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tv   Women Make Science From The Lab To The Field  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2022 6:30am-7:01am AST

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round you grain over the last weeks and months. these forces seem points to attack . we have seen a flare up along the line of contact over the last days and efforts that appear to fabricate a pretext for russian attack. moreover, russia has declared its readiness to deploy troops and eastern ukraine. the un charters crystal clear, it unequivocal lead prohibits to threat of force against the territory integrity and political independence of states. the current russian force deployment around you crank, and only because considered as a further threat against ukraine's territory integrity. as a whole. mister present president, i call on russia to live up to its obligations as a permanent member of this, this council. and i urge russia to immediately revoke 2 days decisions, and we, we commit to the minsk agreements and in line with the normandy for and what was agreed on. russia must not cross the international recognize borders of ukraine, although russia must immediately withdraw its troops from the regions bordering
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with ukraine in russia and billows. and i called on russia to recommit to the woods based security architecture in europe, which has been built over decades. precious decisions have put this order under serious strain. the call upon russia tool instead returned to the path of diplomacy, of shedding, instead of shedding further blood and germany was b. a no diplomatic effort in this regard lies steadfastly standing by ukraine, its territorial integrity and sovereignty and the ukrainian people. thank you. yeah, lou, thank the representative of germany for statement you've got over there and i my name's inscribed on this to speak is the meeting is adjourned. all right, so you've been watching life coverage or of that emergency un security council meeting in new york a late night meeting all 15 members of the council, giving their statements in response to the russian president vladimir putin. recognition of those separatist territories in eastern ukraine. this was then
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followed at by ukraine's right to reply. let's begin shabba tansy. he's been watching events unfolding at the un she had. we don't normally see these late night emergency secure to council meeting will. of course this is the time of grave crisis. so lots to one pat, talk through how it played out. i think the main words that you heard constantly were de escalation restraint, diplomacy, but as you had he even though with it with the, with the german representative. the other words you kept hearing was minsk minsk. i think perhaps the most useful way to hello. what we just heard was to look at where we go from here having heard what we, what we, what we just have her minsk, the minister creeping my friend. i think i have to go into this in order to explain this. but i should say, we're expecting the u. s. ambassador. speak any moments i may have to stop, i guess. but the minced agreement is what stopped the of the sept. the war between
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a kiev and in ukraine and the 2 separatist regions in 2015. actually, there was an immense protocol in 2014 and there was a man's agreement in 2015. and this done that the many agreement set aside various steps that would help the c slide had into a lasting piece which was destination of will rather take you at heavy weaponry and getting into some sort of process in which the 2 autonomous regions, the dumbass regions would get full autonomy within ukraine. now, what we heard from the us ambassador just then was because of russia's recognition off the 2 that the 2 nations collectively called the dumbass today, or least today in the u. s. still. and therefore, the been sc agreement in the us ambassador was, has been torn to shreds and then we had the ukrainian ambassador, let's say this is a unilateral withdrawal from minsk agreement that without minsk,
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as you had or various other ambassadors. that really doesn't seem to be any framework for peace in ukraine or russia does not accept that their actions have done anything to effect the minsk agreement. firstly, because as far as rushers concerned, minsk, they'll party demands because they kept on saying, as well as that concerned, uminski agreement was between kiev and the 2 separatist separatist areas that he suffered as provinces. so therefore, as the russian ambassador was saying that they were already separatist, that they're already separated from here. where to sang. look, nothing of the we've done is actually change that architecture off the minced agreement to why should it change anything? and in fact, as far as russia is concerned in their argument, the reason they took this measure to day was because they are the ones who and along with the don bus, i've been pushing the implementation of mints. and it's key have backed by the us who have been dragging their feet. and now enough is enough. that was interesting
