capacity problem, hospitals are overstretched, and there is no quick solution to this. the government is walking into expanding isolation facilities, including turning hotels into quarantine facilities, student dormant freeze, and housing estates as well. they're also looking into building a makeshift hospital like the one we saw early on in the pandemic, and who han,
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which was built in 10 days. there also, i have a designated fleet now of taxi drivers who take p patients from home to isolation facilities. the policy is currently that if you display any symptoms of covert or even if they're mild, you should in theory be transported to an isolation facility. however, because of this bottleneck, people are having to wait thousands of people across the city or having to wait at home until they're admitted and some of for some that day just doesn't come. visual scrapping, it's so called green pass corporate policies infections go down. the certificate system requires proof of vaccination recovery from disease or a negative test to ensure entry to public venues. it was part of the government's efforts to curb the spread of the virus, including the omicron period, which pushed infection rates to record levels from mr. natalie bell. it says the latest wave appears to be broken. truck drivers protesting against cove at 19
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restrictions in the canadian capital ottawa, a bracing for a police crackdown aimed at ending almost 3 weeks of demonstrations. police officers of flooded into the city. arresting several protesters including a key organizer of the so called freedom convoy premier, suggesting todo as defended his decision to invoke the emergencies act, which gives more powers to help clear the blockade or you as judge is expected to sentence another white police officer for the killing of a black man, former officer came potter, was convicted of manslaughter in december, she says the fatal shooting of dante wright was a tragic accident. john handland reports from minneapolis. kim potter sealed dante wright's fate in a matter of seconds. now in minneapolis, court room, each potters future that will be decided, prosecutors are asking for a 7 year prison sentence,
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her potter convicted in december of manslaughter. her lawyers are asking for probation, and what they say was a tragic accident. remember yelling taser taser taser and nothing happened. police camera video shows right apparently trying to escape a traffic stop potter fires, which she says she thought it was a taser. i am the weapon she drew was her gun. right, was killed by potter just as protestors filled the streets of minneapolis. during the trial of derek shaven, a white police officer later convicted of killing another black man, george floyd. i saw earlier this month, the minneapolis swat team serving a no not warrant shot, a mere look to death. as he rose from his living room sofa holding a legal gun in his own home, they were looking for some one else. the incident marks the latest killing of a black man by
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a white police officer. i don't think these trials are going to make a difference that we're seeing violence against young black men and women. and i don't think is, is surprising. i think it's alarming and we do need to get to the root of it to stop this homicide charges are rare in the us for a police officer acting on duty. convictions are rarer still and when they do come down, sentences tend to be lighter when the killer wears a badge. after shooting le kwan mcdonald 16 times as he walked away from police knife in hand chicago police officer, jason vandyke was convicted of murder. but released earlier this month, after serving less than half of his nearly 7 years sentence, thin dog man has to set a president, jason van dyke with the chicago police officer on duty in 50 years to be try and convicted for for murder period. but what that is is, is there, yes,
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the activists community and organize a community in chicago have been doing great work. what did this in chicago did you? this system in cook county is felling as she hands down her ruling for kim potter. the judge can't help but be aware that the sentence in the courtroom will also resonate outside john henderson. al jazeera minneapolis still add on al jazeera, a former honduran president, arrested, and drug trafficking charges. now government officials, so he made them planning to escape the country. i'm going to tell you what advocates in cambodia are doing to help people with disabilities build a better life. ah no, i feel next day or so. the wind is coming up from the empty quarter from the war full
