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tv   101 East The Widows of Everest  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2022 1:30am-2:01am AST

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in the coalition that we're seeing now, does europe have the capacity to undergo this? i know you've spoken about this, the transformation needed in a literally, in terms of its divisions, but also economically in terms of dependent. and it's on rushes, oil and gas. how does europe have to change? well, this is the end of an era in many ways, not simply because a dictator has launched a war of conquest again in europe, the nationalist reasons the for the 1st time in a long time. what we are also seeing is the model, the britain with london developed of the british elite sort of legal and financial services industry serving the kind of collector credit wealthy of the world is now coming on stock and britain is going to have to find
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a new model that has the sanctions, even though i don't think they quite that far enough, really to bring to an end london grad. and on the other side, germany and italy and the countries of central europe, the d. b dependent on russian. oil and gas are going to have to diversify that supplies and accelerate that transition to d. carbonized green futures. if they don't want that purchase, distribute funding the kremlin war machine over the last 20 years. we seem to have lost the ability that we had in the fifties and sixties and seventies to build strongly and successfully with our projects getting bogged down in cost overruns or in endless review reviews or extensions. and we're going to have to rediscover the ability to build in europe if we really want to no longer be dependent on christians, oil and gas machine, which is funding his war machine. and we're going to have to build a new, clean energy system far faster than we thought we already had to because of climate
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change. thank you very mart, senior fellow, the atlantic councils, europe center, ben judah, joining is that from new york march will sell to come this hour. we're going to look at the impact on global financial market stocks of plunge. it did rebound a bit though. oil prices have also been rising as it rushes. invasion of the brain shake the global economy and they've been protests around the world in support of the people of ukraine. ah hello, welcome to your world's weather update. this snow is starting to wind down for western areas of japan. this includes honshu in the southwest of hoko to be told temperature is running a bit below average here,
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but for the korean peninsula were above average. so it's got a high of 9 degrees in the sunshine, are also back into the sunshine for southern china. this includes hong kong 18 degrees and we'll keep it going. we'll get your temperature up there after that bitter cold snap that we saw. so back into the twenty's over the weekend, which is pretty well in line with where you should be for this for the year. so came rain to be expected still for the malay peninsula just to the north in the east of colon, poor. other spot, we've seen some flooding is rate across java. and through the ways the where homes have been destroyed as a result of that flooding. down under right now, we're watching for the potential of a tropical cyclone to cook up just to the west of darwin. and we've got this area of low pressure which is intensified. it's deepening. so think the deeper the low, the more intense it is. and we're going to see some flooding rains around brisbane . right. so that south west coast of new south wales land is weather reports in new zealand where a band of rain is stretching across the tasman. see that's gonna pull into the southwest of new zealand chart for good. been with the high of 21 on friday. that's
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it. ah, looking lease guides dying disproportionate numbers on that everest, leaving behind widows who struggled to subaru. one hour at aisd meets the ship, a women define tradition. to conquer the world's parts mounted on al jazeera. in a notorious waterside community, y kims and thugs room, one theater director ventures to stage a play that can be misused to empower the women. that old man sitting right there. oh, and we define they status in society. missy, that nigerian women walk on water. witness on al jazeera ah
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al jazeera with ah ah, welcome back origin algebra live from london with continuing coverage of our main story. russia has invaded ukraine by air, land, and sea targeting major cities and military base is across the country. the cranes government has at least 50000 people, have been killed. and in the last few minutes, president lansky has signed a decree to mobilize all able bodied men of fighting age to join in defending the
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country. the while thousands of fled the homes and towns and cities around ukraine, the un says around a $100000.00 ukrainians have already been displaced. others have primed into subway stations which have become improvised bomb shelters. western countries responding, hitting russia with more sanctions. the u. s. is blocking the assets of russian banks, sanctioning oligarchs, restricting rushes access to high tech goods. and the e. u is freezing russian assets and restricting trade, energy and transport industries. over has been a reaction on global financial market. stocks have been in decline. rushes currency had to record low, but to oil prices. a soaring as repercussions of the attack on ukraine. ripple across the global economy. oil broke past a $100.00 a barrel for the 1st time in 8 years. marcia supplies 10 percent of the world's oil and a 3rd of europe's gas. the markets have been really volatile all day. european stalks tumbled more than 3 percent, but on wall street,
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he has and be $500.00. finally ended up one and a half percent higher. after the opening more than 2 percent lower and rushes ruble fell to $89.00 against the dollar an all time low before recovering moscow stock exchange to briefly suspend trading after falling by a record 45 percent at one point. meanwhile, ukraine was forced to suspend trading in its currency when its bonds crashed. investors are wanting, it could default again, as it did after russia annex crimea. in 2014 food supplies are also under threat. russia and ukraine crane supply more than a quarter of the walls of wheat and prices for wheat and corn of already surged 5 percent is could hit the vulnerable countries like yemen, lebanon, and bangladesh, which depend heavily on weights from ukraine out there. gabriel alexander has been monitoring the economic impacts of what's happening and has more from the new york stock exchange analyst here in on wall street. think that these energy prices will remain high for the foreseeable future. just prices for european
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natural gas, for example, most of which is supplied by russia sword, more than 50 percent. we're also seeing it with the commodities as well. aluminum, much of its, supplied by russia. hi, rick. bruce went to a record high. wheat corn price is also jumped to its highest level in a decade. so we're seeing where there potentially could be shortages or scarcity. and of course, the wheat and corn, a lot of that is produced in russia and ukraine. we're seeing where these scarcity could hit because of this conflict. now the price is jumping, that's to be expected, but we're seeing a jump very sharply now on wall street. the markets did a pretty remarkable turnaround on thursday. the nasdaq, which was down at one point negative 3.5 percent finished positive 3.7 percent. the s and p 500. the benchmark, of course was down to point 5 percent finished up 1.5 percent in the 30 stock.
