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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2022 10:00am-10:31am AST

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times destroyed in that land. international filmmakers, m world class journalists, bring programs to inform and inspire you. climate has to become part of the way we tell stories on al jazeera. ah, more claims of shelling in easton, ukraine is russian back separatists and government forces blame each other for worsening violence. and you, as president joe biden is said to talk with his nato allies about the russian troops build up on ukraine's order. ah, 11 o'clock, this is out 0 life from there are also coming up trade and the pandemic on the agenda. as the e. u in african union leaders meet for to day summit and brussels and the dutch
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prime minister apologizes to indonesia for war crimes. committed in its former colony in the 1940s. ah say that russian bipartisan east, the ukraine, have accused government forces of launching new attacks on friday, both sides blaming each other for stepping up artillery and mortified in the don bus region. shelling has re ignited fears of an imminent invasion by russia with the usa in the kremlin is looking for an excuse to justify going to war. under simmons reports from the ukrainian capital letter for emphasis. at least $500.00 explosions recorded in less than 24 hours along the front lines of the dumbass region of east of ukraine. the size of the craters are an indicator of the heavy weaponry being used in breach of
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a limited cease fire meant to be in place. russian back separatist from a self declared republic of law, hampton, accused ukrainian forces of starting the fighting of the look. really, the situation on a contact line has been exacerbated dramatically. the enemy is trying to provoke active combat, actually because ukraine's side continues to violate his obligation to observe the ceasefire. not so say the ukrainian forces accusing the separatists of being responsible for all the attacks. dozens of them, they say a kindergarten was hit, and this was published on the military website. there were no casualties, but the same pitcher was being used by russian media outlets using a different name for the village that was on their side of the front line. ukraine says it's a deliberate ploy by russia. it's fake news. and her, the problem there to the russian audience are very susceptible to, to this type or for of this information. enter also dennis or terrorist republics.
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they are try to, to escalate to the level dead in this level because in this situation, they feel that they, they could and they are one more time rapier in a rush and newsletters and in russian media field international investigations into who was responsible for the attacks are underway. thursday's attacks may have been intense, but no more so than countless other days in this 8 year old conflict. it's the timing of what happened in the disinformation afterwards. that has some western powers thinking. this could be the start of something much bigger. in brussels, the u. s. defense secretary lloyd austin, said the situation and don bass will be watched closely. and the president himself reiterated his warning that russia may cause an incident as a foreigner for an invasion. here we believe that they are
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a fall flag operation is to go in every indication we had with a vacuum. the violence in easton ukraine has undoubtedly wasn't an already had situation here. andrew simmons al jazeera keith. all it's cross to charles trafford is live for us in mary, a poll in southeastern ukraine and charles, the counter accusations flying about tensions, clearly writing that's right. both sides blaming each other. certainly for what the grains of described as an escalation. yes, those were heard and andrews report. interestingly this morning there. busy are reports coming from the dpr authorities? that sir, the shepherdess controlled air of the self declared in its people's republic, saying that sir, at least 70 shells, ukrainian shells have landed in areas around done at school. they say that there
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are some areas that are without electricity. obviously we have no way of independently confirming that also the ukranian side this morning saying at least 60 shells landed on this side of the report so so of at least 2 soldiers being injured in those attacks. and as we been saying, lisa this escalation, and it can be called that because this is like the heavier shelling we've seen in the last couple of months comes at a very worrying time. as these diplomatic efforts seemingly continued to fail to bring any real resolution to the crisis. interesting lot last night coming in to marry off all around 25 kilometers north. from here we passed the convoy of the military vehicles carrying ukrainian soldiers and towing large pieces of artillery . large cannons are we can't verify where in fact they were going. and also with respect to the look ganske area of the separate is controlled region. and the acer,
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the guns consorts is the separatists. they're saying that there has been quite heavy shelling overnight and but of course also was pointing out is that said this escalation comes at the time when we've heard increasingly bellicose language from the separatist leader in don at scott and pushing a couple of days ago saying that he expected what he described as a ukrainian military solution being planned by the ukrainians to this crisis. that is something that the ukrainians have staunched. he denied. indeed, the ukrainian commander in chief in the last 24 hours saying exactly that there were no plans for any kind of military solution to the problems into this escalation. and so it is very much a war of words at the moment. it seems as if the various different means of propaganda being used by, by arguably by both sides and the west,
