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tv   Up Front  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2022 10:30pm-11:01pm AST

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well, 1st, all facebook has said in response or to the decision by the russian telecoms communicator to slow down acts as, as facebook, instagram, whatsapp, and messenger facebook says that what happened was, it was ordered by the russians to stop its independent fac, checking and labeling of content on 4 state owned media websites, it includes a rub, main russian news agency, and the defense ministries channel. so what are the russians of done in retaliation? a slow down access to facebook owned sites. but it is also true that in the last 2448 hours, facebook has become increasingly a platform for personalities in russia to post anti war messages. yes, there were those protests in st. petersburg earlier. it's been quiet in moscow this evening as far as we know, other very heavy police presence particularly around at the kremlin. but other ways of poster prose, protesting through social media,
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is becoming increasingly popular. and as a belief that her, the crumley wants to sort of control or reduce people's ability to protest in that way on line. what is the kremlin sad about this proposal to have talks, interests vladimir putin expressed interest initially and talks in belushi says, because the ukranian president, who called for the talks had indicated, according to the problem in a willingness to discuss ukraine's air neutrality. and having said that, the russian foreign minister, he'd already said sir gay, love rav, or that the ukrainians must be prepared to lay down their arms. vladimir putin has effectively called on the crate army to overthrow zalinski his government. and also, sir gay lover of again, he said that he wants ukrainian people to be independent and to have the possibility to freely define their destin. but he sees no possibility of
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recognizing the current ukrainian government as democratic versus the ukrainian government. that was elected president, zalinski elected was 73 percent of the vote in 2019 the kremlin problem, it seems is with zalinski. and while puting on the one hand says he might be open to talks. on the other hand, these calling for the ukrainian military to overthrow its government. all right, thank you very much, bonus mathematica. ah ha, a look at our main story now contain coverage of the situation and ukraine. russian forces closing in on ukraine's capital care of on the 2nd day of an invasion that killed at least 137 ukrainians and driven thousands from their homes. ukrainian military says russian spies in saboteurs or on the outskirts of the capital,
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keith will ukrainian present rodney mill, zalinski is pushing for talks with russia. he is offering to designate ukraine as a country alive. the neither east nor west. but the kremlin says it will only attend talks if they are held and minns, which is the capital of that. a ruse from my thousands of russian soldiers are crossing into ukraine. nato secretary general yan stoughton burks. as the rushes aim in this conflict is to change the government in care of the alliance is deploying more units to bolster the defenses of nato nations. or in terms of the way this assault has been carried out. rusher is attacking ukraine on several fronts to the north, the east south, and west. all eyes right now are on the capital kiev, which is being pounded by miss styles. russian forces have also entered in northern suburbs and surrounded the city. fierce fighting is taking place in the regions of sumi, her son and ukraine's 2nd largest city of car keys,
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where the mayor has told all residents to hide in bomb shelters. and in the port city of mario, full close to rebel held areas in the east. at least $35.00 residents have been injured off to fighters backing pro russian set, which is fine at civilian buildings. well, ukrainian soldier is being praised as a hero of allowing himself to be killed, to slow the advance of the russian army for tale. scotland was part of a team that was supposed to blow up a bridge. the bridge was mind. but with the russians quickly approaching, it wasn't time to detonate remotely. golden radioed his unit to say he would do it remotely and wished them could find you quite ukrainian cybersecurity officials of accused hackers from better rows of targeting military personnel. se inquiry and soldiers accounts had been broken into using password stealing e mails before the same technique on people related to the soldiers. ukraine has been inundated by cyberattacks since the russian military build up and invasion
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began over many an eastern ukraine. this is an escalation of a conflict that's already been raging for 8 years in the town of leave, which is controlled by russian back separatist. it was a shelling from the ukrainian armies had a secondary school. according to regional prosecutors, 2 people were killed. shell fires intensified in the rebel held areas of done yet and hands in recent months, had of that recognition is independent by the russian present regime. oppression that was on monday. so the user of saw school cousin warden was similar. that long ago we are fed up with this. it's been 8 years. how long can it continued to him? it has to end some time with him. we are people to the owner. we want to live almost certain won't let us down and he's a serious man and he stands for his words, was that we will be fine, we hope for the best alone. and we think that russia will make it to see it's a strong country. they blockade us somewhat. we lived through the cold war in the
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soviet union. we survived to lulu followed mervin as there is harder abil. i mean is in come a tourist in east in ukraine, and that's close to where government fighters have been fighting russian back sap protest. she explains what's happening in the region. what i think to the surprise of everybody, the frontline is more or less column with ongoing shelling but not continues quite sporadic and certainly not a big on float, which is surprising. many people here in the eastern part of the country, because if you recall for the past few weeks, we've been hearing all the time about the 100000 plus, our troops said they were that were masked. on the other side of the border in east, in ukraine, ready to come in that has in materialized and that is actually also closing a lot of anxiety to people. they know it's going to happen at some point. they just
