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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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that can improve security for all countries in europe. ah, for russia to we are made written proposals to moscow to reduce risks and increased transparency or military activities. address a space and cyber threats, and engaged on arms control, including all nuclear weapons and me sites. this is a substantial agenda where we believe it is possible to find common ground. so i have invited russia an all new dallas to serious meetings, all the nato russia council. and i reiterated my invitation in the letter that i sent to minister lovato on thursday. the current crisis is about more than ukraine that is much upstage
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relations between nato and marcia. you'd a p and, and tons of landscape security on the ultimate plant the crush. no. how we wish to organize relations between states. moscow is attempting to roll back history and the re crate. it's fair so influence it wants to limit nate, those right to collect the defense and demands that we should remove all our forces on infrastructure from the conscious or join nato often follow the berlin wall. but let me be clear, there is no 1st clause, nate, don't members in the west, the lines and the 2nd clause, nato members to the east. we are all natal. alas. i, we stand as wrong and we will always do what is necessary to protect and defend
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each other. moscow also wants to deny as sovereigns, countries derived to choose their own path, and their own security arrangements for ukraine. but those of other countries, such as thin and sweden and for the 1st time we now see badging. joining moscow in calling on natal to stop admitting new members, it is an attempt to control the faith of free nations. to rewrite the national rule book, an impulse their own all for the titles of governance. the current crisis demonstrates the importance of the transatlantic relationship for you to p and security. 2 world wars on the cold war, it has totals that there is no real security in europe without the strong chance
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atlantic bama standing together and i to europe and america will continue to keep the peace and protect our democratic well life. as we have done for more than 70 years, nathan, he said the fence to reliance. we are not threatening russia or anyone else. but we will take all necessary measures to protect and defend all ice. this is why in response to rush us prompt on our aggressive actions, we have been strengthening our attends on the fence across the lines to avoid any miscalculation or misunderstanding about our iron clad commitment to defend each other. so if cremins aim is to have less nato on its borders, it will only get more at natal and if it wants to them via they don't,
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it will only get an even more unite that alliance. all the last years i was secured to norman's house for the mental changed for the worse. peas cannot be taken for granted. freedom and democracy are contested. and strategic competition is on the rice. this is a new normal. and we must be prepared and do everything we can to keep the bond between america and europe as strong as ever. all 3rd, the experience of horrors, a war able on closed, knew that europe and america to get there was to guarantee of loss in peace. it still is to they by standing together, we can and will cheap our people safe, protect our core values and principles,
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and all the rules based international ordered. thank you. so that is a gen sultan burgers. if you generally are going to like your general of nato, saying that people take all nature will take all necessary measures to protect and defend our allies. he said that if cremeans aim was to get less notice, they will get more dangerous days for europe. he said, this is no sign of withdrawal or de escalation on the country. there is a build up, which is continuing. and let's cross to jane's base, our diplomatic editor who's been listening in jays. both them the night is actually general european commission president are united in loud hailing this message of unity. yeah, absolutely. a unified front from the, to both them saying that they believe this is
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a very dangerous moment worth i think, pointing out that not quite, not quite saying the same thing as president biden. that both saying that set back from the bring to present boot in which i suppose is the message also from the u. s . but neither of them saying that the point, the president biden made, which is he believes war is now almost inevitable. president putin has made the final decision that is based on us intelligence. and that's why i think the u. s. president is saying it and you're not hearing quite the same eminence and urgency from the european union and nato. but despite that really dire warnings about the situation, the european commission president making it clear that they have a package of sanctions ready. there are some questions of exactly what will be in those sanctions, but she says they will be substantial. and she says that thinking from the dark
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past, which is coming from russia main lead to it to cutting the prosperity of russia in the future because of that package of sanctions. that's the european union is proposing if there is an invasion of ukraine. she also, i think, which is important, talked about the efforts of the european union have made to look for other energy supplies in europe, making it clear. she says that they've got enough for this winter that were on the safe side this winter. she said in terms of other energy, if russia stocks all the energy supplies to the european union because many european unions, countries rely on energy and gas coming from russia. at the start of a speech, she made it very clear what the threat was from the situation currently, a merging, saying that this was an effect, this was a threat to the entire security architecture of europe. well,
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the very reason that the union, the european union was once created is that we wanted to put an end to all european wars and that the world has been watching in disbelief as we faced the largest build up of troops on european soil. since the darkest days of the cold war, because the events of these days could reshape the entire international order. yet james has been fond lynn and stolen very just saying that piece is still possible, but you do wonder how that conference that you're attending now is how it's going to manufacture situation. to encourage a president putin to withdraw his troops, his talk bags, and he said that would be a for an important 1st step in what can happen this afternoon. to encourage that decision. i don't think you're going to get any sort of piece plan
