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tv   Counting the Cost  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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as to the oven, and we are living in fear because the sink hole may cause the land to collapse. we live near the back of the stream and it's a threat to our homes and our lives. the government is being urged to act quickly before the warming, whether it causes more smarter mouth and further flood the sink hole. elizabeth per item al jazeera new delhi. ah. so this is odds are these are the top stories and the russian by separate just leaders in easton, ukraine have ordered a full military mobilization. they say they're evacuating civilians to russia as shelly intensifies in the breakaway regions. internet's and hands with you as president joe biden. he says he's convinced russia has decided to invade ukraine in the coming days. vladimir putin as g 2 overseen nuclear drills on saturday, including cruise missiles, ukraine's president vladimir zalinski has announced he will traveled to germany
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later on saturday to address the munich security conference, as despite concerned from western nations, the russia could launch an offensive while he's out of the country president to the european commissioners lavonne to learn how to address the security conference she wanted to ukraine incursion could cause russia a prosperous future. well, the very reason that the union, the european union was once created is that we wanted to put an end to all european wars. and thus the world has been watching in disbelief as we faced the largest build up of troops on european soil. since the darkest days of the cold war, because events of these days could reshape the entire international order storm eunice has killed at least 9 people as it tore through the u. k. island belgium, germany, and the netherlands reco. breaking gusts of wind of ripped off rouge damage buildings
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and have caused power class police in the canadian capital of arrested more than 100 people while towing away trucks. it blocked parts of ottawa. hundreds of officers had been deployed on streets near canada's parliament. the area was turned into camp. i protested. angry about pandemic restrictions. malawi has declared a polio outbreak. the 1st in africa, in more than 5 years case was detected in a 3 year old girl and the capital along with a sort have been introduced from pakistan where while polio is still endemic, the world health organization has credited high levels of surveillance for picking it up early the continent had been declared free of polio back in 2020 or i wrote state with the headlines here and i'll deserve. we've got more news coming up right after counting the cost of health move rate as a weapon of war. he leaves the very deepest gone score. so rule that the victims,
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men and women combat talk about it, or the only witnesses who can help bring about justice. al jazeera fullness human rights campaign is in maybe investigating right since the 2011. rubbish, libby, unspeakable crime on al jazeera. ah hello, i'm fully back to go. this is counting the cost on al jazeera. look at the world of business and economics this week. marching closer to a $100.00 about oil prices have hit an 8 year high on us warnings of a war in ukraine. so will the prices keep going up? and how are consumers feeling the pain? oh, so this week, russia and china signed a gas and oil deal as tension escalated over you grade. so why is prison vladimir
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putin looking east? and could the energy pivot to asia post challenges for europe? and as talks place in silicon valley, the move by google's parent company alphabet aims to make shares cheaper and more affordable for investors. but is it really a good buying opportunity? ah, thank you for joining us. the price of oil has hit its highest level since 2014, and that could raise the prices of almost everything. consumers have already felt the pain of the petrol pump as talk of a russian invasion of ukraine grew louder. the price of brent crude future's the global benchmark rose to above $96.00 for bow last week. and it might become even more exp safe. and the oil market is tight and traders are worried. the geopolitical tension over ukraine could cause disruption to moscow's fuel exports. russia plays an important role in the global commodity markets is the world's
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number 2 producer of oil. second only to the united states. the nation exports about 5000000000 barrels a day of crude, roughly 12 percent of global trade. and around 2500000 barrels a day of petroleum products, about 10 percent of global trade. about 60 percent of russia's, oil exports go to europe and another 30 percent to china. but other factors play an important role to demand for energy soaring as corona's. eyes restrictions are being lifted while inventories are stretched. fin, there's been pressure on the organisation of the petroleum exporting countries and its allies, including russia, to increase supply by the group known as opec plus is failing to live up to his supply pledges. and the u. s. has released 50000000 bouts of oil from its strategic reserves in an attempt to ease the pressure on consumers or fears of a russian invasion. having just roiled the oil market, global stalks dropped to the sell off was sharpest in europe,
