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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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forces were obliged to defend that country from irregular groups that added the human rights needed to be respected and that the events at the border would be investigated. the news. ready we believe that there will target ukraine's capital keith. a city of 2800000 innocent people. the u. s. president is convinced russia will attack ukraine in the coming days. but says there's still room for diplomacy. ah, a flare up in fighting and reports of a large gas explosion in east in ukraine. separate to say civilians are being evacuated to russia. ah.
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hello, i'm has him seek. this is edge, is it alive from door also coming up. canadian police continue to close in on protest as blockading the capital arresting more than a 100 people anger in minnesota as the police officer who killed the black man is sentenced to 2 years in prison. shorter than prosecute to set off for already devastated by floods and landslides. residents for supple us in brazil are warned. other parts of the city could collapse. ah, you as president joe biden says he is convinced russian president vladimir putin has made up his mind. i will invade ukraine in the coming days. biden says there is still a diplomatic way out, but claims russia is manufacturing
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a pretext to attack. and the u. s. is ready to respond. make no mistake. if russia pursues his plans, it will be responsible for catastrophic and needless or of choice. united states and our allies are prepared to defend every inch of nato territory. are many threat to our collective security as well. we also will not send troops into fight ukraine, but we will continue to support the ukrainian people i. it is thought up to $100.00 . 90000 russian soldiers remain near the ukrainian border. after a meeting with bella, russian president, alexander lucas, shank rushes, let him at who said his forces will now begin nuclear drills. he would go. what can you look at today's talks? we also discuss strengthening our joint defense space of russia and belarus. we agreed again to take collect of mrs, strengthen security of our countries in the face of the growing military activity of nato countries near the borders of our states. we also focus on the joint
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military exercises which will continue in bellows until the 20th of february. i should say that these exercises are totally defense of a nature and do not threaten anyone. i must go back separatist say they are evacuating civilians to russia after they say there's been a flare up in fighting in easton, ukraine in recent days. and a large gas explosion in the hands. late on friday, charles strafford is in a novice he locker and begins our coverage. oh, alarm in the streets of russian banks and proceed. control de nancy. the sirens sounded after the leader of the self declared republic announced the mass evacuation of civilians. why at them they wouldn't have no idea what it is of today . february, the 18th, the one, the mass, centralized evacuation of the population to the russian federation has been organized with orchard, it, women, children,
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and the elderly are to be evacuated. first of all of our children gathered at evacuation points. lines of cars began heading towards the russian border. sauces. internet told al jazeera bus drivers were ordered to stay and help the evacuation ukraine in its western backers. half a day's been saying that russia plans a so called false flag incident, which could give moscow all the separatists. it supports a pretext to attack. russia calls that a lie. but hours later, russian media said this was a car. bombings and exc no casualties were reported. the target was said to be a top security official. when the breakaway region. this is said to show a center where men can sign up to join the separatist forces. soon after the announcement by shilling, the leader of the other russian back self declared republic of lou guns who followed suit me, me and said all those who can carry
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a weapon should be prepared to fight. near the g is the one that i call on civilians. who are not mobilized or involved in the maintenance of infrastructure to leave for russia as soon as possible. the announcement came after what the ukrainian government in the organization for security and cooperation in europe. the o se, se, with some of the worst shilling by the russian bank, separatists, and years. the separatists accuse the ukrainian army of the same ukraine's military commanders said ukraine had no intention of attacking the separatist held territory, quarter of dodo. i reiterate that the military and political leadership of ukraine don't plan and not conducting offensive operations in the country. the only option, the occupation of the people in territory that is acceptable to us is the political and diplomatic one that villages close to where the ukrainian government is in control was surprised and scared by the news. yet mister courteously, surely we haven't heard the news about the evacuation on the other side. i only
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heard about the kindergarten being shelled yesterday and they said that it was provocation. there has to be an investigation in with us. yes, a full the we of course we are worried. we have children and grandchildren. we just want peace. otherwise we will have to leave this area. it must stop. we have lived through this horror for years. he mirroring the announcement by the leadership of both the self declared donates an lugens peoples republic of a mass evacuation on the separatist control side of the front line has huge implications for potentially hundreds of thousands of people living in areas like these new ukranian government control territory, despite russia repeatedly saying it has no intention of an invasion or military escalation against ukraine. those words are becoming increasingly hard to believe. charles, travel al jazeera, nova, salva is the new grand or the diplomatic efforts to avoid a conflict are continuing at a security summit in germany. the you and secretary general warned russia that it
