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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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ah, ah ah salary says joint exercise is what the russian troops will continue because of rising tensions on ukraine border. ukraine president calls for immediate c spies as intimate and shelling goes on from both sides. ah, hello robin. there are like my headquarters here. also coming up britain, queen elizabeth the 2nd test, positive k with 19 in public says the 95 year old mother is experiencing mild
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symptoms. if you have against generating electricity from its grand renee thought that triggered a dispute with egypt and saddam and held in a back drop. the boy said the doping clatter paging, winter olympic come to a close. ah, welcome to the prego. we begin with the increasing the 10 situation on ukraine's borders around 30000 and russian troops are you to enjoy military exercises with batteries on sunday, but that's no longer happening now. the bellows, defense minister says the drills will continue, and rushes forces will stay for now. artillery fire has been reported from disputed regions of easton ukraine, russian back separatists, say, villages have been hit. the ukrainian army says its positions have been fired up. ukraine's president has called for an immediate cease fire in the dawn bus region
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that's close over to andrew sippin sees in kiev, or what more we hearing about these joint drills continuing to that extent. well, this joint drill started 10 days ago, a major training exercise in bel roost, in fact, the largest since the cold war. now, it was said at the time that it was routine that it was planned. however, now the defense minister rebel ruses announced that it's going to be extended no definition of why it's been so sudden and no explanation as to how long it will go on. the house, however, been reference to ukrainian activity on the borders with bella luce and with russia. so this is the pretext to what's going on, or something like $30000.00 troops, russian troops, that is in bella,
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luce and also an array of armory. s 400 anti aircraft, missiles tanks, hundreds of air croft and all of those troops. so this is a negative development yet another one. and there are also. busy concerns about how close they are to the capitol care. in fact, only 200 kilometers also, that the better is border is a 1000 at least a 1000 kilometers long and large parts of it are, have no guard whatsoever on the part of ukraine. so this is a significant development. we've been hearing obviously, of shelly, continuing in the southeast of ukraine. what's the latest her coming out of the region? will the shelling hansley has, has lessened. that doesn't mean to say it's home by any means,
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because the breakaway republics are intent. it seems on an offensive, even though that sending their people out its ukraine, that has an intention to in actual fact invades these popular republics, the 2 of them. and there's been a reference from bell ruse that the fighting in that area has indeed had a bearing on why russia is staying with these joints, drills in bell roofs, which again, is another negative aspect to it all. furthermore, are there's a concern of security and concern. busy here in the capitol because this is the 8th anniversary of what was known as the maiden massacres, which involved horrendous events here in the capital. and it also led to the downfall of victor young cove itch. within 24. busy hours he fled to russia and he is still there in exile this president. in fact,
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it was the man who decided not to go ahead with moves towards the european union, and in fact an agreement with them which led to the whole might of massacres. and let's are the demonstrations which lead to a $104.00 protests as dying and around 16 security forces. people also dying in what was an am a really large amount of sniper fi. i was there on that horrendous day. and here i look back on the legacy of my them one man in more than a 100, dead in one day, their memorials, among the bricks they used to defend themselves. one son with one aim, now, not only to avenge his father's death 8 years ago, but ready to defend his homeland from the might of russia's military. father try help. a lot of me,
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a bon darechuk points to where snipers were posted. he's an i t engineer and a military reservist and expects to be called up very soon. like so many who died here. valard him. his father survey didn't look like a revolutionary. he was a school teacher. survey was alive when his fellow protest has rushed him to a makeshift clinic in a hotel reception area. he'd been shot in the back and died later. i know are who are guilty in this situation and be part of regime a young core rich and foster wall. it's a russian federation, and of course, putting on the morning of february, the 20th 2014, a truce was broken. as police suddenly retreated, then came a barrage of bricks from the protest, as answered with gunfire. in hindsight, they call it the revolution of dignity on that day. as i witnessed it was anything but dignified. once again, the square is