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and asian markets took ahead as well. russia's main stock market has also been drank down and its currency. the rouble was weaker against the u. s. dollar european, natural gas and power prices went up past tensions rose. well, markets rallied and prices cooled off slightly after russia said some troops near the ukrainian border will return to their bases, but they remain volatile to every twist and turn in the ukraine. stand off a lot to discuss with our guests. first we go to robin, males whose chief executive officer of comma energy. he's joining us from dubai. very good to have you with us on counting the cost. every one robin seems to be worried about oil prices crossing the $100.00 mark. do you see this happening? i think it's yes, it's very likely. prices have been pretty close to that mark for several weeks now . they've gone over 95 dollars 96 dollars, so getting very close. 100. the market remained significantly tight and you have
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the political concerns on top of us. so i think davidson significant, robust and the situation for low cost in the future. we'll talk about the political tensions in a bit. what other factors have been driving these prices up? well, primarily, what we've been saying is simply a very strong economic recovery from the current of ours. con, demik economies. reopening, travel, restarting, and particular, lot of industrial activity have the energy consumption and others run into constrained supply. supply of course collapse during during 2020 and they are plus group was very successful. cutting back deduction to, to meet the lower demand. it has not been so successful in bringing about production back on line. let's talk a bit more about opec plus. what can you do? what really do you think? what it's a bit tricky because you really have a situation our a plus group. you have only $23.00 members, maybe which have significant spec capacity, which is either either the sum of the rock. so every time that they announced they
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would increase production monthly by $400000.00 bows today, which is their, their schedule demand. in fact, the actual increase is 20150 or less because many of the members actually physically can't increase production any more. so, what could ok, but still what it could say we have to revise targets alive. the members with spec capacity to produce more, but of course the members who are running out expect about the resist. yeah. but as you say, you ravia and the you a, have a lot of spare capacity. do you think they'll be helping show up production while they're producing a target? it's not a problem with them, but they can't and that they can't and won't produce over their targets. they don't want to to break the deal, but they put together such difficulty. now, later this year by september in principal they though those boxes cut should've been worked off. you know, then there's a room for another discussion about about where target should go outside the rabbit way. and a few odds get allocated higher amounts. ah,
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i'd like to be munich, security conference, that's the german chancellor. love schultz, a. his. now speaking on the situation in ukraine, i think mr. smith soonest off i lot and other gifts i would 1st like to mention another turning attire. driver, not out there in the world, but here at the bye of a shot, all of you are a long run. for 15 years you. for going to a senior here i have not been one of just the host and head of that. you may need security conference, but it's driving force a pioneer and the source of inspiration and motivation. our conference today and tomorrow will be your last sent as for a 1000000 bank. and so i would like to thank you for what you have done for international relations us with johnson, and in particular on the transatlantic friendship to go over the past years. thank you very much. indeed, ambassador had been much does,
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but i'm happy. i would also like to link to take this opportunity to give a warm welcome to your successor or mark, if there is any one who can follow in such mighty food stamps of van it is you christopher, iceland, or your comprehensive international experience. and i'm delighted that we will remain in close contact with one another after you take up your new room. and i wish you all the best. one of amazon, ladies and gentlemen, yards conference with them. unique security conference has quite a sense of timing. as we all know, only 2 well susan, and yet i would be pleased if we could meet in slightly less turbulent time, a sleepy dive in europe once again faces the threat of the war. and the risk has by no means been averted of making the bucher. this will bother as it dominates public debate. even global challenges such as the printer are making the fight against climate change of fading into the back ground and gets via gently require
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a response from a photo. it is in this same spirit mister issue. now that i understood your words yesterday when you called on democratic societies to unlearn their helplessness jarda oh, i'm visits that could be heard smoke. i want to begin not least given the critical security situation by making one thing clear. of course, why is it in there is the core is the voice is alternately alternately for claiming the demise of liberal democracies off the west or the international order that it has shaped. and i do not at all want to deny that the free democratic model of society has competitions with his arm. but we can say with confidence that this model of a whole has held firm against this competition for of the short, the reasons for that have not changed to days as long as the democracies are more adaptable and resilient in the long term. because freedom of opinion and diversity