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very concerned an ukrainians about what they describe is false flag operations. this would be fabricated, fabricated incidents that for example, the separatists. and indeed, possibly russia could use as a pretext for some further escalation, according to the ukrainians will certainly according to the western back as at least of ukraine that could involve some sort of invasion. and charles, all this highlighted the desperate need for diplomacy to work, and there's a lot of that in hand. and today in various parts of the world, what sense do you get on the ground about how successful that diplomacy might be or not? well the feeling among staple hare, after 8 years of this conflict to be people are utterly exhausted with it. they have no faith in their politicians. they have no faith in ukrainian government. we were in the dpr the ship, which is controlled region a couple of weeks ago. that area, for example,
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it tens of thousands of homes and businesses destroyed an economy on its knees and it's a similar scenario. here on the ukranian side, of course, the russians continue to deny that there is any plan for any, any invasion and accused the west of whipping up hysteria as this crisis goes on. but a lot of the people you speak to here and certainly i of, as i say that they've had enough, they do not believe that zalinski has any control over the situation here. they feel as if they're being used many of them by western nations, of some sort of porn in a, in western geopolitical games. and they have no faith at all in and as i say, president poo chains continue, denial that there is any plan for a russian invasion. a child leave enough a man, thanks very much. chelsea rough there and mario pole was possible it's. it's kind of multi pronged diplomatic effort us present, joe biden is expected to speak to nato allies later on friday. at western lee to
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say, tens of thousands of russian treats remain near the ukrainian border, but the kremlin insists it has no plans to invade. as we've just been discussing, this is america's top diplomat told united nations that moscow is looking to manufacture an excuse for wool. kristen silly me as more secretary of state antony blink and made a last minute detour to the united nations on his way to europe to address the security council. again warning that russia was poised to attack ukraine. some have called into question or information. recalling previous instances where intelligence ultimately did not bear out. but let me be clear. i am here to day, not to start a war, but to prevent one. rush's deputy foreign minister sir, gave her shannon called the accusations baseless, insisting that weapons supplied to ukraine by the west or the real threat globally . the crystal is that as you get,
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the fact is that the russian forces were on the russian territory and remain on russian territory. and the day before yesterday, some of the units off of their exercises were returning to their home basis. still many countries express concern as the number of russian troops on the border appears to be increasing. and while russia presented its own evidence of alleged ukrainian war crimes against separatists, the u. s. and others dismissed the claims as a false pretext to invade. these are fake and irresponsible allegations by russia aimed at hiding is responsibility for the occupation of the ukrainian territories, and subsequent humorists violations there. excellence is ukraine remains committed to peaceful resolution. the one thing security council members appeared to agree on as that the 2015 minsk agreement, which was signed to en conflict in eastern ukraine, be the basis of diffusing tensions. but as thursday's meeting made clear, russia and ukraine have very different views on how that deal should be implemented
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. kristin, selena al jazeera, the united nations. well, bella, luce is ready to host nuclear weapons of threatened from the west. i. there's the warning for president alexander lucas shanker, as he visited a training ground where joint military drills with russia. the said to be wrapping up lucas shanker was due to meet the russian president vladimir putin on friday. set vassal reports now from luni mits, near the border with ukraine, showing off military force near the border with ukraine. these wargames, held by russia and bellows, have not only spooked the west, but also many bellow roshan president, alexander lucas shank, us remarks when visiting one of the training grounds added to the concern. will you please feel necessary if such stupid mind the steps are taken by all rival opponents? we will not only deploy nuclear weapons, but super nuclear ones to protect our country. but if there are no threats, we don't need to play weapons 400 years. fellows will hold
