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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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and the remarkable journey to rescue la dodgers all the way after have a good role the bad it, which takes an unexpected very difficult to search for it. right? yeah. visa, 1st street dog on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm barbara sarah. this is the al jazeera news, our live from london. thank you for joining us. coming up in the next 60 minutes. mm hm. under attack, by air and on the ground fighting reaches the streets of the ukrainian capital. keith, as russia stepped south, it's military events, fleeing in search of sanctuary, ukrainian families,
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head across the border as the russian attacks intensify. no retreat, no surrender president for laudermill. zalinski is the following message to his forces. as he says, the ukrainian army has managed to derail the russian offensive and calling for an end to the war rallies across the world to protest against russia's military action and new prey. i'm joanna roscoe, with the impact rushes attack is having in sports chelsea's russian, ona roman abramivitch transposed control of the premier league club to its trustees on take a look at what that means for the future of the european football giants. ah, russian troops are closing in on the capital key as part of their land, the sea, and the air and military action in ukraine. loud,
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heavy gunfire was heard on the streets late on saturday. people have been ordered to stay inside. an extended curfew was in place and any one outside will be considered the enemy and the fight antiquarian president. meanwhile, has made another public address. we will fight, as long as it takes to liberate the country. for lot of me is lends he said in a short video message, and they will soon have some further assistance. the german chancellor all of shawl says this country will provide ukraine with 1000 anti tank weapons and 500 surface to air missiles. promises of weapons to from the netherlands. ne barker begins our coverage. ah, the moment missiles slammed into an apartment block in the south of the ukrainian capital kid and the attacks evidence. so the ukranian authorities are russia's willingness to hit civilian targets of
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zoey. when we go was we managed to escape the way in kitchen. we were lucky, it was a direct hit in the living room. that's my wife and the elder child have their legs broken. oh, young child was taken somewhere by rescuers. ukraine's president had warned of a difficult night. and for many, it came this the aftermath of fierce fighting close to people's homes. ukrainian army said it had destroyed a russian military convoy trying to enter the city for loving me as a lensky affirm. keith was still in control of the capital and surrounding cities seemed or, or uncle. great, good morning ukrainians. there has been a loss of fake information online saying that i'm calling on our army to lay down arms and to evacuate. listen, i am here. we will not lay down any weapons, we will defend our state because our weapon is our truth. and the truth is that this is our land, our country, and our children, and we will defend all of that. that's all i wanted to tell you. in the village of
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buck marsh in northern ukraine, russian forces were met by angry civilians while man trying to stop and advancing tank with his bare hands ah. before being pulled to safety and of the city of huck. heave, a russian missile landed in a children's playground. russia meanwhile, appears to be sending even more troops and hardware across the border into the country, while insisting it's not targeting ukrainian cities. the jail ocean were run as yours has given us a during the night. the russian military use long range, high precision weapons. see an air launched cruise missiles to strike the targets among the ukrainian military infrastructure. i'd like to state once again,
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strikes are only aimed at ukrainian military targets. ah, but that's not what the residence a key of a seeing or hearing people continue to seek sanctuary under ground in basements, the metro anywhere away from the violence. according to western intelligence, the capitals not yet surrounded those russian troops that have made it as far as cave. afore to be russians, special forces and saboteurs, bellagio russian battle groups are getting closer and counting stiff, ukrainian resistance as they approach elsewhere. the russians have made more decisive gaines. this is the city of melita paul in the country, south east, where the russian flag now flies over a local police station. it was kiff work. this video shot by russian state television shows russian tanks on the move in ukraine's east. this is europe's
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largest ground war since world war 2, philadelphia putin. and some of these troops believe histories on their side. stories that we've been waiting since 2014. finally, i'll throw away this gun and will live peacefully. amidst the fighting a light hearted exchange between a ukrainian driver and some stranded russian soldiers lost elsie fuel and sealed, but ha, ha, ha, ha, ukraine's one you guys have surrendered says the driver. can i tell you back to russia? the truth is, the conflicts far from over ukrainian troops of the capital of fortifying the city . soon in hours or days, moscow will have to make a decision, sit outside the capital, an engineer some political arrangement with the ukrainian government, or bring in troops and heavy weaponry and do it and then even more destructive way with the possibility of mass civilian casualties ah, the kremlin has the capacity for both the volcano al jazeera well had until he made
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his in rural pro and eastern ukraine force than doors. because of course, of the crushing. she spent the day travelling and sent us this update about what she witnessed along the way. we were in clamor tours when this war started. and we've been witnessing this city, which is a city of a 150000 people just sort of empty and cell becoming like the empty set of a movie. last night, for example, the city was pitch black, the light turned off purposely by the municipality. it was quite theory because we, if you looked out of the window, you couldn't see buildings, you couldn't see the street, you couldn't see anything. just blackness. as we woke up this morning, we had to do this 3 hour drive to come here. well, it took us 6 hours. that's because of the traffic on the road. there was a lot of ukrainian military deploying regrouping, going in all directions,