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coming from this meeting. i don't think that that is likely. i don't think they're going to be any olive branches. i think the only thing that they are hoping here, given that nearly everyone gathered here is on one side of the argument, or certainly those speaking about ukraine clearly on other issues. for example, the iranian foreign minister is here that you have people are quite friendly with russia. but in terms of, of any solving of this crisis, i think what you're hearing from nato in the ear is a common message. and that is, we are totally united, and they're hoping that that might deter the russians. but there'll be no talks here and no new plans propose to president putin from this meeting in munich. what is worth remembering is there is supposed to be on wednesday, another meeting with the russian foreign minister. so gay, love roth, and the u. s. secretary of state antony blinking. but the question is, if you listen to what's coming from washington, and what president biden is saying about the imminence of war, uh,
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will there be that meeting or will the military activity of actually started? again, i have to put the health warning out there that yes, we all know that the large build up russian troops that's available on satellite images. everyone can see that. but the fact that, as a potent is about to attack is only based on western intelligence. and mainly the u . s. and you k intelligence, and everyone. certainly here the e u. a nato of following. the u. s. is lead on all night. intelligence ordains. thanks. that will leave that momentary james base there in munich. let's move over to moscow. now get a view from there and also to borrow, correspondent is danny. by sir dawson, president prison perhaps listening into these as statements. what are the russians say about what's happening on their side of the board? well, they have now officially closed the war border. they're only allowing people in to
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russia and not out alongside that border in the western part of russia with ukraine . and we have heard from local officials in a rural soft region, which is one of the many regions in this country as they have now declared a state of emergency as of this morning. because officials, they're say they have now received over 30000 people, mainly women and children, of course that have crossed over into russia since a the announcement was made yesterday. and that's the situation is the tier rating, and that's women and children at the elderly should evacuate. i want to point out that according to local officials, they're a shell alleging from the ukrainian military landed on to russian territory at for i am local time. it was in, in the village of me, tech and sky in a rural south region. and it, there shell landed in a field just 300 kilometers from
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a residential house and nobody was injured. but of course, this is something that will likely be looked at very closely by officials here. i want to point out that we have had no official reaction or confirmation from the ukrainian side. many here are now starting to see a bigger picture being painted here. there has been a lot of speculation from western powers about a narrative of a false flag operation that could be built by the russians to justify and you kind of action against the ukrainian military that is in that we eastern ukrainian region. this of course is something the russians have denied until now, and they continue to do so. but of course the developments that we're seeing on the ground in ross. gov and eastern ukraine of the regions of dumbass and hans are very certainly alarming. and i think it's important to point out that we have had no official confirmation on the ground about what is actually taking place there on the russian side. or i don't see a picture in moscow dosage by reporting. thanks door sir. let's get
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a view of what's happening on the ground shall stratford is in nova. he lapka in easton ukraine and has more on the evacuation of civilians there. ah. alarm in the streets of russian bank, separate his control, dimansky. sirens sounded after the leader of the self declared republic announced the mass evacuation of civilians. by it, the more they wouldn't have no idea with him. as of today, february the 18th, the one, the mass, centralized evacuation of the population to the russian federation has been organized with orchard book, women, children and the elderly are to be evacuated. first over. children gathered at evacuation points. lines of cars began heading towards the russian border. sausage internet told al jazeera bus drivers were ordered to stay and help the evacuation ukraine and its western backers. half
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a day's been saying that russia plans of so called false flag incident, which could give moscow all the separatists. it supports a pretext to attack raw shackles that a lie. but hours later, russian media said this was a car bombings and asked, no casualties were reported. the target was said to be a top security official from the breakaway region. this is said to show a center where men can sign up to join the separatist forces. soon after the announcement by shilling the leader of the other russian back self declared republic, a blue guns who followed suit me, me and said all those who can carry a weapon should be prepared to fight news. that is the one that i call on civilians who are not mobilized or involved in the maintenance of infrastructure to leave for russia as soon as possible. the announcement came after what the ukrainian government in the organization for security and cooperation in europe, the o se, se, with some of the worst shilling by the russian bank,