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was, although the gradient least in the u. s. ed minsk had been torn to shreds. several of the others. i couldn't china in the very brief statement. they didn't say minutes because been told to friends, many of this new members of the spirit accounts are plentiful. minsk is still the way for it. and the russian ambassador too said minsk, is not dead. so, and that's very much what the russians was saying over the weekend as well. that you rushed ambassador to the the, to washington was saying that all of us has to do is make, he have listened to the people of don boss, have direct negotiations with people who don't bath instead of shelling them and keeping them under siege and having the hot rhetoric, the russian ambassador just a moment ago said here we'd hoped with the election of vitamins. let's give out of his lensky, that things would change, but he's gone back to that same template. but again, it's all about. i says, i'm not the only creative olean construct to way for what i guess is to think it will. how are we going to get out of this? and it still is in the realms of minsk and,
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and whether this will now be implemented, whether it can be implemented now that russia has made its move. and what that, that is, what was a striking about the u. s. ambassador, the way that she said has been torn to shreds by russia, even as in fact at the white house were saying, members of the white, i say actually not much has changed on the ground. so that means we're not gonna, we don't countless, necessarily as an invasion because russia, or had, he had a presence in these 2 independent areas. all these, these are, these 2 areas of study want to be independent anyway. so how much has actually changed and that sort of sleeping on it of the white us to do. i'm trying to trying to assess what russia does next. but also is this really enough to have the full force of sanctions and so on. now being used against russia, given that in the end, we still have the status quo and we still have give, and we still have these 2 areas i, we still have a russian presence in those 2 areas except for the full recognition. so how different this is literally really on the discussion we were here in washington,
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as well as the last few hours, sir, that's why the, the usaa ambassadors, settlers were, you know, very interesting. i thought, as she said that in a minute has been torn to shreds cuz admins gestalt to shreds the. where do we go? yeah. and, and she have, you are watching those statements said being given on the floor of the secured accounts lesson to be near unanimous condemnation by council members of russians, actions, even even china's ambassador, as you were saying, he said that diplomacy is the way forward when all of this, do you think have surprised the russians? i don't think we should always care about the new else in the so it's a statement. some people mention russia by name, some people didn't. so people express could some people called the restraint on all sides. sometimes a unit clearly that the west may dollars will much more strident, others india house, the u. e. they were less struggle in china. i mean, my baby said anything at all, but i did refer back to the previous statements which were all about minced being but being the, bring the future. so i, it was a fascinating selection. oh,
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here i think the u. s. about was about to speak. i'm not sure what you're seeing as yet. yeah. she had, let me just interrupt you that because the u. s. embassy to the you and linda thomas green field just about to speak. let's just, let's just listen to what she has to say to him. late in the evening, this urgent emergency meeting of the security council is our 3rd meeting over the past few weeks on russia. russia's threat to ukraine, and it is the 3rd time you've heard from the rest of the security council, a unified message that russia should not start war, that russia should lean toward diplomacy, that it should not continue its unprovoked attacks on ukraine, on ukraine, sovereignty, and on their territorial integrity that it should not defy the foundational principles of the un charter. and you also heard the secretary general make that statement as well to day. to day president putin gave
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a speech that clearly sets up a pretext for invasion. in doing so, he toured the minks agreements to shred, and as the secretary general said, earlier to day, he violated the un charter. just now my russian count apart, made assertions without evidence that demonstrate their efforts to create a pretext for conflict. and it is alarming. it's revealing, and it's shameful. every un member state has a stake in what comes next. an annual debate on this topic was already on the agenda for in state. in the general assembly. we expect to hear strong statements in support of ukraine as we did to day. and the un charter and a chorus of calls for russia to cease its hostilities. this is the moment the moment to stand up and defend the united nations and our international order. as we know it to morrow, the united states will impose sanctions on russia for this clear violation of
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international law and ukraine, sovereignty and territorial integrity. we can will, and must stand united and our cause for russia to redraw us forces returned to the diplomatic table. and worked toward peace. thank you. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. oh i see. just heard the, again, from the us ambassador to the united nations, linda thomas greenfield. perhaps repeating much of what she said in her statement on the floor of the security council. it's interesting, let's bring it back to her baton. see how that is interesting because earlier, linda thomas greenfield was talking about. so the deployment of russian troops as peacekeepers in east in ukraine is a nonsense. and it's a pretext to invasion again, repeating what she had said on the floor as you were watching there. that brings us nicely. she had gone to the point of sanction. so where does all of this them leave?