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vehicle personnel, equipment, all sorts of things on the road. and amongst that, there was also people leaving. we could see from the window of the car, you know, people with their belongings, with their suitcases, we can see pick up trucks with personal belongings on them. and then a lot of checkpoints and we drove through. we took a side road because the main road was quite busy. we took some side roads, we went through villages and i was observing all the villages. nothing was open all the business. it was shot. yes, food shops were open. no pharmacies were open. very few people on the road. and as we approach, we could see these territorial defense units that had been trained building trenches, building up position that's there will protect the cities, the entries, the exits, and then we slowly arrive to nipper. and as we arrived in april, we were told, well, now is
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a good fear. you got to stay indoors. that part of the country still hasn't seen the violence, but people are taking the precaution. people know that the war is coming to there's 2 doorsteps. the question is, when is it coming? and certainly they know it's not going to be pretty earlier. one of our colleagues was briefly detained as he was reporting in eastern ukraine. charles stratford is in the pro. here's the story. we return from the city of zach parisha where the situation is becoming increasingly tense. a lot more military checkpoints, a lot more military hardware then than we saw there yesterday. as an indication of how 10 cities we were preparing to go live to do a live broadcasts were out of nowhere, seemingly. a group of ukrainian soldiers and ukrainian police peered with their guns. many of them pointing towards us firing in the air. they demanded that we get out of the vehicle. we threw ourselves to the ground camera man's telephone. busy
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was kicked out of his hand and 2 bullets fired from a kalashnikov into that telephone. now, it's important to recognize that these men were just doing their jobs. there are increasing phase amongst ukrainian military and security services about what they describe as cyber term was trying to get into cities and compromising military positions. but as i say, our cameras was still rolling when this incident happened. let's take a look. hi, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop filming the
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new list. good. journalist jones was journalist also the what about the this was also reports from the port city of mary. awful witnesses telling us that what they described was being increasing numbers of paramilitaries on the streets, ukrainian power ministries, helping the ukrainian army, trying to defend the city from what we understand is a push by russian forces from the west. we know that the city is also suffered heavy shilling from the east. we also been speaking to people fleeing the area north of crimea, around the city of care of sown people telling us,
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or alleging that russian forces that have taken control of some of those towns are preventing ukrainian citizens from leaving them. the situation on the roads around in the pro very tense checkpoints a lot more strict one checkpoints and we saw a rush and helicopter flight low over the check point causing panic, causing people to, to scatter away even the security services that, that will manage that check boyd, but there are increasing phase of the 10s, if not hundreds of thousands of civilians that are trying to put as much distance as they can between them and russian forces advancing on these ukranian cities. as the, the front lines become increasingly blurred. shocking footage they are. let's go live now to bernard smith, who's monitoring the situation in moscow. bernard, you know, just watching to looking at what happened to cha, stratford. we can see that pensions are obviously increasing in ukraine itself. but
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when it comes to any possibilities, you've diplomatic solutions, diplomatic steps, what are developments on that front? well, blood him is lansky, says he spoken to the presidents of turkey and as by john and both men say that bed together to help try and set up some sort of talks or negotiations with moscow. moscow says they had tried, we're expecting talks to start on friday and brought him, if you, to actually order that whole. and as a pause in the assault on ukraine, on the invasion of ukraine and those talks are supposed to take place in minsk then moscow says wanted to have them in was or instead. and then moscow says they had nothing further from the ukrainians. now we don't know what bases moscow's prepared to hold those talks, but we do know, of course, the vladimir putin is called on the ukranian army to overflow. over throws, landscape is government and moscow's foreign minister has said he can't see,
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he can't view the current, recreate in a government on its leader as democratic, so who moscow would be willing to speak to is unclear at the moment. and of course, the western alliance is trying to put economic financial pressure on russia with sanctions. the details are still being hammered out now. but how is russia reacting to sanctions? barbara, the political and physical net, essentially, is tightening around russia now are politically. well dmitri madrid. ever former president of russia now the deputy had of russia security council. he's shrugged off sanctions. he says actually is one good reason for us to pull out of a dialogue on strategic nuclear stability and potentially to pull out of the ah, you strategic arm reductions. treaty, the start treaty that sign in 2010 and extended to 2021,