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of opinion free elections, the recognition of political opposition, the protection of minorities in short, equitable satiety is almost 2 states in which the rule of law prevails. the real good to generate confident insensibility agreement and countries are stronger when they respect human dignity instead of trembling on it. by them there is nothing devices, if about confidently asserting those because a life in freedom, justice, and dignity is precisely not an exclusively western aspiration but a deeply human universal. one is a deductible new mozilla. this concept of universal values is all set the root of the international order that emerged from the cataclysms apple 20th century and board. or it has ensured a balance of interest and currying prosperity and not just in north america and europe. but precisely in those parts of the world that now in light of their
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increasing economic and political wait, want to have a great as saying, and a great to hand in shaping the future. and indeed, responsible to his so looseness for we should welcome this drive to join and shaping events, agitation as it is a market success. because independent and strong partners do not wink in our position. in fact, they off at the possibility of solving programs that even the biggest tennessee youngest, cannot handle a low hundreds or not a hormones. it's been virtual quote. however, this international order is entirely dependent on a willingness to cooperate. so even when discussion with the other parties, challenging that at all, with clear convictions, pragmatism, healthy self confidence and yes, certainly bar and awareness of one's own strength of it is sustained by one call promise you that every one, even the strong would play by the rules but really lives, walnut, and that brings me to what we have seen in the east of our continent in recent
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months to put it plainly on by to the honda told also. she's our daughter livingston right. there is nothing that justifies the deployment of well over $100000.00 russian soldiers surrounding ukraine. novels, but russia is holding up the issue of ukraine's potentially set accession to nato. as a case is belly. that is a paradox here or do because there is no decision depending on the issue whatsoever . we europeans and the trans atlantic community to have worn russia, that military aggression against ukraine would be su via era. and we want this not to happen on one of the legally, marcia has now disclosed its response to the proposal made by the us. and i say that yes, we're ready to go. he goes, he had to go back law. and in doing so, we will of course, make a clear distinction between untenable demands and legitimate security and channels will form by law. we must have the confidence to differentiate between the 2, given everything that is and stay on the fundamental principles of the osi unknown
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. because he had ruled class or russia has agreed to them of and they include the right to freely choose ones, alliances like so that keep the yard starting to reply at the same time. there are christians of security that are important for both sides. first and foremost, transparency around weapons systems and exercises risk mitigation mechanisms and new approaches to arms control. i'm do still have restored your my meeting with president putin on tuesday. i made it clear earlier that any further violation of the territorial integrity of ukraine would have a high price for russia and political, economic, and use strategic times. i've been told as the plumas to you and i added at the same time that diplomacy, you will not fail because of us as much diplomacy as possible without being naive. that is what we strive for you. and we are utilizing all channels of communication
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to this and modem and the nato russia council, which has met again for the 1st time in years and the ac where conflict prevention model can be discussed with all your cleans russians and americans, poland, as the current chair has made suggestions in this regard of, it was all there is the bilateral channel between russia and the united states, and we utilizing the normandy format. it remains crucial for the resolution of the ukraine conflict in dearborn moscow. during my visits to keith and moscow bade societies empathize, their readiness to implement the monks uminski agreement must duggar. and i'm very grateful about fool to president zalinski for his commitment to now make progress with the necessary laws. and to discuss these in the trilateral content, crude kind. of course, i'm not under any illusions we cannot expect to see progressive alight to nomic rubric. however, we can only stop this crisis in its tracks. if we negotiate for what is at stake
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after all, is nothing less than piece in europe, one of the modem. ladies and gentlemen of the muscle on invoice fall order says lunches now young has to be accompanied by a repositioning of europe and the transatlantic alliance. and had changed world strategy processes within the european union nature, therefore hold a special significance. and i would like to mention 4 more fundamental considerations here to day of of this will be thursday. we will develop a broader understanding of security. the m s t m, mr. issuing a has always been a pi me in this respect. it has come. you to address the risk of rising from climate change of global health crises. so the abuse of cyberspace, space and new technologies as a matter of course, of, of them isn't with us. but for this broad understanding to emerge, it is essential for the european union in nature,
