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well, the robots that learn think, feel, and even trust. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i am a machine. origins of the species on al jazeera ah ukraine calls for an urgent meeting at the un as rush as president vladimir putin signs a decree. recognizing easton, breakaway regents, ah, hello, i'm adrian. so again, this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up with the e. u. and us announce immediate sanctions against ripple territories in the east celebrations on the streets of the last, just as russia's president of the so called peacekeepers into the region and said,
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let us learn to live with this boris britain's prime minister bars johnson. and i'm says, the end of all covered 19 related restrictions in england. ah, russia has recognized to break away regions at east and ukraine as independent, that has all the army to launch what the kremlin is calling a peacekeeping operation. president vladimir putin signed the decree alongside rebel lead us from the self proclaimed donetta could do handsome people's republics . in a televised address, he referred to easton ukraine as ancient russian land and criticized nato's eastwood expansion. the decision was prompted widespread condemnation from the west . the e, you'd announced the move as illegal european commission president us live on the line, said the block would impose sanctions on those involved in recognizing the rebel
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regions of the white house says that you as president joe biden has just signed an executive order outlining sanctions which will ban, do investment, trade, and financing by americans in the rebel territories. we begin our coverage with this report from andrew simmons and ukraine's capital key f. vladimir putin move is a major escalation in this crisis. illegal. first, he staged a televised meeting of russia's national security council, where he made a show of considering appeals from his top aides, on whether to recognize the 2 russian back break away states in ukraine as independent me hours later, he made a televised address gallery of me surely this package is caveat finn. look at the weapons of nato. it will be possible for them to control russia's air space with medium and long range, missiles and ballistic weapons. they could attack sites throughout russia in less than 30 minutes. i do not doubt they plan to attack as they have in the past.
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oh, the self declared republics of done yet. and lou hands are in a state of high alert after their leaders advised their people to evacuate and told them ukraine is mounting and offensive. that's a claim ukraine denies, but there's now a real risk that russia's forces could roll into what ukraine describes as temporarily occupied territory. that's because with formal recognition of independence, russia could present itself as answering a request for help. putin could also use the threats of such action as a lever, if the tenuous diplomatic process still exists. the moves came shortly after russian media ran video of what purported to be a ukrainian military incursion into its territory. the reports claim that 5 ukrainian soldiers would kill in care of the government,
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dismissed the report as fake news, united states of america and other partners. and of course, ukraine were for quite spell on hearing of time were saying that's to provoke the conflict. the false like operations will be we will be organized by russia federation, and these is, is exactly the example of such a false like operation. the minister says the car bomb reported in done yet last week said to be a ukrainian attack in georgia, hedley ukraine's foreign ministry says it's dealing with dozens of fake incidents and false flag operations. it says they're all intended to build up as excuses for potential war. and one of the byproducts is fear instilled into the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians living in the break away republics. people living in don't yet say the situation is intolerable. with intense shelling and no
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help. how could i love scary cupid dark? where should we go? we will all leave. but is there anyone waiting for us there? where should i go? we will receive me maybe for a day or 2. but what about after that? and when i come back, there will be nothing ruins have i live my life on nothing. whatever. must michael mean? you're somebody to stop the war. tell zalinski and put into store, pull this. i just can't live like this. every one he'll will tell you the same thing. he should reach an agreement, including america. everyone who is responsible, we are suffering. we are simple people. they can just drive off with their millions and we have to remain here. children have to hide in basement. yes, yes, so my neighbor with had 2 month old ashley was running to the basement, which should be like, this is gonna be the suffering may become so much worse for these people. and millions of others. what was decided in the kremlin on monday could be one more