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and also the council of europe, a suspended rusher and murder would have calls out really unfair the council of europe created after the 2nd world war to encourage democracy. and the rule of law in european countries, but never deaf says now that gives us a chance to slam the door. he says on this organisation may be re introduce the death penalty for serious crimes. i mean, while we have more more eastern european countries, the baltic states all now included in this binding, there airlines from flying into russia and russia in retaliation banning those airlines from using russia air space. so we have also this physical isolation of russia, as well as the political one really beginning to take shape. and it's mess with the latest analysis on that from moscow. bernard, thank you all about a 120000 people have already left ukraine to escape. the fighting and aid workers are bracing themselves for as many as 5000000 refugees from ukraine. james elder is
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with unicef, and joins us now by skype, from alvin. as sir, thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera. so as we were saying, a $120000.00 said will when he left and expecting many more to do so from what you can see from what you're hearing of what's going on at the various border is a pink, thus the picture of what's going on. yes, bob or it's a dye picture this morning i was at the border with romania and it's a 10 kilometer long q of people desperate to flee and you see that desperation? if ice, these are every day people middle class people with carson passports? yes, many people are also on the ground, it's, it's cold lodge lodge numbers. and as, as the conflict continues to escalate, those numbers will escalate. but of course, it's just the other one moments beyond the huge q of people they are or the polish border where i'm near now. it's when you start to see one mom reaching down and
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clutching that a little for a 5 year old daughter. tried to explain to them why i fled over the why they got a dog. why they saw it like cat in a bag and why dads not their loss been turned upside down. so there's a great deal of trauma right now for these kids and their families. i mean, you mentioned there the mother explaining to the child when dads not there. and we have heard of that happening, that the men are actually staying behind, potentially at the fight russian troops. so are you seeing that most of the people coming are women and children? yes, certainly women children, older people as well. again, you know, are seeing senior romanian border guards, helping all ukrainian women come across the border. so to one of ukrainian one who never left her country and doesn't want to leave her country. none of them do this is there, this is their home that got lives or go livelihoods. ok. but yes, the vast majority women, children, babies, of course are still men for sure. there definitely are. but the majority are
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a moms and the children. all of this having to have been billing for a while, but the attacks, the initial attacks by russia did come as a surprise a, a few days ago. so countries like poland, romania mil, dover, where that refugees where a lot of ukrainians are going to mean how ready are these countries to welcome these hundreds of thousands of people? what's actually in place? yeah, i think they're ready in terms of spirit. that's the sure it's a, it's sort of open arms if you will, but of course it requires more than that. so organizations like unicef, but we've all those, all those partners, it's about emergency health supplies. it's about, you know, it's about blankets. it's about water, not just, not just for people flaying, but in those areas in the, in the age where water systems have been devastated. so there's an enormous amount that they still day there really are. they really is. it goes beyond what's currently available. a lot of family and they have things,
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but they're about to run out in a couple of days. and the numbers of people i go to continue to grow. so humanitarian needs were worse than children aid, all those kinds of emergency support, but mostly they also just need to know they need missiles to stop so they can be free to go back to bed. i need the s aren't to stop so they can be free to be to be children. again. that's what's really required right now. absolutely. and them, i mean, it goes without saying it's february, it's bitterly cold in that part of europe right now is so what is actually in place to, to keep people warm when, when they show up in their tents, what's the setup is not enough. is a short answer barbara, again that the, the willingness and soul of the local people and the agencies i've seen on the grad is, is immense, but the she, white of people flee across side borders is too many and it's increasing. so there are definitely, there are 10 series, you know, water and things like psychological support. it does is also very important because
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of the trauma. but so things like blankets and right now they simply not enough. we are seeking to massively multiply those kind of supplies in moldova romania in poland. but it's a real rice against time is more and more people flee because the violence, the conflict is escalating. and unfortunately it's a universal true step in conflict. it's always the weakest, the who suffer the most. obviously, in this case the children you are speaking to us as a representative of unicef. i mean, it's obviously early days, but what impacts are you seeing on children now? and what unfortunately, do you expect to keep on saying well, is the stress my own experiences and the organizations, unicef says is immense. you know, you know, it's very well what happens to kids in conflict. knows what happens when they get separated from one more. and when they leave loved ones where they're out of school, we know that the conflict will be coded. but drill down as well to that individual
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child. and you see, you see a degree of trauma that they just def, desperately unsure what's going on. and it's worth mentioning car the day, the world children of just recover it if you will, from that is a long way to go. but those children are suffering from a real degree of stress that can't be fixed until there is peace. we can try as best we can with psychological support psychologists. you know, child friendly spaces. we set up along the weiss just as you said and pod is did during the migration crisis. those things really work. but that nothing, nothing like a family unit together. you know, home, which is where, pretty much all these people were where you go. james, other speaking at herself from unicef in live. you, sir, thank you for your time and we do hope to speak to you again as the situation continues to unfold. for the moment, thank you. will as we were mentioning at least
