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tv   Witness Waiting For Invasion  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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and people's life logging in romania is our truck, gung violence. healing with the plains of corruption and the role of powerful multinational people empower investigate romania races on al jazeera. ah, hello adrian, sitting here in the summary of the news on houses here up columns of military vehicles have been seen in one of the 2 breakaway regions of east in ukraine. hours after russia recognized them as independent, president fled to be put inside the decrease alongside rebel leaders from the self proclaimed on the ask and no hands people's republics. he's ordered the army to launch a so called a peacekeeping operation, that will the un security council is expected to hold an emergency meeting on ukraine at the next hour. it was requested by the us at its allies following president putin's to create. i was 0,
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sandra simmons reports now from ukraine's capital. give vladimir putin is move is a major escalation in this crisis escalated 1st. he staged a televised meeting of russia's national security council, where he made a show of considering appeals from his top aides, on whether to recognize the 2 russians backed breakaway states in ukraine as independent. many hours later, he made a televised address of miss ulysses packages. caveat finn, look at the weapons of nato. it would be possible for them to control russia's air space with medium and long range, missiles and ballistic weapons. they could attack sites throughout russia in less than 30 minutes. i do not doubt they plan to attack as they have in the past. ah, the self declared republics have done yet. scamp. hands are in a state of high alert after their leaders advised their people to evacuate and told
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them, ukraine is mounting an offensive. that's a claim ukraine denies, but there's now a real risk that rushes forces could roll into what ukraine describes as temporarily occupied territory. that's because with formal recognition of independence, russia could present itself as sponsoring a request for help united states of america and other partners. and of course, ukraine were for quite smell on we're enough time we're saying that's to provoke the conflict. the false like operations will be we will be organized by russia federation, and this case is exactly the example of such a false flag operation. ukraine's for a ministry says it's dealing with dozens of fake incidents and false flag operations. it says they're all intended to build up as excuses for potential war. and one of the byproducts is fear instilled into the lives of hundreds of thousands
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of civilians living in the break away republics. the suffering may become so much worse for these people and millions of others. what was decided in the kremlin on monday, could be one more step closer to war. andrew simmons al jazeera, give what russia's decision has prompted widespread condemnation from the west. the european union and the united states denounced the move as illegal both are imposing sanctions targeting the rebel territories. the white house, as the president joe biden has signed an executive order banning new investment, trade and financing by americans in the rebel territories. in ality is the saudi military says that it's intercepted a grown from yemen. at least 16 people were injured by falling daybreak in the port city of chism, who the fights has claimed responsibility for the attack saying that they targeted an airport that was being used for military action against yemen. england is to lift all remaining corona virus restrictions. a legal requirement to self isolate
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will be removed from thursday. prime minister barak johnston said the britain must now live to learn, learn to live with the virus columbia as constitutional court. as decriminalized abortion women will be allowed to have the procedure in the 1st 24 weeks of pregnancy or the 90 pro abortion whites groups of suit tab columbia were changed. man, boss, military government has urged the u. n's highest court to dismiss a case accusing the country of genocide against its ringo minority. though the military has taken over the case from the deposed leader on san su cheap, who presented boundless arguments at the institutional court of justice in 2019. it's 5 years since thousands of people were killed and atrocities described as ethnic cleansing and those bad life, these continues here on out 0 after witness next. ah
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a, a, a, a ah rational, irrational, craig, is a threat to the security of all your again continents. that is why we took action to strengthen our security. well, we have seen that during the last year is the moral start to russia illegally annexing. try me young on continuing to d, stabilizing east on ukraine, and therefore nato has to react. and that's exactly what we're doing.