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will be breeching international law if an invades ukraine. a 0 diplomatic editor james base reports for munich. the un secretary general has for weeks said he thinks war can be avoided. but his warnings about the situation are getting more dire. oh, with a concentration of russian forces it on ukraine. i am deeply concerned about heights intentions and increase speculation about a military conflict in europe. i still sing it will not happen. but if it did, it would be catastrophic. sitting with a german foreign minister anna lena bear book, the u. s. secretary of state anthony blinking was again asked about the prospective war. the differences have to be resolved to dialogue through diplomacy. we are deeply concerned that that is not the path that russia isn't bardon, the man,
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the tale kish gopi was in the audience. we're ready to fight. we're ready to defend our families. our dave, our cities, our citizens. we need support a point clearly aimed at germany, which has not been supplying weapons to ukraine position. the foreign minister that said was based on her country's history, our responsibility after the 2nd world war was that never again from germany, there will be wall and never again, they will be genocide. the discussion was moderated by the incoming chairman of the munich security conference. crystal, please. this is countries former ambassador to the un and was child from the merkel foreign policy advisor, back and bassett, of the big question, is there going to be a war? and i think nobody knows, i don't know if putting himself knows he's plain,
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he's playing this game. see one day saying that now we want to, we want to go into negotiations. he says they were, it's never any, never had any intentions. and then you are following right now that when you look at the don bus, you'll see that the number of cease fire violations is skyrocketing on saturday. here in munich, the british prime minister flies in the u. s. vice president and the ukranian president supposed to speak, and there'll be a meeting of the g 7 foreign ministers on this growing crisis. james bayes al jazeera munich, how when ukraine was promised nato membership in 2008. that same promise was made to georgia. the russian forces occupied nearly a quarter of george in territory and its hope of entering and nato remains distant . but when forest walker reports from the line of control between georgia and its breakaway region of south the set you can at the best i have. finally came home
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this week. the 53 year old was detained by russian forces on george's de facto border with its break away territory south or cities back in 2019. c last november, kennedy was freed of the suffering, a stroke. he never recovered. these men paying their respects, call themselves anti occupation activists. but look at the show, the badge on the right. a ukrainian georgian composite flag. they firmly believe that both countries to day share the same enemy, russia re georgia's understand what is happening. can ukraine, i'm better than ah, anybody else in the world? because what is happening in the ukraine? ah, or we had saw in georgia in 2008. back then president george
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w bush promised georgia and ukraine nato membership. later that year, russia invaded georgia to back south bassetti in separatists. in their conflict with the tbilisi government. its forces have never left the village of horror, letty has been split into by the war. local resident luda says detentions happen all the time. why not have happened to trust her? it's scary. we're afraid it's really unpleasant, but we're not going to throw away our homeland our homes. where would we go? the sign up there reads state border of the republic of south the city or well south. the city is not recognized as a sovereign country. and yet, that seems to be russia's strategy to divide georgia to keep this conflict unresolved. just as this razor wire divides,
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this village georgians have been rallying in solidarity with ukraine. some believe the government isn't showing, give enough support, the fear of provoking the kremlin. not many, george's governing party calls it pragmatism. that is fragmented means that whenever we can benefit from our relations with rushing economic and trade terms, we should benefit. however, we are should not, and we will never, oh, give up our ah, national interest, which is on territorial integrity and our wisant version. russian security forces have detained more than 1400 georgians since 2008. although most get released with a fine, some like godaddy have been jailed. torture and murder have also been documented, or georgia and ukraine share the same fate. unfortunately, i found the russia doesn't want georgia to be free. georgians know all to well the
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likely human cost of another war with russia. robin 1st year walker al jazeera. however, letty milan, he has declared the 1st, the polio outbreak in africa in more than 5 years, a case was detected and a 3 year old girl in the cap totally long white, near starter, been introduced from pakistan where at wild polio is still endemic. the world health organization has credited high levels of surveillance for picking it up early. the continent had been declaim polio free in 2020 at least 12 people are still missing after a greek ferry caught fire while on its way to italy. the greek coast guard says, 278 people were rescued from the vessel of the island of cor food. one was not on the passenger lists. there are fears that more undocumented passengers could have been on board. a still ahead on al jazeera,
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we hear why many soldiers and police officers have joined the resistance movement in me. and mom says last year's military coup am y plans by japan to release treated water from the wrecked fukushima nuclear plants has been met with widespread criticism. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies. the weather sponsored my cattle airways. the warnings posted in japan montague for increasing avalanche risk because not quite as cold as you might like. it's going to snow. you've got to feed of moisture from the western pacific which is not cold. he's still the coder coming across from advent earlier from easton, siberia. but again he's, it tends to be modified, so you've got to foster math, rather wet stove falling on a huge amounts already on the grounds, more to come saturday and sunday and the avalanche risk. whereas in china,