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a $100000.00 ukrainians have fled to poland. to escape russia's invasions at some say their being mistreated by border guards and people who reach the medical border . crossing say they were threatened and witnessed violence. they were also stuck in heavy cues with some waiting more than 12 hours to get through. crazy is that there were a lot of guys who tried to get through, and there was a soldier with a gun like get back it back. if i got through close, he literally punch them in the face border guards guy really, really aggressive and they would even like lock the door and tell us like, like, you know, we're closing it forever. you can go back, although it's really scary. they made so many threats seriously, saying best robbie has worn out from eastern poland where ukrainians on crossing the border. well, here at the semester, the train station just across the board from ukraine. people from the trainer arriving here by train in the town. and it's been coming in ways now is another
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busy period. let me give you a sense of what's happening around here. we have people that have arrived that are being registered and they're not being registered as refugees. these are people who are being registered for transport out of this area into other parts of europe. government is helping get people to friends and family helping to relocate them, finding them temporary housing. but the government, the officials aren't the only ones here that are doing that kind of work. we've seen volunteers with signs made out of cardboard, offering people a free place to stay free rides into poland and further across europe and putting berlin and prague in denmark. so really here it gives you a sense that what's happening here is touching every european country in some way. now, from the busy part of the train station, we're going to go to another hallway where people are getting some much needed rest . now, on the, in the main hall you, people are enjoying probably their 1st hot meal and days. and here in
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a quieter part of the train station there is a makes, it shows where people can get some sleep, get some rest and get a free press. what is no doubt, incredibly arduous journey to try to cross from ukraine into poland interface, parts of europe. we've spoken to people here who say that big family members behind a young mother was enforced to pay for wealth of their husbands. knowing that it might be for the last time men fighting aids from 18. 60 many dealing stuff. since the fight in, in your train began since the russian invasion conscripted intern ukrainian on forces to try to hold the country, hold the capital and hold on to name city as though we were just here. and there men from the age of 18 to 60, have been conscripted the fight. so as we said, many families fleeing are leaving fathers and brothers behind john a whole is that ukraine's border with poland at their coach over cover kits border
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crossing since thursday, we're told $150000.00 people have crossed from ukraine into poland at one of 3 border crossing points, this one we're told is the easiest one to get across. the wait here is in the many, many hours. it's extremely cold. most of the hundreds and hundreds, thousands, perhaps of people. here are women and children. men, of course, ukrainian citizens between the age of 18 and 60 required to stay at home and fight and given the evidence of resistance. but not many of them appear to be arguing with that call. we have. of course we are learning from science and from the, from danger. we're scared. we are alone with our daughter. we don't have a defender. so that's why we're, we're looking for some kind of shelter and our fancies from school has been fighting there today. and so the, the, the,
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the town where me by the lead me by, it was just completely now with every day that passes with every grim new development in this war, these numbers are only going to grow overwhelming. the border guards here on the ukrainian side and on the pone side, the progress is achingly slow. they're only allowing groups of 50 people at a time through nice little sticks being held about people's heads with little pieces of paper on them. that makes a group of 50 people waiting off a long way ahead of them to get through and behind the bus load off the bus load off the bus load off the bus arriving all the time. these are people fleeing the terror of what is happening in the country now heading for the european union for what now represents freedom and safety to them. but remember that until just a couple of days ago, these were people who lived relatively normal,
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relatively happy, relatively carefree lives in a free sovereign country. you phrase that he's now being torn apart by war. the war is that way. freedom is that way. they know which way they have to go. they can't possibly have any idea when they'll be back or what they'll find when they do come back. and protests taking place around the world as people express outrage, adul invasion. eddie barber reports from one of those protests here in london. oh, in the heart of london demanding more be done for ukraine. many of these protest is all ukrainian with family and friends back home that they're desperately worried about. people like ela medford ever who came to britain more than 20 years ago? i still remember stories. hm. and then my then gave father about the 2nd world war and how the cash is king. and it just happened to me in and it's not just it,
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it's not just the military, it h o b called think the center, they killing people. i was similar, solidarity protest across europe. this was munich in the south of germany itself. no stranger to upheaval. and dark episodes in history amongst them once the widow, when we're worried about our brothers sisters, our relatives, you look at the people gathered hair and everybody is scared. the war will break out in europe. in the italian capital, a large crowd called for more pressure on russia. and in paris, they gathered in the past to let people bleak, calling on nato to protect ukraine's air space. that was a key demand in london to i think we should be supporting militarily ukraine as best as possible as madman at the moment in, in the kremlin ands. i mean, we have to do what we can, the crowd has been chanting glory to ukraine and denouncing the russian president.