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the issue of sanction. she talks about the sanctions, a number of members, including the u. s. there, and the u. k said that, announce those sanctions later today writes, but what sanctions that the point is, i think. and so this is what we were hearing earlier today is there was a lot of unanimity about watts li international community would do with a full scale invasion of ukraine, which joe biden has been promising the weeks now, which has not happened. and we should be clear, this is, this is not bullying bombarding, kia, this isn't using a $170000.00 troops with a pencil movement and, and, and shelling and shelling the cities. this is about an area which has been in conflict for the last several years. whether i have been just several 1000 dead over the last few years, just hear, well, it is often reported upon. and this is just an escalation of that part of the ukrainian conflict. we should be very clear that. so the thing is, and that's what, that's why there's that debate about, well now what do we do?
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because we know what we'll do if, if there is a full scale invasion over even there, there were big splits between the allies because the u. s. was a will backing down little bit because germany, i mean, in this little, an element of mutually assured destruction about major sanctions against russia. because so much of europe depends on russia. and indeed, the u. s. depends on, you know, the lower oil prices on it. this year there is now the, there are real problems with enormous actions. again, she had, let me just let me just interrupt you there again for one second at ukraine and ambassador to the you and is a speaking. it's awesome to hear what he has to say. so basically what we have right now is in the town by the russian federation to legalize something that's already there for 8 years. i mean, there's any interest in a diplomatic solution. if you were strong enough to listen to the store until narratives. all you tell me what do you think? i'm not. i'm not putting sir spokesperson. he has another. the gentleman is that
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not your radar. feel lucky with steve. he would like the security counts not take him off. what this app would you like them to take with them? the security council has to continue discussing the situation. the situation had been reserved for 8 years. we have now a new phrase, a very dangerous phase. and i was very, very, very much impressed with the majority over the statements. but then it is this enough for, you know, it's not enough. it's not enough for you. whatever country you represent, you know. so talk to your government and insist that your government saves the united nations for me. you said you're not afraid of any one else or anything. so what are you? what are you going to do is they in the morning to defend our country, unique therapy, or said like, i'm not a spokesperson for the minutes soon period with government just say they now expect that the west does something, i mean,
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does some kind of the entire civilized community, right? that is not a yes it west is been heat by the by kremlin, but eat as you heard today. my dear friend, as you heard today from africa, and i invite you to read the african statements. it's not about the west after all. his heiress, any since very important in today's meeting. it was a very, very, very powerful statement by the african ambassadors. when they spoke about colonialism when they spoke about borders. when they spoke about imperialism, i invite you seriously to read the canyon statement. i invite you seriously to let your readers know about the statement of ambassador of gunner i invite you
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seriously to share with your readers and viewers misstatements by gabon. i invite you to listen. once again, was the ambassador, mexico and brazil sat even though even the russian ambassador, in his concluding remarks said that the majority, unfortunately said this and that even the heene confirmed the fact that the majority of the security council was not buying his arguments. also he would not have it with who said i was not happy, don't put words in my mouth. what do you think about the sanction that need us to the gentleman who had our do you think about the sanction from the united states and united kingdom of hers? i haven't seen them yet for diplomatic relations. what for what fall to be emotional and dramatic. we're not in the theater,
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is up to my government to decide. we will take very informed decisions and if you followed the meeting or the national security and defense council of to day in ukraine, they remained open. they went to the left, the room, but they sat her and that the meeting of the security council of the brain will continue to adopt necessary. the same decisions about, say, says, convince that there will be of further invasion or you and somebody else be of further invasion to put in such himself that he said additional troops to ukraine. so is going to be an end and invasion, read putting sward on this. going back to the norman before you mentioned that if any response about going back to the table to help me to re re advise that means that glycogen. because we all want to have some it and you can read these statements by the office of micron, and by the office so far,
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the german chancellor on the issue, we are all, with the exception of russia, are willing to sit down unconditionally and discuss in the normal, deformed, necessary steps. it's only russia who posts, conditions as a right, if the us said, and the means agreement is threat to pieces. so is there hope that said what the u . s. ambassador said them the means agreement is threat to pieces, so i'm not wanting of the u. s. statements, i mean they have a powerful mission. was many spokespersons. i think you take it up again and that whole that diplomacy has a chance. i said on the means agreements, what i said in my statement, you can quote my line in the, in the statement on the musical document you hold on in the meeting. ah, it was so that i can try it again. all right, look,
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this man is the decree by president putin of 26 of august, 2008 on recognition of i think it was i see here. right. that is a degree of to day. all right. is identical twins, identical twins. you change the geography and in the ukrainian decision that you just insert a couple awards on minsk cuz there was no means can georgia case copy machine copy machine, you know, copy next this country a, b, c, d, f. you can go online the kremlin site and you can printed it yourself. right? so if you want to have an authoritative party, go on crumbling society and print out the decrease of 2008.