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or february sun, giving temperatures of 24 in riyadh and 24 in baghdad. that warm plume running out 3, rob is going to be counted by what's coming out. once again of the east and met a little bit of a cooler breeze to come together. when the 2 come together contrasting temperatures, you tend to get something brewing. well, 1st of all, because of orange here, this is does commit the empty corta through some parts of saudi arabia than a few shares was doubtful, but someone gets a saturday. you can just imagine a big circulation. quite big showers, i think in some parts of egypt, the levant, running to central parts of south america. sadie rabbit and iraq. i think flash funding is on the cards here. i have to say that saturday anyway, jumping size, it's an active season from the point you sigh close to the indian ocean the last week or so. this is the remains of the last one that came across madagascar being enhanced strain in central parts of mozambique. still the seasonal rains of they're
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less so in namibia more so and i go and sit down through the eastern cape, but we've got a name cycling once again, marching towards madagascar here on saturday on sunday. it's a bit closer. ah, with you decide to do something for the 1st time. i think the only thing baker, we came in ah
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ah, we want to call to set a reminder of our top story, is this our ukraine and russia bike separatist of accused each other of shelling positions in the eastern don bus region, at least 500 explosions had been recorded in less than 24 hours along the front lines. america's top diplomat, his accused moscow of looking to manufacture a pretext for war, and to be blank and was speaking at a un security council meeting on the ukraine crisis. russia has continued to deny any plan to attack. hospitals in hong kong have reached 90 percent capacity as officials struggle to contain a record number of corporate 19 cases. there were more than 6000 new cases on thursday. many patients are now being treated in makeshift open air spaces. the
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former honduran president wanted in the us for drug trafficking will remain in detention for at least a month. in an interview with al jazeera, the security minister says one orlando hernandez may have been planning to escape the country before being arrested on tuesday. i know the apollo reports from the capital to go to copper. hello, the arrest a former president when it lands it, and then this has left many in honduras, stunned. he was escorted away in chains after dozens of hunter and security forces surrounded his home for several hours. the country's security minister, clemons abbey doin' tales al jazeera. there were concerns the former hunter and leader may have been planning to evade arrest claim was to my last way, as i think was we were able to take the appropriate measures in response to information that suggested there could be some risk or danger of escape wholehouse or we made the decision, it's better to err on the side of excess measures young and to fail to uphold the
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law as i would i, ah, for years wonderland. new england is his feast accusations of links to drug trafficking, and that his rise to power was fueled by bribes and drug mon officials in the united states also claimed that corruption, inherent within the members administration, led to a deterioration of democratic institutions and a social decay that fueled a historic wave of migration from the country. though president edmond is spent years portraying himself as tough on drug trafficking, the same extradition legislation he helped create is now being used against him. the detention facility behind the gates of this army barracks in the hunter and capital is perhaps the last place he expected to find himself. it does get pas afloat, is your luxury lawyer, honduras is a security minister. says this arrest should serve as an example to all public service that no one in the country is above the law. what hamlet, article he at all this sets an example for the entire community and above all for
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the international community so that the country is seen with different eyes, with transparency and equality of law. that is the other aspect, not applying the law to only a segment of the population, but to all of those who hold public office in the honduran capital, news of it and then this is arrest has been met with mixed emotions. and not everyone is optimistic that the downfall of the man who only 3 weeks ago was president of the country will bring about an end to the countries war on drugs. i gotta look back out of this war is one of those things that never ends. it's always more more king pins than endless anymore and we've got to capture one and another takes his place. hopefully things begin to calm down like death. all of that can be reduced. god willing though some view, the id number is extradition case as esteem in the office of the presidency. many in honduras have expressed hope that the country might finally to repeat after