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a battle zone. the truce had seemed tenuous from the outset here. now the front line has moved. every way you look there are casualties. my dan euro, my dad freedom square, the angel monument words name symbols that for many years have made vladimir putin sees. he's fanatical about ukrainians, being part of russia. yet this country now has more than 30 years of independence behind it. it may be a democracy that is imperfect. but the vast majority of ukraine's people turned their back on soviet autocracy and want to be part of europe with membership of nato for protection. but at what cost, there's conflict in the east of the country with russian back separatists and the annexation of crimea by russia. are you prepared to die for this? cause? yes, i already and all as a ukrainian people ready for this and it's most important. protect
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our country, our families and physician, we did everything. what we, we can, more than 14000 lives already lost in conflict. vladimir and many others know only too well. the human cost so far could be dwarfed by all out war. andrew simmons al jazeera kiff, one of the latest effort to find a diplomatic solution. the french and russian president spoke by phone and lead as also wrapping up discussions at the munich security conference. us the vice president common harris says it's a critical moment. we're talking about the potential for war in europe and the, let's really take a moment to understand the significance of what we're talking about. it's been over 70 years. and through those 70 years, as i mentioned yesterday, there has been peace and security. we are talking about the real possibility of war
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in europe. well, 2 months ago to james bay's has been out the music security conference and has more of the message lead as they're trying to send out. that message was a message of unity in terms of the voices that were heard this conference, certainly from the western nation, certainly from nato and the european union about the threat facing ukraine, from russia. efforts to try to stop president putin crossing the border, sending his tanks across the border into ukraine, and that came from every single western leader that spoke here at this meeting. some question marks i think about what they would actually do if there was that invasion would be the same unity. they all talked about sanctions, but what actually will be in those sanctions? they still haven't announced that. and that's because i don't think they've been finalized because there are still some disagreements behind the scenes. also disagreements to, i think, on not as the disagreements but different understandings of how imminent this is.
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we know what president biden says, he says that the russians and president putin made that decision. this is happening imminent within days. certainly didn't hear that timeframe coming from many of the other speeches that have taken place in munich over the last couple of days. now the british mull that queen elizabeth has tested positive for cove at 19 bucking upon, says she's experiencing miles symptoms and will continue her duties. queen elizabeth recently held a private meeting with her son, prince charles days before she tested positive for cove. at 19 ro, challenz is live for us now from london. and really, rory politicians aside. you know, the queen really is the glue that sometimes holds the united kingdom together. and the public at large will be concerned that this news yeah, some. well, some way, i think, you know, it depends where you fall on the republican versus royalist scale that divide. but
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yeah, there certainly are going to be lots of people in the u. k. who are concerned about the queen and about her welfare. the rather brief statement from buckingham palace paint the picture of a queen who is not seriously ill, who has tested positive yes, but is well enough to carry on doing light duties as they possess. she is, of course, in good medical hands as you would expect for a woman of her stature and wealth. so professor that hugh thomas is the head of the medical household and the physician to the queen. he has a team that surrounds him and he is expected to be in charge of looking off to her . let's not forget that this is a 95 year old woman and her health has not been particularly good recently. she's been taking it easy to get, you know, tell you about, how does she catch this well, as you suggest in your lead, and that might have had something to do with contact with one of her sons,
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prince charles, the air to the throne. but that was going back 12 days or so now, so it's very possible that more likely that she probably contracts it from somewhere else. but you know what a year this is turning out to be for the queen and for the royal family. not a good one. i have to say it less than a year since she lost her husband. chris phillip p. died in april 2021, and then of course, numerous scandals sweating around the role family involving offspring. there is prince andrew who has done the financial settlements recently with the cold, but you need to fray, he was enrolled in the jeffrey epstein sex scandal. then there is also her son, prince charles, his charity. the princess foundation is under investigation at the moment because of allegations of cash for honors. and now that this is not going well. challenge in london, thanks very much. well, still ahead here,