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a referendum next week to amanda conference constitution. not only letting lucca shameka stay in power, but also allowing nuclear weapons from russia to be based in the country. lucas shank has been isolated by the west after a violent crack down a protest as in the past year and a half he turned to put in for help and we turn. russia is increasingly using santa rules on the border with nato as a military training ground. troops have arrived here from as far as 10000 kilometers away. the far east of russia. russia has now announced that its withdrawing its troop back to the south and west of the country away from bellows. many i wondering what will happen to the other russian forces here in pins, just 30 kilometers from the border. bella russians and ukrainians have left to get on for generations. they are worried about being tracked into a possible war relation and i think it's dangerous precedent or they'd like with so many russians come to both of us. the situation around ukraine is very tense and we
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are all deeply worried. ukrainian people are very close to us, our towns have a good relations with ukrainians. my heart aches the ukraine, and also we were afraid of the occupation has been happening silently. and we don't like it because we favor wasn't. troops may stay here, and their presence is very much felt driving around the south of barrows. satellite images appear to show that instead of withdrawing more troops are being sent to the region. the trails are scheduled to end on february 20, only then it will become clear if soldiers will return to their basis. as moscow has promised, steadfast and al jazeera and learning yet by level. a rescue operation is underway in greece after a fire broke out on a ferry with 288 people on board. the vessel was near the island of cor food at the time on its way to the port of brin, dc in italy, the cause. the fire is not yet known. still had her not so driven by drought and displacement were in sedans, western tougher region where poor,
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the poor harvest is leaving many crease. leave hon and make shift medical care in hong kong. have 19 patients once again, forced adults with hospitals. ah right on the heels. a storm dudley, a wind storm that knocked out in the united kingdom is a storm unit. that's only just for me. it's under this, this layer of cloud here. so at the moment it looks like nothing but it will not be nothing. it will be quite significant. tonight in the early hours of friday morning, as winds as strong as may be a 160 kilometers per hour, hit the ground in southern and then with across. eventually the storm is wind up by the end of the afternoon in the north sea. battering denmark and the low countries,
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the stone and olden flank significance, now i think fast moving the vicious storm this. now at the same time, the last one's already spread rain through central european more or less dispersed . we've got some new snow in turkey. this is all friday, but they eat of saturday. the bottom end of this system is now starting to spread showers of some sto, admittedly height and rain through spain, a strong wind the v straw that through the rhone valley and generally speaking, wet weather. so the outs with some snow here as well. north africa in contrast is quite quite an unsure breeze. yes, deliberate, a few showers in egypt and still the ha madison blows that. seasonal dusty wind is strengthened a bit and it will do for the next couple of days. ah, the frank assessments for china? well, bannister from the 0 call it strategy. if the rest of the world cannot get informed
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opinions at all costs luckiest on needs protest from that statement. critical debate by rick would claims that nato constitutes a leg to stand chill, threat to russia. but it's precisely his actions that's rated this insecurity in the region. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera blue. ah, again, you're watching out 0 reminder on top stories, a saw and russian back separatists in easton. ukraine of accused government forces of launching new attacks on friday. at least 500 explosions have been recorded in less than 24 hours along the front lines. yes,
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president joe biden is expected to hold talks with nato allies in the coming hours at a un security council meeting on thursday. secretary of state entity blinking accused moscow looking to manufacture an excuse for all right. then you and african union leaders are wrapping up a today summit and brussels europe wants to promote its global investment plans in africa as chinese trade. that grows, issues around the supply covered 19 vaccines insecurity. also on the agenda. welcome web reports now from nairobi. african leaders meeting their european colleagues in brussels in belgium. the e u is africa's largest trading partner, according to you and data. but africa's trade with china is growing. the concern, if you will, in you, not just you, but i think of it in the u. s. and other african countries drifting slowly towards
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the sort of the east, particularly in trade here in kenya's capital, nairobi, china, is growing, present can't be missed in the $900.00 ninety's. this main road through the city was built by a german company, a new highways now being built in its place by chinese contractors funded by a chinese loan. it was more than a century ago that european powers scrambled to colonized most of africa here in kenya, british colonialist bill. this is an administrative center in 1918. the things have changed now in our gallery, and it was by the new chinese bill highway. and china is one of the world powers who are today buying for influence to africa resulted. russia held it 1st summit for africa 3 years ago. president vladimir putin for mister aiden trade deals without the conditions, often demanded by the west. between meeting delegates were wooed with weapons at