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to complement and reinforce one another, to prepare themselves to face new. really, ultimately, a cyber attack remains a cyber tag, regardless of whether it is directed from st. petersburg to fran option chung loy. but all, i think we agree, however, that taking new threats like these into a calendar is something different than laying claim to globally active need to her young. and indeed, the developments of recent months in particular show us how vitally it remains to concentrate on the issue of defending the alliance in the north atlantic area for the recent has to be offering and we need to muster the capabilities required for this. and yet slouch includes germany to be involved with airplanes that fly shapes that can set out to see surgeries, who are optimally equipped for their dangerous tom. these are things that a country our size country, that bad, especially responsibility within europe, must be able to manage and our belief that we owe this to our allies in nato,
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to dodged honesty to them. i addressed myself and say that germany stands by the guarantee of article 5 unconditionally. and we're all so showing practical solidarity at the moment. for example, with a great and blended van presence in the baltic, and with nature at policing in the lines, the se, in flight. the lawyer that brings me to my 2nd point on guns, the repositioning afar line says it's not taking place in a vacuum. there is a new in to play with other players and there were ambitions. oscars will offer the starting point for this is a clia. had it analysis of the world around us outside leaving new york mention of almost a 1000000000 people currently live on our planet. and this number is rising, just a fraction of the total was advisable, advised me 450000000 and 330000000 respectively leaf in the european union. all the united states does them. i'm tired of it. we can see similar trends when we look at
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our shares in the global economy reason dk, decades. the slices of the pie are shrinking even. and for me this means that the world of the 21st century is neither unipolar nor bipolar. so it will have various centers of power or deserve re bombs, percentage remove and this development, her voice is not in itself for bad thing. good supplies, if prosperity increases as a result or to stay with a metaphor, the pi as a whole becomes bigger. i knew yada mentioned vinegar ice over 1000000000, fewer people live phoenix, tree poverty to day and 30 years ago. and this achievement is an achievement of the entire international community. one that we must fight for, particularly now, amid the pandemic, and the emergence of omega class in countries such as china, indonesia and india, also on offense. focus here. read all new to buy and asia in particular over it is
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in any case, not a rise that we should speak of. but if anything, a revival nadine, kind of been a major power found perspective of beijing or daley's. not a historical anomaly, but rather a returned to the status quo, anti good, and there is nothing wrong with that. quite the opposite of whatever towards what is problematic is when this growth in significance is translated into a demand for legion's office fears of influence when universal rule. so someone previously upheld last swept aside over night. no country should the back be the backyard of another who does with the aspirations to power of china, in particular, must be seen and in you, onst light and our stance on them will be justice nuanced. we will see corporation where this is in our mutual interest in the fight against climate change and poverty, or as challenging as it might be on the issue of arms control. we will strengthen
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our own capabilities and we will give a firm response where the preservation of the multilateral orders sanctioned all human rights are trampled underfoot. oh, library of a good. but in all 3 areas, the same holds true and the more closely europe and north america coordinate, the more successful we will be all done with lily by my love. and that brings me to my 3rd remark there. oh god, give it us. we need clarity on the level of the european union's ambition, ireland, when it comes to its end security and beyond. tip issues of, of the key word here is european sovereign. y'all harder to your point if you will, have justice tried the shifts in geopolitical power that we are facing these days. with regard to the united states, as it was clear that it would remain a center of gravity even in a multi poland pearl to my. and i can be no doubt about that. and my talks in
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washington last week strengthened this convention because it is a her and, but for europe, we're all things, joke, different dental vision. we, europeans can only preserve our ability to act effectively and to make autonomy decisions. if we pool our will. and our capabilities within the european union rings, when the funder appears on your hand. incidentally, when i talk of the european union, i also mean the countries of the west and balkans by those because it is not enough to cite the prospect of enlargement for this region. as a strategic goal. we must actively advance, it would be more immediate as really leaving us over your new than i'm please, than so many colleagues from the region i here to day. because this task is a share one mutual nunez longer rolls level of the european union or framework for allison, our opportunity to remain a power among powers. and that is what we mean when we talk of european sovereignty