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i'll now does. there are the hub to, to graduate and, and to get job. now we don't even have that kind of thinking with gathering in nigeria. lecture halls will tell you why tens of thousands of students might not be able to finish their studies. and hope of greener pastures. thomas in indonesia, tell us why they will never again rely on tourism. stability. ah. the rainy season in indonesia is starting to fall apart. now there are areas we're going to see intense showers of the next day or so. this is probably the main risks from the southern philippines answers sort of ways he to bali in all points east was to west papua that the west that with us. yes, larry's intent downpours maybe something sumatra possibly louse or cambodia where
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we see wet weather recently. but a good part of the lasers now rather more dry than his wet last push of winter may be hard to know and still pretty wintry in japan with more snow falling. actually, a warning for blizzard in her cargo. the temperature is still low in eastern sovereign hobbin, northeast, and charles bios 12 and the winds are still blowing north the beijing they've been hampering. the olympians recently had that look down here 10 degrees in hong kong. yeah, it shouldn't be 10 degrees or 11 degrees or anything like it this time the the average by days, something like 19. anyway, hong kong is going to come up to about 16 degrees by time yet to thursday. but until tuesday it's horrible. okay, let's go further west. quite weather grants, route. indeed, there are few showers in the dos and the northern plains looking rather caught at the moment. but the winds about to pick up in new jelly again on tuesday. ah,
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the take take the ships to democracy's activists to corporations. control of the message is crucial. oil companies have become very good at recognizing ways to phrase what they want into here. we care about the environment you do to you should buy our oil plate for public opinion or profit. once you make people afraid, you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. listening post examined the vested interest behind the content you could see on al jazeera, hulu. the me was about to walk out there with lisa who robbed the reminder of our top stories.
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russia has extended its military deployment, and valerie science going escalation attention to the ukranian border around $30000.00 russian soldiers. i've been carrying out exercise in salary. the british medic clean elizabeth is tested positive for k with 19 so she's experiencing miles . symptoms will continue her duties with elizabeth 3 to be held, a private meeting with us of prince charles faith before he does deposit. because 90 now the graham d e c o p, and rene solves down, has begun generating electricity. the 1st time you k, p prime minister, be all meant other dignitaries out the sign for the inaugural ceremony of africa, the largest hydro electric power project. if you a p s, as the 5000000000 dollar development will power, it's economy. paul, a cooper, who is a spokesman for africa award with a p c says there's really no going back now. now the 3 countries will have to find a way forward regardless. if you look at this on the flip side and you look at what
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are the consequences that is that this is likely to have on our colleagues who are down the streaming boards to done on the egypt. then they don't know where that, whether the really need to, whether they really need to do it. they did need to begin seeing this as a long drug process that is going to have serious consequences on their own lives and their own, their livelihoods. and we, we have unfortunately, and i want to say we had talking about the african union. we have been given on several years to try and have a dialogue of these. but unfortunately, we haven't, we have been unable to resolve a very fundamental issue of existence in regard to the downstream countries and development in regards to at european. now, we should have come to a compromise about these were or by now because both of these are the consequences on the citizens. and i think the tendency for as right now is to, is to try and say, let us, let us, let us lea a lead a middle ground. but no,
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we cannot have a solar, monique solution of these, of saying let us split the baby down in the middle. it is going to kill both of us . is there still a way out? i still think that we don't have an option. i still think that we still need to sit at said the table, but i think the more that we see events like created the one that happened today begin to where to emerge them more. it becomes dimmer and dimmer, that we can actually sit as friends and as fellow africans and resolve this as a purely african problem. security forces who donna fight tega during the latest protest condemning the code in october, demonstrators, march and several areas of the capitol cartoon are thousands of held weekly rallies since the military took over a strike by university electricity. nigeria is threatening graduation plans for final year. students and as emmet, interest reports, the academics are warning that they'll continue the disruption until the government