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but they've also been calling for specific measures. they won't britain to take right now, including greater financial sanctions and more military help for ukraine's armed forces. and while the ukrainian flag now flies from government buildings, many are angry, there is no legal route for most craniums to seek asylum in britain. we need to be letting rusty days come in. i'm under sprout freezes for them all to get here. and then once the head with it were ever afterwards for now old ukrainians outside the country can do is hope the fighting ensued but urged the world to do more to make that happen. nadine baba al jazeera, london, or particle haine. as at the white house where another rally is happening. so patty, tell us a little bit about the sorts of things that the americans will ukrainians outside of the white house are protesting and, and saying right now it's pretty much the same as you just heard in that last report. they're saying that the russians, big russian banks need to be cut off from swift messaging system. they're saying
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that there need to be more weapon center ukraine, and they're calling especially for no fly zone or spent the last week at the pentagon. that seems like a non starter, that is not something you are to even really talking about right now because they fear that that would lead to an american war with russia, russia, a nuclear power. but what's important here, if this protest and we're seeing them all over the country, different sizes, different cities, the one here is not probably get into the person they want to to joe biden, the president, he's not here. he's in wilmington, delaware, but what is here is a lot of media and if and in the crowd, let me step out of the way. so you can see these people have been here all day, telling the stories. there are a lot of recreating americans here. there are a lot of americans here who just shove an affinity for ukraine or see what's going on is just completely wrong. they're telling their story to try and shore a public opinion, which is so far pretty good for ukraine. 85 percent of americans and polls say russia is to play that there. the bad actor, 67 percent say they support sanction. but here is where it gets tricky for the
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president. he has said doing this, it's going to hurt americans, gas vs are going to go up. gas prices are already really high, inflation is a huge concern among americans right now. so if you're asked if your gas prices go up, do you still support the sanctions? only 51 percent say they do. so the people in this crowd are telling their stories and hope of changing that equation so that americans again, begin to think it's in fact worth the sacrifice. more support to grain more. i don't know i'm. i suspect he can to do the military, but i'm sure he can help with more like maybe guns. i mean, i personally, you know, people that are like, sleeping in the subway tonight, big and fully just in case we need to wake up suddenly couple times and, you know, run somewhere else. i'm sorry, they got to pay an extra $510.00 at a fill up. there's people out here like afraid that they not,
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they might die tonight. so that's just, i think that's it. incredibly selfish. just today the united states said they're sending additional funds and weapons to ukraine. they're going to spend $350000000.00 and they detailed exactly what weapons they're currently sending into ukraine. anti take missiles, ammunition guns, body armor, so very publicly saying that they are involved in this fight for the ukrainians as much as they feel that they can be. now the administration says that burning to a $1000000000.00 and military equipment they've given to ukraine over just the last year. people here say look, that's not enough. look at the odds. the cranium forces are facing the numbers, the kinds of weaponry that it needs to be more the department of defense as they are continuing to look at ways they can help you crane article hand with the latest from outside the white house that he has always thank you and still to come in this
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news hour, we're going to look at how the russian and ukrainian military is compare in terms of troops and hardware, and bin sports. we didn't joined poland and boycotting a world cup play off match against russia. that's coming up with a hey, they're welcome here worlds, weather update for europe and africa. we're keeping tabs on this disturbance. it's developed over the atria. see that spreading a swath of snow to the bulk and so very info right through to sophia bulgaria. you're going to see a couple centimeters of so on the ground over the next 24 hours and you know, the name of the game, right? this is going to spread right into greece and eventually western areas of turkey assemble. we'll see some rain, but i think the bulk of it will actually fall toward is near. now as we go toward
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the other side of the mediterranean, i areas of spain had been parched in it's mostly cloud cover here, but we will see a few spits of rain, nothing major. and toward the northwest, your weather stories looking like this. we've got an incoming weather maker. it's going to spread some rain and wind up for the island of ireland. let. so for a britain just the scattering of showers and things looking good for that low countries in norway and sweden off to africa. we go right now, and we're going to take a look at the top and around the atlas mountains. we can expect some showers to fall here. and for southern areas of africa are seasonal. rain continues to ring out its moisture over areas of madagascar. we've seen about 4 storms there over the past 4 weeks, and that's a snapshot of your weather. we'll see you soon. the home for pathogens are increasingly affecting our lives. with harold consequence,
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in a new documentary asks whether we've learned any lessons from the h. i. v epidemic in the fight against coven 19. how we ignored the global sov. to put prophets before people ah wat coast. time of pundents. coming soon on all just al jazeera goes beneath the waves with a team of women determined to save the dolphins. we all share the same responsibility when needed something 30. it was actually an amazing on a man using a variety of scientific techniques to study their behavior. we can monitor them and report their vocal photos and behavior we're able to how they're adapting for their new environment. women make science dolphins sanctuary on al jazeera lou