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step closer to war. andrew simmons al jazeera give as her life nazi the united nations in new york, where the u. s. has requested an emergency meeting of the security council to take place to night. i'll just hear a chaper tansy is the ship. russia holds the chair of the security council. does that mean this meeting will be open? will be closed? is it going to happen at all? we don't know yet, but you're right, russia, it is to russia that this request goes to all day. we have been reporting even before vladimir putin speech that ukraine had been demanding a security council meeting, an emergency security council meeting. obviously ukraine is not on the un security council at the moment, so it needs the support of members of the security council. it now has that support the us, 1st of all, forcibly coming out with a statement we support ukraine's cough. an urgent meeting of un security council
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goes on. we must all stand with ukraine in the face of this brazen attempt to assert ukraine sovereign territory. that can be no fence sitters in this crisis. and subsequent divide the u. s. dot support from britain and france. and as you say, i don't just ask you for an urgent meeting. they're asking for an urgent open meeting to nights tonight, monday night, here in new york. and it is dug up to the russians who have the presidency to either accept or not. they have the power scheduling, shall we say, they know they have the power when to schedule it. so they could say, well, we will have a meeting, but it won't be tonight. it might be tomorrow. if they really don't want a meeting to happen, a tool, they can't really prevented necessarily when ukraine has the amount of supported it seems to have you can, ukraine could put up some procedural hurdles to this, or the russia can put up some procedural. hm. so this, but that could be overcome with mind votes, which ukraine has very likely to have, or the, as we've actually already seen, russia doesn't mind
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a security council discussion or debate generally about it's grievances on ukraine . and so this will probably be more by basically a public relations effort for all sides to express their views on the topic. given that russia has veto power in the security council, perhaps rusher isn't against the idea, but for now, we must wait to see what rushes response is. al jazeera, she apprehensive that live at the you and a you, when he thinks that she have that let's go to washington. then my camera is that for us at like president zalinski and biden, i spoke a by phone a little earlier. what do we know of that call? well, it is a fairly limited readout that was given by the white house saying that the 2 leaders discussed the recent events in particular. president putin's decision to declare these self declared republics in ukraine, independent entities. and also of that before the knew that he had authorized the deployment of peacekeepers. but what's very important to is that president biden
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has just signed that executive order, imposing sanctions on individuals and entities in ukraine, basically forbidding american citizens from having any dealings whatsoever in those affected areas of ukraine. her. but we also heard from aid administration officials speaking on background, who was asked specifically whether a russian troops moving into the disputed areas constitutes an action that could trigger the full sanctions package. that the u. s. has been threatening and says it has been putting together in recent weeks, the administration official wouldn't be drawn on it. and he'd said that the have been russian troops within these areas for a period of time. it does not necessarily trigger a, a russian invasion which would provoke this full sanctions package. however, the administration official did say that further sanctions will be introduced in coming days. so the question now that everybody be watching is,
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at what stage will the u. s. trigger the sanctions package that it says it has been drawing up. and no doubt this was a central part of the conversation between the president of ukraine and the u. s. president. in the course of the afternoon, i was there as mike hannah reporting live there from washington. many thanks, mike. her abdul, hamid is in the construction of her in the don't ask region of easton ukraine. she says that there's real fear among people that things could escalate quickly. both sides are denying that they are shooting at each other but it is happening. so this can only spiral. busy further out of control and that could happen very, very quickly. you could have now do the and. busy do people in the, in the self profane republic, the russian back separate is feeling in bolden by day words coming out of moscow by the moves coming out of moscow. maybe feeling a bit stronger or they could be told also to hold back. i mean,
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it's all really up in the air and that, you know, about 10 days ago i was in those areas traveling along that contact line. and whoever i spoke to at the time, including soldiers in the trenches, brushed away the idea that they would be a military escalation. that they would be a full scale. invasion of the minister of defense was on a daily basis. as saying that the number of troops gathered on the russian side of the border were not enough for foreign invasion. president zalinski was calling upon ukrainians to come down. he had harsh words for the rhetoric coming out of suited western capitals and he did tell ukrainians to not listen to these applica liptak scenarios that were being depicted well now, fast forward to 10 days, 2 weeks forward, a things that seem to have changed completely. everything is up in the air, and people now are wondering if all of that would happen. the minsk piece process