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separatists and years. the separatists accused the ukrainian army of the same ukraine's military commanders said ukraine had no intention of attacking the separatist held territory. author of thorough. i reiterate that the military and political leadership of he crime don't plan and not conducting offensive operations in the east. the only options, the occupation of the people in territory that is acceptable to us is the political and diplomatic one with a villages close to where the ukrainian government is in control was surprised and scared by the news. yet with the corny especially, we haven't heard the news about the evacuation on the other side. i only heard about the kindergarten being shelled yesterday and they said that it was provocation. there has to be an investigation in with us. yes, a little the we of course we are worried. we have children and grandchildren. we just want peace. otherwise we will have to leave this area. it must stop. we have lived through this horror for years. he mirroring the announcement by the leadership of both the self declared donnette scan, lugens people's republic of
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a mass evacuation on the separatist control side of the front line has huge implications. potentially hundreds of thousands of people living in areas like these new ukranian government control territory. despite russia repeatedly saying it has no intention of an invasion or military escalation against ukraine. those words are becoming increasingly hard to believe. charles, travel al jazeera, nova salva use the new gray. are going to take right now, the still ahead on may the storm hammers, northern europe kelly, at least 9 people. and renewing a battle foot to be one white men, always to appeal, vaccinations against polio. ah
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no, i thought i saw hints yesterday of the rain being pushed up in towards me and mar as as a start. you are east down the monsoon, but i think i was mistaken. certainly active weather here. active rain in me and man down through southern thailand to malaysia peninsula, malaysia's column print singapore, both at risk of some flash flooding. the heavy rains before thunderstorms and sons to martin and g. part of them is a bit of a gap. can you pick up some more heavy stuff? lauren said, always the fastest the philippines may be. but the story really is a bit further north and certainly not for the service. i mean, it should be raining quite heavily in tropicals traders. not really just a few showers here more alive to form ilang, the out back of queensland, the few down the coast of of new south wales. tasmania does look rather wet. but look at this melbourne, that $29.00 adelaide at $23.00 per sit for $35.00 can often not quite reco breaking . it's really hot in this part of western australia in new zealand,
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having seen so much rain last week. we just see took thailand, rain running up from south to north island during sunday, willing to get some of it, but not very much. and you had a 180 millimeters 5 days ago. didn't complain. anyway, it's gone by the time we get to monday and back up to 21 degrees. ah. on counting the cost to red hot oil market is worrying consumers will prices keep going up. looking east to russia, finds a new gas and oil deal with china. one proteins mind and a stock split in silicon valley. all google share is becoming more affordable. counting the cost on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities and cultures across the world. so no matter what we've been using, kind of for that matter to you for
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ah, how to get you what you want. 01 of our top stories this out. and it russia backed separate as leaders in easton, ukraine devoted to full military mobilization. they say they're evacuated civilians to russia. shelly intensifies in the break way regions of demands, and b, u. s. president joe biden says he's convinced russia has decided to invade ukraine in the coming days. vladimir putin is due to a receipt nuclear drills on saturday, including cruise missiles, ukraine's president fundamental lensky has announced he will travel to germany later on saturday to address the munich security conference. that is, despite concern from western nations that russia could launch the offensive. while he's out of the country,
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storm eunice is killed at least 9 people as it tore through the u. k. island. belgian germany and the netherlands and poland. reco breaking gusts of wind have ripped off roof damage buildings and of course, power cuts is very challenz. it was billed as perhaps the case, worst storm in 30 years, with winds expected of a 140 kilometers an hour. but that some a breeze compared to what storm eunice actually delivered. a gust on the of whites popped 196 kilometers an hour and has provision the become the u. k. strongest recorded wind for all eunice's fury, though the damage could have been a whole lot worse if, as i say, the surge had coincided with the winds and the high tide, we could have seen some devastation, hence the severe flood warnings and some evacuation. so i'm really happy that those things have gone out of think, but it was great. everyone was prepared and the public list and, and people kept himself safe. unit has killed and injured people. lo,
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fatalities from falling trees have been confirmed in the u. k. ireland and the netherlands, but in most places the damage has been to property rather than live. now this rather sorry site here is london o 2 arena, formerly known as the millennium dime. it's a huge, great concert and exhibition space in london. se featured in james bond films and the like. but as you can see, still, venus has shredded a huge great hole in its fabric skin. really rip it apart. it's going to be some effort to fix that one, i think. and then there was the disruption travelers anxiously watched information boards as train off, the train was cancelled. there was gridlock on many roads. this tailback was caused by the closure of the dark bridge, part of london's m. 25 orbital mate away. $400.00 plus flights are grounded to now every disaster needs a hero and come with the hour. come
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a big jets tv. the ation enthusiasts live web stream isn't used to large audiences, but more than 200000 lockdown as host jerry dies, live commentary went viral, cherry on plains as they struggled to landed heathrow. sounds like i should be tough to come. yeah. big swaying man. eunice has moved fast, sweeping across the u. k. and ireland in less than a day. now the rest of northern europe is taking its 10. rory, challenge out as era london police in the canadian capital of arrested more than a 100 people while tying away trucks, blocking streets and central altura area had been turned into account for protested angry about pandemic restrictions. it's organ b as a triple. oh, this was the moment police moved in to take that control of ottawa's streets.
