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living under fascism was light. how much money did you make for your rural and deliverance? i made that al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. ah . the u. s. calls for an urgent meeting of the un as wash as president flooding they have, who's in signs of decree, recognizing eastern breakaway regions. ah, hello, i'm adrian said again. this is al jazeera alive from dough. also coming up both the e u and the u. s. announce immediate sanctions against rebel territories in the east of ukraine. celebration was on the streets of don, yet as russia's president, all the so called peace keepers into the region. and we look at how social media is
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helping to attract the movements of russia's military, close to the border with ukraine. ah, the u. s. and its allies, according for an urgent meeting of the un security council, off to russia, recognized to break away regions in east and ukraine as independent president for they may oppose inside the de creep alongside rebel leaders from the self proclaimed on the exc. and to hansen people's republics, he's ordered the army to launch a so called peacekeeping operation, that the decision was prompted widespread condemnation from the west. the e u denounced the move as illegal european commission president us live on the line said the block would impose sanctions on those involved in recognizing the rebel regions of the white house says that u. s. president joe biden has signed an executive order outlining sanctions. they
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will ban new investments, trade and financing by americans in the rebel territories. we begin our coverage this out with reports from andrew simmons who's in ukraine's capital give. vladimir putin move is a major escalation in this crisis sca limited 1st. he staged a televised meeting of russia's national security council, where he made a show of considering appeals from his top aides, on whether to recognize the to russian back breakaway states in ukraine as independent. many hours later, he made a televised address of miss ulysses packages. caveat, fin, look at the weapons of nato. it will be possible for them to control russia's air space with medium and long range, missiles and ballistic weapons. they could attack sites throughout russia in less than 30 minutes. i do not doubt they planned to attack as they have in the past. ah, the self declared republics of done yet. and lou hands are in
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a state of high alert after their leaders advised their people to evacuate and told them ukraine is mounting an offensive. that's a claim. ukraine denies that there is now a real risk that russia's forces could roll into what ukraine describes as temporarily occupied territory. that's because with formal recognition of independence, russia could present itself as sponsoring a request for help united states of america and other partners. and of course the ukraine were for quite a long period of time. we're saying that's to provoke the conflict. they're forced, like operations will be we will be organized by russia federation. and this case is exactly the example of such a false flag operation. ukraine's foreign ministry says it's dealing with dozens of fake incidents and false flag operations. it says they're all intended to build up as excuses for potential war. and one of the byproducts is fear instilled into the
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lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians living in the break away republics. the suffering may become so much worse for these people and millions of others. what was decided in the kremlin on monday, could be one more step closer to war, whatever andrew simmons al jazeera key. if that's co lived out of the united nations in new york, where the u. s. has requested an emergency meeting of the security council to take place to night, al jazeera chaper tansy as they're out of this work than she had with russia in the chair. the security council currently i'd is looking like there will be a meeting of some sort. we're trying to figure out what saw this began there with a formal request from ukraine, which isn't currently a security council member. and they needed a member to back it up. and so right we,
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we are now formally requesting a meeting. the u. s. picked up that baton as now supported by the u. k. and frogs and several other countries. it would appear. and russia is the, the holder off, the rotating security council presidency this month, february for 7 more days. in fact, at what we're hearing that we have had several sources confirm that there will be a meeting in 2 hours time. and we will have several sources. now confirm that it will be in a format that russia has chosen and that is a private meeting. and a private meeting is a sub sets off meetings of the security council and in need of private meetings of the security council. but this would involve all 15 members of the security council and ukraine, and they would have a discussion behind closed doors. and from what we knew, what we've gathered in the past, these us of sound to discussions where they really saw hashing things out. so if that happens, then this isn't the sort of thing that you know, you don't know dismissed the un for which is the ground standing in the speeches