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was meant to provide a diplomatic solution to the conflict in easton, ukraine, france, and germany helped to draft a ceasefire agreement using a diplomatic group known as the normandy format. it called for a comprehensive cease 5 in the dorm bass region. prisoner exchanges at other measures between the ukrainian government and the russian backed separatists occupying parts of dawn, yachts and low hands. foreign troops were told to leave. under the agreement, the regions received special status in parliament. the ultimate goal to bring occupied areas back into the fold of the central government. but moscow interpreted the agreement in a different way. russia said that it was not party to the conflict, nor the terms of the agreement. and fighting along the line of control is never really stopped since it was signed back in 2015. william taylor is vice president of the us institute of peace. he previously served as us ambassador to ukraine, anders charged affair of the united states embassy in care of he. johnstown from
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arlington, virginia. good to have you with us. so. so what happens now are the minsk agreements dead? they are, are, they are dead. the russians have killed them. no, no dementia. agreements were not great agreement. let's. let's be clear. they were signed by president bush and go above ukraine under duress said best that he was facing the wholesale massacre of large portions of the ukrainian army. that was fighting the russians in the east present portion go didn't have any choice. he signed a bad agreement and the russians, he never implemented it. man, now it's dead. the russians have walked away. and with what russia calls peacekeepers on the ground in the break away regions, u. s. and european sanction swiftly in place. what hopes now for a summit, between presidents, putin and binding very little,
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very little if further russian troops do go in to ukraine. that is, if they go into the occupied territories of don boss, that will be a violation that will do exactly what president biden said would trigger those large sanctions. that is a military russian military going into ukraine into territory. that is sovereign ukraine, including dom bus would trigger those sanctions. and when that happens, and if the troops go in and response to this peace keeping decree, the president putting aside that that will trigger large sanctions on, on russia, on president button, on people around him on export bands on big banks. this will be a major blow to the russian, a cough to what extent than as he putin overplayed his hand here. his white astrology having formerly recognized the breakaway regions and put troops on the ground. that's what extent as, as he played his best handle ready with,
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with regions more valuable to him with the threats of recognition hanging over them in that strategy with the west than having occupied them. you're absolutely right for them. burton has painted himself into a corner. he knows that nato is united. he knows that the united states in ukraine are united. he sees a very tough present, zalinski and president biden, for so president putin, i'm sure is surprised at how strong and our resolute and how firm present lensky and president biden are in the face of 85017200000 russian troops. and now some troops coming into ukraine. this is a, this is a strong alliance. it is got strong economic sanctions. it's got strong export bands, has got strong support for ukraine's military. this if,
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if the russians move further into ukraine. if they invade further, either from dumbass or toward the capital cave, they will face a determined fierce fight on their hands. many russian soldiers will die. many ukrainians will die. but this will be, this is mrs. president putting, putting himself into a corner could still she so many thanks to you for being with us. william taylor, that in arlington, virginia still to come here on al jazeera view and celebrates its commitment to promoting of preserving languages worldwide. ah, how i once again welcome to another look at the international forecast. got a big contrast in the weather, across a northern part,
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so of the u. s. pushing up into canada and down towards a deep south cbs, some very cold, s spilling out of canada. we've got some very stormy weather in between. is that temperature? contrast minus 23. therefore when he pays for the deep south of the us, we're getting up to around 26th or 27 degrees celsius. and in between that we are going to say some violet storms over the next couple of days, thundering down port possibility of localized flooding. and the possibility of some tornadoes as the storms just rumble away, just around mississippi, alabama, pushing up towards tennessee, kent hockey, northern flag of the system. we are looking at snow around the great lakes into that eastern side of canada, the things quite down a little as we go on into our wednesday. the snow pushes after the way the wet weather pushes, i which will cease disable, but still some shall say, just around 7 and southern plains at this state. look at the walk further east 22 celsius in d. c. 18 celsius for new york. new york could be warmer than ally, ally at around 15 celsius possibility of some snow across the mountains. here.