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arms. fair rushes, military presence in africa, is growing as are its arms exposed to the continent. so the, you want the world to know it's still a major player. but economists say it's terms of trade with africa over on fair, profiting from cheap african raw materials while selling back services and manufactured goods. and one of my criticisms of african government is i don't think they're very clever at negotiating a common position. and i think that's why quite often they suffer, particularly with china who wants to always negotiate one to one. the use promised a $170000000000.00 of investment, although it's not clear how it will be raised or spent. it's widely seen as an attempt to counter the chinese infrastructure, loans and projects. which critic say tolerate corruption. and lu, african governments into debt traps. part of the challenge for a long time has been the leadership, you know, the corruption, lack of integrity,
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the mismanagement over sauces and all those things of, you know, money comes into the country through age. that's why aid has not had significant impact in africa. the use now talking more about trade than aid and promising better terms spec malcolm web al jazeera nairobi can, yeah. police and sudan. if i take an during the latest protest against the military's take over, the demonstrators marks in several areas of the capital team on thursday. some of them burn tires at the airport. security forces have killed dozens of people since october. gonna pull harvison to don's west to far do for da fir region i should say has led to high food prices at markets. hundreds of thousands of families who have enjoyed years of conflict and being forced to rely on aid for survival of deserves have a morgan reports now from fashion in north duffel every month how. what is my
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and her youngest son had come here to receive food assistance, help she needs to keep him and his other siblings back home, bad, bad. when we tried to fall last year, the pest destroyed it so we couldn't produce anything with them. so now we were alone, the food distribution to take home and cook to feed him and his siblings. hammett is one of hundreds of children who rely on help from the you went to world food program and then fashion into dance north. dar for state. like the rest of the region, it has been devastated by years of conflict. more than 300000 people have died and over 2000000 misplaced according to the united nations. and like the rest of the country, it's been hit by high inflation. treaters in the market say a bad harvest lead to higher prices, and fewer people buying fees yadda will, as odyssey, the people come from time to time to buy and sometimes they don't buy the market.
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it's been most stagnant. but unlike the previous year seni farming in north, dar 4 was already affected by conflict in the region. many farmers have had little to no access to their farm because the fighting involving arms groups, farmers also blame climate change for reduced rainfall, leading to a poor harvest. all that's cost rising food prices, which many cannot afford. the world food program has 1800000 people need to survive up from 1400000 last year. nearly 400000 of those are poor children. the organization says it's trying to adapt to the needs of people, but it's faith challenges. we do not have enough donation to be able to meet these challenges and provide assistance to everybody unique. and we are faced with a terrible and a tragic situation where we have to choose from who received assistant and who does not. so what we need is more support from the international community,
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but we also need the government to solve the conflict of the state. the government says that the assistance helps keep children in school and out of the workforce. they're feeling the little m, as in mary c a. we have kids in schools who are as young as 8th, who do harsh labor that affects their well being. that includes girls who face violations. so having a school feeding program reduces child labor and protects the children because it keeps them from going to work to be able to buy food for themselves. how was says she hopes the situation in the state improved so she doesn't have to continue to rely on it for her son. but until that happened, he says she'll continue to seek assistance. so she can save money for her family, for avenue. he will morgan onto 0 and fashion northstar for a cordon india sentence. 38 people to death and 11 more to life in prison for the armada by the bombings, 14 years ago, 56 people were killed in at least 200 were injured in
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a series of explosions in 2008 in the state of good or at 21 device as detonated in just more than in her blouse, happened on buses and car parks and at a public hospital on gongs. the health care system is near breaking point to after a record surgeon cove. 19 cases, hospitals have reached 90 percent capacity, and patients are being treated and make shift to opener. spaces. territory reported more than 6000 new cases on thursday. so he is a strange. some patients have been discharged early, and authorities are looking to increase testing. most she in home gone, you wholly, some uncle has already worked hard to increase its testing ability. at the end of the month, we should get to around 300000 latoya. we have limitation to our resources. so you, we have expressed our needs and i trust the chinese government will directly respond to our needs. that thing we let him out from brit clena to his more from uncle. that certainly isn't getting any better. they've set up more tense. here.