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and just trying to get the, the big headlines and, and so to speak, your constituencies that would be something perhaps that potentially, you know, would be, would be some standard. however, what we are also hearing is there's a possibility that the u. s. is still pushing for an open meeting of the security council where people could, i mean, it's interesting. we look, look at a linda thomas greenville statement, the us ambassador you and one of the last thing she says is that can be no fence sitters in this crisis. and you wonder whether the u. s. is taking a slightly different approach. surely i'll try to see a trying to get everyone on the record as to where they stand, but this is still they hashed out. we think having said that though, it appears at least for now that a meeting will take place in 2 hours time. and i'm just being handed and then as we speak, that's the meeting is not open. so we have just confirmed that there will now be an open meeting, not as the russians eventually wanted. it will be an open meeting. that format is now confirmed al jazeera chaper tansy reporting live there from the u. n. in new york. let's go to washington. mike hanner is there for us. mike,
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president zalinski of ukraine and president biden spoke by phone earlier. what do we know of that call? for the call hath and that exactly the same time that president putin was speaking had lasted some 35 minutes. we are told by the white house the leaders discussing matters of mutual concern. of course, the latest developments in this ongoing crisis. what would have been discussion to though is at what stage the u. s. would introduce it's fool sanctions package. it has repeatedly said that it would only a trigger such a package. should russia actually invade ukraine, arguing that sanctions are a deterrent, and to preemptively apply them would remove that to tyranny? no doubt that was part of the discussion between the 2 leaders, although it was not confirmed. the ukrainian president being adamant that the u. s . should be invoking sanctions before the invasion, not afterwards, but president biden has just signed an executive order applying sanctions on
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individuals and entities in the breakaway republics in ukraine. and we heard from a state department official to a very important fact that at this stage it appears the u. s. is not seeing this action as something that could trigger sanctions. that is something that is still to be clarified. but the senior administration official saying that at this stage, that sanctions package may not be invoked as a result of the latest declaration by president putin. but the administration official said that more for sanctions will be forthcoming as soon as tomorrow. perhaps. so the us now pondering at what stage does russian action constitute an invasion? because it has pledged that should such an invasion take place, it would invoke it's full package of sanctions. the details of which we still do not know out 0. my can are reporting live her from washington. mike blenny, thanks wanted to, let's take you to moscow and get some reaction from bert,
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his bernard smith. this was an hour long speech when vladimir putin in which he exit essentially blamed the collapse of the soviet union on the creation of this independent state of ukraine called into question, ukraine's very right to exist as a country outside of russia. vladimir putin's tone was at times frustrated, and at times bleak, and he blamed after that long historical lesson of why he believed ukraine was not really a legitimate country. he then went on to blame nato for its failures, to address the situation in the east of ukraine. he accused nato as his frequently accused. nate, in the past of expanding into all of those eastern european countries are that were released from the soviet union at the brit when the soviet union broke up. he blamed, ain't accused nato of a deliberately expanding into,
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into those areas. and he said that in the east of ukraine, nato has failed to address the situation in don bass. this is where there's been a 7 year long, more than 70 a long now conflict with these russian separatists. and what vladimir putin has done is essentially ripped up the minks agreement. this is the 7 year long ceasefire between ed negotiated with ukraine and russia and with the french and the germans, that were supposed to find a solution to the situation in east in ukraine and say, in said vladimir putin. a said that it hasn't worked that isn't working. i'm now going to give, recognize these 2 countries as independent states, straight after he finished his speech, he went on to sign that agreement, which included a friendship and cooperation agreement. which means that if the leaders of lou ganske and don't ask, need help from russia, they can call on it. it means russia could send in troops to push back ukraine from
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its own sovereign territory. out serious hotter abdul hamid is in constantinople. her in the dani ask region of east of ukraine, she says there's real fear among people there that things could escalate quickly. both sides are denying that they are shooting at each other, but it is happening. so this can only spiral further out of control and that could happen very, very quickly. you could have now do the. busy people in the, in the self prepay republic, the russian back separate is feeling in bolden by the words coming out of moscow by the moves coming out of moscow. maybe feeling a bit stronger or they could be told also to hold back. i mean, it's all really up in the air and that, you know, about 10 days ago i was in those areas traveling along that contact line. and whoever i spoke to at the time, including soldiers in the trenches, brushed away the idea that they would be a military escalation. that they would be