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number 1261, and the degree of 2022, number 72 and make a comparison. i actually heartily heard dev african speeches. they were very good. you're right. but now, in practical terms, what do you expect from the country they can help ukraine? and my another question, he's thinks goss wars much worse than few months ago. is there anything that your government will do different or what deed in the law? oh, is there any thing that the government of the russian federation can do differently to improve the situation? my question is, is there anything that the government of the russian federation can do to agree with ukraine, france and germany,
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to sit down and discuss things around the table of norman before and other formats . so i will just refer you to the government to russia until they're spokespeople. thank you. with night. all right, so you're just watching. the ukraine's ambassador to the united nations are feeling questions are from journalists falling that emergency late night session of the un security council. and let's just bringing back her. she habitants either in new york, she have blessed us wrap things up with you if we can. i'm. so what happens next? i mean, as we were discussing, the jury's out on whether mince one minced to a dead at what, what, what for the diplomatic road, you think the u. n. can play the international committees can play in, deescalate, in this crisis and averting war. and i, you can see the ukraine, my boss is pretty satisfied with what he heard. and it was a majority of those who spoke, who were very concerned about the russian actions, whether they mentioned russia by name or not. and it wasn't just members of the
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west, but members of the global south as well. and as, as the knew him, a lot of people talking about the speech from the canyon ambassador and went with that memorable line. multilateralism lies on its death beds to night. and so he obviously ukrainian baths. very happy with what's, what's going on there. but i think as far as what can happen at the un will what, at, what does usually happen at the, you know, you know, a few major powers pretty much at hold swear the security council. so much goes on from there. there is the un general assembly, there's a big meeting coming up on wednesday, which, which was already prearranged. it was the, there was, it was the time it was daniel at the annual session on crimea. and that clearly this will be a major issue. a major issue that however, in the past it's not quite so easy perhaps as, as that's as the 15 members of security council that we're talking about. and then that split between the west and africa and the non aligned and china. because at the un general assembly, i think there is still a lot of suspicion off the us and it's motivations. and there is
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a certain amount of sympathy with anti had demonic. well impulses and russia right now is, in some ways. yeah, i mean, there is, i mean, you can call it what about is in will, you can call it about talking about hypocrisy. but the fact is there, when the u. s. talks about ripping up knowles and, and international law. i mean, people, you know, they usually get a snicker, the un security council in particular, and in the un general assembly. so they're all these other issues that we're going to see where it goes that the un, i guess the u. s. is still trying to get something symbolic, a symbolic and actions against the us. maybe the un general assembly, maybe maybe it may be an other in other forums, but i think what also the u. s. is trying to do is also try and, and there. and you could see him actually in the us ambassador speech trying to drive sunk on a wedge between china and russia. because right now you can see the u. s. is very concerned about bats part of the geopolitical consequences and what's been going on or to chaperone county life as they're watching those statements or at the emergency meeting of the u. s. secret gases she ab at. thank so much indeed. let's
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bring in telescope. john is a senior fellow council on foreign relations and previously served a senior director of european affairs for the national security council joins us live from washington. d. c. a child, thanks so much for bearing with us at how much of a major escalation is this move by the russian president. and by recognizing these breakaway regions, has putin effects to be torn up the minsk agreements? do you think? well, it is a big deal. and yes, i think he has torn up the minutes the agreements because in those agreements were really the main framework for trying to find it negotiated settlement. he really said, forget it. i'm recognizing these 2 regions is independent. that haven't been said, the facts on the ground really didn't change that much. russia was already in control of these territories. they are now sending troops in over at lee before they were sending them in covertly. so in some ways, their story is really just beginning here in the big question, in my mind is,