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that code is showing itself in the max in shanghai, in the sunshine side. and in hong kong, in the rain of 9. now i look back in the records 3 years, it's never been down to 9 degrees in those 3 years, so you can go back further. this is really very cold for hong kong in a strong, normally when the average by night is 15 degrees. and we down below that this is by day a poor 3 days after that heavy rains likely in certain parts the philippines and some parts of borneo and still around singapore and call long part with a focus or since on march. heading towards jakarta, always prone to flooding, most of india is dry, still quiet and misty and with poor quality in the northern plain. of course, that won't change except with occasional increase in the wind in new delhi. the weather sponsored by katara always. oh,
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the shake hammered award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information go to w, w, w dot h t a dot q a slash e n. ah. with oh, but again, you're watching, i just need a reminder of our top story. this out. the u. s. president says he's convinced that russia has made the decision to invade ukraine. joe biden added intelligence
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suggested it could happen in the coming days. separate just leaders in easton, ukraine, say civilians are being moved to russia from done yet skeleton crowns. they've blamed an increase in shelling in the region. calls for immediate d escalation and ukraine had been front and center at the munich security conference. un secretary general, antonia good tenisha says tension seems higher than during the cold war. japan plans to release water that was contaminated in the 2011 fukushima nuclear disaster in the pacific ocean. a team of inspectors from the international atomic energy agency has been assessing the safety of the plan. rob mcbride reports, it's a solution to an 11 year old problem that japan says is perfectly safe. but it still leaves asian neighbors, nervous, and according to many experts is probably the best of only bad options. in just
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over year, japan wants to start releasing more than a 1000000 tons of treated water from the site of the plant damaged by the 2011 earthquake in synonymy. along japan's northeast coast. water used to cool the reactors as well as ground water that came on to the site and became contaminated, has been stored in a growing number of tanks that are quickly reaching capacity. inspectors from the international atomic energy agency have given assurances they will be closely monitoring the operation in the coming months and years. the r e a will contribute to bending confidence that the what are the charge is conducted in a safe and transparent manner. in line with this, with the international safety standards, but there's been widespread opposition to the plan, especially from communities along this part of the japanese coast through my program was still on our kuni di,
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abrupt decision to discharge decontaminated water into the sea chaise, complete disregard of public opinion and is unacceptable to most people in fukushima, one of chrissy money, other residents suggested the international inspectors hadn't heard their concerns ticklish. the clues there have been lakes of contamination, water before if the discharge plans feasible. convincing evidence must be presented and opposition extends to japan's neighbors, china and both north and south korea, japan and this all radiation will be removed from the water before discharge. apart from the radioactive isotope tritium which nuclear plants, the world over it says routinely release into the c am which exists in such my new quantities. it comes well within international safety standards. still fishing communities along coasts that faced japan are fearful of the impact on their livelihoods. and scientists say they'll closely monitor water quality in the years
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to come. while the controversy is set to continue, japan will be hoping this will finally solve one of the legacies of a natural disaster that he has struggled for more than a decade to overcome. robin bride al jazeera, so a police in the canadian capital, i've arrested it more than a 100 people while towing away trucks blocking the streets. hundreds of officers continued to take control of the streets of downtown or tour that had been turned into a camp for protest as angry over the government's pandemic restrictions between a gate and b reports. ah, this was the moment police moved in to take back control of ottawa's streets. protest is of occupied the area outside parliament for nearly 3 weeks. i offices used that new pals under the emergencies act to arrest truckers and other protest is who refused to leave her. dr. thing wanna
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verify absolutely ridiculous. arrestin people out of people assembly that we are the right to be here even with the emergency act. oh canadian truckers calling themselves the freedom convoy accused the authorities of overreacting. i negotiated on behalf of the trotters appears were free, please promise they would not attack and they would let them free peacefully. they brought the bill because there's no leadership order or turned on boiling doctor they want protest leader to more relate was among schools arrested. they've been demonstrating against a rule that requires truck has to be vaccinated to cross the u. s. border. the government says the illegal blockade and occupation is a threat to peace, order, and good government. when this crisis is over, all of us are going to need to work hard to heal our country. but to day our
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economy and arc democracy are facing a serious and foreign funded threat. these illegal blockades and occupations cannot be allowed to serve the authority of democratically elected governments. oh, these say the workaround, the pool to clear the city's downtown area we're in control of the situation on the ground and continue to push forward to clear our streets. this methodical and well resource plan will take time and we are here to see it through to a safe ending. many truck has left voluntarily, but those remaining insist they won't move until the coven vaccine requirement to cross the us border is removed. victoria gay to be al jazeera, her u. s. judge has sentenced a former minnesota police officer to 2 years in prison for killing