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a full scale. invasion of the minister of defense was on a daily basis. as saying that the number of troops gathered on the russian side of the border were not enough for foreign invasion. president zelinski was calling upon ukrainians to come down. he had harsh words for the rhetoric coming out of suited western capitals and he did tell ukrainians to not listen to these applica liptak scenarios that were being depicted well now, fast forward 10 days, 2 weeks forward, a things that seem to have changed completely. everything is up in the air, and people now are wondering if all of that would happen. so to come here on al jazeera. so let us learn to live with this forest, britain's private as far as johnston. and since the end of all covet 19 related restrictions in england and a police campaign against legal drugs,
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and ne, in india has angered rights activists. ah, ah, look forward to brighter sky's the weather sponsored my cattle airways. hello, we've got more heavy showers in the forecast for japan over the next couple of days . we've got a deep area of low pressure just off. sure. tightly packed ice, abbas has some very strong winds. gale force winds rattling in over the waters of the sea of japan, bringing significant snow fall into that western side of honshu, pushing up into kado, maybe 50 centimeters, the snow over the next 12 to 24 hours here. behind that it's dry and find for the korean peninsula. 0 celsius temperature struck me. get freezing in sol, free degrees celsius there for beijing. some sparkling sunshine across more than
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parts of china, but for central china. more snow coming through here, sorry, cold in hong kong. rather wet, just 11 degrees celsius on tuesday, it will dry up, it will brighten up as we go on in to where to stay, where to where the coming in, the cross taiwan. there is the possibility of some localized flooding. but you can see hong kong cheering up temperatures getting up to around 13 to korea. meanwhile, across southeast asia mall ivy showers coming in here, sunshine and showers, the heaviest of the showers down towards the southeastern corner. to walk through ac, pushing over towards popular in indonesia, seeing some big downpours, heavy showers too. for some entre along with lay peninsula for the weather. sponsored by katara, always their full fathers, for the soviet 25 years off to independence. they, too must become men. defend is overly few ania. preparing
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for the possibility of war. waiting for invasion, a witness documentary on al jazeera. oh, wow. ah, hello again, this is l 0. let's remind you of the main news, the saudi u. s. and its allies have requested an emergency security council meeting. also washer recognized to break away regions in eastern ukraine has independent president vladimir putin aside. the decree alongside rebel leaders from the self proclaimed on yet sky blue harvest people's republics. he's ordered the army to
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launch a circle peacekeeping operation. and this been swift condemnation from the west. the european union of the united states denounced the move as illegal. both are imposing sanctions. targeting rebel territories will estimates very, but his thought that there are between 151-050-0000 russian troops around ukraine. the european council on foreign relations believes that there are 102150001 the russian ukrainian border by ukraine's estimate. there are also around $35000.00 washing back separatist prices. and on the ask and lou haskell in russian annexed crimea. it's thought that there are for, for the $32000.00 troops, $30000.00 rid beta roost plus a 1000 in moldova. and at least 13 washing battle ships have been conducting live fire exercises in the black as on seas. l 0 charles stratford is on the run road
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with a ukrainian army patrol close to russia's board up his his exclusive report. destroyed homes in a deserted village, close to the front line families that used to live here left when this was started, almost 8 years ago. all need a broken belongings remained. russian bank separate dispositions of just over the horizon. all ukrainian army soldiers tell us their shelter has been repeatedly targeted in recent days. craters gouged out by separatist artillery shells just a few meters away. 27 year old burn has been at this dug out for 3 months. the ukrainian soldier says separatists using higher caliber weapons than before with an m. i was that it, there were, they are targeting infantry in the dugouts. i stood at the entrance and head 1st