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elsewhere in the caribbean is fine and dry. just a chance of water to showers the next few days. ah frank assessments for china good will benefit from the 0 call it strategy if the rest of the world are not yet informed. opinions at august, august on needs not done that scheme. critical debate. why group would claims that native constitutes a disdain? she'll thread to russia, but it's precisely his actions that's created this insecurity in the region. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou.
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ah, again, this is al jazeera. let's remind you of the main news, the south, the u. s. and its allies requested and emergency security council meeting of to russia recognized to break away regions in east new craig as independent president vladimir putin side. the decree alongside rebel leaders from the self proclaimed on net can lew hands peoples republics. he's ordered the army to launch a so called peacekeeping operation. that was been swift condemnation from the west . the european union and the united states denounced the move as illegal. both are imposing sanctions targeting the rep territories estimates very, but it's thought there are between 15190000 russian troops around ukraine. the european council on foreign relations believes that there are 102150001 the russian
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ukrainian, bought up by ukraine's estimate. there are also around $35000.00 russian backed separatist fights, as in. don't ask and do hans in washing annexed crimea. it's thought that there are for the $32000.00 troops, $30000.00 in bella roost, plus $1000.00 in moldova. these 13 russian battleships have been conducting live fire exercises in the black and as of cease out to serious charles stratford is on the road with a ukrainian army patrol close to russia's board up. he has his exclusive report destroyed homes in a deserted village, close to the front line with families that used to live here left when this will started almost 8 years ago. only that broken belongings remained. russian bank separatist positions of just over the horizon. ukrainian army soldiers
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tell us their shelter has been repeatedly targeted in recent days. craters gouged out by separatist artillery shells. just a few meters away. 27 year old burn has been at this dug out for 3 months. the ukrainian soldier says separatists using higher caliber weapons than before offending leaving emma with it there where they are targeting infantry in the dugouts. i stood at the entrance and head 1st incoming 10 meters away from me. they shelled along the road. we walk along perhaps try to hit our communication lines. the shelling is much more frequent and concentrated recently. soldiers take us along a trench to the observation postal sto at a booth shop with his opportunity. this used to be a separate his trench, says the soldier. there were still anti personnel mines, so be careful where you put your feet if you don't want to lose separate his positions are under 50 meters in that direction. most of the men here we speak to
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say they have very little hope the peaceful solution can be we stopped to fill when suddenly the whistle of an incoming shell. inquiries for my old enemy. you see the bushes there says the soldier possibly will. 23 meters from there is a separatist trench on. the hook. between us is a minefield and of the bunker is small and cramped. 26 year olds, kesh, which roughly translates as calles, started fighting the separatists in the beginning of the conflict 8 years ago. for this number denny, i can't understand putin's politics. it's cupid, to be afraid of something. when there's no threats. i can't remember when nato has ever been a fit to russia, not since the collapse of the soviet union and ukraine independence more than 30 years ago. but that's not what russia's leader thinks. vladimir
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putin vision of the future, remains unclear. john strafford al jazeera eastern ukraine. now to other news, aaron's foreign ministry says that significant progress has been made at talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal, to iran once sanctions relief and exchange for limits on its nuclear program. negotiations between european and iranian delegations have been held in vienna since april. molly u. s. is involved in directly. the saudi military says that it's intercepted a grown from yemen. at least 16 people were injured. my falling daybreak in the port city of jayson, who the fighters claimed responsibility for the attack saying that they've targeted an airport used for military action against yemen. england is to lift all remaining coven 19 restrictions. the legal requirement to self isolate will be removed from thursday from an subarus, johnson says the country must now live to learn. busy learn to live with the virus privy to will not suddenly disappear. so those who would wait for
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a total end to this war before lifting the remaining regulations would be restricting the liberties of the british people for a long time. yeah, this government does not believe that that is right or necessary restrictions pose a heavy toll on our economy. our society. i meant to wellbeing and on the lifetime of our children. and we do not need to pay that cost any longer. mr. holland london has more on the government plan. it's far as johnson keeping days word before they after parliamentary recess at the moment they got back. he would set out the government's plan for learning to live with cove it. and so he has done, of course, you heard the loud rules from his own back benches. they're the opposition, slightly more skeptical and scientists. it should be noted as well, believing that this is really just