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dow was down at the session low at $859.00 points and finished pretty much flat, but in the green, $92.00 points. so as a remarkable turnaround, the big picture here on the global economic stage though, is this is that this is all transpiring as the global economy was on shaky footing as it's still trying to recover from the economic effects. from the pandemic, we're talking about supply chain issues. continuing, we're talking about our rising inflation and slower economic growth. now, a war. so in many sense, we're still facing a perfect storm. geo political uncertainty will continue, and that means that as long as that continues, there will be, you can amik uncertain certainty in the global markets as well. new lesion of ukraine is forcing companies to shut down or suspend their operations budget.
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airline whizzer has stopped flights and is trying to evacuate as ukrainian crew and their families, along with 4 of its planes off to ukraine, closed it skies to civilian aircraft. global shipping giant musk says it won't stop, but ukrainian ports until the end of the month. and danish freight company, d, s. v has also halted operations. delivery services are also hit the logistics company, u. p. s. and fedex of suspended services in and out of ukraine. danged brewer calls burg, which has a 31 percent chair of ukraine's beer market, has suspended production of all 3 of its berries and coca cola h. b. c. one of the world's largest bottling companies has shot down it's plant as well. or chris, we for his chief executive officer of micro advisory, which is a strategic consultancy focused on russian eurasia trends me now from london, even before russia's attack on ukraine, governments and central banks around the world were really concerned about the threat of this prolonged period of inflation, which is basically
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a tax on people's income. how much worse could that now get? ok, well it could select the short answer is a clear you could get a lot worse. so this is an unprecedented event that's happening in ukraine, and therefore we're still only guessing what the consequences may be. clearly the focus is now as your previous speaker said, is on the energy market. it's on those parts of the global economy where russia is a key supplier, so wheat and, and other industrial materials. so if there is any threat of disruption of these key products, then that will of course disrupt global economy. but already you can see to traders are fearful of that driving price is higher. so that's going to feed into globalization big because the cost of these based materials is already
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a lot higher and will stay elevators on. so we fully understand the risks of what's happening in ukraine and what the legacy of this might be. once the military action ends, it increases that increases the uncertainty for companies. you're just running through companies who've had their operations and plants affected by this, but also now household interesting, we're going from the ones actually general just last night. he said this has come a time when the global economy is trying to recover from the corona virus pandemic . and that developing countries, again to the particularly affected by this well looked at, i think the short answer is, nobody knows, i guess it focuses on developing economies because day those economies tend to be weaker. they don't have the same depth or structure, of course is developed economies and therefore are more vulnerable to shocks. so in
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that sense, it is quite correct. and the shockwave sitting to global economy, it tends to hit those less developed economies harder so that, that certainly is right to point that out. but we really don't know because the key issue here is, will there be any disruption of these key materials right now? traders are reflecting the uncertainty and the risk of destruction with the higher prices. russia is saying repeatedly that it will not cut off the supply of any material global markets and will not use any does it like gas or oil as a political weapon. but the big concern is that if, if sanctions are farther extenders for, particularly if russia is completely excluded from the global financial system, then customers will not be able to pay for these products. and then supply will, will be disrupted. so that's why prices are higher. it's not because there is an immediate threat of any supply disruption, but the threat is that sanctions get worse and then it will happen anyway. when it
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comes to inflation. we've been speaking about the in the rising oil and gas prices . but what about other materials? for example, food supplies. yes. russia and ukraine alternate between the was top and 2nd largest exporter of wheat, as well as a significant volume of other products. and of course, a lot of the wheat goes to, you know, 2 countries in the middle east, in asia, et cetera where, you know, bread is a basic foods product. so yeah, the spike in, in, in we prices and also into destruction if we'd market because the ukraine is a, is that it was top or 2nd largest producer of fleet. and the exports from debt market will now stop as a result of this conflict, for what period of time we can only guess that. so there will be a shortage of,
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of wheat. and therefore, there will be of short your flower and the price of bread and other food stuff will therefore stay elevated. so it's in a different category to 2 oil and gas. oil and gas is more dependent on russia. and whether or not it can, it's russia is excluded from the payment system. otherwise those supplies will keep flowing. but wheat flour is already be disrupted because ukraine as a big supplier will not be able to keep its exports going. so that's really the place to focus on what will be the impact of hire bread prices in places like the middle east or asia, where we have seen historically, a rising inflation in basic food items such as bread, has led to a lot of civil instability. and protests so that, that's kind of more of a, a concern i think right now then perhaps whether not to be a shortage of gas in your thank you very much. appreciate your analysis chrissy for joining us after what some of the barn is an associate fellow of the russian you