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protest is of occupied the area outside parliament for nearly 3 weeks. i offices used that new pals under the emergencies act to arrest truckers and other protest is who refused to leave her a vamp to learn. we ridiculous arrestin people at a peaceful assembly that we are the right to be here. even with the emergency i o. canadian truckers calling themselves the freedom convoy accused the authorities of overreacting. i negotiated on behalf of the daughters a peaceful retreat of please promise they would not talk. they would let them free peacefully. they broke the bill because there's no leadership order or turned on. boiler doctor there was purchased leader to more relate was among schools arrested . they've been demonstrating against a rule that requires truck has to be vaccinated to cross the u. s. border. the
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government says the illegal blockade and occupation is a threat to peace, order, and good government to day. our economy and our democracy are facing a serious and foreign funded threat. these illegal blockades and occupations cannot be allowed to serve the authority of democratically elected governments. oh, these say the walk around the pool to clear the city's downtown area. we're in control of the situation on the ground and continued to push forward to clear our streets. this methodical and well resourced plan will take time and we are here to see it through to a safe ending. many truck has left voluntarily, but those remaining insist they won't move until the coven vaccine requirement to cross the us border is removed. victoria gay to be al jazeera,
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a foreign police woman has been sentenced to is in a u. s. prison for killing a black man. kimberly porter said she mistook her gun for taser. she shot dante wright in minneapolis last april. is relative say they feel cheated by the verdict and i'll never be able to forgive you for what you stolen from off. i won't bear levine and don't mistake any of my words. because we can't afford the defendant to make any more mistakes. because name as dante, demetrius frightened, health authorities, mil always say a young child has been paralyzed after contracting polio. it is a setback for country certified as polio free years ago. the case involving the pony of ours is the 1st in africa in more than 5 years. we culture as triple a decades long battle believe to have been one has renewed 2 years after the
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announcement up, polio had been eradicated in africa. the 1st case of the wild polio virus has been confirmed in malawi. the world hello monetization says the strain is linked to the one circulating in pakistan. although several african countries unable to pull your cases in recent years, they were linked to an ordered vaccine. this is the 1st to have been caught from the environment year old that presented with symptoms. yes. a few flat. does it say the problem that it's probably the lifetime. polio usually affects children under 5 years and can cause is reversible paralysis, sometimes depth. there is no kill, but of polio vaccine protects children for life. 25 years ago,
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thousands of children in africa, the pan lives by the virus. but a series of vaccination campaigns led to it being declared, wiped out. that's now changed. one case of polio is now to make us declare these public health emergency let. so think what it must be spreading will lead to the continent. silence holy remains and demick into countries of gone from a neighboring pakistan. the case does not change the country, not africa status as being free of wild poll you, the region will increase surveillance and authorities, and malachi, tapping up immunization programs. this topic from spreading consume. jesse to
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farmers in a district in india administered kashmir, concerned for their crops. after a sinkhole appeared and swallowed a stream, environmentalist says disaster for people who rely on the fresh water for their livelihoods. in the correspondent elizabeth front him down from you daddy. this massive sink hole appeared overnight with the town of cook and knock and indeed administered. cush made fresh water which used to feed a popular trout fishing stream is now falling into the hole that led to a 20 kilometer stretch of the brand new river drying up. killing many fish. farmer up the rashid who lives near by says the water provided a lifeline. what about the sea? it's been over 3 days since the water has disappeared from the stream. we're worried because the harvesting season is approaching. the water in the stream should be restored. we use it to get our body and orchard. if this doesn't get restored soon we'll face many problems. sink holes can be caused by the chemical disillusion of limestone rocks and the river that researchers say they need more
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information about this one is that bad news? why it is very read here. this hasn't happened before. so we've come here collected samples, collected sand particles. and we'll go look at this in the laboratory to see what's called the thing called attempts to divert water away from the whole have so far failed local officials are asking people not to go near it, while experts investigate how to deal with it. environmentalists say the whole can be plugged but not before they find out where the water was going. how deep is the depot thing called and is the water coming out from the and if it is coming out which place how much it has several. because it can do some tunneling also, which is dangerous because if people are living in the area and this tunneling has taken place. so then those areas become weak. people living close to the stream say they're concerned, they could be more damage to them and we are living in fear because the sink hole
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may cause the land to collapse. we live near the bank of the stream and it's a threat to our homes in our lives. the government is being urged to act quickly before the warming weather causes more smart mouth and further flood the sink hole . elizabeth per item al jazeera new delhi. ah. so this is odds are these are the top stories and the russian by separate as leaders in easton, ukraine have ordered a full military mobilization. they say they're evacuating civilians to russia as shelly, intensifies in the breakaway regions. and that's and a hands with you as president joe biden. he says he's convince russia has decided to invade ukraine in the coming days. vladimir putin as g to oversee nuclear drills on saturday, including cruise missiles, ukraine's president vladimir zalinski has a now.


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