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a little bit too soon to be lowering our god in this country altogether. but as far as johnson saying, it's time to move from government restrictions towards a situation of personal responsibility. so we can protect ourselves without losing our liberty. he set up the sort of context if you like, for the situation that we're in, that makes this possible cases, falling fast hospitalizations at less than $10000.00 and falling death levels at around what they would be at this time of year in a normal year. and the majority, 2 thirds of all adults boosted, so he will start lifting. now all legal measures in place to control cove. it. after that, it's all about personal responsibility. the latest wave of coven 19 coast push could push the german economy into recession. according to the central bank, it says the g d p could shrink further this quarter before picking up again. later in the year. germany's economy is the largest in europe. the bonus bank says the pandemic restrictions are mostly to blame me on miles. military governments has
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urged the u. n's highest court to dismiss a case, accusing the country of genocide against its were hang a minority. the military has taken over the case from deposed liter on san su cheap, who presented members arguments at the international court of justice in 2019. it's 5 years since thousands of people were killed and atrocities described as ethnic cleansing. 3 quarters of a 1000000 fled to refugee camps in neighboring bangladesh. donald trump social media app has launched on apple's app store. the former u. s. president new platform is called truth social. on monday morning, it was the most downloaded upon the american store in a box that trumps returned to social media. after being banned from several platforms, including twitter, after the january 6th attack on the u. s. capital by jerry up is one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world, and it's pushing to keep traditional languages alive. one person helping that
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happen is the inventor of a board game who says the key to his success is simply having fun. julian wolf reports ari moo. on the whopper hooks is you board game called you bilingual will teach children the art of his local language in engaging way or dual rain. he just slight, you're fearful. we, therefore, the nigerian board game designer who lives in lagos is one of the around 50000000 people across west africa who speak you ruba. if you are trying to think what people are literally like, excited to learn, but you have to pick another approach. so it's like a few few short of a determined l. busy education and in fact the man thought so form it kind of, it is in the background var linen, something new that we're like for the environment into trying to you know, linda language and use it's more several 100 indigenous languages are spoken in
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nigeria. but nigeria is national institute for cultural orientation, says the nation's top 3 spoken languages you ruba. a bowen hausa may not survive the next 50 years. aderemi, a debt by a local artist who promotes linguistic awareness, says more needs to be done to promote and preserve local languages for a long period of time. in those countries our colonized the colonizers languages of been the former languages being spoken in those countries in manchuria. quite a lot of initiatives are coming up to protect the languages and the valley, you know, in the country the you bilingual board game is set to hit the market early next year with hopes that it will reach children everywhere. killing wolf, al jazeera, social media and satellite pictures being used to track the movement of russian forces on the border with ukraine, posts from truck drivers and others,
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helping build a clearer picture of what's happening. leah harding reports the satellite images from a u. s. company show a build up of russian troops on the border with ukraine. fields and forests once largely untouched in russia, now covered and tracks for military vehicles, about 15 kilometers from the border with ukraine. ah, social media posts from people in the region are giving more clues about what is happening on the ground. al jazeera was able to independently verify this video, posted by a truck driver passing armored russian vehicles in my. what's my, the other content includes pictures and posts from the wives of some russian military personnel talking about their husbands activities. the information is being used by investigative journalists to build a picture of what is happening in the region. they are, is roughly when solving useful because their last was sash exactly what have russian forces amassing, have any possible invasion. those is
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a clue to how to pay off the nation. and any final reasons that they're making to movies position had to off they see the day invasion. so the videos come from are happy, shouldn't useful sachi, examine what's going on in the ground. and the online content is making its way into popular culture. one of the reasons, one of the reasons we know what's going on with russia's military is social media, because video is a russian troops massing on ukraine's borders are being widely disseminated on tick tock, leading the media to label the conflict, the tick tock war. the information war is not just being conducted by governments, but on people's mobile phones. we're harding al jazeera. ah it is good everywhere this hello adrian for the good.


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