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implement. an agreement reached 13 years ago, hallways, once bustling with student activity and how quiet it only day since public university teachers in nigeria walked off their jobs. but lecture halls already covered with dust. the government has expressed surprise, but the lecturers are unmoved. they can see the esl phrase equally. i know serious . i'm sure an idea is on those of rice because we did into a club or by night and said that well one australia, 13 years ago, educators and the government signed an agreement to and done the potomac of strikes at nigerian universities. but teachers say this was never implemented. in the past 20 years, there been nearly as many strikes by academic staff in nigeria and universities. then destro dispute has disrupted academic calendars. as a result, students sometimes take 6 to 7 years to complete a 4 year degree program. these students come to the university nearly every day
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hoping for positive news, the hub to, to graduate and her and to get job. now we don't even have that kind of thinking, but his peers in private university, south, no such worries. federal government has almost are 100 university and they have so many challenges head of them in our, on when you leave for anybody. nobody naturally you are forecast wants to be on de, with the institution. years of neglect have left public universities over crowded and with poor funding for research and salaries. union leaders say most professors and less than a $1000.00 a month. electra say they are tired of meetings in agreements, but the government fails to implement their warning one month. they will make this strike indefinite. if there is no breakthrough. decrease al jazeera kernel nigeria,
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though the greek has gone as reporting that a passenger has been found alive on board a fairy that's been on fire since friday. several others remained missing emergency services and still trying to get the blaze under control. the vessel was heading to italy with 288 passengers on board when the fire broke out between kately ripple's turkish passengers rescued from the euro ferry. olympia prepared to leave corfu. there boarding a boat that'll take them home to is stumble in it. what is it called young? the italian coast guard helped us a lot. they brought us to coffee and put us up in a hotel with the turkish embassy also helped us a lot. we are very grateful to the italians and the turks. ultima luckily we didn't die. that is the most important thing. the rest doesn't matter. also what the port is las guarantee bacchus. he's waiting for news about his missing father. mary magdalene, when you call me, i talked to the port authorities and they told me information about the far i've
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been to the other side of cor food. so i could see the ferry. i saw the fire go out on gray smoke appeared, then suddenly the bolt caught fire again. the weight tonight will be bob's honestly, arrows go by my legs are trembling. the fairy caught fire of the coast of co. foo on its way to italy. the relatives of one truck driver on board say they're worried, he may not have had time to escape for hold on. he had a good only over them yet. he was afraid of corona virus. he had health issues and because he was afraid of catching the virus due to over crowding on the ferry, he often preferred to sleep in the truck, especially if it was not a long trip. emily, his rescue teams are unable to pull the ferry to look for missing people because the temperature is still to halt. relatives fear the authorities will cool off the search and we live from a monopoly one. we're going to worldly men. we spoke with the coast guard a while ago, they're waiting for the effects of the water being used by firefighters to create cooler conditions so that they can enter when they're doing what they can him and
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they are concerned, tory from the greek prosecutors of orders and inquiry into the cause of the fire. the captain of the ferry has been questioned and released. victoria gate and b. algae. 0. rescue work is in brazil say they have little hope of finding any survivors in the city devastated by landslides and floods. at least 139 people were killed in patropolis, eating children and hundreds more still missing. heavy rain calls the deadly land slides and floods. at least 139 people were killed in patropolis is eating children and hundreds more still missing. heavy rain calls the deadly floods on tuesday. police in the fall, her fine tiggle to disperse protest as against a new government project. funded by us agency is providing $500000000.00 in grants to help pay for power transmission lines and wrote improvements critic say the agreement undermine the polls, laws and sovereignty. those hasn't been job in northern india all the latest
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because the polls and states assembly elections, it's seen as a test for prime minister and remote is party to be j. p. farmers make up the states biggest voting blog. they were heavily involved in successfully protesting against agricultural reforms. last year, elizabeth brought him, has more from the city of but the allah were at a polling station in the city or the other way. people have been coming to cost a balance all day. there are more than 21000000 eligible voters in punjab state is known as india red basket. and so farming is always a big issue here. but people have been telling us about other serious issues that they're facing. rising unemployment, rising cost of living inflation while the wages remain low. so there are some other issues in punjab which a very unique to this place was depletion due to farming, organized crime in the form of mafia which control the legal sand mining, liquor, distribution and drugs. one of the biggest drug abuse problems in the country with