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years of being plagued by violence linked to drug traffic. manuel buffalo al jazeera. there you see, got the brushes growing on mexico's government to investigate the killings of 5 journalists, all of which occurred in the 1st 6 weeks of this year. hundreds of people gathered outside the military headquarters into juana or presidents under us, mung a. lopez over the door was holding a news conference is being criticized for verbally abusing some journalists, referring to them as thugs, mercenaries, and salads. and the 50 reporters had been killed in mexico since december 2018. dozens of factory workers have gone on strike in the capital of haiti to demand better pay. many of them make calls for big brands sold overseas, but they say they're past paid less than $5.00 a day. theresa bought upholds awe from the factory floor to the streets of the haitian capital. these workers from an industrial park in puerto prince,
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i demanding a raise to the minimum wage. matthews yourself says he can barely survive on his income. we take to the streets to protest to make our voices heard, especially with the international community because we live in poverty. there is no government that thinks of us. many of this people work to make textiles and clothing that get sold at large scale retailers in the us and other countries. they say they are paid less than $5.00 a day for 9 hours of work. they're demanding the equivalent of 15 and inflation rate of around 20 percent in the country is a major concern worker say they spent half their salary to pay for transportation just to go to work. awesome, because we are launching the movement to demand the gum and listen to our voices so that it can adjust the minimum wage. we've made some steps and sent letters to them that had never heard us. the protest began last week and on thursday,
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the police again use tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the demonstration. factory workers use burning tires to block the roads. were protesting peacefully with sticks. the police are abusing us. we do not consider them as police. we consider them as gangs haiti is in the middle of a political and social crisis since the assassination of presidential in illinois gans control large sectors of the capital and violence and kidnappings. i white bread. the country is also struggling to recover from a devastating 7 point to worth wake, which destroyed the southern tape of the peninsula. something the acting prime minister addressed at the donors conference on wednesday, but i didn't have a sure mark who knew the shock natural haiti was not only hit by a natural shock, but it's also affected by others of human origin which shows as vulnerability, social and political movements and rising crime constitute the challenges we have to face as tensions in the caribbean island run high workers here say they will
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continue with their struggle for better wages. they say be haven't had a race in more than 3 years and will continue protesting until the government meets their demands. but he said, well, i'll to cedar. the number of people killed in a landslide and brazil has risen to at least a 117 victims. families have started to bury the dead in the city of patropolis near rio de janeiro. as many as 116 people are still missing. many of food and trapped in the mud flood waters trickle, the land slides on tuesday during the most intense rain. in decades. a judge in new york has ruled former u. s. president. donald trump must answer questions under oath and the state civil investigation into his business practices. tromp and his 2 eldest children, vanka and donald trump junior, had been ordered to comply with subpoenas issued in december. the states investigating a trump inflated real estate values to obtain bank loans and reduce tax bills. the
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ruling is almost certain to be appealed. shackleton's. he's got the latest from washington, dc. this'll status from the new york state journey attorney general's investigation into whether she should launch a civil lawsuit against donald trump. for the allegation or we've heard before actually about the trouble organisation would inflate the value of its assets like golf courses or skyscrapers. when it suited it, for example, when it's trying to get a loan, and it would deflate the value of those assets when it didn't see them to have high, high value assets like what it's paying its taxes. so latisha, james is trying to decide whether to, to put through a civil, a civil lawsuit in this file. so she wants these depositions. she says, but that puts trump out, have a 2 children into an interesting situation because they'll be under oath. and either they answer the questions which case they baby open to child is a perjury or they invoke the 5th amendment be right against self incrimination.