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incoming 10 meters away from me. they shelled along the road. we walk along perhaps tried to hit our communication lines. the shelling is much more frequent and concentrated. recently. soldiers taken so long a trench to the observation postal sto at a booster, put his opportunity. this used to be a separate his trench, says the soldier. there is still anti personnel mines, so be careful where you put your feet if you don't want to lose separatist positions are under 50 meters in that direction. most of the men here we speak to say they have very little hope that a peaceful solution can be stopped to fill when suddenly the whistle of an incoming shell im customer over the enemy. the you see the bushes then says the soldier possibly will. 23 meters from there is a separatist trench on. between us is a minefield and of the bunker is small and cramped. 26
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year olds, key fish, which roughly translates as calles, started fighting the separatists. the beginning of the conflict 8 years ago. for the summer, denny, i can't understand, put into politics. it's cupid to be afraid of something. when there's no threats. i can't remember when nato has ever been a fit to russia, not since the collapse of the soviet union and ukraine independence more than 30 years ago. but that's not what roches leader thinks. vladimir putin, the vision of the future, remains unclear. john strafford al jazeera, eastern ukraine. social media and satellite pictures are being used to track the movement of russian forces on the border with ukraine, posts from truck drivers and others are helping to build a clear picture of what's happening. be a harding reports. the satellite images from a u. s. company show a build up of russian troops on the border with ukraine. fields and forests once
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largely untouched in russia, now covered and tracks from military vehicles about 15 kilometers from the border with ukraine. ah, social media post from people in the region are giving more clues about what is happening on the ground. al jazeera was able to independently verify this video, posted by a truck driver passing armored russian vehicles. my, what's my, the other content includes pictures and posts from the wives of some russian military personnel, but we're talking about their husbands activities. the information is being used by investigative journalists to build a picture of what is happening in the region for years. and roughly when solving useful, because their last was out exactly what russian forces amassing hair of any possible invasion. those includes a how to pay off evasion. and any final reasons that they're making to moving to position head off, they see the day invasion. so the biggest come should be useful staci,
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examine what's going on in the ground. and the online content is making its way into popular culture. one of the reasons, one of the reasons we know what's going on with russia's military is social media, because video is a russian troops massing on ukraine's borders are being widely disseminated on tick tock, leading the media to label the conflict, the tick tock war. the information war is not just being conducted by governments, but on people's mobile phones. leah harding al jazeera bound to other nears iran and cattle of announced a new co operation in several key areas. president abraham gracie assigned a agreements with the amir shake to me and been hammered out fanny in doha, during his 1st official visit to a gulf state, jamal shall report. oh, it was the 1st visits by an iranian president carter. in
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a decade. ibrahim arrival to the hot and monday was also his 1st trip to a golf country since becoming president, whilst the hand to her, i have strengthened there, bilateral relations in recent years. iran has found itself diplomatically and even militarily at odds with other golf countries, particularly saudi arabia and the united arab emirates. but in a sign of a possible shift and regional diplomacy, president by easy stressed his keenness to improve ties with other gulf corporation council members m to cover for the united states. she pruitt's bill to lift sanctions in order to achieve an agreement for donations benefit guarantees. and closing down of old political dos, years are of wide on importance. our region has entered a new era. after decades of the presence of occupying forces, the region is going back to its original owners. a number of bilateral deals and agreements were signed during the visit,
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but most significant was the messaging from both leaders cutters, amuse shift. i mean, been hammered and funny. see to clearly his country's interest in the, in the west. and this matter is quite important and has a lot of impact on the civil lydia of the region. because that is following the negotiations, a lot of interest. and we hope that very soon an agreement could be reached to could benefit all parties by guaranteeing rights of all countries use nuclear power . according to the national laws and agreements. among the other topics discussed by the 2 leaders was the developments of ghana span with both men highlighting the need for an inclusive governments. they are the palestine true is where iran and cutter find a shared interest. was that not a so called the a to, for the study at the balloting and cause was also discussed in the central issue of our region. stressed on the immediate need of ending is attacked on the policy and people we've talked about starting out the matter according to international law. and so that by the scene instituted fairly and they can live instability. already.