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a 20 year old black man. don't a right. it's less than a 3rd of what the prosecution asked for. the right family says he, it feels cheated. john handed reports from minneapolis. i am i have been profoundly moved by the latest case of a white police officer killing a black man and it is controversially. as it began, officer potter made a mistake that tragically kim potter charged with an accidental killing faced a tearful judge who handed down his sentence well below the state guidelines of 6 to 8 years. it is the sentence and judgement of this court that you shall be committed to the custody of the commissioner of corrections for a period of 24 months. his life was cut short, the family of the 20 year old man potter shot dante right wanted no leniency. you
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took a field, sir? what he could have been so many things. april 11th, was the 4th day of my life. a police officer who supposed to serve and protect so much took so much away from us. she took our baby boy with a single gunshot. there was her shattered mind. my life in my world, it will never ever be the same. a tearful potter addressed the family directly, i didn't even. ringback think you are a firms broken rights family says tears are not enough. i feel she, i feel hurt. i'm not very upset. they were so tied up into her feelings in what was
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going on with her that they forgot about my son being killed. you know, in our community rate, of course, the marijuana. the sentence followed in april 2021 traffic stop that ended dante rights life police camera video shows right apparently trying to escape a traffic stop. potter then a suburban minneapolis police officer fires which she says she thought was a taser. i am the weapon she drew was her gun can bought or has agreed to travel. the state of minnesota talking to police departments about the dangers of weapons confusion. so other officers don't experience the tragedy that she did. though disappointed, rights family says they're grateful for at least one rarity. a white police officer was convicted of killing, an unarmed black man. john henderson, al jazeera minneapolis,
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brazil's president gyal bull sonata has visited the city of patropolis, which was devastated by floods and landslides. monica janik, you reports. after returning from russian hungry bristles present jade will. soon adel surveyed the destruction in the city of metropolis during a helicopter fly over. he said, it was like a war zone with unfortunately we could see the seriousness of what's happened here and patropolis. tuesday heavy rains and mud slides tore down buildings in this historical brazilian town. more than 130 people have been killed. so far less than half of the victims have been identified and at least $200.00 people are still an accounted for. sirens and friday warned inhabitants that other parts of the city could collapse and that they should leave urea immediately. but when i blow the whistle, we start evacuating under my own,
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she's decided to risk his life and stay behind. i'll jazeera accompanied him on his mission to find the bodies of his neighbors. he's in ms. mon wage. my mother has been living in the same house for 48 years. she was there when the mudslide tore it down. she was with my 2 nieces and my nephew. on that, i had told the runa, he had found her mother in the living room. the bodies of 13 year old mila, and 6 year old daniel had been dragged by the water to the bottom of the hill. the family album was salvaged, but 11 year old stephanie is still missing with all of them all. but don't worry, i won't stop looking until i find her. yeah, she's here somewhere. families of other missing people have used instagram to post their pictures and contact numbers. go up in the mail for. there's a huge rock that's about to fall on my house. i had to leave, but my neighbor is still under the rubble. nobody can find her nor her 12 year old child. funeral home safe donated 200 coffins. meanwhile,
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the search for survivors continues. monica and i give all jazeera no more than 2000 soldiers and police in me and more have joined the resistance movement since last year's qu, florist louis reports them way. river forms a natural border between thailand and monmouth. for decades, it's been used as an informal border crossing, usually by villages fleeing fighting between ethnic armed groups. and yet more soldiers. lately, a new group of migrants has been making that journey deserted from me on mars military. doctor min long, long had served the army for more than 20 years when he decided to leave. at 1st, he worried for his family safety as they were being watched. but his wife and children have since left the country at a google nubile, we are experiencing torture and murder by the judge every day. as a doctor,
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that's unacceptable jump. there were so many factors that were pushing me to leave the military thing. the one was the night right, they arrest people at night said the bodies back to the family. the next morning, the bodies had been cut open and the organs removed. al jazeera has not been able to independently verify what he says, but unauthorized autopsies are reported to have been carried out on protest is killed by security forces. the activist group assistance association for political prisoners says more than a 1500 people have been killed by the gender since the coo last year. the military disputes this number and says the group is biased. but other former military personnel have cited the use of violence against civilians. as a reason for deserted, had to saw is a former army engineer who joined the civil disobedience movement in march. and joan, i, my and emily defied. stayed in the army. i would have gotten promotions, a higher ranking,
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but that's not what i want. i want to live in good conscience. i live. i don't want to live with guilt and sadness, not knowing that killing people. i don't regret my decision. former army, captain lynde had on set up a facebook group to encourage soldiers to join the resistance and estimates about a $1500.00 have deserted the military. as of last september, he has left myanmar and says he's unable to return home. saw him here. you saw him word for my family. i don't know whether they're safe. i've had cut off contact with him for my country and my people's future. but i do worry for my family. can i have your resistance groups including the national unity government, a shadow government working to reverse the qu, are encouraging more people from the security forces to join them. they say those numbers are growing, but that may not be enough to challenge me on mars. well equipped military florence louis al jazeera ah.


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