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it's protected in the constitution. but that also has potential drawbacks for trump in a civil suit. unlike a criminal suit, if you do in the 1st amendment a jury, if this does come to trial, can infer, but you're not answering the questions because you may have done something wrong that's, that's different to a criminal. a criminal law suit in the u. s. thomas lawyers saying, wait a 2nd, you're trying to get a deposition of the way man, but the 5th he may actually speak, it want to bypass the laws of the criminal investigation that's also on the way. and that's not very sneaky. and at the very least, we should have a stay on the civil investigation while the criminal investigations on underwear as well. but also one of his lawyer said, look, if trump were to invoke the 5th amendment, potentially hundreds of times as part of the civil law suit that everyone will know about it. it will be on the front page of every newspaper and that will make it very difficult for trying to get a fair trial if the criminal investigation reaches some sort of fruition every very difficult jury selection. so that is a complicated case here, and we wouldn't really know whether this even happens or anything until we see what
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the judge the appeals judge says. if and when trump trump does make an appeal, the dutch prime minister has apologized to indonesia for what's described as systematic and widespread, extreme violence used by the dutch during indonesians war of independence. margareta says the government takes responsibility for the war. crimes committed in the former colony. victoria getting reports. news from indonesia were these nomadic pictures about tomatoes, taking action against republicans for decades. the dutch government said the army had done nothing wrong, as it attempted to regain control of their former colony during indian easiest 4 year long war of independence. that started in 1945. but his study by dutch researches has concluded the army did commit war crimes against civilians, and that political and military leaders largely ignored the attacks. the dutch prime minister said the findings are harsh but unavoidable, and issued an apology for what he called
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a collective failure. did almost look it online for the systematic and widespread, extreme violence from the dutch side in those years and the consistent looking away . but previous cabinets to them i make today on behalf of the dutch government, a deep apologies to the people of indonesia, forthcoming reports of violence and massacres, have been around for a long time. but it wasn't until 2017 that the government commissioned an investigation is estimated more than a 100000 indonesians were killed, did extreme high belt. can the fate of his highness for him? this extreme violence took many forms such as torture executions without trial beatings. right? theft detention, and the and human conditions, violent reprisals such as the shooting of civilians and messed attention calling from. but some in the netherlands think the country has nothing to apologize for. they say the report is biased, a grilled book is normal in all law. violence is normal when you're in war,
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there was a war going on. whatever people want to call it, be it police action or a war of the colonization, or it's all true or no, i can see it from both sides. because i am 50 percent javanese was a and my family fought on both sides of this battle. drake and it was very violent on all sides. the netherlands finally recognized indonesia independence in 1949. but more than 70 years on the country is still coming to terms with its colonial past. victoria gate and b al jazeera people with disabilities are often amongst the poorest and most socially excluded in cambodia. only 56 percent of adults with disabilities can read and write compared to 80 percent of the total population from slurry explains her advocate. so trying to change that each day he leaves for work is a bit of a gamble, one boon time. he never knows how much hill earned or whether he'll be arrested by
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police for performing on the streets of pin on pen, where young gag. anyhow, i asked to sing a few different restaurants, but they didn't want me because i'm blind. i felt very bad about myself. i just want to see them so that i can earn a living. he left at school before he was 10. he says his disability and lack of education have made it difficult for him to find work. his story is not unusual in cambodia, not crud used to work in a shoe factory, but she was laid off by mike kin again bad up. when the new owner came, they decided to reduce the number of workers. they kept only those who are able to operate the machines. they fired people with disabilities because they think were physically not competent for the job. she was unemployed for 4 years before a non governmental organization helped her find work. essential personnel, cambodia is one of several organizations that helps people with disabilities,
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whether it's equipping them with skills or matching them with employers. what's been more difficult is changing people's mindset. the rooms on the la klune and jeremy around them. people with disabilities sometimes state their employers, don't care about them. they think their employers look at them like the abnormal workplaces usually aren't accessible for people with disabilities. and some employers think people with disabilities are less capable in 2010. the cambodian government passed a lot that said at least 2 percent of the public sector should include disabled people. while private businesses with more than a 100 employees, were required to have at least one percent. there's no verifiable data on whether this law is being enforced. statistics show the rate of poverty, it's much higher in households with at least one disabled member. for norcross,
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the help she got has been immeasurable, saying that that you are a young life is very difficult when you don't have any basic education. it's impossible to become skilled at a job. when i got this job, i was so happy i was so proud of myself, namely, her dream, she says, is simple. she just wants to be able to support herself and her family. florence lee al jazeera. ah, this is our disease. these are the top stories, ukraine and russia back separatists have accused each other of shelling, possessions in the eastern dom bass region. at least 500 explosions have been recorded in less than 24 hours along the front lines. america's top diplomat has accused moscow of looking to manufacture a pretext for war. antony blank him was speaking.


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