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don't know if it's just going to be a push of the separate issue on the other line side of that front line or is gonna be this separate is with russian army i did the thinking is that the ukranian army that is positioned along that very long contact line, about 420 kilometers is quite strong. these are the bravest units, the combat ready units of the army. they are thought to be very well equipped. we've, we saw today on the road some surface to air missiles heading in that direction. i can't tell you where, but they were certainly heading east from here. so it thought that really the separatist could not do that. bush alone, they would need some sort of military help from the russians. people here, just wondering when will that happen? they know that the end game would be to take over these 2 regions. that's what the
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separate is one that's in their constitution. and that's what probably russia would want to have some sort of a buffer zone that is completely under their control. where really, everything that's happening is ordered by moscow. well, united nation to saying about 5000000 people could flee the fighting in ukraine into neighboring countries. and more than a $1000000000.00 will be needed for 8 operations over the next 3 months. many in the capital key of have been crowding in to train, and metro stations are either trying to leave the city, or seeking shelter below ground. alexia bryan reports. ah taylor and key of his nose and johnson with the train station desperate to leave the ukrainian capital soldiers or horses leaf, fired into the air to disperse the crowd. so again, with holmes this with wrong,
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we've been trying to leave all day for the morning here. but as you can see, that's unrealistic, like russian troops are edging closer with explosions. heard around the city earlier this apartment block with him or yes. hello. i was sleeping, there was a sharp explosion and i was thrown 3 meters from the room. i was in into the corridor. the glass shattered there were sounds coming from the street. i got scared and started crawling on the floor. excellent. glen co made it out alive, will emergency workers went door to door, searching for victims. and as russian tanks rolled into the city below ground, people crowded into metro stations, exhausted and uncertain about wants to come. oh is the more you were the shelter in our building is known as for underground as the metro station. that's why i think it's safer to come down here. at least a 100000 people have been displaced by the fighting. but the united nation sees the
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number seeking refuge outside ukraine, could reach 5000000. let me go over your fear letter. we had to leave behind everything our whole lives work. it's a terrible feeling to leave your home. you can't imagine how i feel all these families have crossed the border into hungary, hoping it won't be too long before they can return to right on the market. there are long queues at all. the banks and the gems have been emptied. there are thrown in the shops on you pretty much can't buy anything any more. and even paying by card is not possible because some banks are not working. i'm there are our long queues at petrol stations. further along the frontier and poland. hot food and drinks are being served with temperatures hovering around 0 degrees celsius. some people walked 18 hours to get here. many with young children, staple rides, group,
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say indiscriminate attacks by russian forces. he is oksana, those are copier things, ukrainian national anthem, and she clears her after the attack, i will go good. despite the devastation, an air of defiance remains. alexey o'brien al jazeera in the next hour, the un security council was supposed to be meeting again to discuss the invasion of your crime, but we're now hearing it's been pushed back. shebra tansy is live for us at the united nations. now what are they going to do when they and i actually meet while the u. s. and albania have introduced a resolution condemning the russian action as a violation of the un short child calling for an unconditional withdrawal of russian troops. and what's the, the us and albania,
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once is as much unanimity as possible on the security council, what they, what would, what would be 13, at 13 votes in the affirmative with a chinese abstention and a russian, a russian veto because it, russian is about brushes, apartment amount of the security council, it's by no means no means a short thing there, as yet we from what we understand fossil, china clearly has a much closer relationship to russia. not least since the beginning of february, when vladimir putin and president, she met and outlined in great detail the new security partnership that they have. specifically the challenger, unipolar world, in which the u. s. the u. s. is able to do what, what it once but, but it, in the have, you has double standards when it comes to others. so we're not entirely sure what, where the chinese, what we'll, we'll, we'll wait on this whether they will abstain, which is what the us would hope, or will actually join russia in the veto, which would be a disaster, or this would be not what the us once china has consistently said that although
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territorial integrity is very important to china, there are specific reasons or the specific circumstances in this particular conflict and russia does have the intimate security concerns. often nato relentlessly expanded. eastwood so that's something to watch. but then we have the other members of the, of the insecurity council, the non permanent members, what we were hearing in the last few days were there was a possibility of brazil at the way of india abstaining. something they've been very measured in their remarks in previous un security council meetings this week and have unless we brother and have been in have been to angela as legitimate st. strategic concerns according for restraint. well as on brazil, as waiver and perhaps will be voting in the affirmative that these india and the u . e. who may votes, who may, may abstain? potentially not. i will not be what the u. s. is looking for, so that's what we're looking for. and there is always that sort of tricky awkwardness in the sense that russia is the current president of the un security council for february. so when they introduce the security council resolution,
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they will have to read out the list of countries who are co sponsoring the resolution and up i lost count. it was around $59.00 countries across the un sponsored resolution condemning russian behavior. and the russian ambassador will have to have to read each country out. as you say, it said, it adds to the that in sensitivity in situation it lash present as president of that council, something which rotates. and so that discussions on the way about whether that should be challenge and perhaps even if there will be efforts to remove russia's right to having a permanent seat on the un security council. is there a feeling that the country is becoming more isolated? no, i mean, you can see why that, of course, because the united states doesn't want any sort of precedent to be facts where a problem that member of the un security council can be challenged in such a way. what would the, what does that mean for all of us?