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diplomacy has witnessed a number of major successes in recent months further in the countries brown as a mediator and key force in conflict resolution. whilst iran county finds itself embroiled in a number of diplomatic and military conflict of its own from the war in yemen to the stand off over its nuclear program. the hope is that stronger kataria iranian relations will help resolve at least one of those conflicts. drum, i love show you and i'll just see it on. the saudi military says that it's intercepted a drone from yemen. at least 16 people were injured by falling daybreak in the port city of jayson, who the fighters claimed responsibility for the attack saying that they targeted an airport used for military action against human england is to lift all remaining coven 19 restrictions of equal requirement. the self isolate will be removed from thursday. prime minister boris johnson says the country must now learn to live with the virus covey. dable not suddenly disappear so,
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so those who would wait for a total end to this war before lifting the remaining regulations would be restricting the liberties of the british people. for a long time this government does not believe that that is right or necessary. restrictions pose a heavy toe on our economy. our society are meant to well being and on the life chances of our children. and we do not need to pay that cost any long. more details of the government's plan now from john hall in london. it's far as johnson keeping these word before they half term parliamentary recess at the moment they got back. he would set out the government's plan for learning to live with cove it. and so he has done, of course, you heard the loud rules from his own back benches. they're the opposition, slightly more skeptical and scientists. it should be noted as well, believing that this is really just
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a little bit too soon to be lowering our god. in this country altogether, but as far as johnson saying it's time to move from government restrictions towards a situation of personal responsibility. so we can protect ourselves without losing our liberty. he set up the sort of context if you like, for the situation that we're in, that makes this possible cases, falling fast hospitalizations at less than $10000.00 and falling death levels at around what they would be at this time of year in a normal year. and the majority, 2 thirds of all adults boosted so he will start lifting. now all legal measures in place to control cove. it after that, it's all about personal responsibility. and they just wave of covered 19 could push the german economy into recession. according to its central bank, it says the g d. p could shrink further this quarter before picking up again later this year. germany's economy is the largest in europe. the bonus bank says pandemic
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restrictions were mostly to blame columbia as constitutional court. as decriminalized abortion women will be allowed the procedure in the 1st 24 weeks of pregnancy. more than 90 pro abortion rights groups sued to have columbia louis changed. 7 countries in latin america still prohibited norful, under circumstances. mere mas, military government has urged the you ends highest court to dismiss a case, accusing the country of genocide against its ringo minority. the military has taken over the case from deposed leda on san sushi who presented me on mars arguments at the national court of justice in 2019. it's 5 years since thousands of people were killed and atrocities described as ethnic cleansing. 3 quarters of a 1000000 fled to refugee camps in neighboring bangladesh. a 0 tolerance approach to the illegal drug trade in northeast and india is causing controversy. government leaders in are some states that say they're acting lawfully,
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but police are accused of dozens of killings and injuries since the anti drugs campaign started last year. probably baton reports. duty. barbara has been bedridden since the police shot him in the leg last month. they say he's a drug peddler and attacked them 1st, but both says he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time from his medicine liquor. i was coming from the pharmacy when i saw some people building up the man. it's old because of that. the 1st abused me and they shot me, i'm totally innocent. and after taking off his last may, the chief minister for som in india, northeast has adopted a 0 tolerance policy against crime and burned piles of drugs to promote the campaign. now his government is facing allegations of human rights violations. after 28 people were killed and more than 70 injured in a series of shootings involving police authority,
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se officers have acted lawfully when criminals trying to price to be or escape from the discuss will be by fitting away the service robot. then they have to defend themselves, and there may be some incidental content. and that's only because of that. and i think we, we did the laundry, but members of join an abilene family says he was unarmed when the police entered their home. the police say he was a gangster. the family says he was framed because i woke up. they asked him what he did. he told him he was a daily wage earner, didn't do any business. then they put handcuffs kicked him and dragged him to the courtyard. they took him and i kept asking where he taking him. then we heard 2 rounds of gunshots. loyal and rights activists out of georgia has petition the court to order an investigation into killings like these and asked for compensation for the families of those found to have been wrongly killed or not burned them due
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to the fact we have seen according to my data that most of the victims are formed marginalized society and by marginalized society, i means from the indian genius tribals people from the minority muslims, and i, and from the poor people in a sam's high court state government has denied any wrong doing, following public outrage over the shooting of keith, the boar out one officer has been suspended. he hopes he and others will get justice, but says some wounds may never heal. pardon him but tell al jazeera new delhi. ah, it skips every with.


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