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ah, ah, reminder now of the top stories on al jazeera russian troops are closing in on the capital, kia that's part of their land, sea, and air military action and ukraine. loud, heavy gunfire has been heard of the streets late on saturday, and extended curfew was in place. and anyone outside will be considered the end of the large convoy of russian trucks, us cross the border into ukraine. moscow says it's not targeting residential areas, but says it's using precision weapons to hit military targets. okay, well let's compare their militaries now ukraine has about 209000 active military personnel. russia has about 4 times that with more than 900000 active service
12:37 am
members. when it comes to reserves, ukraine has another 900000 people trained to a military standard. russia has about 2000000. russia is clearly a superior force in terms of equipment. more tanks armored vehicles and artillery than the ukranian side. and the same goes for air power. russia has around 15 times, the number of fighter jets. ukraine's air force was built during the cold war, or rushes and the aircraft system vs 400 is said to be one of the strongest defense systems in the world. while ukraine's own anti aircraft system is largely outdated . the country has received a significant number of anti aircraft missiles from last year. this way near and now from the netherlands. we'll talk bulloch as an intelligence analyst with james . the fancy says both sides appear evenly matched. at this stage. it appears the russian forces haven't really been able to capitalize on any advantage. they made some big pushes in the south during the 1st day of the invasion, but they offensive slowed as fighting and got bogged down around cities. the same
12:38 am
goes invasions in the north east and the north where they haven't been able to seize major population centers. and the trends we are seeing at the moment as it does look like the russians are in carrying losses, and they are losing equipment. and they're definitely the soldiers, but some of the ukrainians and in some places such as in the south, it appears that the losses are heavier on the ukrainian side. cranium. equipment is more outdated in terms of their armor and their aircraft that they have very good small lines and a lot of what's been delivered in the past few months by the west wind rush equipment sort of fits on the spectrum. really. they have some more outdated, very modern equipment and less numbers, but all of it seems to be getting lost at any rate at the moment. so it looks like russian forces are advancing close to the border coastal boundary and skate. sorry . in the north west, there been full fire fights tonight and we managed to visually identify russian
12:39 am
troops within 40 miles of the border of the boundary of kid, alleges areas and rania greedy is in southwest russia where resources are being deployed across the border. yes, i should ask alaska convoys of russian military gear continue to flood across the russian ukraine, border armoured gear and vehicle mounted missiles. as you can see behind me, an armored vehicle carrying self propelled missiles is headed towards the borderline with ukraine. now these batteries can fire 16 missiles within 20 seconds . the convoys will take part in the ongoing military operations, the fear system, which is currently raging on the don't boss front, where we are standing now is only a few kilometers from the border. and this scene is repeated elsewhere, as other convoys are crossing the borderline into ukraine on other roads. meanwhile, the annual conference for us conservative activists and politicians is being held in orlando,
12:40 am
florida. delegates c pac have been strident in their opposition to president jo biden's response to the russian invasion, which henry joins us live now from orlando. this is the 3rd day of the conference. what exactly are they saying about what is happening in ukraine? what is it that they're stridently against where we're getting, arranging views here. but though one common theme that we hear from merely everyone we talk to is that donald trump would have handled this better. and there's a good reason for that feedback, and the conservative political action conference is the most conservative portion of the republican party, the trump p. s. you might say, you can see that from the proliferation of red hat's that show, that the 45th president of the united states was very popular here. so what you're not hearing is the kind in call for us intervention that you might have heard from this very conference years ago in 1974. ronald reagan introduced john mccain's and
12:41 am
his conference. he was a recent prisoner of war out of vietnam, one of the interventional is wars of the u. s. has engaged in and that kind of where these people typically have come from. well, trump changed that in part because he had a close relationship with last year food and also because he had a relatively non interventional policy. so we're hearing people from the podium say that they support what ukraine is doing, that they're inspired by it. we're not hearing calls for action, we're hearing some people say those from the podium and out here in the hallways, that they believe that this is not in us interest to take an aggressive role here. the most americans couldn't find, keep on the map and that they should be more concerned with the southern border of the united states. we have the view of donald trump, who is what has done is in his words, genius and savvy. we'll hear more about that. this evening because in a matter of hours donald trump himself will be here. and that's why today we saw
12:42 am
lines of people for an hour or 2 waiting to get into the building going through magnetometers. because of course, donald trump still has secret service protection and therefore every when he goes in there has to be screened. and it'll be interesting to see what he says about. there's now, there's always speculation when he speaks in front of a big crowd that he might announce his own run for president in 2024. you see trump 2024 has here. but what is more likely to happen is what i've seen him do. several times and that is to offer a hint thing. maybe he will have something to say about this in the next election. but i do expect that he'll say something about ukraine, something that will likely be received well here in the hallways of this event, possibly less well in places like washington where they're actually trying to cope with this situation. i think i'm pretty confident that he will mentioned ukraine in some way or other, and of course we will be across that, as i know you will to john and we'll bring it to our viewers as soon as it happens,
12:43 am