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his actions over the last thing i think that's going to happen is any challenge to do rushes position on the security council because those who are entrenched on the security council position would look at our own behavior and think, wait a 2nd. this could be problems for us to that's very unlike any. so a reform of the security council always been resisted by those who know what the status quo to exist. so i think that's, that's highly, highly unlikely. thank you, shall we? can he, at the united nations? well, let him appreciate most useful ally so far has been better ration present. alexander, look shanker, tens of thousands of russian troops of used battery says, a launch pad to invade ukraine and the capital kiev now, which isn't far from the border syrian present. michelle, i said his call putin to express his support. i said has been a staunch ally of russia since it started bombing syria's rebel held areas in 2015 . turning the tide of war in the government favor russia's strongest allies in latin america, venezuela and cuba have blamed nato for the crisis. and ukraine,
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calling for the conflict to be resolved peacefully, and brazil's president, jericho scenario, who met bruton and moscow just last week, has criticized his own vice president for condemning the invasion. meanwhile, the commons, most powerful allied china has refused to support sanctions against russia. invasion of ukraine pose a challenge for china, which is refused to condemn the military action. katrina, you reports now from beijing. the less than a month after chinese president, she didn't ping that vladimir putin. russia's lead a lot, the most aggressive attack in europe for decades. the china's leaders have refused to condemn the invasion or use the word invasion at all. all i want is she would, she'd have the ukrainian issue has other very complicated historical backgrounds. today. it may not be what any of us want. so we hope that all parties will work together to give peace a chance. look in the key way. china is criticizing birth,
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united states for exacerbating tensions and nato for ignoring what it says or rushes legitimate security concerns. china also says sanctions are ineffective and orderly harm. the general population of china feels very strongly that the u. s. trying to circle it and contain it. ah, russia feels the same way. ah, the combined pressure on both of them has pushed them together and there's no question about that. so at this juncture, they feel that they are up against the us. and its allies. paging has repeated its claims of non interference, the affairs of other countries. it would provide moscow with military support, but it has been bolstering trade, such as increasing imports of russian wheat. you don't go and throw a lifeline to russia in the middle of a period when they're inviting another country that is simply unacceptable. but this doesn't mean china condones rushes attack on ukraine. it also has good ties
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with kill and relies on strong trade with europe. aging must balance it's friendship with moscow while maintaining relations with the west for the sake of its long term economic and strategic interests. where china clearly supports moscow in terms of trade and economic sense in ideology, but won't actually, you know, kind of violate western sanctions. ah, the, you know, to, to, to, to physically help, i think that situation will remain. and that's what must go expects. on the same day, russian forces invaded ukraine, 9 chinese fighter jets and did tie ones add to fed soon. some analysts have drawn comparisons between ukraine and the self ruled island claimed by china. a link chinese officials deny katrina you out a 0 paging or country is dependent on wheat and corn from russia and ukraine on preparing for global disruption. the 2 countries apply more than 25 percent of the walls. wheat. lebanon depends heavily on imports from ukraine, which makes up 50 to 60 percent of its weak market. and countries already grappling
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with its own financial crisis and can only store a month's worth of wheat. let's look last article looked la la, hey, prices started going up because shipping has become more expensive. myself. there is fear wheat was between $370.00 and $400.00 and went up to $410.00 during some weeks before the ukraine crisis. is a high bill or more forwarded if the situation escalates and the weak market is halted. we have enough for about a months worth of weight stored in the mills. and after that we have no reserves. so it is important that we take the situation seriously. sit down and look at man. a has been a global reaction to what's happening and ukraine. people have continued to rally around the world, calling for an end to the violence. thousands gathered outside nato headquarters in belgium, cooling on the alliance to stop vladimir putin and end the war in taiwan and canada . people also came out in solidarity with ukraine, many of them ukrainians,
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saying they are worried about their families. similar demonstrations of been held in u. s. cities, places like new york, san francisco, and los angeles. how president biden is handily ukraine conflict has been top of the agenda for republicans at this. he has conservative political action conference. john hendern has more from the event in orlando to back was founded by aggressive u. s. foreign policy talks, people who wanted an interventionist strategy to the u. s. foreign policy, and that really changed after trump back in 1974. been future president ronald reagan introduced john mccain to rock as applause. mccain had just returned as a prisoner of war in vietnam, and that kind of intervention approach was popular back then. but since trump, he's had this notoriously close, so i would say bonding relationship with vladimir putin and has had