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is going to say mission accomplished. i have protected our ethnic kin in don boss or is this the 1st move in what will likely be a russian invasion of the rest of it? wait to tell. yeah, talk about interesting point you make because as you say, putins older than what he calls peacekeepers into the region. but by for many recognizing these regions, do you think pu tenant has now played his best caught him and wasn't the strength of recognition more valuable to him in his strategy with the west? i hope that he, that he's sort of said, this is what i wanted and i'm delivering what i promise. if you listen and watch the speech that he gave today, one would suggest that he's just beginning because he says that you, crane and russia are the same that he crane doesn't really deserve to exist as an independent country. that sounds to me like an ideological foundation for
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going in toggling the government and bringing ukraine back into a russian sphere of influence. i'm worried about what will happen in the coming days, and that's why i think yes, what happened tonight is important. but let's keep our eye on the big question, and that is, is going to try to invade and occupy the rest of ukraine. charles, what does all of this now means? any diplomatic efforts and the crisis in france had proposed the summit between president biden and putin, presumably this declaration by the russian president. now put that in grave jeopardy. it's too soon to tell him a new or a couple of different ideas. one was a normandy meeting, which is russia, ukraine, germany, france. we also heard talk this morning of a potential meeting between bruton and biden, is all of that off now is all of that going. busy to happen precisely because
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pollutant has turned up the heat, we don't know, i think we'll probably know more tomorrow once folks are back in their office and we get a better sense of how the u. s. in its european allies are going to respond. and what about sanctions? i mean that's the next big thing. are they like to be effective against those breakaway regions? and i guess many, ben charles, i mean moscow has been sanction proofing its finances for quite some time. well, it's interesting to me that at least from what we heard tonight, the sanctions will be targeted very much on the break away regions. individuals involved in the break away regions. and they're not going to on least the much bigger sanctions that they've been talking about. russian banks, big sectors of the russian economy. oligarchs around inner circle. i, it sounds to me like they're going to hold back on those big guns. go after some relatively small individuals in the eastern ukraine and say the big,
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the big guns for what couldn't come if russia goes more deeply into the rest of ukraine. so, so, i mean, this is a very dangerous game, a brinkman ship. charles, what happens now is pu, tim, like you to press the pause button and see what the response is from the west, and you cry. well, prove it, he's a great tactician. i think he's a pretty bad strategist in the sense that this whole game is likely to backfire sooner or later. but what he's doing here is really turning up the he, he may turn down and he in the next couple of days and turn it back. he's always trying to keep ukraine and the west off balance. i think he will hit the pause button now to see what kind of response he gets to this action. i don't think he has his made mine, his mind made up. and so i do think that channels of communication shouldn't stay open and it's got to touch on. i'm afraid,
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i'm afraid we have to leave it there. thank you. thank you very much indeed for your time. all right, well that's it for this. i'll be back with a moment where much money to say without a zip. ah, al jazeera goes beneath the waves with a team of women, determined to save the dolphins. we all share the same responsibility when me to do something 30 amazing and using a variety of scientific techniques to study their behavior. we can monitor them and report variable goal quotas and behavior. we're able to how they're a document for their new environment. women make science dolphin sanctuary on al jazeera compelling. we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continued to arrive at the speed of the explosion in spite, i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was
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thousands of off programs. award winning documentaries. and death news reports subscribe. take you cheese dot com, forward slash al jazeera english. ah, the un security council meets in a late night emergency session after russia's president vladimir putin recognizes breakaway regions and eastern ukraine. ah, milan, darn jordan. this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up after dressing his mason on tv, vladimir putin. signs of decree, recognizing the east. some errors of dynamics come to hands held by separatists. meanwhile, both of you and us announced immediate sanctions against rebel territories in the east of ukraine.


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