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on the path to achieving this. we need 3 things. firstly, the willingness to ac as a power among palace, my 2nd lady, joints, strategic girl, and nor thirdly, the capabilities to meet these goals on own habit. we are working on all these other faculties on be jewels. me will have conflicts just and they also make the at the level of ambition that the e used new strategic compacts. my compact must regional and includes european. i failed to find terrorism from civilian stabilization, to equipment. and to military training. young lawyer was of it includes fresh momentum for more effective arms control, which grade students parents in confidence here in europe. it was like that and talked with why should they take place? can mark the beginning of these efforts to govern the art? and finally, it also includes active european diplomacy. you've been such as we are practicing
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in our dealings with iran. for example. a po is in been involved a round and lives in warner life. we've come find the negotiations in vienna over the last 10 months old of the eminent elements for conclusion to the negotiations out on the table. however, if iran continues to enrich fuels while also were in suspending, i. e, a monitoring thought is unacceptable to shabamo. buffalo farrar's is a nuclear arms around is unacceptable. not last, not least because the security of israel is non negotiable. im going doesn't buy it . and so we have her beat repeatedly indicated that the point will soon be reached . where we will have to decide whether a return to the j. c. p. o, a still at all. please know. i know fine. well, we have an opportunity now referring to reach an agreement that makes it possible for the sanctions to be lifted. and at the same time, if we do not succeed in this very soon, the negotiations risk failing,
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gibson of all a round leadership paths. the chinaman devil now is the moment of truth between lou rhonda, good, not too long ago despite i believe the nuclear talks left by the e u. i a good example of what europe can achieve together with the the part linesman. and that brings me to my full with and finally point something that i hopeful and request to few letter stating to gather his on lie must find it as friends and allies to some blood sticking together labrador for our friends and partners. that also means accepting the european union as a single entity, recognizing it as an international player and supporting further you integration that we have quite enough to do with our opponents trying to defied us. doesn't been li bungalow earth. if you have, i'm deeply cray put to you kamala harris, and i'm going to how many friends in the u. s. congress and the american administration for upholding the promise day after day that president biden made he
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and munich last year to support the goal to support ago over europe. whoa. and free and at peace. dessert and i, this is your, if you get home free and peaceful and new i would add for free european union is not targeted against anyone. and it is absolutely not a risk to transatlantic cohesion. on the contrary, that's lucy. but no, i'm humbled. ultimately. ready only an affective and capable heroes will remain an attractive partner for the united states as a strong european pillar in the trans atlantic lines as a law. okay, we're going to leave that address. the chancellor of shorts of germany. speaking of the music security conference, very broad address, but he said that once again, europe faces the threat of war. the course of voice is about the end of liberal democracy. there's nothing that justifies the deployment of $100000.00 soldiers. he
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said, any military aggression will be a serious error. we already to negotiate about meeting with president putin. i made it clear that any thought the violation of territorial integrity of ukraine would have a high price, much more all of that in the new. so, coming up in just a moment, did you know you can watch out as they were english streaming live on like youtube channel? plus thousands of all programs. award winning documentaries, and in depth musicals. subscribed to you choose dot com, forward slash al jazeera english discover a world of difference determination. i'm examining down when iep, we are moving freedom ski shots soldiers on the 16 people with corruption and compassion. al jazeera world,
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a selection of the best films from across our network of channels. so therefore, fathers, for the soviets 25 years after independence, they too must become men defenders of lithuania, preparing for the possibility of war. waiting for invasion, a witness documentary on al jazeera, who generations. this indigenous community has lived off of what the rain forest provides when they discovered that their territory was being invaded by gold mining projects all along their river. community board a lawsuit against a po to us government. you've won, you want him president obliges the state to consult communities over oil and mining projects that impact their land and to seek their consent. the tiny,
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seemingly community has won a huge battle. let me know necessarily have the last word, since the court ruling does leave room for exceptions in the name of overriding national interests. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm adrian for the good. this is what he was alive from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes, a show of power bratia conduct military drills with bill ruth, but maintains that it has no intention of invading ukraine. separately. does in east of ukraine call for military mobilization of start to evacuate civilians to russia. anticipation of a conflict.


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