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a proliferation of heroine and opium, and also a brain drain on job has one of the biggest key numbers of young people. educated skills was leaving the country because of a lack of unity here. now the electro bash within punjab is between and the main opposition party, the kong was a regional outfit for sure money and also the meal common mat party, the b j. p is not a significant player here and pun job. but if the congress does lose power here, one of the other parties would be a defeat for india's oldest party, which is only in power and 3 of $28.00 states in the country. indonesia is working to revive his pandemic hit tourism industry, regular direct flights to the popular destination of barley, resume this month, or many on the island have eagerly awaited the return of foreign travelers. some question, the stability of the tourism industry. jessica washington has more from bali
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the highlands of barley have long attracted tourists visit, has come here for the cool climate, and to see barley's famous rice fields. but these fields and farm there more than just a tourist attraction. they provided a lifeline for the thousands who lost their jobs when the travellers stopped coming because of covert 19. kodak used to be a tour guide. now he farms cabbages, head of the man. i don't want to go back to tourism. i want to continue to be a farmer. he says he is happier than before, and prefers the independence of his new life. pandemic restrictions, broad financial hardship to many here and bali. now as the island reopens for international travelers, some say they want more than just to return to the way things were before the
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community groups have helped. a tourism work is learn how to far. many things can destroy the threesome. but for the cutter is very strong. so we focus on the culture and building some is just a bonus. de swan deep used to work in a nightclub as a bartender. he says he's using his hospitality experience to set up an agro tourism venture, offering farm tours and camping. he wants to be an entrepreneur, not an employee. moment, goodbye. let's look at that. i won't go back to tourism for him. we can have tourists here and do it in our own way. tourism authority, say the pandemic has brought hard lessons that needed to be learned. man put one baskets. this is the 1st land. and then 2nd land is we have to be so 5, newman, ariano, sales close to foreign tourists near balise could have beach though these days. she
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hardly has any customers. she hopes her children won't be as reliant on tourism dollars as she years. yeah. once i've been long, i depend on tourism because that's all i can do. if something happens to tourism again, my children have the skills to do something else and young lane as the island prepares to welcome visitors. again, many say the pandemic has taught them valuable lessons. they will never forget jessica washington out to 0. bali the the basie winter olympics of clothes with the head of the international olympic committee saying the games that truly exceptional post her best performance of the winter olympics of the total of 15 metal. but the games are likely to be remembered that the positive doping result of teen, russian figure skater capella valley. eva katrina,
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you has moved beijing. there are a lot of headlines made and not all of it was about the sporting competition. unfortunately, this was a political lead charged event from the beginning with the u. s. and many of its allies announcing diplomatic boy courts before he even started due to concerns about china's human rights record. now we had in that 1st week, the appearance of chinese pendants play a puncture. why would i see had thomas boss? no, she had made sexual assault allegations against a politician late last year, and then reappeared after being incommunicado for some weeks and then denied those allegations. so there were her appearance raised some eyebrows and that was quite controversial. and then of course, we had this big challenge of the organizes of controlling core of the 19 they created an entire closed loop system in order to keep these thousands of foreign participants completely separate from the chinese public. and they said that they were successful at preventing any cases snowballing inside the bubble there,
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about $450.00 cases identified in beijing and limping bubbled in the end. and many olympians either struggle with the strict quarantine or installation conditions and others were quite said to have to withdraw completely from the competition because they tested positive for corporate 19. but undoubtedly a big part of this and then take events which will not make organizes happy will be the dorothy scandal that made headlines this past week with russian figure skater, camilla valley ava testing positive for a band substance and still being allowed to go ahead and compete, ah, lisa, who robbed reminder, all top stories. russia has extended its military deployment and bellies. so i was gonna escalation of tension near the ukrainian border. around 30000 russian
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soldiers have been carrying out exercises in galleries under 70 has more from kiff . let's joint drill start.


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