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there are barriers set up and a few he says as well to accommodate for the surge in patients. many of them elderly people lying outside in the beds behind me. and we've seen this for the 3rd day in a row. the hospital authority has apologize for this situation. however, it is happening again, another record $6000.00 cases. so it has to be said, there is a capacity problem. hospitals are overstretched, and there is no quick solution to this. the government is walking into expanding isolation facilities, including turning hotels into quarantine facilities, student dormant freeze, and housing estates as well. they're also looking into building a makeshift hospital like the one we saw early on in the pandemic, and we'll harm which was built in 10 days. there also, i have a designated fleet now of taxi drivers who take p patients from home to isolation facilities. the policy is currently that if you display any symptoms of
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covert or even if they're mild, you should in theory be transported to an isolation facility. however, because of this bottleneck, people are having to wait thousands of people across the city or having to wait at home until they're admitted. and some of for some that day just doesn't come. truck drivers protesting against cove 19 restrictions in canada's capital of ottawa, a bracing for a police crackdown offices are trying to wear many 3 weeks of demonstrations. they've arrested several protested including an organizer of the so called freedom convoy. the prime minister just intruder is defended. his decision to invoke the emergencies act gives more power to police. on monday, as we entered the 3rd week of illegal blockades and occupations, the federal government invoke to the emergencies act. we did it to protect families and small businesses to protect jobs in the economy. we did it because the
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situation could not be dealt with under any other law in canada. mister speaker, we did it because that's what responsible leadership requires us to do for the good of all canadians, the illegal blockades and occupations have to stop and the borders have to remain open. a judge in new york has ruled former u. s. president. donald trump must answer questions under oath in the state civil investigation into his business practices. tromping. his 2 eldest children at to vanka and donald trump junior, had been ordered to comply with subpoenas issued in december status, investigating if trump inflated real estate values to obtain bank loans, and therefore reduce tax bills. authorities in brazil have warned of more heavy rainfall in the wake of flooding in a landslide that killed at least a 117 people. parts of the city of patropolis near rio de janeiro have been
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evacuated. victims families have started to bury the dead. as many as 116 people are missing the dutch prime minister as apologize for systematic and widespread, extreme violence during intimacies war of independence. margareta says the government takes responsibility for the war crimes committed in the former colony, the tor again b. as this news from indonesia were these nomadic because of that tomatoes taking action against republicans for decades, the dutch government said the army had done nothing wrong as it attempted to regain control of their former colony during indonesia, his 4 year long war of independence that started in 1945, but his study by dutch researches has concluded the army did commit war crimes against civilians. and that political and military leaders largely ignored the attacks. the dutch prime minister said the findings are harsh but unavoidable, and issued an apology for what he called a collective failure. did almost all it online for the systematic and widespread,
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extreme violence from the dutch side in those years. and the consistent looking away. but previous cabinets to them i make today on behalf of the dutch government, a deep apologies to the people of indonesia, for reports of violence and massacres, have been around for a long time. but it wasn't until 2017 that the government commissioned an investigation is estimated more than a 100000 indonesians were killed. did extreme rebels. can the fate of his highness for him? this extreme violence took many forms such as torture, executions without trial beatings, right? theft detention, and the and human conditions, violent reprisals such as the shooting of civilians and messed potential willing. but some in the netherlands think the country has nothing to apologize for. they say the report is biased, a built book is normal in all law. violence is normal when you're in war,
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there was a war going on. whatever people want to call it, be it police action or a war of d colonization over. it's all true or no, i can see it from both sides. because i am 50 per cent javanese was it, and my family fought on both sides of this battle. draco, it was very violent on all sides. the netherlands finally recognized indonesia independence in 1949. but more than 70 is owned, the country is still coming to terms with its colonial past. victoria gate and b al jazeera moment. ah. so this is observed, these are the top stories and russian back separatists in easton. ukraine have accused government forces of lot you new attacks on friday. at least $500.00 explosions would be recorded in less than 24 hours along the front lines. cha, stratford has the latest remarried, both in southeastern ukraine.


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