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raise your program at chatham house explains why information is so difficult to verify, especially with in russia. i think this information has been paused to tune a warfare toolkit ever since 2014. the question of verifying what's happening today is really not the most important one. the most important issue now is the brainwashing that has been taking place in russia, how putin is brainwashing his own population. he is telling them that ukraine is and nazi states that he is undertaking a process of the knots, if occasion ukraine's president is jewish. half the cabinet of ministers of ukraine history tell me which country in the world is not the country with the jewish president, but that's not the only issue. the foreign ministry, sex person today has said, this is not a war. this is the end of war. i'm not actually quite sure what she means with this
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very ominous. this is a ward and what was she trying to decide? the russian population that there is no wall? this is this information on a grand scale. people are getting information from, from the internet, from twitter, for good, very, very lives a facebook will face one right now. this is allows people to go out on the streets, receiving reports from st. petersburg today of people out in the street in st. petersburg saying, stop, stop, stop. when you protest in russia, it's not like protesting in the u. k. when you protest in russia, you risk imprisonment years, your life is a brave people who are protesting. not as many as one could expect, considering the scale of what is happening, but there is some protest because they are managing to get access to other sources of information. sadly, not enough. we want to now turn to ukraine's key port city of mary awful, which lies in the southeast of the countries come under heavy fire. hundreds of explosions have been reported that out. there is charles stratford santas this earlier from the edge of mary pal where he witnessed a convoy of tangs,
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some flying ukrainian flags. i'm close to a check point on the outskirts all my real military vehicles behind me. heading down the road, heading west. nobody can see quite yet on the other side of the road. there was a convoy of tanks appearing. we've heard the distinctive thought of what sound to obey. grant miss isles being used. these are these missiles with that can see that coming out heading to marry off all across the field here. there are you friday military. it's like that. we on the side ways earlier, billowing smoke coming problem other come
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with yeah. also increasingly seeing more more people leaving chrome. this checkpoint is checkpoint, the road going down towards the west. 2 cities like the dense only as op c, as well as denise frog in the north, north west. interested me. we have been speaking to a source in the navy around paradox. he says that earlier today, naval force is off the coast of the coach. the presidents came under fire from russia, labor russian naval vessels at forcing them back to base. and we're also getting report so again that we cannot verify that a russian forces may be planning an attack from the north of crimea in towards cities like care song and melia topple. which, as i say,
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are west of well west intelligence of voice concerns about russia in circling the craning capital key, evan, and possibly deploying overwhelming force there. but russia's military operation and ukraine has forced people to talk up on basic supplies. how do i need reports from a supermarket in the town of crimea tours in easton, ukraine? it is quite surprising to sort of see that collects how collected they are quite orderly. no one is pushing and shoving. but that's, i think, is because this conflict has been going on for 8 years. nothing has been resolved. both chem and the as separate as leaders have not been able to find any kind of solution to relations with give, and moscow have been deteriorating very over these past 8 years. and then certainly
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ever since this crisis has started a few months ago, it's gotten worse and worse. so people knew that something will happen. people knew that eventually they would be an escalation. i don't think they expected it now just a few weeks ago, there were brushing off the idea of an invasion and then things changed very, very quickly for them. maybe today they're following the news that at the moment mainly, or what we're hearing is that the military installations are being targeted. there's certainly no any kind of visible army of fighting on the streets. here is all quite calm, but they know war. they have seen war, this city had been going between the hands of the russian back, separate is and the ukrainian army. does the scene fierce battle the next door cities of yards, which is only a 10 minute drive? was the epi center really of the base,
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a do the for the russian back separate this has spread all the way there has set up a base there. and it took, it was a fierce fighting to get it back. so people know what it means. people know what could unravel on their street. and they're taking their precocious, but it's quite, is, is quite would they say surprising, admirable to see how calm and collected they are. and there is no sense of a you, even when you look at their, he says they just there, they know it is a very serious situation. but you don't have a feeling. they're not expressing it at the moment is what is the best way i could describe it? earlier i had from pizza, my of director of the raise your democracy initiative, he's in kiev and says that there is anxiety about russian troops attempting to take over the streets that i'm in the center of the city. and obviously attention are running high. there's talk of russians trying, you know,