the latest from orlando florida. thank you. mean what the european union is reportedly discussing a 3rd package of sanctions against russia. the block along with the us and the u. k . has already brought in a range of measures including directly targeting president vladimir putin. but there is a senior research fellow with the italian institute for international political studies. he says, sanctions against russia will also hit italy and other european countries. quite hard. italy is on the line as well. many countries in the east, if you're not excitedly they want to expect aren't, for instance, might be better at taking a hit from the phrase, the natural gas import. the bird much more cooler than we do. yes or do you countries are much more going to suffer much more in italy much more than all the rest for more than 40 percent of our energy. me. so the total construction of our
12:44 am
country comes from, forgot, and most of it come from comes from russia, about half of it. so again, this is, that's been going on for a month now, our energy be doubled and the growth energy costs at quadruple. so we're going to stop for, for sure, but currently you know what, it does not really listen to the language. it seems to be try can different from 2014, for the last time russia entered ukraine. obviously with a much more gratian, italy, was one of the whole about trying to cut out many attention from sanction. and even yesterday, we heard a lot of report prints in italy asking for luxury to be left out. what we've done here that any more, it means that it really european countries are really understanding that the only talking town and many countries that 1st let's say
12:45 am
a few years back we're favoring economy interests over security. are now really thinking that this is the time to heat har. will of adventure, conflicts in cave was hate. early on saturday, l 0 omega hodge reports. now from outside the apartment block. nancy, how you got on? well, the northwest of the training capital, kia v, exactly, and that the residential tower that was early a hit with a missile 9, 10 am local time that it was hit during the 2nd wave of strikes targeting various districts in the capitol, highly kind of heavy. we spoke to local officials who confirmed it was hit by miss side. luckily, all residents had earlier fled to the shelters and denise us enough in line with the directives given to them. no one was injured. if we asked the local officials, if there is any military facility or any only presence in the area, they confirmed that there is none be done. with the exception of the local airport,
12:46 am
alexei had on the is politics professor and is in key. v says thousands of volunteers have taken up arms to defend the capital. it seems that now was that a little fight in the streets? during my russia russian better group is a drive. and they also send some version groups into the key of the try to do it. but this through it, they're destroying. so basically what we can ukrainian army is the founding. ah, they're trying to approach to the see the approaches, the city. but i believe it's in the b and c. 2 cs. yeah. what's around key, the key. no, it doesn't happen. now. now about my own experience, basically i am. i am all the time when tv a commanding will what's going on. so please don't believe any word. what
12:47 am
fortunately saying about the tree. always a cynical light when he's trying to justify unprovoked aggression, it's not to put up again the massive but up again. now we have people right now. so just yesterday there were 18000. he lives who took guns as a was spread by the army, also volunteers on the military command. so basically we have the army, we have so called did it through real defense which was created before that and we have volunteers. would just, you know, sign up. yes, there are lines lines to get to get veterans. so what i'm doing in this situation again, i am going good around. i am not far from my house,
12:48 am
0 volunteer groups because they are all around the city. so they will pursue any russian calling to see who are trying to organize pro rational sol, just paratroopers or subversion groups who are trying to organize publications on the streets of c. they are held by a local population. local population is bringing food, water or 50. and that's what i'm doing as well. a lot of key rights. and she actually, most of key ways spends her time in the book boom shelters. my daughter also spends a night in the shelter. now people came to surf flats, but even there would be, and yet that they will be in the shell because again, the shelters i around to see. and is this subway stations as well. a
12:49 am
volatile situation, obviously in ukraine, k of will. ukraine has a large population of indian students about 20000 are based there. so india has arranged emergency flights to get them home. the macau has worn out from new delhi, were outside the ukraine embassy in new delhi where people have left flowers and candles in solidarity for those who have lost their lives in the conflict. meanwhile, the invasion has left houses. families in india crumbling indian students are the largest group of foreign students in korean. nearly 20000 of them study that evacuation are underway. the government is sending students in bosses to neighboring countries like romania i'm hungry and from there they've been flown back on india. now, over the last few days, many of the rooms have shared videos of the audience, talk in the north food, pleading to the government to bring them home safely. now,
12:50 am
diplomatically been vision has left hugely, walking a tightrope. government has asked for a ds, collision, and even a pain from a vote in the united nations condemning russia actions. it's an important, i know the hall from dell weapons come from russia. it's also strategic partner when it comes to countering pocket san and china. there are growing economic concern, ukraine even just largest supplier of cooking oil. and the worry is that the constant bag could push our prices. you know, at a time when inflation is already high and the economy is struggling to recover. still ahead in sport, a show of solidarity for to a premier league teams, bringing one of the ukrainian players to tease ah, frank assessments for china will benefit from the xerox corporate strategy if the
12:51 am
rest of the world cannot get informed opinions at all costs luckiest on needs and on fridays, on that statement, critical debate with claims that nato constitutes an interesting chill thread to russia, but it's precisely his actions that's rated this insecurity in the region. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera to some a robot is a mechanical law or even that self driving train. the apple that android today can be the everly humanoid. robots like me, will be everywhere. al jazeera documentary cliffs, the lead on the weird and wonderful world of robots that learn. think for you and even trust. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i on the machine. origins of the solutions owner, because lou
12:52 am