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a non intervention foreign policy when he was president. so a lot of what's going on here reflects the trump for in policy. these are really the more from republicans, so the most aggressive thing we've heard from the podium is marco rubio, the florida senator saying that he was inspired by the example of all ukrainians taking up arms and fighting against russia. and he said that that reminded him of the american revolution. we've had other people stand over the podium and say, most americans couldn't pick out, keep on a map that they should be more concerned with what's going on on the us southern border. and then of course, there's the more extreme view of donald trump himself, and seem to celebrate that recently saying that latimer declaring 2 provinces independent in ukraine with an active genius that it would savvy high profile bodies in the sporting while the turning their backs on russia european footballs governing body way for says it will relocate the champions league final from russia
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to france. match was supposed to be held it then it's in petersburg, stadium in may, with thousands of support is expected to attend formula. one is also counseled the russian ground pre she's meant to be held in sochi. peter standard reports the champions league final is one of the biggest events on the global sporting calendar . hosting the match brings prestige and tourism among of the benefits. paris will now host the season's final of the st. petersburg was stripped of the honor by european footballs governing body. you wafer. they've also decided russian and ukrainian club, and national teens are to play home games at neutral venue's fifo. we'll have to decide whether or not russia's will come playoff in moscow next month against poland. will go ahead as planned. fever has already spoken out against the conflict . fever expresses hope for a rapid cessation of hostilities and for peace
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in ukraine. if a condemns as well, the use of force by russia, ukraine, and any type of violence to resolve conflicts. meanwhile, manchester united of cancel their tenure sponsorship deal with russia's national airline aero flood. the airline had been united's official carriers since 2013, and the deal was thought to be worth more than $53000000.00. football is not the only for taking action formula. one has cancel the seasons. russian grand prix. the race was due to be held on september 25th in saatchi. a 4 drivers are backing the decision to boycott russia. like everyone said, you know, innocent people losing their lives. you know, people losing their homes and families and don't tough, safe places to, to live in it's, it's not right. but all, we can hope that everything gets resolved in the best possible outcome and way that
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is, that is possible. and for now, i think is the right disposition by form one not to go to russia, but ukraine has also been hit. the national basketball team home match in care against spain has had to be postponed. russian, tennessee, and a roop live made clear his views on the matter after winning dubai on friday. but unless there is a swift into the conflict, most sporting events are likely to be postponed, cancelled or moved to neutral venues. peterson at al jazeera washers also have been banned from the upcoming year visions don't contact with the events producers saying it's inclusion would bring the competition into disrepute. european broadcasting unions has the ban is in light of the unprecedented crisis in ukraine . it's also a utopian policy from the e t. you 24 hours ago, a said russia would be allowed to compete state broadcasters from iceland, norway, and the netherlands, or cold for that by the finland,
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saying that if russia took part, it would not send contestants to the final of the revision 2022. well that's it for now, but a recap of what is happening there are fears about a battle fought ukrainian capital, kia, they've been reports of russian military armored vehicles and troops advancing into the northern suburbs. cities population has been urged to take up arms as rushes attack on ukraine possibly shifts to urban warfare. that is the fear of course, key of is a city of 3000000 people. you've got civilians, families, children, we've been speaking to people inside the capital, who say that the streets are deserted. there is a great deal of traffic heading out as people try and seek shelter. but they're also trying to find protection in bomb shelters and subway systems. we want to leave you now with the sounds of the invasion in care of and not just bullets and bombs. also tears shattering glass suitcases on coupled roads.
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ah ah ah, with sure my food with blue oh, goal roll with a guy
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with joe biden will deliver his state of the union address in march. first, the traditional speech will outline his achievement today, and we will respond and we have but with the cobra policy under pressure and award sitting situation in ukraine county, president recent congress. he's on the right track, special coverage from washington. busy stories of life, hulu,
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and inspiration. a series of sure documentaries from around the world that celebrate the human spirit against a. 1 1 al jazeera selects hunted ah, one cc'd well is now posted to the villages in the okay, i'll just follow the personal journey of we women teachers that daily struggles with isolation and battles with physical. how much in sacrificing that family likes for the education of future generations? women in the weight on al jazeera ah al jazeera,
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i with shabby, ah, bold and untold stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera. ah, a gun battles rang out across kiev as russian forces close in on ukraine's capital. and people try to escape. ah, fly, mary. i'm demising in london with continuing coverage of this story. crane's present, ramirez lansky is saying he and his family all their talk to targets, but pushes for talks with russia. we must stop the.


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