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possibly attempting to infiltrate the city streets. overnighted maybe tomorrow. this probably will not happen without pitched battles in the city. because there's just too many were too many weapons on the outskirts here. you know, it's looking very dire. a lot of folks are leaving it's, they're like moving from the city at the speed of less than an hour. you can see my kids like here, right now we're, we're, we're like, you know, we're trying to decide what is the best way to proceed. you know, it's very, very, very right now along country watching the invasion of ukraine anxiously as georgia, which russia invaded in 2008 people have been rallying to denounce moscow in the capital. robin forest walker was that oh, freedom square in sibley. see tonight completely occupied by thousands of
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georgians and also many people from approve. there are many ukrainians living in sibley, see many ukrainian experts they've come out to show that discussed at the invasion that has been taking place in ukraine in the morning. i was feeling desperate. it is horrible. we don't need more in the 21st century. i. ukraine don't need to put him in ukraine. so please leave georgians and ukrainians. really consider themselves brothers and sisters in arms. that's because georgia experienced 14 years ago. what is happening now in ukraine? the self was set in territory of georgia was invaded by russian forces later recognized as a republic, although territory. and of course,
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it is considered internationally part of georgia. so georgians are experiencing a sense of deja vu about what they have been seeing today happening in ukraine. there's a lot of fear about what's going on. and concert of course, about what is going to now transpire. we need to sub russia just in maybe ukraine because next there will be other care. okay, thank faith. great. it was good. yeah. then good crane and next country. there are very strong nation and we all support them the whole world. and they should keep from fighting no matter what the cost for their freedom and georgians will help them in any way. and the way we can do it is feel vulnerable. russian military base is a station just a few 1000 kilometers away from the capital. and they're fearful about what could happen next. because given the unprecedented invasion, anything no seems possible in this region. approaches have been taking place around
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the world against russia invasion if you kind, including here in london. sunday gaga has more from start to balloon tokyo i'm, they root this is the anger over russia's invasion of ukraine around the world. in london, a crowd outside the prime minister's downing street president, making its demand loud and clear. calling for complete economic isolation of russia, worry that many here have to their families back home. i was shocked. my mom called me, it was 5 o'clock, 4 30 in the morning here. it was top and she was like, rational really did we, i watch
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a minute by minute. what's happening that most of them, i don't love the forest that matches up. it would have had hundreds russia, many have feel that it is too little too late. and while the rest of the maybe shut of ukraine when ukrainians living abroad in from home to some 30000 ukrainians, hundreds gathered outside the russian embassy in paris. singing others shouted for an end the invasion and many more gathered elsewhere in the city or condemning the assault. like many others around the world, determined to show the solidarity with ukraine. funny guy, al jazeera number, one further development to bring you as we reach the end of this,
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our kids independent reporting, the 237 ukrainians have been killed on the 1st day of this attack. that is where the desk tell stands at the moment, that's if myself in the team here in london. so how will have war on this story? in a few minutes, joe biden will deliver his state of the union to grass and march. first, the traditional speech will outline his achievement. today we will respond and we had but with the cobra policy under pressure and a war sitting situation in ukraine. county, president, richard congress. he's on the right track, special coverage from washington to how do you define a successful 1st here in charge of counseling, we bring you the stories in different ones that are rapidly changing the world we're living. what do you think's been driving to volatility market this year? counting the cost on al jazeera and andrew is my material,
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my job. my friend feels his bronze to that point. yeah, he doesn't do with my nigeria on al jazeera. ah. the latest news as it breaks, authorities tell us that brutal violets like this one in the honduran capital are just the tip of the iceberg, and a far more complex security situation with detailed coverage. this coastal vintage in white is one of the worst areas here in the province of ball. from around the world. things seem very normal in the city. people are still good to work. a school the restaurant all day. ah,
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al jazeera, with a ah invasion russia attacks ukraine from the air, land, and sea, a full scale, a sol continues across large parts of the country. ah, hello, i'm adrian for the good. this is al jazeera alive from dough ha. also coming up to his aggression against ukraine, one of caution, russia dearly economic leanne strategically.


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