ah, 3rd of sanctions appear so forced at least one russian millionaire to give up control of a big football club for more than that. let's go to jo in doha. that's right, barbara, chelsea football cause russian. i mean, a roman abramoff which is handed over stewardship, is the clubs who it's charitable foundation, the billionaire who's owned the european champions for almost 20 years made the decision after u. k parliamentary debate this week on sanctions against me. putins regime, one m p. hold on the british government to see a problem of which is assets including chelsea. well for more on this,
12:53 am
i'm joined by associated press sports correspondent, rob harris, who's in london report. does this decision actually mean? well, symbolically, it's hugely significant in the realm of it is signaling he stepping aside. but once she sort of del further into the statement and based on my own conversations, he will be still winning. chelsea, he has no plans to sell. i am told, but this is clearly a reaction to the growing pressure being felt by the british government targeting russians in the wake of the russian invasion, obe ukraine. there'd be nothing stated that a problem which would face sanctions at this point, but they face him stepping away. it's trying to sort of create a distance between himself and the club. insert the decision making, at least because what this is saying is bro, mitch won't be part of the decision making instead. that will be the foundation board trustees. who is the chairman of the foundation board trustees, bruce,
12:54 am
but he's also the chairman of chelsea football club. so this is not some completely separate entity. the trustees also feature the chelsea women's team manager emma hayes, for instance. we had earlier in the week from chelsea coach thomas to holy was concerned about the clubs future. do you think this changes anything and what could happen to chelsea if those sanctions are walton while it does signal a stepping away from the top of chelsea. this is not something robinette barometer wanted to do. there's been nothing to suggest he wanted to step aside from day to day control. in fact, he's been seeming to be more involved if ever before publicly, at least in the fact that he was in england twice in the last year about the i was as an event with him in november and it showed him being back involved. he's not had a british b this since 2018. he decided to withdraw the application, the mit, the russia u. k. stand that time over. the poisoning of the former russian spy in england,
12:55 am
which the u. k. blamed on russia and where we all now with chelsea is that it does create some valves. if the were to be sanctions of some sort, it would probably mainly impact any new cash being put into the club. but from rich has already put one and a half 1000000000 pounds plus in the club in the yes he is. i remember 19 years now . and of course we've seen what it's delivered in the last year ally and becoming european and well champions. alright rober harris, they're from a pe associated press. thank you very much for joining us. well, sweden has joined the boy called russia on the football pitch, the f. i say the national team won't play a possible play of match against russia as what a cool be illegal and deeply unjust invasion of ukraine. freedom joins. poland who'd already earlier said boy, costing that upcoming game in moscow. was the only right decision. poland and russia would you to meet on the 24th of march for the when
12:56 am
a facing suite and all the czech republic. that decision means people will need to make a choice about what to do with the fixtures. that i knew there was no doubt about it here. the players themselves do not want to play against the russians. they don't want to stand before the game and listen to the russian national anthem, or look at the russian flag. of course, there is no fault of the russian football is here, but this country has to face the consequences. it's hard to think of playing football when innocent people are dying. what parlance captain, in the old time, ta for robert level of sky agrees. he tweeted, it's the right decision. i can imagine playing a match with the russian national team in a situation when armed aggression in ukraine continues. russian football isn't fans are not responsible for this. we can't pretend that nothing is happening. while evan dusky led his buying music team in their match against entre frank foot, wearing accountants all bad, and the colors of the ukrainian flag. the match began with a moment of silence. the crane with the screens at frankfurt stadium, reading stop it. putin in english premier league everton manchester,
12:57 am
as he stood together to show their support for ukraine, says he wore t shirts with ukrainian flag. well, everton emerge draped in the flag of ukraine. sissy's ukrainian player on exxon doesn't jenko was visibly moved by the support having early embraced his fellow countrymen, vitaly, mccolan code. who plays for everton. poland his national mattie cache replaced the aston villa and the english primarily got in trouble for reeling a message to one of his national teammates of to scoring for villa cache lifted his shirt to send support to thomas can yada who stuck in ukraine with his family cache was given a yellow card for removing his shirts. all right, that is old sport for now. it is back to barbara. joe, thank you. that's it for the news. our, i do look at our website for more information. there it is. and of course, that news that 150000 people have already fled to ukraine. and unfortunately many thousands more are expected to do that to more than or other developments from
12:58 am
ukraine in just a few minutes they were ah mm hm. and americans are increasingly say authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of command it's you like tried to cover what's your take on why they've gotten this so wrong? that to me is political malpractice. the bottom line on us politics and policies and the impact on the world on al jazeera and
12:59 am
with a reporters retreat in a brutal civil war. if the commodore hadn't been there, the israeli invasion would not have been so well reported. the commodore had become journalistic center. you could be in the safe enclave and then you went out into civil war. i started off leaving this while the grand suite at the commodore hotel . the next room i was in was underground, the tiny prison. so as a hostage, a route to commodore war hotels on al jazeera. ah,
1:00 am
i agree, i'll jesse around with it. ah ah, under attack by air and on the ground fighting reaches the streets of the ukrainian capital, keith, as russia steps up its military advance. ah no, i'm barbara sarah. this is al jazeera life from london, also coming up no retreat, no surrender, a president followed amir zalinski is defiant message to his forces. as he says, the ukrainian army has managed.


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