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what seems to gather is got that. thanks. thanks jim. do this for the new now with the kicks in with him. this lovely though cushman being the lovers with them. so whole august getting up. i did a business or no surprise you will not, but a shower to my stepson does not get belmont got shouted and know you're getting well. you said them does talk stress it though. second. let bill marsh are the. must ursula, go visit go. mike, again, cassandra, the canada got taken in a so if they can get
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a hold of her still as get with you with love to get her law publish it. i did build up with it. i talked to al jazeera miasca, do you believe that the threat of an invasion of ukraine is currently the biggest threat international peace and security? we listen, we are focusing so much on the humanitarian crisis that we forget the long term development. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter
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on al jazeera, now rape as a weapon of war leaks, the very deepest scott, scott. so rule that the victims, men and women can barely talk about it are the only witnesses who can help bring about justice al jazeera on his human rights campaign is in investigation right? since the 2011 recognition libby unspeakable crime on al jazeera. this is no man's land between ukrainian government forces and separatist fighters with the self declared don't ex paypal's republic. city seems more russian than when we were lost in the surface. at least we are between a rock and a hard place. there are no jobs. we are doing our best to survive. this was where some of the is fighting to place between pro russia separatists and the ukrainian government forces. when conflict started in 2014,
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most of the people that used to live in this neighborhood a to afraid to return because of the sporadic shilling. and now increasing phase of a potential renewed conflict lou and again, adrian finnegan here in bo, how the headlines on al jazeera ukraine's president of a lot of his landscape, has accused russia of wrecking peace talks. and has ruled out making any territorial concessions and addressed the nation on tuesday. columns of military vehicles have been seen it one of the to break away regions of eastern ukraine hours after russia recognized them as independent. president vladimir putin signed the de creep alongside rebel leaders from the self proclaimed dog nets. and look, hans ca people's republics. he's ordered the army to launch
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a so called peacekeeping operation. bear with me, surely this package is caveat. they met the look at the weapons of nato. it would be possible for them to control russia, the air space with medium and long range, missiles and ballistic weapons. they could attack sites throughout russia in less than 30 minutes. i do not doubt they plan to attack as they have in the past. the un security council will hold an emergency meeting in the next half hour to deal with the crisis. the european union and the united states have denounced russia's move as illegal. both are imposing sanctions targeting the rebel territories. the white house says that president joe biden assigned an executive order banning new investment, trade and financing by americans in the rebel territories. and other the is the saudi military says it's intercepted a drone from yemen. at least 16 people were injured by falling debris and the port city of jason, who the fighters claimed responsibility for the attack saying that bade targeted an
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airport that was being used for military action against yemen. england is to lift all remaining corona virus restrictions. the legal requirement to self isolate will be removed from thursday. prime minister boris johnson said the britain must now learn to live with the virus. columbia's constitutional course has to criminalized abortion. women will be allowed to have the procedure and the 1st $24.00 weeks of pregnancy. mia mas military government has urged the u. n's, highest court to dismiss a case, accusing the country of genocide against its wrangle minority. the military has taken over the case from the deposed leader on sans who she, who presented me on mars arguments of the international court of justice in 2019. it's 5 years since thousands of people were killed in atrocities describe this ethnic cleansing. others were headlines now let's get you back to witness.
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with any new or use motorcycle unity with one theater director ventures to play a winning a and
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redefined in society. missus m, nigerian women walk home was at witness on al jazeera. ah how i once again welcome to another look at the international forecast. got a big contrast in the weather, across a northern part. so of the u. s. pushing up into canada and down towards a deep south, maybe some very cold asked spilling out of canada. we've got some very stormy weather in between. is that temperature? contrast minus 23. therefore when he paper for the deep south of the us,
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we're getting up to around 26th or 27 degrees celsius. and in between that we are going to say some violet storms over the next couple of days, thundering samples, possibility of localized flooding. and the possibility of some tornadoes as the storms just rumble away. just around mississippi, alabama, pushing up towards tennessee, kent hockey, northern flag of the system. we are looking at snow around the great lakes into that eastern side of canada, things quite down a little as we go on into our wednesday. the snow pushes after the way the wet weather pushes. i which will cease disable, but still some shower. they are just around 7 and southern plains. at this stage, look at the walk further east 22 celsius in d. c. 18 celsius for new york. the all could be warmer than ally, ally at around 15 celsius. possible to see some snow across the mountains. here. elsewhere into the caribbean is fine and dry. just a chance of water. 2 showers the next few days. ah,
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a passion for porting local communities and pioneering innovative african science and technology projects. how has how beautiful, how glorious, ah, all of us on this planet, not just africa out to sierra, for as a leading biochemist. determined to use his scientific knowledge to serve africa. women make science from the lab to the field on now to sierra, ah, al jazeera, when ever you oh, from international politics to the global pandemic. and everything in between. it did not respect poor people and your our planet promised to ensure the faith v. a woman what's happened, the just the 15th,
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i pulled back that people actually have more feel. why is the u. k. feel hostile to try and see if the mysteries role of if join me. if i take on the live, dismantled misconceptions and debate the contradiction, carmen get up front on al jazeera. ah an urgent blake fight meeting of the un security council as rushes president fleming may have proven signs of decree recognizing eastern break away regions of ukraine. ah, hello, i read room for the good. this is al 0 life and go ha, also coming up. both the e u of the u. s. announce immediate sanctions against rebel territories in the east


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